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Absolution (2015)

Absolution (2015)

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4.7 68 votes


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When a contract killer (Steven Seagal) encounters a girl on the run from a dangerous mob boss (Vinnie Jones) with powerful political ties, running a human trafficking operation, he is torn between protecting the girl, and remaining loyal to the government agency that hired him.

IMDb Rating 4.7 68 votes


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(17) comments

  • Amanda HMarch 30, 2015Reply

    Kick ass action from Steven and Byron Mann

  • F BApril 25, 2015Reply

    A watchable but typical Seagal film. Seen one, seen them all and nothing different here.

  • Quincy TMay 4, 2015Reply

    This Mercenary: Absolutely Irrelevant. With a trend of increasingly faster and more brutal action choreography in recent years, there’s not much space for Seagal’s large frame, no matter how many wrists he snaps. For an action movie, the action scenes themselves are far from believable, a lot of choppy editing and excessive use of doubles make it laughably bad. At least the trademark of Seagal’s movie is still here; his near superhuman portrayal, perfect accuracy and untouchable in fight, even though what he does is just randomly waves his hand.

    Seagal is tasked to wrap up a potential terrorist by his handler. After an unfortunate event he finds himself protecting a random girl. This is truly an absurd script, the girl literally falls on his laps and then Seagal laments about his existent in his usual erratic mumbling. None of the scenes involving him are convincing, either it’s the action or acting. It’s just awkward like seeing a grandpa flirt with a girl or a veteran operative waltz in a room and not getting shot because he’s wearing plot armor.

    Byron Mann and Vinnie Jones are also present, both of them are decent. Byron Mann performs much better despite being a sidekick character. Vinnie Jones is looking grim as always, even though his appearance is relatively short in the movie. The rest of the cast are stiff. At some points the supporting characters sound like they are reading or even spelling the script. Needless to say, the screenplay of elaborate syndicate is nowhere near engaging.

    Action is brutally weak. Seagal would do some gestures that probably resemble fighting and the camera cut off to stuntman flying across the room. Majority of the scenes are also played by doubles, it’s quite apparent when the shot cuts to their back that not all of the actors are involved in the stunts. It’s even worse when Seagal does this transparent excuse of action choreography in a movie where he’s supposed to lead.

    One must wonder how much longer can Seagal relies only on his fading name because story and choreography are flimsy even by standard of ten years ago.

  • Leon BMay 9, 2015Reply

    This is another one of those low budget action movies, with terrible acting and a silly storyline. Steven Seagal is hired to take out a drug dealer and uncovers a drug ring that involves trafficking and prostitution. One of the girls escapes a torturer and just happens to run into Seagal who, against his morals, uses his skills to save her. She then gives him information to take-down the drug and prostitution lords with the help of his trusted friend, Chi. Seagal, actually wasn’t to bad in the movie and I liked the relationship between him and Chi, his sidekick, but the film looked cheap and some of the acting and one liners were awful. The action scenes weren’t bad that bad, especially from Seagal & Chi, but it’s predictable from the beginning to end. I wasn’t expecting that much from the film, so I wasn’t overly disappointed. It’s basically what it says on the tin! 

    It’s a shame that Steven Seagal only gets the chance to star in straight to DVD movies because his cool demeanor and great fighting skills were great in movies like Under Siege and Marked For Death. After he started to put on weight, his movies became terrible and he wasn’t taken that seriously in Hollywood so he must be starring in these low budget movies to pays the bills. Vinnie Jones has also become a straight to DVD actor who plays the same type of roles all of the time. Since his move to Hollywood from football, he has only started in a handful of big budget movies and his career hasn’t really blown up like Jason Statham. It seems like he is also just starring in these movies to pay the bills! I did like Seagals sidekick, played by Byron Mann who starred in the terrible Streetfighter movie and had small parts in Red Corner, The Corrupter and Catwoman but the rest of the cast wasn’t that great.

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/crime movies about Steven Seagal taking down a drug ring. 3/10

  • Owen GMay 11, 2015Reply

    cheesy and boring, steven seagull should stop acting..

  • Robert HMay 16, 2015Reply

    As a longtime Seagal fan, I’ve come to the realization that his glory days are long over and that I’ll have to settle for whatever he puts out since he’s been essentially banished to the direct-to-video market. It’s had its ups and downs, with more downs than ups, but he’s been able to generally maintain a consistent level of quality (for DTV) that’s been on somewhat of an upswing in the past few years. I didn’t exactly fawn over his last two films, but they were decent enough that I was anticipating what he’d do next. ABSOLUTION is that “next” project, and despite being a slight step back from his previous effort, it was at least watchable and has some elements to recommend it to fans. The plot, as if it really mattered, is quite simple: Seagal is given an assignment to take out an Afghan playboy who might sell weapons to Iran. However, things don’t quite go as planned and he ends up rescuing a young woman from human traffickers who decide that they want their “property” back and come after him. First, the good. There were some decently staged and filmed fight scenes that weren’t overly edited, even though there were several moments that were most likely stunt doubles. Byron Mann, a semi-frequent Seagal collaborator, plays his partner and actually gets most of the good, longer fights although the climactic fight scene in a club was mostly worth the time spent getting to it and Seagal gets to vary his style a little more than he had previously. I also noticed a few callbacks to previous films, like ABOVE THE LAW and MARKED FOR DEATH. If you’re familiar with Seagal’s filmography, you’ll know when you see them. I also thought that addressing human trafficking in a low-budget B action movie was pretty cool, although it isn’t really treated with much depth. The bad stuff is mostly complaints one could draw from any number of Seagal films. The plot really doesn’t make much sense and serves as the glue that holds together several action set-pieces. I also thought the dialogue was particularly bad this time around, and most of the actors delivering it didn’t do a great job. The standouts were Steven Seagal and Vinnie Jones, who plays the big bad boss. Speaking of Vinnie Jones, he has quite a charismatic screen presence and despite his limitations, he does well given the right material. Having a little more of him (he’s only in a few scenes) would have made the film considerably more enjoyable. Lastly, as expected there isn’t much character development to speak of, but what little there was felt like padding. There was a scene where Byron Mann and Steven Seagal reminisce about the past and how they came to be friends, which was nice, but all they end up using from that scene is a single piece of dialogue towards the end. It had no bearing whatsoever on the plot. There was also several flashbacks to Seagal and what appeared to be his wife. Again, divorced of context this had absolutely no bearing on the story and just served to extend the running time. Overall, I’d place this quite low in the pantheon of Seagal films. It isn’t so bad as to be unwatchable, like ATTACK FORCE, but it doesn’t quite have the charm of something like INTO THE SUN. Still, even though occupying a middle ground as far as Seagal’s DTV output, fans will probably watch this no matter what.

  • Jayson LMay 22, 2015Reply

    WOW. This movie was terrible. The plot line was lacking SO much! Vinnie Jones didn’t even get a chance to show off his acting ability. Poor Vinnie! I also feel sorry for Byron Mann as Chi. Byron is by FAR the best actor in this film. If it would’ve been just Byron, I would’ve scored it at least a 3 or a 4. However, Steven Seagal’s lines and delivery were so awful, I was cracking up in the theater of just me and my friend.

    Amazingly bad.

  • Frost MJune 13, 2015Reply

    Decent quick action flick which is no where good nor great but enjoyable. It’s definitely not a cash grab because I highly doubt it makes money but it was worth the $4.99

  • Ron ENovember 19, 2015Reply

    Sort of typical Seagal movie. Some killing and some martial arts. Pretty simple plot. If you like Seagal in general and can rent cheap then go for it. I liked the addition of Byron Mann; haven’t seen him in a long time.

  • Matt CJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    Better then last few he has done

  • Christopher RFebruary 13, 2016Reply

    Seagal may be pushing 40 but he can still dish out some serious punishment upon request. Don’t hang up that 3/4 length leather jacket just yet.

  • Mark TApril 9, 2016Reply

    A fat and puffy Steven Seagal, mumbling his way through an incoherent script, amid shoddy acting and ridiculous fight scenes.

  • Tyler RApril 14, 2016Reply

    Another Steven seagal movie. Basic plot with terrible acting and poor dialogue. Fight scenes were good but the same as always.

  • Shane JSeptember 1, 2016Reply

    Seagal sits around a room looking bored while his partner is out and about doing all the action. Guess he just couldn’t be bother as he mumbles through his lines

  • Jussi MJanuary 20, 2017Reply

    Kyllä on Seagal vajonnut alas. Pisteet meneekin perinteiselle luiden murkaamiselle ja Seagalin liikkeille.

  • Andrew GFebruary 4, 2017Reply

    No different than any other modern Seagal movie – self-serious with poor acting and boring action. If that sounds appealing to you, then Absolution won’t disappoint.

  • Nordic WSeptember 27, 2020Reply

    A bit underrated. Some great action scenes and some funny one liners. Seagal is his usual self, big black coats, piss coloured glasses and lots of whispering. Byron Mann gives his most badass performance since Catwoman and Vinnie Jones does a good job as the boss. I enjoyed it for what it was, a fun well made action flick.

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