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Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin (1992)

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Princess Jasmine grows tired of being forced to remain in the palace, so she sneaks out into the marketplace, in disguise, where she meets street-urchin Aladdin. The couple falls in love, although Jasmine may only marry a prince. After being thrown in jail, Aladdin becomes embroiled in a plot to find a mysterious lamp, with which the evil Jafar hopes to rule the land.

IMDb Rating 7.6 8,528 votes


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(150) comments

  • Luke DMarch 27, 2020Reply

    I don’t have a lot of connection to the original Aladdin however with saying that i would hope that this film would at least be bearable. But it’s not. I have a lot of respect for Guy Ritchie as a film-maker; lock stock is one of my favourite films of all time but when i seen him directing this film i thought this wasn’t the movie for him. He’s more good at doing crime and fun new original characters. But with this film it felt exactly the same, if anything worse. Following the same narrative beats as the original and anything Guy tried to do to be original didn’t work. The new song they added where everyone did a snap didn’t was cringe and the dance scene n the palace was entertaining but was just pointless. But, the worst thing of all was Jaffar. He was the most weak and unintimidating villain of all time which just disrespects the original. Even in the final battle, which for one was bland and boring, he just seemed crap overall. Going back to the final battle it was a giant cgi mess that was just horrible to look at. But the only saving grace of this movie was Will Smith genie who was almost on par with Robin Williams but also bought his own acting flair which was just an excellent site to see.

  • dino mMarch 27, 2020Reply

    the movie overral was okay bbut the acting was abismal, the jokes are hit or miss and the new elements are bad

  • Jessica HMarch 28, 2020Reply

    I was skeptical of the genie and if the movie would have the same charm and entertainment. I really liked the genie and I appreciate that hey kept a lot of the songs and little homages in there that make you remember Robin Williams. I’m glad Will Smith put his spin on it. I enjoyed the little strays from the main plot with the genie. The only character I didn’t care for was Jafar and that is in large part to the actor. He wasn’t slick and twisted in a like able way as in the cartoon. I mostly thought he came off annoying and boring. I only wish I’d watched the movie sooner!

  • Nate BMarch 29, 2020Reply

    It was pretty good despite feminist crud they wrote in for character “Saltine Jasmine”. MAJOR EYE ROLL there. Is it eye roll, or eyes roll? Anyways it was ugh whatever!

  • Richard DMarch 29, 2020Reply

    In this the audience score is right. The tomatoe score doesn’t make sense. Its a great film for the family and couples. This film deserves a certified Fresh. When i saw this film the audience applaud it like crazy! Clapping! Not even Avengers: Endgame got a reaction like that. So give thia film a watch

  • Anopaishe MMarch 29, 2020Reply

    I feel as though, these days you really need to be your own critic of movies. When I initially saw the bad reviews for this movie I didn’t feel the need to watch it, but i 100% regret that decision, because I could have paid a ticket to see it in the movies. This movie is so funny and enjoyable, two hours passes without even noticing. The ending is different to the original. The culture and theatrics are so refreshing. Will Smith is so funny and the rest of the cast were amazing.

  • V NMarch 30, 2020Reply

    All the CG looks so cool! I’m amazed actually. Disney has remake an old plot into something new successfully. Can’t wait to watch it again. I had a lot of fun!

  • Terry AApril 1, 2020Reply

    Dont get me wrong I love Will Smith which is the only reason I watched this but I was very disappointed. The anima is horrible.

  • Fox AApril 2, 2020Reply

    It’s pretty good. Pros: No Gilbert Gottfried, more culturally reverent, decent acting. Cons: Only one really, the actor who plays Jafar is badly miscast, and makes it clear how the villain completely made the original movie.

  • AnonymousApril 3, 2020Reply

    Loved seeing Disney bring our classic favorite animated film come to life!!

  • Daniel CApril 3, 2020Reply

    Well the critics are completely wrong on this one. This was amazing, beautiful and fantastically acted. One of the best Disney live action remakes!

  • Emma HApril 4, 2020Reply

    I absolutely loved this, have watched it numerous times. Was skeptical about Will Smith being genie but he was brilliant and made it his own. Aladdin and Jasmine were casted perfectly – 5 stars!

  • Sanford JApril 5, 2020Reply

    Will Smith’s performance was masterful. Disney did a great job with this remake. Some of the character development was a bit lacking compared to the original but still worth seeing.

  • Nishant SApril 7, 2020Reply

    Movie was fine, there was nothing new, but the ending was really bad and not sufficient, I was expecting a big fat gripping end, but it was just fine and average.

  • Carlos BApril 8, 2020Reply

    A fresh way to see Will Smith… great movie

  • Mike BApril 11, 2020Reply

    You don’t necessarily have to stay true to original, but if you deviate, make it better. In this case, I found myself wishing it had stayed truer to the original because the added scenes or changes in dialogue weren’t working. The casting of Jafar seemed off. I liked where Disney was going with Jasmine’s character in making her the sultan and just giving it a slightly more modern female role, but it didn’t go far enough. And Aladdin just seemed like a twerp to me, not likable…probably a combination of the acting and script. The bright spot for me was Will Smith as genie and the additional backstory he and his family had…that was cool…but again, Disney didn’t go far enough in making him distinct / different enough from the legendary Robin Williams genie which is one of the best Disney characters of all time. Drawing from the superior Lion King remake, the lesson is clear: either don’t mess with the magic of the original and largely stay true to it (as Lion King did), or truly make your mark by redefining/reinventing it….but pick a direction and don’t go half ass either way as this one did.

  • Jo SApril 12, 2020Reply

    A perfect family film. I didn’t know what to expect because I’d heard some bad reviews (all unfounded) but both myself and my whole family were enthralled by this film. It has all the ingredients for a quality film, great characters, great acting, a tried and tested story, gripping, bags of laugh out load humour and visually awesome. Its magic and has left us all feeling on a high.

  • Jean MApril 14, 2020Reply

    Awful movie, both protagonist looks like two insurance salesman in a under budget Bollywood movie. Sad…

  • Dhaarna CApril 14, 2020Reply

    Very rare movie with the original characters and the scenes depicting and portraying the exact feel of the “Arabian Nights”

  • Ayesha KApril 15, 2020Reply

    I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was cool and fun. I think Will Smith was great in it too. I saw it in the AMC 24 in Hamilton.

  • Romano RApril 15, 2020Reply

    Fun movie, ignore the professional critics, the normal audience liked this with 94% approval.

  • Noah AApril 17, 2020Reply

    I believe they left in what they needed to leave in, and changed what needed changing (mainly the Genuine, as well as some plot points). They added some new things, too, which is shocking considering that not all of Disney’s live action remakes did. While I would say the original is better, the remake is its own entity and I could see myself rewatching both this and the original. The ending, as well, never looked so awesome. It wowed me, despite me already knowing the ending in the original.

  • Brandy SApril 17, 2020Reply

    Amazing!!! Absolutely loved it! The BEST of the Disney remakes by far!

  • David BApril 18, 2020Reply

    I absolutely loved it. Another film I was unsure about but ended up really liking. I have ended up liking most of these live action Disney flicks. Aladdin is visually one of the most beautiful films they have ever doneI must say & the cast did an awesome job, especially Marwan Kenzari who played Jafar. Will Smith as Genie was surprisingly good too, but no Robin Williams.

  • Michael MApril 19, 2020Reply

    It’s a bit up-and-down, but often it feels like, at best, a pretty good stage production of the classic film where I’d usually rather be watching that film. It’s still an interesting experiment in itself. It’s not bad, it’s enjoyable for what it is, but at the end of the day if I want Aladdin I’ll probably just go back to the original. They make some weird changes for the worse here (especially in the climax) that just don’t help the story, and despite being longer it weirdly rushes through some classic moments in a Cliff Notes fashion. And then there’s Jafar. A lot’s been said about him, so I won’t pile on, but holy god talk about miscasting, he was awful. Still, there were some things I liked, even some changes I liked. I like that Jasmine is a little more fleshed out, and Naomi Scott is absolutely bringing everything she can to this role. I also like the look and set design of Agrabah. I don’t know how much of this was a real set and how much was CGI, but it really feels like a living breathing world that you could walk around in. As for Will Smith’s genie, honestly he surprised the hell out of me. The movie really comes alive when he shows up. It’s different than Robin Williams, but it has to be. I was ready to hate him, but he was charming and funny. Did every beat hit for him? Will he ever replace Williams? No to both, but he was good enough for what the movie needed. Then there’s the things the movie tried that just didn’t quite work, namely its music. It’s sort of doing a Bollywood thing, and while it’s got all the flair it just lacks the energy and passion. In the “One Jump” sequence, a lot of stuff is happening, but it sort of feels like they’re all going through the motions. It’s not as fun/funny as the animated film, and it doesn’t have the flair or energy of a Bollywood film. The Prince Ali segment desperately wants to be a big Bollywood number, but just looks like someone filmed a pretty good parade. There are exceptions, like “Friend Like Me”, but for the most part this is the standard. I’d say either go all in, or cut the songs entirely, but instead they try to meet in the middle. And that feels like a lot of the movie, they try to meet in the middle. The result is a movie that’s not bad, but never truly great either. It’s just okay. I liked it fine, but it mostly just made me want to watch the original again.

  • Ryan SApril 19, 2020Reply

    I’m a fan of 2019’s remake of ‘Aladdin’. It isn’t as great as the original from twenty-seven years prior, though it does a fine job nevertheless.

    Will Smith is no Robin Williams obviously, but no-one would ever have met the extremely high standards that Mr. Williams set as Genie. Smith does well, I enjoy his humour and overall performance in this.

    Mena Massoud is very likeable as the titular character, I think he brings more life to Aladdin than Scott Weinger does from 1992. Naomi Scott is excellent as Jasmine, who is miles more developed in this production.

    Now for the elephant in the room: Jafar.

    Marwan Kenzari, if I only judge his performance, is more than satisfactory. However, he simply has to be judged based on Jonathan Freeman’s version of the antagonist. Kenzari’s Jafar is nowhere near as fearsome and devilish as he should be, I’m never uneasy when he appears here.

    Away from the wannabe Sultan, I would’ve liked to have seen more of Abu and, especially, Iago – who should’ve been voiced by Gilbert Gottfried by the way. On the other hand, Navid Negahban is decent as Jasmine’s father.

    Overall, despite some iffy CGI and editing, it makes for entertaining viewing. The music, although changed, is as fun as before (I also liked Jasmine’s new song, ‘Speechless’). I’ve seen lesser remakes, that’s for sure.

  • Shawn CApril 20, 2020Reply

    It’s pretty bad. I learned that Will Smith can barely sing. Cheesy musical performances. Mediocre script.

  • Melissa CApril 24, 2020Reply

    Honestly I was so disappointed by the remake, I absolutely love Aladdin the cartoon, but this was just a disrespectful remake, Will smith did a great tribute to Robin Williams so that is what I enjoyed, but as for the casting of the main character Aladdin, it was an absolutely shockingly poor choice I dont think I’ve seen acting that bad since year 8 drama. I was just so let down.

  • Joe OApril 26, 2020Reply

    I love how colorful and vibrant the movie is. Will Smith does a great job of creating his style of genie and doesn’t try to copy Robin Williams.

  • Brigham FApril 29, 2020Reply

    Best live action remake so far!

  • Brian BApril 29, 2020Reply

    I liked Will Smith’s genie but it isn’t as good or better than the original. The direction is kind of lazy and the villains, unlike the original, have no personality whatsoever. Good but not great.

  • Paul FMay 1, 2020Reply

    Very likely the best live action Disney movie by far. The added songs make semse with the movie, and the movie flows seamlessly, which cannot be said the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty live action versions.

  • Tom BMay 3, 2020Reply

    Good for kids, but not my cup of tea. For the most part, ALADDIN is one long retro flashback. Everybody my age knows the songs, but instead of modernizing it, Disney just polished over the boring Arabian setting; casted a bunch of un-renowned professional singers [with the exception of Will Smith], and served up a “stop and sing” off-Broadway musical that’s been rejuvenated with modernized CGI.

  • Andrew HMay 4, 2020Reply

    Though it hits the same beats as the original, it makes up for it with its sets, performances, and sense of nostalgia.

  • Alia HMay 5, 2020Reply

    Will Smith’s genie is charming, although I don’t buy his happy ending as a human. And that’s about it, this movie isn’t bad but it doesn’t hold a candle to the 1992 animated original. Things were omitted for the worse and inovations were added without much thought to the overall storytelling.

  • Adrian GMay 7, 2020Reply

    Great ReTelling Of the Animated film Will Smith did a Fantastic Job as The New Genie the Actors who portrayed Aladdin and Jasmine and Jafar and the cave of wonders are the perfect choice. the Songs 100% Perfect off the top

  • Marc CMay 8, 2020Reply

    This is not an exact copy of the animated movie we all love but it does manage to make this live action worth your while. When it comes to Disney reimagining their classic movies into live action, it is either hit or miss. I won’t go on record and say this movie is rewatchable, but it is worth checking out once. Will Smith is a delight in this movie. He is not better than Robin Williams, yet he does the character justice. To me the real show steal is Mena Massoud, who plays the title character, Aladdin. I don’t think that role could have been cast better. They do change things in this movie, from the animated feature. The changes didn’t bother me too much. The movie has some fantastic CGI and beautiful new songs. The downfall is that Jafar could have been better.

  • Emily BMay 9, 2020Reply

    This movie was such a great surprise. It’s beautifully shot with fun songs and sweet romance. I’ve watched it multiple times with my daughter. Will Smith is amazing as always, but Aladdin and Jasmine are also great.

  • AnonymousMay 9, 2020Reply

    This world is filled with dumb dumbs and they love this movie. worst movie ever!!!

  • Stephanie BMay 11, 2020Reply

    All I ask from this movie was for them to leave my fav. Bird alone just as he was. They couldn’t do that. They turned him into a nothing char. he played a huge role and now he just short of there with no real point….

  • Steeven RMay 12, 2020Reply

    Performance of Will Smith is great

  • Lucca BMay 13, 2020Reply

    Its a compelling retelling of the classic animation, that lacks the heart but has enough visual spectacle to make it worth watching.

  • AnonymousMay 14, 2020Reply

    I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this so much. I was especially worried about Will Smith’s Genie but he did a great job. Fun movie; not sure why critics disliked it so.

  • Beatriz BMay 14, 2020Reply

    Amazing movie! I was surprised with Naomi’s talent! She has a wonderful voice and she is an AMAZING actress!

  • Dani GMay 16, 2020Reply

    Always love to watch Will Smith and sing along but really why wouldn’t you just watch the original?

  • Christiano DMay 19, 2020Reply

    Pros of the movie: Will Smith’s portrayal of the genie and Dalia’s whit.

    Cons: The entire rest of the movie.

    Jaffar was weak and not as evil as he was supposed to be. The only shred of evil and maniacal behavior was shown when he kicked the person down the hole in the beginning of the movie. The rest of the movie he just goes on being a boring vanilla bad guy obsessed with destroying a neighboring city that gets little to no reason why he wants to destroy it so badly.

    The cave of wonders scene was terrible. The animation made it look fancy but did nothing to help the movie.

    The whole romance between Jasmin and Aladdin was chemically not there at all.

    The music was noticeably auto-toned and the iconic music was poorly sung and put together. What happened to the “Whole New World” song where they go around the world on A MAGIC CARPET to Greece, China and the Egypt? We got grubby dark scenes instead and poor singing.

    The acting felt forced throughout the entire movie. I.E. The Yam Jam scene.

    There was no back story behind the whole “both of our moms sang us the same song before bed”. There was so many plot holes added to this movie that there didn’t need to be. I’m all for women’s rights and making sure women get their fair share, but what was with the Sultan being like, “My daughter can be the Sultan because shes strong.” felt more like a cop-out and pandering for the female audience to show a strong female role in a Disney movie rather than staying true to the original animation.

    This movie is out of sync with the animated movie that it leaves you feeling disappointed after finishing the movie. It leaves you that feeling of not ever wanting to watch it on your own free will. But you would only watch it on television while you are bored and would just watch it because it might be the only thing on television at that moment.

    This had all the terrible directive skill of M. Night Shyamalan when he made “The Last Airbender”.

  • Justin DMay 22, 2020Reply

    The actors can’t act. The scenes aren’t memorable. And while I normally enjoy Will Smith, his “rapping” is just awkward and embarrassing. The best thing this film does is make one want to watch the OG, and wish Robin Williams was still alive.

    I’ve watched this specifically on Disney+, but that’s not an option to click. So this review probably wont be verified by Shilltomatoes.

  • Alex JMay 23, 2020Reply

    (23.05.2020): Wall Disney sempre Wall Disney! As músicas não envolvem porém não chega a constranger. A atuação dos personagens é mediana! Will Smith traz uma força para o filme(caso contrario nem assistiria!). O filme brilha mais pelas cenas: CGI massa!

  • Johnny WMay 24, 2020Reply

    Great, with excellent plot, dancing and singing arrangement. Story are compact, with nice soundtrack and songs. Suitable casting for the movie

  • Carlos HMay 26, 2020Reply

    In my opinion, Aladdin is the best Disney’s live action, until now.

  • Claudia MMay 28, 2020Reply

    Just like the animated movie, but more realistic, amazing music, colors, performances (specially Robert Williams, very authentic and funny). Definitely one of my favorites Disney Films of all times, you´ll enjoy from the beginning til the end, because it captures your attention. Many of my friends recommended it to me, and it took me a long time to actually watch it because I really liked the original one and I wasn´t sure if I wanted to watch this new version, but every minute was worth it, it shows an extraordinary culture very different (at least than mine), loved the outfits, the team work of the cast (great chemistry between the actors), the stages; You will feel like in a concert with the AMAZING music and dances. enjoyable for kids and adults, highly recommended.

  • Scott RJune 1, 2020Reply

    Saw on Disney + and it just tried to live up to the original and failed.

  • Chaaban RJune 6, 2020Reply

    A great adaptation of a classic

  • Steve DJune 6, 2020Reply

    a weaker in every way like action remake that’s only strong addition is Naomi Scott’s Heroin who is better developed. I am calling it now Scott will (and should) be a star. She is so good at emoting, she steals every scene she is in.

  • Charlie CJune 9, 2020Reply

    Simply the best Disney live action so far.

  • Alexandre MJune 10, 2020Reply

    Although the film’s depiction of middle easterners is improved and Alan Menken’s musical score and the performances of Mena Massoud, Will Smith and Naomi Scott are good, Guy Ritchie’s 2019 remake of Aladdin is bogged down by bad direction, terrible special effects and a laughably bad villain in the form of Marwan Kenzari’s Jafar.

  • Kiran SJune 13, 2020Reply

    This is my favourite remake.I loved it so much. Don’t believe that 57% rating

  • Marshall RJune 14, 2020Reply

    I really enjoyed Will Smith’s take on the material. However, Jazmine stole the show. The rewrite was awful. They could have just named it Jazmine. Casting for Aladdin himself was sad.

  • Elliott SJune 15, 2020Reply

    Was expecting much from this film to be honest but it was well made and had decent cgi and story, my daughter enjoyed it more than I did. 🙂

  • Eric LJune 20, 2020Reply

    For years now Disney has been remaking their animated Classics into live action versions. While we can the wonder about the wisdom of such an end of year there is no denying the lucre that’s results for such enterprises. So we can expect this kind of thing to keep happening for quite a while. Sometimes the results can be inspired such as was the case with DUMBO or MALEFICIENT which expanded on the universe’s created in the original cartoons. in other cases like here with ALADDIN or with THE LION KING, it can be so slavishly close to the original animated feature that one wonders why they bothered to remake them in the first place.

    Especially in this case where one of the main draws of 1992’s Aladdin was Robin Williams’ bravura Performance as the genie. To try to replace him was destined to create dissension and dissatisfaction. Will Smith’s casting and first images portraying him wearing the blue skin created a huge shit storm on the internet, although he does is best to set apart is performance from Williams’ and make it his own.

    Guy Ritchie’s film, while forgettable, is still colorfully entertaining and sports a terrific new song which is a perfect anthem for the #metoo movement, and its inclusion in a film that will no doubt be seen by scores of young people is almost reason enough for its existence. And key scenes like the Magic Carpet Ride are simply gorgeous.

    in the end it is a rough throwback to the Harryhausen and Sinbad movies of the 60s, something that has been sorely missing from our screens.

  • Hayden LJune 20, 2020Reply

    2019: Aladdin, directed and written by Guy Ritchie, was a choppy remake of the iconic 1992 original. Ritchie’s take on Aladdin was nothing but an easy, nostalgic cash grab. Instead of either making a complete remake, or a twist on the original, they merged both, and it just didn’t work right, feeling like a play. Guy Ritchie & John August didn’t grasp a sense of style, or personality; nothing was improved from the first, they cut notable scenes short, while also not doing the iconic scenes justice. They did nothing but move around a few scenes, throwing off the pace, and calling it their own. The first act was probably the most enjoyable act, but the pacing was SOO fast! It feels like you watched half of the original, in 20 minutes. Come the second act is where it takes it drastic dip, and doesn’t turn back.

    Lucinda Syson did a pretty good job casting this talented cast, but some characters didn’t live up to the expectations, due to the iffy writing by Guy Ritchie & John August. Their jokes were hit or miss, with some cringey writing at times, that didn’t have that charming appeal the original had. I appreciated what they did by trying to give everyone a little bit more focus, but with most of the dialogue scenes, they got dry really fast. I don’t really care for Jafar and his motive as it is, so I just wasn’t a fan of him or Marwan Kenzari here either. As for Iago, I hated him so much! I understand it’s live action, but Gilbert Gottfried was a favorable character in the original, and they didn’t do his character with respect at all ! The Sultan was a little more aware of what was going on, but he wasn’t nearly as funny as the last time, and was still essentially pointless. Will Smith had some big shoes to fill playing the role as the Genie, trademarked by Robin Williams. Smith was one of the main reasons this movie didn’t completely plummet. He put on a charming performance, that lived up to the genie name, for the most part. As for Mena Massoud, I feel like he didn’t get enough credit. I thought he put on a great performance, for a far fetched character to capture in live action. All of these characters did a great job singing, and had some great choreography.

    Alan Meken returned to do the music for the remake. The songs were subpar at best, butchering most of the iconic songs. Some of the song drops were a little strange at times, and seemed like it was a little cluttered.

    The cinematography by Alan Stewart was captured nicely. It was very vibrant, but had a few really dark scenes. The visual effects by Chas Jarrett & Chris Upson was below par, with a lot of room for improvement.

    Overall, it’s whatever. Wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again, but I was expecting worse.

  • Josephine EJune 27, 2020Reply

    Not my piece of cake even though many others seem to enjoy it. The only well made character was Jasmine. Genie was ok. Jafar was horrible! I couldn’t take him seriously at all. The plot was so messy. It’s like this movie tried too hard some new overfeminism but the whole thing is just so so messy. Bad movie. Not horrible and not the worst out of disney’s remakes though. This movie had such bland characters and bad actors that it actually made me laugh – but only on the ironic level.

  • Cris KJune 28, 2020Reply

    Wanna watch a lackluster version of movie you might have liked when you were younger? With songs that lack punch and characters that have been subdued beyond recognition?

    Well, for all you people that didn’t realize Robin Williams carried Aladdin, here’s your movie!

    Everything that made the original characters what they were, except Jafaar (maybe), has been changed so they’re “new, fresh” characters that you won’t enjoy, but won’t be able to tell why.

    I will note that they did manage to capture Jasmine’s spirit, and try to extend her character away from damseling. They even added a handmaiden to her which actually was an improvement to the movie. Though the result was a horny genie, so I guess it cancelled itself out.

    Its not that Will Smith was a bad genie, but he knew he couldn’t be Robin Williams. When he took it over for the Genie to be his own he went too relaxed, and not only did the songs suffer for it, but the music wasn’t adapted so it looks like Will Smith just isn’t performing (and I believe he still can).

    The entire movie suffers from this “step-dad syndrome”, it’s not that movie and characters aren’t what we’re used to: its that Disney used the original as a template, changed half of the movie then stopped. The resulting product is just awkward. Not bad, just awkward.

    To this extent, while Naomi Scott was a great Jasmine, I had to see the beautiful Nasim Pedrad play second fiddle and was taking out of the movie every time asking myself why she wasn’t the princess.

    I don’t blame anyone for liking this, hell it has a LOT of enjoyable parts to it, but in the end, it’s not a movie I plan on watching again, and I think people are probably better off skipping this one, especially fans of the original.

  • Pter SJune 28, 2020Reply

    Just another lazy, safe remake of a classic with barely anything new added and those thing that were added were crap.

  • AnonymousJune 28, 2020Reply

    Only a little better than the other Disney cash grab-remakes but still not good.

  • Irma ZJune 30, 2020Reply

    I weep for Robin Williams legacy. Disney should really just stop making remakes. This was just a flop. I am a will Smith fan but no , never should have done this movie.

  • Kau DJuly 1, 2020Reply

    Excelente história, grandes personagens.

  • Michael PJuly 1, 2020Reply

    It may not have anything offensive, but the CGI on the Genie & most of the excitement is not there.

  • Daniel LJuly 4, 2020Reply

    Aladdin wasn’t bad, but it was mediocre. I think this is a remake that didn’t need to be made.

  • Tony PJuly 5, 2020Reply

    It might not live up to the original 1992 animated movie, but I do approve Will Smith’s performance as the Genie, he’s no Robin Williams but he nailed it in his very first Disney movie, his singing takes me back to his rapping days, I also approve everyone else’s portrayal except for Jafar, I don’t approve the actor’s portrayal.

  • Jon PJuly 5, 2020Reply

    Just got done watching the live-action version of Aladdin and while there were parts I enjoyed overall (Will Smith did a great job as the Genie) I thought at some point the films camera shots were really bad, Also kinda a hot take if you got a hit Broadway musical to consider them while casting. Also, Jonathan Freeman should have been Jafar. Don’t know if I’d watch it again, maybe watch the music part of Will Smith on youtube but I would rather watch the animated film or look for Broadway preforms filmed.

  • Sophie DJuly 7, 2020Reply

    So underrated. As with any live action remake, it’s going to attract a lot of hate. The old movie holds so much nostalgia for people so they automatically want to hate this one. It’s trendy to dislike live actions, but this is really, really good. Best live action ever made in my opinion. Will Smith portrays the genie perfectly, he did Robin Williams proud. It felt so magical and had great messages. Watch with an open mind and don’t compare it to the first film.

  • Marcos HJuly 8, 2020Reply

    The whole movie felt rushed. The new scene’s created for this live action didn’t seem like it fitted with the original script either.

  • Shrita LJuly 8, 2020Reply

    The film is perfect!

  • Jordan RJuly 13, 2020Reply

    Summary: improves on several aspects of the original film and stands in its own right.

    So I finally got around to seeing 2019’s Aladdin on Disney+. I’d heard not-bad things about it, but I was still pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, this remake improves upon the original animated film in several key ways.

    The Good:
    – Jasmine: This is the largest and best change and, in my opinion, the most necessary change as well. The original film’s character of Jasmine has aged poorly – she suffers from a severe lack of agency and is one of the foremost offenders in Disney’s history of sexualizing and objectifying women of color. Thankfully, these issues are gone in the 2019 film. This version of Jasmine makes important decisions that impact the plot and stands for herself. The horny side of the internet might cry in frustration that Jasmine no longer wears a bra and harem pants for most of the movie; everyone else will breath a sigh of relief that her most plot-important action no longer involved seducing a man twice her age.

    – Story additions: Unlike 2019’s The Lion King, which seemingly changes nothing about the story yet somehow manages to waste an additional 30 minutes of our time, the additions to Aladdin’s story are easy to spot if you’ve seen both films. These additions, like an extended meet-cute for Aladdin and Jasmine, help flesh out the story and the relationships. The addition of the handmaid adds another female character and expands the genie’s motivation and personality. And speaking of the genie, while no one can replace Robin Williams, Will Smith is an incredibly talented and charismatic performer in his own right and brings a fresh take on a beloved character.

    – The visuals: while there is certainly much to lose in the transition from animation to live action, this movie demonstrates what can be gained. The city of Agrabah in particular is brimming with color, detail and life that is simply not possible in traditional animation. You can see different architectural styles blended together in different parts of the city, giving a sense of the city’s long history. As someone who spent several years living in the Middle East, this detail felt authentic and was appreciated. Many aspects of the film, including casting actors of Middle Eastern descent, feel more authentic in this version.

    That’s not to say it’s a perfect film, nor that it’s better than the original in every way. While I enjoyed the way this movie gives a little more character and backstory to Jafar, the performance is less delightfully evil than the original’s and, as a result, less memorable. Additionally, there were (thankfully few) moments where Smith’s genie tried to imitate aspects of William’s genie with less-than-perfect results. The “Prince Ali” number is the most notable instance of this.

    Overall, though, the 2019 remake improves in many key ways upon the original classic, to the point that this is the version I’ll be showing my kids once they’re old enough to watch movies.

  • Johnathon WJuly 13, 2020Reply

    Enjoyable live action remake of the Disney classic that while doesn’t quite reach hits heights, adds some fun twists to make it worth a watch. The cast is solid, with Will Smith shining (at least in his human form, while as the Blue Genie, apes Robin Williams too much), while Naomi Scott shines as Princess Jasmine. Behind the camera, Guy Ritchie makes a beautiful and fun live-action remake, with some nice twists for modern audiences (Jasmine is more assertive, wanting to be Sultan herself, while the Genie gets a love interest). However, it doesn’t go quite far enough and the songs are not as memorable performed. Overall, stick with the original, but if you have Disney +, definitely worth a viewing.

  • Eddie JJuly 16, 2020Reply

    Like many of the others classics that Disney has rebooted in search for even more money, ‘Aladdin’ falls short of its predecessor and lacks overall flare. Will Smith does an admirable job in his attempt to live up to standards set by the late Robin Williams, but as many other components of the film, falls short.

  • Tom MJuly 16, 2020Reply

    It obviously doesn’t live up to the original, but it’s nice having an alternate version of Aladdin to watch. I recommend it.

  • Katlyn SJuly 17, 2020Reply

    Will Smith was a big no for the role of genie. They needed someone peppy or a least more animated. Will Smith was not it.
    The cartoonish dialogue was almost identical to the original Disney film and it did not mesh well with the live action interpretation.
    The musical numbers were visually gorgeous and well performed, but still lacking in story enrichment.
    Visuals were the one good thing I would have to say about this film. Special effects were wonderful and the sets and costumes were very nice.

  • Raphael JJuly 18, 2020Reply


  • Steve LJuly 22, 2020Reply

    Surely the whole point of a live action version is to make it seem just a little more real? There is such a heavy use of CGI that it fails to add anything that the monumental animated version has not already added.

  • Nour SJuly 28, 2020Reply

    I liked it! I can’t say that it’s better than the cartoon version but that doesn’t mean it sucks.
    I liked the added details in the movie, it didn’t completely change the original story and made it more enjoyable.

  • Yemeng ZAugust 1, 2020Reply

    I guess it is probably ok for kids, but it doesn’t meet my expectation of ‘Disney’ level.

    The ‘hardware’ of the movie is great, but the ‘software’ wasted the potential. Story and character is a bit dull, all the actor and actress should be able to perform a lot better than this. Music is not much Arabic, singing is poor, dancing is totally western. It is more like a Broadway/Vegas show disguised with Arabic theme.

  • Roque SAugust 5, 2020Reply

    Disney busca reavivar sus películas animadas haciendo versiones denominadas “live-action”. Ahora le tocó el turno a Guy Ritchie, que es más conocido por sus películas de acción y diálogos elaborados y exquisitos.
    La película original fue un éxito rotundo, con la colaboración de Robin WIlliams cómo el genio de la lámpara. Will Smith es ahora quien interpreta al genio y tiene que llevar gran peso de la película por ser el nombre más importante.
    El filme tiene la fuerza necesaria de la nostalgia para hacernos ignorar ciertos errores narrativos, secuencias irreales que sólo son perdonadas en caricaturas.
    Trata de apegarse lo más posible al material original salvo en algunos diálogos que Will Smith usa para hacer su versión, y es donde se ve la mano de Guy Ritchie. Al final del día salen triunfantes de lo que podría ser un desastre cinematográfico, y la taquilla ha hablado.

  • Gabriel TAugust 7, 2020Reply

    When I started this film, I was very skeptical about it. As someone who still hasn’t seen the original, I wanted to see how it would hold up by itself and it for sure did. Will Smith’s genie is amazing and I am so glad that he was put into that role because it fit him perfectly. I also really liked Naomi Scott as Jasmine as well as Nasim Pedrad as Dalia. This film is full of laughs and suspense and just a good time for families.

  • Cruz dAugust 10, 2020Reply

    Lock Stock and Two Boring Hours… and eight minutes.

    Should have read reviews BEFORE enduring this misfire reboot. WHY Guy Ritchie for director — he should have known it was beyond his talent, but maybe he’s that self UNAWARE. I figured Will Smith would dominate with his Big Willy Style and I wasn’t wrong. At 50-y/o Smith has developed zero awareness that a little of his worn-out shtick goes a long way.

    This remake is proof that there are still a lot of drugs in Hollywood.

  • David CAugust 11, 2020Reply

    Much better than I’d expected. Took my better half a long while to convince me to give it a try. Glad I did

  • Joo VAugust 12, 2020Reply

    eu amo esse live-action, de longe o melhor de todos (logo atrás vem christopher robin) as versões das músicas são perfeitas, os atores incriveís, e o will smith arrebenta, destrói, atropela tudo e todos que aparecem na sua frente

  • Bianca PAugust 12, 2020Reply

    It is an incredible, funny and functional movie at the same time. Jasmine portrays the ideal woman we should be, always striving to achieve our goals. Without a doubt, this is my favorite movie

  • Once upon a time there was a mom hAugust 14, 2020Reply

    Aladdin (1992) is an amazing recreation of Arabian Nights with amazing animated sequences based on the late and great Robin Williams’s improv. The 2019 live action version is pretty much the same, except it takes away all the charm, love, talent, fun, and overall entertainment. The genie was a big spot to fill and Will Smith was possibly the worst choice. One would think that a movie called Aladdin would be mostly about Aladdin, but every other character keeps trying to take away from the already bland protagonist. I could go on and on about how boring and cheaping looking, despite the $183 million budget, but overall I would show your kids the original.

  • Eoin MAugust 14, 2020Reply

    IF I ever watch it again, it will be because Will Smith’s Genie was better than we thought it was going to be.

  • Patrick BAugust 15, 2020Reply

    I grew up in a glorious time in respect to Disney, during the time of the classics like ‘The Lion King’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, and ‘Beauty & The Beast’. I still remember taping over VHS tapes anytime one of the Disney classics came on, and none was more of my ‘jam’ (pun intended) than ‘Aladdin’. From the beautiful animation, the story, and of course the great Robin Williams as Genie, It was a huge influence in my childhood.

    Disney has been working to recapture the magic from these properties again and modernize them for a new generation of kids, some or their attempts being major hits and some just not hitting the mark (you need only look back a couple months to the Tim Burton Remake of ‘Dumbo’ for the latter). ‘Aladdin’ for me felt very much to be going in the direction of being a mess, mainly from the marketing and the jarring Blue Will Smith, that while I get them wanting to show him in the trailers, really did him no favors in the long run, because not only is ‘Aladdin’ on of Disney’s best attempts at a live-action remake, but Will Smith brings his Genie into his own and sets himself apart from Robin Williams in smart and creative ways.

    What I loved right off the bat with this film is the world it’s set in and how immersive it is. The trailers kind of made the set designs and locations out to appear somewhat “Cheap” but I would suggest that it’s due to director Guy Ritchies choice to play the first two acts almost like a live Broadway show. The music, the acting, the atmosphere is all very vibrant and infectious and I loved being immersed in the film.

    Aladdin and Jasmine, played by Mena Massoud & Naomi Scott had great chemistry. I loved both of their performances and they both were able to sell the singing, dancing, all of it very well. Jasmines maid, played by SNL’s Nasim Pedrad was terrific comedic releif, as well as a very brief but hilarious scene with ‘Game Nights’ Billy Magnussen. They decided on the animal characters like Abu and Raja to be completely CGI, which in the case of using a live tiger compares to CGI… I would have done the same however, with Abu sometimes it was really clear that Mena Massoud wasn’t interacting with anything, when they could have maybe have had a mix of practical and CGI to give Aladdin and Abu a more tangible relationship.

    Will Smith as the Genie was the absolute star of the show. Much like the Late Robin Williams, Will Smith made the perfect choice to play this character as Will Smith, and not an interpretation of Robin Williams performance. You would think from the trailers that Smiths Genie wouldn’t work but with how much charisma and fun Smith puts into this role he really makes it his own. Of course, nobody can replace Williams and for me he will always be my Genie, but if anyone leaves the theater with an issue, it won’t be with Will Smith.

    To me the story wavered a bit when they added or deviated from the original sourcematerial. Particularly, hot Jafar, played by Marwan Kenzari. Why they decided to take away some of the more sinister and creepy parts of this character I don’t really understand. They chose to take Jafar away from the more magical parts of his character and focus on him being more a behind the curtains political figure. Only until the 3rd act does the movie remember that Jafar needs to be a powerful sorcerer but to me, the 3rd act ended up being a little underwhelming because I never really felt like Aladdin or Jasmine were in danger with him.

    Also the film adds a new song for Jasmines character that to me really felt out of place. Maybe it was where the reprise was placed but the lyrics to me were just not in tone with any of the other Aladdin songs, and ripped me out of the movie.

    Overall though, ‘Aladdin’ is a genuine delightful surprise. I had a blast with the musical numbers, the dancing, it all worked so well, definitely go and check this one out in theaters!

  • Kim DAugust 19, 2020Reply

    Pales in comparison to the original animated version, but enjoyable to watch once. Not sure why they left out songs like Proud of your Boy from the Broadway version, then added other new songs. They made some weird choices and the movie was all over the place sometimes.

  • Marcus TAugust 19, 2020Reply

    If you liked the original, the new live action version will summon all of the nostalgia you would hope for.

  • Erik BAugust 26, 2020Reply

    Will Smith did a great job. He couldt replace RW, and he didn’t try. His musical performance, as well as his choreographycal abilities were top of class. I think he by himself was worth the whole movie. Even though, when side by side with the older version, the new technical and musical improvements are so in your face it’s impossible not to notice. This is a must see, and definitely a good way to introduce a classic to the new generations.

  • Mante CAugust 27, 2020Reply

    Excelente realización. Muy buenas actuaciones. La música emocionante. Imperdible si sos fan de Disney

  • AnonymousAugust 27, 2020Reply

    Will Smith is an awesome prince company since Shark Tales

  • Joshua HAugust 30, 2020Reply

    What did I think of Aladdin? Check out my review below:

  • Ted WAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Surprisingly a great fantastic phenomenal entertaining movie starring will Smith, Naomi Scott, and the guy who plays Aladdin. I legit was debating whether to see this movie in theaters or wait till dvd or I should say now a days on the Disney plus streaming service and I’m glad that I picked theaters because I surprisingly had a blast with this movie. I really thought that it would suck because those trailers looked really bad and super edgy. And Aladdin is supposed to be super I don’t want to say kid friendly but a role model kind of and those trailers felt like something else. Now back to the movie itself. Let’s talk about the actors.

  • Abigail AAugust 31, 2020Reply

    One of the best Disney live action remakes to date.

  • Gj USeptember 2, 2020Reply

    Compared to it’s original movie, it’s ugly af. I like Jasmine’s iconic attire tho.

  • Jessie CSeptember 4, 2020Reply

    Will Smith is everything haha.

  • Angus CSeptember 4, 2020Reply

    It felt like a disney channel movie, not a theater blockbuster the makers were hoping for.

  • Herol Gabriel PSeptember 4, 2020Reply

    A mi parecer el mejor Live Action de Disney hasta la época, no le llega al clásico animado pero hace un gran esfuerzo de respetarlo.
    Los efectos, los actores, la música y el guión son espectaculares.

  • AnonymousSeptember 5, 2020Reply

    Directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Mena Massoud, Will Smith & Naomi Scott. I wished for this Disney classic to be made well, and to my surprise it was! This is another Disney reimagining from the classic Aladdin (1992) cartoon. So much controversy went into this movie since the incredible late Robin Williams could not reprise his role as the Genie. Will Smith was given the role and he honesty knocked it out of the park. He did the best he could and that to me was good enough. Nothing could ever replace Robin Williams but Will Smith did a great job with his own spin on the character. Both Mena and Naomi who played Aladdin and Jasmine also did respect to their roles. The movie was designed beautifully but sort of felt restricted and felt like sets instead of a natural environment. The music was classic as always with decent covers done by the actors and Jasmines new song was a nice addition. By the end, your happy the movie was a great reimagining of the beloved cartoon you grew up with.

  • Michael NSeptember 6, 2020Reply

    I really don’t know why they even tried to remake a classic. It’s not worth watching.

  • Anushka PSeptember 6, 2020Reply

    The special effects and Will Smith carry the movie. It’s actually quite enjoyable – I found myself singing along to the songs. It does hold a little bit of the Disney “magic”.

  • Sen BSeptember 9, 2020Reply

    Oh boy! Its impressive how badly Disney dropped the ball on this one.

  • Mikael MSeptember 11, 2020Reply

    Aladdin 2019 is definitely better than some of Disney’s other live-action offerings, but not by a large margin.

  • Brandon OSeptember 11, 2020Reply

    I really enjoyed the fact that this movie held to the old plot of the beloved movie I watched as a kid while adding in a new subplot for genie and woman empowerment with Jasmine. New jokes that still made me laugh and CGI was great.

    Jasmine does have a song that differs widely in tone and presentation than the rest of the movie but the message of the song is still great.

  • Shane LSeptember 13, 2020Reply

    I loved how this movie was able to honor the original animated film with the changes.
    This was visually appealing and breathtaking. It’s great to see the familiar characters in live action.

  • Felipe MSeptember 16, 2020Reply

    Disney’s best live action. Great songs and performances, despite all the clichés the movie contain.

  • Andy TSeptember 19, 2020Reply

    While having Will Smith’s presence is a bonus, the retelling of Aladdin is littered with poor cinematography, mediocre special effects, weird song remixes, and characters that far lack the charisma and chemistry of the animated original classic.

  • Annie HSeptember 19, 2020Reply

    It is my favorite Disney live-action remake to date. I thought Will Smith could do better as the genie, but all the acting was really good, and I kind of liked how the genie turned human and lost his powers but was free. I also really like that jasmine, had a friend- that’s unusual in princess movies. usually, it’s animals or no one. The “Speechless” song was really good, and I liked how they made jasmine a strong female character without having to be physically strong. I really enjoyed it.

  • Jacob BSeptember 21, 2020Reply

    In recent years, Disney has decided to remake their classic movies in live action. Aladdin is one of the better ones. However, it struggles to match the suspense of the original. I’d recommend it if you’re a fan of disney movies, or if you want to see Will Smith’s comedic acting.

  • Andr FSeptember 21, 2020Reply

    Will Smith saves it all. It is worth watching use because of him. The gene is super fun to watch and the new music lines in rap style are great.

    Main character is kind weak and the movie tends a bit to girl power, also Jafar doesn’t reach the potencial he needed to.

  • Mohammed ASeptember 21, 2020Reply

    It’s nice, it was so many musical scenes so for me, I think it’s for the family’s so it might not like adults so much.

  • Eric JSeptember 29, 2020Reply

    This movie left me with a smile on my face from ear to ear! It had action, suspense, comedy, and drama. It brought back fond memories of seeing the animated film for the first time as well. Will Smith as the Genie was the best part of this movie for me. I feel like his performance was full of charisma and swag. That guy is absolutely awesome!

  • Sam PSeptember 29, 2020Reply

    Best of the live action remakes. This movie really built on the animated version, which you don’t see a lot with the Disney remakes. Loved it

  • Bill TOctober 1, 2020Reply

    Sure, Will Smith is no Robin Williams, but this is actually quite well done. The special effects of this really is impressive, and the actors are very good.

  • AnonymousOctober 4, 2020Reply

    Loved it! A bit cheesy in parts, but it’s a live action Aladdin…that’s part of the fun! Will Smith was amazing as Genie.

  • jose rOctober 5, 2020Reply

    The cast performed very well despite Jafar not reaching the potential he needed … but despite that the special effects are impressive, the music scenes are spectacular, maybe better than the original and Will Smith impressed me positively he was really good.

  • Paul AOctober 31, 2020Reply

    Having never seen the animated movie (I know, I know) I didn’t go into this with a lot of expectations or the ability to be disappointed by it being different (as many people always allow themselves to be). I thought it was really good. Will Smith was great and it was a really fun movie. I’d definitely recommend it to any families looking for something fun to watch together.

  • Meydiana RNovember 3, 2020Reply

    Absolute Musical Perfection

    Rating 10/10 Aladdin truly is magical. Aladdin has a long and illustrious legacy. As usual, the plot of beggar Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fighting for their love is incredible. This movie was great !! It has comedy,action,romance,adventure and everything else including in all genres of all movie. The acting from everyone was great. Good acting performance by Will Smith a.k.a Genie, Mena Massoud a.k.a Aladdin & Naomi Scott a.k.a Jasmine. For all of you, go see it you wont regret it !! Absolute musical perfection.

  • Gem ENovember 8, 2020Reply

    I’ll watch it over and over again. The actors did really well on this movie.

  • Juan RNovember 9, 2020Reply

    I thought I would dislike Smith’s take on The Genie and yet he was surprisingly one of the better parts. Scott as Jasmine is also very good, but the rest of the movie is bland, the songs aren’t as catchy, and Jafar is painfully boring. One of the more mediocre of Disney’s remakes.

  • James HNovember 11, 2020Reply

    What this Disney remake doesn’t recycle from the original classic is extremely bland, forgettable, or plain ugly. The acting, characters, and even the story changes that are there to give the film “freshness” fail spectacularly with its complete lack of interest in making this movie stand out as its own thing.

  • Milkha NNovember 13, 2020Reply

    I’m interested in this movie, here are a few reasons why, one is about the graphics, SFX and filming setup that just enhances the quality of the movie, secondly is about the plot, it’s a bit odd but still interesting to see for me at least since I’ve never seen anything like it. Third is about the music, I fell in love with this movie mostly because of the music, some people may not like it but for my own personal taste, I love it. But, every movie always has its downsides, at least one, here are two things I find a bit distracting, one is about the editing, the graphics and SFX are good, but I saw a mini clip that caught my eye, for about 2 whole seconds I saw the color green, exactly like the green screen I do not know if it’s on purpose but it’s there, secondly, when I rewatched it, it was just plain old boring, since I knew what was gonna happen, this movie is not the type of movie that you would be able to watch over and over again without getting bored in a short amount of time.

  • Austin ENovember 17, 2020Reply

    In my opinion this is an awesome movie.
    Aladdin is a lovable street beggar who meets Princess Jasmine, the beautiful daughter of the sultan of Agrabah. While visiting her exotic palace, Aladdin stumbles upon a magic oil lamp that unleashes a powerful, wisecracking, larger-than-life genie. As Aladdin and the genie start to become friends, they must soon embark on a dangerous mission to stop the evil seconder, Jafar, from overthrowing young Jasmine’s kingdom. (Got help from Google, but I changed a bit!! 🙂 (SPOLIER ALERT!!) However, Jasmine and Aladdin win at the battle with Jafar. Aladdin and Jasmine marry and Jasmine become the SULTAN!!
    My favorite part of the film is the scene that Jasmine singing Speechless. This is the part that we can feel the girl crush(?). I like this part because I like the Jasmine’s courage. In the previous part of the movie, Jasmine did not have a lot of the courage. However, in this part Jasmine gave us a different kind of charm, so I like this part!!
    Aladdin is a very good movie and I recommend you to watch this!!

  • AnonymousNovember 26, 2020Reply

    I always think any re-make should try to bring something new or fresh to the table. And while there are some things that the live action version of this movie brings that are entertaining…. its basically the same movie. I think the biggest headline of the movie was Will Smith as the genie and while trying to top Robin Williams is a pretty high bar, and while I was skeptical about the casting choice, I think he pulled it off and made it his own. It was still a little weird at first but he grew on me.

  • AnonymousNovember 29, 2020Reply

    Not for me definitely prefer the original couldn’t even finish the movie

  • Justin SNovember 30, 2020Reply

    BRUH! Despite being a total cash-grab I swear, this live-action adaptation is just as good as the original.

  • Chloe HDecember 9, 2020Reply

    That one dance where genie controlled Aladdin was a little cringe, but I like that Jasmine has her song “Speechless” without being one of THOSE feminists. (the kind that believes all men are misogynistic) I think it was really nice how instead of going on a world tour, Aladdin shows Jasmine Agrabah because it really enforces that she has never seen her own city, yet loves it and wants to spend time improving Agrabah.

  • Todd BDecember 12, 2020Reply

    Movie nailed it. Critics rating is highly confusing. Audience score is in alignment. Creators of Mulan could have taken note. Alas that movie failed where Aladdin excelled.

  • Thomas RDecember 13, 2020Reply

    Very good movie, however it was very hard to concentrate on anything when Will Smith’s ideal cosmic male abs and dump truck A S S was on screen. Will Smith was a black hole of suave, every semi cool character became a plebeian in his presence. Aladdin’s sex dungeon was a weird inclusion, but Will Smith’s imPECKable charm (pun strongly intended) made up for it. Rating his five stars because every time William Smith flexed his toned Genie bod I got shivers up my timbers. Plus, This was the most Will Smith’s I’ve seen on one screen since the critically acclaimed 2 time academy award winning block busting movie Gemini Man. 10/10 would watch again for Willard Smith’s washboard abs. Also Jasmine was alright I guess.


    When Will Smith cross dressed as an Arabian woman I had to rethink my sexuality.


    Will Smith’s voice is comparable to that of Jesus Christ or the Prophet Mohammed himself no cap.

  • AnonymousDecember 18, 2020Reply

    Great remake, Will Smith does genie justice. This was visually pleasing to watch, and cool to hear all the original music. Guy Ritchie was an amazing collaborator on this movie, the rest of the cast was good as well.

  • Tina PDecember 19, 2020Reply

    I don’t get the critics, I think this was awesome. I loved Jasmine and the new angle they gave. Some of the songs were of course not as good as the original, but the Speechless song made up for it!

  • AnonymousDecember 19, 2020Reply

    The Disney animated version of this film is n all-time classic. This remake is a joyless, soulless and tedious waste of time with some really baffling changes to the plot structure and story. It does have the benefit of not having as large a cast of off-putting CGI characters as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast remakes, which makes it visually solid. But it’s still a pretty mediocre movie.

  • AnonymousDecember 21, 2020Reply

    Stayed true to the original. Great costumes, set design, song and dance. Felt like theatre. Will Smith did a surprisingly good job as genie.

  • AnonymousDecember 23, 2020Reply

    Hey I was surprised with this movie going into it thinking it would be terrible it was actually pretty good I loved how will smith made his own version of the genie and didn’t try to robin williams.The acting was a little cheesy at times.The worst part of the movie was Jafar he really didn’t have that scary part of him

  • Audrey BDecember 24, 2020Reply

    Will smith singing was 😖😣 horrible. Definitely not feeling jiggy with it

  • Rama ADecember 25, 2020Reply

    This is miss representation, jasmin the one of he main character should have been of Arab roots not Indian decent 🤨🤨

  • Lucas TDecember 26, 2020Reply

    O filme não é fiel ao original, extremamente desrespeitoso.

  • Dylan LDecember 26, 2020Reply

    Aladdin next to the Jungle Book are the best Disney remakes ever. It is loyal to its source material but it is different and fresh which are qualities that not all remakes can accomplish. Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Jafar performances were really great. Although Jafar has not much presence in the movie he is still a great villain that deserves a prequel such as Maleficent and Cruella. Will Smith makes a different portray of the Robin William’s genie. In my opinion this remake is better than the original film since it modernizes a story we all know with great performances, special effects and an awesome script.

  • Areebah KDecember 27, 2020Reply

    This movie was amazing!! So much better than the original animated film. It was very empowering and the Princess is a great role model for young girls. Will Smith was fantastic as the genie and the songs are so catchy! Disney did a wonderful job with this film!!

  • Dwade BDecember 28, 2020Reply

    The nostalgia came rushing back as I heard all my favorite songs. I even experienced some new ones. I enjoyed the actors chosen except for Jafar. The dude wasn’t scary. Also, the movie felt rushed in some places…. okay most places. And the scale in the animated version felt bigger. Still a good movie and Will Smith killed it.

  • Emilio BJanuary 5, 2021Reply

    Unpopular opinion, but I think there’s a little ‘all past times were better’ in the specialist critics. I personally loved the movie, I think it was fun, I liked the new angle of the story and you can enjoy this film while loving the 90’s version.

  • Daniel FJanuary 5, 2021Reply

    Easily the best Disney Live action Remake. Will Smith is so fun and enjoyable as the Genie, there’s some outstanding music, thrilling action and the CGI looks Phenomenal. it gets better every time I see it.

  • Jean LJanuary 6, 2021Reply

    Aladdin is the remake of the 1992 original. And unlike the original, this is simply mediocre. It attempts to capture the magic of the original by bringing back the music, the plot points, lines and imagery but it fails. Most of the actors come out flat and do not feel authentic. Only Will Smith as genie manages to come through with his charisma but still comes short. The production design and visual effects are good and the new songs are pretty great. But the movie comes short.

  • Antonio CJanuary 9, 2021Reply

    This Aladdin remake does enough different to make it (sort of) stand out, and the CG effects are splendid, but it doesn’t help that this is a less inspired phameal of its animated original.

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