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Assassins (1995)

Assassins (1995)

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Assassin Robert Rath arrives at a funeral to kill a prominent mobster, only to witness a rival hired gun complete the job for him — with grisly results. Horrified by the murder of innocent bystanders, Rath decides to take one last job and then return to civilian life. But finding his way out of the world of contract killing grows ever more dangerous as Rath falls for his female target and becomes a marked man himself.

IMDb Rating 6.4 987 votes


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(150) comments

  • Keith TJanuary 27, 2010Reply

    Re-watched this when it was on TV the other night. Better than I remembered it, and it contains some very good action, but a marvelous example of badly the application of “hi-tec” can date a film. All the computer stuff, complete with dial-up modems, now looks laughably bad. Mind, it must be the only film ever where Rambo played Chess!

  • brendan nJanuary 28, 2010Reply

    stallone sadly chose alot of bad films in the nineties and this just happens to be one of them. what could of been a brainless superb action film slowly becomes boring and uneventful.
    great cast and director can’t save a film that has little to recommend it. starts well but the film becomes boring and with little focus. the film never needed a female and sadly julianne moore is criminally out of place.

  • Tom GJanuary 31, 2010Reply

    I think this is a very good assassin movie and a great cat and mouse film Antonio Banderas rocks as Miguel Bain young number 2 assassin hell bent on becoming number 1 and Sylvester Stallone as the aging number 1 tiring of the life

  • Mike MFebruary 5, 2010Reply

    Liked the Everett and Seattle locations in this film.

  • Deb SMarch 1, 2010Reply

    Sylvester Stallone stars as Robert Rath an assassin who wants to retire and has principles. He ends up protecting Electra (Julianne Moore) from a rival psychopathic assassin (Antonio Banderas) who is an ambitious young rookie, wanting to be at the top and willing to take Stallone out of the picture. I love action movies but whereas the first sequence is clever and thrilling; the film just couldn’t keep that up. Reminds me of “The Specialist” but without the steamy bathroom scene!

  • Ben PMarch 14, 2010Reply

    An enjoyable enough action film. Although the acting and storyline leave much to be desired.

  • Reynard JMarch 22, 2010Reply

    Gua lupa sih, tapi gua yakin ini bagus koq. Gua inget judul dan ratingnya di otak gua. 😀

  • Johnny SMarch 23, 2010Reply

    wow what a action movie i saw and sylvester stallone is awesome on this performed starring. so antonio bandera is good on this also and awesome of with both character of sylvester stallone vs. antonio bandera (of “the desperado”). it like sylvester stallone did vs with james woods in “the specialist”, wesley snipes in “demolition man”, john lithgow in “cliffhanger” in other film. wow i loving of any of action moment and the great explosive. actress julianne moore and the director of “goonies” and “lethal weapons” series richard donner are very good. very good of the 1995 action movie and best of the sylvester stallone’s “any” action flick.

  • Jason CApril 15, 2010Reply

    Stallone mumbles in sucha way that I have no fucking clue what he said for the majoritya this movie. Same goes for Banderas, so you may wanna watch the flick with subtitles. In a film where you can hardly make out a word outta the two leads mouths, thank God for Julianne Moore who saves the day with her awesomeness.

  • Devon MApril 17, 2010Reply

    Another Donner flick I’ve never gotten into.

  • Dan MApril 25, 2010Reply

    this was decent, although the end dragged BIG time, I liked the pairing of Stallone and Banderas. good for a rental.

  • Camille LMay 1, 2010Reply

    Vraiment ininteressant, mal joue, insupportablement caricatural ( ANTONIO BANDERAS est a jete dans ce film ). Franchement, le film est loupe. C’est lent, long, reellement ennuyeux et particulierement irrealiste. Dommage parce que la premiere scene etait plutot pas mal…

  • Rakib HMay 14, 2010Reply

    banderas was cool and stallone was tough…..

  • Conner RMay 25, 2010Reply

    A really cool movie about assassins, there’s really no way you can’t find it entertaining on at least some level. Sylvester Stallone is great, as he always is, playing a very realistic and tragic character that regrets a lot of his past. Antonio Banderas and Julianne Moore play great supporting characters that only make this a more fun movie. The plot was really well done and has great direction from one of the greatest action directors of all time, Richard Donner.

  • Vineet AMay 26, 2010Reply

    Plot: good(3/5)
    S-Fx: Yes(+0.5)
    Emotional pull: No

  • Jeremy SJune 13, 2010Reply

    Man this was just plain BAD! Two over the top actors together doesn’t work too well

  • Mitch MJune 13, 2010Reply

    Not bad, just not good.

  • jordan tJuly 5, 2010Reply

    I think this film is very unique, this is my opinion and im very proud of the film-makers for bringing a great story to the screen with hollywoods hottest hunk and one of Americas finest actors. I ignore critics, and criticise for my self and I know a good film when I see one, and this one is a very underrated gem.

  • Tim MJuly 23, 2010Reply

    Decent action movie with Sly and Antonio’s good chemistry as rivals. OK plot with a good script and acting make this a pretty fun but don’t go out of your way movie.

  • kloi mAugust 9, 2010Reply

    thats the way i like it!

  • Alexander PAugust 14, 2010Reply

    Better than I remember but still falls a bit flat – Banderas is the best part of the film and Sly and Moore just dont really gel – Stallone is so emotionless that it just doesnt work.

  • Patrick EAugust 17, 2010Reply

    Assassins is a run of the mill action thriller that follows the same tired routine that we have all seen countless times before, even including the twist at the end. At 132 minutes it is far too long for a film of this type but luckily director Richard Donner is a veteran of the genre and manages to make a largely entertaining film despite its length.

    Sly Stallone plays an old assassin called Rath who is looking to do one more job before getting out of the game. Unfortunately for him, a younger assassin (Antonio Banderas) keeps beating him to his mark and it slowly becomes apparent that his contractor is double crossing him. With the help of one of his old marks that he decided not to kill, Rath must face off against the younger assassin before getting his money and retiring from the game for good.

    There is nothing particularly wrong with the plot, yes it’s largely unoriginal but still has the basis to provide plenty of entertainment. The problem here is the ridiculous running time; it’s just far too long. Too many of the scenes are needlessly dragged out leading to serious pacing issues and occasional boredom which is unforgivable for an action thriller. The next problem lies with the character of Rath who is a cold blooded killer at the start of the film but suddenly and inexplicably has a change of heart and decides to befriend one of his marks instead. This is a very hard plot development to swallow and it’s obvious that the only reason it was included was to allow the viewer to feel some sort of empathy towards Rath. Despite these issues there is entertainment to be found here. Banderas is wonderfully over the top as the younger assassin and the action is quite good when it comes. The films climax, before the poor twist, is quite tense and by far the most interesting part of the film. Sadly though it’s just too slow moving with never allows the viewer to really get into the film. If Donner had cut down the running time by half an hour he would have had a great thriller on his hands, as it is he has a good one but one that’s simply not thrilling enough.

    Assassins is a good film, it has some interesting characters and some tense scenes. Sadly though it’s let down by being far too long, having a poor final twist and a strange character turn from our main assassin. It’s worth a watch but be prepared for a long one.

  • BSH nAugust 19, 2010Reply

    Assassins is essentially an updating of a well-established story line. Robert Rath (Stallone) is the best in the world at what he does–killing people for money. But he’s getting tired of it all and wants out of the business. Unfortunately, you can’t just give two weeks notice to your faceless hit contractor; it’s a bit more difficult than that. So it’s understandable that Rath barely flinches when he finds out Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas), the #2 assassin, is after him.

    When you throw into the mix the world’s best actress (Julianne Moore) as Electra, a surveillance expert and electronic thief, all hell breaks loose. Electra is his latest “mark,” and, fed up with everything, Rath elects not to kill her, as he was charged to do. Instead they team together against a new, common enemy: Bain, who Banderas brings to life with a soul of pure evil.

    Assassins starts out a little slow in setting up this tricky web, but it pays off the first time Bain and Rath meet. Thereafter, each meeting grows progressively more intense–and more violent–as the two square off like fighting lions. These action sequences are some of the best of the year, and together with Moore’s turn as the enigmatic Electra, Assassins develops into a great entry for its genre.

    Yes, there are some cheap “dog-barks-suddenly” surprises, a few sappy and overdramatic moments, and the story is just on the other side of impossibility, but what the hell, it’s an action movie, right? That it is, and it’s a pretty good one to boot.

  • Edwin LAugust 20, 2010Reply

    1 van mijn favoriete films die nooit gaat vervelen !

  • Adam WSeptember 7, 2010Reply

    Quite a good film for stallone although banderas still thinks hes in desperado.

  • Derek LSeptember 15, 2010Reply

    By far one of Stallone’s best, but only because Banderas made it so good. If you’re going to watch Ass Ass Ins, watch it with a lady friend.

  • Macovei FSeptember 16, 2010Reply

    With a professional style brought by Sylvester Stallone and sense of humor brought by Antonio Banderas, this movie can only be entertaining.

  • Brandan WSeptember 20, 2010Reply

    A great movie.
    Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas did a terrific job on the screen as they play the role of two killers.

    Stallone is Robert Rath, best killer around, the Number 1. Banderas is Miguel Bain, the one who wants to become the new Number 1, but if he wants to do so, he has to eliminate Rath.

    They meet at a funeral, where Rath’s mark is killed by Bain before he does so. From then on, it’s battle between the two.

    The movie is quite similar to “The Specialist”(1994) – another Sylvester Stallone movie – only that there he had no Banderas to fight against!

    A couple of words on the cast. Well, I already said that Stallone and Banderas did well but my compliments go to Julianne Moore. She was brilliant.

  • Mark TSeptember 23, 2010Reply

    Some Sly films are enjoyable if only just for the fun of laughing at his slurring jabber, this is just plain boring.

  • Ky KOctober 10, 2010Reply

    Assassins is a modest film that can deliver a little fun to those that are not demanding. The plot and the acting are lower than expected.

  • Tino ROctober 14, 2010Reply

    Been a long time since I’ve seen this so I don’t remember much of this. Banderas was awesome in this.

  • Carl WOctober 27, 2010Reply

    Stallone and Banderas are actually pretty good in the film and have some interesting chemistry, but the plot and script are so idiotic and nonsensical that it takes a whole lot more than the occasionally necessary expansion of disbelief to save it, and unfortunaulty this film doesn’t have it.

  • Munazzah KNovember 14, 2010Reply

    Can ya say Antonio ! One of those flicks that can be watched many many times and one never gets bored 🙂

  • Tom TNovember 16, 2010Reply

    What starts off as an action film with good potential, Assassins ends up crashing and burning. Stallone plays an aging assassin who is coming to the end of his violent career, but before retiring with a rich fortune the hunter becomes the hunted as a younger and more volatile assassin (Banderas)interferes with his plans. For about 20 minutes the film is entertaining and Banderas is quality, but the appalling plot and dodgy script pisses all over the film’s good parts. Which is a shame because the two main characters have a pretty good chemistry going on. Assassins is one of the most disappointing films I’ve ever seen, and its ending isn’t great either. Just watch the first 20 minutes and then turn off!

  • TheSecond PNovember 24, 2010Reply

    great movie, loved it

  • Cameron CNovember 24, 2010Reply

    I watched this whole thing because Stallone is in it and I kept thinking “How is this so good?” It wasn’t until the credits that I realized it was written by the Wachowskis.

  • Brian PDecember 14, 2010Reply

    This is when Banderas started to show he could make it in American films. Good chemistry with him and Sylvester.

  • Helena MJanuary 10, 2011Reply

    A watchable movie. Sylvester Styallone, Antonio Banderas and Julian Moore – good acting.

  • Ashiqur TJanuary 16, 2011Reply

    …One of my favorite….

  • Jason SJanuary 21, 2011Reply

    it was ok not the best

  • Addison PFebruary 9, 2011Reply

    A decent film, not enough substance. But this film had potential and keptyou wondering what was next. Ending was pretty predictable.

  • Moni KFebruary 11, 2011Reply

    Everything in this movie is just brilliant. It’s one of my favortie movie from 90’s.

  • Sarfaraz AMarch 9, 2011Reply

    I have watched this on multiple occasions. Every time I watch this I just wish, only if there should have been more work on its later one hour length.

  • Tony FApril 1, 2011Reply

    All I have to say is childhood fun!!!

  • Mouhannad SJune 19, 2011Reply

    In order to really enjoy this movie, you have to put your brain in a freezer for 133 minutes and just refrain from trying analyze anything in here. There are more holes in this story.
    the two assassins – “Robert Rath” (Sylvester Stallone) and “Miguel Bain” (Antonio Banderas) – enough to make it a fun ride. I might even have rated it another star higher had a few things weren’t confusing and left unanswered, or Banderas spoke clearer English. Still, it’s not bad .

  • Josh SJuly 10, 2011Reply

    A decent action flick. There are sequences which is not so believable, but isn’t that the point? Acting is average but the story-line makes up for it.

  • Cem "Regi" "Pixelmannen" .July 15, 2011Reply

    Good action bad story

  • Borhan KJuly 17, 2011Reply

    An oldie but a goodie they dont make action flicks like this one anymore this is on tv atm and i am enjoying it most immensely. A movie that i saw the last time when i was in high school. Basically to assassins try to kill each other plus Juliane

  • Raj CJuly 30, 2011Reply

    CAught unawares and drawn into this clever film. Stumped as to why its not a winner, I think it is. Intriguing, in all senses.

  • Zbyn?k SAugust 8, 2011Reply

    Po sviÅ 3/4nà (C) první polovinÄ>, tÄ>Å 3/4kà (C) vystÅ(TM)ízlivÄ>ní v půli druhà (C), ve kterà (C) ztrácí Donnerův akÄ?Åák veÅ¡kerà 1/2 Å¡mrnc a vtip.Scà (C)náÅ(TM) napsali bratÅ(TM)i WachowÅ¡tí ve spolupráci s Brianem Helgelandem a konec uÅ 3/4 asi dávali dohromady buÄ? totálnÄ> napraní nebo sjetí, protoÅ 3/4e druhá půlka je jedna velká hollywoodská z prstu vycucaná srágora a absolutnÄ> popírá Banderasovu postavu a kvalitu půle první.Navíc Donner od svà (C) kultovní sà (C)rky Lethal Weapon vÄ>tÅ¡inu svà (C)ho umÄ>ní taky zapomnÄ>l.A abych nenechal nit suchou ani na Slyovi, tak ten volbou rolí, ve kterà 1/2ch se po place prochází v brà 1/2lkách a v kvádru(i kdyÅ 3/4 hraje assassina) dokonale uzemnil prostÅ(TM)ední Ä?ást svà (C) karià (C)ry.JeÅ¡tÄ>, Å 3/4e natoÄ?il ty remaky…

  • Sidney SAugust 17, 2011Reply

    Assassins is not a particularly bad film. Its got a good enough plot to keep you interested. But its a Stallone film and those films you aren’t supposed to care about the plot more than the action. Its a mindless 90’s action movie thats neither good nor bad but overall entertaining.

  • Andrew SSeptember 2, 2011Reply

    Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) is a veteran, burned-out hit man for hire who’s looking to leave his profession, meets a younger, crazier, more ambitious competitor, Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas), who is out to best Rath and make him a target in the process.

  • Stuart KSeptember 3, 2011Reply

    Written by the Wachowski Brothers and Brian Helgeland, and directed by Richard Donner. This is a good action thriller with some good action sequences, even if alot of it is a by numbers film, but it has a good pairing, and some good moments of suspense. Donner is always a reliable director, especially with action. This has professional assassin Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) who does paid hits for an unknown boss, but Rath is wanting to get out doing hit jobs and retire. However, he’s out ready to do one hit, and he’s beaten into doing it by Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas), who turns out to be more of a psychopath. However, Rath sends Bain packing, and goes on to his next hit. Involving knocking off 4 Dutch businessmen and computer hacker Electra (Julianne Moore). However, Bain appears again, but Rath seeks to protect Electra, thinking he could use her as bait to get Bain. This takes them from Seattle to Mexico, where Rath’s money is being held, but they see a vantage point where Bain could get Rath killed, so they use it to their advantage. It’s a good film, not as bad as what critics made out at the time, this helped get Banderas his foot on the ladder in Hollywood, whereas Sly is his usual self. 😛 If only the Wachowski’s could do more scripts like this…

  • Christopher SSeptember 5, 2011Reply

    In order to really enjoy this movie, you have to put your brain in a freezer for 133 minutes and just refrain from trying analyze anything in here. Mostly because there are more holes in this story than swiss cheese, as the clichà (C) somewhat goes….Having said that, however, I did enjoy the action scenes and the by-play between the two assassins – “Robert Rath” (Sylvester Stallone) and “Miguel Bain” (Antonio Banderas) – enough to make it a fun ride. I might even have rated it another star higher had a few of the scenes not have been so mind numbingly confusing and eye rollingly(?) stupid, not to mention so many things left unanswered. Still, it’s not bad and for fans of “Sly” and action films, worth a look.

    Here’s the plot….Robert Rath (Stallone), a professional hit-man, is starting to get tired of his job. He starts to plan his retirement but on one of the last jobs before he hangs up the proverbial silencer, another hit-man shoots the mark(The guy Sly was contracted to kill) before Rath does. This newcomer has different tactics then Rath, he has no regard for innocent bystanders. Stallone takes up the hunt, and finally catches up with the hit-man named Miguel Bain (Banderas). They find themselves in a stalemate and Bain gets away when the police involve themselves. Rath’s next assignment is a unknown “ghost” who sells secret information to some Dutch men. All are to be eliminated. Once again both Rath and Bain finds themselves on the same assignment. But while Bain eliminates the Dutch men, Rath tracks down the ghost, a woman by the name Electra (Moore). But he doesn’t kill her, and a strange relationship start to evolve. Long story short, His employer isn’t too happy and Bain is sent to really retire Rath.

    It would appear that, with six “Rockies” and four “Rambos” under his belt, Sylvester Stallone also enjoys making the same film several times. His 1994 outing, “The Specialist”, never generated a franchise in this way, possibly because it was given a deservedly hostile reception by the critics. He did, however, follow it up the following year with the very similar “Assassins” which can be regarded as an unacknowledged remake. Not to mention the fact that a Cat played a supporting role in both films.

    It’s an interesting plot with some really interesting scenes. In a movie where much of the killing is done by silenced long-range shots, the two adversaries Rath and Bain, often finds themselves close together, in a situation where violence is impossible. The cast is good, Stallone is typical Stallone, maybe a little stiffer then usual, possibly in order to let Banderas shine in his over the top role. Moore is good as well but best of the three is Banderas as Bain. Banderas played his role similar to that in Desperado but a bit more over the top…kinda like a comic book villain. His high strung personality along with the constant swearing under breath and emotional eruptions really made his character interesting to watch. There’s a definite comedic edge to Bain which had me laughing through the whole movie. The plot, interesting as it is, is not really good at twists and turns though. There are some, but unfortunately just way to many eye rolling moments and head scratching twists that take you out of your suspended belief of the movie. It’s kinda hard for me to explain without quoting the entire scene(s), but anyone that has seen the film or plans on seeing it will know what i mean.

    I think Assassins is a Decent Action flick and had it been editing down and tighten up, probably would have been remembered more fondly but for now it’s one of the many forgotten Stallone shoot ’em up’s that litter the 5 dollar bins at your local Best Buy. But I will say if your a fan of Banderas or for the most part Stallone, do check it out.

  • Citizen PSeptember 21, 2011Reply

    A very cool and enjoyable duel of two great leading men.

  • Hisham BOctober 1, 2011Reply

    Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas together. Great Action flick.

  • Matthew LOctober 20, 2011Reply

    It was around the time of this film that Stallone began to fall out of favour with action audiences, he’d go on to make Cop Land a couple of years later, but its safe to say his glory days were behind him by this point. Its a not unenjoyable and Banderas makes for an interesting bad guy but Moore is woefully miscast and its difficult to believe that the action in this was directed by the same man who made Lethal Weapon.

  • Andrew PDecember 4, 2011Reply

    i could whatch this smart well writtin movie over and over its crazy action written all over it

  • Cassie HDecember 4, 2011Reply

    Another great action flick. I enjoyed it alot & would love to watch it again. Sylvester Stallone again is completely & totally awesome in this movie!!!!! 🙂 I love Sly so much!!! Lol. 🙂

  • Francisco MDecember 9, 2011Reply

    so-so suspense movie
    best scene: any with Julianne Moore

  • Al SDecember 21, 2011Reply

    An explosive and pulse-pounding edge of your seat action-packed thriller. It packs a full-clip of riveting suspense and fast-paced action from start to finish. It`s smart, tense, terrific and energetic. A wickedly cool and exhilerating assassin-thriller with well-drawn characters and swift execution. Director, Richard Donner crafts one of his best films ever. Slyvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas are just pure dynamite. Stallone gives a strong and effective performance. Banderas gives a sensational and electrifying performance that shows a side of himself we havent seen before.

  • Tony FJanuary 7, 2012Reply

    All I have to say is childhood fun!!!

  • Martin HJanuary 8, 2012Reply

    Decent action thriller. And a good showdown between Stallone and Banderas.

  • Michael KJanuary 19, 2012Reply

    Awesome Wach Bros. movie, probably better than the Matrix.

  • Chris BJanuary 30, 2012Reply

    “Assassins” is another of my guilty pleasures thanks to it being a 90s action flick with my boy, Sylvester Stallone. This is a film that takes it’s self too serious and the lack of balance makes it uneven. The script was written by many different talents including the Wachowski brothers but it fizzles out halfway through the film and meanders then on. Julianne Moore whom can do decent work, even if she isn’t one of my favorite actresses, is given the role of the computer hacker and when she isn’t screaming her head off she is screwing something up only to be saved from her overall cliched performance by a last minute bout of “girl power”. If you are looking for a mindless action film with some pretty stylish scenes and a wild performance by Antonio Banderas then check it out. It must be said though that the script wanders on a good half hour past what it could deliver and there is no reason this shouldn’t be a quick 90-100 minute action romp.

  • Baurushan JFebruary 8, 2012Reply

    An interesting action story written by Andy and brother Larry who both collaborated on The Matrix films, Assassins tells the story of Robert Rath played by John Rambo Sylvester Stallone as a hitman who for hire meets a young crazy ambitious competitor named Miguel Bain played by Antonio Banderas who is out to frame Rath and make him the target. As Rath is hire one last time, things get complicated as he falls in love with a girl named Electra played by Julianne Moore. Bain decides to kill Electra as well and this leads to a chase of the two assassins into a deadly game that takes them from Seattle to Puerto Rico. Assassins gets a 8.25/10.

  • Jose RFebruary 19, 2012Reply

    Film was fine even though it had some flaws and decent acting. B.

  • Chris HFebruary 20, 2012Reply

    A surprisingly entertaining action/thriller that features a solid premise and a fun performance from Antonio Banderas.

  • Peter SFebruary 26, 2012Reply

    Begins in Seattle(YAY) and ends in the Caribbean…two of my favorite places plus tons of action and 3 hall of fame actors!!!

  • Ian IMarch 18, 2012Reply

    Stallone, Antonio Banderas, and Julianne Moore make one hell of an entertaining action movie with thrill after thrill after thrill.

  • Paco BMarch 20, 2012Reply

    so-so suspense movie
    best scene: any with Julianne Moore

  • Mark NMarch 24, 2012Reply

    Julianne Moore as a crazy cat-lady engaged in espionage, Stallone as a techno savvy assassin. Banderas as the heartless, crazed hitman.. what could go wrong? One Stallone does not convince as a web wizard and Bandersa seems to have taken a direction of ‘act like a hyperactive gibbon… facial expressions and all’. The tortuous ending builds and flattens so often all urgency is lost. The best actor is the cat who can even flush the toilet more competently than these supposedly geniuses. The biggest problem is techno-thrillers date horribly and 1995 sophistication looks stupid less than 5 years later.

  • Jaime GMarch 31, 2012Reply

    En mi gallinero se hizo esta pelicula tremenda

  • The Critic (April 8, 2012Reply

    Unexceptional and forgettable; an action film that should’ve been better.

  • Jay LApril 9, 2012Reply

    “In the shadows of life, in the business of death, one man found a reason to live.”

    A lean, mean and completely bad ass thrill machine that pumps endless amounts of adrenaline straight into your veins. Assassins is full-throttle, adrenaline-fueled adventure thata energetic and expertly crafted, a film that really gets the job done. It’s action packed and supremely tense throughout, a damn good endeavor from Director Richard Donner (The Lethal Weapon films, Conspiracy Theory, The Goonies). Its a dark, atmospheric, radiant, compelling and brilliantly executed adventure that had me glued to my seat for every second. An absolutely rock solid piece of riveting and cerebral madness, a cool, calm and collected piece of filmmaking that’s pure high-energy and spectacularly engaging. Richard Donner and company put together an incredibly stunning, spectacularly stylish, intensely commanding, blisteringly hardboiled, seriously raw and searingly sophisticated work of patient and adrenaline-chargee piece of action film entertainment. Pure firepower that’s full of brute force energy and high-octane awesomeness. Slick, stylish, spellbinding, hip, explosive, terrific, tense and visceral. Assassins is an authentic and vibrant movie going experience.
    Slyvester Stallone does a great job throughout, a great performance from an action film veteran. Antonio Banderas gives a chillingly intense villainous performance, an early performance in his career. Julianne Moore is always great to see, she does a fantastic job throughout.

  • Brad RApril 19, 2012Reply

    Not a bad movie at all if you are a Stallone or Banderas fan.

  • Ben DApril 19, 2012Reply

    A really bland thriller that has little going for it.

  • Brian PApril 19, 2012Reply

    This is when Banderas started to show he could make it in American films. Good chemistry with him and Sylvester.

  • Aaron RApril 29, 2012Reply

    I still don’t think Julian Moore is hot enough to be in a tough guy movie.

  • Jesus HMay 28, 2012Reply

    chequeatela te va a gustar fuwe hecha en puerto rico

  • Harry WMay 30, 2012Reply

    Assassins was somewhat enjoyable because of the good action and good acting from Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas. However, Julianne Moore was disappointing and the script was terrible. The pacing was also really slow and the roles between Stallone and Banderas would have been better switched around. Still, it’s decent to a certain extent, but rather dull as a whole.

  • Robyn NJune 1, 2012Reply

    Remarkable job of stretching out something this abysmal to over two hours. For fun, take a shot every time Sylvester Stallone removes his glasses to imply contemplation. You will black out before the film ends, and it’s probably for the better. Recommended for Stallone and Banderas devotees only.

  • Jason CJune 6, 2012Reply

    I’ve been a fan of Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas as long as I can remember. This slower paced action thriller is too long to really be successful, but I liked it anyway. It has a run-time of 2:12 hours, which is really long for a simple action thriller.

    It has plenty of flaws, don’t get me wrong. First, the runtime is, as I’ve said, crazy long. It did keep my attention, but I could see it not working for other people. The dialogue is lame and the action isn’t very… action packed. The story isn’t deep. Don’t expect any twists you won’t see coming.

    I wouldn’t recommend Assassins to anyone, but I liked it. Watch it at your own risk.

  • Mayank FJune 24, 2012Reply

    serious crap………

  • Tyler RJuly 23, 2012Reply

    i really liked the chemistry between the main characters and banderas was awesome as a psychotic killer. the plot was very genric though with a very obvious ending and plot points. was still fun to watch.

  • Michael HAugust 7, 2012Reply

    I love Vacation, Just going thru the on demand and watching all the movies A to Z lol Love it

  • Muffin MSeptember 4, 2012Reply

    I own this on DVD in a four movie pack along with:
    * Cobra (1986)
    * Demolition Man (1993)
    * The Specialist (1994)

    and i also own it on Blu-Ray.

  • April WOctober 19, 2012Reply

    All I can say is this is a decent movie and it is worth watching if you are bored.

  • Justin OOctober 31, 2012Reply

    Despite a great director and 2 action icons, this movie failed to deliver on all levels.

  • Eric HNovember 30, 2012Reply

    Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas seem as if they didn’t know quite what to do to make this implausible action drama a kick.As for the screenplay,the plot becomes increasingly silly, and while some pleasure can be had in the improbable set pieces, this is not nearly as much fun as it should be.But nevertheless,Richard Donner managed to give this movie a style as he handles action sequences with adequate flair and has a good time blowing things up.Overall,it manages to become a guilty pleasure especially for viewers who love action thrillers.

  • Mohamed ADecember 4, 2012Reply

    Assassins starts as Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) the absolute no. 1 hit-man in the entire world, no make that universe (all the hit men everywhere probably meet up once a year for a hit-man competition to find the best…) is hired by his shadowy mysterious boss to kill a bloke named Alan Branch (Steve Kahan) at a funeral. Unfortunately before Rath can make the hit another hit-man named Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas) shoots Branch, Rath decides he’s had enough & wants to retire from the hit-man business. Rath teams up with computer surveillance expert Electra (Julianne Moore) & bribe his boss with a computer disk full of sensitive information, his boss doesn’t like being bribed & calls in Miguel to assassinate Rath & get the disk…This American French co-production was co-produced & directed by Richard Donner & is an overlong bore of an action thriller. The script by Andy Wachowski his brother Larry & Brian Helgeland starts off pretty well to be fair to it but then descends into one of the most boring & drawn out finales I’ve ever seen set in a bank & rundown hotel. The action scenes lack any excitement, there are no fights or anything we haven’t seen 100’s of times before & even a potentially good car chase ends up being rather flat & dull. Then there’s the so-called twist at the end about who Rath’s boss is, I’m sorry but this is one of the most predictable & frankly bland twists in cinematic history & I can’t believe that it would come as a great surprise to anyone. Having said that the rest of the film is predictable as well but that ending must have took all of 60 seconds to come up with. Then there’s the annoying character’s especially Electra who has an irritating fluffy cat for it’s cuteness value, urgh. I didn’t like it when I saw several years ago & I still don’t like it having re-watched it again, not one of the better big budget action flicks from the 90’s.Director Donner does nothing special, there’s not much style or visual flair here & the action scenes have no life or excitement at all. Most of the action scenes involve people shooting at each other which just becomes dull, I mean Rath & Bain can shoot anyone with deadly accuracy but when they start firing at each other they lose their perfect aim very quickly. He even manages to ruin what could have been a cool car chase. The ending should also have been cut down to move along quicker as it feels like it goes on forever.With a supposed budget of about $50,000,000 Assassins deservedly tanked at the box office when Se7en (1995) murdered it there, it’s well made with that Hollywood polish & has high production values though. Apparently the lead role was written for Sean Connery but he couldn’t make it while both Michael Douglas & Arnold Schwarzenegger were also considered before it went to Stallone who after just making Jugde Dredd (1995) didn’t need another big flop on his hands although the reported $20,000,000 he was paid to star in Assassins probably eased the pain a bit. Woody Harrelson & Tom Cruise were consider for the role of Miguel Bain before Christian Slater was offered it but turned it down & it eventually went to Banderas. I have to say I think the acting is poor especially from the ever annoying Julianne Moore & the frankly awful Stallone.Assassins is a bland totally forgettable & unexciting supposed action thriller that succeeds as neither, at one point Julianne Moore’s character Electra says ‘I just want my life back’ & when Assassins had finished I knew exactly how she felt…

  • Mike BDecember 10, 2012Reply

    it seems like it might be interesting, and still might be ok until the end. when it gets unnecessary.

  • Matt MJanuary 6, 2013Reply

    This cat and mouse action thriller between two hitmen, starring Banderas and Stallone, is cold and a little unoriginal, though it has the usual exciting car chase and shoot out moments.

  • Robert IJanuary 22, 2013Reply

    Really weak action film considering those involved. I highly recommend reading the Wachowski’s original script, WAAAAAY better than this film and thought provoking.

  • Dylan LFebruary 9, 2013Reply

    Faggots! This is a great movie. Why so much hate?!
    Stallone was in his prime. If there ever was one.

  • Janine RFebruary 10, 2013Reply

    Forgot I liked this movie. The way Stallone enters a room……priceless!

  • Karim EFebruary 14, 2013Reply

    The first movie I saw in my life that I can remember of, my whole childhood is based on scenes from him, biased of course, but a perfect movie allabout

  • Lloyd HMarch 11, 2013Reply

    It’s hard to believe that this film is directed by the same person who directed the brilliant Lethal Weapon franchise. Richard Donner struggles to replicate the exciting thrill ride success of The Lethal Weapon films and Assassins is somewhat boring in comparison. Sylvester Stallone gives a reasonably enjoyable but isntantly forgettable performance as a hit man wanting to leave his profession. Antonio Banderes gives an enthusiastic off the wall performance also as a hit man. The chemistry between the two actors is fun but after one too many shoot outs the novelty soon wares off. The two square off when they are both individually assigned to kill Julianne Moore’s character. I personally don’t have much care for Julianne Moore and her input didn’t interest me whatsoever. Overall the film is worth a watch and I wouldn’t quibble having to watch it again, but by Director Richard Donner’s and superstar Sylvester Stallone’s standards, Assassins is neither of their finest moments.

  • Anthony RMarch 19, 2013Reply

    I forgot how totally awesome this movie was. I thought this was a great all around movie with superb writing, great performances, and it was also incredibly suspenceful.

  • Brett HApril 17, 2013Reply

    Far too long and drawn out but the plot is interesting and the stars are commendable, especially Antonio Banderas who is having a ball playing the psycho assassin. There’s a third act reveal that is so pointless you ask yourself, what were they thinking?

  • Brendan NJune 7, 2013Reply

    The film is a missed opportunity and has not grown into a guilty pleasure film after all these years of release. Stallone was not the right choice for the lead, he fits into the crowd as a contract killer like an elephant in your living room. The only thing about this film that is remotely interesting is Banderas, who steals the entire film away from Stallone, not a huge compliment by any means sadly. Richard Donner was not the right director for this screenplay, the original draft sounded much more interesting, Stallone would have killed certain aspects as well. I didn’t care for this film when it was first released and time has not been kind to this film. Stallone had weird decisions throughout his career, he had the opportunity to leave a legacy of true iconic status but the action films were to be his undoing. Assassins was not the right character for Stallone, a talented filmmaker in his own right should have known better. This didn’t do well at the box office and its easy to see why. 27-06-2018.

  • Harry SJune 11, 2013Reply

    It Wasnt The Greatest Film. The Most Enjoyable Bit Was Watching Sly Do His Thing. Not The Greatest Thing To Come Out Of 1995.

  • Zach LJuly 5, 2013Reply

    interesting story with Stalone and Banderas as the bad guy .

  • John AAugust 14, 2013Reply

    Fast, Fun, Decent & Run Of The Mill Average Action Thriller, Which Manages To Entertain & Also Begs To Ask The Question Which Way Is Donnar Directing This, Looks Like He’s Going For An Art house Flick Without Actually Getting Anywhere Near One. In the End This Is A Pretty Decent And Enjoyable Action Flick.

  • Calum FSeptember 4, 2013Reply

    I don’t know why critics hate this film. I enjoyed this action thriller. Sly stallone and Antonio banderas were great in this film. If u love stallone or banderas give this film a chance it’s good fun trust me

  • Jeffrey LSeptember 8, 2013Reply

    I thought this movie was well done Sylvester Stallone did a really good job. Probably not his best movie, but good regardless.

  • Charles PNovember 11, 2013Reply

    The script is full of outrageous implausibility, and every scene is stretched to breaking point.

  • Nicky NDecember 14, 2013Reply

    Pretty Good Action Thriller.B-

  • Jack OFebruary 17, 2014Reply

    Really good film stars Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas.

  • Alex KApril 10, 2014Reply

    Fun movie 2 good actors and a good thriller.

  • Russell HMay 15, 2014Reply

    I liked it. Banderas was awesome.

  • Alvin YJuly 3, 2014Reply

    More of like a toast of a wine and a cup of coffee together plus a milk shake. So what you get is something so disappointing and yet it does nothing to show you new. I also thought Banderas was lost here from Desperado and came here to fight Stallone. And that’s Julianne Moore and not Salma Hayek OK!

  • Aodhan RAugust 27, 2014Reply

    The first few times I watched this I was disgusted, but now I don’t find it too misleading.

    It’s quite thrilling from start to end and leaves the audience thinking the whole way through what will happen next. It’s not guaranteed 100% predictable.

    The following is about two professional hitmen AKA ‘assassins’, who are paid an exceedingly large amount of money to annihilate specific targets.
    The fun comes when they’re both assigned to cap off one another, as instructed from their contractors. Their contractors aren’t too be seen nor have the assassins met them personally.

    The performances of Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas and Julianne Moore are superb. Stallone has finally landed another role to much his stubborn and lethal portrayal of the war veteran ‘John Rambo’ and ‘Jimmy Bobo’ (the part he played in ‘Bullet to the Head’). Banderas also delivered a fine performance as the anti-hero of the story. It’s an amazing twist what the two lead characters: Robert Rath (Stallone) and Miguel Bain (Banderas) have in common, and you’re completely unaware of which one is more lethal and with the best advantage of killing the other. It’s totally thrilling.

    It’s definitely one of Stallone’s finest roles to compete with Rambo, Bobo and even Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti ( from ‘Cobra’), so it’s hugely recommendable and fine addition to Stallone’s list of films.

  • Patrick SAugust 30, 2014Reply

    slowww.. but pretty good

  • Dillon LSeptember 1, 2014Reply

    a really good movie kinda dies out a bit in the second half of the movie

  • Jaime RSeptember 20, 2014Reply

    Not exactly that bad, but it could have been worse.

  • Jennifer MNovember 14, 2014Reply

    I like this movie. A young Antonio Banderas in his sexy, bad boy heyday. Sylvester Stallone towards the end of his prime. The action was entertaining. The plot…not so much. Still, a decent movie to watch.

  • Ryan WDecember 10, 2014Reply

    Assassins starts off promisingly but falls off the wheels due to inept characters and quite a boring story

  • Vincent TJanuary 21, 2015Reply

    Bon film d’action de qualite signe Richard Donner avec un Banderas jeune completement dejante et un Stallone en pleine forme.

  • Jamie CMarch 19, 2015Reply

    Another under par Stallone action flick, It’s not a terrible film it’s just the plot gets abit too confusing and the action is far few between, Stallone plays his normal tough guy role, Banderas plays a good villian but it’s a film that’s nothing new or memorable.

  • Hung-Ya LApril 12, 2015Reply

    Julianne Moore is very good.

  • bill sApril 23, 2015Reply

    Banderas’s campy over the top assassin can’t help take the stench off this corpse…..why go with a wonderful actress like Moore then give her an empty character,

  • Jason KMay 5, 2015Reply

    Remember when everyone hired Moore for movies? Why was that? PS- 90’sssssss

  • Grant HMay 12, 2015Reply

    Very good movie. Assassins is a stylish, funny, action-packed thriller that feels a little overlong at times, has sort of a poor script, but good performances from its two leads, especially Banderas.

  • Raji KMay 17, 2015Reply

    Assassins is a action flick directed by Richard Donner and written by the Wachowski Brothers. Despite the names attached, the movie really has very little to hang its hat on. The screenplay is more confusing that interesting, and it is difficult to care about any of the characters. Despite some decent action scenes, the film in between is quite droll. Assassins could have been great, but instead was a waste of the assembled talent.

  • Tristan MJuly 26, 2015Reply

    Actually quite a good movie despite the review it gets. It’s non stop, always a game of cat and mouse where the opponent could be around any corner. The acting, in the case of Miguel, was good, he added a tense and eerie mood to the film as a whole. But as we know the other actors in the movie don’t excel in that word, but play their roles well. Robert just wants out of the job, but as more and more money is offered for different jobs, he gives in an keeps doing that ‘one last job’. Why that girl Electra decided to tag along with him for the whole job, and the movie makes no sense, just as the flight attendant does with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. She’s just along for the ride, scared, gets into trouble, and could have been removed from the majority of it. The action is pretty decent and overall enjoyable. It’s far fetched many times, but that’s to be expected. The gunshots are almost all that cheesy silenced sound we are used to heading, and is kinds lame and annoying after a while. The ending takes forever but isn’t bad, it actually ends quite well I think and we get what is expected of course. Overall good movie, classic, well paced with decent action and standoffs.

  • Shane SOctober 14, 2015Reply

    A fantastic action film. It has several great scenes, and Antonio Banderas is a great villain. Sly is good as always. This is a very smart action film.

  • Casey LFebruary 11, 2016Reply

    A retired cold war assassin seeks one more Mark before retiring however he is hunted by a younger assassin who idolize him.

  • Kay LMarch 16, 2016Reply

    Pretty cheesey 90s flick. Antonio Banderasis the hell out of this one.

  • Rory Fyfe SMarch 22, 2016Reply

    Decent movie. Good acting.

  • Patrick WJune 20, 2016Reply

    As far as first screenplays go, the Wachowski Brothers hit it big time with this one. This movie is very entertaining and has appropriate amount of action and suspense. The action sequences are great and the interactions between Stallone and Banderas excellent. If you’re a fan of action films, this one is definitely worth a watch.

  • Russ BJuly 17, 2016Reply

    7/30/2016: A good 90’s action movie with a very good cast.

  • Bobby DAugust 11, 2016Reply

    Awful film. Donner who can be brilliant at times, phones this one in with a script akin to a bad tv cable flick.

  • Larry WAugust 17, 2016Reply

    A fascinating and well played look at the world of hitmen.

  • Raymond CFebruary 10, 2017Reply

    Does anyone know where you can get the harmonica heavy version of Rolling Stones “Like a Rolling Stone”??? It plays in the closing credits.

  • Dave WJune 4, 2017Reply

    There are about four characters in this movie and one of them is a an old computer with a floppy drive that doesn’t talk. Come on Holywood! Stallone and Banderas make an action movie directed by Ricahrd Donner, and it’s set in Seattle and it sucks this bad!? Any three of those names has made movies with wit and timing and great action, and they came together to make this disaster that is too realistic to be fun and to boring to be a good fantasy. There are a handful of good action scenes, and it is always cool when a movie takes place in your hometown, but this isn’t really worth more than one or two viewings.

  • Jacob BAugust 20, 2017Reply

    Well…this movie certainly didn’t show what potential The Wachowskis would eventually have when they went on to direct The Matrix in 1999. Mainly because, according to them, their script was changed and attempted to cover up their involvement with the movie but failed. Which makes it super convenient that everyone forgot this movie existed, the siblings were unknowns at the time and that they’re very likely to deny that this movie was a thing they contributed to 22 years ago. It had decent action sequences, serviceable performances from Stallone and Banderas and the amusement of having Julianne Moore say “Howdy” before shooting a guy. Yet I always felt that the film should’ve been better. I was a bit bored throughout and I actually prefer Jupiter Ascending over this movie. Yes, the same Jupiter Ascending movie that caused The Wachowskis to be banished from the world of theatrically released movies. At least that one actually tried. Assassins may please the least demanding viewer and Sylvester Stallone diehards but for me, it was a mostly below-average movie that could’ve been a lot better had Warner Bros. used The Wachowskis’ original script.

  • Diana WSeptember 8, 2017Reply

    1 of only 3 movies with Julianne Moore that I LOVE. She is good in this…perhaps before her ego kicked in. Stallone is Stellar and Banderas is a REAL BAD ARSE

  • Anthony GDecember 26, 2017Reply

    Ugh, awful movie from 2 big hitters
    Banderas is pathetic and it still surprises me Richard’Lethal Weapon’Donner directed this

  • AnonymousApril 22, 2018Reply

    This film is garbage.

  • Russell SJune 9, 2018Reply

    Yes it’s a little long and kinda corny at times but this movie is a lot of fun. Antonio Banderas hams it up to the hilt but is very effective. Stallone…well, he’s Stallone being Stallone. Frankly I’m astonished by the low scores from critics. It may not be a Richard Donner classic but it’s still a well made, entertaining, action packed ride throughout.

  • Katy KJune 12, 2018Reply

    It’s quite the achievement to not be called Stallone and be the worst actor in a Stallone movie. Kudos to Antonio Banderas. Julianne Moore looks like she is wondering what on earth she did wrong to wind up on this set.

  • Gimly MSeptember 11, 2018Reply

    A not great movie, but one that it’s hard to pinpoint exact ways in which it could easily have been improved. A Stallone/Banderas as cat and mouse assassins sounds promising, but in reality this technoir thriller is… Actually kind of boring. Seems like it needs a ground-up re-working to get a story up to the concept of that team, which sounds exhausting.

  • AnonymousDecember 25, 2018Reply

    the movie is ok, but Antonio Banderas did a great job

  • Hugh NMarch 1, 2019Reply

    A solid action thriller with many plot twists that work, but, it’s nearly 2 hour run time and it’s pace being may bore you.

  • Peter KSeptember 21, 2019Reply

    This film has a great story and a great cast, it is pretty well done and delivers on many levels. This is worth watching more than once, the Banderas/Stallone dynamic seems to be a perfect balance of the calm, centered masters vs. the erratic, maniacal student, culminating in an assassin showdown.

  • Rhys JJune 6, 2020Reply

    An enjoyable watch with a good plot and good actors. I seriously have no idea why this rates so poorly on Rotten Tomatoes because I find it a good movie.

  • Maaz HAugust 17, 2020Reply

    Quite an en entertaining ride with fine performances. This movie will not let you turn your eyes away.

  • Matt SAugust 21, 2020Reply

    An underrated action flick. Nothing original or groundbreaking but entertaining nonetheless. Antonio Banderas is a highlight as the film’s primary antagonist.

  • Shatadru RAugust 28, 2020Reply

    A movie which deserves more attention. This is completely Antonio Banderas show, he overshadowed Stallone. Julianne Moore was good despite her lack of chemistry with Stallone. The film is a bit long, climax is slow but good, some action scenes defy logic. Not a classic like Rambo/Terminator, and also not a disaster one may think after reading the critics reviews. Worth a watch, just for Banderas.

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