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Before We Go (2014)

Before We Go (2014)

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A woman who is robbed on her way to catch the 1:30 train to Boston is left stranded in New York City. She meets a man who helps her during the course of the night and the two form a romance.

IMDb Rating 6.6 1,321 votes


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(150) comments

  • Jeffrey MMarch 24, 2016Reply

    This is a wonderful, indie minded love story. Evans directorial debut is super charming and Romantic. It’s a lot like listening to the Jeff Buckley record.

  • Adam BMarch 25, 2016Reply

    I’m not really into romance flicks, but this one was pretty good and I think Chris Evans did a fantastic job directing! My respect for him as a director and artist just went up a few points.

  • David PMarch 25, 2016Reply

    This is one of the most authentic, intelligent, and entertaining romances I’ve ever seen. It shows a maturity on the movies we’ve not seen enough of, where two characters can meet by accident, spend the entire evening working out their personal issues, realize they love each other, and not end up in bed together. Their banter is smart without being smart ass. They see and share essential truths. Their lives are on the verge of falling apart, and their growing friendship brings them back down to earth. An absolute classic indie film, all the more remarkable for starring and being directed by Chris Evans, none other than Captain America of the bug-budget super hero movies.
    on case this sounds a little boring it’s not. There is from the beginning sexual tension between Chris and co star Alice Eve who is beautiful and we’ll restrained in her role. Each actor has great moments where you are either surprised or identify with them. Yet this movie is more than a character study, it’s a lesson in how to live and still love. When they part at the end, not knowing if they’ll ever see each other again, they feel strengthened to meet the challenges ahead. Forget self pity, they know, be honest with yourself, fight for what you want.

  • Cooper HMarch 27, 2016Reply

    Before We Go is a touching story of friendship and love. These factors get the characters through the toughest points in their lives as we look to find the good in all situations.

  • Jei PMarch 28, 2016Reply

    action hero in slow motion

  • Ildefonso MMarch 28, 2016Reply

    Evans brings a means to an end with his projects. I’m perfectly content with his Captain America and lawyer demeanor in Puncture, which was more than decent. I never wondered who could’ve done it better. But here I’m still squandered as to why he would tackle the common chick flick. That’s by no means an insult, I personally enjoy them quite well. But here his touch is too delicate and too sappy for his own good. The risks are impressive, but he’s busy trying to steal the show with visuals that are less than flattering and a sappy tone that would make Nicholas Sparks blush. Not a compliment. Not recommended.

  • Maliq FMarch 31, 2016Reply

    a passable drama..very little laughs but Chris Evans and Alice Eve’s characters were likeable, but lack the chemistry necessary to pull off this movie. Good enough to kill time on a plane, which I did

  • Rendan LMarch 31, 2016Reply

    Before We Go is an abysmal film. Thin plotting, bad performances, unlikable characters, and ridiculous logic only begin to name the problems.
    Grade: F

  • Keegan KApril 3, 2016Reply

    It wasn’t until the end of this movie that I realized the potential the film could have had. Nick was trying to meet his ex and the other main character was running away from her relationship because her husband was cheating. The whole movie is about the adventure they shared together that night. But it’s one of those movies where it is very serious for the first half of the movie and it’s not one of those sappy love films and at the very end, when you kind of hope it goes one way, they just leave it up in the air and you don’t really know what happens. Frustrating. Alice, the girl is very pretty and does a wonderful job. But it’s not worth another watch.

  • Roger GApril 4, 2016Reply

    Nick, a broke musician playing his trumpet in a subway station, meets Brooke, a gal who missed her train to Boston. They walk around New York trying to raise the cash to pay for transportation to get Brooke home before her “husband.” While they walk around all hours of the night, they exchange life stories which aren’t very interesting.

    Very little about this film is interesting.

  • Sarah HApril 11, 2016Reply

    Beautiful and sweet, couldn’t have done it better myself.

  • John RApril 13, 2016Reply

    Not a life-changer by any means, but charming and effective for what it is.

  • Marah RApril 14, 2016Reply

    Before we go is Avery lighthearted romantic comedy that surprisingly manages to avoid the cheesy love story by creating a very genuine friendship. It does however fail to escape the New York City feel that exists in almost all rom coms but the chemistry between Evans and Eve definitely save the movie

  • Deborah MApril 17, 2016Reply

    I vacillated between 3 and 3.5 stars because Chris Evans both directed and starred and did quite well in each capacity. The story is bittersweet and moving but not one I would likely watch twice, in part because I prefer more escapism and less realism in my “love stories.” It is honest and well-acted.

  • Pat AApril 19, 2016Reply

    As a believer in fate and the choices it gives us, I found Before We Go to be the perfect expression of how much it means to have someone to dump all our baggage on. Nick and Brooke are both stalled by relationships they’ve held onto for the wrong reasons. They are each earnest, sensitive individuals and through their caring, they help each other make choices (affected by fate as well) that will help them move forward. The only question in my mind was “How many Nicks, i.e. Good Guys, are actually out there these days?”. Kudos to Chris Evans for choosing just the right Brooke and keeping the action and the characters real, ordinary people who find each other at just the right time. If you truly like stories about relationships, this is one not to miss.

  • Tatsuhito KApril 24, 2016Reply

    It is so boring. Evans and Eve have no chemistry or whatsoever, and the dialogue doesn’t sound natural at all. It is ripping off Linklater’s “Before Sunrise” in so many ways, not just the title, but the structure of it as well (at one point in the film, the main characters go talk to a fortune teller. Uh, ring any bells, anyone?) I do commend Evans for directing a film that is significantly smaller in scale, and at least trying to work with the material that’s far beneath him. It’s just that the script is not good, therefore, the characters aren’t that interesting either. I do like the cinematography by John Guleserian (one of my favorite DPs!), but in the end Before We Go is a snoozefest.

  • Felicity FApril 27, 2016Reply

    I am so lost after watching the movie. I think Chris Evans should have just taken off his shirt. just a thought

  • Carrie TMay 8, 2016Reply

    Before We Go is slow, and sometimes incoherent, but has enough heart and cuteness to keep the audience going till its sweet ending.

  • Shefa RMay 8, 2016Reply

    I have no idea why it got bad reviews!
    I enjoyed the movie! This movie is a feel good movie!

    Chris Evans is just…. Chris Evans! Love him! He was extremely charismatic, refreshing and funny. And Alice Eve was cute, “icy” in the way Chris Evans says but later its fun with her.
    The ending of the movie was just perfect. No spoilers… but let me just say, you might overthink later.

  • Shauna VMay 8, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed it quite a bit. Before Sunrise-esque, but with older leads (that made it more interesting and real, for me)

  • Emily BMay 9, 2016Reply

    I don’t care what the critics say, this movie’s got heart.

  • Raqi MMay 11, 2016Reply

    I’m being nice and giving this two stars cause of Chris Evans.

  • Aditya SMay 15, 2016Reply

    A light charming charming romantic movie.

  • Tommy DMay 15, 2016Reply

    An amazing debut at directing for Chris Evans.
    Before we go one of the most romantic and charming movies of the year, thanks to the amazing chemistry betwean the two lead actors, Chris Evans and Alice Eve.

  • Corbin PMay 18, 2016Reply

    Personally I thought this was a very solid romantic drama by actor/director Chris Evans. Yes it may have your typical clichés, but the addition of the realistic relationship between the two leads is what made it a lot more appealing. Plus the fact the situations that Evans and Eve deal with are so relatable. It’s a very charming and enjoyable watch on Netflix.

  • Samantha OMay 22, 2016Reply

    This movie allowed me to discover that rotten tomatoes is pretty much the Yelp for movies. PERFECT… This movie sucks! It was rated a 4 almost 5 stars on Netflix and the summary made it sound somewhat interesting. Total opposite. The movie all together is just very scattered, and easy to forget. I had to Google “Nanny from Sex and The City 2” to find out what the title of this movie was because it got lost on Netflix after I gave it a 1 Star. I would not recommend.

  • Lindsay BMay 22, 2016Reply

    Wonderful acting by both leads. Chris Evans is charming and pulled me in from the get go. This is probably my favorite Alice Eve role. They both shine. I was in the mood for a slow-paced romantic drama and I found exactly what I was looking for. The only downside for me – I like my movie endings wrapped up nicely with a bow. Whether for good or bad, I want to know how the story ends and I hate the “now you’re left to decide what happens.” Frustrating! I would have given this 5 stars had there been an actual ending. And now I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering what was on the other side! The time machine telephone – genius! I loved it!

  • Ben BMay 23, 2016Reply

    Inconsistent is the best word to describe Before We Go. The script is full of cliches and plot holes, the chemistry between the two leads is shaky, and the final 20 minutes feel rushed. That being said, there are some redeeming qualities in play. Chris Evans shines in the lead role, even though he has to drag Alice Eve’s lifeless performance and inconsistent accent along the way. There are also moments when his touch as a director really shines. The cinematography in the subway really stood out to me as bringing the city to life. I hope he gives directing another shot with a stronger script. All-in-all, unless you’re obsessed with Chris Evans or just want to watch a romance regardless of quality, don’t waste your time with this one.

  • Kevin LMay 24, 2016Reply

    A lovely little movie with good chemistry between the principals. It was a pleasurable 90 or so minutes.

  • Matt GMay 26, 2016Reply

    “Before We Go” is basically “Before Sunrise”-light, which is actually kind of a compliment. The dialogue comes across with humor and natural pathos, and Evans portrays a quiet charm that is hard to deny, even if the story is a bit too cutesy at times. Overall, it’s a rare American romance that actually tries to be more than a mindless embarrassment.

  • Rosa mMay 30, 2016Reply

    Y ese final tan Mierda!!

  • Judith KJune 5, 2016Reply

    Maybe the most perfect movie ever! Loved the story and script. Superb acting by Chis Evans and Alice Eve.

  • Darci MJune 8, 2016Reply

    It was a good money and kept me engaged, but not something I would rave about. The acting was good and story wasn’t boring.

  • MACAC PJune 11, 2016Reply


  • Sahin PJune 23, 2016Reply

    Chris Evans comes off a bit too strong from the start.
    The story feels little forced every now and then.
    For me personally, Evans’ acting was really bad. He could do without trying to copy Ethan Hawke.
    Forced romanticism, imposed sense of nostalgia.
    Offers nothing new; sticks to age old, idealized sense of love and relationships.

  • Donna BJuly 1, 2016Reply

    Was a very slow movie. Hated the fact that you do not find out how the audition goes or what was written on the back of the card!ð??  Painfully watched the entire movie to see what happens & I got dropped flat! Chris Evans you disappoint me & I am normally a fan of yours. ð???

  • John CJuly 1, 2016Reply

    Attention all Hopeless Romantics… this flick is for you. It is so sweet. The casting was wonderful… everyone was easy to like. Chris Evans and Allce Eve, may you both have great careers. I want to see you again and again. What a pleasant afternoon’s delight.

  • M AJuly 3, 2016Reply

    It is a very sweet movie, I liked it, it was subtle a bit unique and I <3 the ending!
    I'll give it a 6/10.

  • Taiki HJuly 10, 2016Reply

    No too bad. Good acting, boring script, but overall I like it. But they should have shown the doodle on the back of the paintings and the message on the card. This type of film should be quite straightforward. Don’t ask an audience to guess or imagine because we are not asking for.

  • Rangan RJuly 14, 2016Reply

    One night adventure with a stranger!

    In his 15 year old acting career it was the Chris Evan’s first direction. Many actors had tried that and only a few had succeeded, but some of them just preferred a low cost, simple project to avoid a major disaster. He also produced it and acted alongside the British actress Alice Eve. The film was a one night event based theme which begins when a young woman misses her train, and later forced to spend the night with a stranger after her purse got stolen. During lots of time left for the next train, theirs little adventure begins as they embark around the city.

    This is really a solid film. Well written screenplay and performed with a beautiful night adventure in the city that never sleeps. The problem with me was, I had seen many similar flicks, so this one looked okay, in a good way, but not that awesome. Still a fine film and definitely highly recommend others who like drama-romance. The plus point was the actors, the chemistry was brilliant. The story was very good, yet like I said it was so simple.

    It was not just two who meet and develop a friendship or a relationship, but they both reveal their story behind their visit to the city. At first it was a casual disclose, but the true reason comes out when they begin to trust each other and feel comfortable. So each of their tale has a small twist in the same night to overcome that was troubling them for some time. The film makes the impression that they two are made for each other, but only the final scene reveals how their destiny ends when the dawn breaks out. Not so clever, but an enjoyable little gem, maybe a perfect film for the date night.


  • Cody RJuly 23, 2016Reply

    What even happened in this movie? Everything was confusing and it was a little hard to follow.

  • Brie GJuly 25, 2016Reply

    I loved it. Awesome movie.

  • C DAugust 2, 2016Reply

    The script was weak, directing weaker. Why was this movie made? I’m supposed to believe that Evans hasn’t been able to find a girl in 7 years? Terribly miscast. And why Brooke is so worried about the letter being discovered when she is the victim? Stupid film.

  • K BAugust 6, 2016Reply

    Character development was good. There are some funny/goofy parts of the plot, but it’s mostly soul-searchingly dramatic. The ending was a cliffhanger, which was wrenching for those of us who like an ending handed to us. In the end, I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed it.

  • Howard EAugust 15, 2016Reply

    I know that Frank Sinatra and countless others have sung that New York is the city that never sleeps but who knew it was positively insomniac? In actor Chris (Captain America) Evans’ directorial debut, musicians arrive to perform at corporate parties at 2 am, wedding receptions are in full swing at 3, and the streets are busy with people and cars at 4. And all of lower Manhattan is lit up like a Christmas tree at 5. Yeah, right.

    Nick (Evans) is busking on his trumpet in the cavernous main concourse of Grand Central Station (where busking may not even be allowed anymore) at 1:30 in the morning when Brooke (Alice Eve, SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) rushes past him, dropping her phone on the stone floor. She’s trying to catch the last train of the day to Boston but she’s seconds too late and it leaves the station without her. Rather oblivious, or perhaps uncaring, that she lost her phone in her mad dash, she walks past Nick again where he returns the now-broken phone to her. The station is closing for the night and the two of them have to leave. Nick strikes up a conversation with Brooke and offers to help her out. Not surprisingly, Brooke is somewhat leery about this handsome stranger but she has no choice. Her purse had been stolen earlier that evening and all she had on her was her phone and her train ticket. (I can’t quite figure out how she had money to buy the ticket if her purse was stolen… unless someone bought it for her. It was never explained but that’s neither here nor there as there are plenty of other head scratching moments to come.) Brooke accepts Nick’s offer and the two strangers romp around midtown and lower Manhattan together – a distance of at least 3 kms – in the wee hours of the morning as they to find a way to beat the clock. We learn that Brooke needs to get home before her husband returns from his business trip to Atlanta.

    If this story sounds somewhat reminiscent of Richard Linklater’s BEFORE trilogy starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, you’re not alone in that thought. But Hawke and Delpy had a few things going for them that Evans and Eve do not – chemistry and a believable script. Yes, Nick and Brooke are both incredibly photogenic and New York does look beautiful with all those shimmering lights but this story is a real yawner. Because Brooke distrusts Nick’s motives, we never get emotionally invested in their relationship, and when something does happen (sort of), it rings false. At any point, Brooke could have walked into a police station and asked to use their phone. She had a number of options available to her (asking a friend to pay for her bus ride home, diverting her husband to New York, …) but instead she chose to hang out with Nick and be bitchy for most of the night.

    Meanwhile, Nick is no great catch either. It seems that he’s been carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend, who ditched him six years earlier. When they finally meet up at the aforementioned 3 am wedding party, we learn that she pretty much moved on right after she walked out the door. Why Nick has been stuck in Emotional Limbo since then is anyone’s guess. He tells Brooke, “We love who we love” but six years? You’re a good looking guy, affable, and a talented musician. Get over her!

    For a first effort, BEFORE WE GO is not horrible. However, if it wasn’t directed by someone with as much clout as Evans, would it have made a blip on the radar? Probably not. The big question in everyone’s mind is if Evans is trying to emulate Linklater. Even the film’s title suggests he is. As the sun dawns on the Big Apple, and Brooke and Nick head their separate ways, we are left to wonder if we’ll be seeing more of the couple in the future. I hope not. I just wasn’t that into them.

  • Raph RAugust 17, 2016Reply

    i regretted every single second watching that movie , however I wasn’t paying any attention to it at all, that must be a joke. They should pay me for wasting my time watching this bullshit .

  • Agustin BAugust 18, 2016Reply

    Evans is hilarious in this movie. If the actors were young and unknown or the film was “indie” then it would have gotten 4/5 or even a 90% Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score. The dialogue alone is A1, now factor in the acting and script.

  • Lex DAugust 27, 2016Reply

    Beautiful Movie. Definitely worth watching. Funny, Charming, Romantic and full of heart.

  • Jerrod OAugust 28, 2016Reply

    Should call this movie, “I have an idea” that’s the dude’s only line. And the dumb bitch is like… “Ok” for everything

  • Kanika SSeptember 4, 2016Reply

    Amazing film! The characters were so real you felt like you knew them.

  • Jessalyn Mara RSeptember 4, 2016Reply

    It’s a nice change in the movie industry because it’s genuine and modest

  • Syazwan YSeptember 5, 2016Reply

    Excellent movie. It portrays about how surprising and unpredictable one’s journey in life could be. This movie also shows the beauty of the ‘non mainstream’ side of Manhattan which is very unique. It plays with audience’s emotions in a subtle but very genuine way. Soundtrack fits perfectly to the scene and emotion that the characters are going through. It’s hard to describe with words but this movie really touched my inner soul.

  • Barry PSeptember 5, 2016Reply

    Meh innocuous enough. As others have noted it is modest in aspiration which is not altogether a bad thing. Casting is problematic in one way (i) that guy has never been single for 6 years, and (ii) he’s forgetting ever human he has ever met the moment he meets that girl.

  • Mélissa ASeptember 11, 2016Reply

    Ouin… Tres beige comme film.

  • Ben LSeptember 19, 2016Reply

    So what do you do when you’re making buckets of cash playing a super hero, and can basically pick your own project? Why not try directing? Before We Go is the directorial debut of Chris Evans. It’s the story of a girl who has her purse stolen in New York City and the guy who decides to help her get home. Chris Evans also plays the lead in the film, and he’s ridiculously charming. He could certainly play more romantic comedies because he has the perfect personality for it. I will say there’s something odd about him in this film, because he feels almost too strong. His character certainly has faults and shortcomings, but somehow his aura always comes across as flawless. A little emotional weakness would make it more convincing, but we didn’t get much of that here. Alice Eve made a mistake in choosing to play the other lead role with an American accent. It’s a convincing American accent, but it’s almost like she has to over-concentrate on making it sound right, which results in her lines coming out somewhat flat and lacking in emotion. But the chemistry between the two was fairly strong, so it packed each scene with that great will-they-won’t-they tension you want in a romantic comedy. The story was kind of by the numbers, but with a few variations that made it unique and interesting. Unlike a typical romance film I was unable to predict what would happen next, and that’s impressive. Before We Go certainly wasn’t a great film, even though it had a lot going for it, but it is one I enjoyed well enough while watching. Sadly, I think it will be quickly forgotten.

  • Bucky BSeptember 19, 2016Reply

    Storyline feels weak, didn’t really keep me enthralled, but the acting was good and the movie had a nice feel to it overall. Not too bad I guess.

  • Tommaso DSeptember 21, 2016Reply

    An amazing debut at directing for Chris Evans.
    Before we go one of the most romantic and charming movies of the year, thanks to the amazing chemistry betwean the two lead actors, Chris Evans and Alice Eve.

  • Jayesh ASeptember 25, 2016Reply

    really good movie which is highly underrated

  • Nay NSeptember 25, 2016Reply

    Worth to watch it , lovely , romance, and it brings
    the smiles..

  • Margarita SSeptember 29, 2016Reply

    My husband described this movie best: “Shamelessly stealing elements from the first instalment in the Linklater trilogy.” Skip it and watch “Before Sunrise” instead. Or watch it and make fun of it like we did. It’s the perfect movie to watch when you’re in need of an outlet for some punchiness.

  • Michael MSeptember 29, 2016Reply

    Not sure why all the negativity here about this movie. I think it was great. Reminiscent of Before Sunrise. So the ideas aren’t brand new – still loved it.

  • t mOctober 9, 2016Reply

    i really loved this movie and am really surprised to see such a low rating.

  • Florence PNovember 3, 2016Reply

    A film that sparks your imagination ‘what would you do if you had an entire night in New York’, a satisfying watch that leaves you smiling about the everyday charms of life and being human.

  • Paul DNovember 15, 2016Reply

    This movie filled me with a kind of boredom that I forgot existed. Chris Evans is a lot of things, but a good Director is NOT one of them! It had a few cute moments, but ultimately, I hated everyone in this movie.

  • Sachin GNovember 19, 2016Reply

    Forced, shallow, boring

  • Judy MNovember 29, 2016Reply

    I don’t want to make this long and complicated, cause that’s not how the film is. It’s simple and beautiful and above all simply beautiful.

  • Nikki WDecember 11, 2016Reply

    This film is fine for a directorial debut. It’s soft and an easy watch, a simple A to B storyline – nothing too taxing for Evans’ first time out as director.
    As a watcher of all things Marvel, and with a penchant for press junkets and chat show appearances on Youtube (everyone has a guilty pleasure), I’ve seen plenty of interviews with Evans. He comes across smart, funny and charming. In Before We Go, it seems, he is just playing himself. It feels like his roles as actor and director spread him too thin and he lacked time or energy to put more into the character. Still, that being said, he’s the best thing in this.
    Let me say right off the bat, I haven’t liked any of Alice Eve’s work (that I’ve seen). She’s not bad or hard to watch but, for me, she never shines or does anything of note. The same can be said here. Her accent is off, her character is not endearing in the slightest and there is no chemistry between the leads (even with Evans’ charm offence throughout).
    A lot of this film is just hard to believe, the story, Eve’s willingness to just wander New York with a stranger, and there are glaring errors in easily checked things like the train pricing – a pretty integral plot point in the first act. As much as this is a small thing, those kind of continuity errors or goofs, really pull you out of a film.
    Really, the worst thing with this film is the story/script. Hollywood loves a love story, a meet cute, a happy ending, but this just has four too many cliches and coincidences. It’s trite and, quite frankly, I got bored. Even the non-traditional ending of a romance film felt expected by the end. Hopefully Evans’ next directorial effort will be brighter, bigger and with a better script.

  • Lyndsay CDecember 21, 2016Reply

    Not terrible but we’ve all seen this movie before.

  • Rob ADecember 27, 2016Reply

    Chick flick. The girl is really hot!

  • Nicola BDecember 27, 2016Reply

    Such a lush film, ignore the bad ratings on this one because it really is beautiful ?

  • Trey BDecember 31, 2016Reply

    Before We Go is a good directorial debut for Chris Evans, who also shines in the lead role.

  • Jay PJanuary 10, 2017Reply

    Equal parts drama and comedy, this one isn’t as predictable as you would think. I recommend it for a lazy rainy day or a before bed movie with minimal expectations. The two starts are both great. Good enough I would watch again.

  • Kendra JJanuary 11, 2017Reply

    I loved this movie. I thought it was beautiful and heartfelt and the actors did a wonderful job of showing when it’s time to hold on and fight, and when it’s time to finally let go and let things stay in the past where they belong

  • Emily RJanuary 25, 2017Reply

    Before We Go has a good feel to it but it wasent very entertaining and the plot line was not very great. It was kind of interesting though because you cant quite predict what well happen later in the film

  • Shame OMarch 3, 2017Reply

    it’s a gentle movie about two very brittle, delicate people. they don’t always get on, but they keep choosing to stay together over the course of the night; gradually a bond forms between them that will last the rest of their lives. eventually all good things must end, and our protagonists have to choose to abandon their present lives or go their separate ways.

  • Phil MMarch 5, 2017Reply

    It is a very beautiful, quiet, unencrypted movie that you can enjoy together very much. Two great, likeable main actors.

  • Ryan KMarch 11, 2017Reply

    slow but the ending made it.

  • Matthew SApril 10, 2017Reply

    A less good version of Before Sunrise. Not bad, but not memorable like that movie is.

  • Summer BMay 7, 2017Reply

    I don’t know what all the heartless critics are talking about, this movie is beautiful and much less predictable than like 90% of others in its genre. It’s incredibly complex and realistic in that the ending isn’t necessarily happy although both of the main characters have obviously grown. Brooke is a dynamic character, Nick is so subtle but so complicated. I can’t say enough good things about the movie. It’s written, acted, and directed with astounding sensitivity. I absolutely wept

  • Elia M GMay 20, 2017Reply

    Really enjoyed this movie. Nice story line that moves along, with a uplifting message in the end. Glad I watched.

  • Cyndee RMay 20, 2017Reply

    Loved the chemistry!

  • Amber PMay 21, 2017Reply

    I loved this movie! It was so perfect in every way!

  • Troy KMay 30, 2017Reply

    Nope…not even a little believable.

  • Stewart OJune 10, 2017Reply

    I thought this was a warm fuzzy movie, and don’t understand at all, why it’s gross was so low. It had a nice feel to it, and deserved better ratings.

  • Meagan DJune 20, 2017Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The charisma between the two leads was phenomenal and engaging. I would definitely recommend this movie.

  • Gail JJune 27, 2017Reply

    This is an easy-to-love movie about two strangers who are there for each other. I’m happy to find a movie that isn’t full of angst. There is some mystery, but the tension doesn’t take you away from the simple enjoyment of a good movie with great acting.

  • Nilufer EAugust 6, 2017Reply

    It was simple and corny. The only part I really enjoyed was when she was telling her story, that felt emotional and real. The rest is full of cliches of an almost charming couple.

  • AnonymousAugust 6, 2017Reply

    I can really recommend this film. It made me cry.

  • Cory VSeptember 13, 2017Reply

    It was long, boring at times, but it kept my interest.

  • J COctober 11, 2017Reply

    A surprisingly good find. This has a similar, but updated story to the seminal 1945 film by David Lean called Brief Encounter and starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. As such it is more of an art house gentre than multi-plex, but don’t let that put you off. Very sweet, slow story, but well acted and nicely made. Certainly more of a chic flic than an action movie, but good for a winter’s night in. Well worth watching if you want a sweet film that is not thrill or stunt focussed.

  • Cynthia VOctober 12, 2017Reply

    Have watched it twice. Really liked it!

  • Corey NOctober 17, 2017Reply

    Before We Go is not presented as a love story. It’s a movie about two people both at the crossroads point in their lives seeking guidance. The bond the character’s share helps them realize they have to face the music as they enter the next chapter of their lives.

  • Antonio SOctober 30, 2017Reply

    The film is very romantic and appealing. The both major actors had very good performances. The only thing I didn’t like was for it being shot by handheld cameras all the time, with lots of shaking plans. Despite that, it is great romantic film.

  • AnonymousNovember 25, 2017Reply

    A nice romantic story… which might give you enough hope to believe in better things.

  • Kyle WJanuary 15, 2018Reply

    A Cliché but heartfelt romance movie. A good movie to watch with your significant other on a rainy night. The chemistry between the leads is apparent and for a Directing debut, Chris Evans gives a solid attempt at a slightly different take on classic Rom coms. If you do not enjoy long walking and talking scenes however, I would advise against this movie as this is a common story telling method throughout the film

  • AnonymousJanuary 16, 2018Reply

    I’m not exactly in to these types of films as I think they are boring but although this movie is filled with Cliches and somewhat predictable however Chris Evans and Alice eve do really well in this given their scripts and character loop and it’s an easy watch… bit slow at times but it has some really nice themes and some really strong scenes and I think it’s good not great but good and above average

  • AnonymousMarch 2, 2018Reply

    This movie is no waste of anyone’s time. I’m a 19 year old guy and I cried. I was engaged throughout the entire movie. Both performances by the two were incredible and this movie deserves WAY more credit. It’s not your typical turn around and run back to each other ending but it’s still in a way satisfying. Personally I wanted something more for the ending just because their relationship deserved more. This movie visually with the performances of the pair made me feel like It was my own story and i could feel everything they were feeling. Highly recommend this movie.

  • Bryan NMarch 5, 2018Reply

    I enjoyed it. It was a good lazy afternoon Netflix movie. I didn’t realize Chris Evans directed until the credits. Good job mate!

  • Denisha WMarch 14, 2018Reply

    I don’t know why this movie is badly rated. I loved it! And this is before I became a Chris Evans stan.

  • McKenna CMarch 18, 2018Reply

    This movie captivated me and quickly became what I see as one of the most genuine forms of love seen in movies.

  • Jason SApril 15, 2018Reply

    I thought this was a pretty good movie

  • Tiana MApril 26, 2018Reply

    Chris Evan’s directorial debut, Before We Go, is a one-night-romance kind of romantic comedy starring Alice Eve as Brooke and Chris Evans as Nick. The pair traverse New York City at night trying to get Brooke home to Boston before morning. Before We Go joins a long lineage of “Before Sunrise” type movies but separates itself from the bunch by proving to be more about making complicated decisions and dealing with the outcomes of those decisions.
    The film is set in New York City but shows a much more relaxed version of the city, with very little people accompanying the leading duo in most scenes. It is a definite contrast to most movies that try to showcase the rush of NYC especially but the quietness of the city paints a more realistic depiction of the city at night and allows for more intimacy throughout scenes.
    The soundtrack is made up of slow indie songs that work for the movie and add to the overall aesthetic of what an indie film typically looks like. The pace of the plot is slowed down a bit and filled with close up shots that are meant to give the character interaction intensity, and do so successfully. Before We Go focuses on the evolution of the relationship between Brooke and Nick, having most scenes portray the two characters exclusively with the occasional minor character in the background making a sandwich or standing on a street curb.
    The choice to contain each scene to the two characters allows the viewer to really delve into the emotional world of each character. Both Brook and Nick struggle with the consequences of the decisions they have made in past and current relationships. The film captures them both helping each other work those consequences out and gives both characters significance within the other’s life at that moment which is really what the movie is all about: two people meeting at the right time.

  • Mariah BApril 26, 2018Reply

    Cute, funny, adorable, i laughed and i cried it was a good movie. i hope for a second part i really would like to know what happen more.

  • joe hMay 26, 2018Reply

    A bit cheesy but its a sweet movie

  • Sarah AAugust 18, 2018Reply

    An enjoyable movie when you are looking for something light. It was heartwarming and romantic but not so much I needed to bust out the tissues. I would like to see more directorial work from Chris Evans and thought it was a good first outing. I also thought the acting was well done with some stand out moments.

  • Abby LAugust 22, 2018Reply

    I personally love the simplicity of this movie; it takes place in one night, it’s shot beautifully, and the story reveals depth, and shows just how meaningful meeting someone can be. It’s sad to see that people can’t see the beauty in this beautiful pice of art.

  • AnonymousOctober 2, 2018Reply

    I wish I could get the time I invested into this film.

  • Edoardo FOctober 13, 2018Reply

    Gentle and kind. Not pretentious. A good bedtime story for grownups.

  • AnonymousOctober 17, 2018Reply

    I absolutely fell in love with their chemistry, but did not like that ending. I wanted more .

  • AnonymousOctober 20, 2018Reply

    Really enjoyed this.

  • James VOctober 20, 2018Reply

    I liked the acting at time because it seemed natural and you get lost into it but then sometimes you’re like why is this in the movie or this is dumb. IDK maybe I just relate with the main character. When you can predict what he’s gonna do or say or why he’s doing it and you’re like that’s crazy but I would do it too, then that movie is really something for you. 9/10 Do many people go through what happened in this movie?

  • Leslie MOctober 31, 2018Reply

    I just saw this and loved it! I have no idea why the critics didn’t like it. In some ways it felt more immediate and emotional than Before Sunrise. Watch it!

  • Nancy KDecember 5, 2018Reply

    Rather charming little show. It will afford you a pleasant evening.

  • Obaid QDecember 28, 2018Reply

    One of the best love stories i have ever seen. It has the perfect feel to it and the emotions as well. How two strangers started off with no idea what they were about to exeperience, following with advising each other till they felt for each other. Definitely not a clichéd movie. Must watch.

  • AnonymousJanuary 1, 2019Reply

    Love , love , love …..

  • AnonymousJanuary 14, 2019Reply

    Not bad for a first time directing. The pace was a bit slow but I still enjoyed the characters as they developed a relationship.

  • Kyle MFebruary 24, 2019Reply

    Chris Evans’ shot at directing starts out usually small in the grounded approach on the streets of nighttime New York with socially platonic guidance, filled with bolstering charisma from the chemistry he shares with Alice Eve while in a process of cementing a direction to deflect start-up pitfalls. (B)

    (Full review TBD)

  • Angela AFebruary 26, 2019Reply

    This movie is big-hearted and made me wrap my head around a larger kind of love than I’ve seen in other films. In the lack of a central, obnoxious theme, this movie makes you realize something simple but big: love, happens.

  • Linda SMarch 31, 2019Reply

    The leads are engaging. Story moves along through reveals. I liked it.

  • Andrea AApril 3, 2019Reply

    A meandering film that lives up to its title by ending just as the films seems to FINALLY be going somewhere.

  • AnonymousApril 13, 2019Reply

    okay, so I’m not a seasoned critic on cinema but I’m sure everyone went a little harsh on it. I also think that it is a great film and deserves much more credit, it is a must see movie cause you know that no one would be crazy enough to write this-a-long para for a film. go watch it

  • AnonymousApril 27, 2019Reply

    Honestly This is like a trash. May be Chris is one of the best actor but he dont know how to present as a director. Its really bad.

  • John BApril 27, 2019Reply

    Not bad.. a Sunday evening movie.

  • AnonymousMay 1, 2019Reply

    This movie definitely provided me with a different experience. It slowly lured me into the story taking its time to build up the relationships between the characters. Then when movie ended I felt a little sense of loss. This is more of a intimate movie experience.

  • AnonymousMay 1, 2019Reply

    One of the best movies to watch late at night if you’re still looking for love

  • David GMay 4, 2019Reply

    Actually well done and acted.

  • james dMay 9, 2019Reply

    I honestly don’t know where to start with this movie, it is beyond words how much I love it. It truly brings a completely different take on the classic New York love story while also still being a classic New York love story. The thing this film strives in is that it makes it feel real. Throughout the movie i felt as if this stuff could happen. I just love this movie so much and yes, it does feel a little long but that is what is so good about it, you get wrapped up in their story and you strongly believe in them both. All in all this is such a great movie, definitely recomend!

  • Nathan CMay 30, 2019Reply

    I loved the music and how the movie only was centered on them 2

  • Austin SJuly 6, 2019Reply

    I loved this movie a lot! I have a bad habit of starting movies and not being able to finish them and I couldn’t stop this one – it is very nice and pure story! It leaves you with a warm hopeful feeling. Despite the fact that people are just talking, it is not boring at all! Surprised the ratings are so low, I liked it a lot and I am very happy I watched it!

  • Gerome SAugust 16, 2019Reply

    Charming movie. Not the best story, but the leads carried it.

  • Ava PAugust 27, 2019Reply

    I just re-watched this film, well, because I like Chris Evans.

    This isn’t a bad film by any means. For a first time director, I think he did an amazing job. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about film making, but as a frequent movie watcher, his direction made sense. It felt intimate; like I was a voyeur getting a peek into their relationship. It’s definitely something I would watch again, even if it wasn’t a Chris Evans film.

    My favorite scenes were the reading with the Psychic and the hotel scene towards the end of the movie. Those moments felt geniue. You could feel the connection between the characters.

    What I didn’t like was the lack of tension and sense of urgency in some of the scenes. The reason for her needing to get home was whack, for the lack of a better word at the moment. It wasn’t believable and, there was no real sense of urgency there.

    Overall, this film was good for what it was. At the time of this review, it’s currently streaming for free (VUDU) and is worth seeing if you have some downtime.

  • Sara PSeptember 3, 2019Reply

    One of the most realistic, raw movies I’ve seen.

  • Diana LOctober 1, 2019Reply

    I loved it, the story was somewhat quick but i loved how you it makes you slowly get to know the characters as the movie progresses and at first i wasnt to sure about the ending but i love it as i continue watching it again and again.

  • Jack LNovember 2, 2019Reply

    Although he doesn’t have a better story, Chris Evans tries to do his best in his directorial debut: first, the chemistry with his co-star partner Alice Eve is surprising, emotional and beautiful, when the movie goes on there will be events that will lead them to know better, especially in LOVE ..
    And Second, The best of the movie is the end, the final goodbye, made me cry.
    CONCLUSION: Before We Go is a comedy and romantic movie that is slow, but it will make you have a unique and unforgettable experience, with exceptional actors that you will identify with.

  • Kyle FNovember 9, 2019Reply

    Excellent, it was like the most pleasant palate cleanser. True heart felt moments strong together in an unambiguous fashion of real life untainted by high production flare. It was in the moment constantly and you felt safe being there instead of wondering if they end up together or any other future events to this story. It makes you feel good about uncertainty and that’s hard to do. Well Done. 5 stars. Great acting and directing.

  • Daniel KDecember 16, 2019Reply

    Really a great movie for watching in impromptu adventure. If you’ve ever had a spontaneous night that with someone special and it turned out great, you’ll appreciate this movie.

  • Preeti SJanuary 24, 2020Reply

    I know it has a sad ending (more of cliffhanger that doesn’t have any answer) but the movie is so deep and is filled with love every person who lives romantic movie should watch it. It’s a really nice movie don’t trust on rotten tomatoes rating

  • Gerardo DJanuary 27, 2020Reply

    Before we go, it’s a romantic movie, which has its weight on the personalities of Chris Evans and Alice Eve. The argument is interesting, although perhaps it lacks a little more rhythm, the adventures that happen are credible to some extent, but I feel they leave the viewer wanting more. The subtlety of the end leaves the door open for the viewer to fill the spaces. Highly recommended.

  • Vikki WApril 5, 2020Reply

    Thought the movie was exceptional in story & acting! Chris Evans was a gifted director.

  • Stephen JApril 13, 2020Reply

    Before We Go seems a little underrated. It is a beautifully shot on location in NYC film, and has a story that seems to work in the film, and moves you around good with different twists. It is definitely an interesting watch of a night on the town.

  • Kevin PApril 20, 2020Reply

    A film that I liked, mostly because of the chemistry between Chris Evans and Alice Eve. Alas, it is a bit bland and kind of tropey, so it doesn’t get to be anything special.

  • Flyin BMay 1, 2020Reply

    This movie had characters you could connect with. It was very Tastefully made and the actors were so believable.

  • Rizka AMay 17, 2020Reply

    the directing was very good. People will wishing more drama from the deep story. The message from the story is that to remember your urgent number and to borrow a charger instead of running away with a stranger 😁

  • Carol XJune 16, 2020Reply

    I actually like it. I love this kind of movie! It’s beautiful! This is one of the best and purest movies I’ve ever seen about relationships. There are no unnecessary elements, it just around two people getting to know each other for a few hours, and is filled with humorous jokes.
    It’s surprising, it’s hard to imagine ChrisEvans doing this type film. So if you make a movie that you like, someone will like it too.

  • Diamant AJuly 2, 2020Reply

    I thought it was a great movie

  • Joshua HAugust 29, 2020Reply

    What did I think of Before We Go? Check out my review below:

  • B. VSeptember 13, 2020Reply

    This film suffers from “meh finale syndrome” – it’s not bad, but the ending is not completely satisfying and therefore leaves you feeling like you’ve been cheated out of real closure. But Chris Evans is always great.

  • Renaldo Dias JSeptember 22, 2020Reply

    The film is good, but what really enchants is the chemistry between the actors

  • Martin BNovember 5, 2020Reply

    I don’t understand the bad ratings for this movie. It’s a great movie and you must have seen it! It’s about a girl who misses her last train and a guy at the train station decides to help her. They get to know each other and talk about the complicated things happening in their lifes. The ending is refreshing and makes you keep thinking for a while. Great acting and you literally see their facial expressions and behaviour change the longer they get to know each other.

  • Naomi LNovember 8, 2020Reply

    Realistic random encounter with somebody at a train station that you end up traipsing the town with all night and swapping life stories – have done this myself more than once so it struck a chord!

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