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Bullet Head (2017)

Bullet Head (2017)

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4.9 378 votes


what going on?


A group of career criminals finds itself trapped in a warehouse with the law – and an Attack Dog named DeNiro closing in.

IMDb Rating 4.9 378 votes


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(53) comments

  • AnonymousDecember 8, 2017Reply

    AWFUL! This dreadful tale just seemed to go on and on and on with a predictable end.

  • Kevin M. WDecember 24, 2017Reply

    There’s a certain breed of dog owner that takes enjoyment from placing treats near their animal and then uttering “wait for it”. The entertainment value comes by how much control the owner exerts, how long can they keep the animal waiting against its own nature. Unfortunately, here is an entire film wrapped around just that tiresome premise, and the audience is the animal. The writer/director is telling one tale, but pauses frequently to tell another unrelated ditty, a pause that serves no purpose thematically. “He just did that just to do that,” I realized, and was angry for the rest of the film. And he does it more than once. A lot of talent wasted here. Don’t waste your time.

  • AnonymousDecember 24, 2017Reply

    The reason I’ve given this a half a star, is because they ‘kill’ dogs in it and there’s dog fighting. I know it isn’t real but oh well sorry.

  • Waleed AJanuary 12, 2018Reply

    not a bad movie. had lots of good in it. generally suspenseful and somewhat entertaining. in some ways it felt like a low-budget straight-to-dvd movie, like having one location 3 actors for most of the movie. in other ways it didn’t, like a talented cast and some decent directing (1 viewing)

  • bill sJanuary 18, 2018Reply

    A paycheck movie for Broody and Malkovich and little more.

  • Dhery CJanuary 21, 2018Reply

    gua sempet mikir dengan judulnya yang bagi gua ga nyambung sih, jadi intinya yah ni filem kasih tau jangan deh ngadu-ngaduin anjing

  • Daniel DJanuary 31, 2018Reply

    Quatro ladrões fogem e na fuga batem o veículo, sendo que um deles morre, e os outros três aguardam uma van para busca-los… um se droga e morre.. ai surge um cachorro louco que quer matar todo mundo… até que o dono do cachorro chega e resolve matar geral mas termina morto pelo cachorro.. totalmente sem sentido, sem história, sem nexo… uma bela porcaria e perda de tempo!!!!

  • AnonymousMarch 4, 2018Reply

    Not a movie that people will flock to see or even want to see as it all feels very random, I get that they’re trying to put a twist on the whole Crime/Drama theme but adding a psychotic dog just felt too random, It had a pretty big cast and they all do what they do best, The story was ok but it got predictable and very weird and to be honest the backstory to each of the characters including the dog were better than the actual story, It’s not a terrible film but the whole thing is too random and predictable to even think about taking seriously, It’s not memorable but it’s just about worth watching.

  • Russell RMarch 8, 2018Reply

    Started off better than the rest of the movie was. A giant dog? Come on. At least make it so that the dog was altered with drugs or something to make it stronger for the fights, or something. If John Mal. wasn’t in this, it would be garbage. Great concept, and some great scenes, but overall this is a bad implementation. Also, reality called and said Antonio Banderas isn’t cool anymore, and never really was… at least in the US (John M. should’ve played Antonio’s part, IMO).

  • Gimly MMarch 9, 2018Reply

    There are worse ways to spend your time than watching Oscar level actors figuring out how to best spend their time. But there are far superior crime-caper-gone-wrong movies you can spend your own on.

  • Martin GMarch 9, 2018Reply

    en dépit des 3 acteurs principaux qui font probablement leurs maximum pour rendre le film intéressant, bullet head ne parvient jamais vraiment à décoller et fini par devenir lassant assez tôt.

  • Jean-Pol CMarch 12, 2018Reply

    My opinion—

    With “Bullet Head” the director Claude Solet, we deliver a small thriller which in my opinion is easily seen, of course it is not a Tarantino, but the scenario is correct, the realization good and especially very good actors : (Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas, John Malkovich) who already by their talent and presence really gives a plus to the movie. To see anyway.

  • Anthony BMarch 14, 2018Reply

    Bullet Head is like Cujo meets Reservoir Dogs and boasts an impressive cast of former A listers whom the years have not be kind to but can still deliver when given the chance… this is not one of those chances. There is something I find really annoying about a foreign filmmaker working off of American material and in this case that filmmaker is Paul Solet who gives us Bullet Head, a beautifully shot, hollowly acted, stop-and-go slug of a crime-thriller that is entirely devoid of thrills. Solet is proficient behind camera and his cinematography radiates passion, unlike the script which is bland melodrama and the performances which consist of tired expressions and mumbled dialogue. Also, just to clarify, everyone in the cast mumbles with the exception of Antonio Banderas because you can’t mumble if you don’t speak. Easily one of the biggest disappointments for me in recent memory. I knew nothing about this film going in other than the cast and as a result my imagination ran wild, much wilder than Bullet Head itself which was so upsettingly tame it should have been titled Reservoir Pups.

  • Sharon SMarch 14, 2018Reply

    This is a Great movie! Not what I expected from the beginning scenes. It was less violent overall and the brutal scenes with dogs were confined mostly to the reactions of others (nothing to keep you up at night or inquire about the mistreatment of animals in the movie). Usually I figure single settings are just to save money, but this one was riveting throughout this Alice down the rabbit hole story. In contrast to the violence the time out for dog stories was charming and terrific. There was no doubt who the gentle souls were. I won’t tell you the ending, you should see this movie yourself.

  • AnonymousMarch 22, 2018Reply

    If you love dogs, WATCH IT!

  • AnonymousMarch 22, 2018Reply

    It’s better than most direct to DVD movies like this but the pacing on this movie felt off and very disjointed. The cast is good and the performances were fine but the dog never felt very threatening. It’s an OK film just don’t expect to be blown away.

  • AnonymousMarch 22, 2018Reply

    It’s better than most direct to DVD movies like this but the pacing on this movie felt off and very disjointed. The cast is good and the performances were fine but the dog never felt very threatening. It’s an OK film just don’t expect to be blown away.

  • AnonymousMarch 24, 2018Reply

    Great cast and story despite the predictable ending.

  • Kelly PMarch 24, 2018Reply

    This film is full of creativity and surprises. Yes. Bad stuff happens to dogs but the bad guys get what’s coming to them. The dialog is real, smart, and funny. The layers of story telling are brilliant. This is a tough movie but it’s a great movie.

  • Jesse OMarch 28, 2018Reply

    I may have mentioned this in a prior review, for what movie I don’t even remember, but the first ‘What I wanna be when I grow up’ career choice was to be a veterinarian. If you were to ask what I wanted to be when I was 10, that would have been my first choice. And, for the longest time, that is what I wanted to do. It, sadly, didn’t pan out. I don’t think I’d have the stomach to put animals, that families love, down even if it’s what’s best for the animal, to be put to sleep to end their pain. I love animals and always have, ever since I could remember. It’s probably due to the fact that, out of the years that I’ve been alive (THIRTY of them, ladies and gents), I’ve had pets for 28 of those. I’ve had three dogs, two rabbits, an indoor cat and a bunch of other outdoor cats that live in the garage. The last two are the current that I’m ‘dealing’ with, if you could call it that. One of my dreams, though, has always been to have a farm where I can have far more animals than this for them to roam freely. All kinds of different animals too, not just cats and dogs. I had to put the last dog I had to sleep. He was in my life for FIFTEEN years, starting from when I was 10 until I hit 25. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my entire life. I know people will be like ‘it’s just a dog’ and those people are dumbfucks who have no idea the bond that you form with a dog. As cliche as it sounds, I do feel like he was my best friend and losing him was a massive blow that I’m still not over. The reason I bring this up is because, quite frankly, this was a surprising little movie. In that it uses its crime thriller set-up to explore the relationships between these characters and their dogs. Yes, really. I mean, obviously, the film is much more than that, since you get to explore the characters a bit and why they are in the situation they are at the start of the film. But the film is more concerned about the relationship between man’s best friend and, well, man. The movie starts simply enough, after a heist these three fugitives find refuge in, what they think is, an abandoned factory. But, oh no, it is not just any abandoned factory. This factory was used to conduct illegal dog-fighting and one of the dogs that was meant to be…put down, executed more like it, after losing his last fight has escaped and is now roaming free. He also killed his handler, which I can’t say I was sorry to see happen, even if it is a fictional setting. So the film, sort of plays like Cujo, but it really doesn’t. Because the scenes where the dog is chasing after Walker, Stacy and Gage (who’s always referred to as the kid by the other two) only comprise like, maybe, less than 50% of the movie. I will say that, perhaps, one of the flaws of the movie is that there’s too much standing around and having the characters tell their stories of their past misdeeds or, in the case of Gage, the dog that he took care of as a little kid, keeping it a secret from his father. And I get those complaints, but I found these little sections of the film to still be enjoyable enough. As short as the movie is, I think it helps flesh out the characters a little bit. Not that I’m gonna say that the characters themselves are anything more than one-dimensional. Stacy wants to leave this life behind to join the love of his life, but he doesn’t feel like he can put the past behind him. Walker’s too old for this shit. And the kid, well, he’s just using to feed his drug addictions, I think. So I think the guys telling stories of their past helps, if even just a little bit, give you more of an insight into who they are as people. And, really, the cast is likable and solid enough at what they do that they end up making it work regardless. Naturally, you also explore the dog’s past, with some scenes taking place from his viewpoint, and you see how this asshole (Antonion Banderas) took him off the street when he was a puppy and turned him into a killing machine. Like I said, the cast is more than solid. Adrien Brody has literally done nothing of importance (other than King Kong) since winning that Academy Award. But I also appreciate the fact that, after winning his Oscar, he could have pretty much commanded any role he wanted since he would have been in demand. But he’s mostly stuck to smaller, independent films. I don’t know if it was by his own choice or he fucked someone he shouldn’t have and got blacklisted. John Malkovich did mumble a lot here, but I like him, so he was enjoyable even if he was shooting at 60% capacity. Rory Culkin is a good actor and, while he’s not in the movie for long, he still does a good job. Antonio Banderas while, again, as one-dimensional as our leads, makes for a good enough villain. The film isn’t really afraid to get into the deep and dark underbelly of dog-fighting and that leads to some scenes that might be a little disturbing to people. You don’t actually see dogs fighting, just the sounds and tufts of hair flying in the air, blood spurting out, etc, but I think it does get the job done at portraying how fucked up this world is. I find the idea of animals fighting to their death for the entertainment of human beings to be absolutely deplorable. And I live in a country where cock-fighting is still legal. I abhor cock-fighting, I abhor bullfights, I abhor dog-fighting and everyone that engages in these or any similar activities should be removed from society. I don’t mean killed, just sent away to some facility where they can correct this unacceptable behavior. Moving on, however. Perhaps, objectively speaking, I should consider this movie average. But, subjectively, I enjoyed my time with this movie. Maybe it’s just that stories like this always get to me, but I can’t say that I ever disliked a single solitary second of watching this movie. I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the exploration of the relationships between dogs and their owners and I thought mixing it up with the crime thriller genre made for a surprisingly interesting combination that yields some unexpected results. I can’t say that I would recommend this movie, since I don’t think I was that objective. But, again, I did enjoy my time with this movie. I was expecting a generic crime thriller and, while it did have hints of that, I felt that it did enough that was its own for it to avoid being just another crime thriller in a sea of millions, at least how I view it.

  • David LApril 1, 2018Reply

    A highly disjointed movie which lacks purpose and continuity. When 3 criminals become abandoned at an old warehouse whilst fleeing from the police, little did they know that something far worse than the Feds awaits them inside, and that beast is De Niro, the ravenous victor of a recent dog fighting tournament. It’s surprising to see that 3 top movie stars would put their name to this as it feels very cheap, very random, and frankly very dull. Witnessing some of Hollywood’s hard men being tormented by a rabid puppy would do nothing for their reputations, and certainly did nothing for me as the audience.

  • AnonymousApril 1, 2018Reply

    Solid caper-gone-wrong movie. It’s claustrophobic, where these criminals are trapped in an old warehouse after a job with a killer dog, out for blood. It has some great character development with some real fine performances. A lot more than you normally get with a film like this. Good crime film.

  • Todd FApril 12, 2018Reply

    Who wants to watch a movie about dog fighting? Who thought this was a good idea?

  • Matt MApril 18, 2018Reply

    The cinematography and lighting were really good. The dialogue was just a little too ornate.

  • KateandSteve NApril 22, 2018Reply

    Arty subtle, good debut!

  • Dann MMay 27, 2018Reply

    Bullet Head is an intense and frightening indie drama. After pulling a heist three criminals hideout in an abandoned warehouse but soon discover that it’s an underground dog fighting ring, and that one of the dogs has snapped, having killed its owner, and is on the hunt. Featuring Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, and Antonio Banderas, the cast is pretty impressive. And, the writing does good job at developing the characters. The dialog in particular is especially strong. Still, the plot is rather thin and could be beefed up a little, and the directing could be better. Yet despite its problems, Bullet Head is a suspenseful crime thriller.

  • Matt GJune 3, 2018Reply

    Easily better than The Last Jedi. Mind you that’s not hard.

  • Phoebe DAugust 4, 2018Reply

    This is a great movie. It has some graphic animal abuse but the ultimate message is good. I was really impressed with Adrian Brody and of course the other stars were awesome as usual.

  • Pasha AAugust 8, 2018Reply

    Amusing and that’s all.

  • AnonymousAugust 10, 2018Reply

    I mean, that was bad.Great cast and thats it.

  • AnonymousSeptember 1, 2018Reply

    la pelicula mas malditamente genial que he visto, me rompio el corazon pero valio la pena

  • Farah ROctober 27, 2018Reply

    It’s still unclear to me what the concept behind this movie was but it is undoubtedly the worst I’ve seen in a while. There’s no story to go on, the actors are just blabbering nonsense, and the ending made no sense. Wouldn’t recommend this utter waste of time to anyone.

  • Mark JOctober 28, 2018Reply

    A lot of talent wasted on a nauseating, low-budget movie. I got halfway through and I decided I could care less how it turned out, I just didn’t want to see any more dead dogs.

  • Alex RNovember 24, 2018Reply

    F all of you who think it’s not a good movie!! Al other movies just got a stolen ideas over and over again!! Here it’s something really new!
    , could you ever think to combine those things?? Crime, who don’t like those movies? Then there is a little of horror and it’s keep it interesting ! Then omg I cried so many times it’s just showed how people are different and who actually have a heart and who don’t! This is my favorite movie from now on!! It made beautiful and interesting, so watch it!

  • AnonymousDecember 6, 2018Reply

    I saw the all-star cast and thought this would be a good movie. Wrong!

  • J TDecember 10, 2018Reply

    Good film. Gross sobbing at the end. Had to hug my dog for a long time afterwards.

  • Tim WDecember 12, 2018Reply

    Uncomfortably claustrophobic and occasionally over the top which tends to punctuate the tension. You can’t help but feel this is continued downturn in both Brody’s and Malkovich’s careers. It would have been better cast with upcoming, not down heading actors.

  • AnonymousDecember 22, 2018Reply

    Ridiculous, unbelievable dialogue and an equally unbelievable script.

  • AnonymousJanuary 27, 2019Reply

    dog played the best part.

  • Ian HJune 19, 2019Reply

    Putting two of my favorite actors “John Malkovich, Adrian Brody” in a movie together always makes me happy. This movie is written with excellence and carries a captivating dialogue between the two main characters. While at the same time showing that even monsters have a soft spot. With the suspense boiling and the drug addict willing to lose his life for just one more high. This film will break your heart and give you the ending you desire. I will say though Beware, all dog lovers,

  • Garin MSeptember 6, 2019Reply

    This movie is terrible on all levels. The plot is just unnecessary and disturbing. John Malkovich has certainly done better than this. I got up and walked out.

  • Paul FOctober 20, 2019Reply

    Worst plot/story line ive ever sat through. It made me appreciate the magazines in the seat of the airplane when i had to turn this god awful disaster off

  • Nicolas SNovember 16, 2019Reply

    This film is near perfect for so many different reasons, including its tense, edge-of-your-seat themes, its harshly honest presentation of drugs, but mostly the water works. Yes, bring the tissues.

  • AnonymousDecember 18, 2019Reply

    Dont get the name. But it was a fun movie.

  • Liam BDecember 25, 2019Reply

    Not what is expected, and that’s a good thing.

    I’m not sure why any number of reviewers whine and complain when a “genre movie” does not go the way they expect it to. Honestly, if you want a “cookie cutter” movie, just imagine one, and don’t bother going to the theater or posting a review.

    The challenge for any writer or director is to try to bring something new to the table when it comes to making a “crime drama,” “love story,” or “comedy.”

    It has all been “done to death.”

    So when Paul Solet wrote and subsequently directed this gem, he accomplished just that. There are plenty of quirks of fate in this movie and that makes it interesting. It also feeds the dialog. That’s a good thing.

    We have three criminals trapped in a warehouse, waiting for their money man so they can get on with their lives. The problem is that the entire police force seems to be looking for them, and they have to contend with each other and a rather large and violent dog.

    How does this all pan out? Watch the movie and see.

    Note: Solet is a dog lover; no question about it.

  • Matthew WJanuary 10, 2020Reply

    I was initially fooled by Bullet Head’s stylistic cinematic presentation (its ONLY appeal), and what started out like it might be an interesting heist caper turned out to be an absolutely falsely emotional and unbelievable disaster.

    For starters, despite having three strong names (Brody, Malkovich and Banderas), the performances herein are laughable. Banderas gets about 4 minutes of screen time and one monologue in the final 15 minutes, and somehow the movie ends up being almost entirely shots of Brody looking haggard and scared in silence. This movie is part Reservoir Dogs-style heist post-facto and, weirdly, part Jaws. There’s a basically immortal killer pit bull at the center of this thriller (?), an abandoned fighting dog who kills his handler and terrorizes the three criminals as they attempt to wait out the cops in an abandoned warehouse.

    When it starts out, the narrative weaves the criminals with the backstory of the fighting dog in a very interesting way, but that’s all revealed in about 25 minutes, and the movie settles into a predictable jump scare festival of the dog appearing, the three running away and thinking they’ve trapped it, and it escaping via dramatic irony. The character interactions are corny and contradictory, with Malkovich giving the only reasonably believable yet irrelevant metaphorical monologue. At points they’re at each other’s throats trying to escape, and within minutes they’re shockingly emotionally involved and vowing to band together to get out alive.

    The final insult is that Brody’s paper-thin backstory about being a “dog lover” causes him to make an extremely irrational and uncharacteristic decision about the dog; by the end this movie is more of a long PETA advertisement than anything of a movie. I’m not sure if they’re trying to make some sort of ethical stand about animal cruelty with this film, but ironically it’s dedicated to “Molly the Dog” – a movie about a killer pit bull is dedicated to a childhood dog? Nice try.

  • Carol KMarch 1, 2020Reply

    Indie films are the best, and this one proves it. The opening footage is from the view of a dog, so we see more feet than faces, but it’s riveting. Provocative. All too soon it becomes horrific as we see dogfights about to begin. Mercifully, writer/director Paul Solet spares us the actual fights, but we see the aftermath, so we aren’t spared much. Piles of dead dogs. Names on the wall, bets made, cash heaped on a table. A puppy named “Money” grows into a beast as awesome, powerful, and seemingly immortal as Cerberus, the gigantic hound from hell.

    Four thieves who make mistakes while pulling off a heist pick the wrong hiding place when they hit a warehouse. Literally, they hit it, in a way that reduces them to three bad guys, but somehow, we empathize with them as if they were the good guys. The youngest one, known mostly as “Kid,” starts out as a drug-addicted Millennial with zero common sense, but flashbacks to his childhood have us rooting for him and aching for the horrors his alcoholic father inflicts. All three of these men tell stories while trapped in this warehouse, and all the actors bring an amazing kind of authenticity to their roles. Why am I liking these criminals so much? Because they have so much more humanity than the seemingly respectable guys in the film.

    The dog, the dog, omg, the dog, and the moment where Adrian Brody could kill the thing but one whimper tugs his heartstrings, and…. just watch the movie.

    It’s brutal, but this stuff happens in real life, in this day and age, in the USA, and all over the world. Dog fighting is sick-sick-sick and must be stopped. If I could, I would wish instant death on all who participate in this sick form of “entertainment.”

    The dogs. The inhumanity. The dogs!

    It will be some time before I manage to put the horrors out of my mind.

  • Joe FApril 5, 2020Reply

    A good semi Cujo drama

  • Nicholas AApril 9, 2020Reply

    This is the type of movie you turn on and use as background noise while you’re doing something else.

  • Kevin SApril 21, 2020Reply

    On my Netflix Top 20 list.

  • Sarah SMay 7, 2020Reply

    Interesting concept. Some great specimens of dogs if a little cliche’d (eg dog-fighting, ears cropped stocky dogs.) Unexpected tugs on heartstrings when you least suspect it, given the movie begins with three bungling but hardcore thieves seeking refuge in a warehouse to wait out the cops. I watched it because it seemed different/even leaning towards horror in the trailer. It had a bit of gore and the “action” was steady, cruisey if a little too predictable. It was an okay ride.

  • Maggie WJune 27, 2020Reply

    The plot has potential, but the direction and its execution are so disjointed that even Malkovich himself couldn’t save it. Why did he agree to do this anyway?

  • Heather WDecember 2, 2020Reply

    I’m definitely not a movie critic, or an expert in film making. That said, I am a movie buff. Bullet Head, in my opinion, was an enjoyable “popcorn” movie. The cast strong, and I found the murderous dog element a unique plot point. I know there are some people complaining about animal cruelty. It’s a movie! No animals were injured, or mistreated. If you’re uber sensitive to the appearance of animals being injured, this isn’t the movie for you. This is a fun Friday night date movie, nothing more, nothing less.

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