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Downsizing (2017)

Downsizing (2017)

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what going on?


A kindly occupational therapist undergoes a new procedure to be shrunken to four inches tall so that he and his wife can help save the planet and afford a nice lifestyle at the same time.

IMDb Rating 5.2 2,636 votes



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(150) comments

  • AnonymousApril 2, 2019Reply

    The first half of this movie was brilliant and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen. Then the second half made me wish it would end as soon as possible. It’s as though the writer lost sight of the message adding quirky characters meant to distract rather than entertain.

  • AnonymousApril 15, 2019Reply

    Would’ve been better if he had to choose between the two women.

  • Lulu LMay 3, 2019Reply

    What a letdown!! The premise is fascinating but the rest of the story is just awful. Anything in the story after he downsizes feels forced, sad, and utterly unlikely. My husband and I kept telling each other it must get better, but alas, no.

  • Diana MMay 12, 2019Reply

    Okay so this is one odd movie. But I like it and it gets so many points across.

  • Richard CMay 14, 2019Reply

    Starts off interestingly, but story stumbles in the end. Still, nice performance by Hong Chau.

  • Robert BMay 16, 2019Reply

    Get ready to cry. It’s an uplifting classic, comedy drama that is part Casablanca, part Mr Smith goes to Washington and part magic. The film reminds us that the so called little people in our world who love the world and the people in it the most are the most unstoppable champions. Hong Chau plays Ngoc Tran whose character shines as the real star of the film, possessing a never give up attitude and unbreakable spirit, she overcomes insurmountable odds and lifts Paul, played Matt Damon, from the pit and mentors him into a compassionate world changer.

  • Stephen HMay 21, 2019Reply

    I loved the start of this movie but it didn’t carry it on to the end. At the start I loved the setup, loved the comedy of it, found the idea fascinating actually. When they shrink them down and then scoop them up with spatulas that made me laugh. But it seemed the longer the film went on, the more the original premise seemed to have been either forgotten or confused. What started out as a dig at people’s consumerism could have turned into a real winner on that I think, but it goes down a couple of different pathways and never seemed sure what it was trying to say. I could understand the final scene but it seemed glib – he’s helped the guy in the wheelchair have a meal, but that seemed like a let down ending based on the great start. I’d give the start 4.5 stars but the film overall gets a 3.5 because of the ending.

  • Melanie AMay 22, 2019Reply

    I wish I could give this negative score. Worse movie i seen on big screen.

  • AnonymousMay 24, 2019Reply

    I don’t normally rate films but sometimes a film is so bad it inspires action. I have never seen a film that gets progressively worse as it goes on. It then ends with Matt Damon staring at a guy eating a sausage for a whole minute. That’s the ending.

  • Robert MMay 25, 2019Reply

    Kind of quirky. I like most matt damon films. And kristopher waltz is ingenious. The cast helps you forgive some of the movie’s faults.

  • AnonymousJune 16, 2019Reply

    Starts with a very interesting premise then turns into a completely different apocalyptic movie complete with Asian stereotypes not seen since breakfast at Tiffany’s

  • Cathy JJune 20, 2019Reply

    Very rarely do I come across a movie that I actually feel like it wasted my time. But I am mad. This movie was awful. I only enjoyed 6 mins of the middle. The rest was a huge waste of my time

  • AnonymousJune 23, 2019Reply

    Downsizing is a disappointment. Alexander Payne has made some amazing films and on paper this movie has an interesting concept and a lot of potential. Actually the first half of the movie is interesting and brings up a lot of issues. The second half unfortunately is where the movie just slogs. The movie doesn’t know where to go so it just bring stuff up as the world is coming to an end and deals too much with the romance between a cleaning lady. Downsizing could’ve been so much more.

  • AnonymousJune 23, 2019Reply

    Downsizing is a disappointment. Alexander Payne has made some amazing films and on paper this movie has an interesting concept and a lot of potential. Actually the first half of the movie is interesting and brings up a lot of issues. The second half unfortunately is where the movie just slogs. The movie doesn’t know where to go so it just bring stuff up as the world is coming to an end and deals too much with the romance between a cleaning lady. Downsizing could’ve been so much more.

  • Lisa SJune 24, 2019Reply

    Horrible movie! Tried to make some political points however fell extremely flat! No direction, no story. So disappointing with this cast.

  • LisaCatherina LJune 25, 2019Reply

    This movie really moved me. It wasn’t what I was expecting.

  • Kayla RJune 25, 2019Reply

    This movie was…not great. I actually stopped watching about halfway through, my husband stuck it out until the end. Too long, and I just could not find it in myself to care about anything that was happening. The worst part? Ngoc Lan Tran! That accent was sooooo awful I could not listen to another second of it.

  • Michael BJune 27, 2019Reply

    I actually liked it. Did NOT see it going where it eventually went. This is a movie with a point; and an actual moral message for people who feel a bit adrift; and looking for a cause.

  • Ashlee GJune 30, 2019Reply

    Slow, boring, for me there was no point to this movie. 2 hrs when this movie could have been made and watched in 30 mins to an hour

  • Mathias BJuly 4, 2019Reply

    Sometimes it is really magnificent to find such a bad movie as this one, NOT!!!!! The best part of this movie was, when I paused to take a huge dump! The plot is a great idea for a movie, but holy shit, I should have just continued pooping ’cause my shit were better executed then this movie!

  • Jake CJuly 9, 2019Reply

    Aptly enough, the movie would have been served well if it were shrunk down in scope and runtime: As it stands, like the culture it supposedly critiques, Payne’s light sci-fi satire is overstuffed with ideas and themes—consumerism, climate change, doomsday preppers, economic inequity, and so on—all of which are ultimately underexplored and so given short shrift.

  • Alice XJuly 9, 2019Reply

    well i think its one of the best movies to blow your mind..

  • Harley FJuly 10, 2019Reply

    So inspiring and beautiful.

  • AnonymousJuly 14, 2019Reply

    Starts strong, then putts along…

  • Willi WJuly 22, 2019Reply

    i seen the bad ever score in the movie in nowsdays for this movie….i really disagree..for lowest score….this movie is fascinacing fun,inspired for life ….for our thingking about something positive for the better life.

  • Britt Rosendahl HJuly 23, 2019Reply

    Really interesting idea, but the second half of the movie didn’t work.

  • Adam JJuly 27, 2019Reply

    “I’ll just wait til it’s on Netflix” is the type of film this is and why it flopped at the cinema. Full of great actors, but a hollow script. I’ve never seen a film that starts so promisingly, intriguing and quirky, but then just slowly gets worse and worse.
    I want my money back! Oh right yeah, didn’t go to the cinema… phew!

  • Philip LAugust 7, 2019Reply

    Culture stereotyping and non consentiul initiation to a kiss apart this was an extraordinarily bad movie

  • AnonymousAugust 9, 2019Reply

    The bad reviews are not fair. Downsizing is not a comedy, and it is not a politically charged movie. If you try and define it in those ways you are totally missing the point. Downsizing is a movie about a man finding his purpose by embarking on a journey in a new life; a life that undoubtedly chose him. Its a sweet movie that is funny at times, and moving at others. Are there racial stereotypes? Sure. Are the people who are stereotyped ultimately shown in a positive way by the end of the movie? Yes. Are you too sensitive and butthurt in general? yes? then dont watch this movie… but if you want to see a unique story of a man finding himself in a quirky, smart, funny way, while simultaneously falling in love with a strong woman who inspires him…then watch this movie.

  • Rebekah RAugust 12, 2019Reply

    Almost didn’t watch this because of the low score RT gave it… but so glad I did – and I also think I know why so many gave it such a low rating.
    Yes it’s strange, but I believe the expectations are what’s misplaced, not the movie.
    If you’re looking for light entertainment, this isn’t the movie for you.
    If you just go on the journey instead of looking for what you want the movie to be – I think you will find a lot of meaning in this weird and deep story.
    What you may even find is a really valuable lesson on what really matters in life.
    Anyway, watch the movie if you think like me, you will find purpose in it.

  • Elolo NAugust 12, 2019Reply

    Hong Chau’s performance was special.

  • Carl CAugust 20, 2019Reply

    There is 0 plot. It is just a sermon on privilege and climate change. And even then it is not an entertaining one.

  • Millo TAugust 21, 2019Reply

    Though it has a strange way to evolve, it opens many thinkings about future in Earth.

  • Martin vAugust 27, 2019Reply

    It isn’t a bad movie in itself … if it was about some rich guy being humbled by poverty and meeting someone he falls in love with and do a lot of philanthropy … that would have been the same movie, maybe even a better movie because it could’ve done away from all the downsizing nonsense and instead used the time to complete the story … add a few twists in there for instance

    It is just that you don’t need the downsizing to tell this story.
    I mean the way it is set up you get the feeling that it is all a big hoax and you see some conspiracy unfold … instead that turns out to be one big nothing burger.

    His wife could’ve cheated with his best friend and it would create the same effect as what happens instead.

    Really the downsizing itself makes no sense from any point of view.

    Also Dusan is obviously some criminal/smuggler yet instead of him trying to use Matt Damons character he becomes a shallow comic relief type of caricature full of platitudes

  • Marco GAugust 31, 2019Reply

    Hilarious masterpeace with unexpected plot moves. There was a lot of laughter by me and the rest of the audience in the cinema at the underlying brilliant black humor. Absolutely great performances by Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz and unknown Hong Chau.

  • Robert BSeptember 4, 2019Reply

    Would’ve been great with Paul Giamatti. I’m a huge Matt Damon fan but this wasn’t a good pick for him. Decent movie.

  • Jack LSeptember 5, 2019Reply

    Good concept, but the plot kept changing. There was no real storyline

  • R SSeptember 18, 2019Reply

    Good to begin with and then got progressively worse. Wouldn’t recommend watching as was to long and boring, don’t waste your time.

  • Eda Buse ASeptember 24, 2019Reply

    Wonderful sci-fi. Wonderful drama. Terrible comedy. Another example of “subverting expectations” not quite working out so well.

  • Andrew SSeptember 26, 2019Reply

    This was terrible, boring with an implausible story line, Possibly one of the worst movies I ever sat through.

  • clint rOctober 3, 2019Reply

    Easily one of the worst films I have ever seen, do not let the first 20-30 minutes fool you, this movie takes a giant dive and makes me question whether I will ever watch another Matt Damon movie (who I actually liked before him taking OVER 2 hours of my life from me that I’ll never get back)

  • Sas COctober 4, 2019Reply

    Another movie that couldn’t decide what kind of movie that it wanted to be. I’m not sure exactly whose job that is (writer? director? producers?), but you’d think they’d figure that out before spending all that money. In this case, the movies oscillates between comedy and social-commentary. Both fall as flat as Matt Damon’s acting.

  • Brian KOctober 7, 2019Reply

    Loved the concept, and it should’ve been a very clever movie about scale and humanity, instead it’s just an underwhelming stage for some weird cheesy, I don’t know what the intended genre was actually supposed to be, movie.

  • David NOctober 11, 2019Reply

    Kinda funny wholesome movie with fun characters. Terrible ending though.

  • Nick VOctober 12, 2019Reply

    This movie sucked. It’s the one movie of my entire life I left early for. It was honestly so awful.

  • Haniel COctober 30, 2019Reply

    topzera topester topper

  • Steve FOctober 30, 2019Reply

    The worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  • AnonymousNovember 2, 2019Reply

    Matt Damon trainwreck!!!!

  • Carly BNovember 2, 2019Reply

    The theme seemed interesting in the trailer …. only. This is worse than Matt’s last sci-fi/space movie. The storyline was pathetic. The so-called Vietnamese actress couldn’t even get her accent right: it was cross between redneck American/bogan Australia/trashy English with some rotten fake Japanese in there. She failed so bad who’d she bang to get AND KEEP that part?
    This is my very first movie review – yes the actress was THAT TERRIBLE I had to say something. THEEE WORST I’ve seen for a long time.
    I don’t think Matt’s career can recover from this.
    The storyline itself was a whole lot of nothing. Something you’d imagine a 12 year old came up with. It could’ve been an ok movie if it hadn’t been so vague, a mashup of ideas and just plain boring.

  • Erin HNovember 3, 2019Reply

    There is nothing funny or comedic about this movie. It starts off with potential, then ends up to be boring, slow and confusing.

  • Jasmine SNovember 6, 2019Reply

    I’d rather watch the world end than watch this movie again.

  • David NNovember 8, 2019Reply

    Awful, pretentious, melodramatic.
    A waste of two hours so bad it was almost good.

  • Spider KNovember 9, 2019Reply

    Interesting movie, talks about a topic that certain movies already have but not with the same formula that other did, yet the topic isn’t oversaturated to the point where it starts being obvious what will happen next. Gives a noble point of view of things.

  • Nicholas JNovember 9, 2019Reply

    The first act was alright but after that the film became a boring mess. An Interesting idea executed poorly! An epic misfire from a director who has always made fantastic films.

  • Char HNovember 12, 2019Reply

    Great ideas with a great cast however this had several laughable halfassed/half-told storylines that didn’t make sense and was difficult to follow and a stupid ending

  • Danny JNovember 12, 2019Reply

    I would rather watch paint dry while getting stabbed in the back with a butter knife then watch this god awful movie again.

  • Jeannette MNovember 30, 2019Reply

    I trust @Netflix more than I trust @RottenTomatoes >a former devotee, trained by television service providers who drag the quality by the financial acrobatics of nickle and dime gong show ….. as a consumer, I started to take the cue from The Millennial generation: streaming is where it’s at.

    I get a first hand look at how the algorithms do the dance on Netflix. I have no insights or expertise, just instinctively interpreting what I’m seeing unfold before me on the internet.

    This movie is charm, family friendly, favorite actors, memorable friends, whimsical storytelling “what if” on steroids!

    No spoiler here in any shape, size or form!! Big or little >if you watch this lighthearted everyone movie that lingers in our minds: what if we could literally make our footprint smaller? This wonderland of entertainment (a nude, shaved Matt Damon???!) addresses the environment and half of a collection of a garbage bag is held up and explain: it was 4 years worth of garbage!

    Cameos by the Laura Dern of big bitch persona (ref: Little Big Lies) and Patrick were priceless! >pun intended.

    I’m thrilled that Netflix brought this front and center for us to watch.

    Moral of the story? Is the grass REALLY green on the other side.

    *^* jm

  • Judy ADecember 3, 2019Reply

    Was not impressed. Definitely not a comedy, was slow and boring often. Had a lot of politic themes I didn’t expect and didn’t care for.

  • Gabriel CDecember 7, 2019Reply

    I only watched this movie because this idea of shrinking people to reduce per capita consumption occurred to me as a kind of joke that would get some laughs. Then I got pulled into the hokey realism of actually making people smaller and living in simultaneously in large and small worlds. But of course the everyman pathos of Matt Damon in a role that is redeeming but never heroic finally made it work for me. His muse, played by Hong Chow as a Vietnamese dissident downsized as a form of punishment, is equal parts abrasive, annoying, funny and ultimately beautiful. The Kaleidoscopic storyline reflects the chance encounters that Matt is convinced have brought him finally to his destiny – a heroic effort to save humanity. But as his friend points out “nothing ever goes well for him,” and thus the hapless little man finds his salvation. It worked for me.

  • Francesco ADecember 7, 2019Reply

    A good movie about a guy who understands that helping others is the only thing that matters.

  • Aman ADecember 13, 2019Reply

    Great concept that was completely undone by a shitty script and an even worse plot. The ending was just bizarre with the dialogue writing meant more for kids than adults. Loved Christoph though. He is always brilliant.

  • Teo HDecember 15, 2019Reply

    super rotten waste of my time on netflix

  • Mattia ZDecember 16, 2019Reply

    This movie wants so much to be deep and smart that it ends up being the exact contrary.

  • Kan RDecember 25, 2019Reply

    Luckily i didn’t watch the trailer so I have no expectation. The first half was really good, brilliant idea and curiosity of what world would be like if you were downsizing. The second half was completely different not in a good way. I didn’t feel anything about Paul and Ngoc relationship. Disappointed. I enjoyed only the first half.

  • Ola GDecember 27, 2019Reply

    In the future, searching for a way to solve overpopulation and global warming, Dr. Jørgen Asbjørnsen (Rolf Lassgård) invents “downsizing”, a process to shrink people to a height of five inches (12.7 cm); he and his wife Anne-Helene become part of the first human test subjects once the process is proven safe and demonstrate it to the world. Paul (Matt Damon) and Audrey Safranek (Kristen Wiig), a married couple in Omaha with financial problems, meet Dave (Jason Sudeikis) and Carol Johnson (Maribeth Monroe), who have downsized. While the inventors advocate that downsizing is environmentally friendly through the reduction of waste, Dave argues that its benefits extend far beyond that and improve one’s life through the increase in value of their money. Exploring the possibilities of downsizing, Paul and Audrey agree to undergo the process and move to Leisureland, New Mexico, one of the most popular communities for small individuals. After undergoing downsizing, Paul receives a call from Audrey, saying that she was unable to go through with the procedure and, by opting out at the last minute, will be leaving him. One year later, Paul finalizes the divorce with Audrey, and settles in to his new apartment (a downsizing of its own from the mansion he was to originally share with Audrey). Although Paul had anticipated a life of relative ease, the divorce left him without Audrey’s share of their assets. In addition, Paul’s share of the asset shrank further still due to divorce settlement negotiations. Paul, whose occupational therapist license had lapsed and faced a re-certification process due to Leisureland being in another state, now works as a customer service representative for Lands’ End. While attending a birthday party, Paul has a discussion with Dave and says that he regrets his decision to downsize. Soon after, Paul breaks up with his girlfriend and attends a party hosted by his neighbor Dušan (Christoph Waltz). The next morning, Paul notices that one of Dušan’s housecleaners is Ngoc Lan Tran, a Vietnamese political activist who was jailed and downsized against her will. Ngoc Lan was the sole survivor of a human smuggling attempt to the United States in a television box and had her leg amputated upon arrival. Attempting to assist Ngoc Lan with her prosthetic leg, Paul returns to her house in the slums outside of the walls of Leisureland. After assisting Ngoc Lan’s dying friend, Paul attempts to repair Ngoc Lan’s prosthetic leg only to break it and render her unable to work. In return, Paul works for Ngoc Lan’s cleaning service where he also assists in gathering food from around the city that Ngoc Lan distributes throughout the slums. Dušan attempts to release Paul from his obligation by taking him to Norway, the site of the first small community, with his friend Joris Konrad, but Ngoc Lan also wishes to come along. Ngoc Lan had received international attention after her arrival in the United States, including personal correspondence from the inventor of downsizing, Dr. Jørgen Asbjørnsen, who had previously invited her to Norway to express his regret at the abuse of his procedure…

    Rotten Tomatoes critical consensus reads “Downsizing assembles a talented cast in pursuit of some truly interesting ideas — which may be enough for some audiences to forgive the final product’s frustrating shortcomings.” Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter, who eventually named the film his best of 2017, praised it as “big and beautiful”, highlighting the direction and the lead performances, and saying “this is a deeply humane film that, like the best Hollywood classics, feels both entirely of its moment and timeless. It was a risky roll of the dice, but one that hits the creative jackpot.” Xan Brooks of The Guardian gave Downsizing five out of five stars, labeling the film as “Alexander Payne’s miniature masterpiece”. Writing for Rolling Stone, Peter Travers gave the film 3.5 out of 4 stars, saying “with startling performances and special effects, director Alexander Payne’s dystopian sci-fi satire brims over with the pleasures of the unexpected.” Conversely, David Sims of The Atlantic gave the film a negative review, writing: “If Payne had landed the mix of genres, Downsizing could have been a masterpiece. Spoiler (small print not required): He does not.” Keith Uhlich of Slant Magazine gave the film 1.5/4 stars and said “Alexander Payne has things on his mind: global warming, mass consumption, white privilege, liberal guilt, irredeemable women, redeemable men, and the gut-busting humor inherent in a Vietnamese refugee speaking in pidgin English. All this is stuffed into Downsizing, Payne’s I-guess-you’d-call-it-ambitious sci-fi satire…”

    “Downsizing” was a box office bomb, grossing only $55 million against a production budget between $68–76 million. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its cast and premise, but criticized its execution and failure to deliver on its potentially profound subject matter. Alexander Payne´s most expensive project has an original idea, the ambition and the concept, but not the script to hold it together. I kept on wondering during the film when it would start to engage me emotionally, but it never did. “Downsizing” is slow paced, partly boring and has not much that excites you despite as said a great idea as the foundation. It´s simply a miss in my book.

  • Darren JDecember 28, 2019Reply

    Hopeful. It kept me on my toes with the surprising twists and premise. The movie has a big heart and some nuanced silliness thrown in. Great performances all round and I left the film with a big smile.

  • AnonymousDecember 28, 2019Reply

    There’s a few films in here. One of them is good and interesting – the others… not so much.

  • Patrick RDecember 29, 2019Reply

    I enjoyed it – it made me chuckle and and think. Also the performances, esp of Matt Damon & Hong Chau were great.

  • Tom JDecember 29, 2019Reply

    Not sure why this has scored so low. I found it to be a well observed, intelligent, surrieal movie with a good cast.
    The main development of the film was through the characters and I guess that is boring to most.

  • AnonymousDecember 30, 2019Reply

    Honestly don’t understand the reviews. There’s multiple genres at play here, yes and the story takes several unexpected turns. But that’s where it stands out. It’s a wonderfully cliche-free Hollywood flick with its heart in the right place. Such a shame it didn’t fare better!

  • Lilo ADecember 31, 2019Reply

    everyone who didn’t put respek on dis film can go suck dear mums

  • Joe DDecember 31, 2019Reply

    I found this film underrated, it has great performances and is brimming with imagination. A real old-school fantasy feel has no problem gelling with very pertinent themes to the year of release, and it‘s really lifted by a special performance by Hong Chau.

  • Manny PDecember 31, 2019Reply

    As many have said, started off with a great premise and then went to pieces in plot and dialogue. The final act was almost a pastiche of Jurassic World and SNL .

    The Vietnamese actress was spellbinding, but I couldn’t understand the character inclusion. It made about as much sense as the picture.

  • Karolina MDecember 31, 2019Reply

    This movie gave me a headache. Enough said.

  • John OJanuary 1, 2020Reply

    I really liked the originality of the script, story and the actors performances. Especially Hong Chau who is really believable. The dynamic between her and Matt Damon is great.

  • Anzela IJanuary 2, 2020Reply

    Nope, just nope, you can not take an interesting concept, open up so many ways of developing the story and never actually completing a single one of them WITHIN ONE MOVIE! The potential of the idea is so broad that you could have taken any one of the problems it presents and written a full movie script solving that one problem, instead we get a visual brainstorming faze of movie production. WHAT?

  • Soon KJanuary 5, 2020Reply

    What a piece of crap!

  • jo cJanuary 5, 2020Reply

    Sort of looks like a fun film at the start, then disintegrates into drivel. It literally makes no sense from start to finish.
    Have to wonder what the cast saw in the script to have signed on??

  • Dean HJanuary 7, 2020Reply

    Such promise followed by 2 hours of nothing.
    No twist and mostly dislikable characters.

    Save 2 hours of your life and avoid.

  • Simon MJanuary 7, 2020Reply

    The concept is original and makes you wonder about humanity and the future of the world. On one hand, this movie excites you but later on it drags you into perhaps a relationship and morality you don’t want to be in.

  • AnonymousJanuary 7, 2020Reply

    Cool concept but poorly executed. No real plot or narrative to the movie. Nothing really happens.

  • Jason FJanuary 9, 2020Reply

    Hong Chau’s fantastic performance and Payne’s directing can’t save this incredible thought-provoking premise from becoming a dull and predictable love story.

  • AnonymousJanuary 12, 2020Reply

    An interesting concept and fairly amusing film. Slightly banal but nonetheless entertaining often.

  • Michael CJanuary 12, 2020Reply

    This movie was horrible. I was yelling at the television halfway through and laughing by the end. It doesn’t know what it wants to be, and yet it was sold to us as a comedy – starring two SNL alums. Nope. So much wrong with this one. Don’t waste your time!

  • Rae HJanuary 14, 2020Reply

    I would love a sequel of the future of the shrunken people.

  • Ryan RJanuary 14, 2020Reply

    This movie took a strange twist that surprised me. Once I accepted it, I liked it. There were some moments that I loved. I don’t think this movie deserves the 22%. I think it has a cult classic quality to it. Its not for everyone, but its great for some.

  • Anggito ZJanuary 16, 2020Reply

    Not a comedy (at least i think it was) but i getting the vibe there.

  • Jonathan SJanuary 16, 2020Reply

    What a flop. Watched on HULU today… man I want those 2 hours of my life back!

    This film had so much promise. A clever idea and with modern tech. seemed like a fun film. This however became a twisted film, not knowing what it was trying to be. Acting was horrible at times, and palatable at times. The story just stunk. I wanted to get into it, and care about characters, but was left wishing they would all get stepped on by a dog or something. Paul didn’t even fix the leg… left so many storylines just hanging and went down one rabbit hole after the other. Stay away from this mess. It wanted to be a fun family comedy, then environmental piece, then wild black market, then back to environmental, then humanitarian, then cult, then it just ends…

  • Desmond DJanuary 17, 2020Reply

    What a scam! Scam scam scam!

  • Dylan KJanuary 19, 2020Reply

    This film had potential but lacked clear direction and tone, a missed opportunity.

  • AnonymousJanuary 27, 2020Reply

    It’s all over the place.

  • jeffery hJanuary 27, 2020Reply

    The whole movie felt disappointing and at times, hard to watch. There is no real climax and the ending is sorely lacking. The idea was quite promising however the delivery was flawed.

  • Yigal GJanuary 27, 2020Reply

    not bad at all, quite the opposite. the movie was light and not too heavy to watch. funny at times. reflection on our situation in the face of climate change and offers an imaginative way to solve it.

  • Marko IFebruary 2, 2020Reply

    Started out great and in high anticipation of the fun it could be until the Vietnamese girl act after which the movie becomes stale, boring and a huge dissapoitment, ruining the whole experience. It could’ve went to such heights, if the makers weren’t pushing the environmental agenda trying to look humanitarian to the history books. Ego always kills a good mood.

  • Lana BFebruary 4, 2020Reply

    This movie is a bait and switch to indoctrinate people on Hollywood’s view of climate change. Everything else about the movie is boring, disorganized, and annoying. Downsizing is a special kind of awful. Avoid it at all cost!

  • Savannah KFebruary 6, 2020Reply

    one of the worst movies that i have ever seen. almost walked out of the theater mid-movie.

  • Sean SFebruary 7, 2020Reply

    A turgid first half opens up to a surprising and enjoyable and difficult to predict second half. Not sure I understood exactly what it was saying and I’m not sure if I agree with it all, but I found it thought provoking and fun and charming.

  • Gillian BFebruary 10, 2020Reply

    I will never get those two hours back. Started OK ended in a cringe fest

  • Nick EFebruary 11, 2020Reply

    Downsizing lacks a sense of cohesion and direction that is usually unlike director Alexander Payne.

  • Jessie CFebruary 12, 2020Reply

    Most annoying on-screen couple. Ngoc Lan Tran is the worst protagonist I’ve seen and by far the most talkative. I hate how misguided the writers were to think that most, if not all, Asians speak English like her.

  • Adrian EFebruary 12, 2020Reply

    It’s trying to say something about climate change, capitalism, human rights, the human condition and it never gets there. It’s a long walk to nowhere. To me the shrinking thing is just a metaphor for economic disparity. The real plot is Matt Damon’s character banging an Asian political prisoner/house cleaner. Does that sound like something that would interest you?

  • Olivia MFebruary 13, 2020Reply

    My main problem with this movie, is that it was trying to be too many things. It starts out as a jun comedy, then turns into a tale about a man getting over his wife leaving him, then there’s the environmental commentary, then of course there’s love. So at the end of the day they should’ve just kept it a comedy.

  • Dante MFebruary 29, 2020Reply

    It started out great, but the plot derailed so far. If the first half and second half were two seperate movies, they would both make for great movies. Had a strong ending.

  • AJ HMarch 8, 2020Reply

    Watched it on a plane journey. It passed the time, nothing amazing found myself staring out of the window a lot. interesting concept that just doesn’t grab you and becomes a bit too feel good. Background watching at best.

  • Sean SMarch 11, 2020Reply

    This was a depressing, sluggishly-paced mess of a movie. The premise of people shrinking themselves for various reasons was interesting, but then the story just kind of meandered around with a lot of unlikeable and/or uninteresting characters doing things that appeared to have been picked out of a hat by the writers. Political trouble between the normal-sized and “downsized” populations was foreshadowed, then never followed up on at all. Ultimately it turned into a boring romance between Matt Damon’s character and a shrill-voiced woman with whom he had no chemistry.

  • Nicole YMarch 17, 2020Reply

    You can compare this movie to someone who thinks he can rollerskate on his first time. Started out good and confident but falls hard in the end. They could have done better, really.

  • Benjamin BMarch 22, 2020Reply

    Lessons from #Downsizing movie. 1) there will always be the poor, the unfortunate, the needy in any society and these are the people that need heroes; 2) selfishness destroys humanity, every time, no matter how advanced civilization gets. (3.5/5Scales)

  • Ethan OMarch 28, 2020Reply

    Movie had a good premise, but was super empty

  • Bryce RMarch 29, 2020Reply

    Took an interesting idea and somehow managed to make it uninteresting.

  • Mikyla ZApril 4, 2020Reply

    most unsatisfying, suffocating movie ever

  • Nick BApril 5, 2020Reply

    I like this movie. There are so many people that doesn’t like this movie because this just wasn’t the right movie for them but I do like this movie. It is an amazing movie.

  • AnonymousApril 12, 2020Reply

    This movie was terrible. It was so slow and the writing was awful. The storyline was stupid and never really went anywhere. Don’t waste your time. Wish I hadn’t.

  • Eston SApril 27, 2020Reply

    You know… I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was interesting and funny at times while also something to think about. I think it is a very very underrated movie

  • Nico FMay 3, 2020Reply

    Plot and characters well designed. Instructive message. It does force you to think, so don’t watch it if you only want to relax. Still a very good movie.

  • Evan WMay 7, 2020Reply

    I truly can not put into words how awful this movie was. I would do almost anything to get the 2 hours back that I waisted watching this trash can of a “movie”. I took the time to make an account on here just to warn people that were considering watching this. If you believe that this “movie” was somewhat good you don’t deserve to have rights. Please I’m trying to help you, don’t watch this “movie”.

  • Blake GMay 8, 2020Reply

    Interesting concept, but a bit boring.

  • Mark SMay 10, 2020Reply

    a bunch of political tripe.

  • Robert BMay 16, 2020Reply

    Complete disaster. Casting was wrong headed all the way. I am a huge fan of Alexander Payne, but he needed a Paul Giamatti type in the lead not the useless cornball he hired. Terrible acting.

  • AnonymousMay 18, 2020Reply

    This movie has a cool premise but man this movie nosedived after he turned small. I like the idea of being small like I would never do it in a million years but I thought this would be cool but it turned into a dumpster fire. And Matt Damon is cool not in this, just seems like a whiner but man I actually had hope. And the Asian lady didn’t help. It’s kinda offensive how she portrayed that character and I just didn’t care after the first 30 minutes. And the ending is garbage, it felt like it should’ve been longer but the movie was already 2 hours so it lead to nothing. This is basically a nothing movie. It’s like they didn’t have an ending so they stopped it abruptly.

  • Mr QMay 23, 2020Reply

    It’s like someone tried to make a Charlie Kauffman-Spike Jonze type movie for people who aren’t sophisticated enough to get Charlie Kaufman-Spike Jonze.

    With the cast they had they could have gone in another direction and just made this a comedy. There were a couple of genuinely hilarious parts.

    But overall it wasted a great cast

  • Kendall CMay 23, 2020Reply

    Had to turn into a political, environmental piece. Not just something interesting. Just another political piece of crap.

  • Mario RMay 24, 2020Reply

    Although is preferred the trailer not spoiling a movie, it should capture the general essence that tells the people what to expect. This movie was promoted as one thing that ends up in a very different direction, that’s what makes the second act lag as the initial tone of the plot starts to lose momentum.

    That’s the main flaw for this movie, as the first act should prepare you for what’s coming, but this movie instead does the opposite and it makes it really easy to lose interest. This is unfortunate because the plot gets more interesting when Hong Chau’s character appears, but by that moment the spectator could be still adapting from an SNL vibe to a whole new thing.

    From there, things start to get very real and dramatic. That combination should be introduced earlier. Christoph Waltz’s part was key for that transition in the tone of the movie.

    The strong side of the movie is how it handles fiction and reality, from the “downsizing” process to the social impact that such technological advances can have on people as well as how different cultures react and adapt.

    Overall, the movie offers a good tell about progress in science with profound consequences in different cultures but fails to unnecessarily fit the history in a lighter tone.

  • Daniel BMay 31, 2020Reply

    Una película que pierde el rumbo //////////////////

    En un prometedor remedo de ceremonia de los Premios Nobel, unos científicos son premiados por descubrir una fórmula para reducir a los seres humanos a una altura de 12 cm, destacando la incidencia que esto tendría frente a una Tierra que está agotando sus recursos y en la producción de desechos.

    Esto lleva, con el tiempo, al desarrollo de emprendimientos inmobiliarios con la premisa de que la gente encogida a partir de un cierto capital puede darse una vida de millonarios en un entorno en miniatura.

    El matrimonio conformado por Audrey y Paul Safranek (Kristen Wiig y Matt Damon) se inscriben en la propuesta.

    La película de Alexander Payne intenta contarnos muchas cosas y en diferentes registros pero la combinación no sale bien. Funciona mejor como comedia de ciencia ficción con toques de extrañamiento e ironía que como drama de denuncia que no se sabe si roza la ironía o el ridículo (a diferencia de una película como Okja, que logra ensamblar varios registros , película con la que por alguna razón la relacioné).

    Creo que a partir del viraje de la trama, la película pierde el rumbo. Los dardos y apuntes contra o sobre la corporación científica, la inmobiliaria, los grupos sociales, el ecologismo, el activismo, la denuncia social y otros demases que no puedo revelar van de lo efectivo a lo obvio o panfletario.

    Acaso esta película cuente con admiradores. En todo caso es una extraña pieza, muy larga y, en parte, fallida.

  • Steve DJune 5, 2020Reply

    This film has absolutely no idea what it wants to be. WAY darker than you expect, highly unpleasant, cheesy and intentionally missmarketed

  • Jake SJune 13, 2020Reply

    This film starts off very promising as a romantic comedy. Then it turns into a political message about saving the environment that leads to a group of shrunken hippies hiding away in a mountain to avoid the end of the world due to the melting of ice caps causing a methane release. Yeah…kind of crazy. This film has a very strong cast, but quits showing some of the best members half way through the film! Christoph Waltz does good and so does Matt Damon for the most part. The dialogue is mostly a bunch of small talk that doesn’t push the plot forward at all. What started off as promising ends up as a disappointment. This movie has some moments that are fun and interesting, but these are squandered by a weak script and blown out of proportion story. Overall, I give this film a 3.5/10.

  • Moh AJune 13, 2020Reply

    Sucks sucks sucks sucks

  • Stephen GJune 18, 2020Reply

    After watching the previews, it seemed a novel concept with much to explore and lightly comedic. The movie itself was heartbreaking with no resolve. Pointless with every moment more depressing and less entertaining than the last.

  • Cassandra BJune 21, 2020Reply

    Wow – what a surprise. It was like two different movies – the first half made sense and you started to follow and believe the character’s story and then it just kind of lost it. Maybe the second half is a bad trip that the main character ended up having taking a party drug at his neighbours party. Really given the central premise of the movie and the cast I really expected something better

  • Lizbeth SJune 26, 2020Reply

    No me gustó, no tiene sentido nada nada

  • Jack WJune 26, 2020Reply

    Alright film I suppose, does make you think what if this became a reality, and would you do it. Does have some nigling inconsistencies and confusing bits, like how the rain for the presumably ‘no bigger than the palm of your hand’ people, is the same kind of rain for normal sized humans, rather than massive droplets, which at that size, it would be. Aside from that, it’s a rather decent film. Not the greatest, but it’s one of those films to watch when you’ve nothing better to do.

  • Cris KJune 27, 2020Reply

    Great watch, not sure if I want to watch it again, and can recommend with the caveat that this looks like a comedy, but it is not.

    Don’t get me wrong there are some funny moments, but the movie is heavy with environmental, economic, and humanitarian messaging.

    You also tend to forget that they’re small until they remind you, as everything is usually to scale.

    What this really is, is a well written story about opportunity and togetherness in life.

  • Adiba AJune 28, 2020Reply

    It’s a good movie. Worth watching it I’d say. Brilliant acting by Matt Damon. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to see something different and meaningful.

  • Daniel BJune 29, 2020Reply

    We watched this moving thinking it was going to be a comedy given the previews. IT was not a comedy, this movie is depressing and all over the place. I don’t know if the writers stopped halfway through and just said let’s see what Matt Damond wants to do. this movie gets weird and will confuse the heck out of anyone. please save yourself and do the dishes or fold laundry they are much more enjoyable than this flaming dumpster fire.

  • Maureen CJune 29, 2020Reply

    What the hell is this movie??? So disappointing!

  • Lars PJuly 13, 2020Reply

    The movie starts well, but suddenly drifts off into social responsibility-drama and just becomes an irritating drag!


  • Albaab UJuly 13, 2020Reply

    WHat a terrible waste of a great premise. Such a misfire. Can’t believe this much talent got this misdirected.

  • Buddy CJuly 29, 2020Reply

    Great movie with a goo point. I do not see how it was scored so lowly; it’s ashame.

  • Lucca BAugust 2, 2020Reply

    It has a potentially interesting premise, a talented cast, and stylish visuals, but it wants to deal with so many themes (economic crisis, environmental care, racism, class differences, social disparity, disfunctional relationships, and worry about the impeding apocalypse) that it fails to mix and execute them properly, which ends up in a narratively convoluted, tonally messy and dissapointing sci-fi satirical comedy that doesn’t reach its full ambitions, which ends up in a failed social satire and a failed Oscar bait.

  • Stephanie BAugust 2, 2020Reply

    Interesting, beautiful, movie for grown-up idealists. No wonder so many people disliked it. There’s no action, no suspense, (well, not much) just a really interesting story about life, love and the quest for meaning. Loved this movie so much.

  • cork bAugust 16, 2020Reply

    What is exceedingly weird about this film is after the first maybe 40 minutes, it stops being about being small. You only briefly see a couple of normal sized folks on the plane ride, and there are some buildings in the background for scale, but other than that, the whole ‘little’ thing is irrelevant to the last hour plus of the film, and Daemon goes off on his ‘Elysium’ white savior crap, there is a side plot about methane and the end of the world, and the film falls apart. It would have been FAR more interesting showing how people then deal with, oh I don’t know, say house cats, birds, storms, etc.

  • Edi LAugust 18, 2020Reply

    It made me want to walk down the endless tunnel and hope for the extinction of movies like this.

  • Dragos AAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Most disappointing movie of 2017. Damon should do other roles. It’s forgettable as Elysium.

  • Ted WSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    This movie has a cool premise but man this movie nosedived after he turned small. I like the idea of being small like I would never do it in a million years but I thought this would be cool but it turned into a dumpster fire. And Matt Damon is cool not in this, just seems like a whiner but man I actually had hope. And the Asian lady didn’t help. It’s kinda offensive how she portrayed that character and I just didn’t care after the first 30 minutes. And the ending is garbage, it felt like it should’ve been longer but the movie was already 2 hours so it lead to nothing. This is basically a nothing movie. It’s like they didn’t have an ending so they stopped it abruptly.

  • AnonymousSeptember 5, 2020Reply

    Started well, ended up being sooooooo boring, well, I assume, I couldn’t make it to the end!

  • Dan FSeptember 24, 2020Reply

    For a movie that’s about people wanting to be real life “Ant Men(and women)” this is definitely not what I was imagining. Thought it was going to be a quirky little comedy, but it ended up going into sorta indie drama territory a bit.. and it’s rated R, mostly for language though. I had a lot of questions with this, like why people somehow become rich all of a sudden for choosing the tiny lifestyle and also.. don’t you have to constantly be on the lookout for birds?? Hah. Anyways, Matt Damon is pretty good here and it’s an interesting little story(pun alert).

  • Roter BOctober 22, 2020Reply

    Surprisingly good and deep! The story is deeper and better then I expected. The Idea is pretty interesting and for people who are interested in climate change and like futuristic technics (“thought plays”) it is a movie worth to watch!! 😀
    It has it flaws BUT I think the story is better and more well thought out then the Blockbuster Movies from Hollywood!!! The Movie just doesn’t have that many special effects, like The Avengers and Star Wars and so on to hide the flaws.
    But still very watchable and surprisingly good! Have fun.

  • Jay KNovember 27, 2020Reply

    After the movie the phrase “What kind of f*ck did you give me?” kept repeating in my mind. Mostly for wasted time and money.

  • Gianmarco RDecember 6, 2020Reply

    Generally very nice film with a pretty good moral but which seems to have no real plot, so the film is very enjoyable but it always seems that something is missing

  • Hrant BDecember 25, 2020Reply

    Downsizing stars Matt Damon as a therapist who realizes his life is better off as a small person living in a small community and in a small house. Kristen Wiig played Damon’s wife who decides she doesn’t want anything to do with her husband to live a small life. Damon finds out even small people have their problems and he ends up meeting playboy Christoph Waltz along along with Udo Kier. The story was less about the downsizing technology and more about the life of Matt as a tiny human. It was dull and pointless, waiting for it to finish. Don’t bother with this one.

  • Joe TDecember 25, 2020Reply

    An interesting concept, a flawed implementation.

    It was a bold idea. A Norwegian scientist discovers a way to shrink animals to a tiny fraction of their original size, while somehow maintaining their original appearance, physical characteristics, and memories (not to mention keeping them alive).

    The scientist touts this technique as a solution to overpopulation, pollution, etc. Just shrink humans to 5 inches tall, and the human race will no longer be wrecking the planet. A bunch of people fall for this, and voluntarily undergo the procedure. Mini-cities spring up.

    The plot is ridiculous, of course. As allegory, the movie makes some headway, but as science fiction it falls flat and hard on its face. The hero (Matt Damon), abandoned by his wife and bankrupted by divorce, finds that downsizing is not so great, but then he meets some interesting people and faces new challenges that ultimately may make him a better person. The end. (Yawn)

    Let’s talk about the science fiction for a moment. That aspect of the movie was neglected after the first 15 minutes. Look, supposing someone discovers a way to “downsize” mammalian tissue while preserving the entire nervous system, consciousness etc. Probably this would involve somehow shrinking cellular structures, something that would not physically work since at the cellular level, protein folding plays a central role, and proteins are giant molecules. You can’t shrink molecules.

    But let’s get past this fairy tale impossibility and say it works. The tiny people in the movie all had normal voices, normal volume, and their metabolisms operated at the same rate as a full size human. This is highly unlikely; it’s much more likely that they would have tiny little mouse-like squeaky voices and super-fast metabolisms. They would scurry around like mice, would squeak like mice, and you certainly would not be able to carry on a normal conversation as Matt Damon did.

    Then there’s the notion of trying to live as a tiny 5″ creature that weighs a few grams. A strong gust of wind is going to knock you down, in fact carry you quite a few yards. A dog will grab you in his jaws and crush you. A cat will toy with you, then eat you.

    Ants will be like 12″ in length, and they could swarm over you and kill you, and drag your body back to the colony. A spider could paralyze you, wrap you in silk, and suck you dry, or inject her eggs to hatch out of you in a couple of days. Even a frog could eat you in one gulp. Mosquitoes could suck you dry, and a bee would kill you with one sting. Hawks could swoop down and grab you, and dump you in the nest. Chickens would peck you to death. Even rabbits and squirrels could kill you.

    At that size, the world is a very dangerous place. There’s absolutely no way you could have a city open to the sky, even with those giant walls around it. And suppose a normal size crazy person got in. They could just walk around, stomping on everything, killing hundreds or thousands of pixie people within a few seconds.

    A big person could just pick you up and shove you in a purse or pocket, carry you home, and stick you in a hamster cage and keep you as a pet for the rest of your life.

    Then there’s the horrific idea of bootleg downsizing operations springing up here and there. You get kidnapped and drugged, and when you wake up, you’re in a hamster cage, for sale to eager sadists who want to see what happens when they put you together with their pet snake.

    No thank you. There’s better ways to save the world. And there’s better stories of human conflict and struggle, waiting to be written. A waste of Matt Damon and the others.

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