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Drift (2013)

Drift (2013)

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5.8 103 votes


what going on?


In the 70s two brothers battle killer waves, conservative society and ruthless bikers to kick-start the modern surf industry.

IMDb Rating 5.8 103 votes


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(63) comments

  • Phil RMarch 24, 2013Reply

    Great Australian surf movie filmed in Margaret River WA

  • Zed WMarch 28, 2013Reply

    You needn’t be shy about seeing Drift if you have little background knowledge in surfing. Riding on the highs and lows of three brothers’ lives and a few mediocre moments in between, the film is largely based on their obsession with surfing.
    However, the plot doesn’t really thicken whilst in the water; more so on land, with the oldest brother’s idea to sell surf gear to surfers.
    Read more of my Drift review at its original source:

  • Joel AApril 16, 2013Reply

    The new Aussie Surf drama that is quite honestly & well made film & quite an interesting story.

    Starts off with some lush b&w photography & transitions at the perfect time to colour. More or less the story of two Sydney Brothers who move to WA & begin to develop a love of surfing.

    It then delves into their pursuit of making surf into a career. Full of strong performances especially Sam Worthington as the beach bum.

    It flows well & is an interesting story, one if the better surf films around recently.

  • Debbie BMay 5, 2013Reply

    I really enjoyed this Aussie flick 🙂

  • Mike VMay 7, 2013Reply

    A pleasant trip back to the 1970s. I enjoyed this Aussie movie more than expected. Great acting and locations. D

  • Timm SMay 11, 2013Reply

    I’m Bias Of Course Given I Love To Surf & I’m Aussie.. But, This Is A Good Drama, Backdropped Against Early-Days Of The Surf Culture. It Gets A Bit Cheesy At The End But It Still Is Alright For A Surf Flick.

  • Blake EMay 12, 2013Reply

    I actually thought this was great. Being Australian, I like to support the Australian film industry and this one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while. A really fun, at times dramatic, surf film.

  • Ken MMay 12, 2013Reply

    Much better then I expected

  • Nathan WMay 18, 2013Reply

    Started out ok then turned into a kids movie. The ending is so lame!

  • Christine GMay 19, 2013Reply

    Definitely a 4 star movie, plus it is a true story. I was totally immersed in the storyline; at no time did I feel like an observer. Fabulous Aussie scenery & photography.

  • Matt AMay 26, 2013Reply

    Boring! Turned it off

  • Eric HJune 1, 2013Reply

    Exceeded my expectations. Entertaining……..but kind of mindless movie, you need those now and then.

  • Mickey MJune 4, 2013Reply

    Kind of like ‘Home and Away’ but the water scenes made up for it

  • Stacey OJune 13, 2013Reply

    Great surfing, cinematography and a beautifully shot opening sequence. Suffers from some corny hair (even for the decade) and corny scenes. Worth a look just for the surfing.

  • Andri AJune 25, 2013Reply

    The Brotherhood of Surf..

  • Monica AJuly 2, 2013Reply

    Fantastic film. The surfing is incredible, but the real story is the relationship between the Kelly brothers. Great film all around

  • Antoine GJuly 2, 2013Reply

    Unreal! Drift is that rare film that combines epic surf action with an awesome story and killer actors. Five stars!

  • Dinesh PJuly 8, 2013Reply

    This australian film is set in 1970s the idea of using surfing is nice but it gets stuck with cliches of brothers fighting, shrewd loan guy wanting to take the mortgaged property, struggling to set up business etc. The film could have been lot more better than what it is now. But still not that bad film.

  • Elizabeth LJuly 16, 2013Reply

    I highly recommend this film! A dear friend of mine produced it and I saw it at the NY premiere – then rented it AGAIN on VOD (cable). The film received outstanding reviews from Australian critics and audiences during it’s 2 month plus cinema run. Great surfing scenes (and I’m not a surfer…) and really entertaining. It comes out in select US theaters August 2.

  • Cherry-Ann JJuly 18, 2013Reply

    Great acting. Likeable characters. Captivating storyline and development.

  • Andrei DJuly 19, 2013Reply

    Film decent cu surferi

  • gary tJuly 21, 2013Reply

    wow what a movie……i have just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch…..its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie……i think that myles pollard, xavier samuel, sam worthington, robyn malcolm, lesley ann brandt, aaron glenane, play good roles/parts thoroughout this movie………..i think that the director of this drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie……..i think that this is a relly well directed movie 2 watch……..i think that this is a really well powerful drama movie 2 watch its got a great cast throughout this movie…………i think that the soundtrack throughout this movie is really good as well……i think that sam worthington was brilliant throughout this movie…..i think that the surf contests at the end was really good……i think that this is such a really powerful drama movie 2 watch it is so really well directed…..i think that this is such a really powerful drama movie 2 watch its got a great cast throughout this movie…….i think that this is so really well directed, i think that the fight scenes throughout this movie were pretty good thoruhgout this movie………..i think that xavier samuel was great throughout this movie……….i think that this is such a really well directed movie 2 watch its got a great cast throughout this movie……i think that the soundtrack throughout this movie is really good as well…..i think that this is so really well directed its got a great cast throughout this movie i think that this is a brilliant movie for 2013

  • Mitch SJuly 25, 2013Reply

    What’s not to love about surf movies and Australia!

  • Adam OJuly 26, 2013Reply

    Great story, well acted and directed!

  • Alfin NJuly 30, 2013Reply

    The Kellies are not exactly the most revolutionary surf characters worth dedicating a whole feature-length movie on.

  • Alex KJuly 31, 2013Reply

    My Favorite Film Is 1941’s Citizen Kane.

  • Lee MAugust 1, 2013Reply

    Writer and co-director Morgan O’Neill based Drift on true surfer stories from the era; however, the movie mostly comes across as a grab bag of tired tropes.

  • anna tAugust 3, 2013Reply

    really good to watch

  • Katherine SAugust 3, 2013Reply

    The first hour is a little slow and I almost stopped it a few times, but the ending was great and I am very glad that I stuck with it.

  • Ville HAugust 7, 2013Reply

    Hyvän tuulen elokuva, mutta kehno surffausversio Lords of Dogtownista. Hienot maisemat, mutta elokuvana varsin kehno.

  • Fatima RAugust 7, 2013Reply

    Great to be ‘on the road’ again and in Australia! East coast Brazil in the 70s was wild and I met many JBs….just really cool to watch how it unfolded in Aussie West Cost.

  • JĂ©rĂ©mie FAugust 13, 2013Reply

    A not complex movie with pretty pictures

  • CĂ©line DAugust 18, 2013Reply

    Visible que pour les plans de surf, magnifiques.

  • Luciano GAugust 21, 2013Reply

    A movie that is very slow moving almost the whole time but the ending is very good…..surfing fans will really like this….

  • Yvan CSeptember 9, 2013Reply

    Belle histoire et bien interprĂ©tĂ©. Mais sans plus…

  • Greg WSeptember 18, 2013Reply

    This poor-surfers-make-good drama from Morgan O’Neill and Ben Nott relies more than it should on toned thighs and taut gluteals. Be grateful; there’s nothing to see on dry land that’s anywhere near as compelling. good bio-pic based in truth

  • Anna CSeptember 30, 2013Reply

    Big wednesday was at another level, that’s sure, but this one is quite enjoyable anyway; maybe another leading actor should have been better, but it’s ok.

  • Michael VOctober 8, 2013Reply

    A pleasant trip back to the 1970s. I enjoyed this Aussie surfing movie more than expected. Great acting and locations.

  • Andy GOctober 27, 2013Reply

    Drift is ok drama about two brothers that take on some big waves, and getting involved with drug dealer that putting heroin in surfboards. based on true story in Australia in
    70s. B-

  • Martin GNovember 3, 2013Reply

    BasĂ© sur l’histoire des frères Kelly et les dĂ©buts du surf en Australie dans les annĂ©es 1970. Bonne rĂ©alisation et bon jeu d’acteurs. A voir principalement pour les amateurs du sport

  • Private UNovember 5, 2013Reply

    I was very saddened to read the terrible critic reviews the opinions of these dried up husks should be disregarded at all costs. A classic Australian movie was so good I was confused as to why I had not heard about it. Yes it was predictable and formulaic but I found myself genuinely gripped at its points of tension. It was top immersive storytelling and great fun.

  • Kathryn SDecember 20, 2013Reply

    Not too bad, good Aussie film.

  • Kathy LDecember 26, 2013Reply

    The movie critics obviously never tried to start a small business. This movie explores the central issue of when and how to fund growth of a business started from passion. The script was a bit formulaic, but camera work and casting was good enough.

  • Corinne FDecember 26, 2013Reply

    If you like surfing movie really great movie

  • Heather MDecember 29, 2013Reply

    This movie was a bit all over the place. It was part surf movie with some great visuals, part family drama, part drug scene hippie lifestyle, part underdog story, with a small part of love story to round things out. The movie was entertaining enough for one watch, but it is not something I could recommend to people.

  • Kristine BJanuary 6, 2014Reply

    This was a fun movie, the actors were engaging, and the surfing shots were neat to see. It’s definitely worth a watch!

  • Walker SJanuary 6, 2014Reply

    It’s better than people give it credit for this movie is an amazing look at the 70s surf culture of g land (Australia) it is engaging with a great story soundtrack it’s a great film

  • David FJanuary 10, 2014Reply

    The critics had it wrong on this one. Very good drama with strong acting and beautiful waves. My wife liked it even!

  • Peter PJanuary 19, 2014Reply

    Interesting and entertaining surf movie, with decent performances and some really good surf footage. It is not overly original, but it works for what it is.

  • Robert MFebruary 8, 2014Reply

    Some excellent surf footage!

  • Dylan RFebruary 8, 2014Reply

    This movie was great! If you go in expecting a surfing movie, you might be a little bit offset, but the main theme of 2 brothers managing their own surf shop stays true to itself.

    7.5 out of 10, good surfer flick.

  • Jason FFebruary 25, 2014Reply

    Great Australian surf movie

  • Silvia BApril 20, 2014Reply

    let’s hear it for crappy hair extensions and bad writing. the surfing scenes were cool but this was no Point Break. gosh this reminded me of what great movie Point Break was.

  • Manu GApril 22, 2014Reply

    Two Brothers. One Dream. No Rules.

    Very Good Film! Drift is the latest surf film paying tribute to and giving us a glimpse into the Australian surf life when popular surf brands were just beginning. The acting is fine all round. Myles Pollard, who also co-produced the film, is solid as the responsible older brother. Xavier Samuel, in one of his best performances, brings charisma and energy to his role. Sam Worthington is excellent. He is perfect as the free-spirited hippie. He seemed to enjoy this role more than some of his recent work and it was wonderful to see him in an Aussie film again. The film does a great job of bringing the 70’s back to life. You gotta love JB’s colourful bus and the classic kombi vans! The surfing photography is exciting and breathtaking, and the cinematography by Geoffrey Hall is simply beautiful. The soundtrack, a mix of 70’s classics and more recent tunes, really adds to the cool laid back vibe. The cast and crew looked like they had fun making this film and it shows. A snapshot into the Aussie surf life, it was a highly enjoyable and upbeat movie experience.

    In the 70s two brothers battle killer waves, conservative society and ruthless bikers to kick-start the modern surf industry.

  • Walter TMay 2, 2014Reply

    I read the poor reviews but watched it anyway – better than expected, even enjoyed it. Yes, a lot of it could have been developed a lot more, but enough there with interesting characters to be worth watching.

  • Nick BMay 11, 2014Reply

    Look like Australia does make some good movie I just think a lot of us are missing them. Really great movie from start to finish pretty cool to watch the surfing and there is a lot more going on but set in a great backdrop of Australia.

  • Steven BMay 24, 2014Reply

    I enjoyed this movie. A nice tale based on a true story.

  • Dean GJune 2, 2014Reply

    A great story of family experiencing the struggles of a hard life, yet choosing to make it work… Better yet, choosing their passions and dreams, allowing them to create opportunities from them and not the other way around. It’s a great feel good movie. A classic surfers collection, along with Mavericks and In Gods Hands. Enjoy the ride.

  • WS WJune 10, 2014Reply

    Smooth although rather corny.

  • Angelo Dean BAugust 14, 2014Reply

    Quite good actually, really enjoy watching them surf, some shots are fantastic.
    Fair enough, average and satisfactory. 2.5 Stars mate!

  • stefano lAugust 20, 2014Reply

    Nothing particular the movie, the best scenes were by far the surfing ones.

  • Dana HJanuary 6, 2015Reply

    I loved this movie. It was very interesting, kept moving well throughout and was a nice escape from the usual hum drum of my life. I love the sea and waves, this was a movie for me.

  • Stephen CApril 30, 2015Reply

    Great Aussie movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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