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GoodFellas (1990)

GoodFellas (1990)

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what going on?


The true story of Henry Hill, a half-Irish, half-Sicilian Brooklyn kid who is adopted by neighbourhood gangsters at an early age and climbs the ranks of a Mafia family under the guidance of Jimmy Conway.

IMDb Rating 8.4 8,384 votes



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(150) comments

  • Paul WNovember 29, 2019Reply

    Way better and before The Irishman.

  • Cory DNovember 30, 2019Reply

    This is not only the greatest mob movie ever made, but the greatest movie ever made. From start to finish you’re entertained and it’s that good l that you can restart it and watch it all over again and still never be bored. Makes you feel like you were there and lived through it

  • Adam INovember 30, 2019Reply

    Quotable, intense and somehow comfortable. Scorsese’s ‘Goodfellas’ captures the Italian essence of what a gangster life involves. As Liotta, DeNiro and Pesci bring this essence together, the film balances violence, love and deceit within a perfectly paced timeframe, leaving audiences in high praise of Scorsese’s ability and directorial skill

  • John HDecember 2, 2019Reply

    The great Scorsese mob epic. I personally enjoyed the Irishman more but this is still a hell of a good time.

  • Jared SDecember 3, 2019Reply

    Classic gangster. This movie will influence others forever.

  • David MDecember 4, 2019Reply

    One of the best films ever made.

  • Tony CDecember 6, 2019Reply

    Classic mob film definitely one of my favourite Martin Scorsese film to watch.

  • Bryan PDecember 6, 2019Reply

    Best mafia movie ever made all across the board ten’s from action to comedy to love great my favorite all time classic

  • Max HDecember 8, 2019Reply

    A good mafia classic movie, but little bit overvalued.

  • Max KDecember 11, 2019Reply

    a real classic ow yag

  • Amine HDecember 13, 2019Reply

    Scorsese did it again with his 1990’s Goodfellas.

    Just like all the other Martin Scorsese films, Goodfellas, starring Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, is a really fun movie to watch. De Niro, playing James Conway, played his role just the way we love to see it with his famous tricks and treits.

    The book, Wiseguys, written by Nicholas Pileggi in 1985, is a story about an Irish Italian called Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) who since young age dreamt of becoming a gangster. “Being a gangster was better than being president of the United States”, so he says. After taking a job at the coffeeshop runned by a gangster called Paul Cicero (Paul Servino) across the street from where he lived, his dream starts getting fulfilled step by step.

    The way Henry got to grow up in a gangster environment makes you want to grow up just like that yourself. Having people taking care of you and defending you like that is the dream of many youngers. Even Scorsese scripted girls to watch Henry with heart eyes while driving the gangsters Cadillacs. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

    In stead of going to school like a regular teenager, Henry was exploding cars, selling sigarettes on the corner of the street and whatever Paul would ask him to do. Ofcourse Paul always took really good care of Henry. Paul introduced Henry to James “Jimmy” Conway, a gangster who wasn’t afraid of the law, he liked to steal a lot. After that, Henry got introduced to his new partner Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). Henry, Tommy and Jimmy went on to do a lot of jobs together. The famous Lufthansa-heist for example, where the 3 gangsters got away with $5 million in cash and $875.000 in jewellery, making it the biggest heist of their era.

    Paul had a guy in Tampa, Florida owing him money so he sent Jimmy and Henry to go scare him off and collect the money. Jimmy and Henry thought it’d be funny to hold him over a lion’s hedge to threaten the poor guy, he then quickly gave them the money. Little did the two gangsters know that the poor guy’s sister was a typist for the FBI. She then filed a complaint against Paul, Jimmy and Henry. The 3 of them get sentenced 10 years in jail.

    The betrayals in the movie really hurt deeply. Seeing a bond being built that is stronger than family being broken down, it’s really sad to watch. When Henry promised Paul he wasn’t doing or dealing drugs, for instance. Typical for Scorsese is to portray all the feelings wit hso many details. Beautiful.

    What I find funny is that Martin Scorsese gave Samuel L. Jackson, who these days is concidered a big actor, a really small, almost unimported roll as Stacks Edwards being the guy who almost joepardized their whole Lufthansa operation.

    A lot of famous music was used in the movie, ‘Look in my eyes’ by The chantels for example. They even got Jerry Vale to sing ‘Pretend you don’t see her’ at a nightshow in one of the scenes of the movie. These songs are still on my playlist until this day.

    Overall I really would recommend the movie for those who like a nice story with a theespoon of comedy and a handful of action, and for those who love to see Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci play in an other Martin Scorsese film. I wouldn’t read the book (Wiseguys) before watching the film, otherwise everything will get spoiled and the movie won’t be that fun to watch anymore. If you’ve watched Scorsese’s Casino, and you liked it, I’m sure you’ll more than enjoy watching Scorsese’s Goodfellas.

  • Thomas ADecember 13, 2019Reply

    A seat-gripping classic that tells the story of the ugly side of romanticized gangster lifestyle, sprinkled with black comedy and draped with an acting powerhouse.

  • Deni ADecember 17, 2019Reply

    A classic mobster movie with a trademark of Martin Scorcese storytelling arc

  • Thurnis HDecember 19, 2019Reply

    Absolute work of genius, a timeless classic

  • Jack MDecember 21, 2019Reply

    Unbelievably good. A true classic.

  • Jeff GDecember 24, 2019Reply

    Best movie ever made.

  • Dan GDecember 25, 2019Reply

    My favorite movie of all time. Just above the departed. Both directed by Martin Scorsese my favorite director. Anyone who truly gives Goodfellas a chance ( by which I mean doesn’t simply watch the initial 10 minutes and abruptly turn it off with an exceedingly premature negative opinion) will fall in love with this exceptional, unsurpassable, enchanting film. It will forever be considered the number one mob movie surpassing even the likes of The Godfather, both part 1 & 2. The fact that it’s a true story just adds to its magnificence. Do yourself a favor. If you have yet to see this movie, watch it now. Literally right now and prepare to experience near perfection in film making. You can thank me later.

  • FredDecember 26, 2019Reply

    Viewing it for the 100th time, this time on the big screen, confirms it as the great film it is.

  • dave vDecember 30, 2019Reply

    Scorsese’s depiction in the grim reality of the mafia along with it’s magnetic attraction is the perfect combination. De Niro, Pesci, and Liotta make this movie one great ride along Hill’s life in the mafia. We are drawn in the life just as fast as Martin throws us out of it. A classic in the genre and a must-watch.

  • Omar HJanuary 4, 2020Reply

    A classic must see that you can never go wrong with.

  • Benedetto DJanuary 4, 2020Reply

    One of only a handful of movies I saw at the theater three times.

  • Rafa FJanuary 5, 2020Reply

    Definitley the best Martin Scorsese movie in my opinion, and one of the best gangster-movies of all time. 10/10.

  • James HJanuary 11, 2020Reply

    one of the best gangster Films i have seen just beaten by the god father.

  • Ismail MJanuary 13, 2020Reply

    “Goodfellas” is the quintessential crime film.

  • Colin SJanuary 14, 2020Reply

    Outstanding performances that stand the test of time.

  • Cyrus AJanuary 15, 2020Reply

    An all time great, absolute must watch

  • Kenny CJanuary 20, 2020Reply

    Up there with the Godfather and Scarface

  • Danny VJanuary 28, 2020Reply

    In my opinion Goodfellas is the best movie of the 90s.

  • AnonymousJanuary 30, 2020Reply

    greatest mafia movie off all time!

  • Ben HFebruary 3, 2020Reply

    To simply put it, this was a film I didn’t want to end. As anyone who is remotely interested in cinema will know, Goodfellas is a masterpiece. Arguably the best film in Mr. Scorsese’s directorial line of films. A must-watch in my opinion. (A)

  • Tyler HFebruary 4, 2020Reply

    A classic film with great performances, iconic moments and many other great thing, too many to list here. Didn’t invent the genre of gangster movies but definitely polished it.

  • Jessie CFebruary 12, 2020Reply

    There are great scenes and there are boring scenes. I’m just not a fan of this kind of storytelling. This one’s a stretch of two hours. Nonetheless, it’s still a good movie after all.

  • Thomas MFebruary 15, 2020Reply

    I very nearly turned it off in the opening two minutes…I know it is supposed to be a well-loved ode to the gangster life, but it is just vapid and violent.

  • Loureno EFebruary 16, 2020Reply

    One of the greatest organized crime documented drama movies ever. Everything is awesome: acting performences, soundtrack, camera, narrative…

  • Kareem AFebruary 16, 2020Reply

    its the best movie for martin my best director

  • AnonymousFebruary 18, 2020Reply

    A masterpiece by Martin Scorcese from early 90s…Joe Pesci at his PEAK, and Ray Liotta delight as Hank Hill! Chemistry that can NEVER be emulated again on-screen

  • Enrique CFebruary 22, 2020Reply

    One of my favorite Martin Scorsese movies of all time.

  • Matias DFebruary 22, 2020Reply

    Legendary performances from Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and specially Joe Pesci. Scorcese brings one of the movies that defined an era, and will continue to be praised for generations. Favourite movie of all time.

  • Will HMarch 3, 2020Reply

    Good old times, Staten Island at its best. I think is probably better than the godfather

  • AnonymousMarch 5, 2020Reply

    Greatest gangster movie of all time

  • Andrew AMarch 8, 2020Reply

    One of the most overrated movies. I have tried on multiple occasions to get through it and I never can. No idea what people like about it.

  • Benjamin EMarch 9, 2020Reply

    A Scorsesian masterpiece, GoodFellas showcased just how good of a filmmaker Martin Scorsese is with brutal violence, intuitive screenplay and pitch-perfect performances from an all-star cast, once this film is over you probably have a wish to become a GANGSTER.

  • Andrea MMarch 10, 2020Reply

    I’ve been looking for a while for a reason why this movie shouldn’t be a must see, and I couldn’t come up with any. Everything is extraordinary in here, starting from enchanting direction and brilliant acting. What you see and hear on the screen is pure genius, a breathless adventure in the thug life. The plot is thrilling all throughout, with a memorable finale that is satisfying without being too indulgent: nobody’s a winner. This could’ve come out yesterday and it’d still be fresh. Watch it and get stunned.

  • Juan OMarch 11, 2020Reply

    Martin Scorsese is the King of American Mobster movies. The only bad thing about this movie is that I can’t decide if I like it more than “The Departed” or not.

    His style and love for the art form is clear from every scene that is perfectly directed. The soundtrack blends in with the story. The film is pretty funny. Most of all, the film is engaging and emotional.

    Every character is so well though out. Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco give off some amazing and emotional acting and voice-over performances. Robert De Niro has a good performance. The biggest star here is definitely Joe Pesci who is both hilarious and completely despicable as Tommy.

  • JoeMarch 12, 2020Reply

    Classic !! Best mob movie ever

  • Jeff BMarch 15, 2020Reply

    Top 5 of all time, classic

  • Eric LMarch 15, 2020Reply

    There’s a reason this movie is one of the most well-known and praised of all time, it’s absolutely amazing. There’s nothing bad to say about it, it’s a perfect film. One of my all-time favorites.

  • AnonymousMarch 16, 2020Reply

    One of the best mob movies ever

  • Jared WMarch 16, 2020Reply

    Personally, one of my favorite films of all time. It is a long movie but doesn’t feel like it was dragged out for too long.

  • Joshua BMarch 17, 2020Reply

    This is Martin at his finest. Amazing atmosphere created. Definitely worth a rewatch!

  • Filippo VMarch 19, 2020Reply

    Sempre un grandissimo film che conferma lo straordinario talento registico di Martin Scorsese. Un’altra amara conferma è anche la sua apparente incapacità nel trasmettere emozioni con una morale sufficientemente convincente. Buona la caratterizzazione dei personaggi e straordinaria la sceneggiatura: il film è brillante, energico e simbolo indiscusso di un intero genere cinematografico.

  • Bob KMarch 20, 2020Reply

    If ever there was a movie worth 5 stars (or more!), this is it. Better than “The Godfather”, in my opinion, this movie will keep you riveted from beginning to end. Feels very authentic in it’s portrayal of the mob, yet manages to entertain like few movies can with the perfect mix of drama and comedy, and intermittent scenes of horrific violence. Needless to say, the cast is incredible. “Goodfellas” is definitely in the debate for greatest movie of all time! If you don’t believe me, then ask your friends!!!

  • Brandon GMarch 23, 2020Reply

    I love everything about it, but there’s way too much narration.

  • Ryan SMarch 31, 2020Reply

    This is great.

    My first time watching ‘GoodFellas’, but I had obviously heard massive amounts about it for years and years; especially after seeing and loving ‘The Sopranos’. I was hoping it would live up to the hype and it certainly did.

    Ray Liotta is outstanding as Henry, it is fascinating seeing the story through his point of view. Robert De Niro is, for me anyway, the star of this however. Every single scene he brings his A-game, which I expected given how universally acclaimed that man is. Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco and Paul Sorvino are also superb.

    The whole film is put together excellently, I specifically enjoyed the paranoia stuff late on with Henry & Co. My only critique would be the part of the plot with the FBI typist, which kinda came out of nowhere. It is part of the storytelling though, so not even close to a major complaint of mine.

    The pacing is tremendous too. It didn’t feel like I had just watched a two hour plus production, which is always a pleasing thing but something you don’t always get.

    If you haven’t already, you gotta watch this.

  • Albert BApril 3, 2020Reply

    Not only is Goodfellas is a movie I can starch off my Martin Scorsese watchlist, but it’s also one of the best films in the gangster genre. The story flows smoothly with its characters and the emotional connection that the main character played by Ray Liotta has with the gang he’s in with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. These supporting actors give powerful performances that make this movie riveting. What stands out from Goodfellas is that much of the film is just characters having conversations. Of course, there are unexpected bursts of Scorsese violence and all, but Goodfellas is an energetic film that never goes off track. The film’s nearly 150 minutes long, but the thing is that it didn’t feel like it. I’d say that for me, it felt 105 minutes. Once again, Goodfellas gives stunning performances, extraordinary editing, and an energetic story that never is tedious. That’s why this film gets 5 stars from me and goes on my list of top 10 films I’ve seen in my life.

  • Steve HApril 4, 2020Reply

    AFI 100 Greatest Films – #94: A best of a genre label here is never argued. One of the better ensemble performances by a cast in the last three decades, as Scorsese exhibits keen precision placing the players in the major, and maybe more impressively, minor roles throughout the film. Pesci gives Fiennes in Schindler’s List a run for the most psychotically violent performance on the AFI 100 but definitely unlike Fienne’s Amon Goeth, with Pesci’s Tommy DeVito, I guiltily always want more.

  • Craig OApril 4, 2020Reply

    Funny how? What’s funny about it?

  • Jacob20 BApril 6, 2020Reply

    I know people say The Godfather is the greatest gangster film, but Goodfellas is my favorite.

  • Andrew IApril 7, 2020Reply

    A phenomenal Scorsese classic.

  • Parker HApril 8, 2020Reply

    The film was a fantastic installation to the mob genre that takes the viewer through the entry to a mob and how detrimental the exit of one can be. It is action packed and has a great plot which is always moving. The movie shows the influence that mob bosses had which even made living in prison easier. It shows how important pride is to the mob members and how they would kill over a simple insult. Overall the movie’s action and gore along with a moving plot makes it fun to watch.

  • Bradley GApril 13, 2020Reply

    Smooth, sophisticated, classy and dangerous. MS manages to suck you in with all the glory’s of being a gangsta but quickly shows you how things can go wrong. Based on the book Wiseguy, follows the story of Henry Hill. A born half Irish and Sicilian boy works his way up into one of the 5 crime families. You’ll laugh, you wince
    , you’ll mourn and you’ll love it. One of the best gangsta movies of all time.

  • Sahil GApril 13, 2020Reply

    I watched “Irishman” first before this one, and I can see the elements of this movie that Martin Scorsese brought in the “Irishman”. However, I’ve got to say that I liked this one far more as it was shorter, more to concise/to the point, and actually had a pretty solid twist in it. The acting is superb all around, and it was pretty cool to see several members of “The Sopranos” cast in their youth!

  • Chris FApril 13, 2020Reply

    Fantastic gangster film.

  • Aaron WApril 16, 2020Reply

    This film is one of the all time greats. The storyline is amazing as we are brought through the life of the monster henry hill. A really authentic feel is brought with it, this is a must see.

  • Renaldo Dias JApril 17, 2020Reply

    A film not so original, but in a way is one of the best gangster

  • Daniel MApril 21, 2020Reply

    Everyone loves it for a reason. Don’t be a wiseguy and say you don’t. 10/10.

  • jay sApril 24, 2020Reply

    Its form and drive puts forth something very brilliant.

  • AnonymousApril 26, 2020Reply

    (SPOILERS) Great movie, Joe Pesci stoke the show. Ending was kinda anticlimactic after he was gone.

  • AnonymousMay 2, 2020Reply

    A really fun crime film really well directed and acted by everyone.

  • chiya AMay 3, 2020Reply

    You know for a gangster movie it’s actually pretty good I’m not gonna lie. Sure maybe there are way better gangster movies than Goodfellas but keep in mind I haven’t really watched that much gangster movies before, Even though I will watch movies that I will find way better than this movie, but overall I give Goodfellas 4/5 stars. It’s not my favourite film ever but I do think you should give it a watch.

  • James BMay 5, 2020Reply

    Recently discovered this classic thriller crime film.

  • Yaniv MMay 9, 2020Reply

    An all-time classic. With great directing by Scorsese and one of the all-time best performances by Joe Pesci. Goodfellas menages to be historically accurate while entertaining at all times.

  • Matthew WMay 9, 2020Reply

    “I mean, funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you?” Based on the true story of Henry Hill (an excellent Liotta) who after years of being at the top of mafia chain turns FBI informant after he becomes a target for both the feds & the mafia in Scorsese’s classic crime epic.

  • Marc CMay 16, 2020Reply

    This isn’t my favorite Scorsese movie but it is up there. This is one of the best true story about crime lords from the 70s. The cast fires on all cylinders and of course Joe Pesci steals the show. This is good movie to watch and must for any Scorsese fan.

  • Jake HMay 17, 2020Reply

    one of the best mob movies of all-time

  • Sotiris KMay 20, 2020Reply

    I think it is a very good film but not the masterpiece most people consider it to be.

  • Alberto VMay 20, 2020Reply

    Goodfellas is one of Martin Scorsese’s greatest masterpiece. That is why this film is in my top 10 of favorite films.

  • Diogo SMay 21, 2020Reply

    One of he best gangster movie.
    Scorsese involves you with this.
    Pesci just Wow , Wow

  • Jonaiker SMay 21, 2020Reply

    creo que fue mejor que leer un libro, sinceramente la podria ver un par de veces mas pero mas no, la historia es genial, vivimos todos como unos pendejos.

  • AnonymousMay 24, 2020Reply

    Goodfellas – greatest film to capture the gangster life in the most styled and brutal way possible with compelling performances from the entire cast but the standout being Joe Pesci’s incredible onscreen insane performance Martin Scorsese crafted not only cinemas greatest gangster film ever put to screen but a true epic on Every level

  • Jonathan RMay 25, 2020Reply

    A brilliant gangster film I can watch again and again some great performances that will leave you wanting to know more about the characters…Liotta De Niro Pesci a brilliant trio and watch out for a young Samuel L Jackson…excellent

  • Alef MMay 27, 2020Reply

    O modo com Scorsese dirige a obra, seu cast e suas atuações e toda cinematografia envolvida fazem com que GoodFellas seja único e pareça vivo!

    Martin faz questão de avisar que o filme é baseado numa historia real, e assim se faz. Como é de costume nas suas obras, o realismo aqui atingido é assustador em alguns momentos. O anti-romantismo aqui funciona bem. Fica bem claro que os personagens são psicóticos e corrompidos, e se você se deixa influenciar por eles, o problema está na sua cabeça.

    A paranoia e a realidade luxuosa, “privilegiada”, crua e imprevisível é muito bem retratada aqui. Isso nos deixa nervosos, pois sabemos que qualquer coisa pode acontecer, e a ciência do protagonista não melhora muito as coisas, afinal ele não está no controle.

    Foi muito interessante ver a atuação explosiva e psicótica do Joe Pesci após assisti-lo em “O Irlandês”, onde ele ocupa um papel bem diferente na mafia. Posso dizer o mesmo de Robert De Niro, que nesse filme da vida a uma pessoa mais temperamental, se comparada ao seu pape no filme aqui já mencionado. Lorraine Bracco estava excelente, e me fez sentir raiva da personagem dela as vezes, de tão bem que ela interpretava nos momentos de puro delírio.

    Goodfellas é um filme essencial para quem é fan do gênero e se considera um cinéfilo. Além do enredo, o casting é lendário e a direção do Scorsese sempre é uma maravilha de se apreciar.

  • Leigh PMay 28, 2020Reply

    A rare genre pic that equals the lofty heights of the Godfather. Team Scorsese at their best. Raw, unapologetic, real.

  • Samuel LJune 2, 2020Reply

    One of the best gangster movies of all time. I found it more enjoyable than The Godfather despite it feeling longer than the runtime. The characters and acting are fantastic, the plot is coherent, the dialogue is strong, and the cinamatography and soundtrack are great. A bit slow to get started, but the second half is full of violence and cocaine. Otherwise, my only complaint would be that some of Ray Liotta’s laughter looks like the character is having a stroke.

  • Jake SJune 3, 2020Reply

    Next to “The Godfather”, “Goodfellas” ranks right at the top of not only mafia films, but of the greatest films of all-time. It is a masterfully crafted piece of art. Amazing camera usage, acting, and story all combine to make this one of the best movies ever put together. Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, and Robert de Niro are the main trio of actors and they all do fantastic. Pesci won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and it is easy to see why he did. He brings his natural energy to the role and makes it incredibly memorable. Liotta is the lead and his portrayal of real-life mobster, Henry Hill, is very good as well. This movie is a biopic of Hill and spans over decades telling the story of how he got involved with mafia and his ultimate fall from grace. It is entertaining, and intriguing. The dialogue, whether between the characters or the narration, is smart and important. Telling a story in two and a half hours about something that occurred over decades takes really precise writing to get the story across, and “Goodfellas” does this as perfect as a film can do it. Whereas “The Godfather” took a more romanticized view of organized crime, “Goodfellas” shows the real brutal and oftentimes ugly side of the mafia. The violence is brutal, but it is more often the aftermath of the violence that will leave an impression on the viewer’s mind for years to come. The music that is put to this film is stylish and makes the atmosphere of the film even more intriguing. This is an essential film for any film buff. Overall, I give this film a 10/10.

  • Luke JJune 3, 2020Reply

    I probably need to rewatch this. Despite being universally praised and considered one of Scorsese’s best, I didn’t find anything too memorable. It’s good but it didn’t leave a strong impression, willing to see if it improves on multiple viewings

  • Caleb BJune 4, 2020Reply

    The acting is flawless, and all the actors have amazing chemistry. The first two acts are great, but the third act’s pacing seems off, and Scorsese doesn’t quite stick the landing. Still definitely worth a watch.

  • E CJune 5, 2020Reply

    The best gangster film ever, and one of the best films ever made. This film truly is a classic. The acting and the story was fantastic. The best film of 1990 and my favorite film that came out in 1990 as well.

  • Rob LJune 6, 2020Reply

    Scorsese’s dedication to story telling is best in class as is his ability to enhance the experience with top draw casting.
    Goodfellas charts the true story of Henry Hill’s rise and fall over 3 decades in what is a genre defining piece of work where the 3 main protagonists in Liotta, De Niro and Pesci deliver career defining performances in what is a true masterpiece in film making at all levels.

  • Sterlin RJune 6, 2020Reply

    One heck of a classic. Definitely Martin Scorsese’s best film, and the best mobster movie of all time.

  • 30Second RJune 11, 2020Reply

    #Goodfellas #MovieReview: 10/10


    Best mob movie ever (excluding The Departed)

    Ray Liota/Joe Pesci/Robert DeNiro

    Martin Scorcese

    Perfect narration

    Gripping storytelling

    Phenomenal pacing

    Star-studded cast

    Fun soundtrack

    Interesting central relationship



  • Steve KJune 13, 2020Reply

    Other than the Godfather/Godfather 2, this is easily the greatest mob movie ever made. Superb character study, cinematography and storyline. The ending 10-15 minutes was manic, but nonetheless, incredible movie.

  • Elijah CJune 13, 2020Reply

    “Goodfellas” has both style and substance, with clever camerawork, an intelligent script, and an applause-worthy cast that all help to differentiate this film from common gangster cinema.

  • Hayden LJune 17, 2020Reply

    Goodfellas, directed & written by Martin Scorsese, produced by one of the best producers in the game today, in Irwin Winkler, is the most accurate, and my favorite mob movie of all time! Scorsese, Winkler & Pileggi crafted this beautifully told story, being nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture & Best Director. Marty displayed this incredible sense of direction, while pulling source material right out of Nicholas Pileggi’s book, titled Wiseguys, based off of Henry Hill’s life. Scorsese utilized great steady cam work, with intelligent usage of freeze frames, to capture important moments. He also used these great, eye-level seeking shots, displaying the amazing scenery and characters emotions.

    Goodfellas is a masterpiece whichever way you want to look at it. The story was a true, authentic representation of not only Henry Hill’s life, but what life was like in the mafia, back in the 60s/early 70s. Some scenes probably came off as theatrical, or done for amusement (you think I’m a clown?), but according to Henry Hill himself, the content is 99.9% accurate, and ultimately dumbed down in a way. With the narration from Ray Liotta, it brought all of the content from the previous scenes together, making everything flow beautiful, with immaculate pacing.

    The cast director in Ellen Lewis casted the absolute best, star studded cast possible! Each character had their own sense of comradeship. The attention to detail by all of the characters was nothing short of impeccable. The most notable performance of the film, was by one of my favorite actors, in Joe Pesci. He portrays Tommy De Simone’s crazy, ludacris persona PERFECTLY, although he couldn’t really embrace his physical structure, to say the least. Bob De Niro put on yet another stellar performance. His character was heavily focused on, to help build our main “antihero” in Ray Liotta. With a character with such a high stature, De Niro is the only casting that makes sense. Lorraine Bracco was the character the audience really felt for. She put on such a great, dramatic performance, selling every scene. Paul Sorvino always does a great job in these type of roles, but this time, I wish we got a little more of him. For someone who really meant a lot in the true story, he didn’t have too much screen time, but when he did, he made a nobale and witty statement everytime. Even though I absolutely loved Sorvino’s performance, he was probably my least favorite character, due to the justice that wasn’t served to his high caliber character. The only minor take away from the characters as a whole; all of these characters (except Lorraine Bracco) are equally as violent, but they dumbed a few characters down.

    The script by Martin Scorsese & Nicholas Pileggi (who also went on with Scorsese to do Casion), was BRILLIANT! With the popularity behind it, some of the dialogues were borrowed by other writers, who incorporated their tweaked version to their own work. The script carried so much weight, being so witty, and sliding in plenty of laughs.

    The action was very stylish, gory, brutal, with a great 60s feel. The action was displayed almost to a T.

    Overall, this will forever go down as, not only one of the best mafia movies, but one of the best movies of all time.

  • AnonymousJune 18, 2020Reply

    Everyone in the world has to watch this movie. This is just an excellent movie.

  • Emilio RJune 20, 2020Reply

    La evolución de los personajes durante el paso del tiempo, las circunstancias, los diálogos, escenas impresionantes, actores excepcionales. ¡La mejor película de la historia!

  • Valentin MJune 24, 2020Reply

    Goodfellas is the peak of American Gangsters genre. Masterpiece

  • Chris KJune 26, 2020Reply

    The rise and downfall of a gangster. One of Scorsese’s best films!

  • Cees TJune 27, 2020Reply

    Guy joins mob to be cool, gets a wife, goes to prison for mob stuff, gets caught again because he still prefers mob stuff to honest work, and rats out his crew in exchange for his old nobody life. Kinda boring. Fiction is more fun.

  • Steve DJuly 10, 2020Reply

    Brilliant drama with fantastic performances. It is one of Martin Scorsese’s best.

  • Rob WJuly 15, 2020Reply

    Goodfellas is honestly a masterpiece. The movie’s got a great plot, bloody action, amazing actors/actresses, beautiful songs and some beautiful cinematography from Michael Ballhaus. Overall, it’s a masterpiece of a movie and it’s honestly worth the watch.

  • Jona IJuly 17, 2020Reply

    Well-made, with intriguing characters and portrayals. The morals are disgusting, but it’s an incredible character study.

  • Scotty MJuly 18, 2020Reply


  • Aidan MJuly 26, 2020Reply

    Martin Scorsese’s ‘Goodfellas’ is the 2nd greatest mafia picture ever, right behind ‘The Godfather.’ Oh, and what a 2nd place finisher it is. ‘Goodfellas’ tells the story of Henry Hill and his 30 years spent building relationships in the mafia. Phenomenal dialogue, directing, and performances add up to make this Scorsese’s best film.

  • Eren TAugust 1, 2020Reply

    Easy to understand story and an effective way of telling it; performances, editing, directing and everything with this movie is perfect. Definitely one of Scorsese’s best works and might be the best one.

  • Gari SAugust 5, 2020Reply

    One of the best gangsters movies ever made! Everything in this movie is incredible, performances, directing, screenplay, cinematography, etc. Goodfellas, as far is much better than Dances with Wolves. Absolutelly robbed at the Oscars.
    But congratulations to Joe Pesci, one of my favorite actors.

  • Omar RAugust 8, 2020Reply

    A compelling and intense plot further emphasized through great acting Goodfellas is one of the best gangster films if not the best.

  • Jim RAugust 9, 2020Reply

    I have not watched “Goodfellas” since it first came out and I must say it remains the best gangster movie ever made. I know some will say “The Godfather” is the ultimate, but this one pulls you in from the first minute of the film and never lets you go. It is that good.

    The film focuses on the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill and his friends and family. Ray Liotta plays Henry Hill and Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci play his best friends and crime associates. We see their turbulent lives played out from 1955 to 1980 as they delve in robberies, drug trade and the occasional bloody and sometimes random murder.

    The story is structured so well with Henry, and at times by his wife (played by Lorraine Bracco), narrating the events. Usually main characters telling you how you should feel is annoying, but in this one the narration is a character in the movie. You rarely see this in serious films, but Henry even addresses the movie audience at one point. It’s this type of movie making that makes people fall in love with motion pictures.

    If you have never seen “Goodfellas” or have not seen it in a long time, I highly recommend it. It’s rare that you get a highly charged mix of drama, violence and, yes, even humor so well done. Pop your popcorn before it starts because you won’t want to pause to get it during the movie.

  • Mike CAugust 10, 2020Reply

    I call this Barry bonds. Arguably the greatest film of all time

  • Landon JAugust 11, 2020Reply

    Its pretty smoothe and cool and quite entertaining. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes gangster movies

  • Abby KAugust 12, 2020Reply

    Outstanding. One to re-watch every few years.

  • Cindy PAugust 12, 2020Reply

    Best Movie Of All Time!

  • Fra BAugust 14, 2020Reply

    It’s so effective and real that it doesn’t end when the movie finishes

  • Nicolai VAugust 16, 2020Reply

    Absolute must see movie, fantastic, a masterpiece.

  • Sebastian JAugust 20, 2020Reply

    Godfather is how the world see the mob goodfellas is how the mob is

  • Nick BAugust 21, 2020Reply

    Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is everything you want from a mob movie, and more. Its appeal and engagement is supremely accentuated by flashy supporting performances from Joe Pesci and Robert Deniro, as well as a classy script from Scorsese. But, (Unpopular opinion alert) what dilutes this film’s sting is the strength of its lead performance. Ray Liotta is good. But he doesn’t possess enough bravura, charisma or even charm to keep himself from falling into the pockets of his more commanding, established co-stars. You’re left waiting for Deniro, Pesci, Paulie, Pete, Marie or even Morri to come in and inject some glorious mafioso goodness into the, at times, lukewarm solo scenes. On a different note, whoever said Scorsese can’t write good female parts is W-R-O-N-G. She stole the show —- and that really didn’t help her on-screen husband.
    It’s still good, just unfortunate —- somehow expectations always leave us feeling underwhelmed.
    Iroh’s grade: B-

  • Sam TAugust 22, 2020Reply

    This movie is visually stunning while also having a very seductive plot drawing you into the gangster life of Henry Hill. In a lot of ways Id call this movie a masterpiece.

  • Andrew TAugust 27, 2020Reply

    One can argue that this is the best movie of the 1990s. This film has everything and more, and is Scorcese’s best. Sadly tho, he keeps trying to remake this movie, when you can’t. It’s up there w/ Godfather, GWTW, Citizen Kane, etc. in terms of elite films.

  • E CAugust 27, 2020Reply

    In my opinion, the best gangster film ever, and one of the best films ever made. This film truly is a classic. All the actors did a great job in this film and the story was fantastic. This is my favorite film of 1990.

  • Sanath NAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Keeps you glued to the TV.

  • Daniel SAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Im impressed with this movie and i was confused

  • Jace BAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Scorsese’s finest work from the camera movement to the three-headed monster of Liotta/Pesci/De Niro. What is there not to say about Goodfellas?

  • Ryan ASeptember 10, 2020Reply

    Martin Scorsese best, great cast, great cinematography (especially that one-take shot in Dinner scene), quotable, so Timeless…should have won Best Picture that year at Oscar

  • AnonymousSeptember 14, 2020Reply

    Arguably the best movie I’ve ever seen. Not only does is touch on the mafia in a realistic way, but it captures the attention of non mafia interested individuals as well. The story alone is a ride you don’t want to miss. Scorsese is the best director of our time, imo.

  • Daniel HSeptember 15, 2020Reply

    Some scenes seem irrelevant but I enjoyed watching it. Good one

  • Frank PSeptember 16, 2020Reply

    This is one of those untouchable movies. It’s like saying you don’t like the Beatles. Even if you don’t like them, you’re wrong in most people’s eyes.

    Maybe it’s because I’d somehow never taken the time to watch this, and here I am in my late 30’s, in 2020, finally watching it, but I don’t understand the universal praise for this film.

    Is it good? Yes, it’s very good. Is it entertaining? Yes, it is. Is it the transcendent movie going experience it’s made out to be? Not at all.

  • Matia ROctober 12, 2020Reply

    kinda bad fellas actually

  • Bobby DOctober 15, 2020Reply

    It’s Flawless. One of the best films in history of cinema.

  • Michael KOctober 25, 2020Reply

    An iconic movie. Not just a mafia or gangster film but a great tale and shot with such masterly technique.

  • Eugene fOctober 28, 2020Reply

    just watched this with my kids they loved it sad thing is my youngest had to go to day care the next day and when he got home he talked like joe pesci the whole time. he is like a little cute gangster.

  • Josh JOctober 29, 2020Reply

    Iconic. Classic. Couldn’t say anything about this movie that hasn’t been said already. From the characters to the cinematography, Goodfellas delivers on every front.

  • Robert POctober 31, 2020Reply

    One of my favorite films of all time! Perfect story from beginning to end.

  • Hoss VOctober 31, 2020Reply

    One of the best organized-crime movies ever filmed

  • THIAGO ANovember 3, 2020Reply

    GoodFellas defined Martin Scorsese’s career and is remembered by many people as one of Martin Scorsese’s best movies.

  • Warren BNovember 3, 2020Reply

    Tried to get into it several times, and I’ll stand by my opinion.

    One of the worst movies ever made.

    Mob movies are needlessly cruel, and not entertaining at all.

    Wolf of Wall Street is better than this, and that movie is just ok/passable.

  • Alex HNovember 4, 2020Reply

    A true Scorsese classic! This movie starts off with a lot of good humor and good acting which already sets the tone for the entire picture. I never enjoyed movies about gangsters, but this one just won my heart. It is amazing in every single aspect — every single phrase, every single shot, every single side character are amazing. The dialogue is very intense, funny at some points and interesting to observe as you never know how each of the dialogues will end and what consequences will such dialogue lead to. Joe Pesci is acting really good, you get the feeling of him being this one funny person in every company, which comes back home and becomes a total opposite of himself, but, in this movie, he doesn’t come home, he expresses himself just like he is. This movie is relatable in every way, as each person watching can relate themselves to one character or another. Robert DeNiro has an outstanding performance and you get to feel him as a tough bad guy, who actually has a lot of feelings hidden underneath him. His character is being opened throughout the whole plot and his emotions are just so true and real. The main character played by Ray Liotta is fantastic because of how well he is portrayed. He has so many problems, yet still believes in the bright future even when the things go wrong. You expect all gangster movies to be some sort of a teaching of why you should not be a gangster and well, this movie does a direct opposite, which is why I love Scorsese. The aesthetic of the time and of the gangster world is given amazingly and realistically, which is why you believe every single shot that appears. The decisions with camera angles lead you to believing like if you yourself live Henry’s life and the narrator, who is Henry himself, just gives you not only a better understanding of what is happening, but a feeling of a story being told. The movie is long, yet it is watched like if it is less than an hour long, because there was not a single scene that I have seen and found it boring. A true masterpiece and a movie that should be seen by anyone, even if you don’t like the genre, there is plenty of everything somebody can find here: a lot of thoughtful moments, great humor, good action, awesome drama and at some points even thriller. A 10/10, Scorsese’s GOLD and a MUST SEE!!!

  • Yonatan MNovember 10, 2020Reply

    It’s interesting, but i did not find anything in it really good.

  • Adam ENovember 17, 2020Reply

    “Goodfellas” becomes an instant classic due to its sharp casting and grim take on the Gangster genre.

  • Amin GNovember 25, 2020Reply

    It was very difficult for me to finish the movie. Maybe it was an excellent one in 1990, but to me watching in 2020 it seemed very boring and typical of all mafia crime stories

  • Isaac HNovember 26, 2020Reply

    The best mafia movie ever made hands down. There is not a single thing about this movie that could have been better. What a amazing film.

  • Ray JNovember 27, 2020Reply

    Robert de Niro is a great actor

  • Raywinn SNovember 29, 2020Reply

    The opening monologue starts with “As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster” It will go on and turn out to be one of the greatest if not the greatest Gangster-film ever told.

  • Ryan DDecember 4, 2020Reply

    No other words to describe it besides perfect. A perfect film.

  • James BDecember 8, 2020Reply

    Iconic feature about Irish-Italian gangsters is slightly over-rated but certainly has some memorable moments. Joe Pesci is impeccable as the charming, yet unpredictable, Tommy DeVito.

  • Jesus MDecember 18, 2020Reply

    Wow!. That’s the only expression that comes to my mind when a people mention me this movie. I give 5 stars to the photography director, he give us astounding shots and scenes that always will remain on my mind. The story was very surprising, but i never expected less coming of Martin Scorsese. The performance of the actors were extraordinary, but i think Robert De Niro was remarkable. A highly recommended movie certainly.

  • Quinn RDecember 26, 2020Reply

    Too long with too many storylines. What was the plot? Jumped around so much I couldn’t keep up. The acting was really good though. (40%)

  • Federico MDecember 31, 2020Reply

    Excellent movie. Great storytelling, wonderful acting, amazing editing, wonderful photography, this is a must watch movie!

  • Bonnie HJanuary 2, 2021Reply

    I cannot recommend this film enough! It’s full of amazing actors (including the classic duo of Robert de Niro & Joe Pesci) and has a brilliant storyline. The film is a good length and has a great pace.

  • David CJanuary 5, 2021Reply


    E: 4/5
    R: 8.5/10

  • Lautaro AJanuary 9, 2021Reply

    It is a masterpiece, this is the best of the works that scorsese gave us, direction, cast and script, not to mention everything, it makes it stand out from the others, turning this film into perfection itself.

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