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Heartstone (2016)

Heartstone (2016)

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7.3 86 votes


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A remote fishing village in Iceland. Teenage boys Thor and Christian experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh nature of Iceland takes back its rights, it’s time to leave the playground and face adulthood.

IMDb Rating 7.3 86 votes


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(14) comments

  • Fidel Antonio MJune 22, 2017Reply

    This coming-of-age film tackles self-acceptance, exploration of masculinity, and sexual awakening but is too cold and too repetitive to make a lasting impression.

  • Kevin AJuly 23, 2017Reply

    The best coming of age movie for years! very detailed, fresh, honest and from the youngsters point of view.

  • Billy HAugust 26, 2017Reply

    very good and touching movie

  • Tyler HNovember 9, 2017Reply

    “Heartstone” isn’t a film about coming out or being gay – it’s a film about growing up. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s debut confronts realistic issues that some coming of age films don’t dare address – including discovering one’s sexuality without the heterosexual assumptions and expectations of men. It’s cinematically breathtaking, whether it be the intimate and atmospheric shots or the strikingly entrancing scenery of Iceland. At first, the film feels as if it’s going to be along the lines of most coming of age LGBTQ dramas, and though it does contain many common thematic situations it contributes an original story to both gay and straight cinema. “Heartstone” doesn’t rely on the heartbreaking experiences gay youth face, rather it shines with the captivating performances from Baldur Einarsson and Blær Hinriksson combined with the anxiety of tense situations and tight, blurred camera shots. The enormity of the film – the depth and seriousness of the story captured – doesn’t reach its full effect until credits roll. But once it sinks in, it won’t let you go for quite some time.

  • Rangan RFebruary 4, 2018Reply

    A coming-of-age from Iceland.

    The initial impression was not very good. Made me uneasy to watch. Because there were some inhumane shots. They all looked so real. So I thought I would going to hate this film. But I did not. It was only in the opening, like a small black spot in something beautiful. Soon the scenario had changed. Jumped into tail two friends, their activities. That’s understandable to show us their bond and what to expect in the latter parts.

    This is a children’s film, but teenager’s. So like at their age, it’s desperate to learn about the opposite sex attraction. Most of the time it won’t be pleasant. The teens have their own way to explore it. So the film was focused on their take on the sexuality. Come-of-age theme where the majority revolved around friendship. Definitely a good awareness film, but very intentional storytelling. Especially the twist and the conclusion. For me it was intentional, because I’ve seen plenty of similar films. But I don’t think you and others would think that way as well. Kind of easy to guess how it all turns out at the end, but when you see them in pictures, the experience is different.

    In a small remote town of Iceland, it’s about a time for two teen friends to find out their sexuality. Their families have issues, but nothing stopping them to wandering around everyday, hanging out with the girls, doing stuff like anyone of their age would do. When one of their small mischievous events is taken seriously by their parents, the things begin to change forth. They are not same anymore. The long standing friendship is tested now. But how the story ends was conveniently told.

    -xX] No makeup! We look gay enough already. [Xx-

    This is a gay themed film, though not right from the beginning or too deeply dived to narrate the tale from that angle. But like usual, it highlighted how still in some places the word gay is still a sin. All you can learn about it from the kid’s perspective, how they are sidelined among their ages. You could say that they were yet to learn the meaning of it, but the case is not the same with their elders too. Not focused enough on the adult characters, yet the film reveals their society is not open enough for all kinds.

    I have seen a lot such awareness film about LGBT, this is another that tells about the Iceland’s version of discrimination. Totally respect the film and filmmaking, because it’s made with a good intention. Though like I have mentioned, the opening was not pleasant. Opened with a brutal tone which did not stay that way henceforth. Being an animal and a nature lover, I could not stand for it. Other than that, there’s no reason to dislike the flick. In some way, that was a step taken in the transformation of the characters. That’s what it’s all about, the meaning of coming-of-age, is not it!

    Well, for a such theme, the actors usually are fresh faces. So they all performance so good. It was a directional debut for the filmmaker as well. Awesomely written and made. Won many film festivel awards. I particularly loved the countryside scenic. Just same as what I’ve seen from the Kiwi films that set in the rural areas. As much as they focused on the story, it had very pleasant backgrounds that synced so beautifully with what it had narrated for us. It had been in my watchlist. We put films into that list when something interesting element triggers. So now I’m happy to scratch it off. Mission accomplished! It surely stood to the expectation and so do I now recommend it for others as well.


  • AnonymousJune 9, 2018Reply

    An honest and heartbreaking depiction of early teen life and burgeoning sexuality along with some of the accompanying confusion.

  • Josè MJuly 6, 2018Reply

    Me gustò el estilo tan cercano y natural.

  • AnonymousSeptember 29, 2018Reply

    Que Linda historia de amor y amistad en los sitios más remotos de la tierra. Un aplauso para estos jóvenes con mucho talento

  • Russ CFebruary 14, 2019Reply


  • Lil LAugust 25, 2019Reply

    A memorable testament to growing up.

  • Rohan JDecember 12, 2019Reply

    Absolute brilliantly, couldn’t stop hiding something from anybody.

  • Brandon SDecember 20, 2019Reply

    I loved this movie, it’s brilliant. It did what truly successful movies do — it made me feel I was really there and experiencing the lives of real people. I’m a bit frustrated with the critics who say it should’ve been shorter or more tightly edited… it’s only two hours long, and that’s how long it takes for us to get to know these people, this type of life, and the love story between Christian and Thor. This is worth a watch.

    I liked seeing the portrayal of life in a small town in northern Iceland, too. Lots of rich texture in the film comes from developing a view of that community (the director even films a party scene that has little to do with the plot, just to show us a dance hall and people from the town). I was left wondering though, are Icelandic people really this hard on each other?

  • Tor KApril 5, 2020Reply

    Iceland seem to never let me down when it comes to movies. I don’t know if it’s the witty, strange stories or the culture or maybe the nature and lightning.
    Here there is definetly no wittyness as we follow to young pals, Thor (Baldur Einarssonand) and Kristján (Blær Hinriksson – darn cool name) as they grow up in the middle of nowhere, with few peole around.

    They never use phones, they hang around in the nature, some football, some farmer’s stuff, some fishing, some mischief making and that first crush deal with the girls. While Thor seem to figure it out, he is the cooler kid, Kristján never get the grip the same way. He is very kind, especially to his friend. It’s a very slow grinder and it turns darker and darker. Some will call it slow, but I found it perfectly paced, with a fitting 130 minutes playtime.

    This is a coming of age-film, with a gay-touch. It’s strong and often hard to watch, but not in a graphic matter. The acting is phenomenal and it’s beautifully shot. You can’t help to catch up with feelings you had as a early teenager even if there are more downs than uppers here. I believe it deserves a much greater fuzz and I hadn’t even heard of it before I stumbled upon it. A great, sad watch.

    8.5 out of 10 bullrouts.

  • Bradley JMay 13, 2020Reply

    A very sweet movie about friendship and more. Well acted and written, especially when considering the ages of the actors. Interesting location.

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