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Home on the Range (2004)

Home on the Range (2004)

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When a greedy outlaw schemes to take possession of the “Patch Of Heaven” dairy farm, three determined cows, a karate-kicking stallion and a colorful corral of critters join forces to save their home. The stakes are sky-high as this unlikely animal alliance risk their hides and match wits with a mysterious band of bad guys.

IMDb Rating 6 1,424 votes


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(150) comments

  • Dylan JJanuary 30, 2012Reply

    Oh Disney, what were you guys thinking???

    Okay, I watched this out of my own curiosity as to how bad or good it mighta actually been. On a whole, the film is harmless and it does have its moments, but the heart and magic of Disney simply is not in this one, folks, nowhere near the standard set by Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King. Not a terrible film, but offers surprisingly little for a Disney production. This might as well have been a direct-to-video deal if this was the route they were gonna take. Had this actually been the last traditionally-animated Disney film, it’s one hell of a sad swan song. Let’s be grateful the 2D animation studio is getting back on its feet, so this film can be forgiven for that sin.

    I’ll never understand how they got Judi Dench to agree to this movie. How did they ever successfully pull that off?

  • Ben VFebruary 15, 2012Reply

    This movie is definitely not the Lion King

  • Josiah CMarch 4, 2012Reply

    One of Disney’s worst.

  • Ben JMarch 4, 2012Reply

    When the first ten minutes are filled with bad humor, then you know that it’s going to be a bad movie.

  • Yuan Ting DMarch 5, 2012Reply

    If I remember correctly, this was the first movie I’ve ever seen in a theater. Also, up to this day, I still love one of their soundtracks: anytime you need a friend, beu sisters.

  • Emily WMarch 14, 2012Reply

    An off-beat Disney feature that did not pay off.

  • Joshua HMarch 16, 2012Reply

    Reviews for Walt Disney Animated Studios. #45

  • Edison HMarch 24, 2012Reply

    Entretenida y medio divertida xD

  • Noah Abraham GApril 6, 2012Reply

    An incredibly awful and unfunny movie, a real disgrace to the Disney name. Despite some good animation and decent voice work, “Home on the Range” is a complete waste of time.

  • Kimberly GApril 11, 2012Reply

    Very annoying, terrible kids movie.

  • Robert CApril 12, 2012Reply

    The voice actors are good but the animation is boring and the jokes are too familiar.

  • Kyle MApril 18, 2012Reply

    Provides almost the same comical nature as “The Emperor’s New Groove” in the Wild West with its own standards while expressing some amount of heart and benefitting from its voice cast, which adds up to the usual animated recipe that Disney uses. Well those are the assets that makes this enjoyable and likable, with some fun, but it’s not inviting a lot of the usual Disney animation viewership because of the kids-size silly nature. (B)

    (Full review coming soon)

  • Dominic SApril 21, 2012Reply

    Home on the Range is pretty funny in some ways, some songs are great like Little Patch of Heaven, while others are good and some are [email protected]$%s like the villain song in a good way. While the story does have some problems, at least there are some interesting parts. the animation is very good and overall it’s a Disney film that may someday be consider an underrated classic (in some ways).

  • Galaxy Quest PApril 22, 2012Reply

    went for cuba and was let down

  • Rebecca RApril 25, 2012Reply

    Very Cute. We watched this 5 times already.

  • Chris MApril 28, 2012Reply

    It was a fun and entertaining family movie. It had nice animation, excellent voice cast, great music, nice backgrounds, very adorable characters, lots of laughs, lots of adventure and a cute storyline. Not as good as “The Lion King” but it’s OK. It would be fun for kids and adults.

  • Clarice CMay 14, 2012Reply


  • Eric WMay 29, 2012Reply

    In a rare change of pace Roseanne plays a fat cow…

  • David DJune 11, 2012Reply

    With an interesting story, funny and lovable characters, and wonderful music and songs, Home on the Range is not the best Disney animated movie ever made, but it’s humor and pace will make it fun and enjoyable for kids and families to enjoy again and again.

  • Gary WJune 14, 2012Reply

    Maybe this is why Disney stopped making hand-drawn animated films for 5 years.

  • Jared RJune 18, 2012Reply

    A Dreadful entry in the disney library. Dull Characters. Dull Story.

  • Aubrey PJune 24, 2012Reply

    Disney’s worst; no contest. There’s just no creativity or promise to it whatsoever.
    It’s funny how I reacted to Home on the Range. I saw it in theatres when I was nine. I thought it was just…meh, and completely forgot about it the day after. It wasn’t until years later I found out that it was a DISNEY movie, and not just that, but it was the reason the 2D animation company closed down at the time because it was such a financial and critical failure. I was shocked…and really pissed off. Because think about it: if someone told you this was from the biggest animation company in the world, admit it, you’d be mad too. You’d expect a lot more effort coming from Disney, who could hit both the young and adult audience and keep us coming back wanting more. But you can easily tell that Home on the Range is mostly geared toward little kids, and I mean REALLY little kids. Toddlers.
    Unless you’re around that age, I’d say skip it.

  • Jason VJune 28, 2012Reply

    Even after adjusting expectations accordingly based on word of mouth and the sheer fact I haven’t gotten around to seeing Home on the Range, this Disney effort is…middling isn’t the right word. Uninspired. Dull. Lifeless. Trying WAY too hard. You can see various pieces which might have worked in a better script, but nothing gels the way it should. The expected adventures for the cows never transpire while the characters are actually character types instead of “people” we care about. No one on the screen is at all memorable, the songs without punch and the running time barely hits 70 minutes when the end credits are removed. Home on the Range needs to go back to the design stage to flesh out the plot, add more dynamics with the characters and to retool. As it is, there’s nothing to recommend. At least The Black Cauldron was a noble failure.

  • Dylan DJuly 4, 2012Reply

    Home on the Range isn’t just the product of a then-ailing traditional animation production house, it’s one of the worst animated films in Disney’s canon. (Is it hyperbolic to suggest it’s one of the worst feature films in the history of animation? I’ll let you mull that one over.)

  • Michael VJuly 10, 2012Reply

    Ugly, boisterous, excessively fast-paced, and devoid of an appealing character, Home on the Range is one of the lowest points in the Disney filmography.

  • Chris Michael SJuly 12, 2012Reply

    Without counting stuff done by third-party animation studios and re-distributed by Disney, Home on the Range is easily Disney’s weakest film. It takes too long to find its footing, which is never good for a movie that’s barely over an hour long. It’s saved by a few moments of brilliance and a couple of memorable characters. The songs aren’t too bad either (although by Alan Menken’s standards, they’re a bit of a disappointment). If you’re a Disney completionist, by all means watch it. I don’t by any means hate the film, but it does represent a new Disney low.

    But hey, at least it’s better than Valiant.

  • Eric SJuly 12, 2012Reply

    The early 2000s weren’t very kind to Disney’s animated films. Although I liked many of the movies they released at the time, they didn’t seem to resonate with audiences and gain that “instant” classic badge of honor that many of the studios works like “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” earned in the 1990s.

    In “Home on the Range,” three cows from different walks of life embark on a journey to capture an outlaw and collect the reward. The reward is exactly the amount of money they need to save the farm they live on from a greedy land grabber intent on buying up all the property in that area. They partner up with different animals along the way and battle others to keep their home.

    “Home on the Range” isn’t a bad film. It’s just not memorable. Nothing about it screams classic. There are no princesses, knights in shining armor, or magical dragons. It’s just boring old talking animals and people. Where’s the fun in that? Of course there’s the message of: “Home is where the heart is.” It just doesn’t seem to have the same impact as seeing the good guy slay a dragon for his sweetheart to prove: “Love conquers all.”

    One reason most animated Disney films gain popularity is because of their musical numbers. All the greats which come to mind had songs you left humming after seeing them. Think about all the movies like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Peter Pan,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and decades of others. “Home on the Range” really doesn’t have a single memorable tune in it. The only reason I even remember the villain’s song is because he yodeled funny in it. Academy Award winner Alan Menken dropped the ball on this one. I guess every song you compose can’t be a hit, though.

    The audio and video quality for the film looks better than it ever has before thanks to its high definition transfer. The picture is clean for the most part and the 5.1 surround is utilized through the soundtrack, background noises, and sound effects like whistling trains, gunshots, and such. Viewers will be happy with the format upgrade to Blu-ray.

    “Home on the Range” isn’t a bad movie. It’s just not up to par with a lot of the films Disney releases that so many people cherish.

  • Michael AJuly 18, 2012Reply

    Not one of Disney’s better efforts

  • Jessica DAugust 4, 2012Reply

    Not a great Disney film. Very wacky, over-the-top sugary sweet picture. This movie is in my opinion is strictly for small children, or people who like childish stories. Definately Disney at its worst.

  • Tommy WAugust 7, 2012Reply

    Stupid, annoying, and just a disgrace

  • Anthony LAugust 10, 2012Reply

    Disney Movie #15: Home on the Range

    Although it’s funny and solid entertainment for small children, it’s cliched plot and dull characters makes this film a bore for most. Although the voice acting is done decently, the characters and their personality does not cut it. Home on the Range may be a fun filled ride for kids, but it won’t measure up to films such as The Great Mouse Detective, nevermind the absoloute classics.

  • Tino PAugust 14, 2012Reply

    Though Home on the Range is likeable and may keep young children diverted, it’s one of Disney’s more middling titles, with garish visuals and a dull plot.

  • Zack PAugust 26, 2012Reply

    The one saving grace of this film is Jennifer Tilly’s voice acting. However, her part is small, and it doesn’t help much.

  • Alec LAugust 31, 2012Reply

    Thinly plotted but charming, nicely animated, and fast paced.

  • Matt LSeptember 24, 2012Reply

    There’s just nothing here for adults, it’s loud, it’s kiddish, it’s annoying. Your kids of course will love it, so, if they pick it out at the video store, once you get home, take some melatonin, sit down and sleep through this stinker.

  • Dave JOctober 9, 2012Reply

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    (2004) Home On The Range

    Three cows go on a journey to save their farm from foreclosure owned by Granny, either by collecting the reward to stop a cattle baron Alameda Slim who often disguises himself to be some other person to buy up all the land. Voices include Rosanne Barr as Maggie, Judie Dench as Mrs. Caloway, Steve Buscemi as Wesley, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Buck and Joe Flaherty as Jeb The Goat.

    What a waste of time! All I can say is that anyone can tell if a cartoon movie is bad is when the shows you can get from any cartoon channel is more entertaining than whatever it can offer us here.

    1 out of 4

  • Bunny ROctober 20, 2012Reply

    Pretty hilarious lol

  • Jacob JOctober 24, 2012Reply

    Easily one of Disney’s absolute worst.

  • Ranny LOctober 29, 2012Reply

    Hi, this is Camille Bajema reporting for KIDS FIRST! Today, Iâ(TM)m reviewing â~Home on the Rangeâ(TM) a 2004 Walt Disney Studios animated film. I really like this comedy because the main characters are cows, and cows are my favorite animals.

    This film is about three cows who go on a mission to save their farm from the evil cow rustler Alameda Slim, voiced by Randy Quaid. Alameda Slim steals cows by hypnotizing them with his obnoxious yodeling. Maggie, voiced by Roseanne Barr, is the leader of the bovine trio and is very brave. Mrs. Calloway, voiced by Judi Dench, is the mother figure of the group who keeps everyone in line and Jennifer Tilly voices Grace, an amusing character who thinks she sings well, but is always off-key. This threesome never gives up hope to save their farm.

    There are many funny characters in this slapstick comedy, but my favorites are Lucky Jack and Jeb. Lucky Jack, voiced by Charles Haid, is an unlucky rabbit who is always getting himself into ridiculous situations. Jeb is a grouchy old goat, voiced by Joe Flaherty, who is constantly causing trouble with the other animals on the farm.

    â~Home on the Rangeâ~ was produced by Alice Dewey Goldstone and written and directed by Will Finn and John Sanford. Finn and Sanford were nominated for an Annie Award for directing this animated feature production. The animation is a cartoony style accompanied by fun, upbeat country music composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Glenn Slater. Singing performances are given by by K.D. Lang, Bonnie Raitt, and Tim McGraw.

    I give this film four out of five stars due to some crude humor and recommend this funny family film to kids between the ages of six through eleven because there are some scary scenes.

  • Carlotta 4November 15, 2012Reply

    There wasn’t much interesting in this film. If I had to pick one point of interest, it would be Bonnie Raitt’s song, “Will the Sun Ever Shine Again” (which was actually quite beautiful).

    But if you want to watch an animated Wild West film, see Fievel Goes West instead. That one is actually GOOD.

  • Brian FDecember 6, 2012Reply

    Better than I ever would have guessed, although certainly nothing spectacular. Voice cast is really an interesting group (I mean, really, Roseanne, Judi Dench, and Cuba Gooding Jr all in the same movie? Really?)

  • Jerry SDecember 11, 2012Reply

    Predictable… so disposable.

  • Michael WDecember 12, 2012Reply

    Fitting as it may be, Roseanne is a terrible voice actor. There may be a few funny or exciting moments, but the rest of Home on the Range is laughably bad.

  • Alexander RDecember 21, 2012Reply

    One of the worst efforts from Disney.

  • Tanner LDecember 29, 2012Reply

    I can see why its reviews were so mixed…

  • Chris MJanuary 1, 2013Reply

    Whoever thought this was a good idea for a movie deserved to get fired! This movie contradicts every thing the Disney Studios stood for was to appeal to anybody, not just kids!

  • Jacob BJanuary 2, 2013Reply

    What a pathetic excuse for a Disney ‘Classic’. The studio shouldn’t have faulted the medium 2D for disappointing public reception, but the poor script, flat characters, abysmal animation, ridiculous premise etc. It began all-right with the song ‘Patch of Heaven’, but from there on, it’s all downhill. The film is chaotic, over-the-top (and not in a good way), too fast-paced, full of gross jokes (didn’t laugh once) and full of annoying, loud-mouthed, boorish characters. I didn’t care for any of them, because they’re simply underdeveloped and downright irritating.

  • Rod GJanuary 8, 2013Reply

    Tal vez “Home on the Range” sea otra divertida película infantil de Disney pero es un paso más en el declive de su animación 2D, y ni sus personajes caricaturescos, ni su trama humorística ayudan mucho a su nada memorable trama.

  • Jackson SJanuary 16, 2013Reply

    I remember absolutely NOTHING about it

  • Dustin IFebruary 6, 2013Reply

    Not Disney’s best but there wasn’t a moment I was bored. A slight story compared to some of their more epic films but still worth checking out especially for those enthusiasts out there!

  • Ethan TFebruary 10, 2013Reply

    home on the range is just one for the me.

  • Javier FFebruary 16, 2013Reply

    Su montón de elementos cliché impide el triunfo de la película, incluso si es tremendamente divertida.

  • Ruslan MMarch 10, 2013Reply

    In what will go down as one of Disney’s most underrated traditionally animated films, likable characters and infectious humor are wasted on a mediocre plot that is refreshingly playful and lighthearted enough to amuse and entertain, but also too mundane and uninspired to have any lasting appeal.

  • Matthew FMarch 14, 2013Reply

    STUPID!! IT’S SO STUPID!!. This feels more like mediocre Nickelodeon or Looney Toons cartoon than a Disney feature animated film. I laughed once and that was it. Definitely one of Disney’s weaker films. Also this films logic makes no sense.

  • Matt GMarch 14, 2013Reply

    At one point, my 3-year-old, who loves EVERY movie she sees, asked, “This is a LOOOONG movie, huh daddy?” Home On the Range is only 76 minutes long, yet I couldn’t agree with her more. A cornerstone of Disney’s lazy period, this comedy-western is sadly lacking in cowboy-style action, and is dreadfully unfunny; Roseanne spouts off corny one-liners like a D-level, bovine Schwarzenegger. Playing like a long, really bad Looney Tune, it may not be Disney’s worst movie, but it might be their least inspired.

  • Mackenzie MMarch 22, 2013Reply

    Credit given where credit is due. This movie has great character designs and beautiful backgrounds. And Menken delivers a beautiful score with lovely songs. However the story is cliche and expected and the film is too pun heavy.

  • David EMarch 23, 2013Reply

    Easily the weakest of Disney’s animated films, it’s myriad productions problems still more than evident in the final product. Even at only 76 minutes it feels extremely over-long and it comes off as little more than a poor attempt at a Tex Avery WB short.

  • Jim AMarch 28, 2013Reply

    Probably the worst theatrically released Disney animated movie. Its animation looks cheap and its jokes are all pretty unfunny. Maybe very little kids will like it maybe but many Disney flicks have much for people past puberty. This isn’t one of them

  • Ian EApril 9, 2013Reply

    Home On The Range is too simple minded and one-note to provide any real sustainable material from its buoyancy.

  • Duncan KApril 14, 2013Reply

    An animation without much substance. It’s strange how much it dragged by even though it was only 76 minutes.

  • Steve CApril 28, 2013Reply

    This Movie is great. But it always not better than Pixar. Judi Dench is from James Bond films.

  • Kenneth FJune 15, 2013Reply

    One of my favorite Disney films.

  • Keegan DJune 26, 2013Reply

    toddlers will enjoy this film, grown ups won`t.

  • Grant FJune 29, 2013Reply

    Home on the Range is not a classic Disney film and it never will be. I was expecting a loaded piece of crap sandwich because of all the bad things I heard about Disney’s 2004 release, but I had a good time with it. The story is far from creative and the themes are nothing splendid, but it is fun and a good 70+ min time waster.

    Home of the Range is filled with one liners, most of which woud seem out of place and unoriginal, which they are, but I found myself laughing and taking this movie as a grain of salt. It has a good pace and isn’t as nearly as painful as some people may think.

    (I liked the soundtrack, though it isn’t memorable, the tunes are bright and the music fits the mood)

    Visuals: I love traditional hand drawn animation and this one is still pretty, though not masterful.

    Acting: I feel that most of the voices were annoying in this, but fit there characters. There wasn’t much drama to be acted, mostly one liners, but they did make me laugh.

    Story: Far from original, but never felt bored.

    Concept: I would have liked to see a more interesting story take place in the west. Cows saving the day?

    Personal: I had a good time. Didn’t catch me emotionally or sentimentally.

    Re-Watchability: I would watch it if I had nothing else to do (Which never happens) or if I wanted it on ni the background as I was busy doing something else. It will keep the kids interested for over an hour.


  • Branham NSeptember 16, 2013Reply

    It wasn’t half bad. It had some potential.

  • Vincent DSeptember 29, 2013Reply

    I find it entertaining when they make cartoon characters. In the “Toy Story” movies (1995, 1999 and 2010), Woody roughly resembles Tom Hanks and in “Tarzan” (1999) they manage to make the monkey look like Rosey O’Donell (I never get tired of pointing that out); so who better to play a cow than Roseanne Barr, especially back in her heyday, pun intended.. Definitely not one of Disney’s best films. It doesn’t come anywhere close to movies like “The Little Mermaid” (1989) or “Finding Nemo” (2003). But it was also a simple Disney tale. A trio of cows set out to try to save their family farm from foreclosure. It’s humor is childish, with occasional humor that’s innocent enough but adults minds will take it elsewhere, like when the camera passes the cow’s utters and she says, “yeah they’re real so quit lookin’ at them.” This is a good movie if your looking for a simple Disney animated film.

  • Alex DOctober 14, 2013Reply

    I thought it was a decent movie, good characters but it lacked a plot

  • Matthew IDecember 7, 2013Reply

    Shoot me now. I cannot believe that Disney could put out two failed films in a row. This is ridiculous at best. The story is flat, the animation is all over the place and the music absolutely sucks. Give me a break Disney. This was also supposed to be Disney’s last traditionally animated film, but things changed five years later.

  • Daniel LDecember 14, 2013Reply

    while well animated, everything else in this movie flat out sucks

  • Trenton RDecember 18, 2013Reply

    Everyone hates this movie, and for good reason. This is Disney’s laziest movie, nothing is memorable, and nothing leaves you humming any of the songs. Even as a kid this didn’t do a thing for me.

  • José CDecember 18, 2013Reply

    Divertida pero no logra enganchar la historia

  • Evan HDecember 27, 2013Reply

    do i hate this movie. I definitly recomend skiping home on the range. except for Jennifer Tilly, who’s always funny

  • Conan Patrick TDecember 28, 2013Reply

    Not bad, just average

  • Matthew F. JDecember 31, 2013Reply

    A funny Disney full of great characters and good old baddies.

  • Steven DJanuary 8, 2014Reply

    Such an underrated movie.

  • Ethan KFebruary 13, 2014Reply

    This unique Disney film is entertaining on so many levels, with an entertaining cast of barnyard characters, and a tuneful Alan Menken score. It’s fun for the whole family, as it appeals to all ages.

  • Filippo PFebruary 19, 2014Reply

    Well, not the best movie by Disney, but still, it’s good. Enjoyable.

  • Paul FFebruary 25, 2014Reply

    Fun Disney with lots of silliness.

  • Matthew HMarch 8, 2014Reply

    Home on the Range is a charming, innocent Disney movie with a zany feel to it and lots of fun. It may not be the best story, but it makes up for it in charisma.

  • Nicolas PMarch 28, 2014Reply

    Sin duda de lo mas bajo de Disney y de lo más bajo, de igual manera en westerns animados. En su momento no aportaba nada nuevo para la industria: una temática, una historia y moralejas simples, sin sabor y si bien, y se respeta y aplaude que la Disney fuera tradicionalista con esta película, no era ni aproximada lo que sus clásicas creaciones.

  • Matt HApril 7, 2014Reply

    Easily the worst Disney movie I’ve seen so far.

  • Matthew RMay 17, 2014Reply

    It’s so forgettable that I forgot that this was a Disney movie. I wish this never existed. Please stay in the Disney Vault forever.

  • Ismael GMay 18, 2014Reply

    for 10 years, it was not good as I saw in theaters back in 2004.

  • Dimitri CSeptember 20, 2014Reply

    Characters are funny, and it’s pretty decently entertaining.

  • Jules HSeptember 20, 2014Reply

    Disney prides itself on making family films and HotR amounts to nothing more than a routine children’s film lacking in broadness and heart.
    It puts so much energy into it’s pacing that it neglects wit and emotion and is easily hailed as an udder embarrassment to Disney.

  • Sam MOctober 4, 2014Reply

    Home on the Range knows what it wants to do and does it the best way imaginable. It’s not a film from which you’d expect groundbreaking ideas or complicated plot twists. The film, intentionally wants to be a generic comedy retro classic animation set in wild west. And it does what it intends to do. It’s fun, it has a good pace, it’s classic, predictable and generic, and most importantly, its full of life! So if you’re expecting something full of ideas like Wall-E, or something deep like Lilo & Stitch, you won’t find it here. But if you’re prepared to embrace the fun, silly, classic, wild west, you’ll love this one!

  • Adam SOctober 30, 2014Reply

    This is probably one of the worst disney movies ever. I think it is only for little kids, thanks to the colorful visuals, the dull plot and the characters. It`s not the worst movie ever made, but it`s bad.

  • Miguel Angel LDecember 5, 2014Reply

    Pretenciosa, trama absurda, personajes olvidables y poco interesantes, musica olvidable …. Esto definitivamente fue lo que mato la animacion en 2D de Disney :/

  • Underrated Movie RDecember 16, 2014Reply

    It’s not bad, ok yes it is, but it’s not the WORST thing I’ve ever seen but it is however ONE of the worst.

  • Mukund KJanuary 13, 2015Reply

    I think we can all agree that this is the worst Disney animated movie ever! WHY DISNEY? JUST WHY?!

  • Yuri Alexey PJanuary 14, 2015Reply

    Animals acting like humans in the most cliché animated film ever. To this day, I can’t still believe that this was made by Disney… not bad but not good either 🙁

  • Jane LFebruary 2, 2015Reply

    Completely half-assed. Bad animation, unfunny jokes, awful casting (Judi Dench, what were you THINKING?) and one of the lamest excuses for a Disney villain I’ve ever seen. HOME ON THE RANGE was the movie so bad that it caused Disney to stop making hand-drawn animated films for several years, which is the main reason why I deeply loathe it.

  • Robert HFebruary 2, 2015Reply

    The film is ok and doesn’t really go off the tracks (it does but that’s intentional) but Home on the Range never really lives up to the Disney standards set so long ago. For me the voice acting of Roseanne Barr never seemed to matched the character in the film and the character of Buck played by Cuba Gooding Jr. wasn’t needed and actually took away from the main focus of the film. The film should have been about three cows in the old west righting the wrongs done to them, their farm, and the farm folk around them but with the addition of a few other characters and giving them their own side stories, focus is pulled away. Though done well enough, these side stories weren’t needed and could have been filled with more character development on the part of the cows.
    Character design is ok but rather generic and uninspiring. The story as a whole is cliche and boring. The animation tries to combine traditional 2D with some 3D elements but never really does it enough for it to be a standout aspect of the film. The backgrounds have an old school traditional look to them while the characters are all new and computer clean which you either like or don’t. I personally found the two styles didn’t mix as well as they could have in certain scenes but overall it worked.
    Home on the Range is not the worst Disney film ever created and it could have been a lot worse but it still isn’t exactly something I’d recommend. What could have been a great Disney animated western turns out to be something without heart that you just wouldn’t write home about… even if it was located on the range.

  • John BFebruary 15, 2015Reply

    entertaining little animated movie

  • Rob MJuly 31, 2015Reply

    Script is sloppy, it was badly miscast but the animation is top tier. We need more 2d animation.

  • Miguel RAugust 1, 2015Reply

    Home on the Range is one of Disney’s worst animated flicks in recent memory

  • Greg RSeptember 3, 2015Reply

    It’s not horrible by how lame children’s film go but its still not really worth watching.The animation is still good, but when I think of Disney, I think they would be enjoyed by both kids and adults, this one just aims for really young children and that’s it. Aside from that, everything is very forgettable. The story, the characters, and so many other things miss the mark.

  • Ben TJanuary 10, 2016Reply

    Cute Disney animated film

  • Mike JMarch 14, 2016Reply

    The only other Disney cartoon I had missed seeing, I was deeply disappointed by the lack of effort put into this movie. An unimpressive art style and weak story, this movie represents one of the weaker efforts made by Disney. One of the worst, unfortunately.

  • Daniel AMarch 27, 2016Reply

    Just saying that the incredibles launch in the same year…. for me its a damn fun movie, but only because my language is portuguese, and the portuguese voices is Awesome and so much better then the English version, so that’s why

  • Gregory MApril 2, 2016Reply

    There is so little in the film that makes you realise it’s Disney.I mean this does not at any way look like a Disney movie.The animation mostly reminds me of the animation used in some of the good Disney animated sequels.And the use of computer animation is too evident.Who thought of making a movie about cows and who really found this a great idea???The movie contains some really smart puns,and good music by Menken(not great as Menken’s scores usually are).Plotwise it was a silly little thing.Not really entertaining and not really heartfelt as the other Disney movies.Definitely not a Disney classic and probably Disney’s worst animated movie.

  • Alfredo SApril 11, 2016Reply

    The movie that officially killed 2D animation, this film reminds of everything to hate about kids movies

  • Edgar LMay 17, 2016Reply

    ”That wasn’t a good play, No kidding, Horrible, You said it, but The animation was decent.”

  • Mitchell BJune 15, 2016Reply

    This movie is hilarious anyone who doesn’t like it is stupid

  • Filippo VJune 20, 2016Reply

    Uno dei peggiori classici Disney, riesce ad intrattenere solo un pubblico estremamente giovane. L’animazione in generale è mediocre e l’umorismo è talmente ridicolo che durante l’intera durata del film non si riesce nemmeno a sorridere. Ormai conosciamo bene la Disney: è riuscita a produrre capolavori senza tempo che riescono ad intrattenere ed emozionare adulti e bambini allo stesso tempo. Ovviamente questo non è proprio il caso, 76 minuti che possono intrattenere solo un pubblico al di sotto dei 10 anni di età… Per tutti gli altri è solo una perdita di tempo.

  • Brandon CJuly 26, 2016Reply

    Home on the Range is definitely one of Disney’s low points of animation films. Most of the characters are uninteresting and the animation is like a downgrade compare to other Disney films.

  • Knux EAugust 8, 2016Reply

    I’ve seen WAAAAAAY better. But, at least it’s not Chicken Little!

  • Carrie TAugust 11, 2016Reply

    Home on the Range is messy in visuals and dull in story.

  • John KOctober 23, 2016Reply

    Not bad, but more is expected from Disney.

  • Gabriel CNovember 16, 2016Reply

    A creatively stunted Disney film with bland animation and annoying characters.

  • Tommy KDecember 24, 2016Reply

    The story is too basic to engage even kids, the characters are immediately forgettable and sometimes unlikable, the songs are mediocre, and the humor and even the animation style are far too childish by Disney standards. One of Disney’s low points.

  • Will BJanuary 5, 2017Reply

    Likely the most forgettable movie in Disney history

  • Logan MJanuary 6, 2017Reply

    Loud, bombastic, generic, and without any clear objective, “Home on the Range” undermines itself with its own colorfulness and hyperactive characters.

  • maxwell wFebruary 20, 2017Reply

    I actually found this film to be quite nice. The animation was smooth, the characters were likeable and the visuals were nice. Everything was well directed and scripted and provided some genuinely emotional moments. Still, the plot WAS kind of dull, But you can’t say a films bad because it’s about farm animals.

  • Daniel WJune 1, 2017Reply

    A hilarious riot of a time, Home on the Range is a charmer and quite ridiculous.

  • Will BJune 5, 2017Reply

    Went in one ear and out the other. That’s how forgettable this movie is

  • Nolan DJune 20, 2017Reply

    Not as bad as Brother bear, Chicken Little or Mulan 2, but I wouldn’t recommend it

  • Robert CJune 20, 2017Reply

    Good animation and musical score, but this one is too limited in every other department, and has a confused sense of humor.. You’d be better off watching The Emperor’s New Groove.

  • Jaime LJune 30, 2017Reply

    Garbage animation, garbage characters with garbage “humor” with a stupid story. To think this came from Disney…

  • Gustavo LJuly 17, 2017Reply

    very good , very underrated

  • Ben GJuly 29, 2017Reply

    A lot of people hate this movie but I enjoyed it. It’s no Aladdin but it’s a lot of fun.

  • Jesper BJanuary 13, 2018Reply

    Lazy plot and sub-par animation in this hyperactive babysitter fodder. Even the great Alan Menken provided a score he could have done in his sleep.

  • Smith TApril 1, 2018Reply

    Funny at times but the story is dry and lacks depth.

  • Anonymous RMay 27, 2018Reply

    I’ve always loved watching this movie. It brings back wonderful memories of watching a wonderful movie. I’d rate it 7 stars out of 5 if I could!

  • Vitor FJune 27, 2018Reply

    Even with his script weak and with countless loose ends, the characters transmit their spirit and become the strong point of the film. And let’s face it, there’s no worse name than “Alameda Slim.”

  • Tyler HDecember 31, 2018Reply

    My friend Payton says everything about this movie is good. The character development The hero and the villain she would recommend this movie to you.

  • Damian SFebruary 9, 2019Reply

    El agradable desarrollo de personajes y amigable historia hace que Home on the Range sea una experiencia aburrida para adultos,sus intervenciones musicales hacen que la historia en concreto se quede leve y sin impacto,esta cinta se carga de comedia acertada para su tono narrativo.

  • AnonymousMarch 18, 2019Reply

    We enjoyed this movie, the characters were well defined, Rosanne Barr was hilarious, and it was very entertaining. It dealt with homelessness and the struggle to overcome the odds and get re-established after suffering degradation, hopelessness, and petty tyranny that people encounter in situations like this

  • Gabriel DJuly 8, 2019Reply

    Parents, instead, just drop your children off at the theater, but don’t come with them.

  • Isaac SJuly 11, 2019Reply

    I absolutely loved this movie so much it is funny cute adorable a great story colorful lots of fun characters and also lots of great villains like slim Rico and the willies brothers gang it also has lots of really funny scenes and very funny jokes this is a movie for all ages with just a little bit of adult humor I highly recommend this movie I would give it an a+++ a 100% rating a 10/10 and also a 100% rating and a five star rating 100%

  • Antoine LJuly 21, 2019Reply

    Home on the Range is pretty funny.

  • Paul DAugust 6, 2019Reply

    Not one of Disney’s better efforts among the animated Classics, and the visuals were uninspiring, given that the context was the “Wild West”. I found the most original aspect to be the idea of three cows as protagonists (in 2004), as they negotiate the difficulty world of humans and males of all species. The idea of an overweight cattle hustler who charms his captives by yodeling was also a welcome departure from wild-west stereotypes, as is the virtual absence of guns. The initial scene where he sends the cows into a psychedelic dance was a nice homage to the drunken elephant scene in Dumbo. My son loved this movie, which is unsurprising, given his current obsession with farm animals; and my daughter predicted that Rico the bounty hunter was actually a villain, as was later discovered.

  • Lucas VAugust 8, 2019Reply

    53%? That’s 53% too high!!! This movie feels like it was written in just 1 week and the rest of the year was spent on the animation.

  • Jess MSeptember 26, 2019Reply

    Family Favorite, absolutly hilarious

  • Jack WJanuary 7, 2020Reply

    I describe this movie like Spirit from Dreamworks meeting Toy Story and Winnie The Pooh from Disney but on weed and crack cocaine this movie is a complete deer related car wreck because look at the title it’s not even where the antelope play. I swear Disney was smoking some drug making this film

  • Leio DFebruary 9, 2020Reply

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly parody that needs to not exist!

  • Joel UApril 15, 2020Reply

    Though Home on the Range is likeable and may keep young children diverted, it’s one of Disney’s more middling titles, with garish visuals and a dull plot.

  • Alex BApril 25, 2020Reply

    In my eyes when I see this movie it’s not dull!!! It’s a pretty entertaining movie!!! It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s good in its own right!!! It has funny moments and the voice acting is good!!! I felt like it could’ve been a little better, but it’s still pretty good!!!

  • Caroline TMay 5, 2020Reply

    I saw this movie a bunch in my childhood and remember it being funny and just watched again. It’s still funnt!

  • Christina BMay 18, 2020Reply

    It seemed almost the whole movie had hilarious happenings.

  • Jenna LJune 20, 2020Reply

    Home on the Range: Fatphobic, sexist, horrid plot, and utterly forgettable. Judi Dench, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Steve Buscemi deserved better. I hope I never have the displeasure of watching this ever again. 0/10

  • Jacob BJune 26, 2020Reply

    While far from one of the worst animated films ever made and certainly not as effortless as some are inclined to believe, Home on the Range isn’t very good. It’s just bland. The animation and voice acting are okay and there’s certainly a good score but the two-thirds of the characters are either forgettable or obnoxious, the jokes are predictable and flat, the story is unremarkable and it has absolutely nothing that makes it stand out within the Disney Animated Canon. Especially since the next film in the canon, Chicken Little, which I think is slightly worse than this film, stands out but for all the wrong reasons. To call this a lazy film would be unfair since the director, who previously worked on The Road to El Dorado, clearly wanted to make this movie work, not to mention he’ll want your head served on a silver platter if you so much as entertain the idea that nobody cared about this movie and just wanted to get it out of the way to collect their paychecks. But I didn’t even have enough fun with the movie to even call it okay making this an unceremonious way for Disney to end their 2D-animated adventures before shifting to 3D animation. And yes, I know this ultimately wasn’t the last traditionally-animated feature in the Canon but this movie, which finished production before Brother Bear, marked the point where Disney threw in the towel and decided to try their hand at this CGI business that’s all the rage. And since traditionally animated features were no longer released theatrically annually after this film, it makes this Western comedy a decidedly unfitting swan song. Maybe one day, hand-drawn animation will make a big-time return to cinemas. Highly unlikely at the moment but not outright impossible. Only time will tell.

  • Ryan SAugust 1, 2020Reply


    I had never heard of ‘Home on the Range’ until recently, given I felt consistently entertained by it I’m surprised it hadn’t reached my horizons before. It’s nothing deep or massively meaningful, but it’s good family fun that the younger audiences will probably largely like. It doesn’t feel Disney-esque, I will say that.

    There are a number of instantly noticeable voices in the cast. Steve Buscemi, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jennifer Tilly and Judi Dench all appear as Wesley, Buck, Grace and Mrs. Caloway respectively. Away from them, Randy Quaid does well as Alameda Slim, while Sam Levine is mildly amusing as the Willie Brothers.

    Premise-wise it’s nothing standout or entirely memorable, but I had a nice enough time watching it unfold and that’s all you really ask for. Solid film.

  • Sarah NAugust 6, 2020Reply

    Overall it was a good movie and the kids stayed entertained. So as a kids movie it gets 5 stars. A bit boring and predictable as an adult viewer.

  • Anne WAugust 27, 2020Reply

    Makes The Black Cauldron look like a masterpiece.

  • Murilo SOctober 23, 2020Reply

    One of the best disney films, it has an acceptable script, very cool and funny characters, I love this film too bad that the cast is not that good.

  • Eli CNovember 9, 2020Reply

    About as bad as everyone says it is. Fast paced garbage with no substance, like Emperor’s New Groove without any witty writing or fun movement. If you want to distract your kids with fast movement, just watch Emperor’s New Groove!

  • Donovan ODecember 11, 2020Reply

    I still love it. But I wish Disney would never give up on 2D Animation.

  • Damion TDecember 29, 2020Reply

    Home on The Range, ultimately considered as the movie that killed 2D animation, offers lame animation, uninspired visuals, and unfunny toilet jokes that makes everyone laugh for the wrong reasons, this film’s cult status is hard to watch today.

  • Leida WhitehurstJanuary 11, 2021Reply

    Someone necessarily help to make seriously posts I would state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I amazed with the research you made to make this particular put up amazing. Fantastic task!

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