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It Comes at Night (2017)

It Comes at Night (2017)

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what going on?


Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son, but this will soon be put to test when a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge.

IMDb Rating 5.8 1,641 votes


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(150) comments

  • ROBERT MDecember 31, 2018Reply

    Did I miss something or does this title miss it’s Mark? Nothing to do with the title and really no resolution to what is going on

  • AnonymousJanuary 5, 2019Reply

    it’s very boring

  • Ethan KJanuary 13, 2019Reply

    Unfortunately, the climax doesn’t make up for the obscenely drawn-out buildup.

  • Prateek MJanuary 18, 2019Reply

    (spoiler alert) Cool concept…unlike most others, this movie is not written and choreographed for a quick and easy digestion…most people found this movie confusing because they could not connect the fact that the the young couple and their 5 year old kid (Andrew) were healthy, and that they had realised that the 17y.o protagonist (Travis) was the actual infected…so the young fam were just trying to escape….where as, Travis, his father and his mother wrongly thought that Andrew was sick and they end up killing the young family…. eventually realising what they had done….

  • AnonymousJanuary 29, 2019Reply

    See Bird Box?? This is how you make a horror movie without showing the “monster”. Very dark, sad, and well acted, this is one of the strongest post-apocalyptical horror movies I’ve ever seen. It really shows what people are able to do when they are desperate for survival. Don’t skip out on this movie!

  • Cameron KFebruary 2, 2019Reply

    Definitely a deliciously gloomy white-knuckler but I felt there should have been a bit more substance and some resolve at the end. Some holes just weren’t filled for me.

  • AnonymousFebruary 20, 2019Reply

    There’s a looming sense of dread.

  • James PFebruary 25, 2019Reply

    Worst movie ever. Could have stabed myself in the eye and it would have been better than this mis labled pos

  • Jailene GMarch 27, 2019Reply

    Im still wondering what comes at night

  • Travis PMarch 29, 2019Reply

    I get some of the disappointment in this movie, because both trailers are promoted in a way that suggests, oh something is after them. But if you get passed that, this movie isn’t that bad. It shouldn’t be in the 40 something percentile, more like high 50’s and 60’s but my rating is even higher. Overall though I just thought this movie was shot well, had a great tone to it. Like you kinda felt the dire situatiion they were in, especially from Joel Egderton’s character. I also liked kind of the subletity to Kelvin Harrison Jrs. character Travis as the son. Just kind of a small movie but definately underrated imo. I think I’ll try to get this and watch it a 2nd time. It’s been a while since I last saw this.

  • AnonymousApril 18, 2019Reply

    It Comes At Night is a well-executed psychological horror movie that leaves viewers in the dark for an hour and 30 minutes.

    Despite the misleading trailer, it helps to know beforehand that It Comes At Night was released by A24, the company behind the polarizing horror movie The VVitch (which is a film I personally enjoyed). I knew it was more of an artsy, arthouse horror movie (like The VVitch) rather than the traditional James Wan-sy type horror movie, such as The Conjuring, and it’s exactly the type of horror movie I personally prefer. While I did enjoy The Conjuring, in my opinion, James Wan’s output of horror movies is horrendously overrated.

    The film expertly builds suspense by giving the viewers very little to work with. When you don’t know what the threat is or if the threat is close, it drives the characters in the movie to do something drastic to ensure that their family survives. It’s a movie that builds so much tension and has so much ambiguity that keeps the audiences guessing.

    The characters in the film have very basic names and because you don’t know who any of the characters really are, this puts a lot of anxiety on the viewers. None of the characters trust each other and in turn, the viewers distrust the characters in the same way. This creates a palpable sense of paranoia that will leave you on the edge of your seats.

    My issue with the movie is that I was left a little bit unsatisfied. The movie raises a lot of questions and I get that they’re left for the viewers to interpret (and I wouldn’t want it any other way), but I feel that some of the questions should’ve been answered for the movie to make sense.

    Some might say that the lack of information or the open-ended nature of the film was done out of laziness, but it actually gives the movie a sense of dread. There are other horror movies that manages to build suspense effectively by revealing or showing very little, such as The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and 12 Cloverfield Lane (minus the third act). It’s more grounded because it doesn’t try to scare the viewers with a common entity, whether it’s zombies, monsters, vampires, aliens, clowns, or whatever it is that people generally find scary.

    Because of this, some viewers may be left disappointed or unsatisfied. The trailer never promised a zombie or a monster movie, but that was the expectation a lot of audiences had. Yes, the marketing was misleading, but I don’t think it’s fair to assess the movie based on your expectations. If the movie doesn’t turn out the way you want it to turn out, does it make it a bad film? No, it doesn’t!

    Before you watch this, try and avoid the trailer. Or if you have seen the trailer, don’t set any expectations. Knowing as little as possible will help, because that’s the point of the entire film. The film offers very little exposition and expects the viewers to pay attention because there are important details that the movie will not revisit.

    It Comes At Night is a film worth watching. Although it’s not a very original film, it’s refreshing to see a filmmaker put so much effort into a horror movie that builds tension through character drama, tone and atmosphere, instead of cheap jump scares, creepy noises, or excessive use of gore. There was one jump scare near the beginning of film, but thankfully the movie never goes down that route. Audiences may not appreciate what the film was going for, but It Comes At Night is a great film (if a little unsatisfying) and a well-crafted piece of cinema.

  • AnonymousMay 3, 2019Reply

    This can be pretty realistic for a hypothetical situation given in a rural apocalyptic setting. The plot is given to you immediately and really doesn’t need to develop any further because this isn’t about a boogeyman, virus (somewhat), or catastrophe. Human nature is the lead role here and the characters are one dimensional, even the protagonist. Our understanding of these characters are felt through their emotions. Not knowing what’s in the void beyond the red door at night is what’s nagging. Judgement and interpretation is left up to us, of course but is pretty obvious. If you want typical jump scares, bad guys, and a plot twist somewhere between the climax and ending then this isn’t for you.

  • Sean BMay 18, 2019Reply

    Expertly constructed and unrelentingly tense, It Comes At Night is a masterclass in modern, unconventional horror.

  • Jamie BMay 21, 2019Reply

    Underwhelming take on many tried-and-true end of the world tropes.

  • Neil VMay 27, 2019Reply

    Good movie. Flys by. Could happen any day.

  • Harrison GMay 29, 2019Reply

    This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and yesterday I watched The Mummy(2017) so that’s saying something. I created an account just because the vast majority of reviews here are from critics that spend too much time sniffing their own farts and not telling it how it is.

    The “realistic” take on end of the world situations has been done before and better.

    You will notice that the positive reviews talk about cinematography, editing or acting as if that’s something worthy of praise, that’s the bare minimum.

  • Sophie MJune 10, 2019Reply

    An hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back. What a load of unexplained shite

  • Jarrett MJune 16, 2019Reply

    The fact that this movie holds a 87%. speaks volumes to this website

  • Ridge LJuly 11, 2019Reply

    Absolutely terrible. Writers had to be trolling lmao. Suspense built up to nothing.. that’s right. Nothing. Nothing came at night. Nothing came at all. The only thing that came was a guy inside a girl 🙃😏 Along with my dumbass coming to see this shit show of a movie

  • AnonymousJuly 18, 2019Reply

    If you’re looking for a movie that will leave you sad and depressed, this is the ticket. I wish I hadn’t seen it – it’s that depressing.

  • Maximus SJuly 19, 2019Reply

    Eerie, creepy, effective. it really digs into how paranoia can destroy a group.

  • Brad TAugust 5, 2019Reply

    Hm… I did enjoy it mostly, but the ending is so bleak and empty that really that’s all I was left with. Disappointed. Was expecting more.

  • August 15, 2019Reply

    It Comes At Night creepiness isn’t all about what will bump at night or something unexplainable is lurking around every corner of the house. The movie followed by the ambiguous, disturbance of each scenes and eventually leave the audiences being frightened of what really happened in the movie.

  • Daniel PAugust 31, 2019Reply

    From a narrative perspective this premise couldn’t be more straight forward if it tried, (but this is fine as the premise is always worth exploring), but from the production/technical aspect of this film boast the arrival of top tier talent direction. Joel Edgerton has reached the new status of Senpai, (or 5 star General or whatever you want to call it; the man is absurdly talented and this is proof enough for sure).

  • Nicolas SSeptember 8, 2019Reply

    Although its title and trailer may not exactly stay true to the movie, It Comes at Night has a hard-hitting story and a couple of damn good scares.

  • Allison ESeptember 15, 2019Reply

    I don’t get it. Great film quality as far as filming and ambiance, but the story is lacking.

  • Dustin SSeptember 22, 2019Reply

    Dont waste your time. Its not scary, all this movie does is make you mad you spent time watching it. No wonder it was free.

  • Barrie MOctober 1, 2019Reply

    Well the critics loved it but just didn’t deliver at the end.

  • Hirofumi YOctober 5, 2019Reply

    It’s very psychological film.
    Actors are really wonderful.

  • Jenn COctober 8, 2019Reply

    What comes at night? As far as this movie is concerned… nothing. Nothing comes at night. Save yourselves the hour and a half of waiting for answers, because they never arrive. Complete waste of time for zero payoff.

  • Regina POctober 8, 2019Reply

    This was a disappointment. It sets you up, but there is no payoff! All the loose ends just stay untied. Even the title can’t be explained by the end of the movie. What comes at night?!?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The story has absolutely nothing to do with anything happening specifically at night. No explanation about the lies. No explanation about the dog. I was eagerly waiting for everything to be explained. Huge letdown!

  • Owen LOctober 18, 2019Reply

    This has some effective scares and should appeal to the people who like good horror movies. Not the modern ones that are riddled with jump scares. Although the advertising did give away most of the good scares.

  • Daniel COctober 21, 2019Reply

    Basically an hour and a half of heavy breathing and nothing coming at night.

  • AnonymousNovember 26, 2019Reply

    It comes at night boosts a scary atmosphere, some great cinematography and good performances. It’s a horror movie that makes you think but it’s unfortunate very little things are explained of the film. Pretty much everything has to be taken at your own thought. I like movies that would make you think but some exclamation is required. I enjoy movies that make you interpret your own vision with such little information given but it can be good and frustrating at the same time.

  • AnonymousNovember 26, 2019Reply

    It comes at night boosts a scary atmosphere, some great cinematography and good performances. It’s a horror movie that makes you think but it’s unfortunate very little things are explained of the film. Pretty much everything has to be taken at your own thought. I like movies that would make you think but some exclamation is required. I enjoy movies that make you interpret your own vision with such little information given but it can be good and frustrating at the same time.

  • Eric EDecember 11, 2019Reply

    I feel like I wasted a hour and a half of my life and I have finals tomorrow 12/9/19

  • Jack YDecember 11, 2019Reply

    It comes at night is a underrated indie horror film with great acting and and emotion from the cast with excellent cinematography and the soundtrack is stunning with a deep and emotional story

  • Alexis CDecember 11, 2019Reply

    Excellent movie, but I personally think it is not a horror movie, although it does have some components of one. The film is better fitted in the drama genre, and this is probably the basis for why so many people are giving it bad reviews.

  • Alex RDecember 11, 2019Reply

    leaves you with nothing but questions, awful ending. would not recommend to anyone

  • Kevin BDecember 13, 2019Reply

    I don’t know what those that posted that this movie was so good, because it was horrible. Slow, dead, dragged on & made no sense. I have no idea what The “It” was that was suppose to come but all I could do for an hour & a 1/2 was with IT was over.

  • Vic MDecember 13, 2019Reply

    Absolutely no plot or purpose. Best way to describe this picture is dubious.

  • Morgan EDecember 13, 2019Reply

    Nothing “comes at night”, other than a guy breaking in and a dog. There’s really no backstory or explanation about the infection, which doesn’t necessarily make or break a movie for me, but this movie as a whole was very disappointing. Some more backstory may have helped a bit. If I saw this in the theater or rented it, I would want my money back. There’s really nothing substantial about this movie. The acting is good, but the story itself is very poor. I would go into more detail but I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for anyone else. Just a heads up, the trailer is VERY misleading.

  • Adam GDecember 13, 2019Reply

    One of the most boring movies my eyes have ever seen

  • Bill PDecember 14, 2019Reply

    There’s some tension in this film but also a lot of really stupid behavior that doesn’t line up well with the premise, For example, twice there’s a threat of something or someone dangerous in the woods and the characters respond by yelling loudly at each other so that they would be easy to target. The paranoia that develops is good, but overplayed. What’s rather good is that all the characters are kind of unlike-able with the possible exception of Travis, a 17 year old stuck alone with his clinging mother and controlling father – knowing that he is never going to be allowed to grow up, have a girlfriend, go get high with the guys, etc. That character has more depth than any of the others. The others are well intentioned, but flawed in interesting ways. This isn’t a plot based movie, it’s a character study and as such it needs more interesting characters and less predictable lines. If it’s a metaphor for hopelessness in life then it works, but could have been more interesting.

  • kaine fDecember 14, 2019Reply

    Half a star is to generous.

  • Kimberly PDecember 15, 2019Reply

    How I hated this plotless movie with dumb characters.

  • Brian SDecember 15, 2019Reply

    Only thing good to say about this movie is that it was short. Probably one of the least enjoyable films I’ve ever seen.

  • Orangel ODecember 16, 2019Reply

    This movie would have been perfect as a short film. The idea could have been summarized in 30 minutes. The idea is good, there is good acting. But the problem with the plot is that there’s no plot

  • Christian ADecember 17, 2019Reply

    Interesting meditation on the evil within all of us, using light and dark to reflect the deep shadows we carry within our own hearts. As the characters ultimately fall to fear and isolation, we are left wondering why Joel Edgerton fell to accepting this film as he was once on top of Hollywood.

  • Scott BDecember 17, 2019Reply

    Half the time the characters are wearing masks and you can’t make out the dialogue. I had to turn cc on. This whole movie seems to be building to something but that something never comes. I have no idea what got these people in this horrible situation. I don’t even know for sure what this disease does. Dumbest movie I have watched in a long while.

  • Greg MDecember 17, 2019Reply

    The audience is not wrong on this one. Indeed, nothing comes at night. Not sure how that became the working title of this film. It’s pretty much your run of the mill paranoia hysterical festival of bad choices and stupid things that are irritating to me but apparently all americans want in film and television. Thing is, it’s not the worst thing out there if you try to ignore what you went in expecting. It’s shot well. Has good acting. But in general it is boring and pointless. I don’t recommend this one unless you’re desperate for more apocalyptic survival pastimes.

  • Adrian BDecember 18, 2019Reply

    What a piece of crap. They sold it as something else. Nothing even comes at night??

  • Ariel CDecember 19, 2019Reply

    Worst movie l’ve ever watched!

  • Mark CDecember 20, 2019Reply

    Better than expected. It Comes at Night builds some real tension through believable human interactions. Of course, the ‘man is the real monster’ overtones are a bit played out, but the execution was fresh and well-acted.

  • AnonymousDecember 21, 2019Reply

    Great acting, but no plot

  • Matthew RDecember 22, 2019Reply

    One of my favorite horror movies, so incredibly underrated. The ending Oh man so tense.

  • Chad SDecember 26, 2019Reply

    Horrible. Should be called What comes at night since the it is never explained. Aweful. Don’t waste hours you’ll never get back from your life

  • Andrew SDecember 27, 2019Reply

    I honestly still don’t get the point of the movie. It was just a family hiding away from an infection. You never find out what it is, what caused it, anything else other than their own interactions in the house that’s it. Very boring

  • Sean PDecember 29, 2019Reply

    Leaves literally everything open ended because the creator was too lazy and would rather have you come up with a story in your head than tell you one. I read that he wanted to frustrate his audience or something? Seems like a strange goal but he certainly succeeded. I paid nothing to see this movie and it ran less than 90 minutes and I’m still angry enough to write this review. So there’s that. Don’t waste your time, close your eyes for 5 minutes and imagine a scary story and there’s a good chance it’s better than this one.

  • AnonymousJanuary 1, 2020Reply

    Terrible movie. Had zero point. No explanation. Waste of time and I’m pretty easy to please.

  • Tiffany LJanuary 1, 2020Reply

    They owe me money for watching such a boring movie. No answers just wasted time.

  • Mackensie CJanuary 2, 2020Reply

    So many questions unanswered. Like what was the whole point of this?

  • Naszya BJanuary 2, 2020Reply

    Just the worst. There was absolutely no plot to the movie. There was build up, build up, build up, and for what? A climax? A resolution? You’d think right? BUT NOOOOOOOOO. Do not recommend. Complete waste of 1 hour and 31 minutes. The 1 minute counts just as much. Fuck this movie. Travis was a cutie though, and all around the best actor of the bunch.

  • Maku HJanuary 6, 2020Reply

    Did not induce any of the things intended. horrible moment with the kid at the end. Just a drag that fails to take off and show us anything about the nature of the characters. A 2 hour void with a despicable depiction at the end.

  • Graeme HJanuary 8, 2020Reply

    I have never felt a larger disconnect from critics than when it comes to “It comes at night”. The film largely lacks the tension, the strong characters, or the depth that I have seen attributed by critics. I ultimately feel this movie was made out to be more than it is. I understand the movie is about fear and paranoia. That does not make it any more interesting or the title any less misleading. I feel the characters are adequate, but lack anything that makes them above average compared to similar movies. SPOILERS The audience still knows next to nothing about them by the end of the film, and their deaths hold no impact. The final standoff is tense, but is completely undermined by the fact everyone dies anyways. Yes humans panic in times of crisis, again it does not make the movie more interesting. It feels like cheaply manufactured tension with no pay off. Although well-made and fine-looking this was a very disappointing film.

  • Tim AJanuary 17, 2020Reply

    “It Comes Out At Night” recalls for me a number of quotes: Remember the line in the Seinfeld TV series. “It’s a show about ‘NOTHING’!” Remember Bill Clinton? “There is no ‘THERE’ there…”? Well, to be honest…There is no “IT” here. I’m still waiting for “it” to come out. Oh, and one more quote seems appropriate. Remember Monty Python’s “In Search of the Holy Grail”? Someone pulling a cart through a plague infested village, “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!!!” Each humble family brings out at least one dead family member. And then, the guy pulling the cart says, “Hey! This one isn’t dead yet!!!” And the person replies, “But he’ll be dead by tomorrow, and you won’t be around again til next week!!!” There. I just saved you two hours.

  • Jesus VJanuary 20, 2020Reply

    It’s a trap. Even though the movie is painfully slow and boring, the ending it intense tricking you into thinking the movie was good.

  • Brenden RJanuary 22, 2020Reply

    Absolute droning pretentious film festival trash. Don’t waste your time. Trey Edward Shults is a hack.

  • Errol EJanuary 25, 2020Reply

    I had high expectations because of the critical reception, but this movie fell flat in all areas. I think the marketing is the reason for my disappointment.

    I expected something specific based on the marketing campaign, but the film went in a completely different and uninterested direction.

  • AnonymousFebruary 5, 2020Reply

    Great film with an ambiguous ending that needs further explanation.

  • Chesley NFebruary 11, 2020Reply

    I don’t even know what to say about this movie. Nothing exciting happened in over an hour and a half. I fought sleep constantly waiting for something to happen yet nothing did. I would love an amazon refund for my time. The plot was dry and there was hardly any sound in the whole movie which made it more boring than it already was.

  • Jin SFebruary 14, 2020Reply

    This movie kept me on a cliff the entire time, but it left me hanging with so many questions.

  • Thorben xFebruary 18, 2020Reply

    Crazy ending , but had wished for a bit more

  • Julio XFebruary 20, 2020Reply

    Just like Hereditary, confusion is not what you should want the audience to feel or earn. Also, Hipster-Horror isn’t fun either.

    You’re trying too hard to be original and failing to impress. Lol

  • David JFebruary 23, 2020Reply

    Good acting is the only saving grace in this boring cliche ridden film. Bland and pointless.

  • Jon DFebruary 27, 2020Reply

    It’s so refreshing when a low-budget movie has all the elements of really good movie – – acting, writing, dialog, & plot. It Comes At Night is scary without the abrupt noises and jump-scares of the less-imaginative offerings in this genre.

    Kind of weird WTF? ending, but that’s probably intentional.

  • Andrew HFebruary 29, 2020Reply

    This art house horror flick will make most casual viewers’ heads race more than their hearts, but for some die-hardcore quality horror film buffs, it should be a passable treat. 3.75

  • AnonymousFebruary 29, 2020Reply

    Terrible movie. Still scratching my head at what I just watched.

  • Alex HMarch 2, 2020Reply

    A riveting rendition of how miss-information can feather the fire on paranoia in a period of isolation during an unknown deadly pandemic that spreads about. The writing was solid. The cinematography, editing and acting were definite highlights for this cramped up, anxiously, unnerving feeling psychological feature. I suspect the low budget helped propel and elevate all aspects. The ending might startle some and put off others in an unsatisfactory way. I understood why they went that way. It was a bold decision and probably an unpopular one, no doubt.

  • Jet CMarch 9, 2020Reply

    Normally, I am a big fan of horror movies that don’t reveal all their cards by the end, but in the case of “It Comes At Night”, this strategy just feels like lazy writing. “It Comes At Night” establishes an intriguing premise and fully dimensional characters, but it tries to elevate itself on the overused idea of a realistic apocalypse, and ends up feeling like every other decently made apocalypse movie. On top of this, it doesn’t act upon its established foundation, and in the end only addresses one of many plot points, leaving the viewer confused and unsatisfied.

  • AnonymousMarch 13, 2020Reply

    *Vomiting intensifies*

  • Mat KMarch 21, 2020Reply

    not many scene in the movie

  • Erick MMarch 21, 2020Reply

    Not the greatest film ever. It has some crucial moments that may “entertain” you but I was expecting more from what I watched from the trailer.

  • Jonny OMarch 22, 2020Reply

    A cold movie that is meant to leave you confused, paranoid, and mentally horrified. No satisfaction, just dread.

  • Brandon CMarch 29, 2020Reply

    It Comes At Night is a really tough film to comprehend. The first 50 minutes is lingering boredom and the rest racks up tension that will make any viewer uncomfortable. The decision to end the film with many unanswered questions can destroy the atmosphere of it all.

  • AnonymousMarch 29, 2020Reply

    It Comes At Night opens the world to Trey Edward Schulz as a new visionary filmmaker. The performances and cinematography are masterful but the ending is rather depressing

  • Thomas BApril 4, 2020Reply

    Yep, this one is great. A glimpse at rural life after the f*cking apocalypse. The perfect amount of depth is left unanswered. Beautiful and dark as hell.

  • Eric WApril 7, 2020Reply

    The movie IT COMES AT NIGHT shows how whatever’s wrong with the world can creep in to a home no matter how far removed from it people think they are.

  • Jonathan SApril 7, 2020Reply

    A24 seem to be the experts at minimalistic horror. However, It Comes At Night felt a little TOO obnoxious. Trey Edward Shults could care less about tidy conclusions. There are moments throughout that are open to interpretation, especially during the unpredictable finale. As much as one enjoys ambiguity, and Shults plays on the “fear of the unknown”, one couldn’t help but think it was executed poorly. Provoking too many questions that it had no intention of answering.

    Joel Edgerton excels in his role as the family patriarch, Paul. He’s a smart man who’s learned from past mistakes, and mistakes made by society. His spooked eyes are a by-product of the horrors he’s seen. He wrestles with trust issues throughout, but his apprehensive and muted performance emphasises the characters shifting emotions. Kelvin Harrison, Jr. as Travis, devotedly takes on a complicated role and delivers the widest range of performances. A young man suffering from isolation and sadness differently than the adults surrounding him.

    The cinematography and sound design are incredible and central to the narrative. Contributing ambience and an emotional weight, especially during the highly unsettling dream sequences. Drew Daniels’ camerawork is claustrophobic to the extreme. The subtleties of swapping from a 2:35:1 aspect ration to 1:85:1 during dream sequences are a nice touch. Especially seeing Travis creep down the hallways amps up the anxiety. Whereas Brian McOmber’s score helps heathen the emotional state of the paranoid characters.

    In summary, It Comes At Night is far less horror than a post-apocalyptic character study, mixed with a psychological thriller. Don’t get me wrong, it’s harrowing and unbearable in a good way. However, questions are raised and never answered. It flirts with fascinating ideas and themes but one couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with the end product.

  • Evan OApril 8, 2020Reply

    Is it somewhere out there, in the shadows, out of sight? Or is it in here, with us? It Comes at Night is not the first movie to suggest that the monster isn’t some boogeyman lurking behind a corner, but rather ourselves. Paranoia certainly isn’t a novel concept in the horror genre, but rarely do we experience those emotions with the characters. When we watch the neighbors on Maple Street tear each other apart we look on with a sense of comfort and superiority, because we can see the folly of their actions all to clearly, and we hear that voice in the back of our head confidently telling ourselves “I wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t be that guy”. Yet, Shulz’s film tackles these feelings of paranoia with such empathy that we experience the paranoia right along with the characters. There is a scene in the film near the beginning where one family is debating whether to help another family out and invite them to live in their house. The Dad thinks they shouldn’t and the Mom and son think they should. It’s at this point in the film where I’d usually begin to vilify the Dad for forsaking humanity so quickly and callously, however its a testament to Shulz’s storytelling skill that I found myself yelling at the screen: “Don’t trust him, he’s lying!”

  • Connor FApril 9, 2020Reply

    The feeling of claustrophobia and not knowing what lies in the unknown are used to great standards in IT COMES AT NIGHT. Only problem is that it categorize’s itself as horror when it was more of a drama to the standards. Keeping the suspense real and clean of false scares.

  • Michelle CApril 12, 2020Reply

    This is a well done cinematic beauty that pulls the viewer into raw fear and survival adrenalin all in the face of what seems like a certain demise for everyone involved. If you’ve ever wanted to help someone against your better judgment, and did so despite your doubt because of the intrinsic urge to give chances – you’ll relive the dreadful feelings those decisions come with in It Comes at Night. There are so many relatable emotions, expressions, and decisions on display in this well laid out film – although most of us will never have it as bad as the people in this film.

    The camera moves to the beat of survivor’s adrenalin, psychological uncertainty, and snap judgments while giving close shots and arial views of ragged tree stumps and an empty service road. You might have no idea what’s going on but you do know the world is not what it should be – but this family boarded up house lets us know they want to live through it. They still have hope and it’s that blind faith that might be responsible for destroying what little they had left to protect. Gut wrenching. All the actors played the aces out of their roles. It was so real, too real.

  • Tyler SApril 13, 2020Reply

    If youre looking for a monster movie youve come to the wrong place. Chilling yes scary no. Most importantly be prepared to be have questions.

  • Mark LApril 13, 2020Reply

    It Comes At Night assaults the senses throughout with its dark environments, use of sound and eerie imagery. It’s an exercise in tension that, if you allow it, will grip you from its opening minutes and carry you through without adherence to horror tropes. Don’t expect jump-scares or supernatural nonsense, for the terror on display here is of a different breed entirely. Watching it during the COVID-19 pandemic also lends a spine-chilling relevance to it all.

  • merance aApril 15, 2020Reply

    Very good movie – kept us interested. It does leave a lot of loose ends and questions, but was very well done and a good watch.

  • Donna BApril 15, 2020Reply

    I’d recommend it. It’s hard to be original with this type of movie, but it has a few original aspects. The acting is also superb. Good script, although could have used a bit more dialogue, for my taste. But this is ultimately a depressing “those with no hope enter here” movie, which many people don’t like. Including me, usually. The ending is a bit abrupt, but I guess I know why. All in all, worth watching for the relationships and acting, but only if you can handle being left in a dark mood.

  • Aja-nei SApril 25, 2020Reply

    it just felt like the movie was going in circles, and not much action really occurred. overall it was a waste of 1 hour and 31 minutes

  • William TMay 8, 2020Reply

    They could have built on the story. Not “thinker” as opposed to a traditional horror story.

  • Matthew WMay 10, 2020Reply

    Disappointing post apocalyptic thriller with lots of atmosphere but not much else as two families battle an unseen force, but the real battle begins when paranoia sets in.

  • TundeMay 12, 2020Reply

    Not your typical horror movie. Definitely makes you think about moral values and people’s true nature being revealed.

  • Cristian SMay 17, 2020Reply

    Possibly the worst I’ve seen this year! Terrible, awful and boring. It tries to be deep but fail!

  • Brandon GMay 21, 2020Reply

    It was incredibly dragged out and incredibly predictable. Your suspicions about everything that you think is going to happen are true.

  • Syamsneh KMay 23, 2020Reply

    New way to make a horror film

  • Monster TMay 28, 2020Reply

    A disheartening, saddening film that just doesn’t work in terms of enticing an audience. Shame to have such a quality actor like Edgerton in a poor movie, although he was very good in it. Story definitely needs work…

  • Sarah SJune 1, 2020Reply

    Too slow with no reward. The family are joined by another trying to make it in a post-apoc kind of world where there are scarce supplies, and something unknown (which is never explained) infecting them. Unlike many of these films where the newcomers are bad news they get on well, even killing nameless, pointless, cameo-length extras together. It’s not until halfway that anything strange happens then there’s a whole lot of nothing again. Most unnerving parts are dream sequences. Not actually sure who the title refers to cos nothing happened but it might be the couple who actually got to fornicate. Well done. I think the movie also ends the way you finish a story when in 3rd grade and cbf writing anymore; “then I found out it was all a dream.” Dislike.

  • Dan CJune 2, 2020Reply

    Not a bad movie, but it was missing something. The story never really allowed you to delve too deep into it, and the movie constantly tries to be very vague. Ultimately too little pay off for a very slow building movie. A lot more could have been done to peak interest. That final action action scene was very well done though.

  • Aston BJune 5, 2020Reply

    It was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and a waste of my time, not impressed. So much wrong with the movie and could’ve had a way better beginning and end or the entire movie needs to be rewritten

  • Chris FJune 11, 2020Reply

    While it felt a little “bait and swith” ish, I still found the film to be worth watching. Good acting and some intensity in some of the scenes.

  • Gofu cJune 14, 2020Reply

    This movie is garbage don’t waste your time.

  • Cheyenne LJune 28, 2020Reply

    No monster no real suspense or thrill I wasted my time on this shit. Not a masterpiece like people wanna bs. It is stupid.

  • AnonymousJune 28, 2020Reply

    Garbage. Slow as watching hair grow. the actors did their best with a horrible story

  • Grim SJuly 1, 2020Reply

    Possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen. No suspense, limited character development and a terribly unsatisfying pay-off. If you want proof Trey Edward Shults is a failure as a director, then watch this film.

  • Michael AJuly 7, 2020Reply

    What comes at night? Who opened the door? Why did this movie take so long and explain nothing? As for audiences wanting to drag out the suspense in a horror flick, you are right. A for audiences being left with an empty feeling at the end of the movie you missed the mark. There has to be some kind of closure, and this movie did not provide it. Overall, a long drawn out movie with no answers.

  • Jeffrey PJuly 8, 2020Reply

    I didn’t hate it but it alluded to one direction and went another and ended abruptly at that. I do get it, and what I think it could have been saying is that the future comes to you at night often in the form of nightmares but that’s just a guess and there’s no way to know if that’s what it was saying.

    3 of 5

  • Graham MJuly 9, 2020Reply

    A family in the woods and someone is sick. A big hour and a half. Of nothing.

  • Stathis TJuly 11, 2020Reply

    Had potential and was Intriguing at first until the pointless story and plot holes.

  • Katelyn EJuly 12, 2020Reply

    This movie was TERRIBLE! Didn’t ever know what came at night everyone was just scared… also the movie literally just ends…. like this movie is complete garbage! Do yourself a favor and watch something else!

  • J TJuly 12, 2020Reply

    Great acting, tight setup, no point in making it.
    Really comes down to being rhe kind of script where a good friendly editor should stop you and say ‘Why? Like what are you saying or conveying about human nature or the wider ethos we live in?’… because this films minimalism is so minimal that it forgets to give us anything to ponder by its end.
    People are tribal, people are decietful even if its unconscious, the world is a natural fuck up. Yeah? And?

  • Lucca BJuly 17, 2020Reply

    It makes great use from its confined setting and excellent cast, bringing a suspenseful dystopian horror that makes us terrified of what we don’t see.

  • Alef MJuly 21, 2020Reply

    “O equilíbrio das proporções” é um ótimo exemplo quando se trata desse filme. Inclusive, essa é o primeira obra mediana que vejo da A24. A produção é excelente. As atuações são boas, junto a todo cenário. Porém, a trama propriamente dita, fica muito pra trás.

    O objetivo aqui é trabalhar numa história cujo seu final é trágico, graças a sanidade humana. E, tendo em vista o contexto, não devíamos esperar nada muito diferente daquele final, porém todo o desenvolvimento do psicólogo dos personagens é muito mal trabalhado, assim como a relação entre eles. Consequentemente, suas ações deixam de ser verossímeis e deixamos de entender o que está acontecendo – de uma maneira negativa.

    Da até pra perceber as tentativas de estabelecer uma tensão, como a descoberta da mentira, o cachorro, os sonhos sexuais do garoto, ou até mesmo a criança acordando em outro quarto. Mas ai já era tarde demais, e sem um desenvolvimento bem feito… essas tentativas não valem de muita coisa.

  • Milan MJuly 24, 2020Reply

    Amazing movie if you’re not a braindead American who just likes jumpscares and cheap tricks.

  • Michael FJuly 25, 2020Reply

    This is an excellent film. Unfortunately, the trailer would lead one to believe this is a horror film, it is not. While it’s horrific, it’s more about trust and what one is willing to do to survive.

  • Michael SJuly 27, 2020Reply

    I thought it was extremely well done. There is an atmosphere about the entire film, a doom, a depression, that reminded me most of The Road. I’m quite jaded to horror films in general being rarely moved by them. This, however, especially the end sequence, really tore at me.

  • Roman SAugust 3, 2020Reply

    I think the ending does leave you a little disappointed but the movie as a whole as good. You don’t get to see what “it” is but you almost forget about that during all the tension between the humans. Not horrible, and not a waste of time but was missing a little something.

  • Claire JAugust 9, 2020Reply

    Not a lot of point? What was with the dream arc that led to a confusing ending?

  • William KAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dark and effective post-apocalyptic drama is more focused on the psychological repercussions of a (vaguely sketched) catastrophe than on any horror tropes; although a strong effort, its elliptical tale-telling does diminish its impact.

  • AnonymousAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Really misleading advertising and title. The film is more about a virus causing people to turn on one another then an evil monster. It’s more dark and depressing then scary. It has a good cast and cinematography but it’s not enough to save thus film.

  • Renee FAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Well shot & acted. Mildly suspenseful but not enough to feel satisfied. It needed more context to fit the bill. To the critic who said it was the scariest movie to come out in a long time, I’m not sure what scary movies you’re watching, because this one is not.

  • Daniel ESeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Worst movie ive ever seen

  • Chelsea KSeptember 21, 2020Reply

    88% from critics?! Further proof that these critics are just sniffing their own farts thinking they’re artsy. This got 1/2 star because there is no 0 stars. This movie was WORTHLESS. It’s like a college freshman took a film class and then someone backed it. there’s nothing impressive or artsy about this movie, it was horrible.

  • Christopher HSeptember 21, 2020Reply

    alright……here we go…….something scary is gonna happen…….here we go!…..hmm…. ok wait for it…….wait for it…….wait for it…… hmmmm…..nothing happens.

  • Evan WSeptember 21, 2020Reply

    This movie was terrible. Nothing came at night. Any climactic. A waste of time.

  • Jaimie LSeptember 22, 2020Reply

    After a virus outbreak, an isolated family are joined by another but distrust them to the point that they have to kill them so that their doors don’t get left open.

  • Kenneth JOctober 3, 2020Reply

    I am a big fan of movies that leave a lot unanswered. This may be frustrating for some moviegoers, but I love it. The movie came out a couple of years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it couldn’t be more timely. Not an “uplifting” movie; do not partake if you are already in a dark place thanks to current (2020) events.

  • Marco GOctober 11, 2020Reply

    Habe mir den Film soeben angesehen. Fängt ganz gut an, jedoch wird über den ganzen Film hinweg Spannung aufgebaut und schlussendlich passiert gar nichts. Der Fil gehört höchstens in der Kategorie Schauspieler (Travis) ins Horror-genre. Dieser Jungspund hat mich den ganzen Film durchwegs dermassen getriggert, dass ich mir nach 20 Minuten seinen Tod gewünscht habe. Alles in allem 90min verschwendete Lebenszeit. Ich hasse diesen Travis, ich hasse mich, ich hasse mein Leben. Danke für garnichts.

  • Amanda DOctober 12, 2020Reply

    Absolute crap. The plot of this movie goes nowhere and leaves us wondering what is going on. This film could have been made by high school kids it’s so bad. The brutal shooting of a small child is thrown in for shock value. It is highly a highly disturbing film with no redeeming qualities.

  • Devin POctober 15, 2020Reply

    Starts off like it’s going to be a great movie. Expecting to see something interesting after the dog runs off and ends with just a bunch of paranoid jackoffs killing each other. One of those dream/vision movies where you don’t even know what the f*ck happened… huge disappointment imo.

  • Scott BOctober 26, 2020Reply

    This movies was straight trash. What comes at night ???? Diarrhea that’s what I made an account just because of how bad this movie really was. So much potential for a great scary movie. I just lost an hour of my life and maybe a girlfriend because of how bad this movie was:

  • Nick MOctober 31, 2020Reply

    Trey Edward Schultz proofs with It comes at Night that he is a Major Filmmaking Talent and someone from whom we can expect real Filmart in the Future. The Movie itself is strong in its Performances and Screenwriting and actually has some pretty disturbing Shots to offer. And it gets really strong towards the End.
    RATING: 4,6

  • Tast HNovember 8, 2020Reply

    The worst movie I’ve ever seen!!!!!! WTF comes at night? Nothing that’s what.

  • Guy PNovember 9, 2020Reply

    Stunning cinematography, tries to instill that human nature is the true horror but lacks in exposition, refuses to use the traditional horror tropes but this may be why you’re left wanting more by the end of the film.

  • Pete VNovember 10, 2020Reply

    I don’t like having my time wasted and I don’t like being lied to. This movies title is a total lie. They even try to get you thinking through the movie that something is out in the woods at night but there never is! Also the ending totally sucks and leave you feeling like the movie is unfinished. So all that “movie” that I was getting invested in just ends without a real ending. I can’t believe that critics liked this movie. It’s probably because they all see a nonsense movie without a purpose is artsy. Don’t make me laugh. I literally made this account to post this review! Movie was BAD because the ending matters

  • Adam ZNovember 22, 2020Reply

    A look at humans at their worst amidst a pandemic.

  • Ronak INovember 23, 2020Reply

    I loved it. Tense, confusing, great acting. I found it better than A quite place. I recommend watching it comes at night.

  • Hoss VNovember 28, 2020Reply

    I mean, maybe I’ll not completely dump on this thing they tried to pawn off as a movie, and I’ll give it a whole star, but not for any extraordinary reason.

    The only redeeming thing in this film is that the atmosphere is pretty solid and the setting COULD’VE been used perfectly for an ideal horror scenario. HOWEVER, because the writers had a sense of humor: that isn’t what happened.

    If you decide to bite the bullet regardless and watch it, here’s what you can expect: Boredom, unsatisfied anticipation, characters who are frustratingly stupid, and as the final and worst insult of all: false advertising.

    You wanna’ know what I mean? It’s simple: NOTHING COMES AT NIGHT.

    Dumpster fire.

  • Steve HDecember 6, 2020Reply

    This one worked for me more often than it didn’t, definitely more so in the context of 2020 than it would have in 2017. And even had I not known ahead of time there would have been no doubts this was an A24 film. 6.5/10

  • Loulou BDecember 6, 2020Reply

    Incredibly slow and boring, and I’m not even a picky person. Don’t waste your time

  • Renaldo DDecember 17, 2020Reply

    It provoked a suspense, but other than that the script is very weak and predictable and those who have watched series with similar themes will find nothing too much

  • Jennifer TDecember 19, 2020Reply

    Very slow. Has a frustrating ending with a mystery that isn’t solved, apparently the director did it “on purpose”. It was fucking stupid.

  • KT GDecember 27, 2020Reply

    Probably the slowest most anti-climactic film I’ve watched. The ending was absolutely awful and leaves questions unresolved. Extremely flawed and quite honestly a waste of time.

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