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Jack Frost (1998)

Jack Frost (1998)

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5.9 776 votes


what going on?


A father, who can’t keep his promises, dies in a car accident. One year later, he returns as a snowman, who has the final chance to put things right with his son before he is gone forever.

IMDb Rating 5.9 776 votes


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(150) comments

  • Nick SJanuary 2, 2012Reply

    As one of the very few films that are universally known by director Troy Miller, Jack Frost is a part of his better work. With screenwriter Mark Steven Johnson at his side, this film will capture the imagination with its cute story line.

    For my full review of Jack Frost (1998), check it out on this IMDB link:

  • Faris AJanuary 7, 2012Reply

    I used to watch this movie all the time as a kid. It’s not brilliant, but as an eight year old, Jack Frost was a blast.

  • Bridgette FJanuary 8, 2012Reply

    a tear jerker,and funny too

  • Sophie BJanuary 8, 2012Reply

    TERRIBLE movie
    Entertainment value: D-

  • Hobie PFebruary 4, 2012Reply

    One of the worst family movies of all time.

  • Stephanie HFebruary 16, 2012Reply

    this movie was so sad and the snowman was so weird too the movie was good

  • Lilith MFebruary 19, 2012Reply

    Loved this move since I was a little kid, and I still do XP

  • Rich BFebruary 25, 2012Reply

    It sounds bad. It is bad.

  • Brittany SFebruary 27, 2012Reply

    This is such a good movie! Sadd.!

  • Jessica SMarch 3, 2012Reply

    I seen Jack Frost the movie and I really liked this movie.

  • Wes SMarch 11, 2012Reply

    Good family film though it sometimes gets confused with the 1997 Killer Snowman movie. The effects are great and the story is touching and humorous. Great characters and an instant holiday classic.

  • Jedi CMarch 16, 2012Reply

    A jolly-hearted guilty pleasure.

  • Wendy JApril 1, 2012Reply

    I liked this one. My youngest son loved it.

  • Ellie DApril 1, 2012Reply

    Cute for a kids movie.

  • Norma DApril 11, 2012Reply

    oh i used to LOVE this movie as a kid!!!

  • Robert CApril 11, 2012Reply

    Not funny, poor special effects and a lack of logic or originality make Jack Frost only for very young kids.

  • Bill DApril 12, 2012Reply

    See the horror movie by the same name. It is hilarious. Skip this lame tug at your heartstrings movie.

  • John PApril 19, 2012Reply

    I vaguely remember seeing this as a child… All I remember is I was terrified.

  • Gil GApril 24, 2012Reply

    This movie may be more tormenting than the horror film that was made under the same title!

  • Crystal AApril 28, 2012Reply

    its a really good christmas flik

  • Bobbi DApril 29, 2012Reply

    i love this movie. its sad tho

  • Julia LMay 3, 2012Reply

    such a fun movie, i wish i had a talking snowman…

  • Michael BMay 6, 2012Reply

    Lame, really lame, didnt make any sense piled on back acting, piled on bad directing. Just simply put a waist of film… maybe if i was like 7-10 i wouldnt have minded it… but jesus.

  • Hannah FMay 26, 2012Reply

    i love this movie! its one of the best holiday movies!

  • Jesus HMay 28, 2012Reply

    solo para verla en navidad

  • Rob WJune 16, 2012Reply

    How did this movie every get made?

  • Megan GJune 24, 2012Reply

    this is such an awesome movie, LOVE it! 🙂

  • Phillipe HJuly 12, 2012Reply

    Typical christmas flick. Don’t expect more than a glossy “family” movie. Plot and direction are thin as a twine of hair.

  • Denise AJuly 23, 2012Reply

    I enjoyed this film. Great Holiday one.

  • Austen DAugust 1, 2012Reply

    Thought it was boring as a kid, still find it boring as an adult.

  • Shaniqua JAugust 4, 2012Reply

    amazing movie. shaniqua LOVED IT!!!!!

  • Dathan RAugust 14, 2012Reply

    good in some areas, overall a waste of time.

  • Michelle CSeptember 19, 2012Reply

    nice family movie. ^-^

  • Jonathan LSeptember 26, 2012Reply

    I guess a snow dad is better than no dad.

  • Jack WOctober 6, 2012Reply

    Snowman for a dad sounds silly and it is – but Jack Frost does occasionally provide delights and humour throughout.

  • Becky BOctober 8, 2012Reply

    Liked this a lot when I was younger. Used to play on tv a lot too

  • Jessica HOctober 24, 2012Reply

    more drepressing than it is fun.

  • Justin OOctober 31, 2012Reply

    Keaton went from Batman to a snowman. Kinda sad really.

  • Rebecca SNovember 16, 2012Reply

    I LIKE it, leave your smarmy hat at the door.

  • andy sNovember 18, 2012Reply

    great family film with a sad story!!

  • Charlie GNovember 19, 2012Reply

    Really didn’t care for this one.

  • Harry RNovember 21, 2012Reply

    Jack Frost is sweet and cute but all it is is a copy to Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman

  • Alexander CDecember 7, 2012Reply

    A very moving story in which a father gets a 2nd chance to redeem his time with the family. Coming back as a mobile snow man. Quite happy and sad at the same time.

  • Julie RDecember 8, 2012Reply

    Cried when I watched it! Great Christmas movie!

  • Lewis PDecember 9, 2012Reply

    It could of been a Christmas classic but it will always be known as a Christmas flop. Not a complete disaster and has its moments but its too boring and too long to get going. Nice enough ending, but that’s if you last that long without turning it off.

  • Martin HDecember 9, 2012Reply

    Taken me 14 years to watch this festive family movie but finally have. Not the happiest of Christmas movies but a heart felt message at the end. 6/10

  • Clark HDecember 9, 2012Reply

    Not a classic but a nice enough story. Probably more magical for kids than adults.

  • T.J. LDecember 9, 2012Reply

    A very good family movie

  • Adam WDecember 10, 2012Reply

    CGI snowman voiced by Michael Keaton attempts to pull on your heartstrings but only succeeds in ruining your Sunday afternoon. Awful..

  • Opal LDecember 10, 2012Reply

    My grandkids love it and I thought it was sweet!

  • Aaron GDecember 18, 2012Reply

    Not an Oscar winning-type movie, but definitely an enjoyable family film. It doesn’t deserve the hate it gets from critics.

  • Fallon ODecember 21, 2012Reply

    Kind of slow & sad. Not as good as I remembered.

  • John RDecember 24, 2012Reply

    Hated by the critics I nonetheless thought this would be good to watch during the Christmas period nothing terribly original but it’s something for the holidays

  • Montag SDecember 27, 2012Reply

    ?????????? ??????? ????? ??????????? ??? ?????? ????.?????!

  • Frazer MDecember 29, 2012Reply

    superb always loved dat film

  • JayCee CJanuary 6, 2013Reply

    the snowman scared me… lol

  • Ben SJanuary 7, 2013Reply

    It made me cry so badly

  • Steve BJanuary 18, 2013Reply

    A musical roadie and lead singer Jack Frost has a wife and son he doesn’t get much to see. An accident happens and he is re-incarnated back to his family as a snowman. That’s the general plot. It’s all a little tongue in cheek, a little unreal, poorly acted, rushed and predictable. Family fun for the younger viewers mainly.

  • Abdulmalik AApril 9, 2013Reply

    I gotta say that I really liked this film as child. The funny thing is that the snowman actually looks like Keaton.

  • President PMay 4, 2013Reply

    The snow ball fight scene here is just simply marvelous. It’s so over the top, stupidly intense, and just so dumb it’s truly perfect. It combined the intensity of Apocalypse Now and Saving Private Ryan and put it on a playground in the winter, just all around fantastic. Every second of this scene is so dumb it is just to funny. Honestly, in the dumbest way possible this may have just been the greatest movie scenes in my opinion; truly stunning and entertaining.

    The rest of film though, is shit; the nicest way of saying it. Yeah it has some heart I guess, but the majority of the film is nonsense. The opening scene of a rock band singing kids songs with people cheering, is complete BS. The story is not really there, the cast didn’t care and it shows, the writing is all over the place and complicates the film, and the direction is just terrible. The amount of CGI here is just unneeded and pointless; and like lots of CGI heavy films (Transformers, Avatar, Star Wars Prequels, etc.) adds nothing to the film.

    Christmas films are hard to judge, during that season mostly anything is passable, however, they’re are bad Christmas films; this is one of them. Jack Frost has a little heart and has the greatest snowball fight ever filmed; but other than that it falls flat.

    The snowball fight scene should of just been extended into a film and replace this, that would have been fucking awesome; but, a las this came out and the result is mostly garbage; but that fucking snowball fight was fucking amazing.

  • Cedric LMay 25, 2013Reply

    A Hallmark movie best watched for free.

  • Bret LJune 5, 2013Reply

    Reminds me of my daughter

  • Aaron HAugust 4, 2013Reply

    The premise is stupid, the premise is stupid, and I think I should address the fact that THE PREMISE IS FUCKING STUPID!!!!

  • Joe WAugust 7, 2013Reply

    its a harmless friendly classic

  • Jim AAugust 7, 2013Reply

    As far as generic sentimental fantasy Christmas movies Ive seen this one isn’t the worst but its still uninspired and filled with terrible preformances and the movies creature effects are at times a bit creepy for its own good

  • A SSeptember 14, 2013Reply

    Really good funny and amazing 82%

  • Lukas BNovember 7, 2013Reply

    What could have been a somewhat decent and heartwarming Christmas film turns into a despicably sappy and cliche-ridden pile of coal.

  • Sam BNovember 10, 2013Reply

    I have seen it so many times it isn’t funny any more. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great kids movie with an adult moral.

  • Andrew SNovember 10, 2013Reply

    A decent watchable little movie.

  • Matthew DNovember 10, 2013Reply

    An average Christmas film; cheesy and sentimental schmaltz, except this time with Michael Keaton.

  • Ryan ANovember 15, 2013Reply

    Jack Frost is a priceless of a movie. I personally can say that the screenplay made believe in miracles around the holiday season!

  • Russell QNovember 24, 2013Reply

    NEVER WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dallas TDecember 2, 2013Reply

    This movie was horrible… I’ve been studying and learning the concepts of Screenwriting, and this concept was not satisfying. People go to the movies to get a smile put on there face, and not worry about day to day life, this did not put a smile on anyone’s face. Overall, if you want Christmas movies to watch, don’t watch this one

  • Kara HDecember 9, 2013Reply

    Gets straight to the point and the graphics are great for its time in terms of realism, but overall just so-so. Starts sad but can be an uplifter towards the end.

  • David SDecember 11, 2013Reply

    As cheesy as you’d expect from a Christmas film about a man who is reborn as a snowman! The whole thing would be a disaster if it wasn’t for Keaton, who manages to be ‘cool’ in everything he does (geddit?). This film could only be appreciated at xmas and even then there are much better xmas films but although it didn’t melt my heart it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Keaton deserves better though..

  • Matthew JDecember 13, 2013Reply

    Depressing Christmas movie

  • John WDecember 16, 2013Reply

    Overly sentimental by the numbers effort that’s been done (for better or worse) elsewhere: inattentive father/husband doesn’t realize what he has, suffers an untimely demise, through some magical deus ex machina comes back heartfelt to make amends and teach a life lesson before going back to the great beyond. Suffers mostly from a forced plot and complete lack of cast chemistry and a surprising Jim Henson fail on the ‘snowman’

  • Joshua TDecember 18, 2013Reply

    I can remember I watched this when I was younger and I always enjoyed watching it. I haven’t seen it in years but looking back on it, the premise is pretty silly (about his father coming back to life in the form of a snowman), but considering what they had to do with it, they did a decent job! My view would probably change if I saw it again, but overall, I would give this a 7/10, based on the fact that I did enjoy watching it as a kid.

  • Ethan HDecember 20, 2013Reply

    It has it’s moments but should be on the bottom of anyone’s holiday list.

  • Mark BDecember 21, 2013Reply

    It was pretty bad admittedly, but very sentimental and watching it during the holiday season was actually kind of enjoyable.

  • Misterj RDecember 21, 2013Reply

    The premise is stupid, the premis is stupid, oh and did I mention that THE PREMISE IS STUPID!!!! Michael Keaton is Batman not Snowman!!

  • Jeff KDecember 22, 2013Reply

    Jack Frost isn’t a very well made movie, the acting isn’t great, the sets, backgrounds and most of the special effects have a cheap feel to them, like everything was done in one take on a shoestring budget. The story is pretty typical feel good second chance stuff, you are left feeling like they could have gotten more laughs out of the ‘holy crap his snowman is alive thing’ than they even tried for. I still enjoyed it though, but there are better chrismas choices.

  • Ryan WDecember 22, 2013Reply

    It doesn’t feel warm at all and lacks the Christmas cheer and spirit which makes it uninspiring and in the words of Ebenezer Scrooge “Bah Humbug!”

  • Bo KDecember 23, 2013Reply

    Definitely thought it was better than what it’s ratings are. Acting was average, but the whole story and morals behind it made this a heart felt and good Christmas-time movie. Full of happy scenes, but balanced out with some sad scenes. The sad scenes, weren’t depressing, but sad in a loving sense. Michael Keeton played a very well role as the father turned snowman, and showed a loving side that helped this movie thrive as a loving family movie.

  • Kyle MDecember 25, 2013Reply

    A good-hearted father-son winter tale with silliness and warmth – not enough to melt the film’s story and heart. (B+)

    (Full review coming soon)

  • Christopher HDecember 26, 2013Reply

    For some reason, whether it was because it was always on cable around Christmas or because it had Michael Keaton in it, I’ve seen “Jack Frost” more times than I can remember, and to be perfectly honest, I really enjoy it every time. Keaton plays a musician father that is just about to break into the music industry with his band, but in doing so, he is leaving his beautiful wife (Kelly Preston) and his son (Joseph Cross) in the dust. When he misses his son’s hockey game and then has to bail on a Christmas trip to the cabin, Jack (Keaton) decides to give it up and head back to his family. Sadly, on the way, he has a car accident and dies, which is truly heartbreaking. But thanks to the “magic” harmonica that he gives his son after missing his game, he is brought back to life in the form of a snow man, an annual activity the father and son once shared. Given a strange second chance, Jack uses this time to spend with his son, whose mental frailty is constantly in question as he begins spending a strange amount of time with a snowman. Thanks in part to the Jim Henson creature shop, the snowman effects are impeccable, feeling very real and creating a character that is most often than not, completely believable, helped by the great voice acting by Keaton. However, some of the special effects, mainly during the downhill sled chase, the effects fall off in quality tremendously. “Jack Frost” may not be the most conventional holiday film but it has stayed with me since I was a child and continues to fascinate me with its ridiculous premise and tragic demeanor.

  • Tom SDecember 30, 2013Reply

    “Jack Frost” with Michael Keaton is a heart-warming tribute to loving fathers that is fun and a little off-beat with an ending that brought a tear to my eye. This story that takes place in two consecutive, snowy Christmas seasons reminded me of “Ghost” without the violence.

    Because the anti-family, animal-like, radically nitpicking culture of our time goes overboard to remove loving yet imperfect fathers from the family scene and put overbearing, self-righteous mothers at the helm, I am not surprised that the movie is as unpopular as it is. How truly sad. One can only guess how many people–including well-paid critics who are lousy fathers–detest this great family film for the very worst personal reasons. I highly recommend it for Christians who value the traditional family.

  • Jaime RDecember 31, 2013Reply

    Let me leave you off with this. Do not watch Jack Frost. It is a horrible holiday film. At the moment, it is my least favourite holiday film. But despite all those nasty problems I had with this film, there were good aspects that somehow make it seem like those cute little holiday cards you get every year on Christmas. But still, that can’t even save this mess of a film.

  • Shane BJanuary 1, 2014Reply

    Not too bad of a movie, overall just a on watcher for me and my family, nothing that special, it was funny at times

  • Bruce RJanuary 2, 2014Reply

    Would be half star if not for Kelly Preston’s performance. Just way too much of nothing interesting going on and that’s saying something when the movie a Snowman sledding and throwing snowballs.

  • Douglas LJanuary 25, 2014Reply

    It’s a good father/son film, and in my opinion can be very touching, especially to people that dont have fathers in their lives.

  • Aidan SFebruary 10, 2014Reply

    Really good movie a 80% by Aidan

  • Jordan KFebruary 12, 2014Reply

    Jack Frost is a especially warm and “aww” family movie that officially announced that Michael Keaton was going downhill. It’s not the worst movie, but it’s almost an unreal movie.
    One big flaw about the film is the family is oh so cuddly and warm that the real plot doesn’t kick in until around 45 minutes in. Jack Frost is a blues singer who coincidentally performs holiday songs in blues form. He’s got the average “great relationship with wife and son and the cute dog” scenario until things get oh so sad when he dies in a car crash. However, he comes back to life in the form of a snowman his son built. Together, the son and his new snowman dad go around and bond and have wacky antics. It’s pretty odd.
    The film will definitely be appealing to kids, which is why I gave a slightly higher rating than I usually give for movies with this insane of a story. It’s not awful, either, just the acting is over the top and the characters are a bit bland, it’s just like every other “perfect” family, they seem to not ever fight or have issues, like it’s almost ridiculous how their relationship is never strained as a family. Most also point out that the Jack Frost character is particularly frightening and creepy, I think younger viewers may find him a bit scary, but I didn’t mind his appearance, really. This movie is bland and unlikable but younger kids in the elementary stages may enjoy it. (although it bothers me like hell why this family is still so perfect).

  • Araiz AMarch 14, 2014Reply

    The kind of movie that makes you want to take the temperature, if not feel for the pulse, of the filmmakers.

  • Eric PMarch 23, 2014Reply

    I Don’t Know Why Critics see this as a bad movie It’s a Beautiful Movie The Best Michael Keaton Film Since Batman & Beetlejuice.

  • Carol HApril 9, 2014Reply

    One of those holiday movies that’s trite and sappy rather than heartwarming and inspiring.

  • Austin WSeptember 13, 2014Reply

    jack frost is enjoyable if your little or have a nostalgia for it but other than that its a pretty flawed movie. its special effects may be descent and hold up somewhat today but its just ungodly boring with a bland and unmemorable story that makes this just a bad film. granted it wasnt offensive so you can show your kids and even some adults can enjoy it but to a movie goer or film fan the flaws are plentiful so give it a pass.

  • Ted WOctober 15, 2014Reply

    I like that Michael Keaton is in it but for a holiday movie terrible. Jack frosts costume is terrible. Worst Michael Keaton movie ever. Cheesy costume and terrible directing Troy miller.

  • Anthony INovember 3, 2014Reply

    This movie is the stuff of nightmares. Seriously, that snowman is scary. Not only that, but every time i’ve seen this film, I’ve aggressively hated it more and more. Part of that was because they would ALWAYS show it to us during the holidays back in middle school (the worst period of my life). It’s horrible.. just dumb in every aspect.

  • Natalie CNovember 29, 2014Reply

    Good movie tear jerker.

  • Christine DDecember 12, 2014Reply

    Can’t believe I have never seen this one before. What an amazing movie! It almost brought tears to my eyes. A definite must watch each year for now on!!

  • Lucy WDecember 24, 2014Reply

    So many better Christmas films out there – not worth watching! Even the big kid in me didn’t find it at all amusing.

  • bill sMay 15, 2015Reply

    Not a classic and covered in schmoltz but not a bad little Christmas story….not a great one but good.

  • Logan MJune 9, 2015Reply

    It’s an underdeveloped story that tries to be more touching and sentimental than it actually is.

  • Nico BOctober 1, 2015Reply

    Michael Keaton does the best he can to attempt to work with Jack Frost’s script, but it’s not enough to save this pile of yellow snow, ugly animatronics, poor writing and storytelling, and direction with very little effort put into it!

  • Chris WNovember 9, 2015Reply

    A heart warming film for Christmas that guarantees an emotional journey. There is plenty about this film to enjoy with comical moments, sad moments and even great music. The only reason I think it has been rated so low is due to a few inappropriate references in the film in regards to an adult nature such as the mention of “balls” from the snowman and a part where Jack gets snowballs on his chest that suggest he has breasts. other than that minor downside to a family film, this movie deserves a five star rating.

  • Mike WDecember 4, 2015Reply

    This Christmas movie showed in life you always get a second chance especially with your own children!

  • David JDecember 4, 2015Reply

    Best movie ever made! My daughter thinks Micheal Keaton is cute in there

  • Brinn ODecember 8, 2015Reply

    As a kid I probably would of gave this movie a three star rating because Back then, I liked anything with Michael Keaton in it. Now, I look at this movie as a missed opportunity. They could of made this movie a really funny family comedy. Obviously the director intended some drama. But my question is Why. From the trailer it’s advertised like it’s a comedic family film of sorts. And believe me it’s not. It’s depressing, sentimental, and slightly pretentious. Although, there are some to funny moments provided by Keaton, but surely not enough. This movie needed a funny tone from the start. Like having Keaton die in a humorous way on screen, and then maybe having him come back in the end. Because when you watch a trailer for a movie, with a talking snowman sledding down a hill, you expect it to be pretty much just a comedy. and have transitions like that. What i’m really trying to say is; Find a balance. This movie doesn’t know what genre it is.

  • Julie CDecember 20, 2015Reply

    ok, i just love Michael Keaton. We had this movie when the kids were young and watch it at Christmas. Always good to be flad for what we have

  • Michael TDecember 24, 2015Reply

    Sloshy plotline and a creepy title character.

  • Johnny NFebruary 14, 2016Reply

    Sure, there are plenty of magical harmonicas out there that can turn you into a snowman when you die (sarcasm). Even despite the fact that the movie makes no sense at all, the unfunny and awkward plot makes me want to regret these dreadful 105 minutes of my life.

  • TheRookieWriter MJuly 25, 2016Reply

    This movie made me afraid of snowmen. Thanks a lot.

  • Tanner SDecember 7, 2016Reply

    Do angry mob belong in this movie? No they’re not. His spirit possesses the snowman!

  • Aaron MDecember 14, 2016Reply

    Its old but its not lost any of its charm. It starts off rough and a bit grim but it soon picks up. Yes the laughs arent the loudest but its a beautifully christmas film full of sentiment. It hits home and will always remain in my memory.

  • Tera SJanuary 14, 2017Reply

    It’s a good family film. Not meant to be an award winning film, but it is a sad, then happy, feel good movie.

  • Ben FMay 4, 2017Reply

    I love this movie! CLASSIC!

  • Danny MOctober 7, 2017Reply

    Alright, was enjoyable but very silly

  • probowl 4November 26, 2017Reply

    A by the numbers film, sure, but ‘Jack Frost’ still provides a tear jerking & heartwarming atmosphere at appropriate times.

  • Mackenzie HDecember 10, 2017Reply

    It was a great movie but the dad doesn’t come back for good in the end, which makes me mad.

  • Jamie CDecember 24, 2017Reply

    The story isn’t anything particularly new and it was predictable but the main problem with the story is that it’s a Christmas film but there’s very little comedy and it has quite an emotional and sad story and it’s not what we really want to see at Christmas, It is acted well but it needed to be abit more light hearted.

  • Smith TApril 1, 2018Reply

    Weird, dull and sometimes creepy. It’s not heartwarming either. Definitely one of the worst films in Michael Keaton’s career.

  • Adam CApril 25, 2018Reply

    A very good movie with great actors I can’t wait for another movie like it warm friendly smart I wish they would do another one it is a must watch A + rateing

  • Nicky WOctober 25, 2018Reply

    Jack Frost is sort of a live-action version of Frosty the Snowman with a ’90s spin. In this case, the snowman isn’t just a frozen popsickle friend, it’s Dad, come back from the dead in a rather unusual body to get a second chance to do something he failed at the first time around – being a parent. Sadly, the tale of Frosty works a lot better as an animated short than a feature length movie with real actors. The snowman, which is the work of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, is the most glaring problem. It looks about as real as a man in a costume, and it’s tough to suspend disbelief when you’re trying to locate the zipper.

  • AnonymousDecember 2, 2018Reply

    Michael Keaton in his “doing it for the cash” period. Everyone else is trying to act with a muppet while Keaton is obviously voicing off camera and putting them all off. If you avoided this movie your life would be the richer for it.

  • Bradley BDecember 12, 2018Reply

    sure the CGI is horrible what did you expect this movie came out in 1998 but a sad film and a yearly movie for me

  • Xxaiden KDecember 25, 2018Reply

    A cute family friendly film,great for all ages
    Funny for the kids as well as the adults
    Its hard to find a Christmas movie that captures the love and heat like this one does . definitely give this onemail a chance!

  • Shae GJanuary 8, 2019Reply

    i love this, its the only thing that gives me joy

  • kamran rJanuary 12, 2019Reply

    Michael Keaton as a snowman. Funny as it is depressing.

  • Dominick POctober 26, 2019Reply

    I think that this movie captures Christmas cheer and tells a heartwarming story of loss

  • Jason LNovember 30, 2019Reply

    My favorite childhood movie!

  • Gail BDecember 1, 2019Reply

    Trash it all you want, but it is a great film for our 4 generation family. We loved it more and more each year.

  • Landon GDecember 15, 2019Reply

    I found myself bored and didn’t care about any of the charecters

  • Bobby JDecember 20, 2019Reply

    This movie is somewhat bizarre. CGI Frosty has not aged well, but that would be forgivable if a storyline was existent. I understand it’s a movie for kids & that’s fine, but that doesn’t excuse putting in zero effort into the story or characters. Still this movie is probably enough to entertain a five year old if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • Chelse LDecember 22, 2019Reply

    One of my favorite Christmas movies as a child. Just rewatched it. Brought back nostalgia even with the comedic quality I once thought was so realistic. Of course, it’s corny and predictable but what 90s Christmas movie isn’t?

  • Jake CDecember 22, 2019Reply

    Like Dante imagined, this movie goes to show that the lowest levels of hell really must be frozen over and covered in ice.

    Cannonical scale: 2/5 — “A snowdad is better than no dad.”

  • AnonymousDecember 26, 2019Reply

    good Christmas movie.. 😆

  • Steve DJuly 5, 2020Reply

    Not fun for any of the family.

  • Ted WJuly 14, 2020Reply

    This movie is fantastic. Has a great story that will tug at your heartstrings.Sure it may feature some things you wouldn’t see in real life. But it is all in good fun.

  • Lauren BSeptember 8, 2020Reply

    Still my favorite Michael Keaton movie since I was a kid. Now as a 23 year old adult, I love it even more. I love everything about this movie.

  • Yac FNovember 9, 2020Reply

    Ok I was only planning on giving it 4 stars but the fact that this movie has such poor reviews on here is a travesty! I had to give to give it 5 stars to boost it up. This film is as good as family movies get! Great 90s feel, very entertaining and alot of heart. A Christmas classic. Anyone who scores it lower than 3.5-4 needs to take a hot shower and melt that icy heart

  • Spyro KNovember 21, 2020Reply

    Here we go again. It’s Christmas again, roasting chestnuts, decorating trees, listening to Christmas carols, filling your house to the brim with lights and a fuckton of useless decoration and, the most important of all, watching seasonal films. I always like to make a movie plan this time of the year, with The Polar Express, Home Alone franchise, A Christmas Story/ Carol (yes, the exaggerated Jim Carrey one, I love it) and Gremlins having priority. Then, there’s movies that are usually shown to TV, B-movies, to be specific, like Jack Frost, an oversentimental piece of family movie garbage with bad acting and overeliance to sentimentality. Don’t get me wrong, I would watch this movie again, if it were shown on TV, just for the hell of it. But not even a trying Michael Keaton can save this trainwreck of holiday film from complete disaster. So, the plot is a most simple one: the titular character is a focused singer who decides that risking his life for a concert is more crucial than spending some wonderful moment with his wife and son, Charlie. The inevitable incident of Jack’s car crash and death (we have to continue the plot somehow) really has an impact on a fatherless Charlie, especially on Christmas. Suddenly, Jack’s reanimated as a snowman (a very appaling one, thanks to the movie’s poor visual effects) and reunites with his son who, initially reluctant, tries to save him from the changing weather which melts his father (I never thought I would write that sentence…). In the end, we are given such a bittersweet conclusion that the viewer thinks that no justice was given, the family reunites with the family for brief moments, the father ascends to heaven, sobbing and hugging, “he will always be with us”, credits roll. I don’t judge the movie, it is supposed to appeal to a certain demographic. However, unlike Home Alone (which has an equal amount of great comedy, suspensful sequences, greatly elaborated plot and touching moments, for people of all ages), Jack Frosthas dropped the plot factor to zero, the performances and comic moments are boring and the sentimental factor is cranked up to 11. I wouldn’t pay seven dollars to watch a holiday ‘comedy’ film and just stand there, between the parents and children, watching it with a straight face and a feeling of sadness. It’s Christmas goddamit. I do give a star for a trying Michael Keaton, the nostalgia factor and some technical categories (score and cinematography were fine). Other than that, Jack Frost is a bad, overly sentimental movie that I highly disapprove of. Stay away from it these holidays.

  • Seth MNovember 27, 2020Reply

    It is a little bit corny, a little bit funny, wholly depressing, but that’s kind of the edge it has. The whole family seems real. You understand what makes them who they are and the kind of lifestyle that they represent. You understand their goals and hope to give. The snowman effects are decent, and I don’t understand what makes it creepy. They spent some time developing all you could with it, and an admirable setting. Mainly it works. But just enough. It’s not anything like either Home Alone, Elf, or Christmas Story, but it’s satisfying enough. I’d say watch it, but keep an open mind.

  • Hugo ONovember 30, 2020Reply

    Ok I’ll will give it this, it does some nice path, its colorful, and has some good environment’s, but everything else is bad it has Sentimental schmaltz, terrible acting and directing, bad writing, and uninspired storytelling. all of that will melt this movie before spring.

  • Nordic WDecember 3, 2020Reply

    A true underrated classic. I have to say that the absolute miserable, sad critics who hate on this movie have something seriously wrong with them. Michael Keaton plays a rock n roll father who neglects his family who sadly dies in a car accident on his way home. He is then given a second chance to be a good dad when his son wishes him to come back for Christmas. The acting both from Keaton and the kids was great, the story was very heart warming and inspiring, the special effects for 1998 were excellent and there are plenty of practical effects and sets. Great movie, mainstream critics can do one.

  • helcio hDecember 7, 2020Reply

    Simplesmente gosto desse filme. A cena do garoto construindo o boneco de neve ao som de Landslide do Fleetwood Mac acaba comigo. Gosto de todas as atuações.

  • Lori JDecember 11, 2020Reply

    This has always been my favorite Christmas movie! A+ in my book! I watch it at least once every Christmas season!

  • Michael MDecember 25, 2020Reply

    I loved this movie! Michael Keaton was awesome as Jack Frost, both as a man, and a snowman! It was very touchy and it made me cry the first 2 times I watched it. I loved the magical and dark factor in this movie. I really loved the happy and magical, and funny moments that this movie has. I also really love some of the humor in this movie. The music choices especially for the sad scenes were fitting and clever. I personally liked the design of the snowman, to be honest. I don’t know why, I just do. Where does this movie have problems? Well, there are some incredibly cheesy effects that come with this movie. For example, the CGI whenever it is used. The CGI used for Jack’s face when he’s sliding on his back into the hockey arena his face looks incredibly fake and barely anything like how he normally looked, not to mention it didn’t look very well pasted into the video. Another example would be before the bullies had a change of heart they seemed a little bit too sadistic, I mean they were literally laughing when Jack’s son was in a very deadly position. But it is still a great movie! I loved this movie! I recommend it to everyone! It is that great! I promise you! You won’t be disappointed!

  • AnonymousDecember 26, 2020Reply

    Tips for choosing the right movie to watch, don’t look at the critics reviews

  • Chelsea BDecember 27, 2020Reply

    It’s one of the best movies there is. I watch it every year. It’s a heartwarming story perfect for anytime but extra special during Christmas time. It’s worth the watch.

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