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Killers (2010)

Killers (2010)

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what going on?


When an elite assassin marries a beautiful computer whiz after a whirlwind romance, he gives up the gun and settles down with his new bride. That is, until he learns that someone from his past has put a contract out on his life.

IMDb Rating 5.9 1,694 votes


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(149) comments

  • Andre RSeptember 18, 2012Reply

    I actually rather enjoyed it.

  • Noel FSeptember 18, 2012Reply

    if you think that the trailer is good… watch the trailer again and again because the entire film is bad…

  • Austin SSeptember 19, 2012Reply

    Terrific piece of fluff. Felt like a Doris Day-Rock Hudson picture. Undermined by a really flat ending. I’d love to make movies like this, only a little better.

  • Serene PSeptember 20, 2012Reply

    Too bad for the cast,they are great actors.. It could have been way better

  • Salah ASeptember 22, 2012Reply

    Nothing seems to be working here..

  • Marilyn A. Hernández ASeptember 23, 2012Reply

    Me encanto la movie!!

  • Kristina HOctober 2, 2012Reply

    Very disappointed. I usually really like these cheesy movies. But this was awful

  • fred tOctober 3, 2012Reply

    Not what I expected but it was a good movie. More action/romance than comedy.

  • Surzayon GOctober 5, 2012Reply

    Eerie but tolerable comical at times, action with a pinch of emotion.

  • Rose SOctober 6, 2012Reply

    well put together…..uess whos funny and guess whos serious.

  • Lucy POctober 12, 2012Reply

    Get’s a bit hilarious to the end. Though, it was nice seeing Izzy (from Grey’s Anatomy) and Kevin’s mom (from Home Alone) back on the screens.

  • julie wOctober 16, 2012Reply

    seen it , was better than i thought it would be !!!

  • David WOctober 16, 2012Reply

    God awful. Some of the worst dialog I’ve heard.

  • Julian LNovember 4, 2012Reply

    poorly written, poorly executed

  • Peter DNovember 4, 2012Reply

    Really corny thriller romance combo that was predictable and unoriginal. The acting was real shoddy and, with the exception of Katherine Heigl, who was pretty good, the acting was very bad. Ashton Kutcher reminded me once again why I don’t think he can act. He played his part with zero emotion and actually seemed pretty bored. Every time he’s about to talk it seems like he’s about to smile and I don’t know why. I didn’t have high expectation for this movie, but even still it barely met the already low set bar.

  • Matthew MNovember 8, 2012Reply

    The film was better than i thought it would be. Ashtons performance helped break him out of my mind set of relating him to that 70s show and punkd. The movie was worth watching but overall is nothing brand new. The ending twist felt rushed and short.

  • Brad HNovember 15, 2012Reply

    What I don’t understand is how hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and a body count that would make Michael Myers blush wouldn’t warrant some kind of further explanation.

  • Matthew BNovember 18, 2012Reply

    not as bad as people say it is

  • Diego, Martín ¨November 19, 2012Reply

    Una pelicula entretenida,para pasar el rato

  • Tom VNovember 19, 2012Reply

    What do you get when you cross Katherine Heigl with Ashon Kutcher? A double dose of Shit!

  • Ramanathan KNovember 22, 2012Reply

    i loved this, especially hiegl’s

  • Danny DNovember 25, 2012Reply

    Hilarious movie Awesome characters good mixture of comedy and romance

  • Daniel CNovember 26, 2012Reply

    Dá pra dar uma risadinha ou outra.

  • Jenni BNovember 30, 2012Reply

    I thought the movie was a lot of fun, right up until the ending. Then, it got cheesy. Ashton Kutcher reminded me of Mark Ruffalo in this movie–his actions, voice, even looks. It was really weird.

  • Kaitlyn JNovember 30, 2012Reply

    funny and entertaining but has some ups and down. not impressed with the ending.

  • Jonny PDecember 2, 2012Reply

    I really enjoyed “Killers.” Granted, I hated “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise so much that I have an incredibly low expectation for every assassin-thriller-romantic comedy that I watch, but I did think that this film had a decent story. I also enjoyed it because Ashton Kutcher reminded me of John Krasinski more than he reminded me of Ashton Kutcher (which made his performance bearable), and I found Katherine Heigl to be charming and hilarious so it was never a burden to watch. The action sequences were frequent but never drawn out, the dialogue had a lot of laughs, and although the twist was a bit predictable, it properly pulled the entire story together. “Killers” may not be very original but it does a good job within its cookie-cutter concept and comedic craftsmanship.

  • Christopher GDecember 2, 2012Reply

    I watched 10mins of it and had to turn it off…. the acting, characters and overall it just sucked. Very poorly written.

  • Don SDecember 2, 2012Reply

    I probably liked this more than others due to being fans of Kutcher, Heigl, and Selleck. The story is so ridiculous I could not suspend my disbelief enough to really get into it. The acting is only okay. The sights of Heigl in that white dress and carrying a handgun are what pushed it to barely acceptable for me.

  • Gerald DDecember 6, 2012Reply

    I liked it. Kinda predictable. Katherine Heigl is good as the nervous girlfriend and wife. I do like how she sticks by her man Ashton and how she attempts some take charge moments. Good, but you’d be well enough to leave it to watch on DVD.

  • Nadya NDecember 14, 2012Reply

    I can’t stand Ashton Kutcher but I got to watch this movie cause it was the only thing on TV at that time ! And yes this film is a plain cliche ,predictable and stupid romantic comedy ! ( and no the plot is not resembling Knight and Day at all ! Like at all !)

  • Nicholas WDecember 17, 2012Reply

    Not as bad as I thought it would be

  • Matt NDecember 22, 2012Reply

    This movie combined comedy, action and girly stuff to make a perfect movie. It was non-stop fun and Kutcher and Heigl are very believable as a married couple.

  • Rukmal FDecember 29, 2012Reply

    OK movies. but not a fan of Kutcher. besides don’t think he can play the tough guy role

  • Aaron CDecember 30, 2012Reply


  • Carl GDecember 31, 2012Reply

    This was an actual surprise! likable entertainment…kind of fun.

  • Luke RDecember 31, 2012Reply

    A solid movie, but there is nothing brilliant going on here. Ashton Kutcher is his usual self – no surprises. Katherine Heigl is good, but again, she is just what you’d expect from a action/comedy female lead role. I wouldn’t recommend this movie unless there is nothing else out.

  • Jonathan CJanuary 2, 2013Reply

    Killers has few laughs and tends to you to put a bullet through your head.

  • Daniel OJanuary 8, 2013Reply

    Not sure why I watched the whole movie.

  • Khaled HJanuary 10, 2013Reply

    average I was expecting more especially that katherine Heigl is the star

  • Alenor LJanuary 16, 2013Reply

    I guess Ashton Kutcher didn’t know they were shooting, he was simply not interested!

  • Baurushan JJanuary 19, 2013Reply

    I’ve been trying to watch this movie for nearly three years and I finally got the chance to do so. Until I finally watched it, this movie has the critics bitching for the same reasons as The Specialist: formula this, formula that, oh shut up! It’s not that formulaic other than the fact that it’s predictable and very unfunny like most flawed comedies. This movie has nothing bad with the formula at all. The story is about Spencer who is a spy and falls in love with Jen and marries her. Three years later, while they are both living their happy life, Spencer finds out on his 30th birthday that someone has put a multi-million-dollar contract on his life and the hired people who are tracking him could be the people close to him. Time is running out and the race to uncover his gets assassin intensifies with threat lurking in every corner, Spencer needs to get back home safely whilst keeping Jen safe. Yeah I know this movie is predictable, it’s pretty much the same with most spy movies these days. You can pretty much predict the scenes. The only problem with this is that I just wish it was funny. Seriously, It’s a comedy and you don’t treat it like one. You make it look like a completely different genre even though it’s an action movie. Killers a 8.8/10.

  • bob jJanuary 20, 2013Reply

    killers is manufactured garbage, and not for one second are you interested in watching ashton kutcher ride Kelso’s coattails.

  • Francisco RJanuary 20, 2013Reply

    I was honestlly expecting that I was going to like it, but I tottaly didn’t, the story is a bit stupid, there’s not many funny scenes, the action is not very bad but this, besides the bad story that it has, cood be a lot better, a few scenes changed and with be very better, but the cast is not bad it all, I love Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, but they cood also be a bit funnier, sow, this is a not very bad movie and I think it’s recommended and I think I don’t mind to watch again.

  • Moya WJanuary 28, 2013Reply

    This was an entertaining action comedy. It had excitement, humour and romance which is pretty much all you really need.
    It started off well and it had its hook thoughout it all. It definitely entertained more than I’d expected and it was without a doubt an enjoyable movie about life or death and secrets that can be kept within a marriage.

  • jane oFebruary 1, 2013Reply

    worth a watch was Ok and ashton very hot of course

  • Merlin RFebruary 4, 2013Reply

    real bad. Katherine Heigel in in it.

  • Girlie AFebruary 8, 2013Reply

    I know youre upset and you have every right to be but u cant change who i was.
    Where does that leave us?
    We’ll figure it out. How? I will keep you safe. Tell me how and I will stay.

  • Kelly WFebruary 12, 2013Reply

    Stupid, but fun to watch once.

  • Ahmed SFebruary 25, 2013Reply

    Perfct Ashton Kutcher comedy movie with his usual sense of humer brought a life to the movie. The action was well introduced to the movie however the charecters Spencer and Jen lacked the harmoney and chemistry between them.

  • Nicola WFebruary 26, 2013Reply

    This was better than I expected but not a movie to be taken too seriously. Ashton Kutcher is no Bourne. Very unlikely that everyone wanted to kill him, that bit got a bit amusing. A good watch however, I wasn’t bored and quite enjoyed it dispite the bad ratings this film has

  • Cai CMarch 12, 2013Reply

    I didn’t laugh at all in this movie and I thought story line was dead. The worn story plot and predictable ending made me want to just shot it off. I should’ve done it. The action wasn’t very good either-BORED to DEATH. 0.5/5

  • Luke SMarch 23, 2013Reply

    It’s entertaining while you watch it, but it falls apart after analysis. It starts off strong, with a decent “How we met” story, but ultimately winds down into a satire of itself with an unrealistic twist and violence that doesn’t fit the original tone of the movie.

  • Luke SMarch 23, 2013Reply

    It’s entertaining while you watch it, but it falls apart after analysis. It starts off strong, with a decent “How we met” story, but ultimately winds down into a satire of itself with an unrealistic twist and violence that doesn’t fit the original tone of the movie.

  • Jilie LMarch 28, 2013Reply

    charming, but litle bit predictable.

  • David DApril 6, 2013Reply

    With a interesting idea, a funny and action-packed story, a good script full of clever dialogue and lines, a great cast headed by Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, exciting scenes and sequences and a dynamic pace and flow, Killers is not the best action comedy made but has charm all the way through.

  • John YApril 7, 2013Reply

    Despite the fact that it looked awful, this was actually a pretty fun and entertaining film.

  • Luis AApril 27, 2013Reply

    As dull as this “comedy” movie could be, it hardly delivers the thrills or laughs as it “promised” in the trailer. Ashton used to be so good and Katherine is going down that lane that might be a series of rotten films, you’ll see..

  • Jaron HMay 9, 2013Reply

    I love this movie for so many reasons *big smile* ?Nice, France?

  • Em MMay 17, 2013Reply

    a great movie…funny and at the same time dramatic and keeps u interested through out it all…I would say u should see it=]

  • Dylan PMay 26, 2013Reply

    Campy movie bad plot awful casting only if they had tried. must watch people

  • Vivin MJune 5, 2013Reply

    Aston can be anything but not movie star ever

  • Seth VJune 7, 2013Reply

    Completely pointless movie. Kutcher gives an uninspired, horrible performance. I give it 1 star because of Selleck’s stache.

  • Bhavesh MJune 12, 2013Reply

    funny/strange film….ashton kuther is soo not a killer! defo a comedic film….dont think id watch it again tho…

  • Lonnie HJune 16, 2013Reply

    I really enjoyed it. It was not what I expected.

  • Dave HJune 22, 2013Reply

    Inoffensive, but that’s about the highest praise I can offer. It’s not that funny, it’s not that exciting, and it’s not that interesting. The premise was done a lot better (and a lot more sexily) in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (among others). Most of the 2.5 stars are for the French Riviera, Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara, but Luketic doesn’t get the best outta any of them. Heigl is sit-com hammy, and Kutcher (often good in the goofy-dopehead roles) about the most unconvincing super-assassin imaginable. Not so much a bad film as a “nothing film”. Bland in the extreme. About the only thing this kills is your time.

  • mickey hJune 28, 2013Reply

    pretty corny, but still watchable and perfect for a girls night. Overall, the best part of the film was Ashton Kutcher shirtless.

  • Eva MJuly 1, 2013Reply

    Could hardly be more formulaic.

  • Benjamin WJuly 11, 2013Reply

    While the action sequences are OK, none of the characters really fit in anywhere, which doesn’t really help the fact that the romantic comedy portions of this film were incredibly cringe-worthy. Let’s just say that since I got this movie for free (as a digital copy), I’m really glad I didn’t pay anything for it.

  • Kenneth MJuly 21, 2013Reply

    An ok film with some entertaining moments. Ashton isn’t really believable as an assassin though.

  • Callum HJuly 28, 2013Reply

    I like the concept of the film more than the film, they could of done a better story but I still liked it

  • Alex KJuly 31, 2013Reply

    My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933’s Duck Soup.

  • Hector CAugust 11, 2013Reply

    muy duvertisda y mejor final

  • Aaron BAugust 16, 2013Reply

    There’s some fun to be had with the premise, but in the end it ends up being just another rom com.

  • Joe BAugust 16, 2013Reply

    i only saw this movie because it was free and genuinely loved it. it felt so free, you know? like a movie that knows what kind of movie it wants to be, but doesn’t feel the need to stick to the formula. i love this movie. it’s all that’s good about date movies. i wish i could make a movie half this good.

  • Noelhyn Mae AAugust 22, 2013Reply

    A surprise attack of a sensationaListic story of murderous, assassin movie of which the kiLLings won’t make you sick but rather find it boisterousLy merry!

    A Romantic-Action-Comedy taLe with threats on the sudden assassination of a young secret agent -with a price tag reward of $20 miLLion bounty on his head for dying in action- who turn his back on the service and rejected the job’s ‘Life of pLeasure’ offer, when he feLL in Love and wanted to Live a normaL famiLy Life.

    A strangeLy humorous fLick, tricky, with suspiciousLy odd remark and a totaL intensified Laughter-provoking!

  • Branham NAugust 30, 2013Reply

    It had nothing to offer, it was dead and never stirred.

  • Shehzad DSeptember 1, 2013Reply

    dumb but still kinda entertaining. also, very random and pointless cameo by Usher

  • Mae WSeptember 14, 2013Reply

    It made me laugh, I relaxed. That’s the point right??? We don’t need to hyper-analyse it.

  • Cedric LSeptember 16, 2013Reply

    Not painful to watch but not even decent.

  • Martin PSeptember 26, 2013Reply

    OK. Not sure if this was trying to be a Rom Com or Thriller, so bit of a mixed affair.

  • Alexis GSeptember 30, 2013Reply

    “Killers” is so painfully boring that not even its likable cast can save it from imminent failure.

  • [email protected] COctober 6, 2013Reply

    cool movie funny movie

  • Sgt. COctober 7, 2013Reply

    It may be said that all movies are products, particularly the bigger budget mainstream ones, well this is certainly the case here. The cynical producers of this masterpiece must have assumed that it would be money in the bank to aim their movie at both men and women, with the romantic comedy parts for the girls and the action parts for the guys resulting in both halves of the date going home happy. The main problem is that it’s really not funny, with large barren sections of script void of any comedy, not even poor gags or broad humour, just nothing. The action is as by-the-numbers as humanly possible and some of the support characters wouldn’t be out of place in a failed TV sit-com. As for the movies alcoholism themed running gag with Catherine O’Hara’s character, what the hell were they thinking?

  • Paul DOctober 7, 2013Reply

    It’s standard rom-com stuff to begin with, with added guns, but by the end the chase is just farcical.

  • David MOctober 15, 2013Reply

    Arnie Schwarzwenneger Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘True Lies’

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’

    Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in ‘Knight and Day’

    To that list, you could also add Katherine Heigl and Aston Kutcher in this: a film in which, after 3 years of marriage, the wife finds out that her husband is/was really a secret agent when bullets start flying on the day of his 30th birthday. Unfortunately, of all the films in the aforementioned list, this is by far the weakest 🙁

  • Matt WOctober 16, 2013Reply

    Bland: The Movie. Starring films you’ve already seen… rehashed… Including a town that turns on the main characters… Hot Fuzz… And even a ‘jumping over a fence’ gag… Hot Fuzz again! And if you missed the back and forth of Mr and Mrs Smith. then why not watch it again, but with different people in it. Killers! And also, just for luck. It has Ashton Kutcher in it.

    Although the beginning of this review makes this film sound like it is the worst thing ever made. It is not. It’s just a bland mess. Every so often you will start thinking… I’ve seen this before… this reminds me of Kill Bill. It moves too quickly, to the extent that the story doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the pace of the movie.

    It sets up the story and introduces the characters. They start to interact. And then they get married, and then three years past. The way that first bit sounded when it starts out calm and then just rushes through the rest. That is how this film felt. It would set something up, and then it would rush through it, and you feel like you are vitally missing something. Why is Katherin Heigl suddenly alright with this. Then someone is killed. Oh that is bad, and then we are running, and then everything goes wrong and twists and turns and then it is explained badly, and then we move on again and then CREDITS…………………….

    The ending was poor. Just bad. A ‘big’ twist happens, which should really destroy some relationships somewhere, and initially it looks like something is going to happen, and then they just throw it to the side, and everything is happy and kittens.


    To be fair, I didn’t expect anything more, and was a little surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. But it is still bad. And Ashton Kutcher is not good here. It’s not very funny, although I chuckled a few times. A few. It becomes more and more messy as the film goes along and ends in a whimper- a big ‘raspberry’ to the audience. Convoluted, silly and just not very good.

  • Christina HOctober 18, 2013Reply

    Watched: 26 Jan 2014

  • Jennette BOctober 18, 2013Reply

    I loved this movie. I love Katherine she is a good actress. She and Ashton did great together.

  • Tiago POctober 29, 2013Reply

    I liked this movie. It is of course not as good as mr and mrs smith or even knight and day, but overall I actually had a few laughs . Ashton kutcher to do more comedies .

  • Greg WNovember 2, 2013Reply

    bitter cynical script-just awful.

  • Karol PNovember 6, 2013Reply

    A good romantic comedy despite the fact that the most of the times they’re killing each other on a daily basis. To be perfectly honest with you I’m quite pleased I didn’t pay to see this movie because it wouldn’t have been worth it!

  • Andy GNovember 10, 2013Reply

    The Killers is a funny action-comedy about a couple trying to survive there neighbors trying to kill them. very good cast. B

  • Ryan ANovember 17, 2013Reply

    Killers is an action/comedy that’s largely bereft of thrills or laughs.

  • Julio SDecember 22, 2013Reply

    This romantic comedy is not boring, it is romantic, it is funny but it lacks of a catching script that you could remember. This is the kind of movie that you enjoy half of it (maybe more) but then you cannot really appreciate anything of it.

  • Kristen TJanuary 30, 2014Reply

    I don’t know why people don’t like this. Action, comedy, witty banter. Heigl is adorably clueless. I’m pretty sure it is the expectation to have Kutcher as a stoner idiot in everything he does that makes it hard for people to see him as an actor in an action flick.

  • isaac cFebruary 8, 2014Reply

    I found it enjoyable, a decent action movie and a comedy

  • Ed VMarch 16, 2014Reply

    When the dvd skipped halfway through this movie, it wasn’t worth it to get up, clean it off, and try to watch it again. Heigl is actually better in this then many of the other things I’ve seen her in, but Kutcher is not believable as an assassin. Advertised as a comedy, this film doesn’t know what to fail at first. You want a movie about spies married to an oblivious partner, it’s been done so much better. Check out True Lies or Mr & Mrs Smith.

  • Facebook UMarch 20, 2014Reply

    Kathrine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher add something to it, but they can’t help the fact that this film is overall dull, predictable, and too simple. The premise has so much potential but it plays on the safe side.

  • Ayat MMarch 23, 2014Reply

    again, the TV thing!

  • Ben DMay 11, 2014Reply

    The action scenes don’t make sense and it gets absolutely no laughs. This is a perfect example of how an action comedy can go wrong.

  • Peter RMay 19, 2014Reply

    It passed the time, but nothing more.

  • JJ JMay 20, 2014Reply

    Randomer shooting crossover.

  • TheDoopliss2 .May 30, 2014Reply

    I fell asleep, but good action

  • Lauren BJune 9, 2014Reply

    Not sure why more people didn’t like this movie. I think it’s very funny, yes it is a little bit silly, but I still think it’s pretty good. I love Katherine Heigl, so I could be bias but I laughed through the whole thing.

  • Justice FJune 9, 2014Reply

    I hated it I couldn’t finish the movie F

  • Johnny RJune 16, 2014Reply

    Awesome movie!! It was funny, intense, engaging, romantic, suspenseful, action-packed, fun, and entertaining!! The film had some really cool car chases and fight scenes!! It also had some twist!! Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl had terrific chemistry!! If you like romantic movies with action, than check this out!! If you don’t, than look elsewhere!! This is a must-see!!

  • Yene KJuly 25, 2014Reply

    Funny, feel good movie. Hardly believable, but absolutely heart-warming happy-go-lucky chick flick.

  • Brittany JOctober 8, 2014Reply

    I really enjoyed this movie. It was sweet and funny and just fun to watch.

  • Vasco MOctober 21, 2014Reply

    It hikes the fine line between “good meh” and “bad meh”, torn between bland plot and the fun male cast.

  • David PNovember 5, 2014Reply

    A very very stupid movie with weak action and not really funny. Once in a while it’s elevated but this movie is definitely not worth seeing at all.

  • Judy MNovember 27, 2014Reply

    I like This Movie So Much I Love When He Said Let’s Just Say That I Work For The Blah Blah Blah And They Give Me A Dive Licenses To Blah

  • Facebook UDecember 7, 2014Reply

    I enjoyed this movie, surprised by the ratings

  • Joseph FMarch 21, 2015Reply

    heigl/kutcher, amazing duo.. very enjoyable.

  • Ryan WMay 10, 2015Reply

    A cliched unfunny comedy..

  • Paul DSeptember 6, 2015Reply

    Another great Sunday movie! If not about an hour too long! ð???

  • Terry GOctober 25, 2015Reply

    Mr and Mrs Smith as a romantic comedy … except with very little romance and very little comedy and little of anything else at all. Yawn.

  • Jason CNovember 21, 2015Reply

    Very strange screenplay and script using an idea that’s been done better and funnier several times previously. The flatlining chemistry between the two leads does this no favours at all, although to be fair there are some moments of mirth in the final third. A wasted opportunity.

  • Ellie LNovember 24, 2015Reply

    very typical cutesy movie

  • Jim PDecember 26, 2015Reply

    It was funny with action. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Amber SJuly 31, 2016Reply

    The movie seems lifeless, the situations that come to them seem impossible and very fictional. Not realistic.

  • Mohammed ADecember 30, 2016Reply

    It’s good movie to watch

  • Red LJanuary 30, 2017Reply

    It is hard to see Ashton Kutcher as an international super-spy. Easier seeing Heigl as a wife struggling with suddenly being put into the position of defending her husband with a gun. But Killers is funny.

  • Doug DApril 20, 2017Reply

    First of all, let me clarify that I really, really wanted to like this movie. From a personal standpoint, I know someone who was an integral part of the moviemaking process for “Killers,” so I had high hopes when I put the DVD into the player. But as the DVD was ejected and placed back in the sleeve, all I had was questions about why the movie wasn’t any better.

    The basic elements of what moviegoers would have wanted to see were there. Romance? Check. Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) and Jen (Katherine Heigl) make an attractive screen couple, but the chemistry between the two never really builds to where they completely make sense. Early on, we almost connect with Jen in her neediness, but as the movie progresses she mainly becomes a bit boring. Spencer, meanwhile, adds a little bit of action and intrigue in the first 15 minutes or so, but by the time he melds into the ‘burbs, we find ourselves wishing we could go back to those 15 minutes because they were so much more interesting.

    How about action? Check … kind of. Again, those first 15 minutes have some fun moments, but between then and the last half hour or so, it’s dullsville. We’re mainly focused on the humdrum of Jen and Spencer’s lives, and wondering if Spencer will get back into the spy business so that we can enjoy the movie again.

    Comedy? Sometimes. Honestly, the movie is never as funny as you’d think it should be. There are some genuine laughs, but comedies need them to come early and often, and the chortles in “Killers” don’t happen nearly often enough.

    Mystery? Check. But the cliffhanger in “Killers” takes way too long to develop. You really only find out what the heck is going on in the last five minutes. And by then, it’s pretty much too late to care about.

    Honestly, on too many levels “Killers” feels like a bit of a mess. Director Robert Luketic never really establishes a good pace to the film, and too many of the performances feel like cardboard cutouts instead of well-developed characters. At first, the movie moves so slowly that it threatens to put you to sleep, but once the action starts it becomes so frenetic that it’s unnerving. There simply doesn’t seem to be any deliberate design about the way “Killers” unfolds.

    After doing a little research, it seems like the studio meddled way too much in the making of “Killers” and even had a second screenwriter do a rewrite of the screenplay, including on-set changes to satisfy what the producers thought audiences wanted to see. The result is the same as having 10 different cooks tweak a recipe, each one making changes without checking what the other cooks had already done. The initial screenplay by Bob DeRosa might not have been perfect, but it certainly couldn’t have been as bad as “Killers” turned out to be.

    In the end, “Killers” is a cautionary tale of moviemaking. Directors – and studios – need to have vision, and it doesn’t need to stem from focus groups and marketing analysis. Audiences ultimately love romance, humor and coherence – elements that are not nearly present enough in “Killers.”

  • Movie FApril 20, 2017Reply

    Has its times, but overall bland and un-original.

  • Gabriel COctober 19, 2017Reply

    Starring two actors with nonexistent chemistry, idiotic characters, an uneven tone and a bland script, Killers is an unfunny and forgettable spy comedy.

  • AnonymousDecember 28, 2017Reply

    Not worth anyones time

  • Joshua DFebruary 4, 2018Reply

    Fun comedic action thriller! The interesting storyline ties you in even through the long haul!

  • Tim WJune 10, 2018Reply

    It’s odd that Katherine Heigl’s career ended up in the doldrums. She’s a decent comic actress (Knocked Up her apogee) and has Hollywood looks in spades. But it all derailed and this is where it ends up. I feel sorry for the casting director whose brief must have been to line up the choice actor for the parts then hire someone else at half the cost, starring as it does actors on the slide or never quite got there. It has B movie written all over it. It’s successentially hinged on liking the two main characters, but I didn’t get that they liked each other that much so it really didn’t have anywhere to go.

  • Jose MDecember 21, 2018Reply

    Its an alright movie. I dont see why there is all this hate. Its an interesting movie with a good idea. Pretty creative. Some of the jokes maybe outdated but still worth to watch.

  • Jesse ODecember 30, 2018Reply

    Oh boy, two out of the last three movies I’ve seen have featured Katherine Heigl in a prominent role. You know Heigl’s career was so tainted by the perception she had that she was actually IN a commercial for NyQuil or something similar to that. That’s how long she went. Regardless, I’m not gonna take a dump on Heigl, she’s done a pretty good job of that herself. Talk about shade. Seriously though, and I hate to beat a dead horse by this point as this “controversy” is over a decade old, but I find it funny that Knocked Up was accused, by Heigl, of being sexist when, in fact, this movie, at least at first, is incredibly sexist. Jen got dumped by her ex, her parents constantly point it out and her relationship with men is the only thing important about her. I mean, how that’s not sexist is beyond me. There’s nothing to her outside of her (subconsciously) wanting to meet a man. If I could use memes in these reviews, this would be the point where I use the Jackie Chan ‘WTF?’ meme. Neither here nor there, just worth pointing out based on what she’s mentioned before. Shall we move on with the flick, though? She’s on a vacation in Nice, France, with her parents that, I’m assuming, was meant to be for her and her (now) ex. Because who wouldn’t want to go to one of the most romantic places on earth with their parents, right? Regardless, while there she meets Spencer and the two “hit it off” and fall in love almost immediately. Thing is, however, dun dun dun, Spencer is a professional assassin trying to get out of this life. With Jen, he is able to pursue that. Of course, however, Spencer keeps this part of his life secret from Jen. Well, he started to tell her, but she immediately fell asleep. Fast forward three years and Spencer and Jen are now a married couple. Spencer has left the assassin life behind and started his own successful business. Blah, blah, blah, long story short, Spencer is drawn back into the world after a contract of $20 million is put on his head, so everyone and their mothers converge on Spencer’s town to attempt to kill him, even people he thought of as friends. So this is like John Wick: Chapter Two, except it’s got Katherine Heigl in it, it’s a rom-com and it’s fucking terrible. The idea here is that you’re gonna find Heigl’s reactions to the fact that her husband is an assassins so hilarious that you’re gonna be like ‘oh you’ and laugh at the movie’s contrived silliness. I mean, that IS what they were going for, right??? First things first, Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher have absolutely zero fucking chemistry. Like none whatsoever. They could not light a fire even if they were covered in gasoline and I handed them the match. The fire would just find a way to not set these two ablaze. And that’s how bad their chemistry is. I don’t know what it was, honestly. My theory is that these two just did not get along with each other and they couldn’t pretend to actually like each other for the duration of this insufferable movie. I could be wrong, but I’m probably not. I imagine both have got to have some sort of an ego and they just didn’t vibe in real life so, therefore, they didn’t vibe on screen. That’s my theory, anyway. I have another and that is the fact that Ashton Kutcher is terrible in this movie and he is a black hole of charisma when outside of roles that aren’t Kelso in That 70s Show. Perhaps it’s not even that he’s terrible, I’d say he’s more bad than full-on terrible, it’s just that, for the most part, he just sounds like he’s fucking bored out of this mind. Like he’d literally just rather be doing anything else than what he is doing at the time they filmed this. Maybe he knew it sucked, who knows? But the mark of a great actor, hell, even a good one, is giving it your all despite knowing the material sucks. There are great actors that can get away with giving 60%, since they are so great that even working at slightly over half of their capacity, they’re still really fucking good. Ashton has never been known as a good actor, even in that Steve Jobs movie that he lobbied so much for. As an aside, is it just me or does the idea of a Steve Jobs biopic (of which there were two) sound like just the most boring fucking thing on earth. Even Danny Boyle’s version, which is apparently very good, does not interest me in the slightest. I’m not saying Jobs wasn’t influential in the tech world, because he’s one of its most influential figures, but I just don’t care to see a movie based on his life. No point to that. Anyway, Ashton isn’t god here, so all we’re left is Katherine Heigl attempting to make something out of nothing. Yes, you could make the argument that Heigl was bad here, but, in her case, I feel like the terrible script is responsible for her bad performance. The thing about Heigl is that she’s perfectly fine, maybe even solid, but she’s never gonna win any real serious acting awards for her talent, unless she goes Matthew McConaughey’s route. She tries, but her hands are pretty much tied. This movie is dull, generic, formulaic and, worst of all, completely bereft of laughs. You’d be almost surprised, if you didn’t know beforehand, that this was meant to be a comedy. But, realistically speaking, that’s what this concept is really meant for. It’s meant to be a broad comedic affair. It’s not like this is a movie about Richard Kuklinski’s life, which is how it could work if this concept was meant to be serious. There’s a few chuckles here and there and they’re all thanks to Catherine O’Hara. I don’t think, quite literally, that anyone else even made me remotely smirk. And, honestly, I don’t know if this was actually the best that they could possibly do. Because it just seems impossible to me that, if you gave it your all, that this was still the best that you could come up with. I could count on one hand the number of times this movie made me chuckle…even if I cut off one of my fingers. This is impossibly unfunny. It’s not the worst rom-com I’ve ever seen, but it’s really fucking bad regardless. The action is somewhat better. But that’s like saying having your hand cut off is preferable to having your entire arm cut off. That’s technically true, both options still fucking suck. I honestly don’t know why I even bothered with this. I was looking for something that was a little lighter, even if it might not have been good, and this did not offer anything of value to me nor, am I assuming, to anyone else. Nonexistent chemistry between Ashton and Katherine, laughless script, terrible action all add up to make this a movie that I would not, under any circumstances, watch ever again. Once was bad enough.

  • Brad RJanuary 4, 2019Reply

    Kind of silly, often with very funny moments. Not boring. Ms. Heigl is lovely to look at (and I’m sure Mr. Kutcher has his share of fans). I had questions during the fighting, much of which is explained in the end. See it if you have some time to kill; I’m 75% sure you won’t regret it.

  • Lydia RJanuary 23, 2019Reply

    Painfully unrealistic. Because a supermodel hitman, while on the job, is always interested in the sad, shy, dumped female on vacation with her parents.

  • cork bJanuary 24, 2019Reply

    A familiar story… boy kills people, meets girl, falls in love, wants to stop killing people and live a normal life. Alas… if only they would leave him alone to smell the flowers, but of course… they don’t.
    There are a ton of problems here:
    1) the title – Killers – how does that describe the movie in any real sense? You might think it was a Jason Statham movie. Title does NOT suck you in
    2) Whole bunches of plot problems. If he doesn’t like killing, how did he become an assassin in the first place? The ridiculous scenario where almost everyone in their lives are embedded killers just WAITING for 3 years to bump them off?? Then they get $20 million to kill him? Where did the $20 million come from?
    3) Heigl doesn’t seem particularly upset when she finds out the truth about her husband’s past, or her dad’s.
    4) The ending is horrible. Yeah, it isn’t a MASSIVE surprise, but still, just completely unbelievable, and the character’s reactions to the reveals are equally bad. There is a scene when Selleck gives a droopy face ashamed look, ostensibly for his behavior, but he was probably thinking about his role in making the movie. SPOILER ALERT: if the father in law is the government target, does that make him… what? A Russian spy? But no, everyone laughs it off, haha you tried to kill me a dozen times but we are ok now ha ha ha. WTF?
    All that said, the middle of the movie held my attention. Waiting to see who would attack next and how they would have to kill the assassin (preferrably with something spikey) was fun, if perhaps a bit over the top.

  • I hate kFebruary 23, 2019Reply

    im not kidding this is the worst movie I have ever seen. if I literally had no brain cells and then got rid of more brain cells I still could not think of a worse movie ever. or ending. like the whole movie was bad but then the ending was worse cuz there was none!!! how is that possible that a movie can be literally just absolutely terrible. how does this have 10% tomatoes that is crazy

  • Rich PMarch 10, 2019Reply

    We loved this movie. Not sure why most others didn’t.

  • Kyle MApril 13, 2019Reply

    Provides a nice cast who delivers decently amusing humor while following an attempted suspenseful flow, of course, without any spikes, that could have gone further for psychological testing rather than the scattershot turns in a dull, misguiding matter despite being an acceptable watch still. (B)

    (Full review TBD)

  • AnonymousApril 27, 2019Reply

    Kutcher is not a good actor who possesses the depth to pull of anything besides physical comedy. It is fun to watch on the Seventies Show but this movie was very bad acted and bad movie to watch, Katherine Heighl did almost a great act but not enough I was disappointed on this film.

  • Dan JJune 10, 2019Reply

    I think I chuckled twice during this. One problem is in the casting: I don’t think I could ever picture Kutcher as an assassin, although I can imagine several people, namely critics, who might want to assassinate him after watching this movie. There is no chemistry between Kutcher and Heigl; neither act like a believable spouse in a marriage, even if they were married to other people. The screenwriting is understood to be a ‘screwball comedy’; however, even with a screwball comedy, once the framework is set for how our heroes and their villains are supposed to act, the rules should not be altered on the fly. This makes it very difficult to engage with the characters, or believe enough in their cause in order to champion them. Ultimately, this whole project appears to be nothing more than a vanity project to ensure our leads take home nice paychecks. I don’t think this film will benefit anyone’s resume.

  • Marcos JSeptember 19, 2019Reply

    Acção, romance e comédia juntos. Delicioso para uma matinê na TV

  • Jacob BOctober 7, 2019Reply

    I thought the premise for Killers was interesting, if unoriginal and the action scenes are okay with a few lines that got a giggle out of me but a woefully miscast Ashton Kutcher as a retired assassin who shares little chemistry with his co-star Katherine Heigl and “not even trying” script makes me wish I didn’t see this movie again after having actually seen it in cinemas back in 2010. Thankfully, I’ve developed much better taste since then.

  • Olivia GDecember 31, 2019Reply

    Great movie! Very funny and well written.

  • AnonymousApril 18, 2020Reply

    A fun afternoon flick. Nothing too original, but entirely entertaining.

  • Marc CMay 17, 2020Reply

    It started off good and just kind of fell of the wagon. Then again I didn’t expect much from it.

  • Thilak RMay 18, 2020Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful film. It was all fun watching it. Combination of Romance with Some Action pack.

  • Steve DJune 15, 2020Reply

    I thought it was quite different and really funny. I much prefer it to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The leads were well matched.

  • Cris KJune 27, 2020Reply

    Decent watch enough watch, don’t really want to watch it again, but can recommend for first time viewing.

    As much as I want to see people try to kill Ashton Kutcher, this is a lot of comedy action, meaning it’s less about the spectacle of exhibited power and more about the ridiculousness of the situation. And you get that from the 2nd act forward.

    The problem is that when you rewatch it, all the surprise is gone, and by the rules of comedy it’s a little less funny.

  • Tony CDecember 4, 2020Reply

    It was a lot of gorgeous fun!
    -What else is such a movie supposed to be?

  • Jim PJanuary 5, 2021Reply

    So bad, not worth a minute

  • AnonymousJanuary 9, 2021Reply

    This pathetic action/comedy really kills is definitely not entertaining for anybody.

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