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Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

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Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, the story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member. He stumbles into a slum ruled by eccentric landlords who turns out to be the greatest kung-fu masters in disguise. Sing’s actions eventually cause the Axe Gang and the slumlords to engage in an explosive kung-fu battle. Only one side will win and only one hero will emerge as the greatest kung-fu master of all.

IMDb Rating 7.3 1,696 votes


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(150) comments

  • Alex CJune 28, 2013Reply

    Screw it. Although it lacks in the areas of character development and plot, I’m giving this movie 5 stars. Kung Fu Hustle is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, using a unique blend of mesmerizing special effects, martial arts, and slapstick comedy. Also, the music used in the movie is spot-on.

  • Rawballs BJuly 1, 2013Reply

    I love the kicking of asses and the special effects… I even enjoy the flow of the story and the acting… ‘Worth the watch’ Kung Fu movie…

  • Maineutral RJuly 1, 2013Reply

    Features a lot of inventive Kung Fu fights and one or two funny jokes, along with some interesting cartoon-ish stuff all around it. The Result: a very entertaining, funny, different kind of Kung Fu movie to kill time.

  • Sandy CJuly 2, 2013Reply

    i watched this movie several times. it is a masterpiece i think.

  • Jon WJuly 6, 2013Reply

    Never have I seen such a uniquely funny, yet emotional martial arts comedy. And it really works!

  • Viet Phuong NJuly 15, 2013Reply

    Some said this film is somehow weaker than Shaolin Soccer in term of originality. I agree. But every single time watching this film, even only a portion of it, still brings me joy, pleasure, and emotions. That is how Kung Fu Hustle works, on three layers to be exact. The first layer of joy is for the ordinary viewer who has no idea about what is a Stephen Chow’s film or what it is all about the Hong Kong cinema, since the film itself is a magnificent piece of over-the-top CGI that could jolt anyone, even my father who did not know this is a Chinese or HK film. Thanks to this layer (which the previous films of Chow often ignored) that Kung Fu Hustle was a huge success to the common audience, even the Americans who would be absolutely unable to understand the essence of the Chow’s style of storytelling. The second layer of pleasure is dedicated to the avid fans of Hong Kong cinema and Chinese wuxia genre (literature and cinema in a whole) who will hundred percent go crazy about the tons of homage to the wuxia world, from the idiosyncratic characters of Jin Yong, to the crazy martial styles in the old Shaw Brothers films or the outdated TVB wuxia series, and of course the appearance of the kungfu legends of Hong Kong cinema who reinvented their roles in the most hilarious yet fully righteous way. The final layer, the emotional one, is reserved for the lifetime crazy fans of Stephen Chow, including myself, who can simply recall the Chow’s identity from every single details of the film, who would cry their eyes out thinking about why Chow does not want to bring us HIS films any more, who still find joy in the new Journey to the West but somehow feel a deepen hole in their love to cinema thinking back about how excellent Chow was in the 1995 version. Suddenly I think about how similar Chow and Quentin Tarantino are, in term of originality, in term of their love to cinema, and in the amount of joy that they have brought to cinephiles around the world. Too bad that Quentin still makes films, good films that is, while Chow is simply nowhere to find…

  • Anand KJuly 15, 2013Reply

    Hilarious. very cleverly constructed. “tiger’s roar-I thought it was a myth!’

  • Valerie YAugust 6, 2013Reply

    they should make a sequel already…..

  • Andy PAugust 18, 2013Reply

    Silly and whimsical in all the right ways, Kung Fu Hustle is a gem of world cinema with laugh out loud looney toons style gags flying as fast as the fists and feet.

  • Guido SAugust 20, 2013Reply

    I’m a fan of martial arts movies. The choreography and action scenes can be amazing, especially compared to today’s quick cuts and indecipherable fight scenes. I watched this a few years back wanting to like it but the comedy rubbed me the wrong way. So I stopped watching very early on and didn’t come back to it till now. The comedy still bugs me, but I let it go. I was able to appreiate the riffs on the genre as a whole that I love. The fight scenes were amazing, and the story as a whole is enjoyable. Sing wanted to be a gangster, but didn’t work out. Eventually the gang goes after a town, and Sing is their only hope. Trained in the joke of Buddist Palm, he becomes a kung fu master, and is able to defeat the gang’s most deadly foe.

  • Norman BSeptember 2, 2013Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle was either hit or miss. For me it definitely missed it was corny not really funny. The martial arts sequences were cool that’s the only positive

  • Branham NSeptember 16, 2013Reply

    Really really weird but kind of fun.

  • Christian CSeptember 16, 2013Reply

    might be a foreign film but one of the best that made a transitions to amarica full of fights, story and a little hidden romance mix great. it touches everything from comedy, action, and drama perfectly!! a 5 out of five for me!

  • Lamar WSeptember 17, 2013Reply

    the comedy works sub titles

  • Dorianator FSeptember 21, 2013Reply

    What a stupid movie. There were some funny parts though. But, most of it was stupid.

  • Astric BSeptember 22, 2013Reply

    Super hilarious:) it’s totally cheesy most of the time but I think that’s y I love it:) totally worth watching in my opinion.

  • Robert CSeptember 25, 2013Reply

    Awesome. Great choreography and also very funny.

  • Chris SOctober 9, 2013Reply

    one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, lol. Even the fight scenes were entertaining to watch.

  • Jen SOctober 19, 2013Reply

    Absolutely terrible but almost charming in its commitment to that horribleness. You get to laugh at it, then its over and you thank God you never have to watch it again.

  • Andrew WOctober 21, 2013Reply

    A story of martial arts badassery with the seriousness adjusted to my maturity level. Great show.

  • Victor FOctober 28, 2013Reply

    Quite possibly one of the best Kung Fu films ever made. To this day is one of my personal favourites. Heck, you can understand the movie more through it’s body language than it’s dialogue.

  • De HNovember 5, 2013Reply

    All the silliness of a spoof with real fighting action. love it.

  • Luis November 30, 2013Reply

    hilarious and the actors 2

  • Tycbaby CDecember 11, 2013Reply

    I give it a five for having me laugh the entire time

  • Sam CDecember 17, 2013Reply

    What a fun roller coaster comedic and baboonish vision of the martial arts and powerhouse special effects!

  • Kevin LDecember 19, 2013Reply

    Such a funny movie and really good Kung Fu. Awesome movie!! I want more.

  • Matthew F. JDecember 31, 2013Reply

    This is the kind of film that doesn’t hold any punches & plays the over the top card brilliantly. It’s really fun & well done. Thumbs up!

  • Sam AJanuary 3, 2014Reply

    This film includes brilliantly choreographed action scenes with impressive effects and funny performances, almost the Scott Pilgrim of Chinese cinema,.

  • Official CJanuary 4, 2014Reply

    A well-choreographed combination of martial arts and humor from Stephen Chow. The plot is silly, but when there are so many hilarious scenes, you really just don’t care anymore.

  • Harold VJanuary 9, 2014Reply


  • Anastasia .January 14, 2014Reply

    Little too cartoonish (07) OWN VHS?

  • Laimont LJanuary 17, 2014Reply

    Very funny movie! Great acting.

  • David GJanuary 19, 2014Reply

    Great action. Not as much comedy as I thought. Still great movie.

  • Ryan CJanuary 25, 2014Reply

    Bruce Lee meets Looney Tunes.

  • Dave TJanuary 30, 2014Reply

    You will be entertained or I will karate chop myself.

  • Blake BFebruary 11, 2014Reply

    This is great example of what action movies should be. It’s over the top to the point where it’s totally unbelievable, but the movie has so much charm and draws you in to all the wackyness, it’s able to pull it off. The action scenes are very entertaining to watch and the fighting is well choreographed, which is what we need more of in movies nowadays. It’s just a really funny and really cool film that we should all take a lesson from.

  • Mad MFebruary 15, 2014Reply

    A great comedy, a decent action/kung fu flick.

  • Vignesh VMarch 1, 2014Reply

    Most hilarious roller coaster ride

  • Rod MMarch 15, 2014Reply

    A gem, fantastic martial arts fairy tail with a good deal of comedy to round it off. See in original language, dubbed Chinese actors always sound cartoonish, give the film respect enough to see it in its original form. Unless you can’t read of course. But that would mean you couldn’t read this either, so no excuses.

  • Justin HApril 3, 2014Reply

    I never thought to much of this movie and now after experiencing it I can saftely say that it is one of my favorite films. Heartwarming, fast, and funny, The movie is riveting from start to finish. I sincerely recommend this movie to anyone that finds goofy Japanese shit entertaining, but also loves beautifully developed characters and fantastic storytelling.

  • Komi AApril 21, 2014Reply

    One of the more underrated movies of our time.

  • magin gMay 4, 2014Reply

    Incredibly violent and some of the funniest comedy I loved every moment of this film Stephen Chow is a god!!!!!

  • Jonathan SMay 17, 2014Reply

    Dumb and entretaining

  • Grant KMay 19, 2014Reply

    Although it’s a bit too tonally inconsistent, this is a unique, wondrously shot comic epic.

  • Kyle GMay 20, 2014Reply

    Hilarious and imaginative movie. My favorite martial arts picture.

  • Arslan KMay 29, 2014Reply

    Omg this is yet another funny movie. Love this movie!

  • Whitney WJune 24, 2014Reply

    Hilarious! One of my favorite movies of all time. Genuinely made me laugh myself to tears even on rewatch!

  • Juli NJune 25, 2014Reply

    I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing!

  • Laura NJuly 16, 2014Reply

    I’m generally not a fan of martial arts movies, but this was pretty fun. I truly enjoyed the comedy as well as the choreography.

  • i CJuly 24, 2014Reply

    sometimes great, sometimes too weird

  • Dedy DAugust 2, 2014Reply

    Another comedy masterpiece by Stephen Chow. Apparently, after the very successful Shaolin Soccer flick, Chow decided to use all those new fancy special effects to where it actually belong. A classic Kung Fu beatdown!

  • Matthew CAugust 3, 2014Reply

    One of the my absolute favorites.

  • Wilman AAugust 25, 2014Reply

    A success blend of action and comedy.

  • Stephen WAugust 25, 2014Reply

    Definitely a twist in the Martial Arts Genre. Its a cool change from the norm. Funny and off the chain.

  • Truman RSeptember 21, 2014Reply

    Although some of the special effects haven’t aged too well, the punches still hit as hard as ever.

  • John Eric DSeptember 29, 2014Reply

    Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle is a definition of the most cartoonish martial arts flick that you can get. It has all the most over the top cinematography combine with the 18th century style Chinese mafia wars added with the most spectacles of martial arts. Though I find some scenes are way too over the top that made it kinda cheesy in terms of its execution. But then this is a Chow trademark that leaves any 12 year old kids blew away with its style.

  • ??? ?October 2, 2014Reply

    ??????? ?????????? ????????????

  • Eduardo DOctober 20, 2014Reply

    amo las pelis de Stephen Chow =)

  • Jamie SOctober 21, 2014Reply

    Kung Fu Comedy at it’s finest.

  • Matt GNovember 28, 2014Reply

    Quality little movie.

  • Mimoh GDecember 21, 2014Reply

    This movie is to epic, brings back nostalgia ;). I swear besides all the comedy in this movie it made me cry at the end ;_;

  • James KDecember 25, 2014Reply

    Chow wrote, acted, directed and then produced this film, retaining all his signature styles and anyone not able to appreciate it and have a few laugh is being too serious without a doubt.

  • Geno mJanuary 6, 2015Reply

    One of the best Martial Arts films ever….

  • Eugene BJanuary 21, 2015Reply

    Stephen Chow’s impressive comedy/kung-fu bonanza is terrific. Kung Fu Hustle displays the dynamic direction of Chow along with a laugh-out-loud combination of action and humor, further heightening the director’s/actor’s credibility. 4/5

  • Zaw MJanuary 26, 2015Reply

    smart, funny, and entertaining. 4 stars for the Hustle

  • Joe CFebruary 28, 2015Reply

    Just when I thought I’d seen it al….

  • corey mApril 24, 2015Reply

    who didn’t love this movie?

  • Torion OJune 6, 2015Reply

    A thief with a certain bone structure that makes him a Kung Fu master. I had fun with this.

  • Jared LJune 27, 2015Reply

    Directed, written, produced by and starring Stephen Chow. With its unique blend of comedy and Kung Fu, Hustle might possibly be one of the best Karate/Kung Fu movies ever made. In the way that the special effects are noticed and still not enough to disrupt or discourage the fun the audience is having while watching goes to show how brilliant the choreography is executed. The use of what at first seems like the bitter old landlady and her weak husband as the antihero’s that help discover the “chosen one” is refreshing in its celebration of those older Kung Fu stars as the heroes of the film instead of only the good looking young action star. The use of the classical music as the backdrop to such nutty and yet serious action sets is brilliant in its own special way. Take the time to appreciate the glory that is Kung Fu Hustle.

  • Aram GJuly 4, 2015Reply

    WORST film of century.

  • David AJuly 9, 2015Reply

    Without a main character to back on, “Kung Fu Hustle” feels like a moving train without a conductor. Still, it manages to pull off hysterical moments and action sequences to keep yourself investment. It’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a while. It’s ridiculous, but fun. Should never be missed.

  • Loyal DJuly 11, 2015Reply

    This movie was very weird and strange and in Chinese, but it was pretty good none the less. It was over the top and had some humor and some kung fu. I’m not a huge fan of the kung fu genre, but it was pretty awesome but will seem too weird for most. The director did a nice job behind the camera and it was entertaining to say the least!

  • Celestino SJuly 12, 2015Reply

    Probably my most favorite martial arts genre movie of all time.

  • Moe BJuly 14, 2015Reply

    classic style that keeps you glued to your seat; even with sub-titles…

  • James BJuly 19, 2015Reply

    one of the silliest, and funniest movies ever made! the action of a kung fu flick, with the silly fun of a comedy! but don’t think it stops there, it even has a plot, and even so values! doesn’t matter who you are, you will love this film!

  • Dann MJuly 21, 2015Reply

    Do the Hustle….the Kung Fu Hustle. A hilarious satire of kung fu films, Kung Fu Hustle is entertaining and full of laughs. When the Axe gang tries to muscle in on a low-rent housing complex called Pig Sty Alley they get more than they bargain for, as three martial arts masters living there in seclusion step up to defend their homes. The fight scenes are choreographed quite well, as are the dance scenes. And the comedy is pretty funny, though it gets overly cartoonish and silly at times. Yet despite some weakness, Kung Fu Hustle is a lot of fun.

  • Evan BJuly 31, 2015Reply

    Randomly really good. Funny.

  • bill sAugust 6, 2015Reply

    Zany.silly martial arts movie that could have gone off the rails but ends up being one fun ride.

  • Bilal SAugust 10, 2015Reply

    Quite nonsense movie but great action!

  • Baron VSeptember 26, 2015Reply

    One of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen. Yes, I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies in China Town-San Francisco, but if you didn’t, no matter. This film is enjoyable for all level of martial artist/comedy movie goers. R. Madhesh & Stephen Chow seem to achieve the impossible. Weave a traditional love story with a gang movie, pair it with a musical, consummate it with mystical martial arts, carry it full term with comedy/slapstick, then deliver the love child that is Kung Fu Hustle. So many scenes are scene-stealing worthy. Any scene with the Land Lady is my favorite.
    Must see!
    PS…do not, I repeat, do NOT watch the English dubbed version (this applies to every movie ever made), treat yourself to a fine subtitled journey. I’ve watched both and the dubbed version loses almost all of the movie’s charm.
    Give this film a whirl!

  • Vasco MSeptember 30, 2015Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle is an unusual case of a cartoon pitch that might have accidentally been turned into live action movie. But in all seriousness, it’s got a great mix of practical effects and entertaining acting that makes for a treat of a feature film that never takes itself seriously.

  • Ajay DOctober 1, 2015Reply

    it’s a fabulous piece of direction and acting. script is complete action packed comedy emotional.
    I’ve been watching this movie for last 5 years. it’s nothing like this movie.

  • Jeff JOctober 10, 2015Reply

    A rare 5/5. Flawless execution. Action is good, joke is good, and even a pretty deep philosophy. I give great films 4/5. To get 5/5 it must “wow” me and indeed this masterpiece did.

  • Emod LOctober 15, 2015Reply

    A ridiculous blend of action and humor that is both entertaining and engrossing.

  • Michael DNovember 9, 2015Reply

    I loved this movie lots of fun and a cool play on a genre.

  • Daniel RDecember 20, 2015Reply

    Excellent visuals, acting and funny with a lot of action

  • LU EFebruary 24, 2016Reply

    The Wulitou(Casual) way of acting, sweep across the whole China, is

    brought back to the scene by the Kung Fu Hustle. As a collection of Stephen’s

    excellent movies, people believes Kung Fu Hustle is the best of the martial arts film in

    the recent years.
    This movie is directed, co-produced and co-written by Stephen Chow, who
    also stars in the lead role. In Shanghai during 1930s, Xing(acted by Stephen Chow)
    attempt to join in the Deadly Axe Gang with his friend Bone(acted by Zi Cong Lin).
    They have trouble with the Deadly Axe Gang, and fights involved anti-physical
    action between gang and heroes run through the whole movie.
    This movie, a reflection of Stephen’s life, includes dream of being Bruce
    Lee, fear of facing the reality and the enthusiasm of kungfu. The Buddha’s Palm to
    Chow ,a technique gained after overcoming all the setback, implies that he becomes
    strong enough to protect himself, his parents and love. The BGM, action of kungfu
    and Wulitou way make it valuable to watch. Folk, western classical music, old
    shanghai music recreate the night life of shanghai. The most important element of
    Stephen’s movies , the Wulitou, is the promise of laugh which make you laugh
    whenever you watch his movies. I have watched Stephen’s movie since 2003 and
    Kung Fu Hustle gives me a chance to watch my idol in the cinema.

  • Samuel MFebruary 27, 2016Reply

    Es una película tontorrona en muchos aspectos pero sencillamente brillante en cuanto a diversión se refiere. Gana el doble de puntos su doblaje al español, que la hace increiblemente más divertida.

  • Marius TMarch 8, 2016Reply

    Best kung-fu film with fun and love in every scene

  • Aman AMarch 8, 2016Reply

    It is so silly, yet so much fun. It isn’t laugh out loud, at least not to me but it is a movie I’d watch again and again. Though, I prefer Shaolin soccer.

  • Brandon WMarch 17, 2016Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle is the first Asian film that I’ve seen when I was young, and I watched it when I was a little kid. I remember the fight scenes, the running chase scene, the Axe Gang, the Lion’s Roar, the Beast, and the piano scene. So when I watched this again, it still holds up greatly. Stephen Chow is really great, and he choreographs his fight scenes very well. The fight scenes are fantastic and just exhilarating to watch. The characters are memorable, especially the Beast who’s in the last 30 minutes of the film. The references in this like Looney Tunes and other stuff are cleverly done and are very funny. The jokes are really good, and the effects still look amazing. The camerawork is impressive, and the soundtrack is really catchy. Kung Fu Hustle is a terrific movie that is a classic to me.

  • Vitor PMarch 21, 2016Reply

    o melhor filme de comedia e ação que eu ja vi na vida

  • Lucas NApril 1, 2016Reply

    An impressive combination of physical comedy with martial arts film.

  • Lau HJune 15, 2016Reply

    Best Chinese Movie of the year. Nuff say. The story, the special effects, the martial art scene, the jokes, not many movie can make to this height.

  • Jessica LJuly 13, 2016Reply

    So crazy ridiculous… I loved it

  • Rayne MJuly 31, 2016Reply

    Que filme doido! Adorei a forma como o humor foi explorado!

  • Kong LAugust 1, 2016Reply


  • Henry MAugust 19, 2016Reply

    Has to be one of the best Kung Fu movies ever made! The plot in this film is similar to any other movie in the genre, but the fight scenes and humor included are really what set it apart. This film is entertaining from beginning to end and I highly recommend it whether you like the genre or not.

  • Max SSeptember 17, 2016Reply

    I loved it. Amazing cinematography! Overdubs were impressive. Just everything great about Asian films. Funny, heart warming, great fight scenes.

  • Isadore HOctober 4, 2016Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle boasts great action scenes and wonderful special effects, and pairs it up with some hilarious moments and jokes to make a truly memorable movie. The actors were all pretty good, but nobody stood out to me, although it was difficult to judge because of the different language, so that really a minor point. The stunt work was incredible and very fun to look at. The plot is alright, though uneven at times, some story elements felt out of place but others were outrageously funny. I had a good time with King Fu Hustle, that is for sure though, it may be zany and confusing at times, but it provides enough fun and excitement to be a memorable film

  • David WOctober 8, 2016Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle is a action, comedy, romance, crime masterpiece full of wonder and over-the-top stuff that leads to a thrilling, if not cartoony nature

  • Russell HOctober 12, 2016Reply

    The fight scenes are very over the top but so well done that they are amazing.

  • Andruw FNovember 18, 2016Reply

    If it’s your cup of tea, then you will like this movie.

  • George LNovember 19, 2016Reply

    Just when I thought that special effects had no business in a comedy, Kung Fu Hustle came along. This movie is definitely a future classic.

  • Filippo VNovember 25, 2016Reply

    Le scene d’azione sono molto divertenti e intrattengono senza problemi. Il suo umorismo molto particolare lo rende uno dei film più strani che io abbia mai visto, viste le situazioni paradossali e assurde che si vengono a creare. Anche se porta poche risate, il film comunque merita una piena sufficienza per il suo stile unico ed inimitabile.

  • Jacob DDecember 30, 2016Reply

    Fun, cool, exciting and dark this movie is a great time to watch.

  • Lee BMarch 5, 2017Reply

    Loved this… one of my favorite kung fu movies as well as a great comedy… its over the topness is it best feature….also very stylish in its own way…like way cool

  • Charles Austin MApril 12, 2017Reply

    Yes, it’s funny, irreverent, even charming at times, but Kung Fu Hustle’s novelty is spent in the first half of the film. The remainder is rather torturously drawn out and monotonous.

  • Hiang MMay 15, 2017Reply

    La película entera está en cámara lenta?

  • Derek SMay 23, 2017Reply

    was very funny and intresting

  • Chayne RJuly 31, 2017Reply

    every time this movie comes on i watch it I love this movie

  • Eli MAugust 1, 2017Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle is a work of art. Hands down.

  • Chris ANovember 20, 2017Reply

    A hilariously fun movie that does a lot more than Kung Fu action.

  • Emile HJanuary 11, 2018Reply

    There’s a reason why Stephen Chow made a hell of a powerhouse in the Chinese film industry. He blends the great wire work of modern kung fu movies of the new millennium with the cartoon feeling of Looney Tunes. It uses its Hollywood references carefully, within its style and not its substance. And like in good martial arts movies, the fight escalates within every increase of skill until we see the ultimate power unleashed. It’s a great martial arts comedy that knows its shtick.

  • Brandon CFebruary 2, 2018Reply

    I cannot describe why I enjoyed this film but I actually really enjoyed it lol.

  • Reece DFebruary 18, 2018Reply

    Funny, Epic and Very Good Effects. 🙂

  • AnonymousFebruary 27, 2018Reply

    This has to be the best of all time Kung Fu movies.

  • ricca sApril 12, 2018Reply

    One of the most awesome movies ever! Intentionally slapstick, its comedy + excellent professional martial arts showcase and effects still puts audiences in awe. Stephen Chow is a creative genius. Watched it four times and will watch it again. Only a pretentious stuck-up snob wouldn’t appreciate this.

  • Art SMay 11, 2018Reply

    In opting for Kung Fu Hustle, I was hoping to be transported back to those days of the early 1990s when I first discovered Hong Kong cinema (Jacky Chan, at first, but then Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li). But I guess you can’t go home again. Technology has removed the wires that some stars (but not Jacky) formerly used to deliver flying kicks, replacing them with CGI miracles. I never was a big fan of CGI. However, I have to say that director and star Stephen Chow seems to have realised that the only way to use it is boldly, brashly, and in the most cartoonish way possible; in other words, what we have here is a Chuck Jones short populated by actual humans. And that makes all the difference. The plot is as zany as you would guess from that description. Chow and his partner Tze Chung Lam pretend that they are part of the Axe Gang in order to try to squeeze money out of a poor community – however, they are quickly challenged by the real Axe Gang who, to their chagrin, discover that there are three aging kung fu masters retired in the town. Or maybe there are four kung fu masters. Or perhaps five. Things do get out of hand (especially when the Axe Gang bring in some notorious ringers to combat them). There are some well choreographed and over-the-top fight scenes (directed by Woo-Ping Yuen and Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, both immensely famous in their own rights) and some silly or slapstick comedy. Things do get bloody as well (so this isn’t for kids). Yet for all those things that Kung Fu Hustle gets right, I still felt a hankering for the old school.

  • Paulo CAugust 9, 2018Reply

    Welcome to China . I guess everyone is secretly a kung fu master . I have watched this movie using boxxy software on my audio language

  • Enrico POctober 7, 2018Reply

    Written and directed by Stephen Chow, “Kung Fu Hustle” (2005) is an expertly blended mashup of 40s-era, Chinese references, cartoonish special effects, and martial arts. Chow, who stars in the film himself, directs the film with a large awareness and cogency of its references. The movie is familiar because it’s a satire, and it’s a satire precisely because of its form and development. Its sweeping scenes of all-too familiar battlegrounds and organized crime families recall to mind classic Hollywood tropes, only this time repackaged with the verve and panache of martial arts cinema.

    What is so interesting about “Kung Fu Hustle” is how it exploits the gentrified stupidity of classic cinema tropes. The effect of which is as loud as the memorable ‘Lion’s Roar’ itself. The difference between a good satire and a great one is that while the former exposes the ironies and imbecile tendencies of the subject matter, the latter manages to make the said criticism enjoyable. The film unflinchingly distorts, thrashes, and laughs its way to acclaim and success; exerting great effort at taking jabs at the genre it falls in and reviving tired and cliched character arcs. To put it bluntly with Chow at the helm, “Kung Fu Hustle” manages to both honor and poke fun at slapstick martial arts to great effect.

  • Grid FOctober 10, 2018Reply

    Satirical to Classic or Western Action Films
    Hardly knows where it is going
    Shift of characters, hard to connect
    Still funny, confusing
    Superpower, cgi, cartoon

    I, despite being a lover of films with strong messages and deep/ disturbing themes, still enjoyed having to watch Kung Fu Hustle. I know this because even if this happened to be the fourth time I have watched it, I still found myself laughing and enjoying its many comedic elements and shallow jokes. Though the movie in itself is quite simple, such that it did not choose to delve into deeper themes and symbolisms, but made use of “slapstick comedy” as well as the idiocy of the characters as a means to tell a story that captivates the audience’s attention. Through a constant flow of comic relief, not much thinking and analysis is needed by the audience to understand and appreciate the movie, thus even the most shallow movie-goers could be won over by the charm and the appeal of this film. At the same time, if one were to observe how the director chose to present the film, he or she did not go for the approach of being realistic, but mainly used their strength of going all out to make the film fiction. This is highly evident in how CGI was used to overexaggerate blows, facial expressions/ features, deaths, fightscenes and transitions. They even gave characters superpowers to make normal traditional chinese kungfu action scenes more appealing to western audience. With all these together, it does not only create the definition of comedy in both aspects of VFX, SFX and their characters, but the overall lighthearted atmosphere it gives off (even in dramatic scenes) is extremely entertaining, altogether earning around 6-7 stars in my opinion.

    But it is also this innocent vibe which hides a greater satire to what the entire movie actually chooses to mock. Upon observing the film, one could notice that the film hardly knew where it was going. Even to myself, I felt the abrupt shift of characters and scenes far too confusing to be fully invested into the storyline. In one segment, we see the Axe Gang terrorizing the locals, in another, the conflict between the residents of Pig Sty, and later on, randomly, the main character shows up with a backstory and thus commences a standard hero’s journey plotline. The flow of the movie could have been more organized, but from this observation, I learned to see how this film chose to use satire and its jumbled up plotline to mimic and criticize the the nature of Western Media/ Films. Having to start with the Main Character, he deviates from the standard story of a Asian Hero’s film from other movies by stripping his or her motivation of doing justice based on the commonly darker themes (ex. revenge, honor, etc.) found in many Eastern literature or films. Instead, we see the common Western ideals of being strongest in the hierarchy of power, shown by the competition amongst Kung Fu masters to be the best in the martial arts, The Beast (Leung Siu-lung) bowing to Sing, Sing wanting to feel powerful or self-confident by joining the axe gang (due to a traumatic experience of being overpowered by bullies), etc. This Western idea of power is repeated all throughout a film, and there is a rivalry between the characters to be on top. At the same time, there are also many factors that were added in the film to further appeal to the taste of Western audiences. These include such usages of CGI, which was not common in Chinese films produced in the years around when Kung Fu Hustle was made, there were the use of superpowers and superhuman abilities that brought taste to the overly used hand-to-hand combat which the Chinese have been so used in incorporating in their action films (and may look quite bland in the eyes of the West). Lastly, the director tried to fit as much stories and events possible in the span of the 1 hour and 40 minute film. Because it took at movie quite a long time before the main character was introduced, it was evident of how rushed the character development of Sing was. All at once we get the memory of how Sing tried to defend Fong, before one knows it, he gets beaten to a pulp, gains a mentor (Landlady and Landlord), becomes the supreme master of Kung Fu, and returns back to a normal life pursuing a humble goal of love. Altogether, this shows a clear resemblance to the hero’s journey, a patterned plotline that is commonly used in movies such as those created by Marvel, DC, and western action movies; all of which are generally accepted by the public.

    I believe that this way of presenting the movie, in a comedic, crammed and shallow fashion was all intentional in having to criticize Western films today. The director made use of many tropes, cliché events and comedic elements that are taken from Western genres to further enhance the appeal of this Asian/ Chinese film even to foreigners. It gave taste to ordinary chinese films, but also was satirical in order to exaggerate the Western qualities it shared. This was even done to the other works of Stephen Chow such as Shaolin Soccer or Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons. This strategy, at the end was successful, as it not only opened the minds for people to give more attention to the films created by the East, but also helped him garner around 7-8 stars to many of his works.

  • Sam JNovember 13, 2018Reply

    This film was terrible.

  • Dean JNovember 16, 2018Reply

    Great action, beautify shot, fun and interesting characters. An awesome action comedy.

  • Sean LJuly 11, 2019Reply

    Wacky, cartoonish martial arts action with a big CGI budget and rampant imagination, similar in tone to Stephen Chow’s preceding work, Shaolin Soccer. It’s very much a case of style over substance, as the plot only serves to move us from one outrageous set piece spectacle to the next, and makes no bones about it. That’s Chow’s style, with far more focus on effects-laden fighting techniques than inscrutable storytelling, and it works for him. We’re treated to dozens of unique forms, from countless unexpected sources, as nearly every denizen of a dusty, lower-class slum turns out to be a kung fu master of some sort. Most memorable, of course, is the chain-smoking old landlady, who batters every comer and effortlessly steals each scene without even pausing to pull the curlers from her hair. It’s indulgent and silly, watery and childish, but it’s also richly entertaining and singularly stylish. Great background party-viewing material.

  • Thomas CJuly 19, 2019Reply

    Boss in every meaning of the word!

  • Jeff SSeptember 12, 2019Reply

    Visually stunning, epic fight scenes, great comedy, acting, editing, beautiful story all rolled into 1 movie. All the things you never see in a mindless action movie. This film is poetry in motion and not to scare off the action fans, the fight scenes are over the top yet amazingly well done. The only movie comparable and just as good as this would be Chows other movie Shaolin Soccer. If you like one you will like the other.

  • AnonymousSeptember 14, 2019Reply

    So entertaining and original

  • Lou JSeptember 24, 2019Reply

    Definitely must watch

  • AnonymousOctober 7, 2019Reply

    Ridiculous but entertaining!

  • Ganesh KOctober 11, 2019Reply

    Must watch and memorable movie i have ever seen. It’s mind fresh movie.

  • Sahil GDecember 26, 2019Reply

    Funny pass of time, and terrible acting that makes it even funnier. Watch if you get a chance!

  • Antonio VDecember 30, 2019Reply

    Writer, Director, and star Stephen Chan shines and delivers perhaps his greatest role/performance, and possibly his greatest film yet. A thrilling, hilarious, Kung fu packed, and at times truly beautiful movie. With colorful characters and great usage of visual storytelling, Kung Fu Hustle proves itself to be a must watch for all film enthusiasts and anyone in need of some anime level fight scenes. A true Classic.

  • William BFebruary 6, 2020Reply

    The sarcasm in this film is legendary.

  • AnonymousFebruary 21, 2020Reply

    Lots more of fun! A good poke at the classic Kung Fu Movies.

  • Jonathan BMarch 9, 2020Reply

    The residents of Pig Sty Ally have a problem with gangsters and racketeers so they decide to do something about it. Fortunately, a number of the residents have hidden talents and use them to defend their community from the bad guys.
    This is a comic, funny and engaging movie that almost harks back to the comedy capers of the silent era. There are plenty of visual gags and very over the top, cartoonish, kung-fu action sequences.

  • Kyle MMarch 19, 2020Reply

    This zany Chinese martial art picture actually blurred the line between real world and cartoons, with little being influenced by Mel Brooks when glancing at “Seven Samurai”, over the positively ridiculed physics that resulted in gleeful action sequences and unexpected hilarity. (B+)

  • Michael AMarch 19, 2020Reply

    O melhor filme de luta de todos os tempos, e um dos melhores do cinema asiático!

  • Yash BApril 9, 2020Reply

    “Kung Fu Hustle” is one of those outrageously over the top movies that just works. This movie is insanely funny and the action scenes are a lot of fun. I think in terms of pure entertainment, you can’t go wrong with it. The goofy humor and ridiculous effects are a blast. It might be because I don’t know the language and had to rely on subtitles, but I did feel the story was a bit hard to follow at times. Regardless, I was able to capture what the main story was and I was pretty on board with it. Anyway, this isn’t really a movie you watch for the story. The main sell is how fast it moves and how it consistently delivers with comedic force. Overall, I think this is a fun movie that made me laugh and kept me very entertained.

  • AnonymousApril 15, 2020Reply

    There’s no denying that I am a fan of Stephen Chow’s style of comedy. Kung Fu Hustle has that perfect tone of a spoof film, and knows exactly how to use certain tropes of the genre it is parodying in order to create humor. I love the exaggerated way that kung fu works in this film, and how the most unexpected people or items can be dangerous. It’s amplified to such a level that at times it feels like a live-action cartoon, and for me that is always good for a laugh. When I sit and watch a movie at home by myself, even a solid joke can struggle to get much more than a chuckle from me, but Kung Fu Hustle had me laughing out loud consistently. The other thing that Stephen Chow understands, is that even the best comedy needs plot and structure. There is a solid story in this film with genuine stakes, heroes and villains, and all the other hallmarks of a good narrative. I also appreciate his casting choices, because he doesn’t go with all the obvious actors for each role, and allows for some unexpected heroes. I must admit, though, that Kung Fu Hustle contains one of my biggest pet peeves about movies. I always struggle when there are people in a story with seemingly limitless powers, or at least power that doesn’t appear to adhere to any set of rules. While it’s good for some comedic effect, I never get a feel for what move is more powerful than another. The final fight keeps escalating to a point that it feels like there is never a satisfying conclusion, because they both seem to recover from even the most devastating blows. I know it’s supposed to be silly and over-the-top, so I didn’t get that annoyed by this aspect, but it is a tad unclear when the fight will truly end and someone will win. My only other nitpick with Kung Fu Hustle was how late they brought the main character into his heroic role. His redemption arc starts so far into the movie that it barely feels earned. These are quibbles with an otherwise amazingly enjoyable film. I might not find Kung Fu Hustle perfect, but any movie that entertains me this much is one I’ll watch again any time.

  • Caio LApril 23, 2020Reply

    The best movie e ever saw in my life.

  • David JMay 5, 2020Reply

    It knows exactly what it wants, to be and its so fun. Only Stephan Chow can make this crazy blended smoothie of a movie work.

  • Marc CMay 19, 2020Reply

    This is a weird movie. Not sure if it was suppose to be a comedy or what but I sure did laugh. Not to mention the action is great. check it out.

  • Joel HJune 5, 2020Reply

    Kung Fu Hustle is a bizarre movie. However, if you just relax and let the strangeness wash over you, I think you’ll really enjoy the journey. Stephen Chow’s film is a mix of amazingly choreographed action sequences and cartoon-like physics, along with slapstick comedy and witty banter. Some people may find this unique martial arts flick off-putting, but I find it highly entertaining.

  • Hendry LJune 12, 2020Reply

    After rewatching the entire Ip Man series which had a grounded style of fighting, I’ve thought about a martial movie that was the opposite of that. I haven’t watched this movie in ages but I remember it for being the most ridiculous movie ever. I decided to rewatch “Kung Fu Hustle” and it is still as grand and ridiculous as ever.
    When the hapless Sing (Stephen Chow) and his dim-witted pal, Bone (Feng Xiaogang), try to scam the residents of Pig Sty Alley into thinking they’re members of the dreaded Axe Gang, the real gangsters descend on this Shanghai slum to restore their fearsome reputation. What gang leader Brother Sum (Chan Kwok-Kwan) doesn’t know is that this neighbourhood doesn’t take kindly to interlopers.

    Let’s start with what makes this movie stand out from other movies, the comedy. This movie has very dark humour, for example, the axe gang leader kills two people with a knife and shotgun and then the next scene goes to them all dancing to a cool score by Raymond Wong. You’re never really sure if you are meant to laugh or it is genuinely seriously but director Stephen Chow intertwine both together to create some weird humour but it just works.

    Another part of the charm of the unique comedy is this movie is the surprisingly over the top slapstick, Looney tunes comedy. The director employs this by using very cartooney sound effects and having guys get hit around like toy ragdolls that result in some laugh out moments. There is a chase scene that feels like it is from Bugs Bunny. I don’t want to spoil any of the moments if you haven’t watched it but it’s as crazy as it sounds and it’s awesome.

    This movie isn’t just all comedy though and has some amazing fight/action scenes. The director uses a lot of wirework and surprisingly a lot of CGI which is quite unprecedented in a martial art or even a comedy movie but it is used very effectively. The fight scenes are well directed and edited but best of all incredibly exciting and thrilling to watch. Despite all the wirework and CGI, every fight is completely visible with no over edits or shaky cam and in 2004 that was quite rare in action movies.

    The movie was undoubtedly inspired by many American movies such as The Matrix, Spiderman and even The Shining. The director incorporates these very blatant references in the movie to the point that it seems like it is copying but yet it feels unique due to how the director utilises it.

    All the actors in this movie are great including the director, Stephen Chow, who plays the main lead. Every actor including supporting actors embody the ridiculous nature and manage to stand apart from each other that even in the short runtime of 98 minutes, the audience can grasp every single character’s personality and quirkiness in minutes. The set design is amazing as it represents the 1940’s Shanghai and feels vibrant and alive. The costumes are great as they feel believable and manage to capture the personality of some of the characters. The score by Raymond Wong is incredible and captures the nature of the movie with one of the stand out being the Axe Gang music which will make you want to dance with it.

    If there had to be a flaw in the movie then it has to be the lack of a coherent plot. The synopsis is the basic premise for the beginning of the movie but a lot of other different plot points happen to intertwine with this about other characters and then there is this other new plot happening in the third act which makes it feel incoherent. Another flaw would be the lack or very rushed character development which is in part due to its short runtime. Characters can completely change in personality in a matter of minutes without any real build-up towards it.

    Bill Murray described this movie as “the supreme achievement of the modern age in terms of comedy” and honestly that is a fair assessment. I feel like there will never be another movie like this ever. The movie blends kung fu, CGI and cartooney humour to create what I consider is one of the most hilarious movies ever made. If you haven’t watched it then I HIGHLY recommend you give this movie a watch!

  • Matthew DJune 14, 2020Reply

    Absolutely insane combat with hilarious comedy!

    Stephen Chow’s martial arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle (2004) is a brilliant display of creative direction, skillful choreography, playful effects, and good humor. Chow impressed me greatly with one of the greatest comedies of all time: Shaolin Soccer. Kung Fu Hustle is right up there with it for me now as the absurd fight scenes and raunchy jokes are just hilarious. Chow’s writing is super clever as he weaves in and out of the martial arts genre with comedy.

    Everything is ridiculous from punching someone from the sky to screaming people through walls. Kung Fu Hustle is going to make you roar with laughter. Chow is a genius director with clear influences of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Gordon Liu, and The Looney Tunes. Chow finds every interesting angle and trick to pull off outrageous physical gags during all the martial arts mayhem.

    Angie Lam’s editing is so quick and crafty that you don’t even notice Kung Fu Hustle’s brief 99 minutes fly by like a crane kick. Raymond Wong taps into old wuxia films with traditional Chinese instruments playing a beautiful score that sounds completely original. Poon Hang-Sang’s cinematography is actually lovely with tender close-ups and humorous zooms. His wide shots are crazy and always find a new way to shoot a fight scene.

    Stephen Chow is comedy gold as the lead in Kung Fu Hustle as the foolish Sing. His jaw dropping abilities are only matched by his perfect comedic timing for the slapstick gags. Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu are unbelievable as the hilarious husband and wife Landlord and Landlady. Their special moves are funny, but their excellent acting keeps you chuckling along through the entire film. Lam Tze-chung is hilarious as the chubby sidekick to Sing. He’s always good fun.

    I was really impressed by the versatile Bruce Leung Siu-Lung as The Beast. His crazy hand movements are just as scary as his toad style kung fu. Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan takes off his Bruce Lee cosplay from Shaolin Soccer to don an intimidating axe gangster leader persona as Brother Sum. Lastly, Eva Huang is drop dead gorgeous as the mute ice cream vendor with a mysterious past named Fong.

    In all, Kung Fu Hustle is a worthy comedy and combat sequel to Shaolin Soccer without the soccer.

  • Pepe GJune 22, 2020Reply

    I consider it as a filmic gem from the beginning of the 21st century, in every way, including the commercial; everything is constant: the hero’s journey, photography, costumes, art, ethnography, cultural worldview, VFX, ellipses and the double ending, a part about forgiveness, surrender and humility, and on the other hand friendship, self-improvement, and the cherry on the cake the romantic story with inclusive characters, and the continuity of the flat circle. UUfff¡

  • Kyle LAugust 6, 2020Reply

    This was a tremendous film. It is absolutely nuts. Imagine mixing a cartoon with *Kill Bill *with *Seven Samurai*. It’s about a group of poor townspeople who fend off against gang terrorism, with the select few locals who are gifted and powerful. At the same time, a man is desperate to join the gang, in order to validate his masculinity that was taken from him as a child, due to bullying.
    There is a lot happening but it all comes together beautifully and ridiculously. The movie is so strange. It’s like a cartoon with exaggerated movements and superficial action. I want to say it has poorly done SFX, but it’s so bizarre that it works perfectly for what it is. It’s an absurd action/comedy/fantasy that really strikes a chord with my strange sense of humor and adoration for absurdism. Also, you’ll never see a movie like this again. It’s genre-busting, unique, and a tremendous piece of cinema.

  • George MSeptember 13, 2020Reply

    6 bags, some lock picks, and a broken lollipop. Stephen Chow is a pretty funny guy, and some dated CGI aside, this movie has ample humor, action, and heart. there is a popcorn connection with the landlord who was “Betty” in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. whatever you do, don’t watch it dubbed. read the subtitles unless you already can understand them.

  • Nolan PJanuary 2, 2021Reply

    Off the charts on two aspects…
    Visually it is superb and I would not be surprised if it won or had an Oscar nomination for visual effects.
    It is now the blue ribbon award winner for the ultimately silliest movie ever created! Makes Kung Pow look like an Oscar winner on story and concept as well as every Will Farrell movie since 2010!
    Just ludicrous to the MAX this is!
    N. Preen, Kelowna, BC

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