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Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

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In the opening chase, Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh stumble across a trunk full of Krugerrands. They follow the trail to a South African diplomat who’s using his immunity to conceal a smuggling operation. When he plants a bomb under Murtaugh’s toilet, the action explodes!

IMDb Rating 6.9 2,295 votes


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(50) comments

  • Jordan KJuly 16, 2016Reply

    A common trope in film sequels is the addition of new characters – Lethal Weapon 2 is no exception. It’s just as good as the first one in terms of the actual film but its atmosphere at times feels like a sequel, by which I mean, it definitely feels like the second time around for the franchise and there’s more to go from here.
    Riggs and Murtaugh return in the second Lethal Weapon installment to stop South African diplomats from their money laundering schemes, as well as protect a klutzy former criminal named Leo Getz, who serves as the comedic aspect of the film.
    Lethal Weapon 2 in a lot of aspects is actually better than the first, but not all the way through. The first does a better job in introducing our characters – this one, like I said, feels like a sequel for Riggs and Murtaugh, like a TV series advertising what will happen in next week’s episode – eventually putting characters into a dozen different scenarios will get old fast if the franchise keeps going more than it should. The sequel though has the notable addition of Joe Pesci as Leo Getz, who continues to be the comedic character in the rest of the films – it’s just a taste here that in sequels Pesci will dominate screen time. He’s funny as long as he isn’t overused, which I can sense later on but it is well balanced here. A lot of badass action sequences, the sequel is more engaging and thrilling than the first. The ending fight scenes are compelling and never stop amusing, while the first film’s fight scenes are great but don’t deliver hardly as much. Lethal Weapon 2 is great, it is humorous, engaging, and doesn’t follow the rule of making a bad sequel off of a good film, but I’ve heard the rest of the movies get continuously worse…

  • Dylan WJuly 16, 2016Reply

    The tone is a little less serious, shown with the action and dialogue. That’s not bad because the action is better in the 1st, but the 2nd is funnier. Leo is a Great addition to the cast. Extremely well place foreshadowing. The police family we see a little bit more of. The tension with the villains is very well-built. Not to forget one of the very best action one liners in history at the end. Overall close to the 1st film but not better.

  • Raji KJuly 30, 2016Reply

    Mel Gibson and Danny Glover return as Riggs and Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon 2. Donner returns to direct as well, and its clear he has a bit more to work with. Now that Riggs and Murtaugh are acquainted, there is more focus on there budding partnership and together they focus on a new set of smugglers. This time they are lead by a South African diplomat that has diplomatic immunity in the state. This of course causes a wrinkle in there ability to investigate. When they lose a key witness that they are protecting Leo Getz (Joe Pesci) and Rigg’s new girl is killed, it again becomes personal. Lethal Weapon 2 retains all of the good elements from the first film, but has a bit more action and humor to go along with it.

  • Chris MAugust 14, 2016Reply

    Leo Shutup Already ð???

  • Ryan HSeptember 10, 2016Reply

    Great humor, good partner chemistry between Gibson and Glover. This is one those rare sequels that stands up next to the original. I might even argue that it’s BETTER than the original. If you enjoyed Lethal Weapon, you should have a great time watching Lethal Weapon 2.

  • Michael RFebruary 16, 2017Reply

    Lethal Weapon 2 is just as action packed, funny and thrilling as the first. A sequel worthy of this superior action franchise.

  • Galvy FMarch 30, 2017Reply

    When we don’t let anything stop us from getting what we want when we are after bad guys, being a star, winning bets, and conducting business that we go beyond our limits. When somethings that used to stop us, we set aside, forget, ignore, or just walk into, when it’s open. When somethings do stop us when we have each others backs watching out. When we can’t stop ourselves from protecting, getting the bad guy, laughing, chesting or when the duty calls to smoke/drink/eat to know we are ready for anything. When we stop gor nobody when we know the ins and outs to go another way. When we can stop others from doing somethings for their safety. When what stops us we go anyways. When we need to go when duty calls.
    When we have to stop or risk getting killed when we are heading towards a head on collision. When we can’t go and help ourselves to know that we can’t stop those with immunity they use against us. When we wish to go to be allowed to go when what stops us is liability. When we see that we can stop those right on their tracks when they prevent us from our business going places. When we don’t let the small things stop us from going after what we want. When some people stop us from going after somethings when they are big. When what stops us from going is when we are strapped & armed. When what stops one stops both of us when we have each others backs to go out with a bang together. When what stops us is what on coming and going our way that we don’t see. When what doesn’t stop us we go in in conspicuously and go the back door when no one is looking. When we do have lethal weapons of our own to stop intruders, but we go in anyways with the upper hand. When we can stop others in some other things, we don’t take stop for an answer. When we do see eye to eye on somethings when we don’t allow the small things stop us but the big things need to be stopped. When we need to put a stop to some people to get rid of them one by one when they try to stop us. When we need to stop and regroup when we sre going in deeper in shit with our enemies. When we rather stop and go deep with other things, but duty calls. When we put a stop to some people we go ahead and reveal what we kept, when they were the vary reason for us stopping in the first place. When we couldn’t stop others from being hurt or killed that we go ahead and blame ourselves again. When we were asked to stop, but we continue to go when we seek revenge. When nothing is too big or too small that stops us that we bring down the house from those planning on going. When we know where we must go to put a stop to everything coming in and going. When the cost of what we do isn’t enough when we could be stopped that we font understand why we go on when crime pays. When what we do is put a stop to our problem and many others whom want to go on living safely that we need to stop crime from paying. When it’s not easy stopping crime at its tracks when we have to go on living with what we did after. If stopping crime were as easy as pushing a button. When we know there is no stopping us when we keep going.

  • Russell SApril 29, 2017Reply

    The winning formula is back in full force, the action is ramped up and whilst not quite as novel or intriguing as the first movie, it’s as a damn fine sequel that ticks all the right boxes.

  • Jak-Luke SJuly 24, 2017Reply

    I’m starting this review off with a compete and utter devotion to Joe Pesci’s outstanding performance as Leo Gets. He’s terrric and the stand out, he absolutely owns the film even though he’s a supporting player. Funny, nasty and memorable throughout. Donner’s sequel is welcome addition, carrying on the crazy and quirk friendship that Glover and Gibson have, with developing and maintaining the equilibrium. The social and racial commentary on South Africa is also a welcome addition, it may turn many off as being out of place but I couldn’t disagree more in a time where such an act like apartheid was considered the social norm in a county,

  • Luis MSeptember 27, 2017Reply

    Just as good as the first, but with a better plot.

  • Ryan HOctober 29, 2017Reply

    One of the best action sequels of all time, Lethal Weapon 2 can’t quite live up to the original, and the plot is thin, but the acting is just as great as the original, and so are the action and dialogue. The one-liners are as numerous as they are memorable, Joe Pesci gives one of his best and funniest performances ever, and the film as a whole is just a lot of fun.

  • Ted WDecember 5, 2017Reply

    Ok not as good as the first movie starring once again Mel Gibson and Danny clover, did I finally get his name right, I have no idea. This movie is pretty much the first , pretty much except they like each other.

  • Ryan SJanuary 2, 2018Reply

    5/5. Lethal Weapon 2 improves upon the original in every way. Gibson and Glover have fantastic chemistry, the stunts are insane, the villains are extremely easy to hate, plus the addition of Joe Pesci is fantastic. Lethal Weapon 2 is one of, if not the best, buddy-cop movies of all time.

  • Arth JJune 29, 2018Reply

    effective for a definite amount of time..

    Lethal Weapon 2

    2 And A Half Out Of 5

    Lethal Weapon 2 is not a fresh take on its previous installment and instead goes old book and somehow manages to charms its way out of it. It is very rare of a feature to deliver a better or similar sequel as the expectations always grows bigger than potential, and in here it does deliver unflinchingly but unfortunately it still doesn’t suggest that it’s a good feature as the bar was set low from earlier.

    It is short on technical aspects like sound department and editing, but its action packed choreography is something to look forward to. The script is bolder and stronger than its predecessor; despite of not being fresh, as it isn’t afraid to visit places which would be least expected by the audience, especially in its last act where things go down pretty fast.

    The screenplay by Jeffrey Boam is gripping as it enfolds in each phase of the act and holds the audience on the seat with a decent support from Richard Donner; the director, whose execution isn’t something that stands alone but is surely effective whilst creating the anticipated impact. Mel Gibson and Donald Glover’s amazing chemistry is what fuels the franchise along with a new additional character of Joe Pesci who is equally good in his portrayal.

    Lethal Weapon 2 is effective for a definite amount of time when it is showing off its tricks and turns, but beyond that, it fumbles to offer anything.

  • Scowly XJuly 26, 2018Reply

    Competent action flick. Unfortunately it’s stuffed with lefty virtue signaling (with regards to South Africa) that is not only cloying, but makes the movie seem naive considering how things in SA have actually turned out post-apartheid. Kinda depressing actually.

  • AnonymousSeptember 13, 2018Reply

    Danny Glover and Mel Gibson have done it once again!

  • Sam JNovember 13, 2018Reply

    This film was solid.

  • AnonymousDecember 10, 2018Reply

    Slightly superior than the original I believe. Some awesome action set pieces combined with pretty funny jokes. The on screen combo of Gibson and Glover worth price of admission alone.

  • Brian SFebruary 8, 2019Reply

    Loved the orginal flick but the first sequel is my personal favorite. A bit more action and comedy in part 2. Just a great fun buddy cop movie!

  • William SFebruary 12, 2019Reply

    This movie makes you want to say “hell yeah”. Funny and smart, Lethal weapon 2 is a more than worthy sequel to the classic original.

  • Caleb EFebruary 12, 2019Reply

    He might be getting too old for this stuff but Murtaugh is still out here kicking South African butt.

    I love the Lethal Weapon franchise, and while this particular sequel isn’t my favorite it still holds true to the series. The teamwork of Riggs and Murtaugh really starts to stride in this movie, in the first there was that tension that really made their relationship interesting, but in this sequel, you see their relationship really start to mold and take shape.

    The toilet scene is CLASSIC and who could ever forget “Diplomatic Immunity!”? Great movie.

  • AnonymousApril 3, 2019Reply

    As a sequel, Lethal Weapon 2 maintains the quality of the series. More fun than the first, more action, more explosions and joining Gibson and Glover now we have Joe Pesci. However the balance between humor, action and romance throughout the film is not achieved which sometimes undermines the pace of the film.

  • Dylan KApril 17, 2019Reply

    An entertaining 80’s action flick, but it’s barely an action flick. The first two acts of the movie are very comedic and can be thin in terms of plot. Also it uses a lot of artistic licenses, for example the villain wouldn’t be allowed to use his status as a diplomat to commit crimes out in the open as that would have his position removed. Despite it’s flaws Lethal Weapon 2 is an entertaining movie with an explosive third act.

  • Charlie SApril 27, 2019Reply

    I think this one is much better than the first, having better action sequences and characters. The story is a little better but I still got confused towards the end. I try not to think about too hard because it’s not one of those “artsy” movies but with the story, you kind of have to so you get a better understanding of the story.

  • Jason NJuly 18, 2019Reply

    Same characters that seem to work well together on he big screen

  • Patrick HSeptember 30, 2019Reply

    With the budget higher then it’s previous installment. Lethal Weapon 2 offers the same style and fun as it’s predecessor but with a brand new look of impressive action sequences and chemistry with our main stars, bringing them more engaging then before and more fun to see on the big screen. A worthy sequel worth watching more then once~

  • Charles FNovember 4, 2019Reply

    The best film of the Lethal weapon series.

  • Kyle ENovember 13, 2019Reply

    Just as good as the first film

  • Hakimi MDecember 23, 2019Reply

    Generic Cop Action Movie, funnier than the original one.

  • Petros TFebruary 2, 2020Reply

    The humour factor is stronger in this, the first sequel of “Lethal Weapon”, partly thanks to an on-fire Joe Pesci, something that makes for a welcome variation in tone. Elsewhere, we are once again treated to an uneven mix of mostly solid action and rather simplistic writing.

  • Michael WMarch 1, 2020Reply

    This second installment of the Lethal Weapon series was really good. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover shine as Riggs and Murtaugh again. The plot to the movie was great, the action scenes were awesome, and there were some funny moments during the movie. It’s very entertaining and it will blow your mind. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out. It’s a must see.

  • Eric LApril 19, 2020Reply

    A great action flick that fills the shoes of its predecessor.

  • Sahil GApril 27, 2020Reply

    Not quite good as the first, and definitely some repeated jokes … this movie still stands as a solid buddy-cop movie and if you’re gonna watch the first, might as well also watch this to see Martin and Roger in action together!

  • Marc CMay 11, 2020Reply

    This is the best sequel to the original one. the classic action duo continue with the non stop action and wise cracking one liners that only an 80s movie could pull off. If you loved the first then you will love this one too. This is what made movies great. None of that CGI that takes away from what could be realistic.

  • Sotiris KMay 22, 2020Reply

    It could have been as fun as the first one if it wasn’t for the annoying Joe Pesci character.

  • Leigh PJune 3, 2020Reply

    A sequel that almost lives up to the bar set by the original. Ignore the social justice hammer and enjoy the addition of Leo Getz.

  • Diptanshu GJune 13, 2020Reply

    Pure Masterpiece it was full of fun and hilarious things and emotional touch to the duo it’s a perfect sequel it boosts every aspects into 2X .the acting was iconic the duo was legendary and there little feuds were hilarious and addition to Joe Pesci literally the trio was hell of a fun and another level entertaining,the story was amazing the whole gang against police,the situations in it was mind-blowingly amazing and intense the toilet bomb was awkwardly amazing and the whole deaths and cat’s and mouse game it really went extreme the deaths were disturbing and dark specially the loved one,the ending was emotional and great it was action packed and awesome,the whole movie is literally insane and fun and it’s literally the greatest cop thriller/comedy if not its a Masterpiece!

  • Liam DJune 27, 2020Reply

    A more action packed sequel this action comedy has more laughs and thrills.

  • Brandon NJuly 4, 2020Reply

    Somehow they managed to keep the film just as good as the first a lot of film franchises struggle to keep just as good as before.

  • Steve DJuly 11, 2020Reply

    About as good as the first and a bit more intense.

  • Garin MAugust 3, 2020Reply

    A fun sequel. Definitely watch

  • Sterlin RAugust 7, 2020Reply

    A very solid sequel that is almost as great as the original, and with the casting of Joe Pesci, it helps make this film a fun one to watch.

  • Daniel SSeptember 5, 2020Reply

    Yeah another lethal weapon movie to be impressed

  • Jonathan RSeptember 9, 2020Reply

    Not as good as the 1st one in my opinion…but some good on screen chemistry makes for entertaining fayre with humor too

  • George MOctober 31, 2020Reply

    6 bags, a dislocated shoulder, a station wagon that keeps getting messed up, and a funny and embarrassing commercial! LW2 is a great sequel like Aliens or T2 or Dark Knight or Ace Ventura 2 or Borat 2 or Child’s Play 2. This one ups the violence, it’s way more bloody than LW1 but not as bloody as the Passion ya know if you’re gonna rank MG movies in order of violence it will be a long day. I loved how Gibson is all “Tonight Roger, I’m not a cop.” I wish I could not be my job for a day, makes me jealous. The toilet bomb scene is also classic, and it’s a popcorn connection to another great sequel or two as Vasquez from Aliens is a Cop who dies here, and she died in Aliens (SPOILERS) and then Joe Pesci is here, and he’s in Home Alone 2! Loved that one. Again, this more is more proof how much of a stand up guy MG is-he really hates these apartheid South African guys and even laughs away at all the racial jokes they tell more than Glover. So yeah LW2 one of my favorite sequels.

  • Jake ENovember 4, 2020Reply

    Just as great as the first film. Though I am curious on what Shane Black’s version of this movie would have turned out, I still think Lethal Weapon 2 is perfect and it ought to be preserved as one of the greatest sequels of all time. Right up there with Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Empire Strikes Back, and Toy Story 2.

  • Cameron CNovember 18, 2020Reply

    Raises the stakes higher than in the first one.

  • Jacob BNovember 21, 2020Reply

    While I’m probably in a minority who think of it that way, which the two leads and director are a part of, I do think Lethal Weapon 2 is a sequel that’s even better than the first thanks to more fully-developed comedic chemistry, better jokes, the introduction of Joe Pesci’s character (though admittedly, YMMV when it comes to him) and good action sequences, even if they are a slight step down from those of the first film. There are some good stunts in one car chase so I’ll give the movie credit for that. Like its predecessor, Lethal Weapon 2 is an action-comedy classic.

  • Vlad MNovember 22, 2020Reply

    A bit more of the original’s action, but this time with some forced Joe Pesci comedy factor

  • Smith TJanuary 5, 2021Reply

    Just incredible how this movie was filmed, paced and directed. Not only are we thrown into the action literally as soon as the movie starts but it feels like it just never stops. Sure, there are moments of relief, and they are sometimes needed, but it feels as if Donner and Black knew that we the audience are watching this movie because we want to watch Mel, Danny and a whole lot of action. And they’re correct in that assumption.

    As for other things I liked: Mel and Danny are still amazing. I liked the villains more in this one then in the previous LW. Joe Pesci is f’n hilarious and a total WIN! And there are some lines of dialogue that are just bloomin FANTASTIC. Like DROP DEAD funny.

    I would have to say I liked this one better than the first one but it’s not by much. Both films are fantastic.

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