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Mansfield Park (1999)

Mansfield Park (1999)

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6.8 223 votes


what going on?


When spirited young woman, Fanny Price is sent away to live on the great country estate of her rich cousins, she’s meant to learn the ways of proper society. But while Fanny learns ‘their’ ways, she also enlightens them with a wit and sparkle all her own.

IMDb Rating 6.8 223 votes


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(150) comments

  • Heather EApril 20, 2008Reply

    More faithful to the book, but not nearly as good as the Patricia Rozema version.

  • Kelly KApril 22, 2008Reply

    This was a very good movie indeed. I loved the ending although it was a bit predictable. I know it was “back in the day” but I sure wished her love interest could have been someone other than her cousin who she grew up with.

  • Private UApril 23, 2008Reply

    Not really my cup of tea. It was rather cheesy in parts. Personally I didn’t like the fact that Fanny and Edmund were COUSINS… and they got married.

  • Karalene LApril 28, 2008Reply

    Not sure how I feel about this version yet.

  • Private UMay 1, 2008Reply

    Loved the book, not so much the movie.. Too many alterations of the plot, and great loss of details, especially regarding Fanny’s reflections and experiences.

  • Hilary DMay 1, 2008Reply

    Ok, not great, but it’s got James D’Arcy, what am I supposed to do? Besides I love the story.

  • Gerda PMay 6, 2008Reply

    I absolutely love it, especially the end.

  • hannah bMay 6, 2008Reply

    what a lovely film, billy piper aint bad at acting in this and blake ritson plays edward well. its a nice story about fanny (Piper) having to live with her aunt and uncle. lots goes on and she’s walked all over but soon ends up loving her cousin edward. its sweet and funny in parts, a nice jane austen story, its was made quite well. i’d love to read the book now to see more. worth seeing. a lovely film

  • Stephanie PMay 7, 2008Reply

    If you can get past the fact that she’s in love with her first cousin then its a cute love story. Not every well shot/edited either.

  • Linda AMay 10, 2008Reply

    Very Jane Austen ;o) Not my favourite Austen story though… Good acting performances, but not brilliant other that Ritson who is so well suited for his role as Edmond.

  • Cathryn DMay 12, 2008Reply

    Ok so it wasn’t horrible and Blake Ritson is absolutely a greek god!! But, when something is put on the big screen so beautifully with a perfectly good cast the first time, why remake it for the small screen?!

  • Private UMay 29, 2008Reply

    Really well done movie. The story line itself is not my favorite, a little flat. The setting and period of the movie is beautiful. It is hard to compare this to the well-known others like Sense and Sensibility an Pride and Prejudice. It is worth watching.

  • Kristine WJune 9, 2008Reply

    Movie was well done. I thought it stayed very faithful to the book but I feel like the story line was more alive in Jane Austen’s writing.

  • Private UJune 14, 2008Reply

    It is not bad, but compared to the older film, it is just nothing. And; Billie Piper is all wromg. She is not the Fanny Price type. The dresses are not right either.

  • Luciana !June 15, 2008Reply

    “We all have our best guides within us, if only we would listen.”
    -Fanny Price in Mansfield Park

    I like it 🙂

  • Debbie WJune 17, 2008Reply

    Not among my favourite Austen adaptations – somehow I found it hard to root for any of the characters. However, the music is lovely.

  • Katie DJune 18, 2008Reply

    I liked the actors who played Fanny & Edmund in the 1999 version much better, but overall this is a better adaptation & far less crude than the older film. The Crawfords are especially accurate here – so dubious!

  • Taija SJune 22, 2008Reply

    So romantic. I love Jane! 🙂

  • Sam NJune 22, 2008Reply

    Made me want to puke. I just couldn’t stand this movie haha, the sexual tension was there all the way through and everyone acted with such discretion! Cinematography was way too modern… it didn’t feel like something that was happening ages ago, it felt like something that was happening in the naughties.

    Interesting themes thoughout the movie though.

  • Angela MJune 22, 2008Reply

    Gotta love those soppy romantic endings!

  • Becky VJune 22, 2008Reply

    This was a good Austen movie. The ending was so cute. Loved it. I got to say that guy isn’t very good looking, but he still did a fantastic job with her.

  • Anna FJune 23, 2008Reply

    I thought this was a bad adaptation. I feel sorry for anyone that hadn’t read the book, they would have probably been confused as people seem to fall in love with each other without reason. The relationships between characters were not well developed in the film.

  • Private UJune 23, 2008Reply

    this is oficially my favorite movie EVER

  • Christine LJune 24, 2008Reply

    I didn’t particualry like this one better than the old adaptation – and doesn’t say much because I was impressed with the old one either.
    I didn’t really like any of the actors the picked.

  • Rachel CJune 26, 2008Reply

    I think if Billy Piper wasn’t the lead it may have been more ‘believable’. Everytime they showed her on screen I kept thinking ‘it’s Rose from Doctor Who!’

  • James CJune 29, 2008Reply

    Even having not read the book I could tell there was story missing. Still, I like Billie Piper and it told a good story.

  • Ted SJune 30, 2008Reply

    Not bad at all — despite my expectation that the ITV version would suffer by comparison with the 1983 BBC mini-series and the 1999 film.

    The casting here is eclectic, to say the least — Billie Piper fresh from her two seasons as Doctor Who’s companion, serial character actor/grimacer Douglas Hodge as Sir Thomas, even Bionic, Middlesexy Michelle Ryan as Maria.

    Yet somehow this all works, despite editing of the hedge-shear variety visited upon Austen’s novel. The casting of Blake Ritson as the tale’s moral center, Edmund, was a stroke of genius — he carries the story effortlessly.

    Similarly, Hayley Atwell and Joseph Beattie are terrific as the unspeakable Crawfords…

    Well worth renting!

  • Bradford GJuly 1, 2008Reply

    Pleasant enough but Billie Piper is jarringly miscast. Possibly the film is also too short as none but the primary characters and their inter-relationships are explained in any depth.

  • Amy PJuly 1, 2008Reply

    Well acted with gorgeous costuming & period setting !!! A beautiful film to look at that was, unfortunately, accompanied by a plain story & many characters whose motives remained unclear.

  • Jennifer BJuly 15, 2008Reply

    Because the movie is only 1.5 hrs long, it did a good job of adaptation of Jane Austen’s book. I liked it much better than the BBC version.

  • Private UJuly 18, 2008Reply

    I thought Fanny was too modern and I would have run off with Joseph Beattie as Mr. Crawford

  • Susie RJuly 23, 2008Reply

    A movie about a Jane Austen book– I was not clinging to the edge of my seat.

  • Private UJuly 25, 2008Reply

    Neinei. Kortversjon. Styr unna

  • **hayley**July 25, 2008Reply

    its a great movie and i love watching it over and over!

  • Ariana KJuly 27, 2008Reply

    This was a sweet to-the-point film, & I genuinely enjoyed it. I can say, I have yet to read the book, but these characters seem more Jane Austen style then those of the Hollywood version with Frances O’Connor. I absolutely loved Blake Ritson! Gorgeous! That was reason enough to see it! (No, I’m kidding!) Totally recommend it!

  • Claire AJuly 27, 2008Reply

    um….didn’t make me feel very much

  • Melissa LJuly 28, 2008Reply

    So sweet!!! loved it!!!

  • Mara JJuly 28, 2008Reply

    I had heard so many bad stories about this film. It was miscast, it had a lousy script and there was hardly any plot: I had to see for myself! Well, the critics were right. Especially the beginning was incredibly fast, too fast even, skipping so much. Then, Billie -who is a great actress- was in a different film to Mansfield Park I think, because she just didn’t fit in with the rest of the characters. For one: she was in a different costume (her hair? What were they thinking?) and for two: for a person who is supposed to be meek and plain, she didn’t look meek and plain.
    Of course, if you have never seen a different Mansfield Park or if you haven’t read the book, this film is really enjoyable and it definitely introduces you to the story. But in all other respects it was really a case of ‘leave well enough alone’.

  • Kimmie YJuly 29, 2008Reply

    So much better then the adaptation in 1999. Stays closer to the book. The actors had good chemistry. I really loved this =-)

  • Supuli HJuly 29, 2008Reply

    Its a moving adaptation of the Jane Austen novel.It revolves around fanny,A bright,spirited young woman,her discovery of family,friendship &love!!

  • Amanda WJuly 30, 2008Reply

    really enjoyed it even if the story line was a little slow. But sweet story.

  • Henry WAugust 8, 2008Reply

    I loved this! Full of passion, joy and an aspect of sadness. Fanny Price is the perfect heroin, kind, loving etc, and Billie Piper brings that to the characater wonderfully, and she is overall great in the role. Story told wonderfully, with a great ensemble of cast!

  • sage mAugust 12, 2008Reply

    Not fully accurate to the book but great cast and lovely sets. Piper was good with acting her role, once I got used to her teeth (sorry, but they were big and distracted me everytime she smiled, which is silly cos she actually has a nice smile), Steadman did great at acting the complete bitch, and Ritson was just perfect on his stealth but naive guy role. I’ll go check out the ’99 version when I have a chance…

  • Galuh TAugust 14, 2008Reply

    i think the cast was poor. but nevertheless, anything that comes out of jane austen’s books always fascinate me!

  • Marissa MAugust 20, 2008Reply

    My favorite version! It’s much more romantic than the one that came out in theatres.

  • Robin GAugust 22, 2008Reply

    Oh! Oh! *shaking head* Oh! I can’t believe that fool of an arrogant fool tried to convince the innocent cousin of the family and ended up having sex with her cousin. Oh! Oh! Oh! That man! Nevertheless, it’s a great Jane Austen movie! Maybe the book would be better!

  • aysan mAugust 28, 2008Reply

    just watched it this is well sweet

  • AnonymousAugust 29, 2008Reply

    Some people are terribly miss-cast. They’ve changed the character of Fanny completely from what Jane Austen wrote, and because she’s so out of character in some scenes it almost justifies Mrs Norris criticism of her. Whatever idiot wrote this and thought he could improve on Austen is sadly mistaken. Rushworth is too normal (Hugh Bonneville makes a BRILLIANT Mr Rushworthin the 1999 big-screen version), and Mrs Norris is meant to be much more severe. As an English major I studied this at varsity, had read it 5 times before that, and I have all three film versions. So I would know. Miss Crawford is wonderful. The only character who is at all believable. And while most of the characters are slightly or very wrong, and the plot violently butchered, it doesn’t violate the style and tone of Austen as grossly as the 1999 one. From all 3 you might be able to make one passable movie, but really they’re all rubbish.

  • Jennifer GAugust 30, 2008Reply

    I liked the other version better

  • Elizabeth RSeptember 2, 2008Reply

    this is a very good movie and I really enjoyed this version of the Jane Austen’s Novel by the same name.

  • Private USeptember 7, 2008Reply

    Not my favorite version of the book. But its Jane Austen, so it automatically gets three stars from me and the actress who played Fanny did a really good job, so it receives another half star.

  • Cath OSeptember 14, 2008Reply

    Billie Piper is hugely miscast in a badly misjudged version of Austen’s most subtle (aka boring!) novel. Spicing it up didn’t work at all.

  • rebecca lSeptember 14, 2008Reply

    i love Mansfield Park, but havnt seen this version…but i will one of hese days…..

  • Lisa SSeptember 24, 2008Reply

    I adored this version more so than the one that was out in the movies years ago. Billie Piper was fabulous and adorable.

  • Yasmin TOctober 1, 2008Reply

    I like their version of Mr. and Mrs. Bertram.

  • Cindy SOctober 2, 2008Reply

    Nice but the 1999 BBC version is way better

  • Melissa VOctober 16, 2008Reply

    This version is me favorite. I love Billy piper, she did a wonderful job of being Fanny Price. 😛

  • Sasha KOctober 17, 2008Reply

    I enjoyed the book.
    However the movie cannot be accounted for even ten percent of that enjoyment. I am very greatfull that I had a chance to read it before destroying the entire perception of the idea with this movie.
    As much as I have adored Edmund – loveliest character with a perfectly fitted actor, is precisely how much I detested, to the point of complete rejection, Fanny. She was the completely opposite of what I have imagined whilst reading the novel. Forgive my bluntness, but the girl in the movie looked like a horse, not of an elegant, graceful, charming young woman. Her uncivil running around, also much as some mad animal vexed me a great deal; mind that such behaviour was never mentioned in Jane Austen’s book. Lastly, she most certainly looked at least ten years older than her cousins – Maria and Julia, while she was supposed to be the youngest out of all of them. She possessed an unarguably rare character trait – modesty and selflessness – she has not once spoke back to her stupid aunt Norris. While in the movie, she made a uncivil, almost vulgar comment that disconnected me with the character forever.

    Yeah, so what i’m saying is that this movie ruined fanny for me. fugly horse. everytime i saw her face she reminded me of ugly betty URGH!!! how can ANYONE fall in love with such a beast?

  • Courtney_Calamity?October 26, 2008Reply

    It was good.My family found a very humorous part.Sweet movie

  • Matilda LOctober 26, 2008Reply

    Loved it ;D Billie Piper, according to me, portays Fanny in a very satisfying way. Another proof of the fact that a movie based on a Jane Austen novel can’t fail.

  • Laura MOctober 27, 2008Reply

    I luv all the jane Austen stuff 😀

  • Anastasia MOctober 28, 2008Reply

    Billie Piper made Fanny Price seem naive and of no opinion on any matter, the whole movie was boring and did not touch me.

  • Private UOctober 29, 2008Reply

    I enjoyed the movie but I was expecting more in the last scene.

  • Lars NNovember 4, 2008Reply

    Engelsk landliv og kaerlighedskvaler – typisk Jane Austen filmatisering. Er mere til BBCs fortolkninger

  • Leona SNovember 28, 2008Reply

    I liked it almost as much as the 1999 version.

  • Yara MDecember 5, 2008Reply

    I just cannot see the point of doing another movie bout Mansfield Park. the 1999 version was better than this one!!

  • Emily LDecember 9, 2008Reply

    Not the best adaptation, but not the worst either.

  • Ilsa WDecember 15, 2008Reply

    Reasonable adaption. Billie Piper was a likeable Fanny Price and the supporting cast were pretty good. Thought Edmund was a cuite too – I don’t blame her for falling for him!

  • Movie FDecember 18, 2008Reply

    I saw this movie on PBS a few months back, and while there are a few aspects to the film that are lacking and while it, like the other versions of this story, do not stay completely true to the original story-line, this is fun movie to put in and watch.

  • Sarah WDecember 19, 2008Reply

    Perfect Jane Austen. Loved every second of it!

  • Mata HDecember 28, 2008Reply

    It was very disappointing, especially because of the two leads. Billie Piper had nothing to work with and I’ve seen better work done by her, so I wouldn’t recommend it…

  • Lexie TDecember 29, 2008Reply

    I was very prepared to laugh at this version but overall it was well done. The charcters were more to Austens portrayal than other versions and all put in solid performances except Piper – she annoyed me no end…but Fanny Price is my least favourite Austen heroine…maybe that was why!

  • Cianna BDecember 30, 2008Reply

    Billie Piper was grest in this film. Loved it

  • Neslihan BJanuary 6, 2009Reply

    bir jane austen karakteri asla sari sacli ve kara kasli olmamalidir!

  • mikki -January 8, 2009Reply

    This is one of my faourite Austen stories and i much prefer this version to the Johnny Lee Miller one! Although some of the acting is rather rubbish, it captures more of the silent feelings and opinions of the characters much better than other versions and has been abriged and edited much better!

  • Wendy LJanuary 10, 2009Reply

    miscasting & too many changes to story per book. visually nice. Fanny’s hair is too short & why is it always down???

  • Kimberley SJanuary 11, 2009Reply

    Distracted by a certain set of eyebrows but very entertaining to watch.

  • Herman LJanuary 12, 2009Reply

    Sjoe maar die ou meisietjie kan vir jou pout en wroeg. Was heel aanvaarbaar maar ek het al beter Jane’s gesien. Des 2008.

  • Lu AJanuary 14, 2009Reply

    well done if not a bit short…but its a tv version so i kind of expected that…but really alot closer to a real adaptation of the novel than the theatrical version from 1998 was…i really liked the actors chosen also.

  • Matheus LJanuary 21, 2009Reply

    Não é uma versão muito boa, mas ainda é Jane Austen.

  • jane cirila cJanuary 29, 2009Reply

    the best of Austen’s work!!!

  • Terka SJanuary 30, 2009Reply

    Very nice movie.. but I like the old version better , it is closer to book than this new version.. but this one is also cute..:O)

  • Nikki AFebruary 1, 2009Reply

    Awful! Where’s the witty dialog that Jane Austen is famous for? This version was stripped beyond recognition.

  • Analecia GFebruary 2, 2009Reply

    “No real man dies of love but on the stage.”
    I like the ’99 version better.

  • Iva PFebruary 3, 2009Reply

    very ordinary, not so much faithfull to the novel, I prefer the 1999 version

  • Kristin AFebruary 3, 2009Reply

    Great movie to watch before you start reading the book!

  • Eva GFebruary 6, 2009Reply

    I like Jane Austen, so It was cute.
    Felt a bit rushed at times, but very sweet.

  • sue February 7, 2009Reply

    very well acted by billie piper

  • Frédéric BFebruary 16, 2009Reply

    Bonne adapation de la nouvelle de Jane Austen, mais il manque un petit “je ne sais quoi” qui en aurait fait une vraie reussite.

  • Lady of the Minnesota MountsFebruary 19, 2009Reply

    I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched it. I was happy she got Edmund, he is quite dashing. Yet, the whole Maria and Henry episode reminded me of Pride & Prejudice.

  • Althea MFebruary 28, 2009Reply

    Billie Piper rocks another period drama.

  • Caili BMarch 9, 2009Reply

    I still like the story, but I liked the 1999 version better. But I do love billie piper

  • Kristy PMarch 12, 2009Reply

    Good movie. I’m always a fan of the Jane Austen novels, and a new adaption of one of her works is always welcome!

  • Valerie PMarch 19, 2009Reply

    What a great version of this Austen classic!
    Overall the casting is just fantastic. Billie Piper makes a charming Fanny.
    I thoroughly recommend this period romp to any fan of the novel.

  • Private UMarch 29, 2009Reply

    This got really bad reviews on Netflix but I thought it was fun. The writers were smart and didn’t spend a lot of time on the long, boring drawn-out play business. Edmund was hotter than in other adaptations I’ve seen and there were lots of shots of the adorable pug.

  • Julie GApril 13, 2009Reply

    Lighter look of the classic. Even Tom’s illness is less traumatic than in previous films. Repressed Edmund has an uncharacteristic burst of energy.

  • Nilufer EMay 26, 2009Reply

    Everything seems like a classic Jane Austen movie but I don’t think Billie Piper is the girl for the role, she doesn’t fit.

  • Kara MJune 4, 2009Reply

    Cool remake of the classical

  • John GJune 4, 2009Reply

    A nice, light and fresh adaption of the Jane Austen classic. The tensions and pressures of the upper class romances can make for interesting viewing. I kept expecting Billie Piper to suddenly wizz away in the Tardis though! Ha, Ha.

  • Lorena GJune 5, 2009Reply

    I enjoyed the movie… Billie Piper is a wonderful Fanny Price! The movie was a little bit slow in parts and some of the witty dialogues were missing but overall a good movie!

  • Whitney GJune 20, 2009Reply

    I love this movie! I’m a big fan of Jane Austen and I loved this beautiful love story.

  • Samantha SJuly 4, 2009Reply

    I love Billie Piper. So I adored her as Fanny.
    It moved very very quickly. It would be best to already know the story or have seen other versions so you always knew what was going on. Very funny to watch Maria eye up Henry Crawford.
    Everyone seemed to have magic breasts that seem a bit impossible for correct period undergarments. But it was neat how the older women still wore fashions that would have been popular when they were younger.

  • Marj LJuly 8, 2009Reply

    Another wonderful Jane Austen.

  • Catofhope dJuly 10, 2009Reply


  • John AJuly 13, 2009Reply

    Television Film
    ITV1, March 2007

  • John BJuly 19, 2009Reply

    I liked the movie, the portrayal is good and worth watching!!!

  • Hilary SAugust 12, 2009Reply

    This adaptation was mediocre at best. While I liked Billie Piper’s and Blake Ritson’s performances, I felt most of the other actors’ were too stiff. What saved it for me was the very end; so adorable!

  • Heather MAugust 17, 2009Reply

    This was a little slow, but overall very well done. The cast was great and the scenery was amazing.

  • Natalie MSeptember 3, 2009Reply

    Cliche love story, but regardless, I still enjoy Jane Austen. Billie Piper seemed slightly awkward in this role. The sets were very well done, and the locations were beautiful.

  • Katrina LSeptember 6, 2009Reply

    So so wrong. Doesn’t even come close to the novel’s idea. Seriously? Billie Piper as Fanny?? Seriously???

  • Ting-Ting WSeptember 8, 2009Reply

    Abrupt ending. Girl friend said its sucky.

  • Matt MOctober 23, 2009Reply

    I like Mansfield Park, purely on its romantic elements and unlike others (some obivously jealous), I like Billie’s as an actor and I think she did well at making Fanny a rather ordinary person into something special and likeable. I love the scenes with Edmond and Fanny and only wish they had more. The sleezly Henry Crawford and bitchy Mary played the perfect antagonists. I did not really like the camera moving all the time, giving that sometimes annoying shaky look.

  • Sarah GOctober 28, 2009Reply

    Casting, acting, screenplay, character and relationship development were all lacking. The ending was horrid and thrown together rubbish-ly.

  • Louise SNovember 22, 2009Reply

    Not the best Austen adaptation, but not the worst either..

  • A JDecember 5, 2009Reply

    pleasantly surprised with billie’s acting abilities

  • Aiko FDecember 22, 2009Reply

    It’s okay :S Though the ending was quite hasty, probably should’ve finished the book before watching the movie though. The girl who portrayed the young Fanny Price was really cute, and does look like a younger version of Billie Piper, but compared to everyone else, Billie Piper doesn’t seem to fit into the period film.

  • meril lDecember 30, 2009Reply

    Worst Austen adaptation I’ve seen. Not only is Piper her usual unlikeable self, Fanny had next to no lines, and the plot moved along extremely awkwardly. How did Edmund fall in love with Mary? How did his feelings revert to Fanny so quickly? Why are all the other characters just as two-dimensional? I guess we’ll never know.

  • Eira LJanuary 22, 2010Reply

    A bad, bad version of Mansfield Park. It has barely anything to do with the book and some of my favourite plot points had been changed in favour of – well, I don’t even know what. The characters did not stay in character and the casting seems to have been done in a hurry. Gah. But, I did like Blake Ritson in this, and not all was horrible about this movie, so 2 stars it is.

  • Stefania PFebruary 1, 2010Reply

    I haven’t read the novel yet and this is my first approach to Mansfield Park: I liked the plot and the actor palying Edmund too. But I ‘d rather see someone else for the role of Fanny.

  • Pilar GFebruary 21, 2010Reply

    No es de las mejores adaptaciones de la BBC; floja, precipitada con omisiones importantes y cambios sin sentido respecto a la novela.

  • Omar AMarch 21, 2010Reply

    Medio pelo, las actuaciones, la fotografía, la música de telo era patética, no la recomiendo sino leyeron el libro!

  • Danielle UMarch 30, 2010Reply

    Not the best movie adaptation of the book. Watch the 1999 version instead of this one, the 1999 one is sooooo much better. But Blake Ritson was lovely in this version…that’s about the only good thing I have to say about it.

  • Jessie WApril 1, 2010Reply

    rating’ll probably (definitely) change after I read the novel, but overall I thought the film was pretty on par with Austen’s style. The conversion of the guy’s feelings was definitely not too subtle… And the girl’s protruding mouth reallyy bugged me.

  • Felicia SApril 22, 2010Reply

    Holy crap! They are cousins!! First cousins to boot…sick…I love Jane Austen but really!?!?’ cousins!

  • Stef April 26, 2010Reply

    While I probably prefer the 1999 adaptation starring Frances O’Connor, I won’t deny that Billie Piper also does an excellent job portraying Fanny Price in this version of Mansfield Park.

  • Meg SMay 31, 2010Reply

    ‘Edmund Bertram: Surely you and I are beyond speaking when words are clearly not enough.’
    ‘Henry Crawford: And what is your opinion, Miss Price? Fanny Price: I am sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Crawford, but I’m afraid I do not have a ready opinion. Henry Crawford: I suspect you are almost entirely composed of ready opinions not yet shared.’

  • Emma SJune 7, 2010Reply

    Billie’s way too sexy and fun for Fanny .

  • Zora LJuly 18, 2010Reply

    always adore Jane Austen’s characters!

  • Mina .October 15, 2010Reply

    Blake Ritson is becoming one of my favorites.

  • Irene ANovember 29, 2010Reply

    nothing extremely good, but being a huge fan of that eras, i still can’t say it was that bad…

  • Alex SDecember 1, 2010Reply

    This is my favourite version of Mansfield Park to date. I’ve seen the one starring Francis O’Connor, which is a little weird and a little creepy; this version has none of that. Although it’s only an hour and thirty minutes in length, the director got through the story at a good pace, not rushed, and well laid-out. Billie Piper makes a good Fanny Price, and Blake Ritson is an endearing Edmund Bertram. As a side note, I can’t get over how much he resembles Adrien Brody!

  • Jordan LDecember 6, 2010Reply

    I absolutely adored this movie! It was amazing and honestly I didnt have many high hopes for it after seeing the preview because the book was my least favorite. Overall it was great though.

  • Dannielle AJanuary 8, 2011Reply

    Ewww… she married her cousin!

  • Irene RApril 30, 2011Reply

    The more screen adaptations I watch, the more I realize how much of an image for each character I already have in my mind for having read the book first. In this case, I thought Miss Crawford and Edmund were well-portrayed, but the rest of the cast fell short of my expectations. Fanny’s dark eyebrows were distracting, and she was much more gay and lively than the timid and frail creature presented in the book. Mrs. Norris was not at all the selfish, bustling busybody and Fanny’s cruel oppressor that she was in the book, and she was actually rather reserved. Lady Bertram was improved upon nicely, but several characters were entirely omitted.

    The movie managed to stay very true to some scenes in the book while taking very great liberties with others. Fanny hardly seemed to be the second-class family member that was so central to her character in the book, and maybe because of that, the movie did not include her visit to her family (as it wasn’t necessary for this character’s development). The movie also did not include any charming childhood scenes, which set the tone in the book for Fanny and Edmund’s relationship. What was included was well-done, and the movie was well-paced.

    As for the final scene – I have to admit, I’m not sure what the point was of having Edmund and Fanny show off a new style of dance, nice as it was to watch.

  • Janice WMay 27, 2011Reply

    I liked it alright, but I liked the 1999 version much better

  • AN NAugust 10, 2011Reply

    Faithful to the original work. Story is not my favorite though …

  • Sally AMarch 19, 2012Reply

    This is a very bare bones adaptation of Mansfield Park which is in fact a fairly complicated tale. This is light and fluffy and quite entertaining but it’s not really Mansfield Park. Might be a good film for period drama enthusiasts (according to other reviews however, there are quite a few anachronisms) but not for Austen enthusiasts.

  • Kurt BMay 5, 2012Reply

    Most likely the worst Austin adaptation I’ve had the displeasure of watching.

  • Maruja DJune 27, 2012Reply

    I´ve seen it, its very close to the book than the version of 1998, I liked it

  • Tanya JJuly 7, 2012Reply

    I loved this adaptation. I think Billie especially played an honest and sincere part, and Blake was brill. I love the story (maybe even a little more than pride and prejudice, or an equal amount if not) and thought the adaptation was lovely for a summers evening!

  • Jenni BNovember 30, 2012Reply

    Because the movie is only 1.5 hrs long, it did a good job of adaptation of Jane Austen’s book. I liked it much better than the BBC version.

  • April VApril 22, 2014Reply

    So, I like Jane Austen and all, clearly, but this really just went flat with me. To be fair, I haven’t read this book, so I don’t know if it’s the plot or the way that it was handled that made it just so meh, so perhaps I’m judging too harshly. Now for the even harsher stuff. I did not like Billie Piper in this, and I’m a fan of hers, sort of. She had no spark at all, she was just sort of dull and phoned in, even. The directing was bad, but at least the costumes were pretty.

  • Laurie CApril 27, 2014Reply

    What were they thinking? Fanny Price is one of Jane Austen’s weakest (literally) heroines, but this Billie Piper’s Fanny is sly, bold and sexy: totally contrary to Austen’s intent, or to the context of the story.

  • Vessela DJuly 1, 2014Reply

    Sadly I didn’t like this movie much – the story was not interesting enough and I just couldn’t force myself to care for the characters…:(

  • Richard DSeptember 8, 2014Reply

    They should have at least tried to make the main character look as if she belongs to the time period.

  • RB SSeptember 17, 2014Reply

    Definitely entertaining for anyone who enjoys costume romances, but absolutely not Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. In point of fact, some Janeites might find themselves actively disliking this as the Fanny Price is galaxies away from the Fanny Price we know and love. Personally, I enjoyed it once I accepted that this wouldn’t be a truthful adaptation of the novel. Hayley Atwell is lovely & enchanting as Mary Crawford. Billie Piper is a likable Fanny and Blake Ritson a crushworthy Edmund.

  • James FDecember 2, 2014Reply

    I thought it was definitely a better movie than “Ernest Saves Christmas”, but I might be biased, since I’m a Billie Piper fan.

  • Frances HMay 17, 2016Reply

    A just okay version.

  • pj sNovember 2, 2016Reply

    I thought it was a delicious period romance although Billie Piper was all wrong.

  • Amy SNovember 23, 2019Reply

    I thought this movie could’ve been very good if it weren’t for the female lead actress. Horrible acting, sloppy hair, black roots, orange lips, black eyebrows, and her cleavage spilling out in every scene. She acted like an imbecilic flighty dimwit half the time and the other half the time she’s mumbling her lines well sinking her head into her chest. The other actors and actresses were all very well cast but I could not get past this girl. In my opinion she ruined the movie.

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