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Moana (2016)

Moana (2016)

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7.6 9042 votes


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In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain’s daughter’s island, she answers the Ocean’s call to seek out the demigod to set things right.

IMDb Rating 7.6 9,042 votes


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(150) comments

  • Nausheen AJanuary 27, 2019Reply

    I believe that this movieâ(TM)s way more suitable than Bad Moms.

  • AnonymousJanuary 28, 2019Reply

    Who the hell had the idea to let The Rock sing? Terrible idea. However, the rest of the movie is very well developed, the humor works and the storyline with women empowerment is well done. Shoutout the the crazy chicken that is, by far, the funniest thing in the movie.

  • Derek RJanuary 29, 2019Reply

    ‘Moana’ is another fun Disney princess tale. A classic premise, but nothing really new except for the Polynesian stories and legends incorporated.

  • Emilio JJanuary 29, 2019Reply

    A good, wholesome movie for the family. Songs and other minuscule details are not needed. However, Hawaiian and Polynesian stories and tales add to a somewhat folklore touch to the movie.

  • Stephen KFebruary 6, 2019Reply

    One of the best movies of all times! The very first time I saw it, I cried. Watching Baby Moana grow up into the woman she always was meant to be always shakes my spirit. Her self-discovery and limitlessness is all-around inspiring. This story reminds me of the hardships and trials one must overcome growing up in the rough, tough, hard, real world. I have added this movie to my collection. This movie will traverse through many lifetimes. Well over watching it 100 times, and it still jerks tears of joy, sadness, and triumph from my eyes. 100/100.

  • Yasser AFebruary 20, 2019Reply

    Visually mind-blowing at times. And lots of heart.

  • Alisha HFebruary 25, 2019Reply

    One of the best Disney movies ever produced

  • Will PFebruary 27, 2019Reply

    OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miguel GMarch 17, 2019Reply

    Has great humanity and consistent humor which is a nice differentiation from other Disney movies

  • Tyler SMarch 18, 2019Reply

    Given the quality of material Disney has made before, this was an overall disappointment. It is not a bad film at all though. The animation is beautiful, the performances are strong, and kids would love listening to “How Far I’ll Go”. Unfortunately, the story is filled with plot holes. The main characters don’t really have a distinctive friendship or anything remotely similar in feeling or background. There is also a severe lack of emotional depth which felt like it was thrown in their on purpose. Overall its fine, but it won’t leave you amazed.

  • Christophe HMarch 21, 2019Reply

    Best movie ever for sure

  • Jason CMarch 22, 2019Reply

    Moana is another Disney Classic. It can bring both Kids and Adults to tears and/or laugh their ass off. The quality of the cgi is amazing. DAT LOOK GOOD!

  • Wyatt HMarch 24, 2019Reply

    A lovely story, a great voice cast, and the incredible animation is astonishing. While the “Shiny” number was a tad bit annoying, there was no denying that this is another great Disney.

  • Daria PMarch 26, 2019Reply

    The art was absolutely beautiful – the sea especially so. But the story was lacking, in that we know from the beginning who she will become – there isn’t really a question. So we are merely following someone’s journey rather than actually experiencing it. Otherwise, it was a rather nice cartoon.

  • AnonymousMarch 26, 2019Reply

    I loved this because you saw the character development and she didn’t have any hidden superpowers to save the day. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Favorite princess. And favorite chicken.

  • Salman FMarch 29, 2019Reply

    More than that, Moana successfully became a Disney inspiring character and did not feel typical of other princess characters. Here, Moana is not Mary Sue or anything because she has parents and home. However, she went to sea to find her true identity, seek experience, and become an adult. In the end, this is a film that uses an oldskool theme that feels fresh.

  • Brady DApril 7, 2019Reply

    Its amazing that this movie is a thing. Not only is it one of the best Disney films ever and even ranks up there with the 90s 2D animated ones (in my opinion), it proves that even after all this time of 7/10 fairy tale movies like Frozen and blatant cash grabs like Ralph Breaks the Internet, Disney still has the ability to make original works of art. Honestly, I’ve got nothing bad to say about this movie. It is a 2 hour long thrill with two of the best characters in Disney, Jaw-dropping visuals with both how well done the animation is and just how colorful the world they’ve built is, Some of the best songs in Disney animation history, and an amazing story surrounding an extremely interesting culture that is lovable all the way through. An easy 10/10 from me.

  • Paul SApril 12, 2019Reply

    The latest disney movie is Full of beauty and fun

  • Serena dApril 13, 2019Reply

    Once again Disney brought us a beautifully created and fun movie. Full of love, jokes and inspiring characters. I enjoyed it as much as I basically enjoy every Disney movie. I always like seeing how “realistic” and even more beautiful they make their newest movies, there is always improvement. It was fun to see something from a different culture. I don’t think there are a lot of people who know about Hawaii and all it’s myths and hero’s (Not sure if Maui is a real thing over there, but would be cool if he is). Got a bit confused about the name of the movie though. The internet told me that there’s a reason why “Moana” is called “Vaiana” over here, but I didn’t really understand it. I like both names so I’m not complaining, but I must say, it’s a wee bit confusing.

    The music for Moana was great. I know Lin-Manuel Miranda was a part of the music team, and although I felt like some songs resembled some Hamilton songs, I adored it nonetheless. I really recommend this movie, to grownups as much as kids. There are a few scary-ish parts in there (some people had to leave the theater with their kids because they found it rather scary), but a part from that it is absolutely wonderful.

  • Josh TApril 20, 2019Reply

    This Is The Best Disney Princess Movie, Although Rapunzel from Tangled is My Favorite Disney Princess Character. Moana Is My Favorite Disney Princess Movie.

  • Beto GApril 25, 2019Reply

    The Little Mermaid minus a compelling villain, good songs, and reasonable motivations.

  • AnonymousMay 10, 2019Reply

    Moana is an all time Disney classic. I was blown away by the visuals and how much I actually enjoyed it.

  • AnonymousMay 18, 2019Reply

    Moana’s a typical Pixar fare with nothing truly fresh. I just went along with the ocean and beautiful visuals that pulled me to the end. I ended up a little annoyed by the numerous songs that were overboard!

  • Quinto SMay 20, 2019Reply

    Moana is a teenager that lives in an island named Motonui, and she is Motonui´s princess, but she wants to go beyond the reefs, and her father doesen´t want her to do this, he wants her to be the queen. It´s moving to see Moana´s love for the sea, and how she tries to go to the ocean.
    She´s a very different type of princess, because she don´t lives in a far far away kingdom, and doesn´t have a prince, it´s just her, a pig, a rooster and a demi-god!

  • Luke SMay 26, 2019Reply

    Great movie with great characters. Would have been a 4 star if it weren’t for the Shiny musical number, that part was epic.

  • Jaxen HJune 20, 2019Reply


  • zara aJuly 1, 2019Reply

    i liked the songs in moana

  • Gabriel DJuly 8, 2019Reply

    Disney sets our sails and sends us out to sea on this beautifully animated and humorous journey with unforgettable portrayals by Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson!

  • CharleneJuly 10, 2019Reply

    Very enjoyable movie. The Loft Theater, Tucson, AZ provided props to be used during the sing along show.

  • AnonymousJuly 10, 2019Reply

    This movie was absolutely amazing I absolutely loved it I definitely recommend it this film obviously gets an A

  • Parker BJuly 10, 2019Reply

    Visually stunning great story Disney at it’s best

  • Maddy VJuly 17, 2019Reply

    A movie that every person should watch. It was entertaining for all ages and has a poignant message of courage and compassion. The animation was breathtaking in its realism while keeping the Disney magic. The musical score tied the whole film together with a radiant bliss. Excellent!

  • Jason NJuly 17, 2019Reply

    I had a great time watching this. Its beautifully done.

  • Tarha SJuly 22, 2019Reply

    Hands down my favorite Disney movie…ever! I say this as a 30 something year old! Beautiful story, absolutely stunning visuals, and magical music!

  • Lucas VJuly 23, 2019Reply

    The best animation out of any Disney movie

  • AnonymousAugust 1, 2019Reply

    Absolutely beautiful

  • gianmarco RAugust 4, 2019Reply

    classic Disney cartoon with many songs where the protagonist grows up and gets to know each other throughout the film, are very nice cartoons with this iposition but in my opinion lack originality

  • christopher pAugust 8, 2019Reply

    finally got round to watching this i love disney and i love Hamilton and in the heights so hearing that lin was writing the songs for this made me want to watch it even more great voice acting all round and it proves that Disney can still make great movies

  • Steven BAugust 17, 2019Reply

    Brilliant movie. I recommend it to anyone with a soul.

  • Stephen HAugust 18, 2019Reply

    Loved this. Funny and great songs. Maybe the best Disney film?

  • Alfredo MAugust 20, 2019Reply

    Enjoyable for your little girls and boys

  • Marianne QAugust 25, 2019Reply

    Beautiful movie! When I listen to the songs, I listen to Moana’s Polynesian music! They’re enriching! They tell the story of Moana’s people on top of a lavishing island-setting! Love the characters! Maui is hilarious, but as a deuteragonist, he brings the whole movie in cohesion with the plot!

  • Joselyn JAugust 26, 2019Reply

    my daughters favorite movie!

  • Youri VAugust 26, 2019Reply

    My favorite disney movie i love the music in this movie and its kinda dark sometimes and sometimes i can feel a little romance at the ending.. this movie just has everything also alot of action

  • Ale GSeptember 5, 2019Reply

    Moana is a Disney´s animation movie released in 2016. It was directed by Musker and Clements, they with a team made an investigation trip to Polynesian Islands creating after the first Polynesian Disney´s princess. The story starts with a legend that says the God Te fiti fell into a deep dream becoming an isle and the demigod Maui stole her heart. Thousand years after, a 16 years old girl named Moana goes to a sail mission to save the isle´s heart and stop the progressive death of the town.
    In my opinion, this a movie that everyone should watch because of the animation effects and the great lesson it gives about nature care, family respect and the courage to do something. You also can learn about the culture of these islands, traveling so far through the screen. I recommend it to everyone, you can watch it alone, with friends, your children or family.

  • DerekSeptember 6, 2019Reply

    it’s so much better than your traditional Disney movie. there’s no love story or Prince charming. It’s a story about belief in one’s self and perseverance I’m the face of adversity.

  • LaLaSeptember 7, 2019Reply

    The movie was great. The music and all the of the characters were awesome!!! Would come back and see it again and again!!

  • Mrs. JSeptember 7, 2019Reply

    loved everything about it!

  • DallintaSeptember 7, 2019Reply

    Moana has a wonderful storyline. Definitely worth seeing!!

  • RalphSeptember 7, 2019Reply

    My grand daughter loves the movie singing all the songs with the movie

  • David DSeptember 8, 2019Reply

    Great movie. I don’t think the previews were children rated.

  • RoseSeptember 8, 2019Reply

    The brave little girl saves her people’s island. Really a good movie. Singing was awesome.

  • ChelseaSeptember 9, 2019Reply

    Great for parents and kids!

  • Kathy MSeptember 9, 2019Reply

    Love this movie….love the story and the songs!!! Thanks for bringing it back.

  • Zachary KallerSeptember 10, 2019Reply

    Great classic movie! Loved seeing it for only 6 in the theater!

  • AndreaSeptember 10, 2019Reply

    I love Moana and to rewatch it on the big screen was fantastic. Thanks Marcus Theater.

  • AnonymousSeptember 14, 2019Reply

    ‪The perfect adventure film for kids and adults alike.‬

  • Sam WSeptember 22, 2019Reply

    A superb Disney animation with a strong story, great songs and plenty of good jokes. Colourful and imaginative in its wonderful cultural setting with a great cast of characters, it has enough self-awareness to keep things relevant whilst still maintaining the traditional Disney format. A bit repetitive in the songs and moral messages, but otherwise great.

  • Jimmy RSeptember 24, 2019Reply

    This was 5 times better than frozen.Maybe because it had hawaiian culture it didn’t draw people to the box office.The songs are absolutely brilliant and the story is well told.

  • Toby HOctober 3, 2019Reply

    ‪Moana is one of Disney’s best films in recent years. Great songs, gorgeous landscapes and laughs for both adults and children. Not your average princess movie – no love interest needed. Time to escape to the islands! ‬

  • Gregory HOctober 3, 2019Reply

    With pleasurable characters, a solid story and–above all else–seamless and awe-inspiring animation, Moana cements itself among Disney’s animated classic blockbusters as a force to be reckoned with.

  • Parker FOctober 7, 2019Reply

    The Rock in a Disney princess movie? What’s not to like? Moana has great animation, characters, songs, and admittedly a cliche story we have all seen. 8/10

  • Noriko IOctober 19, 2019Reply

    beautiful CGI! the ocean is awesome. i llke tamatoa. i watched his scene again and again. i usually hate dubbed ver, but i have to watch japanese dubbed ver not only English original ver because tamatoa is played by my favorite singer. i like the funny mad max scene, too.

  • Jared FOctober 29, 2019Reply

    This is a great movie with great songs and the animation is really good.

  • Daniel MNovember 6, 2019Reply

    Pretty awesome

    Extra characters for minimum

  • AnonymousNovember 13, 2019Reply

    the music is really good

  • Sheila SNovember 19, 2019Reply

    This is definitely in my top three favorite Disney movies of all time. The characters are very likeable and the music couldn’t have been any better! Lots of earworms in this one thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda. It tells a great story and Moana keeps you laughing and on your seat throughout her entire Adventure. And of course you know there’s The Rock. Who doesn’t love that guy? I can watch this movie over and over again.

  • Garrett RDecember 1, 2019Reply

    Ehh yea ok Moana is fine. After coming off a hot streak of movies like “Princess and the Frog”, “Tangled”, and “Frozen” it’s unfortunate to see Disney deliver something so dull. The plot is thin in Moana, the movie just presents so many questions from start to finish and sadly they never get answered. Why did the water choose moana, why can’t the water just bring moana to the destination. I’m sure those are nit picky but my point still stands, moana is just a bunch of scenes connected by a thin plot. The movie also doesn’t have any stand out characters, Moana herself goes through no character change the entire movie so she kinda feels stale. It feels like this is a sequel and we missed moanas character growth from a different film/time. Maui is just annoying and is so rushed to develop at the end of the film that it makes it hard to believe he’s really changed. I wish we saw more of his change rather then it happening off screen or being told it happened. On the bright side the animation is stunning. This film is packed with fluid movements and terrific water cg. And the character designs are fantastic as well. The music is great too but is very forgettable in my opinion.

  • Hana NDecember 1, 2019Reply

    The movie is great, however the climax is quickly resolved as moana takes almost no time to realize that Tekka is Teffity.

  • dalila aDecember 6, 2019Reply

    this movie is different from a lot of Disney movies. it shows a very different type of princess. this princess does not follow the social norms that one would expect when it comes to a princess. she does not have a gown dress, perfect hair or crystal shoes, instead, the whole movie focuses on projecting her love for her family, and what she is willing to do to save her people. it shows her independents and her intelligence. it also shows how the filmmakers stepped away from traditional family values when the father decided to make Moana the next leader of their tribe​ when usually it was meant to be a boy.

  • Jessica BDecember 11, 2019Reply

    Personally, I have always found Moana very overrated it’s not a bad movie it’s actually really good I just don’t think it’s as amazing as so many people say. I love Moana as a character and Maui is hilarious. the animation is stunning and overall the story is done well I just felt it dragged a lot of times throughout and I wasn’t the biggest fan of the plot twist I also though the song she sings right after it was a bit out of place though it made for a beautiful scene. the songs are catchy and memorable enough overall Moana is a decent film and a good choice for family movie night.

  • Tony CDecember 14, 2019Reply

    Not bad of a film The Rock was very funny in this film. But unfortunately it’s not on the level of Tangled and Frozen in my opinion still I will recommend it for others.

  • Insta. MDecember 18, 2019Reply

    This was an absolutely beautiful story, one of the best Disney has produced in recent history. The lead character is fantastically written as a brave and adventurous hero with hilarious support provided by Dwayne Johnson’s Maui. The voice performances overall are perfect for what this movie is.

    The music is exceptional, capturing the atmosphere of its surroundings whilst also emoting the feelings of the story. It’s fantastically well-handled, avoiding the heavy handedness that has come in the past. It’s funny, emotional and absolutely classic Disney.

    Disney know how to create a heroic princess. If this film they’ve achieved that and much more. We look forward to a sequel.

  • Jackson TDecember 20, 2019Reply

    Awesome animation and a touching narrative makes this Disney movie less cliched and more unique.

  • jerome sDecember 20, 2019Reply

    This is now my favorite disney film

  • Jeff TDecember 23, 2019Reply

    It is a great movie. Only movie I can watch over and over again

  • AnonymousDecember 26, 2019Reply

    Didn’t like as much as some, but solid.

  • taylor dDecember 30, 2019Reply

    A great movie with a beautiful story, great singing and astonishing animations.

  • Liam ADecember 31, 2019Reply

    Good storyline… great songs along with fun action and comedy

  • Aubrey RDecember 31, 2019Reply

    I’ve watched this movie so many times already and it never gets old! Love it!

  • Daniele BJanuary 2, 2020Reply

    The Best Disney of the last 15 years.

  • Mai NJanuary 14, 2020Reply

    Superb music and lovely characters.

  • Anna XJanuary 20, 2020Reply

    My issue with this movie is the message that it sends. Throughout the whole trip, Moana was unceasingly helped by others. It was to the point that Moana didn’t actually do ANYTHING, but the ocean would knock her and force her into situations so she could be the hero. In the real world, you’re not forced to be successful… you have to work hard yourself. While this is just a kid’s movie, the overarching message that oceans will be split, literally, for you to succeed is so completely false and worthless. I would have liked the first Disney princess without a “prince” to be a little more independent and admirable. That being said, the soundtrack was great, earning my two stars.

  • Ryan BJanuary 26, 2020Reply

    I love the songs in this movie.

  • Trent MJanuary 30, 2020Reply

    Moana is a very sceneic animated movie about a girl saving her island for a plague that is overtaking it. A great movie with a surprise ending that I did not see coming but was amazing. I do believe they used the same beat on a song or two and just changed words which showed a lack of creativity.

  • Zack DFebruary 3, 2020Reply

    Very few movies become instant classics, fortunately for us, Disney and Pixar are great at making instant classics. ( on the animations side of things) This movie is great for watching again, and again, and again. Also, the soundtrack is amazing and even includes The Rock singing!

  • Smith TFebruary 20, 2020Reply

    It’s as annoying as it is beautiful.

  • ANDREY AFebruary 26, 2020Reply

    Visually beautiful and with a great direction by Ron Clements and John Musker, an excellent script by Jared Bush, a creative and exciting story by Chris Williams, Don Hall, Pamela Ribon, Aaron and Jordan Kandell, Clements and Musker, a spectacular voice cast, a memorable soundtrack from Mark Mancina, who brings unforgettable songs, such as “How Far I’ll Go”, made by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i and Mancina and charismatic characters, Moana escapes the cliches of princesses and shows itself as one of the best Disney animated films and of all time

  • Cody MFebruary 26, 2020Reply

    A brilliant and heartwarming adventure, combined with the direction, screenplay, vocal performances, score, songs, cinematography, editing, action sequences and animation, Moana is for anyone and everyone!!!

  • Yonatan MMarch 1, 2020Reply

    A masterpiece, my favorite

  • Xiao SMarch 3, 2020Reply

    (7.0)I don’t think that is better than Frozen…

  • Joshua KMarch 19, 2020Reply

    A fun adventure with some familiar beats that are overshadowed by the interesting characters.

  • Garin MMarch 25, 2020Reply

    Moana is a magical musical…

  • Lisa SMarch 25, 2020Reply

    So funny So action packed from beginning to endI Lust those actor

  • Caleb BMarch 27, 2020Reply

    Solid storytelling and great family fun!

  • Diptanshu GMarch 29, 2020Reply

    beautiful adventures amazing Journey that ill never forgot visuals are amazing a must watch!

  • Sam DMarch 29, 2020Reply

    Not my favourite Disney film, but some good songs, an obvious, but…

    Tomatoa baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney KApril 12, 2020Reply

    fantastic. the music in this film is beyond great; loved the Polynesian culture it portrayed. definitely a winner.

  • Magnus JApril 15, 2020Reply

    It’s good My fav Disney movie.

  • Joel UApril 15, 2020Reply

    With a title character as three-dimensional as its lush animation and a story that adds fresh depth to Disney’s time-tested formula, Moana is truly a family-friendly adventure for the ages.

  • Jack HApril 18, 2020Reply

    A culturally respectful and happily lighthearted adventure for all those who venture out this spiritual Disney movie.

  • AnonymousApril 24, 2020Reply

    I really love this movie. I love the songs and the characters. I can’t believe some people believe Frozen 1 and 2 are better than this.

  • Hayley SApril 24, 2020Reply

    I love this film – I resisted watching it but as I now have a three year old I couldn’t avoid it any more and actually it’s brilliant. So great to see a Disney film with a strong female lead and zero love interest story lines 👏🏼

  • Sarath BApril 28, 2020Reply

    Moana is a typical Pixar fare with nothing truly fresh. I just went along with the ocean and beautiful visuals that pulled me to the end. I ended up a little annoyed by the numerous songs that were overboard!

  • Matthew DMay 5, 2020Reply

    A generic offering from Disney.

    Ron Clements and John Musker’s animated family adventure Moana (2016) is not particularly memorable nor original, but it is a fun journey for an unusual Disney princess named Moana. Moana takes a lot of things from previous Disney features. The big inspiring anthem from Frozen as well as the journey of self discovery. The talking tattoos feel like the singing hieroglyphics from Hercules as well as the demi-gods. Finally, the heroine’s dreams of what else is out in the world as well as all the aquatic ideas feel straight out of The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately, Moana doesn’t compare to Clements and Musker’s The Little Mermaid or Hercules, and certainly doesn’t match Frozen’s modern craftsmanship. Moana is as generic and basically enjoyable as Disney gets.

    Ron Clements and John Musker are as legendary as animation directors get, having helmed The Great Mouse Detective, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Treasure Planet, and The Princess and the Frog. So I had high hopes for Moana, but I don’t think Moana is as charming or memorable as any of their previous films. Moana is pretty with stunning water computer animation and hair graphics. They must have spent forever perfecting all the water’s clarity and motion like the hair physics. However, the character designs are really blocky and ugly with most of the characters looking too similar. They don’t really stand out that much. I wish they had the animators work more one the people instead of just the beautiful backgrounds.

    Clements and Musker’s writing is normally unforgettable and pithy with deep characters. Everything in Moana is generic and lackluster. The jokes are very immature and childish with too many contemporary references that made me cringe. The story is so by the books with a neat Hawaiian twist of flavor, but even that felt in the background. Jeff Draheim’s normally tight editing could have trimmed some of the slower parts like Moana’s grandmother visiting her again on the ocean. Moana is 107 minutes long, but feels longer despite the rushed story to get to a fairly simplistic ending like something right out of Princess Mononoke.

    Mark Mancina’s score is truly gorgeous with lush symphonic swells and sweet ukulele instrumentation. “How Far I’ll Go” is Moana’s theme much like “Let It Go” was to Elsa in Frozen. Although the film’s version is lovely, I prefer Alessia Cara’s innocent sounding version during the credits. Even the main song in Moana feels like it’s copying Frozen in Disney’s desperate contrivance for more money.

    In all, Moana has entertaining moments, pretty music, and looks great in the background, but that’s all.

  • Joel SMay 7, 2020Reply

    Amazing movie to enjoy with children and adults of all ages, with a heartwarming story of courage and perseverance.

  • SHAWN SMay 8, 2020Reply

    Perfect Character for “The Rock” Great For All ages!

  • Gina GMay 11, 2020Reply

    The soundtrack wasn’t up to the mark of Disney plus it was drawn out and sometimes slow.

  • Daniel OMay 22, 2020Reply

    I don’t think it’ll stand the test of time, but it was still very fun, light-hearted, beautiful animated, and has a great soundtrack.

  • Mr. AMay 27, 2020Reply

    # stars alone go to the brilliance of Shiny. Th other star goes to the lush animation, great jokes, and 3D characters

  • Leslie AMay 28, 2020Reply

    I loved it!
    The message that this movie gives to children more specifically for girls, is inspiring. The courage and determination that the protagonist has in the movie inspires you to not quit and to keep going wherever your heart takes you. Disney is known for doing amazing movies, and this one is not the exception.
    This movie is full of energy, and all its songs perfectly complement the film.
    And last but not least, I think the animation is quite good, every detail of clothing and landscapes is amazing.
    This movie will make you laugh, cry, and love all the characters involved.
    Totally recommend it to watch it with all the family!

  • Kerri CJune 7, 2020Reply

    I love this movie! Its heartfelt, heartbreaking, funny, moving, and inspiring. Moana KNOWS she’s been called by the ocean and persists in finding out why.

  • David BJune 20, 2020Reply

    Can’t believe I’m just seeing this for the first time! And so relevant today!

  • Samuel LJune 21, 2020Reply

    Good to see Disney break away from their generic western princess genre and try something more unique. Moana is an enjoyable animated picture but at times things felt too weird such as the sparkly crab in some sort of separate dimension and the pirate coconuts. A few of the songs were great like ‘You’re Welcome’ but overall Moana is not the strongest musically – the shiny crab song was horrible. I wasn’t a big fan of the magical water and everything because it felt ridiculous and designed for kids, but the plot was borderline acceptable. I’d say the film lost its way in the middle. A lot of the action wasn’t great there such as the pirates and crab scenes, but the beginning and ending portions were significantly better. Great voice acting, fantastic animation as always besides some bizarre stuff in the crab scene, and reasonable writing. The story and action sequences are what let it down but a kid won’t probably won’t notice those issues.

  • Jaidyn PJuly 4, 2020Reply

    I hate the stupid annoying chicken; they underuse the adorable pig. There’s a Twitter joke and a pork joke that fail. Tim Curry obviously should have voiced the crab. And Alessia Cara’s cover in the end credits sucks. But Moana satisfies thanks to wonderful animation and memorable songs. I like that Moana didn’t have a love interest. I loved her quirky grandmother. And the reveal in the final act surprised me.

  • Rodrigo FJuly 4, 2020Reply

    This Movie is an example that Disney still can give to us a wonderfull, funny, and emotional film, even with the time, the duo Moana, Maui, is perfect and the songs make Moana a perfect movie that everyone can enjoy

  • kostis BJuly 7, 2020Reply

    I really liked the movie . Only the end I didn’t like . It did not make that much sense .

  • Andrew SJuly 8, 2020Reply

    Very good clean fun in this movie. OBVIOUSLY made for kids and for them this movie is knock out.

  • Nawaf AJuly 17, 2020Reply

    Moana is one of the best princess movies Disney has made! It has great characters! Even Tamatoa who had 6 minutes of screen time is a great character (With a great song!) Moana also has by far one of the best soundtracks in animation history! Story Wise Moana’s Story is too complicated, but the film does a great job explaining it, and I believe they killed Moana’s Grandmother Too early for viewers to get too attached to the character, but overall Moana Is A Great Movie and every minute of it is worth watching!

  • Doom GJuly 27, 2020Reply

    This is amazing. Moana captures everything you would want in an animated movie. It has great animation. It has great and I mean GREAT music. Awesome fight scenes. Heart. And a whole lot of jokes. While I usually don’t like kids movies this and Inside Out are some of the best I have seen. The main characters are likable and not annoying. You really have to see this movie. It’s so good!

  • Roque SAugust 5, 2020Reply

    La manera en la que Disney reinventa su fórmula constantemente para seguir inspirando y sorprendiendo generación tras generación es increíble. En éste caso tomaron un riesgo controlado, pusieron a una joven Hawaiiana llamada Auli’i Cravalho junto a un gigante de Hollywood,
    Dwayne “The rock”Johnson. La historia es muy importante para éstos tiempos. Moana no es la típica adolescente débil que necesita ser salvada por el hombre, es una joven que busca ser la líder de su pueblo. Toma decisiones y se sobrepone a cada obstáculo al que se enfrenta, ya sea éste terrenal o espiritual.
    La música es genial y cada canción tiene ése estilo de obra de teatro (quizás por la participación de Lin-Manuel Miranda) que le da un matiz muy hermoso. La animación es simplemente increíble. Muy divertida y con más que ofrecer que simple entretenimiento.

  • Samuel CAugust 9, 2020Reply

    Moana was A great Disney movie for the whole family with The Rock in it 9/10 good movie

  • Dalton TAugust 25, 2020Reply

    Now 1st Off, I Watched It Last Night & Finished It Today. Now Then, Today’s Viewing: Disney’s “Moana”. There Has Been Debate As To Which Disney Flick Was Better: “Tangled” (2010) Or “Frozen” (2013). Well, Now We Can Add “Moana” To The Mix. Unlike The Other 2 Films, This Movie Takes Place In A Tropical Environment & Has A Lot More To Offer.

    Now, The Animation Is 100% Top-Notch, The Environment Of The Movie Is Gorgeous, The Characters Are Good, The Songs Are Hummably Fun, & A Lot Of The Creatures Look Marvelous! But The Story Of The Film Itself.. Is Pretty Much A Story I’ve Seen & Heard In Disney Animated Films Over & Over Again. And It Makes Sense, Seeing This Story In A Film Like This Starts To Get Tiringly Clichéd: The Titular Character Moana, Voiced By The Beautiful Auli’i Cravalho, Has To Stay In Place But Yearns For More, Listens To Her Heart, Etc.

    As For The Comedy, It’s Alright. It Just Needs More Laughs, I Think. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson As Maui Is Savagely Funny But It Seems A Little Grating Seeing How Everything Is Maui’s Wrongdoing. Also, Some Things Don’t Make Sense; Why Do Maui’s Tatoos Come To Life? What’s The Backstory To Those Killer Coconut-Tiki-Lookin’-Ass Bastards? Why Do We Have To Put Up With THAT Retarded Chicken?! D’oh! However, Compared To Disney’s Past Films, “Moana” Tried To Add Some New Changes, Which Is Refreshing, Indeed. For Example, Moana & Maui Are Not In Love. It Wouldn’t Make Sense If So. And Moana Is Actually Not Much A Princess, She’s A Daughter To A Chief. But That Won’t Stop Her From Joining That Club.

    So, Overall, Disney’s “Moana” Is A Good Movie. Even Though Some Clichés Might Be Done To Death, & The Film Could’ve Used More Comedy & Surprises & Maybe A New, Original Story, This Movie Sets On A Standard Level Of Good. I’m Happy I Saw It, & I’m Sure It’ll Still Entertain Families As Well. It Still Has Issues Some Folks Can Talk About, But “Moana” Is Definitely A Decent Addition To Your Disney Collection.

  • Ryan SSeptember 6, 2020Reply

    Good fun.

    I wasn’t expecting ‘Moana’ to be quite so goofy and silly, in that sense the more serious ending doesn’t quite fit, but I still felt suitably entertained throughout. The animation is nice, while the music is solid – even if Maui’s “You’re Welcome” is the only memorable song to me.

    Dwanye Johnson plays Maui, he is top notch from start-to-finish; obvious casting, but still a welcomed pick. Auliʻi Cravalho (Moana) and Rachel House (Tala) are also up to the mark in their respective roles.

    Thought it would be greater, but that doesn’t stop the fact that this is an enjoyable film.

  • Grace TSeptember 8, 2020Reply

    It lacks some of the impact that other Disney films have, but the music is enjoyable and the animated water is stunning.

  • Josephine ESeptember 9, 2020Reply

    Moana doesn’t add anything new to the disney princess catalogue. It’s a fun watch, but personally I have no interest on seeing it again. Also the story lacks excitement. It might be because Moana is way too omnipotent and a bit dull character. The movie also felt a bit too long.

  • Kiran SSeptember 16, 2020Reply

    Wonderful movie with bright and colourful animation

  • Kathleen MSeptember 19, 2020Reply

    it was kinda boring i hate this movie

  • AnonymousSeptember 24, 2020Reply

    Over the years Disney has been trying to make more relevant films and Moana is taking on the origins of the Hawaiian culture. This movie follows a story of a young girl who seeks out a world of adventure that she never dreamed of on the big open Sea. In classic Disney fashion this is also a musical. Music and this is very classic Disney it’s very upbeat, family friendly and fun. Also with all of these Disney movies or musicals there’s always one song that stands out and his reprise over and over, and in Moana that song still holds true. What I really admire is of the voice cast for the leading role was a complete unknown person. She brought so much heart and charisma to her voice acting lending it to this adventurous and courageous female character. With beautiful ocean visuals and classically written Disney songs this film has gained more of an audience after it’s theatrical release then when it was in theaters. Hoping in the coming years we get to see Moana back onto the ocean and see how far she’ll go.

  • Alexandra GSeptember 28, 2020Reply

    The movie was excellently made. I could tell the animators and voice actors of the movie really cared about the quality of the production and it shows. The characters were interesting and showed great growth throughout the movie, especially the main character, Moana. I enjoyed the fast pace of the film. It was intense and serious but had cuts of humor and music in the middle to lighten the mood. Overall, great movie.

  • AnonymousOctober 12, 2020Reply

    Overrated, boring. I like the songs though.

  • Ashley HOctober 14, 2020Reply

    Moana is an excellent film. It is about an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people. Auli’i Cravahlo and Dwayne Johnson give incredible performances as their respective characters. The screenplay is well written. Ron Clements did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture. Moana is a must see.

  • Pat MOctober 19, 2020Reply

    Wouldn’t call myself a Disney fan but I enjoyed this one a lot. Loved the plot, the animation, and the songs weren’t half bad.

  • John SOctober 23, 2020Reply

    An absolutely beautiful movie with great story! And its also visually incredible.

  • Mona KNovember 1, 2020Reply

    It is the best! 😀 -M, whose kid made her publish her review.

  • Thomas JNovember 3, 2020Reply

    My favorite of the recent Disneys

  • Robert MNovember 7, 2020Reply

    One of the best religious movies. And it’s colorful and it’s funny. Maui is a demigod who wants to help humanity. In some ways, he’s like Prometheus in Greek mythology. Like Prometheus, Maui gets into trouble with the big powers in the world. The world is saved by a young heroine (Moana) who knows how to work with demigods and goddess figures. Moana’s victory is delightful.

  • Joe JNovember 13, 2020Reply

    Best Disney movie in the decade.

  • Matheus NNovember 15, 2020Reply


  • Bruno MNovember 18, 2020Reply

    Fun, emotional and stunning to look at, Moana is everything people have to come expect from a Disney movie.

  • Alex HNovember 20, 2020Reply

    “Moana” is simply beautiful and catching. The plot is obviously simple and kid-friendly, which I adored, as I was watching it while having a break from all the hard films recently. Moana has amazing colors, which can’t be anything but pleasing. The water in this animation is so realistic, as it actually looks like something next gen. The most important part of this film is of course soundtrack. “You’re Welcome” and “Shiny” are still playing in my head and I can not explain the emotions I am feeling for these songs. They are simple, they move the plot and they all sound beautiful. I didn’t cringe a single time while listening to them. The soundtrack of this movie is a true masterpiece and only for it alone you can already watch it. The aftermath of the watch was also great, as I was left with good mood for the rest of the day, because of how touching and warm this movie was. In my opinion this is the best Disney animation of the 10s, so I would recommend watching this to anyone, a true must watch and a masterpiece in my humble opinion, 10/10.

  • Eli CNovember 24, 2020Reply

    Formulaic, generic, and beloved by everyone brought in by Disney’s waving keys of deception, this is the only Disney film that legitimately feels EMPTY to me.

  • James HNovember 26, 2020Reply

    While nowhere near being bad, Moana’s familiar story and characters restrict it from ever shining as something more than “good enough.” However, what it lacks in originality with characters and story it makes up for with its spectacular animation and hummable music.

  • AnonymousNovember 28, 2020Reply

    One of the best Disney films out there

  • Meydiana RDecember 3, 2020Reply

    This film is an epic in the truest sense and easily one of Disney’s best “Big Films”.

    It follows the classic “quest” type story of a girl growing up feeling she’s destined for more than her quiet life and eventually finding she’s the chosen one to go on a mission to save the world, but how it gets there is awe inspiring.

    The animation is second to none, at one point I had to do a double take that they didn’t mix in a live action character. Thinking back to the original Toy Story, things have certainly come far.

    Unlike other Disney movies (and most movies in fact), Moana is perfectly capable of pursuing her goals completely by herself and doesn’t have a love interest, which I think may be a first for a Disney film (it’s actually a lot closer to a Miyazaki film in the way the hero is portrayed).

    The soundtrack is also exceptional, so much so that my 5 year old girl made me order the album after the film. The entire score evokes a sense of adventure and riding over the waves and is simply sublime.

    To sum up how good this film is, it was the second movie in which I’ve ever witnessed the theatre audience erupting into a round of applause when the credits rolled (the first was Interstellar).

    The movie no doubt has some flaws, but I’m giving it a 10 to balance out some unreasonably negative reviews on here, some of which read like they were written by people who have no seen the movie.

  • Mike MDecember 10, 2020Reply

    A nice story with good visuals. Some good drama with some nice funny bits.

  • Rich SDecember 12, 2020Reply

    Moana ranks at the top with Disney’s best movies because it truly is a wholesome story without the pre-movie disclaimer that explains how it might offend some viewers.

  • Apollo Senfgurke -December 17, 2020Reply

    Very lovely movie, especially if you turn on the subtitles to be able to sing along! But please make sure to sing out of tune as this makes it a lot better experience :))

  • Yannis ADecember 24, 2020Reply

    Spectacular animation and a very engaging story!

  • Brant ODecember 26, 2020Reply

    One of Disney’s best movies, instant classic.

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