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Nanny McPhee (2005)

Nanny McPhee (2005)

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6.6 2247 votes


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Widower Cedric Brown hires Nanny McPhee to care for his seven rambunctious children, who have chased away all previous nannies. Taunted by Simon and his siblings, Nanny McPhee uses mystical powers to instill discipline. And when the children’s great-aunt and benefactor, Lady Adelaide Stitch, threatens to separate the kids, the family pulls together under the guidance of Nanny McPhee.

IMDb Rating 6.6 2,247 votes


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(150) comments

  • Sylvester KAugust 5, 2012Reply

    For a family film, the content is way too sexual that was disturbing to an extent, but if you can ignore that it was a great film filled with lots of fun, a perfect fairytale really.

  • Rip VAugust 5, 2012Reply

    With a right characterization of Emma Thompson and the wise appearance of Colin Firth, Nanny McPhee is fun for all family.

  • Paul BAugust 13, 2012Reply

    i was surprised by this movie..real nice ending

  • Amanda-Beth CAugust 15, 2012Reply

    overall creative but i felt it lacked something i just cant tell what when i watched it.

  • Barbara EAugust 16, 2012Reply

    Another tear jerker for my ! Loved it!

  • LiLy PAugust 23, 2012Reply

    I love the snow garden at the end 🙂

  • Sandy TAugust 26, 2012Reply

    This is such a cute movie! And the children made it even more enjoyable.

  • Robyn MAugust 28, 2012Reply

    with all the commercails and threatical trailers swamping the television screen i was a sucker to think for a moment this movie had the ‘IT’ factor of being a great family movie.
    wrong, nanny mcphee didn’t show much strength and her lessons were not shown clearly.unless you conider tormenting bratty children with cough syrup thats past its experation date. colin firth picked a horrible script.

  • Katelyn MAugust 31, 2012Reply

    One of my favorite movies. Emma Thompson so totally rocks in this movie!

  • gustavmarkovic31 .September 12, 2012Reply

    nanny mcphee, even though the title is much too obvious to have as a movie title, this film is still enjoyable for people of all ages. emma thompson is hideously transformed into nanny mcphee, which will make the kids squirm with laughter. the children, thomas sangster especially, are excellent actors.

  • Christopher HSeptember 19, 2012Reply

    This is a KIDS movie?

  • Michelle CSeptember 19, 2012Reply

    fun, but generally for kids.

  • Jennifer JSeptember 23, 2012Reply

    This is a funny movie

  • Ciro RSeptember 23, 2012Reply

    a nice, warm, chessy, feel-good xmas movie(..but not quite mary poppins)

  • Katie SSeptember 26, 2012Reply

    That’s great lessons for naughty children.

  • Jocelyn JSeptember 27, 2012Reply

    Pretty Nanny Mcfee at the end. haha lol

  • Becky BOctober 1, 2012Reply

    Hilarious. Very well done! Definitely one of my faves!

  • Shantel JOctober 3, 2012Reply

    Its a pretty good movie.

  • Mark KOctober 4, 2012Reply

    this is horrible. itl scare kids

  • Emily YOctober 6, 2012Reply

    actually pretty good

  • Noah Abraham GOctober 12, 2012Reply

    Oh, boo-freaking-hoo. “It’ll scare children”?! GOOD. Toughen those kids right up. Back in the 1980’s, we were raising our eight-year-olds on “RoboCop”, “Predator” and “Die Hard.” Hell, my parents let me watch “The Matrix” when I was FIVE. Suck it up, babies. “Nanny McPhee” isn’t a great movie, but it’s a good one, and shouldn’t be avoided for “the sake of the children.” You know what’s worse for your kids than scary movies? BAD ones.

  • Alii TOctober 15, 2012Reply

    o yeaaaaaaaa itz well gd coz im gangsta it a gangsta film lol

  • Tyson POctober 16, 2012Reply

    whole family loves it

  • Leocadio VOctober 21, 2012Reply

    Belive it or not this is a good movie even I liked it. lol

  • Hannah DOctober 29, 2012Reply

    I really liked this movie. Very good.

  • Jason HNovember 4, 2012Reply

    Lol this movie is so dumb. The characters are screwed up, especially the nanny’s face. Not gonna see this.

  • Kaylie ONovember 6, 2012Reply

    I love ‘Nanny McPhee’. Some big names, three from ‘Love Actually’. Emma Thompson steals the show, and the kids are brilliant! Magical family movie without the songs.

  • Charlie LNovember 10, 2012Reply

    A so-so flick with a good turn from its lead.

  • Matthew BNovember 12, 2012Reply

    Nanny McPhee is a movie that teachers kids lessons and learn from there mistakes and also respect other people and not judge people by they looks.

  • Nate CNovember 17, 2012Reply

    Not my kind of movie

  • Sara CNovember 19, 2012Reply

    its the alwsome movie

  • Clarise PNovember 25, 2012Reply

    very cute like a modern day mary poppins

  • Jackson SNovember 26, 2012Reply

    It has an amazing score with REAL EUROPEAN KIDS, not some American Interpretation of it.

  • Donna FDecember 2, 2012Reply

    Fairly predictable alternative version of Mary Poppins. Emma Thompson is always interesting.

  • Monet JDecember 2, 2012Reply

    This was a cute movie..for little kids.

  • alex wDecember 4, 2012Reply

    Delightful childrens story that at first I thought i would hate, but by the end i loved it. Great cast, a few touching moments and a touch of magic.

  • Alexander CDecember 7, 2012Reply

    A solid decent film that provides intrigue and keeps you entertained throughout. Provides laughs at every turn.

  • An EDecember 9, 2012Reply

    will post review on blogspot. Visual rainbow and food fight do not depend on computers like #2 piglets acrobatics and synchronized swimming. (but they are funny).

  • Ariel RDecember 15, 2012Reply

    So cute! Plus Colin Firth!

  • Cassey MDecember 17, 2012Reply

    Took me for surprise. I truely enjoyed this movie.

  • Misty WDecember 20, 2012Reply

    It’s got some good twists but is very close to Marry Poppins

  • Nicole WDecember 22, 2012Reply

    Cute movie…watched it twice.

  • Mario JDecember 22, 2012Reply

    Una película que disfrutaría mås un niño por toda la magia que hay en ella. El tipo de película en que el bien vence al mal y todos viven felices para siempre.

  • Amy FDecember 22, 2012Reply

    When you need me but do not want me I must stay, When you want me but no longer need me then I must go.

  • Karen IDecember 27, 2012Reply

    lovely childrens film

  • Fiona HDecember 29, 2012Reply

    Not as much Colin as l expected but fantastic film, absolutely hilarious!

  • Carol HDecember 29, 2012Reply

    Excellent movie. I can watch this movie a hundred times.

  • Kimberley BJanuary 12, 2013Reply

    Had this one in the theater as well. Good film.

  • Alexander RJanuary 19, 2013Reply

    Emma Thompson is ever so delightful.

  • Andrew HJanuary 20, 2013Reply

    Beautifully made well acted tale can’t resist watching it whenever it is on

  • Amy WJanuary 25, 2013Reply

    It was cute, but it didnt hold the attention like I thought it would. My son did not like this movie. Not enough action in it for my little boy.

  • Darren CFebruary 5, 2013Reply

    You want it to suck, simply because you think it should. So what a surprise when it turns out to be pretty darn good. A really enjoyable film and one of those magical times when you expected nothing, and got so much more.

  • Ronnie MFebruary 5, 2013Reply

    Was a good movie good stroy.

  • Jess LFebruary 6, 2013Reply

    A sweet and fun family movie with some solid performances and beautiful sets and costumes.

  • Ciera CFebruary 8, 2013Reply

    it was alright! not one that i would watch over and over again!

  • Thiago AFebruary 8, 2013Reply

    Emma Thompson nĂŁo tem o mesmo carisma, encanto de Julie Andrews, mas seu filme pode ser considerado uma homenagem merecida a famosa babĂĄ britĂąnica da Disney.

  • Carrie-ann HFebruary 9, 2013Reply

    This is a sweet movie!

  • Ma. TFebruary 9, 2013Reply

    it’s great comedy movie…

  • Adam TFebruary 9, 2013Reply

    It was really cute and Emma Thompson is really good and attractive!

  • Lee XFebruary 16, 2013Reply

    Nanny McPhee is a brilliant movie with a very important message embedded within. All of the actors do a marvellous job and the architecture and colours really add life to the movie.

  • Ashif KFebruary 17, 2013Reply

    An amazing movie number one in my book nothing wrong with it what so ever completely fun to watch and well thought of.

  • Tomara MFebruary 18, 2013Reply

    Poppins has nothing on McPhee (except, maybe, better music).

  • Mike RFebruary 19, 2013Reply

    My first impression when I saw Nanny McPhee was…ew. Despite Mcphee’s horrid look, the movie is really great. Its starts off with an excellent beginning, and continues that excellence until the end of the movie. I found the scenes where the kids talk about how much nannies they made go crazy a bit silly, but hey, they’re kids. The British voices are a bit hard to follow, but other than that, Nanny Mcphee is a good movie.

  • Graham CFebruary 22, 2013Reply

    terrible terrible “for the whole family” movies that tries to be sentimental and has evil grannys etc.

  • Kerrie PFebruary 24, 2013Reply

    funny as ! but too much like mary poppins in places

  • Anna QFebruary 24, 2013Reply

    Colin Firth! Emma Thompson! The adorable boy who’s adorable in all of his films! Win.

    Honestly, it was actually a very good movie and reminded me of Mrs Piggle Wiggle..but a little more feisty.

  • KARLA EMarch 3, 2013Reply

    naughty wickedly funny..with a dash of a love story in it’s warm wonderful center

  • Dimity PMarch 7, 2013Reply

    It was cute, but probably not too memorable. Has the most adorable baby ever!!

  • Petra RMarch 8, 2013Reply

    it was good it might appear oly for children but still funny for adults

  • Matthew OMarch 17, 2013Reply

    Cute if predictable. Colin Firth never hurt any either!

  • Mariah AMarch 24, 2013Reply

    Love it it’s the new Mary Poppins

  • Mary Jo BMarch 27, 2013Reply

    Im a sucker for movies like this I love to watch these on a rainy afternoon to pass the time ,, this is a great movie to do just that

  • Molly CApril 1, 2013Reply

    A guilty pleasure of mine!

  • Nicholas LApril 1, 2013Reply

    While it borrows a lot from “Mary Poppins” and it may not seem entirely fresh at first, “Nanny McPhee” manages to shine through most of its flaws, featuring good performances and being undeniably sweet.

  • Jeanette DMay 3, 2013Reply

    Watched Nanny McPhee in horror with my 7-year old daughter yesterday; can such gender stereotypes really still be around???; Very ugly Nanny gets magically prettier as children are more and more well behaved; plain, virtuous maid gets “Eliza-make-over” and beating “vulgar and evil”, i.e. confident & sexually voracious widow to win heart of “Mr Darcy-dad” (literally).

  • Ian EMay 6, 2013Reply

    A rich and heartwarming story that delights with lovable visual effects that highlight the mature and absorbing character developments.

  • Kyle SMay 6, 2013Reply

    was super boring and the humor was dry

  • Phil RMay 18, 2013Reply

    A fun & playful romp with (a usually beautiful) Thompson hit with the ugly stick. Everyone has likened this movie to Mary Poppins, and so will I. It’s like Mary Poppins.

  • ♥Janet &May 21, 2013Reply

    A very funny and magical movie.The baby-sitter teaches the kids a lesson when they start acting out and they learn a magical lesson in behaving toward others.

  • Hannah CMay 31, 2013Reply

    bit of a disapointment

  • Vincent WJune 2, 2013Reply

    An exceptionally good film with an all-star cast. This film has Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Thomas Sangster, Derek Jacobi, and Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge).

    The soundtrack is done by Patrick Doyle and is truly inspired.

    Even the cast members who don’t play a very big role int he film are absolutely superb. The kids are amazing, the aunt is really good, and the creepy lady is very good as well.

    The costumes are spot on and the sets are perfect as well.

    Really just about every single component of this film was perfectly executed.

    This film has a draw to viewers of all ages. The film has British accents. The film has EVERYTHING.

    SUMMARY: WATCH THIS FILM. Highly recommended!

  • Kaylor CJune 15, 2013Reply

    Even though it is a predictable children’s movie, it is an endless classic. It keeps you watching and doesn’t bore you to sleep. The thoughtlessness of it is what I like. No matter how long it’s been since I’ve watched it, I still can remember the movie very vividly.

  • Grant TJuly 3, 2013Reply

    A bunch of screaming kids and lessons being taught. That is all

  • Steve AJuly 26, 2013Reply

    Watching this as a pre teen, and looking back on the experience, I believe this is an underrated movie. Lessons learned in a bittersweet, tough love way cannot go wrong for anybody.

  • M. Andrea SJuly 28, 2013Reply

    Quite a nice story, yet a little bit sad

  • Ethan HAugust 16, 2013Reply

    It does have heart, but is void of the magic that made Mary Poppins a massive hit. If this was a stage play though, it would have been a better experience. The translation to film just doesn’t work.

  • Triliana KSeptember 23, 2013Reply

    This one was quite entertaining. I like the part “bee-hive”. It’s gonna be fun to have Nanny in real life.

  • Deven WOctober 8, 2013Reply

    Visually stunning, well-acted, heartfelt, and a good message

  • Bengel WOctober 21, 2013Reply

    A charming fairy tail that is well written and aimed at the family audience. The Victoriana sets are a delight and full of fun making for a hilarious background. The actors are genuinely amusing and this comes out in the precarious sensibilities of the situations. Music is sensuous with the photography capturing the oddment of the characters well. Nibbles: Ice cream and Jello.

  • Greg TOctober 21, 2013Reply

    Nanny McPhee is a charming, funny family, with good morals and a strong heart.

  • Scott MOctober 30, 2013Reply

    This is a moderately entertaining family film, that will be compared to the likes of Mary Poppins.

  • Geoff JNovember 21, 2013Reply

    Fun little comedy…

  • Michael ZNovember 24, 2013Reply

    The simplicity of the story comes much to the benefit of Nanny McPhee, and the permeating feeling of Matilda-meets-Mary Poppins is very effective. However, as the film gets going, its similarities to the latter become distractingly obvious. Additionally, the characters are problematically underwritten, and the performances are similarly underwhelming. And the children face their turning point early in the film, which leaves the eponymous character nothing to do by the halfway point but to occasionally tap her magical cane to invoke some sort of comically unnecessary plot convenience. From that point on, the plot simply falls into the lap of contrived, thrown-together narrative devices that stumble inexorably toward the disappointing climax and, eventually, its eye-rollingly asinine resolution.

  • PierLuigi FNovember 25, 2013Reply

    Very light movie. Kids liked it and had fun. Emma Thompson could play whatever she wants.

  • PierLuigi FNovember 25, 2013Reply

    Very light movie. Kids liked it and had fun. Emma Thompson could play whatever she wants.

  • Harry WNovember 30, 2013Reply

    Nannt McPhee didn’t have all that much surface appeal to me because I merely saw it as a childish comedic satire of Mary Poppins. But like the magical Nanny McPhee herself, looks can be deceiving.

    Nannt McPhee does follow the Mary Poppins concept very closely, being a story about a magical nanny sent in to help out a troubled family burdened by unruly children, yet she teaches them through a set of humorous punishment as opposed to joyful experiences. It’s a lot more realistic in that sense because it’s easier to teach a child through punishment than through reinforcement, and a humorous look at that is indeed an original concept.
    The main success of Nanny McPhee comes from its natural charm, since the atmosphere is gleeful and charmingly comedic, like an original Disney movie with contemporary visual qualities and a silly colourful production design.
    Nanny McPhee is more likely to appeal to the younger audiences, but it is in fact consistently entertaining due to a lot of its moral messages and cleverly scripted humour, but most of all the work of its talented cast.
    Emma Thompson of course has to be the appropriate standout of the audience, giving a charismatic lead performance as the titular Nanny McPhee with all the quirky comedic charm that is ideal for the character. Her work on the script assists her in characterising her perfectly, and she’s constantly a joyful presence for the screen to benefit from. She makes Nanny McPhee a delightful romp and one with all the entertaining comedic charm necessary to pass.
    And Colon Firth’s natural British charm is good which helps him find the ability to have a natural comedic chemistry with all the other cast members, and gives it another good name to hold to itself.
    And of all the juvenile cast members, the skills of Thomas Sangster are the strongest and most successfully humourous in combatting Nanny McPhee and creating a strong sense of chemistry between the two of them.

    Really, Nanny McPhee is childish, predictable and silly. But it’s never excessive in doing so but does it just right enough thanks to the charms of Emma Thompson.

  • LuĂ­s Fernando BJanuary 4, 2014Reply

    FĂĄbula bastante divertida e encantadora, que passa a sensação de estarmos presenciando um daqueles saudosos livros de contos infantis. Caracterização impecĂĄvel das personagens, com ĂȘnfase para a bela metĂĄfora embutida no visual “mutĂĄvel” de sua protagonista. Bela trilha sonora e elenco adorĂĄvel (Angela Lansbury irreconhecĂ­vel!).

  • Dan RJanuary 6, 2014Reply

    This was a lot more fun and charming than I expected. Not bad for a movie that took years to ruse to the top of my netflix queue. Also can you beat Angela Lansbury getting slimed in the face? Really? can you?

  • Nicky NFebruary 17, 2014Reply

    This Was Not A Good Movie.C-

  • Jack PMarch 8, 2014Reply

    A fairly charming and clever family film. Nothing special, but entertaining and endearing.

  • Emiz<3 :June 29, 2014Reply

    really enjoyed it 🙂

  • Facebook UAugust 1, 2014Reply

    quite the oddsort of a movie, but it still had a nice charm about it

  • Francisco SOctober 5, 2014Reply

    Beautiful and charming story with truly lessons, Nanny McPhee bring to us great performances by Thomas Sangster as a kid and that complete this good movie.

  • John EOctober 5, 2014Reply

    My kids love this movie. So much better than the standard American fare for children. Plenty to keep adults amused. Delivers a few good messages without the schmaltz.

  • Francisco LOctober 10, 2014Reply

    Beautiful and charming story with truly lessons, Nanny McPhee bring to us great performances by Thomas Sangster as a kid and that complete this good movie.

  • Vadim DOctober 20, 2014Reply

    Full of whimsy and style with great performances, Nanny McPhee proves to be an entertaining story for kids and adults.

  • Jake SNovember 1, 2014Reply

    strange movie in a old school setting kinda reminds me a bit of mary poppins but not as good but not too bad… good clean kid n family film

  • Cam EJanuary 7, 2015Reply

    A funny film about a hideous nanny who makes 5 naughty children into 5 good children and she turns beautiful. Emma Thompson is brilliant in this film and I really enjoyed her acting and everyone else’s too. There are a lot of jokes in this film which made me laugh quite a bit. However I didn’t like Colin Firth in this film. I never really enjoy him or his acting I thought there was often a grin on his face throughout the sad moments in this film. But Nanny McPhee was still good, maybe not great but good enough to a lot of people.

  • Steve KJanuary 28, 2015Reply

    I can’t understand why the audience reviews aren’t higher. Even the critic reviews are somewhat lukewarm. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this film each of the several times I’ve viewed it. Emma Thompson is wonderful. The writing and direction are great. The kids are a kick. Get with it, people. Re-visit this wonderful film and see what you’ve missed!

  • Rhiannon BFebruary 16, 2015Reply

    One of my fave brit movies

  • Hung-Ya LMarch 21, 2015Reply

    Very British and a good children movie indeed.

  • Margaret CMarch 29, 2015Reply

    Lovely kids’ movie. 😀

  • AnonymousJuly 21, 2015Reply

    A very well written movie about certain manners we all should learn and a very nice job may I add.

  • Aaron MAugust 2, 2015Reply

    Nanny McPhee is a good family movie which is funny, charming and teaches morals. Its a lovely almost old fashioned tale which captures the imagination. Its colourful, creative and completely harmless. Its not all that satisfying for grown ups yet is bound to put a smile on a little ones face without a worry to the conscience. Overall an innocent little feel good movie which can be enjoyed on a rainy sunday afternoon.

  • bill sAugust 13, 2015Reply

    A grittier,darker Mary Poppins with a terrific performance by Thompson.

  • Augustine HAugust 29, 2015Reply

    Fans of Mary Poppins will certainly love it.

  • Ollie WSeptember 12, 2015Reply

    A lovely family film.

  • Sophia BJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    This movie is a great family and kids movie about naughty children and magical nannies this movie contains a hidden love story and hatred all 7 kids were terrible

  • Dylan KJanuary 7, 2016Reply

    this family movie is actually one I would that I would recommend hell is even worth watching just to see how the title character looks at the end.

  • Brandon MJanuary 26, 2016Reply

    An entertaining and surprisingly deep movie, despite some cheesy jokes throughout.

  • Spencer HFebruary 9, 2016Reply

    Nanny McPhee is not special in any way, and isn’t funny.

  • Jenna RMarch 20, 2016Reply

    While the humor often strays closer to a miss than a hit, Nanny McPhee is a pleasantly entertaining story with a good enough heart to carry it through the rougher moments.

  • Heather MMay 15, 2016Reply

    It was cute. But someone needs to teach British people about subtlety and how to keep a movie entertaining without relying on candy colors and cheesy music. Mary Poppins worked because while you saw her magic, at the end of the scene, it could have just been an illusion.

  • Anthony TMay 28, 2016Reply

    Not enjoyable, granted, I am not the target audience

  • iqbal pJune 2, 2016Reply

    I want to watch but how di u watch it

  • Love BJune 12, 2016Reply

    Who doesn’t love “The Nanny”? They kept kids from being crazy!!

  • Joel HNovember 15, 2016Reply

    I was worried that Nanny McPhee was going to be a cheap rip-off of Mary Poppins, but I was surprised how quirky, entertaining and original this film feels. It’s a lot of fun. Emma Thompson is delightfully enigmatic, and the story is compelling enough to keep both children and adults interested. This movie was a pleasant surprise for me.

  • Michael MJanuary 15, 2017Reply

    What a f*cking pile.

  • Mohammed AFebruary 1, 2017Reply

    It’s good movie to watch

  • Amelia TApril 2, 2017Reply

    good fun, not too predictable but still is, & you can feel some of that magic (:

  • David WAugust 5, 2017Reply

    Absolutely charming! Love it!

  • Diana WSeptember 1, 2017Reply

    Nanny McPhee, McGEEWHIZGENIUS.

  • Joel ADecember 7, 2017Reply

    A clever & interesting British kids film based loosely on a series of kids books from the U.K. About an unusual Governess.

    Emma Thompson is completely transformed as the hideous Nanny McPhee & is accompanied by terrific child cast.

    Quite silly in my parts but overall comes together, another showcase of Kelly McDonald who is quite an underrated actress.

  • Rodrigo FFebruary 19, 2018Reply

    There is no future to this movie series considering how unentertaining this film is when you see the message that the movie is portraying.

  • JosĂ© CJuly 29, 2018Reply

    Divertida. Cumple con el papel de entretenernos

  • Dan PAugust 19, 2018Reply

    Story/Screenplay: (4/5) An overt “happy ending” type of story. It is original and fun to follow.

    Duration/Tempo: (4.5/5) At 1 hour and 37 minutes, it’s a shorter movie that feels short. Easy to watch.

    Cast & Crew: (4/5) Emma Thompson was near perfect as McPhee, but the child actors stole the show.

    Summary: (4/5) Like a good comfort food, this movie is easy to digest and is sentimental by nature. A thumbs up.

  • Dan BAugust 30, 2018Reply

    Emma Thompson would agree with me when I say that Nanny McPhee is no Mary Poppins. Nanny McPhee may be the third best Nanny movie ever made and that is a huge compliment. Mary Poppins is by far and away the best Nanny movie and one of the best movies ever made and second would be Mrs. Doubtfire. However, Nanny McPhee is a fantastic movie also. Some of the story, in particular the relationship between the father and his housekeeper, feels forced but the performances by Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and Angela Landsbury are phenomenal. Emma Thompson. Seems to dislike the comparisons to Mary Poppins and she vehemently states that the two characters are very different actually, and she is correct. However, the themes, the concepts and and many pieces are very Poppins like, but that is just part of the tapestry of Nanny McPhee. If you haven’t watched Nanny McPhee, you must, just do not compare it to Poppins or it will be underwhelming, but certainly worth a watch.

  • Ethan BOctober 20, 2018Reply

    Nanny McPhee is sweet, though it can copy off of older source material, thus feeling familiar.

  • Jared SOctober 21, 2018Reply

    Extraordinarily entertaining!

  • Arth JDecember 6, 2018Reply

    Jones’s fatal attempts of creating a magical music number as Mary Poppins unfortunately fails on all levels in here.

    Nanny McPhee

    Jones’s fatal attempts of creating a magical music number as Mary Poppins unfortunately fails on all levels in here. To what was supposed to play on props and create awestruck delightful moments with the kids, is instead left out dry and unexplored in here. This overly rotten out formulaic structure of the script is not only outdated but is so poorly conceived that it doesn’t stand on its own grounds, it contradicts its own nature. The mythical aspects of the storyline that was supposed to attract the viewers, seems like is pretentious and a metaphor gone wrong case.

    The reasons and concept may have a heart but that heart isn’t pumping at all for either the viewers or the characters. The result is pure Sunday morning venture, you have seen this morning before too and the plans that it has for you is something that you are not looking forward to. Having said that, it doesn’t suggest that there aren’t any good bits in here. The usual sketchy sequences between the kids and a nanny, the tactics used by bratty mischievous kids and the gags that leads to the bonding of the kids to a newer member of the family, somehow in its giddy nature works like a charm.

    Thomson as the nanny herself who also co-wrote the script, is a delight to watch, her caring nature with productive methods and impressive tricks up her sleeve, elevates the momentum and raises the bar of the feature. On the supporting cast, the younger cast has decently managed to stay on the track along with Firth as the man in charge and Macdonald as the driver, who are convincing on their roles. Nanny McPhee is the perfect gift for your kids but only up till its first half, the second half is a big old sobbing mess.

  • Will RDecember 26, 2018Reply

    Really exciting and humourous love it!!!!

  • Nikki SJuly 22, 2019Reply

    A very fun and interesting story, a great childhood memory

  • Jacob BAugust 12, 2019Reply

    While not quite as whimsical as Mary Poppins or even this movie’s own sequel, Nanny McPhee does teach good life lessons and Emma Thompson makes the titular character her own rather than just being a Scottish carbon-copy of the classic Julie Andrews character. Also, hey look, it’s Newt from the Maze Runner movie trilogy.

  • RJ RAugust 22, 2019Reply

    Childhood classic that I always loved way more than Mary Poppins.

  • Mike MSeptember 14, 2019Reply

    Glad I never saw this movie. Mary Poppins, it isn’t. A poor copy of Mary Poppins.

  • Ellen OOctober 15, 2019Reply

    This movie is nothing short of phenomenal with its haunting music, stunning visuals, superb casting, accomplished acting, and adorable children. A fresh new take on a classic concept and it succeeds marvelously.

    The naysayers clearly have no eye for cinematic art. I don’t see how this movie deserves a single rotten review.

    Despite its superficial resemblance to Mary Poppins, it has a completely different feel which lends it its own originality and evokes all the appropriate emotions from joy and sorrow to hope and love.

    This is a must-see and an jnstant classic.

  • Vicki WDecember 10, 2019Reply

    The children were so over the top horrid, the father and staff so useless, and Nanny McPhee’s methods so harsh I gave up after less than 30 minutes. I understand it’s supposed to get better, but the first half hour was so awful I had enough by then. I can’t imagine a young child not having nightmares.

  • Karin-Jeff SDecember 26, 2019Reply

    Very fun and uplifting to my spirits! Would love to see more❀

  • Terence HJune 17, 2020Reply

    Nanny Mcphee seems like a movie from another time when the story was the main focus. Not surprising since it is based on the beloved fairy-tale books about Nurse Mathilda. That’s not to say that the visuals weren’t great. On the contrary the sets and effects served to enhance what is an appealing and compelling work of art. Emma Thompson is mesmerizing as the title character. Despite her initial grotesque appearance you could sense that there was more to her than meets the eye. By the time the movie ends you don’t want her to leave.

  • Ethan DJanuary 7, 2021Reply

    It is a good movie! it is magical, sweet, and funny! Emma Thompson did great in this movie!!!

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