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Nerve (2016)

Nerve (2016)

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what going on?


Industrious high school senior Vee Delmonico has had it with living life on the sidelines. When pressured by friends to join the popular online game Nerve, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun. But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

IMDb Rating 7.1 5,612 votes


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(150) comments

  • Sherri TJune 12, 2017Reply

    Vee Delmonico is a girl that goes to high school.
    Her best friend aklways tells her that she is very boring.
    One day, when she arrived at her class some people were platino a new game on their phones.
    Her friend was playing too, and she told Vee that she was too boring and shy and she couldn’t play this game.
    When she arrived home, she entered on the game web.
    She chose the option of player and she started to do tests from her followers. When she passes the tests, the followers gave Vee money.
    Bit the things start to become dangerous…

    I like this film, because it is very fun and you don’t know what is going to happen next.
    I would see it a lot of times because it is very godo. I recommend it.

  • Alicia KJune 14, 2017Reply

    I loved it but the ending was way too rushed!

  • Johann MJune 16, 2017Reply

    A popular online game with the most daring challenges, in which you either are a Watcher or a Player that made me remember a Black Mirror episode and that infamous Blue Whale game… the amount of adrenalized moments is incredible and you fear for the characters that are in danger, but anyway… is that a world where mobile phones have an eternal battery life? The bad guy is suddenly a good guy? The best friend is suddenly the greatest hacker in the world? Not very realistic.

  • Bubbs RJune 17, 2017Reply

    Technology is a very popular topic for Thrillers these days. It’s either shown as a bad thing or as a good thing. This film has a suprisingly fresh idea for how technology is negative. “A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of watchers.” For a teen film, I enjoyed this one. Teen films of the 21st century aren’t always my thing, but I found this one entertaining. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco were believable as their characters, a couple of people trying to survive the game. I didn’t feel anything for the other characters though. The film was so focused on the two others that I didn’t find myself engaged with the other characters. The film was a good runtime for this kind of film. The film definitely felt like it was aiming for the teen demographic, which isn’t a bad thing. The film had some continuity errors and some fundamental issues, but it was still enjoyable. It was enjoyable to watch but I don’t see myself watching it again any time soon. Overall, a good 21st century teen film. Definitely deserves one viewing. 

    Rating: 6.8/10

  • Ruth GJune 17, 2017Reply

    I loved the movie and it is a great action movie!!

  • Jaime LJune 21, 2017Reply

    Starts off boring, gets mildly entertaining and then turns increasingly stupid as it progresses into the third act. The entire concept is out there in the first place but then the film truly goes into outer space. Cringe inducing speech at the end really seals the deal on my final judgement of Nerve. I suppose it is still popular after all these years to wag fingers at what internet users would do with their anonymity. I suppose if they will troll you they will also try and kill you as well. I’m sure its a straight A to B line there right?

  • Bud LJune 24, 2017Reply

    not my kind of movie

  • Jennifer TJune 25, 2017Reply

    Dope movie. Creative. Fun to watch.

  • Don DJune 27, 2017Reply

    Solid. Has an interesting directing style, too.

  • Snowbear DJuly 3, 2017Reply

    Was skeptical at first but I actually really liked this movie.

  • Joseph SJuly 6, 2017Reply

    A movie inspired by the sweaty-palm-phenomena of Russian, adrenaline-junky hanging-from-cranes, videos. Or that is what I assume. Add some sex appeal, internet-secret lingo, and solid acting. There are some contrivances that one could accuse and it does at times feel like a Black Mirror attempt, it is never short on entertaining and suspenseful.

  • João AJuly 7, 2017Reply

    if the whole “blue whale challenge” didnt exist because of this movie, i wouldnt think it was as good as it actually was. But, me seeing it later than i shouldve, made me enjoy it and live the action more than i couldve ask.

  • Jesse OJuly 10, 2017Reply

    Have you ever been thirsty for likes? Have you ever wanted to go viral? If you said yes to both of those (you say yes to one, you have to say yes to the other), then how far would you be willing to go for fleeting moments of ‘fame’ online, whether it’s on YouTube, Twitter, Vine (which is no longer active) or any other video sharing/live streaming site. People have said plenty about the internet and I agree with a lot of it. I think it’s allowed us to connect to each other on a level that was never possible before. We get our news quicker among other things. But there’s a cloud for every silver lining that the internet may bring us. People are able to fulfill their darkest desires or they’re able to act out in ways they wouldn’t in real life life, just by creating a completely, in theory, anonymous account in whichever site they may choose. This film brings those elements of instant fame and ‘fortune’ versus the voyeuristic nature of watching those do anything you say, regardless of what it may be, for monetary gain. This film is very much for the Instagram, the YouTube and the Facebook generation where everything is for likes and views. People want to be famous and these sites offer them an even quicker way to achieve that ‘fame’. As an aside, one of the stupider things I’ve seen for views/likes is the Fire Challenge. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect, people douse themselves in rubbing alcohol and then they set themselves on fire. These people are usually next to a shower or have someone else there with a bucket of water to put them out. But have you ever seen anything so stupid. Say what you will about other online challenges, most of which are relatively harmless, if silly, but this fire challenge is about the stupidest thing you can do. There’s so many things that can go wrong and there’s no way in which you come out of this a winner. You may get a lot of views on your videos, but a lot of those people in the comments then proclaim you to be a moron (which you are). And what could you possibly do to top yourself after that? But I digress, this film taps into something that’s very relevant and the film has some social commentary regarding that constant need to be noticed. The story is simple. Venus (Emma Roberts) is seen as her friends by someone who doesn’t take any risks in life. I don’t wanna say that they see her as boring, but she just doesn’t take that many risks. After a particularly embarrassing moment when her best friend asks her crush if he’s interested (he says Vee is not her type), Vee then signs up for this online game called, you guessed it, Nerve. Essentially the game boils down to Truth and Dare without the truth. You live stream and Watches, anonymous people watching online, provide dares for her to perform. If she performs these dares successfully, money is transferred to her account. The film doesn’t ever try to disguise the fact of where it’s gonna go. You know the dares are gonna start off fairly easy. Her first dare, for example, is to make out with a stranger for 5 seconds. Which is where she meets Ian (Dave Franco). Long story short, Vee leaves with Ian and the watchers assign them dares together. Naturally, the film moves along and each dare is more dangerous than the last. I will say this, I think the film moves at a fast pace and its tone certainly made this fun to watch, for the most part. I think the neon-colored visual style gave it futuristic look despite being set in modern times, almost, I think they’re a couple of years ahead in the film. The film never really takes many chances, I mean this is a movie that’s critical of this need to go viral and instant fame, but it’s also a movie that’s for the MTV/CW crowd. It’s a teen-friendly movie, to be sure, so there’s only so much you can do with that. They wanted to make a movie that’s timely and critical of the YouTube generation doing anything for fame, but they also didn’t want to turn those people off either. So, really, the film feels at odds with each other. It’s not like I’d even say that the film, inherently speaking, is that good. There’s obvious flaws with the concept and the execution, but when you add everything up, it comes out to be a somewhat entertaining movie, at least until the climax. But we’ll get to that later. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are well-cast in their role. Emma has, literally, been playing high school teens for almost a decade now. She still has a youthful appearance, so she can still pull it off. But she’s good here as the shy teen finally coming out of her bubble as a result of this game. Dave Franco plays a mysterious, but charming, character. He’s good as well, but the chemistry is what makes this movie work. Without those two, I don’t know, this movie would have been rough to watch. Moving on. Anyway, Vee’s best friend (who’s also playing the game) is jealous of Vee’s success in the game and it leads to a huge argument at this party between the two. Vee completes a challenge that her friend wasn’t to complete. The challenge is walking across a ladder that’s suspended between two buildings. After Vee completes this dare, she finds out that one of Ian’s challenges was to get her to fight with her friend. Long story short, Ian tells Vee that he’s been stuck playing the game after he and another player (Ty) snitched after another player’s death. They are now the game’s prisoner (they have all your personal information and your family’s as well) and the only way to leave is to win the game. This leads us to the ending, where the final two competitors (Ian and Vee), have to shoot the other first in order to win. This competition takes place in an empty stadium in front of a bunch of anonymous people wearing masks. This is where the film completely fell apart, to me. Vee goes on this big, heavy-handed speech about how it doesn’t take any nerve to hide behind a mask (and anonymity online) and watch others kill themselves for their entertainment. She asks if it’s really worth it. Remember Ty? Well he shows up for this and he ‘shoots’ Vee. Ian’s reaction is completely over the top even though he never actually sees a wound on Vee. Basically, this was all a set-up for Vee’s friends to set up a massive hack that would expose all the anonymous assholes’ names and sending them a message that they’re all accessories to murder. Look, I get the point the film is trying to make. And it’s a point I agree with. Most people would not act the way they do online if their anonymity wasn’t guaranteed. I also agree that people who go out of their to harass others online for no reason whatsoever should be exposed. Their names should be revealed to the world and to their employers. Don’t reveal their addresses or phone numbers, that’s too much even for me. Do just enough so this person can suffer real consequences. But the way this movie goes about it is so damn preachy that it just kinda made me want to vomit. I understand this is meant to be a teen-friendly thing, but I think even teens of this generation can understand subtlety. They’re not all idiots. And this is what this film did with this ending. It preached so even the dumbest person watching could understand that this is wrong. I was gonna give this 3 stars until the climax came, so now I’m downgrading it to 2.5. I’m not gonna say that this film was perfect but, for the most part, it provided an entertaining distraction while also trying to have some social commentary. The climax really did away with a lot of the goodwill the film had built-up prior to that. I’d still say that this is decent and definitely watchable, but it should have been better. I can’t really say that you should go out of your way to watch this. If you have 90 minutes free, then this will be over before you know it. It’s pacing is great. This has got a good cast, a good concept, mostly solid (if flawed) execution, but it’s climactic act is just a stinker. It brings the movie down. Watch at your own risk, but you could do worse. You could have watched Code Name: The Cleaner.

  • John GJuly 12, 2017Reply

    omg… get really bad at the end

  • Nick MJuly 12, 2017Reply

    Just straight up fun. It’s fast paced, visually interesting, stylish, and funny enough to keep your attention throughout the runtime. However, a few minutes after the credits roll, expect yourself to say “wait…that was really dumb.”

  • Anna Katherine DJuly 12, 2017Reply

    This movie is a bit, well unnerving. It’s fun at first but then gets a little too crazy to the point of it being too predictable. It’s a good movie to watch with friends when you just plan to talk the whole time. And it is a clever idea I guess.

  • Graham TJuly 14, 2017Reply

    Very unrealistic but is also stupid fun.Just enjoy it for what it is.

  • Brandon LJuly 15, 2017Reply

    Although Nerve had a vigorous and electrifying pace, it also had a few plot holes and an ending that was wrapped up far too quickly

  • Daniel OJuly 15, 2017Reply

    A shallow, yet entertaining thriller, presents a surprisingly great performance from Franco. B

  • Kevin PJuly 17, 2017Reply

    Much better than I expected. This was one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in a long time. Charming leads, great pacing, awesome music, and a concept allowing for some thrilling moments. I really enjoyed it.

  • Camilo RJuly 20, 2017Reply

    great movie. I really enjoyed it.

  • Dan HJuly 21, 2017Reply

    The film has potential, but doesn’t follow up. An unrealistic teen fantasy/cautionary tale. Dave Franco, Emma Roberts, Miles Heizer, and Emily Meade are all likable (though Franco and Roberts don’t have any real chemistry). There’s also a good deal of HS drama (Ugh, gag me). Nerve constantly looks pretty, and it utilizes some really good cinematography and shots but that’s the best thing I can say about this film (That and it is entertaining in a turn-your-brain-off kind of way). I could see teens eating this up, but Nerve doesn’t hold much for anyone over the age of 18.

  • Layla SJuly 23, 2017Reply

    Acting: 18/20
    Writing: 38/40
    Directing/Editing/Production/Etc: 36/40

    Overall: 92/100 A-

    Although this film is very much done in a high school-style, the cast does a better job than your average high school play actors. Every single cast member delivers a solid performance in this film and does justice to their characters – which were consistent and believable.

    Though his role is more of a side character than leading character, Miles Heizer does an outstanding job with his performance. Talented actors will shine whether they are in the spotlight or not and Heizer definitely shines in this film. He really gives himself over to the character and captures a lot of nuance for an unknown actor.

    This film delivers an excellent social commentary about social media and the youth today. Not only does this show in the overall plot, but the film is also rich with symbolism and subtle references.


    *Spoiler Alert! *

    The symbolism and negative foreshadowing in regards to the Nerve game was executed brilliantly:

    First introduction to the game is a video that is very reminiscent of “brain-washing” videos. This symbolizes the inherent malicious nature of the game.

    After the introductory video for the game plays, it ends by repeating “Watcher or Player? Watcher or Player?” in an assertive manner, showing the inherent peer-pressure nature of social media.

    A recurring theme we see in the game, primarily for the first dare, is the willingness to embarrass and/or debase oneself. (Sydney = Mooning the Audience; Venus = Kissing a Stranger; etc.) This was very symbolic of how people have become so obsessed with wealth and fame today, that they will do anything to get it – including losing their dignity (the first thing to go when one becomes greedy and superficial).

    Just like any other social media app out there right now, the game is able to download your personal information – which the game then uses to customize your dares, just like Pandora uses your picks to customize your music “stations”.

    The constant watching and commentary from watchers was a great allusion to the fact that too many young people today care too much about what other people think. They are living more for other people and what other people want, rather than being unique and more independent.

    The game seems to be an emotional outlet for people; Just like social media itself.

    Venus’ decision to play the game “because it’s not like her” is very symbolic of all of the people who go online because they don’t really like themselves and/or their own lives – hence they often use social media to escape and sometimes, pretend to be someone else.

    The way Tommy responded to recording Venus’s first dare, saying “Jeez. Why do I feel embarrassed?” was a remarkable way of showing how both “viewers” and “players” are negatively affected by the game – as both are still participating in it. This is symbolic of how people can be negatively effected by social media even if they are just looking at other people’s pages etc. and not as proactively posting things themselves.

    The game led people into the city where there are more users, people, action, possibilities and trouble for the “players” as well as more “watchers”. This was very symbolic of how people naturally coalesce and how this can sometimes be used against them. This was also symbolic of nothing drawing the crowd more, than the crowd itself. (Bandwagon Effect.)

    Even though Venus and Ian had instant, natural chemistry between them; The game came first and dictated their choices more than themselves. This was symbolic of how young people today focus more on the “status” of their relationships, rather than the more genuine and substantial elements to it.

    The game choosing a tattoo as one of the dares, was very symbolic of how some choices you make involving social media can have long-term impacting consequences; As well as how whenever you post something online, it stays there (in the internet) forever.

    As players, Venus and Ian didn’t realize that their phones were automatically recording and streaming them live; Just as most people are not aware that their modernized phones and laptops etc. can do the exact same thing. (See Snowden film.)

    As Sydney was doing the “ladder-height” dare, the opinions being shouted around her varied all along the spectrum; Just as social media gives a voice to opinions from all along the spectrum. (Her real friends all wanted her not to go through with the dare, because they actually cared more about her life than the game and her “status”.)

    When Sydney was on the ladder, she kept being told she has to “walk” across the ladder, which was awful advice as that makes it more dangerous not less, just as strangers online can give you similar awful advice (especially when they don’t personally know you or are just saying what you want to hear).

    The fact that Venus had ignored her mom throughout the film until “it was too late” and she had already broken the rules of the game, was very symbolic of all of the kids online who venture into trouble and never say anything about it to their parents until “it’s too late” and the damage has already been done. (Also a great argument for why parents should regulate their children’s social media “lives” more.)

    In order for anyone to win “1st place” they had to be willing to give their lives (ladder dare, laying on the train tracks dare, hanging from the construction crane dare, etc.) – this was foreshadowing to the “final round”.
    The “prisoner” concept was very clever because it had the proper information for blackmail (believable) and it made sense that the game would want to use a “default player” to get things started and “lead the way for others to follow” to ensure the game continues after each “round” is over (logical).

    The message on the Ferry Terminal, as well as other aspects of the film, were very reminiscent of the movie The Game. In fact, this film seemed to be a modern take on that film in some ways.

    The final round was very symbolic of the Roman Colosseum – a structured, group-oriented setting to hurt others for sport and entertainment; Just like the online world offers a structured, group-oriented setting to hurt others for sport and entertainment.

    The speech that Venus gave in the final round had a lot of allusions to the great film, Network, especially the way she exposed the reality of the situation.

    When the crowd rejected Venus’ speech and chose anarchy instead, this was a great allusion to the book and film, Lord of the Flies.

    In order for the scheme in the finale to actually work, it was imperative that Ian’s character not know the truth – because they needed to sell this performance as authentically as possible. Some directors use this tactic in their films and they withhold information about the script from their actors because they believe this will result in a more genuine delivery.

    The scheme that Venus and Ty were able to pull off was brilliant because it forced the watchers to learn “perception vs. reality”. They all said they wanted to see her get shot and killed. Yet when it happened and the veil was lifted, and the time came for them to stand by their actions, they all scurried away and withdrew from the game. They didn’t want to continue once they could see the potential consequences for their actions; they didn’t want to continue once the facade was down.

    Just like many of the things on social media, the little act that Venus and Ty put on, along with the bullet and blood, were all “fake” – just an act.

    The symbolism wasn’t reserved to the game though. Sydney, the adrenaline-junkie and first Nerve “player” we see in the film, had the words “Teenage Dirtbag” on her phone. She is the one who peer-pressures Venus into playing the game and doesn’t ever take accountability for her own actions. When she approached JP “for” Venus, it may have been coming from a good place but it completely blew up in her face when JP was more interested in her than Venus. Instead of acknowledging that she made a big mistake, she tried to blame JP and call him the jerk, even though he was not rude and actually pretty polite about the situation. It wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t interested in Venus nor that Sydney put him “on the spot” in front of everyone. Also, just like the game, Sydney had no boundaries and cared more about what she wanted than her friends (or in terms of the game, the players). She also had no qualms about whatever the game was asking her to do, as she embraced the game (i.e. farting challenge, obsession with viewers, etc.). She embodied the worst of the modern, social media-obsessed teenagers. After being embarrassed by Venus’ “confession”, it was typical “teenage dirtbag” and self-destructive behavior for her to hook up with J.P. and purposefully try to hurt Venus – who hadn’t known she was being recorded and wasn’t trying to hurt Sydney. In fact, Sydney actually did the very kind of things that Venus had just been complaining about – reinforcing herself as a “bad” girl rather than choosing to accept responsibility and make better choices. Even by the end of the film, Sydney was blaming Ian for getting Venus “into this mess in the first place,” even though she was far more at fault for Venus getting involved than Ian was. By contrast, Venus accepted responsibility for her own actions and said “I got me into this mess”- which is why she’s the one who defeated the game and got her happy ending.

    The “cat fight” scene between Venus and Sydney being purely verbal and not physical was very sensational and compelling. It really showed how much power words of truth can have over violence, especially between females. This was a fantastic modernized version of the cliche cat fight – especially with the line, “You’re one of those girls that peaks in high school”! (In my opinion, this was far more entertaining than the cliche physical cat fight.)

    The fact that Venus’ name was “Venus” was a great allusion to the modern self-esteem model going on with young people nowadays. We keep telling young people that they’re all going to be “the best”. Naming your kid after a Roman God is definitely putting a lot of pressure/expectation of your child to be “greater than average”.

    The film also does a good job setting up Venus’ situation in the beginning and how easily children can become victims of single mothers. While her mother has no malicious intent, Venus still has the burden that most children of single mothers have when they reach adulthood: when the single mom wants the child-now-adult to make sacrifices for the “family”, rather than the other way around. As expected, Juliette Lewis does her usually excellent job at playing the bad mom (see Hysterical Blindness film) – trying to force her fantasy about the situation on her daughter, by saying she’ll be her “college roommate”. (Yikes!)

    When Venus meets “Ian” and he is holding her favorite book, it was brilliant the way she immediately apologized after offering such an intellectual discussion about it. This was very symbolic of how many in the social media generation prefer superficiality to substance and how she felt the need to apologize for saying something smart and stimulating – something previous generations didn’t experience as they weren’t so anti-intellectual.

    The character of Tommy as the best friend – with a crush on the lead – was great symbolism of what has happened to a lot of young men today. He was dressed in traditional clothes from a previous era and represented the traditional “voice of reason”. He was also the first to be suspicious of the game’s intentions, manipulations and capabilities. However, as with many males in the Millennial and younger generations, he had lost a lot of his masculinity. He had traded a lot of masculinity for a more sensitive/passiveness, and unfortunately, it didn’t get him the girl – though he did “save the day” and put an end to the game (and he seemed to have a shot with Sydney at the end). Even when he did try to be more assertive and stand up for Venus by speaking for her, it wasn’t done right and came off more offensive and “crossing-the-line”. He hadn’t honed the skills of when to put his foot down and how etc.

    Tommy’s character was also an interesting contrast to Ian/Sam’s. Ian was clearly not as smart as Tommy but he was much more suave and masculine overall. The chemistry between the two – primarily the reactions in Tommy’s character to Ian’s character – was exceptional. Heizer did such a good job playing the jealous role and delivered his lines with brilliant nuance (“I’m sorry I’m sitting here.”) The entire diner scene between these two from beginning to end was hilarious. From the “It’s a dare” response to “He thought those were our fries”, Heizer really delivered in his performance, primarily when it came to subtlety. This also showed how most women still choose masculinity (Ian) over other qualities in men (Tommy), instinctually (her previous crush JP, was an athlete).

    Even though Venus was very interested in Ian, it was ironic that she tried to push her friend Sydney in her place – which probably had something to do with the fact that she just saw that JP would have rather chosen Sydney over herself. This was very symbolic of how many “good” girls today feel inferior to the “bad” girls that are more sexually proactive and confident. It also shows how young girls today know too little about the difference between when a guy is looking for “party girls” and when a guy is looking for a “steady girl”.

    I also liked how the film showed that Venus and Ian were abundantly awkward at first whenever they were in person, showing why a lot of young people today just choose social media instead of more personal forms of communication (since they have the option).

    “White people problems” was a great little nuanced commentary of how sometimes racism comes from non-White people to White people. When the black man heard Lewis saying “someone’s sending me money?” and responded with “white people problems” without any context to the situation, it showed how he immediately assumed that it must have been a racial thing and that there could be no negatives associated with it. In reality, just minutes later the film was showing how Venus, a white girl, experienced prejudice from both a white man and woman about not being able to afford the expensive clothing in the store when she was asking for the dress – and she really couldn’t afford it! (Not to mention that the money was tied to this sinister game that could cost you your life.)

    There was also some allusions to the “power of anonymity”, which were also executed brilliantly:

    Since Venus and Ian didn’t know their phones were recording their conversation, it allowed the unfiltered truth to come out (about Sydney having a “revolving door of guys” and how Venus thought “it’s sad, really” because she’s the one who’s really “insecure”.

    By the finals round, the “Watchers” were wearing masks and bandanas to cover their identity – very similar to the modern emotional fascists aka ANTIFA.

    Venus’ speech exposed the “watchers” as being responsible in their own ways for participating, despite the fact that they wore these masks to make them brave and feel like they weren’t responsible.

    This movie did indulge in some classic Hollywood liberties (though it did provide some balance when showing all of the “fails” which outnumbered these following successes):

    The entire bike scene where the couple did not get hurt or crash, even with Ian being blindfolded and getting up to 60mph was completely unbelievable – including the ending of that scene.

    The entire ladder-height scene (with both girls) was very unbelievable, primarily when Venus was able to walk across – even if she is petite size.

    Ty living through the train scene was very unbelievable.

    Juliette Lewis’ quote near the end, “you guys are the dumbest, smartest kids I ever met” was a great statement about the youth today. In some ways, they are very smart and have a ton of knowledge and education at the tip of their fingertips, which gives them a lot of potential; On the other hand, they make a lot of bad decisions and too often act impulsively, self-centeredly and carelessly (not thinking of potential long-term outcomes).

    Ending the film by having Venus texting/emailing Sam “No more phones… I’d rather just see you” and getting confirmation to meet up before signing offline, was probably the best possible way to end the film.

    *End of Spoiler Alert!*

    This film had a surprising amount of witty quips that were very funny and always delivered perfectly.

    The movie’s lowest point is honestly it’s soundtrack. Yikes! Most of the music was pretty awful and corny in the worst way. That being said, I do think there was a point to it, as the music was obviously lacking in artistic feel and talent; just like Millennials and younger so far have been lacking in artistic feel and talent (as a Generation compared to previous ones). With all of the other symbolism and allusions going on in this film, I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think the music was decided on, along the same lines.

    Overall this film was a phenomenal social commentary on the social media generation. A surprisingly thought-provoking teen film with compelling performances.

  • John MJuly 27, 2017Reply

    Just a flashy piece of shit that cares more about its different camera angles than substance. Also, if they’re trying to base this in reality, the dares given are too “Hollywood” and typical Action film dares. If you look at the Internet, the majority of people are just perverted and would dare people to just do weird sex shit, so I didn’t buy it at any moment.

  • Maritza DAugust 2, 2017Reply

    Maybe if I had not seen HTSAMD first I would had been nicer. So this was crap I FF 75% of it

  • Renee RAugust 4, 2017Reply

    Finally a different story line, dares for money!

  • Collin PAugust 11, 2017Reply

    Nerve isn’t groundbreaking and it has many plot holes, yet at the same time it’s an entertaining movie and a little unsettling to think of what would happen were it true.

  • AnonymousAugust 12, 2017Reply

    More about anonymous message boards like 4chan than general social media, I laughed, cried, and marveled at the neon aesthetic. Though it won’t change minds, it is enjoyable for those who already agree with its message.

  • Farah RAugust 12, 2017Reply

    Roberts and Franco have great chemistry and their likable characters are the centerpiece of this adrenaline-fueled thriller. Nerve tackles a real issue as people’s obsession with social media has become more evident every year and although the movie reaches a level of implausibility, it remains a fast-paced and visually appealing teen flick.

  • Yon CAugust 13, 2017Reply

    Wow how did it get 65% on RT and 4/5 stars on Amazon video. Just wow.

  • Elizabeth GAugust 14, 2017Reply

    I like the creative dares they are pretty good

  • Brandon YAugust 15, 2017Reply

    The characters are cliche, and it’s a bit formulaic, but the commentary, its overdubbed, but it’s important. This movie is worth one watch.

  • Nik MAugust 20, 2017Reply

    It combines today’s modernistic technologies with some tough messages (albeit intended for a very particular audience) to form a stylish, energetic film that takes its viewers through an odd but understandable process of preaching to the masses. Fortunately, it was made in the perfect time and fits appropriately into today’s youth cultures.

  • Andy FAugust 22, 2017Reply

    Julia Roberts’ niece and James Franco’s little brother play Fear Factor.

  • Joel KAugust 24, 2017Reply

    Aside from a few inaccuracies, mostly technology related, Nerve is an alright movie.

  • Jens SAugust 25, 2017Reply

    What starts out as a pretty accurate portrayal of teenager’s online habits these days (and a very well presented one at that) soon takes it a step further, like in a somewhat friendly Black Mirror episode. Things are pretty interesting, sometimes even exciting, but the film sometimes shies away from being too toxic or mean. The message it is sending is still worth noting, even though the solution is maybe a tad too naive. Emma Roberts carries the film with her very natural and likable portrayal of a regular teenager. A worthy effort, well done.

  • Dan SSeptember 3, 2017Reply

    1/2 star is as low as I can go.

  • Jesus CSeptember 3, 2017Reply

    I remember when everyone on Snapchat and Facebook were talking about this “TOTALLY KOOL” new movie that made them scared of technology. Nerve, a 2016 film about a shy high school senior signing up for an game app called Nerve that gives her thrilling dares to complete for money but soon everything starts to get way out of hand, is one of the worst teen films I’ve ever seen. Luckily I didn’t waste money on it and waited till it was free to stream.
    I did like the idea of an app that controls you and everyone online are just spectators watching you being tortured, but then I had this thought…BLACK MIRROR ALREADY FUCKING DID IT!!! For those who don’t know, Black Mirror is a Netflix British Anthology Series about the terrifying effects of modern technology. The idea has already be done on not just one episode but two, Shut Up And Dance and White Bear (these are fantastic episodes that you should watch instead of this film). I know just because they have the same idea doesn’t mean it’s automatically a flaw but the film executes it poorly by spelling out the hypocritical meaning to the audience, raising more questions than answers, and not creating a unique environment for the idea. What made the idea work in Black Mirror was that their world was something different and it was believable for it to happen there, but Nerve decided to just set it up in our own New York City in the present which makes the idea look unrealistic, dull, and confusing.
    The characters are just the run of the mill blank forgettable high school cliques. You got the the shy protagonist, the protagonist’s nerd, the protagonist’s KOOL friend, the protagonist’s forced love interests, and the protagonist’s unfunny comic relief. None of them are unique or special enough to be remembered. For some reason, the filmmakers think that we would be more invested in the high school drama instead of the mysterious cult built around this app so the mystery aspect only get about 30 minutes of screen time.
    The cinematography has nothing special to offer, and there are times that the neon lighting is just blinding to the eye.
    I know that Dave Franco can be a good actor but you can tell that he’s not trying his best, and I had a hard time believing that Emma Roberts is this shy nice smart high schooler. The rest of the cast is pretty forgettable roles.
    Nerve is one of those big awful corporate films that only care to get their PG-13 demographic to give money. This film will soon be outdated and forgotten in a few years, but once they got a decent box office…it will never stop.

  • Lorenzo PSeptember 5, 2017Reply

    Interesting and clever story. Adrenaline the whole way!

  • Kevin tSeptember 13, 2017Reply

    Surprisingly a pretty good movie!

  • Kyle MSeptember 13, 2017Reply

    Even though published a couple years prior, the film adaptation turned the lesser-known book into a topically, timely approach that was admittedly well done when being depicted as today’s (hidden) force behind behavioral teenage shenanigans. The appeals for the film are the satisfying payoff and the charisma coming from the main pair being likable leads, but it’s unsure if it’s enough when having to watch the film’s nature, whether realistic or not, being sickeningly worse than “The Truman Show” in a way of teenage dystopia through the eye-rolling addiction of mobile devices. (B-)

    (Full review TBD)

  • Bradley JSeptember 16, 2017Reply

    Eschewing the typical teen movie tropes for a much smarter and surreal concept, Nerve is strikingly fun and fast-paced and presents an idea that seems alarmingly close to home. Besides some middle of the road performances, Nerve is highly stylized and sometimes even thrilling putting emphasis on visual electricity and the strength of the clever scenario. It’s no classic and it moralizes a bit too bluntly at the climax, but for the audience this movie is aiming its eye at, they will eat this up. Rating: 68

  • Ian WSeptember 19, 2017Reply

    I have been up and down with Nerve, from there first trailer I was hyped as hell, then the second one came and it seemed too invested in the characters, rather than the game. I’m glad I finally got to watch it.

    I love the plot/idea for Nerve, it’s something that you can believe would happen in today’s society, to an extent. Things quickly take a dark turn, going from a fun game to get you out your shell to a dangerous life risking extravaganza. It feels a little unbelievable and inconsistent at times, it’s borderline plausible though. The bit that bugs me the most is how it goes from a massive popular game to what seems to be a witch hunt, it’s far to specific to be lead by anonymous users and if it isn’t that, why is no one held accountable for what would have been murder. Yes everyone who watched get the message they’re accomplices to murder, but in the bigger picture, who made the game, who runs the game, who decides what dares are good and what dares are bad. So many questions are left unanswered, or unexplored. The ending lacked, considering the amazing build up.

    The thing I was most surprised about was how I connected with the lead Vee (Emma Roberts), from the trailer, I saw her being the biggest flaw with the movie, having seen her in some previous roles. Vee and Ian (Dave Franco) are what made this movie so great, already being a big fan of Franco helped.

    It’s a really fun and engaging thriller, I absolutely loved it. That being said it had a few flaws, plot holes being the biggest. None the less it’s definitely worth the watch, I was on the edge of my seat from start to end.

  • Daniel WOctober 2, 2017Reply

    A teen movie aimed at teens written at a teen level, Nerve is pretty and distracting, but not nearly as deep or meaningful as it thinks.

  • Cassandra BOctober 2, 2017Reply

    Can’t believe i almost didn’t watch this because of a bunch of stupid reviews. Granted this movie is for the younger crowd, but i remember the days of having fun with Dares and I loved this movie.

  • Richard SOctober 26, 2017Reply

    I’ve seen films before about mysterious organisations daring participants to complete dares for cash, each one getting more dangerous and darker in tone but none of them have been as enjoyable as this one. Although obviously aimed at a teenage audience I still thought this was a fun movie with some great moments of tension.

  • Leanne VNovember 2, 2017Reply

    Ce film est juste un pur chef d’uvre ??

  • AnonymousNovember 5, 2017Reply

    It was a amazing movie and it had you on the edge of your seat loved it

  • Soledad LNovember 22, 2017Reply

    Even though it was far-fetched, it was entertaining until it turned serious. Then it was all completely unbelievable & there were way too many holes in the story.
    For example, they made it seem like a long-term game where you did a couple of pranks a day & then all of the e sudden it accelerates so fast in a couple of hours?
    They also make it seem like it’s a worldwide phenomenon but everything revolves around Staten Island, of all places?
    They had an entertaining story going that they dumbed down and rushed.

  • Ed KNovember 25, 2017Reply

    Fun Black-Mirrorish concept, well executed until an extremely dumb and unlikely ending.

  • Ozzy FNovember 25, 2017Reply

    The basic plot of the original book by Jeanne Ryan, and hence this movie, is a clear rip-off of the US movie “13 Sins” (if a rather watered down version for teens), which was itself is a Western version of the Thai movie “13: Game of Death” (aka 13 Beloved). This can be easily verified by watching either of these movies – I’m amazed that nobody else has pointed this out. This movie seems to work as a teen movie but I’m not a teenager and couldn’t take my mind off the blatant plagiarism.

  • MovieMew _November 25, 2017Reply

    “Nerve” tells the story of an illicit social media game of pubescent escapades, gone wrong.
    Although the eventual premise is fairly predictable and cringy, the story is well-rounded and unique, with an added perfectly coordinated overall visual; the neon-digital lighting style seems ever-so-fitting, and looks beautiful in doing so. Every now and then, fisheye perspectives or CGI-overlays are used as to make it seem like the audience is inside a cellphone, which greatly adds to the individuality of this particular film.

    That being said, the acting is fairly mediocre – and I’m not entirely sure if this has to do with either the actors or the writing being bland – to a point where it’ll most likely be the property to this film that’ll bother most viewers.

    All-in-all, I’d recommend watching it for the visual, and also because it’s still quite the thrill – thus perfectly succeeding in what “Nerve” stands for.

  • Spencer MNovember 28, 2017Reply

    Mediocre. Gaps in logic are plentiful, but the action is fun enough to make a worthy distraction.

  • Galvy FDecember 4, 2017Reply

    (4.5 out of 6)- originality
    When we live in a reality of artificial intelligence knowing everything there is to see & know about the human life we see it connects us to places we know what is suitable for us and disconnects us to unsuitable places. When we see that what others see ourselves as just a person that no one pays attention to we prove them wrong by going against all what we see and everybody else sees. When what others can’t see what life plans for us we see it’s programmable to go to places with those unlike us to different places we wouldn’t think of going alone. When we see we go in lonilier and darker places when there can only be one person everyone needs to see in life, a winner to follow to only see that we are not a great example for those to follow when what we see crazy needs to stop. When we see what gets something’s to stop is to unfollow and go seperate ways where no one is following anyone but themselves when what builds such momentum in hype of seeing things is ourselves in what we want to watch. When we see no one can control us when we see it’s not too late to see we can change and follow our own path that we want.

  • lizy lDecember 6, 2017Reply

    Esta estupidez no la recomiendo es una chingada y me enoja todos esos viejos blancos estupidosque no saben nada si yo pudiera les daria 0 estrellas

  • AnonymousDecember 13, 2017Reply

    Flashy, catchy, fun, surprising.

  • AnonymousDecember 20, 2017Reply

    Nerve is cool and a fun ride led by Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Vee’s need for adrenaline is a bit forced, but the chemistry between the leads really helps.

  • Akhigbe KDecember 26, 2017Reply

    A nice and wonderful concept but unfortunately with a rushed montage and rushed plot. It not only feels like the plot development was rushed but the plot itself feels rushed and everything doesn’t just seems to fall in place. No relationship can develop over a night and last a long time, I mean no true bond that will allow one sacrifice something important can develop in a night. That’s just BS

  • Bill WJanuary 2, 2018Reply

    Solid enjoyable plausible thriller.

  • Jerry GJanuary 19, 2018Reply

    Very impressive movie filled with awesome action sequences.

  • Emilie DJanuary 25, 2018Reply

    It was awesome!! Love the suspense and love story:)

  • AnonymousJanuary 28, 2018Reply

    it didn’t suck. kind of a fun movie.

  • AnonymousMarch 19, 2018Reply

    I loved it! Great story, action packed!

  • AnonymousMarch 24, 2018Reply

    Great plot and story line, I really love the artists in this story on how they portray their character. The film is so much captivating. Awesome film quality and everything is perfect. I like this one

  • AnonymousApril 12, 2018Reply

    Fantastic movie….. Cool idea even better acted. Does have some dead areas but overall great movie. Love the way it is played out!!!!

  • Megan BApril 16, 2018Reply

    Overall Nerve may not be film of the year but has an interesting aspect to it when focusing on the mil lineal and z generation being so focused upon electronics. It does really expose that people specifically teenagers will do anything no matter how dangerous for a few “likes”. James franco did a fabulous job playing the part as usual. The use of harsh neon lighting and intense scores greatly overall adding to the quality of the film They demanded attention and made up for where the story lacked. Nerve was not you normal coming of age story, but one filed with a focus upon how media can consume and even take ones life.

  • Qavalina AApril 17, 2018Reply

    When high school senior Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) gets pressured by her friends to join a game called Nerve, her life is forever changed as she finds an adrenaline junkie within her. The movie starts off strong, but somehow loses its way and leaves you wondering what happened. Rated PG13, this thriller is suitabe for the teen drama lovers.

  • Graham NApril 18, 2018Reply

    Quite plausable story moving at a good pace. There were a couple of scenes where I did struggle to suspend my disbelief.

  • AnonymousApril 28, 2018Reply

    This movie surprised me. I anticipated it being average but the climax of the movie was seriously suspenseful. My palms were sweating and my heart hurt a little bit. I’d recommend it to any teenagers or young adults looking for a suspenseful movie to watch.

  • Sarah EApril 30, 2018Reply

    Really enjoyed this film.

  • Filip MMay 3, 2018Reply

    this is certainly one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. I think it was just too accurate about the dangers of social media for us online reviewers. the best part about this movie was that there wasn’t some old man cackling and stroking his cat at the end – the evil, the danger, was spread out to the anonymous participants of the cruel game. The Nazis weren’t scary because Hitler was crazy. The Nazis were scary because a whole nation supported the horrific genocide.

    Besides, I really can’t understand the people who gave a movie with that classic “white people problems” scene (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about) such a low rating.

  • Johnny LMay 12, 2018Reply

    I think that the film lacks suspense and drama. I think they could not give you all those emotions that the book brings, when you get to read it. now the music was excellent and also the performance of Emma Roberts.

  • AnonymousMay 27, 2018Reply

    emma carried the show.

  • Joel HMay 29, 2018Reply

    Nerve is colorful, frantic fun. This film does a good job of making you care about the characters, even if the rules of the game are muddled and the ending feels a bit forced. It also offers pointed commentary on hiding behind anonymous online usernames. However, the most impressive part of this fictional movie is how it feels unsettlingly close to reality.

  • Stephanie PJune 11, 2018Reply

    Charming, engaging and important lesson to teach. Would recommend!

  • AnonymousJuly 11, 2018Reply

    Nah i do no recommend

  • angela fJuly 11, 2018Reply

    ?????????????????????????????? speechless

  • Late RJuly 15, 2018Reply

    Stylish filmed and incredibly pertinent to the times, the general premise of ‘Nerve’ is surprisingly clever – it’s the type of thing that could easily be going on under our very noses. Continuing to raise the tension with increasingly thrilling and fast-paced scenarios for the kids to take part in, it ultimately questions just how far people are willing to go for internet-fame and money. Unfortunately, it becomes gradually sillier towards the final act, with the ending itself being particularly unlikely and stupid. Still, it’s much more enjoyable than I thought it would be and a nice time-killer.

  • Mike MAugust 1, 2018Reply

    Very good teen movie

  • AnonymousAugust 14, 2018Reply

    Far better than expected. Highly entertaining and enjoyable and fun, many people brought good points for plot holes like how it was a worldwide phenomenon and it was, but each year they change the city, last year it was Seattle, this year was NYC. The second plot hole that people talked about was how they escalated the dares so fast, there isn’t an explanation set in stone but based on how people quickly escalate things to an extreme all the time I would say it’s fitting. Another point people made was that in real life people would want to dare the players to do sexual stuff, and yeah they would but considering they didn’t want to make it a rated R film since the movie was intended for the teen market this was the most they could do. I believe this movie was great, the fine details throughout the movie and the psychology behind it blends perfectly with the concept, and the way the players shut down the game was clever but I wish the plan was shown being made a little more clearly

  • Caro RAugust 17, 2018Reply

    Nerve is the first movie I watch that its directed by Ariel Shulman and Henry Joost, they made a marvelous movie even though the topic it’s a very typical one nowadays. They manage to keep your eye attached to the screen the whole time. I didn’t get tired or bored of the movie and I’m a very glad I saw it even if it was two years later, I would definitely watch another movie from these directors.

    The actors were one of my favorite things about this movie, Emma Roberts did an amazing job as a brave and ‘trying new things’ character and James Franco was the right choice for this, with a simple smile you would say yes to anything! I also loved the acting of Miles Heizer, the jealous best friend who will always care and protect Vee.

    Now, my favorite thing about this: the soundtrack. All songs matched perfectly with the scenes and almost all of them where recent which I loved and really enjoyable.

    Overall, the only thing I found really dramatic was the ending, but it really makes you think about the consequences of internet and all of that, ill say it’s a worth seeing movie if you like suspense and young love and drama. Give it a try!

  • Abdulaziz AAugust 20, 2018Reply

    Had a fair share of the “high school romance, crush, coming of age, adventure” moments but other than that, the idea of havibg this game was fun and original.

  • antonio sSeptember 4, 2018Reply

    very fun movie, upbeat and puts me in a great mood !

  • Pierce SSeptember 13, 2018Reply

    Great cinematography with an intriguing story. Went in with little optimism but was pleasantly surprised. I would very much disagree with this film being a “lecture on the dangers of social media” and say that it’s more an illustration of mob mentality and peer pressure especially for young people, But regardless of the message, it was a very entertaining film.

  • Alex ESeptember 16, 2018Reply

    Honestly my favorite movie, I could watch it all day without getting bored.

  • Toby HSeptember 20, 2018Reply

    Hadn’t heard of this film, but red the synopsis and liked the concept. Played out well, and really enjoyed it, despite some big plot holes.

  • AnonymousOctober 5, 2018Reply


  • giorgia tOctober 14, 2018Reply

    i mean it is a nice, light movie

  • Andy SOctober 20, 2018Reply

    Emma Roberts is cute. She’s got that girl next door vibe. High school is totally not like this. Ok, this movie became interesting all of a sudden because it’s very relevant to today. This is eventually how it’s going to be if people are willing enough to do stupid dares. It’s a great premise and definitely a statement to how today’s social media is growing.

    I will say, the interactions among all these young lads seem pretty genuine and I’m into it. The music though, ehh. I think the most interesting aspect is that it needs to be kept a secret when playing. I see what they’re doing with the garage lot lights, making it look like they’re in a game all Tron-like. This is great how the players interact with the other players via the watchers making suggestions. It’s kind of like Twitch.

    They should have just done away with all the music. It just ruins certain scenes where there deserves to be silence. Instead, there’s some high pitched voice bitch yodeling. This movie got to show how toxic anonymous people can be on the internet. Malicious and inconsiderate just for entertainment. This is so relevant nowadays with Twitch and any streaming platform.

    This actually turned out to be a really good movie. It’s got some really good messages the hopefully a lot of the dumb kids could take away from. Hopefully, social media or twitch never gets to this point. A fast paced movie, this was a really easy watch and really entertaining.

  • AnonymousOctober 22, 2018Reply

    This movie is still interesting at some points, but it’s pretty bland.

  • Roy MNovember 1, 2018Reply

    It’s a good movie to watch together with friends using boxxy software and to have a nice time

  • Gonçalo SNovember 4, 2018Reply

    “Nerve” é um excelente filme, com um tema muito bem trabalhado, através de uma história pulsante e intensa.

  • Paulo CNovember 5, 2018Reply

    I enjoy this movie few times on boxxy software, no problem with viruses cause i activate the built-in VPN

  • Kyle VNovember 9, 2018Reply

    Great pacing, perfect music, interesting plot, likable characters, and some truly heart-racing sequences. Awesome movie 🙂

  • AnonymousNovember 23, 2018Reply

    It’s starts off ok, but by the end, these dorky teens are action heros and computer hackers. Too far fetched to be believed. Emma Roberts does an honorable job as the lead, but the script is just too weak to overcome. Cannot recommend

  • Simon SDecember 15, 2018Reply

    This is the first movie in a while that I can say without doubt is an utter piece of crap. Nerve may seem tense, but it’s PG-13 rating and, well, almost everything else really brings the movie down. Horrible acting, script, and ending… almost everything about this movie is bad.

  • Justyn%20 FDecember 16, 2018Reply

    Loved it. It had great cinematic quality and a good plot.

  • AnonymousDecember 16, 2018Reply

    Just when you think this movie about 30-year-old high schoolers can’t get any dumber, it lowers the bar in fantastic fashion. Worth a watch if, like me, you enjoy so-bad-it’s-good.

  • Nada AJanuary 15, 2019Reply

    One of the best movies ever it puts u on the edge Really under rated movie

  • Anthony SJanuary 19, 2019Reply

    Better than I expected actually.

  • Tim WFebruary 6, 2019Reply

    Just so stupid. And boring. And annoying. The soundtrack was awful. The characters were under-developed and unlikeable. The premise was kind of cool but just executed poorly. Like a bad episode of Black Mirror. A lot of plot holes. Nonsense. And bad acting.

  • AnonymousApril 3, 2019Reply

    Great movie, I want another

  • AnonymousApril 27, 2019Reply

    Acting meh. But boy is this movie entertaining! I never wanted it to End! But main character not amazing

  • Trevor Joseph OMay 27, 2019Reply

    I liked it up until the ending. It worth a watch through. Acting was good, story line very interesting until the end. But would watch it again

  • Ian GJune 2, 2019Reply

    Nerve is really one of those movies that has a plot centered around such a cool concept that the movie is fun but not necessarily good. Our main character is not very interesting or fun but it is good to see her be turned into more of a rebel by our other main protagonist who is a really interesting and fun character. The side characters are good but the plot around the hackers was pretty silly. Very entertaining scenes with a very good soundtrack makes this movie honestly pretty entertaining.

  • Juan Francisco CJune 13, 2019Reply

    I loved it from start to finish. Yes, maybe it’s not a masterpiece, but I still enjoyed Emma’s performance and the plot kept me engaged throughout the movie.

  • Dr RJuly 12, 2019Reply

    Hyper breakneck paced action that’s smart and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  • John PJuly 31, 2019Reply

    Stupid, I Mean it probably would attract the college people crowd but other than this is not a film for everyone. The Dares were stupid the plot was bland and overall it was just not a winner. i give it a 55%

  • Marco GAugust 31, 2019Reply

    Suprisingly entertaining, exiting and funny movie with (to me) unknown actors in the lead who all showed some great acting. Was just browsing on Netflix and when I viewed the first five minutes of this movie, I just could not stop watching it anymore.

  • Cort JSeptember 15, 2019Reply

    Watchable …but the ending is nonsense

  • Joseph BOctober 6, 2019Reply

    An interesting concept…even though it doesn’t always hit it’s mark…still worth a viewing!

  • Marnie ZOctober 7, 2019Reply

    More for teenagers… I found it annoying..

  • Margot MOctober 26, 2019Reply

    I really REALLY liked Nerve!
    It was fun, exciting, thrilling and very imaginative. I love to see work like this that is different and clever. Based off of something that everyone knows too well and puts a twist on it. The whole idea of the influence of social media starting out as a ‘game’ and then further on turning into a life or death situation with circumstances.
    I thought it was well done and I have a soft spot for the Neon Lights! They made it look so energising and fresh. Well done to Emma Roberts and David Franklin for their fabulous performances as well.

  • AnonymousNovember 9, 2019Reply

    Nerve is an interesting movie. The performances are well done and the movie shows a lot how far technology can go. It’s a fast-paced thriller that will keep you entertained. Some parts of the movie though are pretty far-fetched and the ending is just average. Still it’s an enjoyable little thriller if you like all the tech.

  • AnonymousNovember 9, 2019Reply

    Nerve is an interesting movie. The performances are well done and the movie shows a lot how far technology can go. It’s a fast-paced thriller that will keep you entertained. Some parts of the movie though are pretty far-fetched and the ending is just average. Still it’s an enjoyable little thriller if you like all the tech.

  • Greg MDecember 2, 2019Reply

    Damn millennials. You guys just fall for everything don’t you? First off, this was already made numerous times. Apart from that, let’s slap together a bunch of doofus trash animations from 1999 and call it the internet as though even the dumbest apps don’t have mountains of UX design poured into them. Can’t take Nerve down? In what world? This sweeping basket of moronics adequately represents what I call the age of mediocrity. From concept to participation, to the target audience, and the interests of the world as a whole in this century, this movie is a true incarnation of feeble skills being celebrated for petty amusements no more valuable than any of the laughless family circle comics from my youth. Nothing even remotely plausible. Just a whole bunch of youtuber era idiots doing stupid things for no good reason except the singular desire to prove the Darwinian survival of the fittest notion as about the only axiomatic aspect of the generation we all can’t wait to outlive. If you’re one of those millennial idiots coming upon this, spend the next hour and a half reading a Calvin and Hobbes book instead. You might accidentally remove yourself from the lineup of tomorrow’s next viral dumbass. Famous for all the wrong reasons.

  • Jon HDecember 15, 2019Reply

    A pretty good story about how peer pressure and apps can be harmful. When cautious unadventurous student Vee gets informed of a new app called Nerve by her friend, she signs up. There are two ways to use it. Are you a watcher or are you a player? Vee quickly becomes a player as her freind convinces her to be more adventurous. The game? Dares. They start off simply enough. Try on an expensive dress, cliff dive, kiss a stranger.. the more dares you do, the more money you get. It sounds easy right? Well.. the dares get increasingly more deadly, from driving blindfolded at 60 mph on a motorcycle, to laying on a traintrack while a train passes over you. All the while the watchers goad you on. The police in the film seem complicant with the app, but it is never specified why. The ending is okay, not anything to write home about, but a fitting end for the film. While it may not be the absolute best film, it’s definitely worth a watch.

  • Santiago MDecember 19, 2019Reply

    The plot couldn’t be sillier for being polite to the movie, the characters don’t have a sense of danger and common sense and too many convenient moments happen like the dress part (conveniently her size and the zip on the back was put perfectly) or her “best friend” scene in which they argue like they hate each and a couple of scenes later they are besties like wow you just argued and what we can assume was a couple of hours into the movie they act as if the argument never happened? Also the fact Vee blames the game for putting her in all the trouble she is in is absolutely ridiculous, SHE BROUGHT HERSELF INTO THAT SITUATION, by accepting all the r******* dares she is out through, the motorcycle scene is nothing but nonsensical, try that in any avenue and see what happens you will probably die or get badly hurts seconds after you start. And the end with all that people cheering for them?? They are supposed to be the enemy now because they are “snitchs” so why in the world would you cheer for someone who wants to tear your game down??? And the gunshot scene and the part where the Ty guy off camera talked with Syd even though is never shown in the movie and it’s vital to basically the survival of Vee because if Syd wouldn’t have told Ty about the plan he would have killed her because it is stablished he doesn’t give a damn about the dares and he just wants to win so I call this one chief a Mary Sue not a MarRey Sue but one in a more sutile way.
    And utterly dull movie with a cliche THEME that ends up being cringe and super forced.
    I don’t know why am I giving it a 2 when the review seems like it deserves a -6 but I was entertained on how bad it was so that’s my excuse.

  • Joshua MDecember 20, 2019Reply

    It’s just such a nonsensical story. Maybe that was the point, but if so they didn’t commit enough to make the final twist satisfying. (C-)

  • Zack DFebruary 1, 2020Reply

    I wanted to love this movie, but it just seemed to misfire on all cylinders.

  • Michael CFebruary 1, 2020Reply

    Despite an intriguing premise, and a good performance by Emma Roberts, Nerve is a complete mess. It crosses the suspension of disbelief line so far that it ends up being laughably ludicrous.

  • Jordan TFebruary 3, 2020Reply

    Utilising a framework of particular interest these days – “techno-triller” combined with a truth-or-dare style game – Nerve is solid, possibly the best of the bunch that I’ve seen in this genre. A social media morality-questioning, young, fast paced movie to watch on a night in for fun. By not over-reaching and with each aspect done well enough (and some Dave Franco charm), it’s an enjoyable watch, and probably writer Sharzer’s best film work to date.

  • Mila SFebruary 12, 2020Reply

    A movie for teens that is very beautifully shot. It’s great that the film raises the urgent problem of data security. Many children don’t know that there are already applications like Utopia P2P that guarantee complete security of personal data.

  • Gven DFebruary 12, 2020Reply

    An exciting story for teens. For adults, the film will be less interesting. He interested me only from a technical point of view, in this sense, the creators have a good imagination. But in the real world, of course, access to personal data is more difficult – many are already using Utopia p2p, and it is completely anonymous.

  • Andre VFebruary 14, 2020Reply

    Besides the major plot holes and frequent lapses of logic altogether, the fast-paced, dramatic events manage to plaster certain cracks in the movie, making the uniqueness of the movie, a combination of The Purge and Eagle Eye, grip the audience in awestruck fashion. Mainly, I am critical of how the acting and the writing rots as the movie progresses, forcing the formidable main cast, such as Emma Roberts and James Franco, to deteriorate before my very own eyes; the first fifteen minutes will cast the each character’s personality, while the last hour and twenty will bleed flaws in character reactions, which digress from the onset of reality. On a final note, I would recommend to watch this if you’re stuck in a car with five siblings and you made an impulse to buy this on iTunes.

  • Bristol-Lee VFebruary 23, 2020Reply

    So set up and really scripted

  • Chiagozie OMarch 2, 2020Reply

    I liked it leading up towards the end of the film, then I felt like it struggled to finish

  • Juan PMarch 9, 2020Reply

    Nerve, buena pero no tanto

  • Kaila EApril 3, 2020Reply

    The concept is cool but the execution left for a lot of plot holes and a dissatisfying resolution. And the acting was suuuuuper subpar.

  • Ryder HApril 5, 2020Reply

    It’s a super fun time and a great use of lighting and the cinematography is insane!

  • johnaven pApril 5, 2020Reply

    This movie can really show teens how the internet could destroy you. Some scenes are unnecessary, but the movie was great and id love to recomend it!

  • Left CApril 22, 2020Reply

    Really solid to make an lazy evening more exciting. Solid performances and a very nice cinematography are causing some thrilling scenes in the dirt of New York. A weakness is the sometimes to clishe moments. But in the end it shows us how big the power of social media and internet really is. Not a masterpiece but worth looking

  • Amanda RMay 9, 2020Reply

    Fun. I don’t know why I watched this movie, but I did, and I’m not mad about it. Could’ve improved the last twenty or so minutes but otherwise entertaining.

  • Monster TMay 11, 2020Reply

    Great connection built between the two leads as they conquer life-threatening obstacles together. Awesome cast and highly entertaining.

  • Scarlett MJune 11, 2020Reply

    This movie is honestly really thrilling if you’re into those kinds of movies. :))

  • AnonymousJune 28, 2020Reply

    great movie, exciting, enthralling throughout. Actors great but not A list so didn’t do as well as it should. Original

  • Benjamin HJuly 4, 2020Reply

    Kind of cringy. Story isn’t’ that great.

  • Elmer WJuly 10, 2020Reply

    6.5. Nerve is able to capture a creative idea and carry it through the whole movie. It actually understands teen and pop culture to a certain extent, and creates an intriguing story that immerses you in NYC and the lives of these teens. While there are many issues with the movie from plot holes to hyperbolic attitudes, Nerve ultimately still is interesting with its one of a kind concept.

  • AnonymousJuly 15, 2020Reply

    greaat movie i love it emma roberts was amazing

  • Dakotah HJuly 16, 2020Reply

    Love it! Yes, it’s a very typical teen movie but it’s easy and enjoyable to watch and the soundtrack is a bop! Highly recommended, especially if you just need to pass time.

  • Karim RJuly 29, 2020Reply

    Holy crap this movie is probably the best movie I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand all the bad reviews this movie was great, beginning to end

  • Ashley HAugust 6, 2020Reply

    Nerve is a boring film. It is about a high school senior who finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Henry Joost did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

  • Chris MAugust 17, 2020Reply

    It’s hard to say anything positive about this pile of sh*t. Maybe that the production value wasn’t too bad…
    But the movie is, at best, an infantile realisation of a ludacris topic in a boring and shallow story. Congratulations on making something that should have surely won a Razzie.

  • Lucca BAugust 18, 2020Reply

    It certainly has its dumb moments and clichés, but a fast-paced narrative and charming leads help it overcome its flaws, making it a thrilling and entertaining albeit uneven viewing experience.

  • Jhosep GAugust 29, 2020Reply

    It’s not as the novel says, just (some of) the characters are similar, but the soundtrack, the performance, and the way the story occurs makes it a good movie to watch, recommended for everyone.

  • Brianna MAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Interesting line, definitely not a good movie if you have horrible anxiety

  • jeremy kSeptember 23, 2020Reply

    woulda been 5 but the girl didnt go with ty at the end

  • Linley LSeptember 29, 2020Reply

    A bit ‘millenial’ at times, but fun and fast-paced. Some real white knuckle moments, (for me at least ) and a sweet and skillful cast.

  • Mitchell HOctober 3, 2020Reply

    Roberts and Franco were excellent with great on-screen chemistry. Their performances ultimately carried the film that exposes relevant themes and social commentary on the perils of the Internet and social media all while being an enjoyable thrill ride. Deeply layered and complex story displayed pretty well in the limited 90 minute time frame.

  • Otvio FDecember 3, 2020Reply

    “Nerve” features solid performances by Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, it is a good film, with a compelling and competent story.

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