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Noble (2014)

Noble (2014)

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6.9 24 votes


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Christina Noble overcomes the harsh difficulties of her childhood in Ireland to discover her destiny on the streets of Saigon. A true story.

IMDb Rating 6.9 24 votes


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(32) comments

  • Simon RSeptember 24, 2014Reply

    Wonderful film showing what a remarkable lady Christina Noble is, overcoming a terrible childhood to make a real difference to an enormous number of children. Mixes humour and emotion to great effect.

  • Damian MOctober 1, 2014Reply

    Noble (7.5/10, 8th of 64 year-to-date) is a powerful biography of one of Ireland’s most inspirational people that benefits well from excellent performances from its 2 leads (middle Christina and elder Christina), slick direction and a general lack of sappiness. A couple of brief scenes towards the end let it down slightly but overall it is a delight, and I’ll be surprised if it’s not your Mammy’s favourite film of all time.

  • Rinse TOctober 8, 2014Reply

    Incredible, inspiring movie.

  • Elaine BOctober 9, 2014Reply

    Great movie really glad I went to see it. An amazing woman… Inspirational. It’s a weeper!

  • Patrick KMay 4, 2015Reply

    “Noble” triumphs! Powerful! Christina Noble’s angelic spirit shines bright!

    Deirdre O’Kane’s remarkable performance is mesmerizing. O’Kane is riveting!

    A victory for the human spirit and one’s faith!

    “Noble” is a glass full, overflowing with emotion. The film brings hope to the homeless, answers to the faithful. An uplifting, heartfelt true story!

    “Noble” is the true story of Christina Noble, a strong, spirited and determined woman who overcomes adversity and poverty on the streets of Ireland growing up. During her youth, she experiences dreams of Vietnam and understands that her life’s calling is in that country. However, in order to fulfill her desire she must first survive impossible odds and struggles no person should experience.

    The young, determined Christina Noble fights starvation, the early death of her Mother, and an absent and deadbeat father. Facing fears at nearly every turn, young Noble goes to her good place-singing her favorite Doris Day songs to cope. Smartly, she also begins a conversation with God, asking Him why she’s been dealt so much, so early in her life. The question can only be found in Vietnam.

    Arriving in Vietnam near the age of 40, Christina faces opposition from the local authorities as she attempts to improve the plight of the street children in Ho Chi Minh City. Here, the film really transforms into a powerful example of how one person can make a difference in the world. An intriguing and provocative story of hope materializes from Noble’s steadfast commitment to her faith in God and the children of Vietnam.

    The results of Christina Noble’s faith, determination and refusal to give up when facing adversity, are staggering on paper and live on even today. Now, go see it on film.

    Grade: A

    “Noble” is rated PG-13 with a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

  • Michelle AMay 8, 2015Reply

    a not a very inspirational inspirational biopic.

  • Larry GMay 8, 2015Reply

    A true story about a childhood gone wrong that leads to a life of charity and compassion by an Irishwoman in Vietnam. If you think your childhood was tough, see this movie and be inspired!

  • Lee MMay 8, 2015Reply

    Between a 6/10 and 7/10, often desperately sad but ultimately triumphant, Noble is a sincere and well-executed portrayal of good triumphing over evil.

  • Neil RMay 9, 2015Reply

    Not sure how this got so many positive reviews. The movie was boring and the acting was terrible. We were so bored we walked out of the movie after 30 minutes.

  • Dan AMay 11, 2015Reply

    Captivating story of a soul buffeted with incredible hardships from birth in order to become an indomitably- unconquerable instrument of redemption for those who have no voice and who are similarly situated. Like gold, the wonderful human spirit is minted in the crucible of fire.

  • Ruby JMay 13, 2015Reply

    Kind of uneven, but with heart. Knowing it is based on a true story grips you and serves as a moral mist to your soul.

  • Gary GMay 15, 2015Reply

    Another excellent true story. My wife and I both wanted to to go on and on when it ended. Would make an excellent mini-series. Jumps around through time, but just to fill in the blanks in the past.

  • Robert SMay 15, 2015Reply

    A true story of a woman’s heroic journey from the mean streets of Dublin to the meaner streets of Saigon. Most inspiring.

  • Alan GMay 16, 2015Reply

    great movie showing the spirit of a woman that could not be defeated no matter what what was thrown at her. Great acting by those portraying her at various stages of her life.

  • Jo GOctober 9, 2015Reply

    excellent movie and a must see. passionate in her beliefs and going for what she knows was the right thing to do. it started with a dream and ended as it should have, with happiness and laughter.

  • Sean POctober 10, 2015Reply

    Interesting story of an Irish children’s right advocate in Vietnam.

  • Kace CNovember 2, 2015Reply

    Noble [Ireland, 2014] Quite heartfelt, quite a bit too melodramatic. 5/10

  • Viet Phuong NNovember 15, 2015Reply

    Hey, Vietnamese media, a major film about Vietnam, with Vietnam as principal setting! Anyone? I was surprised finding reading synopsis of this random film in the list of in-flight entertainment list, as I had no idea about the existence of this film or the benevolent lady named Christina Noble (her contribution deserves more attention from Vietnamese media). Her life is indeed extraordinary – a devoted [Catholic] Christian (just as her name) who, despite many, many heart-broken instants in life, still open her heart to the poor children of Vietnam without asking for any official recognition. But the film told her stories with a poorly-written script, full of unnatural moments, amateurish treatment of character development, shallow touch on the critical moments in Ms. Noble’s life. The script is so sub-part that even the excellent production value and the decent cast could not prevent the film from being a total disappointment. Too bad for Ms. Noble, her noble life deserves a better film than this.

  • elif YDecember 29, 2015Reply

    Very moving film . passion ++ heartbreak ++. humanity 100%

  • Alexandra HJanuary 30, 2016Reply

    Very enjoyable, inspiring movie. This is an amazing story that I found spellbinding.

  • Tony H AFebruary 4, 2016Reply

    A truly inspiring movie .

  • Anika VFebruary 18, 2016Reply

    Inspiring. Touching. Beautiful ??

  • Rangan RMarch 4, 2016Reply

    The movie intended to deliver a fine message.

    Based on the true story of Christina Noble, a charity worker from Ireland who went to Vietnam to help the street kids. This movie follows the stories from two different timelines. It opened with Noble’s childhood days, from her struggling family to how she lost everything. Wanted to be a singer, but her terrible childhood turned her dream upside down and finally ended up in Vietnam finding her way to give children who needed love and care. Beside her intention was that no one should go through like she did.

    It is a beautiful and inspiring story, but the movie was not great. Because the stars and crews were not well known, but their contribution must be appreciated to spotlight this great lady, Chritina Noble. It also won some prestigious international awards as to recognising its valuable message. This British movie was written and directed by the husband of actress who portrayed in the title role. It is not an entertaining movie, but just like documentary films it was filled with strong contents that makes it must not be missed.


  • Miro OMarch 20, 2016Reply

    If you are unaware of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, it’s worth researching her inspirational story

  • Matt KApril 7, 2016Reply

    Powerful, and inspiring!

  • Alina EApril 16, 2016Reply

    wonderful movie a great inspiration!

  • John DJune 13, 2016Reply

    True story of Christina Noble who gave up a life in Ireland to aid Vietnamese orphans. Great movie

  • Kong LSeptember 13, 2016Reply


  • Rachel SOctober 7, 2016Reply

    Even though there is not much to say about the acting or the movie, it is an awesome story.

  • Arshad SJuly 18, 2017Reply

    An amazing plot line. Terrific characters. Thoughtful. Thrilling. Wonderfully directed. It entertains, provokes, and stokes your senses.

  • Marie EOctober 27, 2019Reply

    I wasn’t prepared for the gang rape scene. Four men grab her and although the rape isn’t shown the kidnapping is as well as the vulgar words and the aftermath. She is later shown with torn clothes. Nothing is done to these four scumbags. But she doesn’t let them destroy her. Women have strength that no man could compete with! This is an incredible movie! And even though men will try to hold women back as proven in this movie in the end the strength of women and perseverance prevail!

  • John BJuly 28, 2020Reply

    Wonderful heart-warming true of a lady who is guided by the Lord through the trials in her life to do good and help orphaned children in Viet Nam through difficult times as she endured growing up in Ireland

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