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She’s the Man (2006)

She’s the Man (2006)

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what going on?


Viola Hastings is in a real jam. Complications threaten her scheme to pose as her twin brother, Sebastian, and take his place at a new boarding school. She falls in love with her handsome roommate, Duke, who loves beautiful Olivia, who has fallen for Sebastian! As if that were not enough, Viola’s twin returns from London ahead of schedule but has no idea that his sister has already replaced him on campus.

IMDb Rating 6.7 2,094 votes


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(150) comments

  • Sophie GApril 3, 2013Reply

    rele rele gd channing tatum is lush

  • Ashley WApril 12, 2013Reply

    She’s the man was a sweet and funny movie. I really enjoyed Amanda Bynes’ performance. She has a believable good nature which adds to the film.

  • Bethany WApril 16, 2013Reply

    this is my altime faiviroute one i wanna watch

  • Chris SApril 17, 2013Reply

    One of our family’s favourite movies

  • Faisal AApril 22, 2013Reply

    She’s the Man is cleverer than the average teen movie. Amanda Bynes is so damn likeably perky that she can even make this simplified teen comedy version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night enjoyable. Not intended to charm adults, but teen girls will love it. One of those rare movies that aren’t so good, yet you wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

  • Jenna HApril 22, 2013Reply

    Tha best moovie ever !!!!!

  • Kaitlyn CApril 23, 2013Reply

    cute, funny and awkward for everyone

  • Ian EApril 30, 2013Reply

    Appears as mainly a surface appeal containing gorgeous looking characters that are stranded in an inconsistent and uneven plot that is too shallow to truly work.

  • Noah FApril 30, 2013Reply

    Possibility-rich premise but unable to capitalize on it with cliched dialogue and implausible situations.

  • Jose SMay 1, 2013Reply

    want to see this movie

  • Jennifer MMay 1, 2013Reply

    I don’t know why but I can’t get tired of it lol

  • Brittani PMay 3, 2013Reply

    greatest Amanda Bynes movie ever

  • Anh NMay 4, 2013Reply

    This was a really compelling story.

  • jen kMay 5, 2013Reply

    I was not impressed with this movie but it was ok

  • Priscilla TMay 11, 2013Reply

    This is a funny,interesting and great it.

  • Kathi MMay 13, 2013Reply

    Sometimes you just need something sweet and lightweighted like this.

  • Amayiah HMay 13, 2013Reply


  • Roch CMay 15, 2013Reply

    Typical little girl movie. Long, predictable and not so funny…And it could be great to watch for Amanda Bynes but what the heck…she’s a man during almost all the movie.

  • Luis RMay 16, 2013Reply

    Its kinda sad how Shakespeare’s genius is turned into a cliche piece of crap.

  • Laura HMay 18, 2013Reply

    i really like this film because i think that it is creative

  • David GMay 19, 2013Reply

    This was based on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”? Screw you Hollywood!

  • Haley AMay 23, 2013Reply

    This like my favorite movie ever! It’s such a great romantic comedy.

  • Grant FMay 25, 2013Reply

    Let’s say I laughed allot and had so decent as well as some bad acting. The story is unoriginal, but still fun. I had a good time with it.

  • Ryland DMay 29, 2013Reply

    As the characters go through numerous embarrassing moments, the audience does also. Yet more so embarrassed for the filmmakers, who actually tried to make this crapshoot funny and failed miserably.

  • Kaitlyn KMay 29, 2013Reply

    pretty funny, ecspecially malcom!

  • Necia SMay 29, 2013Reply

    Fun to watch but very predictable and somewhat corny.

  • claudia mMay 30, 2013Reply

    Amanda Bynes is hilarious!!

  • Hannah CMay 31, 2013Reply

    This is a great film, really good, Amanda Bynes is a great actor. was really funny too, one to watch!

  • Katie WJune 2, 2013Reply

    I love this movie, great plot great acting. amanda bynes is her spunky self! 😉

  • Rena HJune 5, 2013Reply

    A very good movie and a funny comedy. All the girls adore Channing Tatum.

  • Jordan JJune 7, 2013Reply

    this movie is amazing, I love it

  • Maci JJune 8, 2013Reply

    Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes did great in acting in this movie. It was funny and great to watch! One of my favorites!

  • cecilia dJune 8, 2013Reply

    All time favorite movie!! Funny how many times I watch it o never get sick of it!! 100x

  • Jack WJune 25, 2013Reply

    Amanda should spend less time being men and more time doing The Amanda Show.

  • Raqi MJune 30, 2013Reply

    Love this romantic-comedy!!!! Just love it!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!

  • astrid fJuly 5, 2013Reply

    a very funny movie !

  • Chloe AJuly 5, 2013Reply

    5 stars!

    Another one of my all time favourite movies! Channing Tatum is beautiful and before Amanda Bynes went off the rails and crazy.. She was actually a very talented actress!

  • Brittany LJuly 7, 2013Reply

    I love this movie. It is actually really funny. it’s one I can watch over and over again.

  • Josh RJuly 20, 2013Reply

    This is literally garbage that is generically produced from a studio looking to cash in on the once successful, Amanda Bynes.

  • Molly CJuly 23, 2013Reply

    again, based on memory. love this movie, funnyyy

  • Michael BJuly 26, 2013Reply

    Interesting premise…ruined by cliched plot points, jokes that come off more awkward than funny, and…my God, this movie ogles Channing Tatum so much I keep forgetting a man directed this. 😛 Only redeeming qualities include the likably chipper David Cross as the principal and the fact that my middle school sister tolerates it. For self-respecting males, make like a hopscotch and skip it.

  • Allen BJuly 29, 2013Reply

    As films go this is up there with Citizen Kane and The Godfather. Faultless and inspiring. It’s what every movie should aspire to be.

  • Godwin GAugust 4, 2013Reply

    A cute modernization of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Made me miss the old Amanda Bynes.

  • James CAugust 4, 2013Reply

    literally one of the most hilariously shit stains to ever come off the underwear of hollywood.. who the fuck wrote this movie.. .and even worse… what studio thought it would be a good idea to make… suck my balls “shes the man” and suck my balls hollywood for wasting my time

  • Baylee CAugust 18, 2013Reply

    This movie is off the chane!!

  • Branham NAugust 28, 2013Reply

    It has its moments, but it lacks a good cast. I’m not going to lie I didn’t even realize it was based on Twelfth Night.

  • Joanne WSeptember 9, 2013Reply

    Amazing movie amanda bynes is brilliant

  • Ruairí CSeptember 19, 2013Reply

    If Amanda Byrne was the top choice, I shudder to think what the rest of candidates for her role were like. Awful.

  • Katelyn TSeptember 20, 2013Reply

    One of my favorite movies. Love watching it.

  • Sophia ISeptember 21, 2013Reply

    this movie is hilarious and I just live this movie!

  • Trenton RSeptember 24, 2013Reply

    Works for what it is.

  • Nikki JSeptember 26, 2013Reply

    Continues to be funny in an absurdly silly way, long after the first viewing.

  • Gill LOctober 8, 2013Reply

    This move is excellent. The cast is perfect and each did a fabulous job bringing something important to the film. It’s a movie I’ve seen many times and will continue to watch. Everyone was hilarious and it’s a movie I’ll never get tired of.

  • Kashan POctober 25, 2013Reply

    Thanks to an attractive, well paced cast led by a brilliant Amanda Bynes, She’s the Man is able to come off as a comfortable, relatable family movie.

  • Adam YNovember 4, 2013Reply

    A funny performance and s funny script makes a funny film. Purely recommended comedy fans

  • Alex KDecember 11, 2013Reply

    My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933’s Duck Soup.

  • Emily PDecember 27, 2013Reply

    Great comedy film, perfect for a girls night in.

  • Kylie WJanuary 3, 2014Reply

    amazing second best movie in the world


  • Kim FJanuary 12, 2014Reply

    really love this movie

  • Gissele IJanuary 12, 2014Reply

    Chick flicks are my thing

  • Rorshach SJanuary 20, 2014Reply

    The humor can get off kilter at times, but a committed cast led by the always lovable Amanda Bynes makes this one of the better modernizations of Shakespeare.

  • Brooks BJanuary 28, 2014Reply

    Lobs this movie it’s hysterical I laughed the whole best amanda bynes movie for sure

  • Cheyenne LJanuary 29, 2014Reply

    really like to see really good movie

  • Westleigh QFebruary 1, 2014Reply

    Terrible. Even the 10 year old girls this movie targeted still probably hated it.

  • Ryan AFebruary 6, 2014Reply

    This movie is not that bad of a movie. But it could been a little bit better of a movie.”She’s the Man” has some funny parts in the movie. And there were parts that was not funny at all. In other words it’s loses it’s sense of humor in the laughs. The performances in this movie are okay. The directing by Andy Fickman was fine. And the score is good.

  • Tooba AFebruary 16, 2014Reply

    New twist to an another hilarious and cute high school movie

  • Elizabeth NFebruary 17, 2014Reply

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to modernize an old Shakespearian play that you had to read in high school? Well, Andy Fickman directed a film that was based off The Twelfth Night, properly named She’s the Man. She’s the Man is a combination of comic romance, broken stereotypes, great acting, and modernized Shakespearian inspiration all wrapped up into one, which make it a memorable and popular film.
    The movie has elements that would categorize it as a “chick flick”, but it should not just be limited to that stereotype. It all starts when Viola Hastings’s (Amanda Bynes) girls’ soccer team is cut from her school. Viola wants to try out for the boys’ team, but the boys at Cornwall do not want a girl on their team. Viola consequently impersonates her twin brother, Sebastian (James Kirk), at his new school, which happens to be Cornwalls’ rival, when he goes to London to play his music. Amanda Bynes as the lead female actress along with the other supporting actors, bring a new portrayal and ideals of a girls that want to follow their dreams. Viola breaks the stereotype for girls that her mother greatly forces upon her to become a debutant. By becoming a boy, she goes against the girly stereotype that other girls in the movie portray like Monique (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Olivia (Laura Ramsey) who embrace their love for being feminine and girly.
    This movie bounces around from the secretly romantic moments with Duke (Channing Tatum), to comedic scenes with several other characters like the interactions between Viola as Sebastian and Eunice (Emily Perkins). For example, when Viola gets kicked out of her room Eunice gladly offers her spare bed and adds some comic relief to the more serious situation. Within the movie, the acting makes the story more relatable. Viola takes her character upon herself and makes it seem like she is not just acting, it was her true personality. Along with that Tatum and Ramseys’ interactions were effortless. Their awkwardness seems so natural it is like their characters are who they are in reality. Overall, the actors exceeded my expectations and it seems as if each character was meant for their role and are able to act at the highest level possible.
    This modern interpretation of the Shakespearian play makes it more relatable to the viewers while keeping the true meaning of the play. Andy Fickman did an excellent job keeping the true meanings and intentions of the play exemplified in the movie. For example the lead girl in the play did not let her being a girl keep her from what she strived to do, which is the same in Violas case. Of course there are many aspects that are not exactly the same in the play as the movie. In the script of the movie, there are many lines that I have heard thrown around from time to time between my friends which are not Shakespearian, but stick out very well which makes it a great movie. The ability that some of the catch lines have to match the situations at times are priceless. Along with the script is the movie is set in a high school which makes it more realistic to now than the play which is set in 16th century London.
    My thoughts of the movie from the moment that She’s the Man first was shown in theaters has never changed. There are always new details that you can find, even after watching it time after time. The well scripted and depicted movie by Andy Fickman will be a movie that will be hard to beat, especially due to its ability to appeal to a diverse audience. She’s the Man will always be able to relate to the viewers in the way that it is a situation we have all been in and the actors portray it in a convincing way. The moment that you give into the pressures of doing something you don’t love, you lose yourself and fall into the stereotype that others want you to be. In the words of Sabastian, “If you want to chase your dreams, sometimes you gotta break the rules, right?”

  • Everett DFebruary 18, 2014Reply

    This is the typical Amanda Bynes movie: A countdown of the top ten stupidest least funny jokes of all time topped with an excruciatingly cheesy romantic ending. 1.5/10

  • Katryna SMarch 2, 2014Reply

    Love all of the subtle and not-so-subtle Shakespeare references!

  • David JMarch 2, 2014Reply

    Amanda Bynes was not funny in the lead role, and the film falls flat in my eyes.

  • Ashley SMarch 13, 2014Reply

    I could watch it over and over again

  • Mique WMarch 24, 2014Reply

    I found it strange that Olivia spends the whole film chasing after Viola as Sebastian because she seems to fancy his personality, but, in the latter part of the film when Viola reveals herself, it turns out that Olivia is willing to go out with the real Sebastian who she just met. I also found it strange that Duke was willing to go out with Viola the moment he discovered that she was a girl. Does this imply that only physical attraction matters? What message is this film trying to send out to young girls?

  • Ariel☺ BApril 3, 2014Reply

    I love this movie! ð~?ð~?ð~?ð~? because I love Channing Tatum

  • Pichi PApril 5, 2014Reply

    Clever adaptation of Shakespears’s Twelfth Night. Amanda Bynes carries this film by her comic talent. The other actors are good too. In my opinion, especially Vinnie Jones added something to this film by playing a badass soccer coach.

  • Matt GApril 7, 2014Reply

    hallarious and romantic mixing true life and twelfth night into a brilliant adaption for all teens to enjoy

  • Joe CApril 16, 2014Reply

    It’s an enjoyable film, and most defiantly based on the Shakespeare’s play twelfth night

  • Robert BApril 18, 2014Reply

    First time I’ve seen Amanda Bynes. Would like to see more.

  • Dinesh PApril 30, 2014Reply

    A fun film already made in Hindi called dil Bole Hadippa. a good watch.

  • Pete GMay 5, 2014Reply

    Great film that can be watched over again

  • Kyle MMay 5, 2014Reply

    It’s enjoyable by its humor with a nice spirit that was energized by some nice cast, but it’s almost not enough to be more than a family-orientated chick flick to be sort of likable or to have another viewing. (B)

  • Trevor RMay 10, 2014Reply

    The script of “She’s The Man” is effective in setting up the central premise, but it’s constantly undercut by drawing attention to its inherent ridiculousness. It feels like the movie is intentionally challenging the audience’s ability to suspend belief. So much of the humor comes from Viola-as-Sebastian slipping up and saying something only a girl would say, then quickly having to cover her tracks– weirdly enough, this is the type of humor “Twelfth Night” is virtually devoid of, and “She’s the Man” draws from this well so often it feels like overcompensation.

    Amanda Bynes gives a crazy-committed performance that alternates between genuinely hilarious and cartoonishly out-of-step with her surroundings. Nobody in the film ever quite matches the wild tone she establishes (although David Cross–hysterical, but underused– is the closest). Any version of “Twelfth Night” that can’t make Malvolio or Olivia funny is a tragedy in my eyes (and not the good kind), although I did enjoy the supporting turns from Vinnie Jones and Julie Hagerty.

    Surprisingly, the best part of the film is how the central romance with Duke (A clearly inexperienced but perfectly affable Channing Tatum) subverts expectations and actually holds Viola (and the script) accountable for the casual sexism exhibited by the characters. While I don’t really buy into the supposed depth of Duke and Viola’s connection (“I love you.” Uh-huh.), the way he challenges “Sebastian” on the way he treats women is quite touching and clever and brings some nice subtext to an otherwise standard teen rom-com.

  • Dallin HMay 16, 2014Reply

    This is a verry good movie. It is sooo funny!

  • Randy PMay 24, 2014Reply

    What a silly movie, how can this be believable!

  • Felipe CMay 26, 2014Reply

    Good movies stand the test of time. This movie is clearly not one of them. I remember when I was a little kid that I was fond of this movie… or how hot Laura Ramsey and Amanda Bynes were. I thought the story and script were fine until now.
    It’s been at least five years since I’ve seen this film and I revisited this film with my younger sister and I have to say, this film is cringe-worthy. Everything is horrible in this film. The story is really generic with a girl pretending to be a boy get something done and a crappy attempt at teen romance. The script has a few chuckles but the rest falls flat and spirals down the toilet. The acting is bad, maybe good enough for a wannabe Teen Nick movie (yup, I’m going old school). It was really middle school type characters trying to be in a college setting and call it “high school”. A perfect portrayal of high school for this time period was surprisingly from She’s All That and even to extent Not Another Teen Movie . This was clearly the time when Channing Tatum couldn’t act to save his life and Amanda Bynes was Amanda Bynes in the Amanda Show (really a throwback to the good ol’ days). Then again, I’m not the target demographic anymore with this movie. This movie is for the pre-pubescent middle school children that doesn’t know a good movie from a bad one.
    The only positives were the soccer coach, who you can tell he’s trying to play the stereotypical tough coach role and Laura Ramsey. She is still really hot. Her acting was serviceable in the movie but the only thing I took from her role is how hot Laura Ramsey is. That’s where I can thank the movie. The music was serviceable for the time period but now, it is obsolete and maybe it reflects how fast pop culture is changing.
    Either than that, this film is really just a typical teen movie that tries to be a little sexual without the sexual. The acting is bad and this film should only belong on television. 1 star for the young and sexy Laura Ramsey, the coach and the music.

  • Jack MJune 6, 2014Reply

    Shakespear’s twelfth night adaptation is drowned in painful cliche’s and cringe worthing acting. To top it off, the story is weak and the humour bland.

  • Laura LJune 13, 2014Reply

    Though rather over the top, this movie makes my “Most-Rewatchable Movies List” thanks to a great sound track, hilarious lines, and Amanda Bynes at her fantastic best – and let’s not forget Tatum’s abs!

  • Katie SJune 29, 2014Reply

    Love this movie. It’s fun and Channing Tatum is always a bonus;)

  • Jenny LJune 30, 2014Reply

    Love this film it’s the best very funny but can get a little bit confusing if you don’t understand the love square that’s going on in the movie

  • Georgette RJuly 13, 2014Reply

    best movie ever it was so funny

  • Tarawa RSeptember 5, 2014Reply

    Just dived into the ancient archives recently. Looking back, it was really the golden age of Amanda. That was really awesome, Amanda and Channing – perfect synchronization. Can’t believe later he rose up to the B-to-A-listers while she got into all kinds of trouble and struggles to get back onto the wagon – back then she was so good. Like the old saying… The only easy day… was yesterday.
    And the story was amazing as well. Girls definitely got perks. They are no longer the stand-there-looking-pretty-type of people anymore – especially not the Mulan-esque combat-type girls like her. When the girls say they can wield swords, you give ’em swords and let results do all the talks!

  • Kirsty MSeptember 20, 2014Reply

    Cheesy but fun film. Not to be taken too seriously!!

  • Haitham BOctober 8, 2014Reply

    “She’s the Man”, although not very convincing, it is a witty and an entertaining movie. Saved best for teens.

  • Rayane ENovember 8, 2014Reply

    Never failed to laugh watching this movie

  • Matthew GNovember 15, 2014Reply

    A dumb movie with an idiotic plotline that has bad humor. Extra half star for not even pretending to be a good movie.

  • Kelly KNovember 30, 2014Reply

    This was not what I was expecting in terms of the plot, or the level of acting at all. But there were still some truly hilarious scenes. Oh and for all the women who swoon for Channing Tatum he is in there so that alone may be reason enough to watch it.

  • Desiree SJanuary 2, 2015Reply

    Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum are halarious in this funny, romantic movie

  • Thomas BJanuary 29, 2015Reply

    Amanda Bynes gives it everything she’s got but She’s the Man still has nothing on the kind of teen comedies that preceded it. Full review later.

  • Matthew HFebruary 1, 2015Reply

    Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum at their best.

  • Danielle QFebruary 16, 2015Reply

    Love this movie ð~,â?¤ï¸?ð~?

  • Kimberly WFebruary 18, 2015Reply

    This is such a great movie, it’s got comedy, romance…literally fun for the whole family and I think the storyline is fantastic!!

  • Frances KMarch 2, 2015Reply

    channing tatum is an american hero.

  • Miranda ZMarch 28, 2015Reply

    Well, this was cute.

  • Justin TApril 27, 2015Reply

    Completely absurd and not very funny. Although David Cross does bring something to the table.

  • Erin DMay 3, 2015Reply

    oh well, cheesy teen rom com. not hurting anyone. not very smart but sorta entertaining.

  • Julio SMay 14, 2015Reply

    Amanda Bynes was good in this film….too bad she went crazy.

  • Anna PMay 15, 2015Reply

    Aww it was an adorable film.
    Love these Shakespeare remakes taking place in highschool.
    It was a bit cheesy but that it what made it fun too.Whatever happend to films like that?
    “gotta turn on the sprinklers” bit made me lol ( the half a star is for that part alone)
    Despite the humour there was a good serous point here too. Take from it what you will, view of women in sports, following your dreams, prejudice, liking cheese. All valid points.

  • Matt BJune 2, 2015Reply

    She’s the Man is one of the dumbest, most unrealistic movies, but I love it. Even though Amanda Bynes is beyond AWFUL at pretending to be a man, she’s hilarious and charming. You fall in love with her instantly. As teen Shakespeare adaptations go, this one is my favorite. It’s a spunky, dim-witted, sexy fun time.

  • Jaidyn PJune 14, 2015Reply

    Amanda Bynes is great!
    She’s The Man is also funny, has great performances from it’s cast and is just fun!

  • Richard LJune 19, 2015Reply

    In summary: not great; too obvious with its broad humor, stereotypes, and sentimentality; only very loosely based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; and missing almost all of the subversive sexuality and gender themes from the play.

    Other than that, the movie is occasionally funny, and the lead actors are often charming.

  • Ralphie NNovember 14, 2015Reply

    This is a ridiculous movie but in a good way. It has a great supporting cast (David Cross, Channing Tatum, etc.) and Amanda Bynes gives an amaing performance. I never thought I’d like this movie but after seeing it – it’s great.

  • Samuel HJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    She’s the Man: a middle of the road chick flick with an strange girl who cross dresses and a predicable plot. But hey, Channing Tatum.

  • Stephen J MJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    This is still one of my favorite Tatum movies, funny, sexy and over all made this movie along with his co actress Amanda Bynes.

  • Gerhard JJanuary 13, 2016Reply

    She’s the Man is a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Somewhat entertaining despite being improbable.

  • Kimberly WJanuary 27, 2016Reply

    I really enjoyed this movie!!! Probably because I love the game of soccer but it also had a really cute storyline!

  • michiel sMarch 31, 2016Reply

    i watchd this with my girlfriend but is crap real real crap

  • Colin SAugust 18, 2016Reply

    Totally cute, despite some awful decisions in the text – the horrendous misuse of “Some are born great” being the worst choice, followed closely by losing the Toby/Maria relationship in favour of shaming someone with severe dental problems, and also combining Feste with Malvolio. There’s some genuine heart in it nonetheless, some great laugh-out-loud moments, and a few superb Shakespearean in-jokes (like the fair being held in Stratford). Bynes takes a little getting used to but shines when juggling both genders – the contrast between them is stark and she uses this to great effect. Tatum and Ramsey are both charming, and it’s great to see Hagerty and Cross on the big screen in hilarious roles. It’s also fantastic to see Jones tapping his soccer expertise but it would have been even better to see him play.

  • Emily BAugust 26, 2016Reply

    All time favorite movie, been quoting it in my house since 2006.

  • Keira MSeptember 3, 2016Reply

    I absolutely love this movie, and I’ve seen it over 5 times. It’s quirky, funny, and the meaning behind it is great. I highly recommend it!

  • Alice SSeptember 28, 2016Reply

    Wow, this is like the most feminist movie I’ve seen in a long time, and it came out a decade ago! Based on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” Viola disguises herself as her twin brother Sebastian in order to play soccer at a rival school because her old school won’t let her try out for the boys’ soccer team after they cut the girls’ team. The character updates are really quite clever, like with Malvolio being terrible Malcom’s tarantula, Sebastian skipping school to chase his true bliss at a music festival, and the battle of the sexes plot is nicely balanced with transgressions and redemptions on all sides.

    Amanda Bynes’s “boy” mannerisms and 2000-era Justin Bieber wig are ridiculously bad, but she is still a committed physical comedienne. Lauren Ramsey as heartbroken Olivia is an earnest girl-next-door with bite, and I even found Channing all-over-your Tatum to be pretty sweet.

  • Joanna ROctober 21, 2016Reply

    This movie is everything

  • Takee ANovember 15, 2016Reply

    A hilarious movie that makes people come to a realisation that people are still discriminating girls/woman in this day & age. Really enjoyed watching it as it had a really nice moral????

  • Sabrina LFebruary 11, 2017Reply

    I always find it funny, but I also agree with the critic consensus. Most of the humor was predictable, and the plot line had alot of unconvicing parts. I’d watch it again for the laughs.

  • PY CFebruary 23, 2017Reply

    Really hilarious and it has such a smart plot twist, amazing act by amanda Bynes!

  • Evan HMarch 15, 2017Reply

    I love Amanda Bines in this! The Eunice girl with braces is hilarious, I must say! I ended up watching this movie due to an iTunes deal after years of not seeing it. ??

  • Kevin M. WMarch 30, 2017Reply

    A tween movie about chasing your dreams and your love interest – its as old as Hollywood itself, and the only update is the cast. It’s not offensive and that’s something.

  • Giorgos KApril 25, 2017Reply

    Thoroughly funny & entertaining (especially for football fans)! Amanda’s facial expressions are hilarious & she, along with Channing, have a lovely chemistry.

  • Tyler POctober 13, 2017Reply

    This movie is an incompetent piece of lacking entertainment. The overall lack of quality and effort put into this effort is apparent from the lazy writing and atrocious acting. This movie is a shining example of why early 2,000 Rom Coms are an unfortunate piece of cinematic history which should be cast aside and forgotten as soon as possible. This movie is, in my opinion, is everything that was wrong with, “10 Things I Hate About You” a movie which I thought was definitely competent. But that movie had good acting, and an at least somewhat original plot. However, ripped from the unwilling hands of Shakespeare, this movie is based directly off of “The Twelfth Night”. How sad that such a brilliant pioneer of theater should have his legacy live on through such a travesty of cinema. I might sound like a posh cinema snob, but honestly, I don’t have high expectations. When I go to see a movie, I expect a certain criterion to be met in order for me to enjoy it. There must be at least sub par acting, a competent script, bearable music, and for a movie to know what it’s doing (A comedy being funny, an action movie having action Etc.). This movie doesn’t meet any of the criteria I have suggested a competent movie have. The acting is unfunny and lines are delivered poorly, the writing is general dull and not exciting, the music is what you’d expect from a movie that came from this time period, and it tries too hard to be a drama. Try not to choke with steaming handfuls of political commentary and feminism being forced down your throat; and that’s coming from a liberal. It’s predictable, uninteresting, and plain boring.

  • Lewis SMarch 26, 2018Reply

    Arguably the worst movie I have ever seen

  • Andrea SApril 25, 2018Reply

    She’s the Man, directed by Andy Fickman, a Shakespeare-based, high school Rom Com, absolutely outshines rest of the Bard of Avon’s adaptions, such as Romeo + Juliet and 10 Things I Hate About You. She’s The Man modernizes a timeless story for a new audience to understand and enjoy. While some critics say that the silly, zany nature of the movie strips it of Shakespeare’s original wit and style, I instead argue that it only amplifies how the original audience of Twelfth Night would have enjoyed the story. Shakespeare did not write his comedies for aristocrats and scholars, as many literary critics seem to pride themselves on, but for the common people for everyone to laugh at. I applaud the creators for rewriting the script to make this hilarious story accessible to a modern generation and enjoyed the way it was meant to be: as a wild, unbelievable adventure that you are supposed to find absurd. Shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian are placed in a modern world with motivations we can understand, as high school athlete Viola disguises herself as her brother to prove she can play soccer as well as the boys. We can recognize the royal Duke Orsino as popular jock Duke Orsino, wealthy widow Olivia as out-of-your-league Olivia Lennox, and steward Malvolio as, well, a tarantula named Malvolio, an agent of negative change. Antics ensue in trying to the hide Viola’s real identity, creating jokes out of the gender binary and how far people go to impress the person they have fallen for. Amanda Bynes stars in the role of Viola (who stars in the role of Sebastian, of course). The actual idea of her not being caught in her wig, male “accent”, and comically small frame are past the audience, and as such we can just enjoy her antics and her supporting characters reactions. From the classic tampon-nosebleed joke, to the love triangle between her, Duke, and Olivia, to the slapstick moment of kids rejecting her high-five while she hypes herself up to be Sebastian, have myself and audiences laughing time after time. Her interactions with Channing Tatum’s Duke even allow the genre to make fun of itself. Using a Viola’s inside view of popular rom-com-guy archetype, there is comedy made in Duke’s flirting mess ups, bafflement with femininity, and trying-to-be-cool flip phone tricks. These new depictions and narratives also turned an old story into a feminist one. The renovation of Shakespeare’s Viola takes the Manic Pixie Dream Girl by the horns with a female lead chasing athletic equality and empowerment, and her love interest through comically timed, sneaky pursuits. Especially compared to other Shakespeare adaptions, and even originals, with shallow and/or eventually dead females, I once again applaud the writers of this movie for adapting it as one with an energetic, hilarious female lead, poking fun at gender norms and toxic masculinity throughout. Overall, She’s the Man is a fantastic movie, expertly adapted for a modern audience, guaranteeing laughter and applause.

  • AnonymousMay 18, 2018Reply

    We don’t discriminate based on gender

  • Ploni AJuly 10, 2018Reply

    This was my favorite movie as a kid. I must have watched it at least 100 times and used to laugh out loud through most of it. The use of physical humor without getting too slapstick is actually pretty impressive.
    Either I finally watched it enough times to no longer find it as humorous or I just got too old, but it no longer cracks me up like it used to.

  • Sara JJuly 20, 2018Reply

    Hands down Amanda Bynes best performance.

  • AnonymousOctober 14, 2018Reply

    I really enjoyed this

  • Millie jOctober 17, 2018Reply

    very funny frjkfherj

  • Sarah SNovember 11, 2018Reply

    Probably like the best movie ever

  • AnonymousJanuary 22, 2019Reply

    The contents of the movie are pure garbage. Most of the comedy is based on how the stereotypical bro would act.

  • Tenton RMarch 17, 2019Reply

    While wit and plausibility aren’t factored in, the leads do a good job at making us care about them.

  • AnonymousApril 19, 2019Reply

    An interesting version of Shakespeare’s story, this movie is a great comedy. Viola’s awkward acting as a boy makes the interactions highly amusing. Cute ending, and sweetly unpredictable.

  • Siri Katrine BApril 25, 2019Reply

    Great movie. Its like other high school teen movies, but not really at all. It’s got a funny twist to it.

  • Agastya CMay 16, 2019Reply

    As pretentiously predictable as it could possibly be.

  • Gypsyand RJune 22, 2019Reply

    It was funny! Romantic! And dramatic!
    I loved it!
    Also if you like Amanda Bynes then you will love the movie.

  • Loke SNovember 27, 2019Reply

    ITS SO FREAKING SMART! when you watch this movie you will feel a good feeling in your body!!

  • Clement SDecember 9, 2019Reply

    this movie doesnt deserve to have one star so freaking trash..

  • Caroline GJanuary 24, 2020Reply

    This is a super silly chick flick with cheesy acting and an unrealistic plot, but very funny and entertaining for those who want a light movie that does not demand too much attention.

  • Anna CMay 4, 2020Reply

    It’s a okay pretty fun movie. Interesting acting by the main character and it is cool to see Amanda Bynes in her earlier days.
    This is surprisingly a good movie. Amanda Bynes does a superb job and is quite funny to watch. Her facial expressions kept making me laugh too.
    Pretty okay good movie to watch!!!

  • Steve DJune 26, 2020Reply

    Amanda Bynes shows some comedic chops but the script is weak and unconvincing.

  • Cris KJune 28, 2020Reply

    It’s not a deep movie, even it tries to be, but more of Amanda Bynes up to poorly improved (character not actor) extra ridiculous situations to everyone’s delight (mostly other characters).

    That said it’s entertaining and touching with a good pro-feminism approach, even if it sort of argues the opposite side, but it is good to see Vinnie Jones, if no one else, say that girl/boy doesn’t matter on the field.

    It’s good enough, it’s fun, and I’m going to watch it again, eventually.

  • Matthew RAugust 31, 2020Reply

    easily one of the funniest movies, and based on Shakespeare to boot. I love Amanda’s accents.

  • Yash BNovember 1, 2020Reply

    “She’s the Man” is one of those teen comedies I feel like most people have seen at this point. After getting around to watch it I can see why people enjoy it since it is light and fairly funny. The movie has one of those outrageous premises that isn’t believable at all but makes for some entertaining moments. What really works in this movie is that Amanda Bynes’ character is genuinely likable and charming. The movie didn’t particularly grab me as far as the story goes, but it had enough laughs and goofiness for me to find some enjoyment in it.

  • jenn gNovember 16, 2020Reply

    It’s just a bit of fun but genuinely quite funny. Absolutely love the performances and overall plot/scenes. Even with the unrealistic plot most of the scripting is surprisingly well done.

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