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Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper (2018)

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what going on?


Framed and on the run, a former FBI agent must save his family from a blazing fire in the world’s tallest building.

IMDb Rating 6.3 3,507 votes


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(150) comments

  • Champ SJanuary 18, 2019Reply

    The movie about The Rock doing The Rock’s thing which is fun to look at. The climbing sequence is great, but I think having it during the day time might make the story more interesting to look at. It’s too dark to watch.

  • Gimly MJanuary 20, 2019Reply

    Die Hard in a (X) is a pretty classic movie formula, it doesn’t get as much play now as it did in the 80S and 90S, but we can still reliably expect at least one every couple of years, even now. But when it’s Die Hard in a Skyscraper… I mean… That’s just Die Hard. Even Die Hard 2 had the sensibility to be Die Hard in an Airport.

    Except that, no, this isn’t just Die Hard, because (and I don’t think anyone would be shocked to find this) it’s not as good. I mean I love The Rock and all, but come on.

  • Travis MJanuary 21, 2019Reply

    I really wanted to like this film, i really did but it just kept finding ways to disappoint. I was thinking Die Hard with Dwayne Johnson how awesome would that be? Sadly not very awesome, i really like Dwayne Johnson and his performance is good enough and i dont put the blame on him, inboame the writer. Its almost like the director and writer Rawson Marshall Thurber thought of every Hollywood generic cliches and villians and threw them in a blender with a copy of Die Hard and boom! A disappointment smoothie

  • Andri KJanuary 22, 2019Reply

    Decided to watch it at home using boxxy software and was it was right decision. The beginning of the movie was promising apart from the classic post traumatic job quit scenario, I loved the high-tech involved and the characters but the action part of the movie was unrealistic as hell, it could’ve easily been a superhero movie.

  • Jesse OJanuary 22, 2019Reply

    I started to review this movie on my phone’s Gmail app since, apparently, stupid me forgot that I’ve been without WiFi for almost two weeks now and I thought I could continue this review on my laptop when I booted it up. Oh, me, you amuse me. Let’s move on shall we. And, since I can’t actually copy and paste this in a second, I’m gonna copy from my own draft on Google and write it out on this notepad. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Look, I gotta give Dwayne Johnson, The Rocky, Rocky, whatever you wanna call him, a lot of credit for his flexibility and versatility. Oh, you thought that I meant in regards to the roles he plays. No, but you’re adorable for thinking that. What I mean is that this guy seems to have chemistry with everybody he works with. And this goes back to his wrestling days. At least verbally, since mic work was a major part of what made The Rock one of the WWF’s biggest stars in its history. In the ring it’s another matter entirely, because it also depends on the other person that you’re facing and, if the person you’re facing is Raja Lion, an awful wrestler, (real wrestling geeks that watch Botchamania get that reference), then it’s gonna be impossible for anyone to have chemistry with him, as great as they may be. The point is that Rock had the gift of gab and he had chemistry with absolutely everybody he faced off on the mic. And that, much to his credit, has clearly transferred itself to his movie career. I really do think that it would have been less difficult for him to be the major box office attraction that he is (one of the biggest, actually). Though, if I’m being fair, I think major box office attractions have to have that factor. Tom Cruise, love him or hate him, has that. Will Smith has it. Denzel Washington has it. Chris Pratt has it. Sam Rockwell has it, despite not being a major box office draw. But I think Dwayne takes it to a higher level. Not necessarily in terms of the quality of his movies, because that’s all subjective. But, in my opinion, for the time being, Dwayne makes movies that I probably would have crucified if he was replaced by anyone else watchable. This wasn’t always the case, as the Tooth Fairy and the Game Plan are stil awful movies. But, to my point, I had absolutely no issues with the Baywatch movie that everyone seemed to hate. I wasn’t positive on it, mind you, but I was far more positive than most. And I think that’s what Dwayne brings to the table and it’s something that he has brought consistently for a few years now since, to my mind, I haven’t rated a Rock movie lower than 2.5 stars. And this is dating back to reviews that were only posted on RottenTomatoes before I ever created my Letterboxd profile. Again, I should point out that his entire career hasn’t been this way, I think it dates back to the first Fast and Furious movie he was in, which would be in 2011. That’s a fairly long run, at least out of the films I’ve seen and reviewed, of not being in something that I thought was an outright stinker. And that streak doesn’t end with this film. Dwayne probably makes this more watchable than it would have been otherwise. Though, if I’m being fair, there’s nothing inherently terrible about this movie at its core. It’s a movie about this man, who was part of a military hostage rescue team (one of their rescues, invariably, went wrong and it ended up with the death of this family he was meant to rescue and the loss of his leg), saving his wife and children from the burning skyscraper after it is taken over by criminals and, naturally, set on fire. The skyscraper is the tallest in the world, something like 220 stories tall or something. Conceptually, the film is fairly straightforward. The group of criminals want to kill the financier of the Pearl, the skyscraper in question, for some ‘dirty secrets’ Li (the financier) has stored in this drive. The Rock, on one leg and all, clearly HAS to save the fucking day. If it all sounds a little too much like The Towering Inferno had sex with Die Hard and they were both drunk then, really, that’s because all this movie is. And, ultimately, in my mind, that’s probably the biggest flaw about this movie. It feels too much like other movies that, at least in the case of Die Hard, people adore. You’re REALLY not doing yourself any favors inviting comparisons to what is regarded, by a lot of people, to be one of the best action movies ever made. Regarding The Towering Inferno, which a lot of people also love, I don’t really get their love and, I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but I liked this much more than The Towering Inferno. TWI isn’t a bad movie, it’s just way too fucking long and unfocused for its own good. This has a much more concise and focused story, so that helps quite a lot. Admittedly, I do feel that the action sequences were good enough for what this movie was meant to be. This isn’t gonna change the world in terms of action, but it provides thrilling scenes for casual audiences to get into. I also think The Rock is good, as he always tends to be, here. That’s another thing, I don’t think we give enough credit to how good he’s actually become as an actor. Not suggesting he’s ever gonna win a major acting award, but he’s quite a good actor. And no, he’s not quite a good actor for a wrestler. He’s quite good in general. Like I said, he’s a large part (and this man is fucking MASSIVE) of why the film is as watchable as it is to me. However I still do think that the comparisons to more famous movies doesn’t really help this movie in the slightest. And, honestly, there’s nothing really that spectacular ABOUT this movie anyway. I feel that might have played part in the film’s, relatively, disappointing performance at the box office. I say relatively because, worldwide, it still made more than double its budget. With other movies, like Rampage and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, as recent examples, there was more of a hook. Rampage, it was the giant kaiju monsters fighting each other. Welcome to the Jungle was a pleasant, crowd-pleasing surprise that had a great cast. This movie, on the other hand, had the burning skyscraper and The Rock. That, apparently, was not enough to some people. There’s just nothing about this that grabs your attention in any meaningful way, even if the movie ends up being quite decent and maybe even solid if I looked at it differently. Maybe I’m crazy, but there was nothing that I found terrible about this movie. I’m trying to think of something and nothing just comes up. It’s nothing that you need to go out of your way to see, but there’s worse ways to spend a couple of hours. I think there’s enough solid action here to make a casual viewer happy, but the movie doesn’t really achieve greatness on its own terms. It attempts to achieve greatness (spoiler: it doesn’t) on the backs of the Towering Inferno and Die Hard. If the film had managed to find its own identity, which you can do even if you borrow from other movies (Tarantino has made a career of this), I think this would have been a much better movie. As it stands, this is an average movie that I had no problem watching. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s a must if you love The Rock. Because, really, if you love The Rock, you’d watch him eating popcorn and saying absolutely nothing for two hours. You disgust me with your low standards. Get out of here! Go on, git!

  • Allec AJanuary 24, 2019Reply

    Honestly, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie! Wish I would have seen this in theater! Fun time.

  • AnonymousJanuary 29, 2019Reply

    Over the top unrealistic stunts.

  • AnonymousJanuary 31, 2019Reply

    Es la mejor que me vi en el 2018 para la audiencia algunos dicen que es mala pero desde ese #31 de julio es la mejor

  • AnonymousFebruary 1, 2019Reply

    Was a good movie and I enjoyed the action but it was pretty predictable. But I liked Dwayne Johnson’s fighting style.

  • Kevin PFebruary 3, 2019Reply

    Strengths: This is another case of Dwayne Johnson (Will Sawyer) taking on the kind of movie that seemingly nobody wants to be a part of, and making it somewhat work. Itâ(TM)s a wacky action movie where absurd things happen. Thatâ(TM)s pretty much Johnsonâ(TM)s wheelhouse. He and Neve Campbell (Sarah Sawyer) play well off each other, while Roland Moller (Kores Botha) is a serviceable villain. The special effects are quite good and make very strong use of the filmâ(TM)s $125 million budget. This is exactly the type of movie that would have fit right in during the 90s.

    Weaknesses: Itâ(TM)s a dumb action flick. That means that while thereâ(TM)s stuff that works, it lacks a lot. Thereâ(TM)s not much in terms of plot, dialogue, or character development. Everyone feels like a clichà (C), from our hero to the villain to the wife and children. Weâ(TM)re never given much of a reason to care about anything that anyone does. And while I appreciate some of what a big dumb action movie brings to the table, it often reaches a point where things are way too far fetched. Thereâ(TM)s a scene where Neve Campbell walks across a plank, way high in the sky, with her son on her back. She falls, but catches the plank to survive and pulls herself and her son back on with ease. All while Johnsonâ(TM)s character holds a bridge with his bare hands. Yea, itâ(TM)s too much.

    Overall: If you turn your brain off, this can be a fun movie. Johnson is unbelievably charismatic and has chemistry with everyone. But when you start thinking about what happens, itâ(TM)s too ridiculous.

  • AnonymousFebruary 3, 2019Reply

    Too much special effects for me.

  • AnonymousFebruary 5, 2019Reply

    I’m a huge fan of the rock so going into this movie I had high expectations for this and I’m glad to say the rock didn’t disappoint. This movie is extremely fun and feels like a throw back 80’s type action movie. The villains are extremely weak and by far the weakest part of this movie but that is overshadowed by the family in this movie. Definitely head to the theater and check this amazing summer action film out

  • Slendi MFebruary 8, 2019Reply

    Yea, is a very bad movie, but if you see it expecting nothing, you will get a pleasant surprise, if you do not take it seriously, is a very funny movie. IS THE ROCK, THE ROCK!! What you expect??

  • Matthew AFebruary 9, 2019Reply

    Typical action, with a little twist… That doesn’t mean it wasn’t pretty good, it was a little better than pretty good! Have a watch and let me know your thoughts!

  • Tomas BFebruary 14, 2019Reply

    One of the worst movies that I saw in 2018.
    The question is how can a person with a stick leg can jump 15 meters?

  • AnonymousFebruary 20, 2019Reply

    I LOVE Dwayne Johnson, but this was not a winner for me. Maybe it is Neve Campbell…

  • Phillip MFebruary 20, 2019Reply

    When a former FBI hostage team leader is hired to survey the security of a skyscraper, he finds himself in a battle to save himself and his family after terrorists take over the building.

    Acting: 10

    Beginning: 2
    I remember watching the first ten minutes of the film thinking, ï¿ 1/2Is this ever going to pick up?ï¿ 1/2Â? I could have showed up late and missed nothing. No intrigue, no strong plot advancement. Justï¿ 1/2blah.

    Characters: 7

    Cinematography/Visuals: 2

    Conflict: 10
    If nothing else, Skyscraper succeeds by moving the story along with action. There is always something happening from death defying leaps to shootouts with thugs. Itï¿ 1/2(TM)s never really a boring film, just more flat than anything. For the most part, I appreciated the consistency of movement.

    Genre: 4

    Memorability: 2

    Pace: 9

    Plot: 8

    Resolution: 6

    Overall: 60
    I honestly thought I would end up scoring Skyscraper lower. It does what it sets out to do, lull you into a mindless stupor with action, but so does the Transformers franchise and thatï¿ 1/2(TM)s not very good either. Itï¿ 1/2(TM)s a brainless movie with no real substance. If you can deal with a movie that has too many over-the-top scenes to count, Skyscraper might be worth your time.

  • AnonymousMarch 3, 2019Reply

    Not one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s finest efforts. Lame special effects and a script storyline which makes me want to jump off a building !!

  • Jason TMarch 3, 2019Reply

    Worst Rock movie of all time. Good thing I saw it on HBO and not in the theater. Everything that happened was so impossible. Just way over the top… Not good.

  • AnonymousMarch 3, 2019Reply

    I tried watching this 3 times on HBO one night and fell asleep all 3 times. I guess it’s supposed to be a remake of The Towering Inferno but it’s just an overproduced bore. There is no one more overexposed in Hollywood nowadays than Dwayne Johnson. His movies are all hit and miss.

  • AnonymousMarch 4, 2019Reply

    So over-the-top that it’s boring.

  • Julian KMarch 4, 2019Reply

    Skyscraper: 5 out of 10: The Rock hits a hard place (American box-office wise) with this Asian market disaster action movie.

    You know Dwayne Johnson has appeared in what one could assume would be great cinematic bombs (A Jumanji sequel and movie based on the video game Rampage?) that turned out to be much better than they had any right to be. Even San Andreas brought more to the table than it would appear on the surface. He isnâ(TM)t perfect (cough Baywatch Cough) but overall The Rock seems to have a good eye for a solid property.

    Teaming up again with Central Intelligence director Rawson Marshall Thurber (who also wrote), a Towering Inferno/ Die Hard movie set in Hong Kong to guarantee Chinese financing and box office seems like a no brainer. I donâ(TM)t know what The Rock saw in the original script and or pitch but nothing on the screen seemed worth his time. This is a very paint by numbers affair clearly aimed at the low hanging fruit of the international market.

    The Good: There are some nice ideas in this film. Giving The Rock only one leg to even the odds and create some more dramatic tension in mook fights is a brilliant idea. Both The Rock and Neve Cambell as his wife are very good in this. The Rock is by no means phoning this one in and Neve Campbell makes a believable action mom. Hannah Quinlivan as the second in charge bad gal is an actual breakout star. One wishes she had been the head bad guy (see below).

    The Bad: Man this is like pet peeves week.

    The head bad guy (Roland Møller) is a charismatic black hole. One of the keys in remaking a Die hard film is having a memorable bad guy. You know Tommy Lee Jones in Under Seige, Dennis Hopper in Speed, the snakes in Snakes on a Plane; Roland is playing a dumb white antagonist with even dumber motivation and an even dumber plan. (Set building on fire with you on the roof, ?????, profit). This is where you put your scenery chewing veteran star playing against type, not a man who one assumes is a mook cause he has zero personality and is dressed like everyone else.

    2. The building is empty. Why would you make a Towering Inferno movie and not have people in the tower? Here is your chance to fill it with dozens of Hollywood and Hong Kong cinema B-listers with the occasional free trip to Hong Kong to be in a Rock movie A-lister cameo. Plus all those cameos gives us a chance to see the building pre-fire. Setting the table so to speak. We can see who is secretly a conman, who is deaf and wonâ(TM)t hear the alarm, who is banging his secretary in the side. This is often the best part of any disaster film. The fire is almost at the 82nd floor means a lot more when there is a diabetic lady with a cat played by Goldie Hawn living there.

    3. There is a crowd cheering The Rock on in front of a jumbotron like it was an Adam Sandler sports comedy. I cannot begin to emphasize how much I hate this technique. And to make matters even worse the film doesnâ(TM)t really earn this. Oh, and there is the cop from Die Hard that believes in The Rock and the cop from Die Hard that is convinced that he is in on it and neither of them should really even be in the movie.

    4. I actually have a puzzling query. Did they originally cast an African American actress to play The Rockâ(TM)s wife before casting Neve Campbell? I am asking because while McKenna Roberts and Noah Cottrell are actually quite good as the kids they look nothing like the offspring of Dwayne Johnson and Neve Campbell.

    5. I am sure that redoing Enter The Dragonâ(TM)s climax looked good on paper.

    The Ugly: There is a good scene where the insurance adjuster betrays the building owner and reveals himself to be part of the scheme. (He goes on to be beaten up by Neve Campbell.) It is a shocking moment⦠a true surpriseâ¦. Mainly because it negates any reason for The Rock to be there at all. I mean The Rockâ(TM)s job was to test the safety and security features. The big deal was that to test them all the protocols would be turned off so The Rockâ(TM)s tablet would, in essence, control the building. The guy who hired the Rock was in on the scheme but one assumes he needed The Rock to convince the insurance adjuster. But if he also was in on the scheme they could have had any mook do the Rockâ(TM)s job and get the magic tablet. After all, all the Rock does is give a simple powerpoint demonstration and the two people looking into his credentials are both bad guys. In other words, there was no logical reason to hire someone outside your crew to take control of the building’s security. In particular someone like The Rock.

    In Conclusion: You know there are plenty of great foreign disaster movies. There are also some top-notch foreign Die Hard ripoffs. This movie reminds me of a foreign film from the eighties with the crowds cheering our heroes and the simple yet stupid plot. It is watchable but it is nothing you haven’t seen better so many times before.

  • AnonymousMarch 5, 2019Reply

    Enjoyable time-waster that moves like lightning and features magical special effects. It’s essentially a 1980s action picture – think Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno – filmed with 21st Century technology. Slickly, professionally done, but totally absurd.

  • dorian sMarch 8, 2019Reply

    this movie was amazing it was so action packed and so thrillering please you guys watch the whole thing i thought it was gonna be boring but it was amazing the whole movie was!!!!!!

  • Odin's MMarch 8, 2019Reply

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the king of corny action films…sadly the terrible CGI and rocky supporting cast fail him on various levels D

  • Russell HMarch 8, 2019Reply

    pretty entertaining. The Rock is hard to take seriously because he has too much unintentional physical comedy. Also, it seems like it’s trying to be Die Hard.

  • Caleb BMarch 10, 2019Reply

    5.4 (5.7 if you see it in 3D!)10 for Skyscraper.
    While this movie does have some generally heartful moments, the lack of good plot and character development weigh heavy. The effects are done extremely well, but it is tough to have a successful movie when the villain is as good as Steppenwolf in Justice League. I love the Rock, but this movie doesn’t transcend beyond “just another action movie”.

  • AnonymousMarch 12, 2019Reply

    The Rock (and the skyscraper) is cookin in this thriller that has plenty of thrills, kills, and chills. Not for the kiddos!

  • AnonymousMarch 13, 2019Reply

    Great movie I loved it

  • Sonneillon VMarch 14, 2019Reply

    There are several classes of people who I think will appreciate this movie more than others, and it’s a real shame this movie was not advertised specifically to those people. It’s true that the plot is pretty basic. It’s true that most of the movie runs on the Rule of Cool. It’s true that the villains aren’t particularly compelling – as much as this movie is compared to Die Hard, the lead villain is no Hans Gruber, and he has minimal personal involvement with the hero.

    So, where does Skyscraper shine?

    For one thing, it shines in its portrayal as a disabled veteran as an action hero. Dwayne Johnson’s character has lost his left leg below the knee, and has a prosthetic which features prominently in the events of the movie. He’s shown to have some difficulties, inconveniences, and even chronic pain from the prosthetic. He’s also shown to have adapted to it, and uses it in creative ways to accomplish his goals and keep himself safe as he moves through the building. I honestly don’t recall the last time I saw a physically disabled character given the role of Action Movie Hero – opinion among the masses seems to be that such people are incapable of pulling the stunts we associate with that role. It was really cool to see Skyscraper’s creative team throw that idea out the window.

    Neve Campbell costars as Johnson’s character’s wife, and these two are #marriagegoals. Not only is she every bit as rough and tough as he is, the scenes in which they work together highlight that their marriage is one of profound trust between equals. She is given many opportunities to show her skills, from fluency in Mandarin to combat training, and frankly, I think the character comes out on top when compared to Holly McClane simply because she does more.

    If you go into this movie with a good sense of humor, expecting that the creative team did a number of things just because somebody thought it would be awesome, then you won’t be disappointed. You might even be impressed. “Heaven” is a good example of this – there is literally no reason to have a combination hall-of-mirrors/holosuite at the top of the skyscraper, and the minute you see it in the film’s beginning, you think, “they put that in there JUST to stage a fight in it”, and you’d be right. As soon as you find out the building is powered by a set of giant turbines, you 100% know The Rock is going to have to jump into those turbines. It’s just the rules of action movies.

    Skyscraper follows the rules, and in that sense it’s very formulaic. But it also does some wonderfully unexpected things, showing a higher degree of thoughtfulness in concept of the main characters and their relationship.

    Because Skyscraper follows the rules closely, most of the movie works exactly as it’s supposed to, and there aren’t too many awkward spots or dead-ends. The only one is the presence of the Hong Kong police, and the fact that they believe, through most of the movie, that Dwayne Johnson is the bad guy. There really is no purpose to that except to add some pressure during the well-advertised crane scene, and possibly to mimic Die Hard more closely. In the end, when the Lt. tells Dwayne’s character “It’s good to finally meet you”, you can tell it was supposed to be a call-back to the relationship between John and Al in Die Hard. The problem is, no such relationship was established, so the moment falls really flat. I understand the police should absolutely be present for the events of the movie – you can’t light a skyscraper on fire without a police response. But their participation in the plot was flaccid at best.

  • AnonymousMarch 16, 2019Reply

    Solid movie. Dont understand why this movie gets so much flack. Dwayne Johnson does a brilliant job in this movie.

  • Alan WMarch 21, 2019Reply

    Ever since I know this new Dwayne Johnson movie is set in HK, I have wanted to see it… on a plane or on Netflix. For after San Andreas and Rampage, frankly it will take a lot to get me to pay good money to see one of his silly films. And so to Skyscraper, a Die Hard/Towering Inferno/Cliffhanger homage-hybrid. The good news is that it is not as bad as those last two films but that’s a low bar to beat. This one has our cheeky muscle mountain as an amputee IT security expert trying to save the day (and his family) from the tallest building in the world that’s been a target of a terrorist attack. Narrative contrivances and shortcuts are a given here and it doesn’t take a native HK-er to spot numerous too obvious scenes that’s clearly shot in a Hollywood studio instead. But those things aside, there are some genuine silly fun to be had here and there is a little more chemistry between Johnson and his movie family here than his previous ones. There’s a fun Funhouse mirror finale scene that is not too badly staged but that doesn’t mean the whole thing isn’t preposterous to the extreme. As I finished the film, my first thought is that this is immensely effective advertising for duct tape and Chinese anti-fire systems, but other than that, this is forgettable fluff with limited entertainment value. But then, what can you expect when the word crap is staring you right in the face from the middle of its title?

  • Danielle RMarch 24, 2019Reply

    It was what it was for what it is. Not bad at all. (Made me pee my pants a little- more than once.)

  • Elliott DMarch 29, 2019Reply

    You know when if even Dwayne Johnson can’t save a film…there really is nowhere to go. More like Barrel Scraper.

  • AnonymousMarch 29, 2019Reply

    I’m a huge fan of the rock so going into this movie I had high expectations for this and I’m glad to say the rock didn’t disappoint. This movie is extremely fun and feels like a throw back 80’s type action movie. The villains are extremely weak and by far the weakest part of this movie but that is overshadowed by the family in this movie. Definitely head to the theater and check this amazing summer action film out

  • Christian MMarch 29, 2019Reply

    Awful. And I usually love The Rock

  • Darrin CApril 5, 2019Reply

    |Wow, a rollercoaster and a really good one! Reminds me of a superior remake of Die Hard – now imagine that!

  • AnonymousApril 6, 2019Reply

    dreadful to say the least…

  • AnonymousApril 6, 2019Reply

    The Rock is The Rock – and Neve Campbell is borderline comatose – in this overlong, by-the-numbers throwback to bombastic 80s action thrillers; doesn’t offer enough new or different to warrant its existence or even a casual viewing.

  • AnonymousApril 8, 2019Reply

    Kind of cheesy, but it’s an action flick so no complaints.

  • AnonymousApril 8, 2019Reply

    This film has to be the most emotional and on edge I have every seen it is that good that I would happily watch it again and again and I will probably cry every time I see it xx

  • Chris NApril 9, 2019Reply

    After a point you realize tryout watching the rock traverse a high production value ninja warrior course with his own crowd and spot light. It is at that point that you really appreciate how much fun the producer and directors had with every campy line, funny face the evil Asian gal made and really corny puns.

  • AnonymousApril 10, 2019Reply

    It was boring and weak. It didn’t really catch my interest.

  • AnonymousApril 13, 2019Reply

    Unfortunately not what i ‘ve been expected..

  • Scott WApril 14, 2019Reply

    The Rock can sell anything, this is die hard and the Towering Inferno set for a Asian market but a lot of love for duct tape and some minor twist but the plot is a bit too much, bad guys always seem to miss the easy ways to solve problems,

  • Justin KApril 16, 2019Reply

    The Rock has charisma but even his performance falls flat. It starts off ok but once the action starts it loses everything in exchange for every predictable cliche. The CGI isn’t effective and it just feels like it was written by a teenager.

  • AnonymousApril 18, 2019Reply

    The whole premise of the movie is thrown out the window, if you understand how a building truely functions and is built. Sprinklers can not be controlled by a computer, and once one head is activated the water will flow for as long as the fire pump is running. Hollywood has no idea how a modern day building functuons

  • Petre SApril 18, 2019Reply

    It’s bad, really bad.

  • AnonymousApril 18, 2019Reply

    Lots and lots of action.

  • Eric NApril 20, 2019Reply

    Probably the most ridiculous movie I have ever watched. The heroe is invisible, his wife can fight an assassin even though the she lost, she managed to inflict her pain. Apparently she’s smarter than the police. This movie thinks the audience is stupid and it is very insulting. Over the top has reached a new level. I do hope Glenn Johnson will not produce Black Adam.

  • Isaac MApril 20, 2019Reply

    Wow. Just wow. Is this really what it’s come to? For the next movie let’s see how we can incorporate CGI into The Rock doing 500 push-ups instead of pull-ups… also the soundtrack for the credits may be a cheesy as the dialogue throughout the movie.

  • AnonymousApril 21, 2019Reply


  • AnonymousApril 22, 2019Reply

    That was one long duct tape commercial!

  • George AApril 23, 2019Reply

    Don’t get the low ratings, the perfect action movie, loved it

  • Ian GApril 25, 2019Reply

    Skyscraper is a corporation manufactured movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That is the best way to summarize the movie. The setup had some potential as a callback to movies with a single seeing such as Die Hard. Unlike Die Hard however the main character is not very emotionally complex and the writing is average. The purpose of the movie is not any of that however. It serves the purpose of having many large scale, special effects heavy scenes to pander to an audience looking for the “action” part of an “action movie”. The movie is so underdeveloped that I never once knew The Rock’s character’s name. No substance.

  • AnonymousApril 27, 2019Reply

    Great movie. Special effects crew did a excellent job on the fire details on the pearl.

  • nicholas sApril 27, 2019Reply

    This movie made my eyes roll 10 minutes in. Insanely predictable, same plot as every other movie made. The rock just wants to show off. this movie can go [email protected]#$ itself.

  • Christopher LApril 30, 2019Reply

    Better than I thought, not drawn out. Quick action movie

  • Caleb RApril 30, 2019Reply

    I was disappointed by skyscraper. I like Dwayne Johnson and I thought he did a good job, and the suspense in this movie was real. But, this movie was basically just die hard and towering inferno thrown into one overlong and mostly boring movie

  • AnonymousMay 6, 2019Reply

    For a movie packed with so much action I found it rather boring. Gave up halfway through.

  • Steve BMay 18, 2019Reply

    It’s well done and a good evening’s entertainment. A thrill ride. If you’re expecting more than that, it’s not for you.

  • Dann MMay 24, 2019Reply

    Dwayne Johnson stars in the Die Hard rip-off Skyscraper. When his family gets trapped in a newly built skyscraper that’s under attack by mercenaries, ex-FBI agent Will Sawyer tries desperately to get into the building and save them. Unfortunately, Johnson is miscast and just doesn’t work as an average joe family man. Still, the action scenes are incredibly exciting and dynamic. And the special effects work is really good, creating some amazing disaster sequences. Yet while it’s entertaining and fun at times, Skyscraper is a pretty rote, by-the-numbers action film.

  • AnonymousMay 26, 2019Reply

    Wow, that was terrible

  • AnonymousMay 29, 2019Reply

    unreal and boring…film was actually in Vancouver B.C. and not Hong Kong

  • AnonymousMay 31, 2019Reply

    Neve Campbell was amazing & under appreciated in this film. Not sure why all the promo was only around The Rock.

  • AnonymousJune 4, 2019Reply

    It’s over the top but it delivers the chills and thrills.

  • vishnu pJune 4, 2019Reply

    It isn’t SKYSCRAPER it is RIPOFFER

  • Albaab UJune 12, 2019Reply

    Watch the trailers, should give a good sense of the movie. Die Hard with the Rock. 80s schlocky action galore. All CGI now. Perfectly entertaining watch for those who prefer spectacular action set-pieces and not looking for anything else. Just ok Time-pass. Switch your brain off, have it play in the background on guys’ night out.

  • Bjorn FJune 14, 2019Reply

    Unrealistic crap! Totally predictable and awful dialog! Don’t waste your time!!!!

  • David BJune 15, 2019Reply

    Full disclosure, I’m a a bit of a Dwayne Johnson fan. Enjoyed the film, good watch.

  • Ido DJune 22, 2019Reply

    Exactly 30 years after “Die Hard” comes the latest version starring Dwayne Johnson. In its center is a burning Hong Kong skyscraper and a muscular, charismatic security guard trying to save the situation. Despite the slim and synthetic result, the Rock fans will not be disappointed.

  • SATYABRATA PJune 25, 2019Reply

    Awesome movie. Nice acting by The Rock.
    Story need to be a little bit better but over all movie was ok

  • AnonymousJune 26, 2019Reply

    what an emotional action packed thrill ride of a movie! never had slow moments kept me entertained throughout the whole movie! highly recommend this for action movie lovers!

  • Jenny MJune 29, 2019Reply

    Dreadful. We lasted about 35 minutes and decided we couldn’t endure it any longer.

  • AnonymousJuly 4, 2019Reply

    a generic already used plot, with an overused actor results in a bad movie

  • Nick EJuly 26, 2019Reply

    It’s surely a Die Hard knock-off, but an entertaining – albeit silly – one.

  • Nathan FJuly 29, 2019Reply

    How do you save your family from terrorists and a burning building? ….. Duct Tape…… Seriously though, it’s not what you think it is… Pretty bad marketing on this one…It’s not that bad

  • Superman Is The Best SJuly 31, 2019Reply

    Very boring and quick moving

  • Larry BAugust 4, 2019Reply

    Surprised Dwayne Johnson would ever agree to a movie so preposterous that it made Sharknado look plausible. When Dwayne said in the movie, “this is stupid” while using duck tape to assist his walking a ledge, he was talking about the whole movie.

  • Garin MAugust 6, 2019Reply

    It’s a worthy Die Hard descendant.

  • Jonathan GAugust 15, 2019Reply

    It’s basically die hard with worse acting, dialogue, and script. Just much less passion all around. I need to do more research, but when I do hopefully I’ll find that Johnson and producers were actually going for a somewhat”remake” because if not, this is a sad sad attempt at filmmaking.

  • AnonymousAugust 16, 2019Reply

    Meh. Nothing special action.

  • Donna DAugust 21, 2019Reply

    The movie had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and actually brought me out of my seat a couple of times (I don’t like heights). Dwayne Johnson is another actor who I initially didn’t care for (it was the pro wrestling image I guess) but he has won me over with his versatility and strong character portrayals. I loved him in San Andreas so I was anxious to see him in Skyscraper and he didn’t disappoint as the strong “I’ll keep you safe, baby” hero.
    And then to see his comedic side in Tooth Fairy sealed the deal.The man is a great actor and I really enjoy watching him! If you like disaster films like 2012, Day After Tomorrow, San Andrea, Volcano, etc. you’ll love this movie!

  • Nicolas SAugust 26, 2019Reply

    Frustratingly clichéd.

  • Late RSeptember 1, 2019Reply

    If you’re looking for something that feels realistic, like most films with The Rock in it, this ain’t it (there’s a lot of ridiculously stupid stuff happening, some of it venturing well into cheesy territory). But even though it mostly consists of a collection of action-movie tropes that you’ve definitely seen before – you’ll probably be able to predict exactly what’s going to happen long before it actually does – this ‘Die Hard’ inspired feature still has enough going on to keep you entertained, even showcasing a few scenes that are genuinely nail-biting thanks to the combination of well-used CGI and a plot that involves a very, very tall building (you probably guessed that part).

  • David HSeptember 4, 2019Reply

    Just a solid action film. Loved it!

  • AnonymousSeptember 18, 2019Reply

    It is what you expect.

  • AnonymousSeptember 26, 2019Reply

    The second film was Skyscraper starring Dwayne Johnson. Not much to say, just a basic mindless action, predictive story and no shock value. I will say though finding the mockery Die Hard posters online were hilarious

  • Paul SSeptember 26, 2019Reply

    I always feel compelled to begin reviews by saying, “for what it is.” Skyscraper, for what it is, is a pretty entertaining movie. If you’re a fan of the Rock, then you’re going to like him because he’s his reliably likable self in this. The action sequences are amazing, albeit quite unrealistic at times, but again, “for what it is,” right? What might have made this movie better? Frankly, an R rating, with more gritty violence, and with some nudity. It was already so absurdly violent that it seems preposterous to have a PG13 rating even without the blood. Plus, gratuitous nudity is always nice. There’s mind bending gratuitous violence in this, so we might as well exploit some sexy skin. This was worth my time and I could see myself taking a second look if I were totally bored and nothing else were available. However, I DID like this better the first time when it was called DIE HARD! HA! NEXT!

  • Grayson DOctober 5, 2019Reply

    Love it I want to watch it over 100 times now

  • AnonymousOctober 10, 2019Reply

    Not bad. A typical movie with The Rock in it.

  • AnonymousOctober 13, 2019Reply

    Good, not great action flick. Die Hard part deux

  • Aaron LOctober 18, 2019Reply

    Dwayne Johnson is staring in another dumb, but fun action film. The story is ok and the cast is good, But the action makes the film enjoyable, even though the villain is another one dimensional bad guy.

  • Ethan OOctober 21, 2019Reply

    What a numbingly brain dead movie. Hollywood increasingly thinks so little of us.

  • AnonymousOctober 28, 2019Reply

    This is not the Dwayne Johnson I know. I’m sorry this movie was trash and not exciting at all. My mom texted me in the middle of the movie telling me to come home for Purim. Happy Purim everyone I hope you have a good one

  • AnonymousOctober 28, 2019Reply

    This movie is straight up trash. Not my typical Dwayne Johnson. Good thing I left during the movie to celebrate Purim.

  • Adam YOctober 31, 2019Reply

    I actually really enjoyed this film way more than I anticipated. A different kind of Dwayne Johnson film that adds grit instead of cheese

  • h mNovember 2, 2019Reply

    This movie may have an unnecessary opening scene, it does have logic issues, it may be predictable and it may have a very simple story. However, this movie is intense and it has awesome action sequences.

  • Boris20 NNovember 2, 2019Reply

    Awful in every dimension. Even Star trek Discovery looks good by comparison.

  • Kundan DNovember 3, 2019Reply

    This films story about a skyscraper.Its survial story action packed with great locations.

  • Patrick CNovember 15, 2019Reply

    It felt like a classic over the top 80’s action movie.

  • David WDecember 14, 2019Reply

    I dont know why everyone is so negative in this flick. It was a nice entertaining movie to me. No obvious plot hole. No cringeworthy characters. A little suspense, a vulnerable lead. I enjoyed it for what it was intended to be

  • Clem FDecember 18, 2019Reply

    Sitting through this movie was more painful than my dad dying when I was 7

  • Alan HDecember 21, 2019Reply

    The least original movie since Eagle Eye

  • Shawn MDecember 26, 2019Reply

    Cliche, boring, trash

  • Felix BDecember 27, 2019Reply

    Spectacular. Excellent Chinese supporting cast. Dwayne Johnson at his best, Neve Campbell still in form. How come the kids are black with one parent white and the other Polynesian?

  • Jacob BDecember 30, 2019Reply

    While Skyscraper isn’t unique enough to stand out amongst Die Hard knockoffs and doesn’t rank with some of Dwayne Johnson’s better movies, this action movie still offers enough good acting, thrilling set pieces and a tone that isn’t as dark as Olympus has Fallen but doesn’t rely on the type of mood-lightening banter you’d see in other movies to make it a suitably entertaining blockbuster.

  • Jacob J DFebruary 13, 2020Reply

    Skyscraper is the bologna of action films in the 21st century. Taking in direct inspirations from Diehard to The Towering Inferno to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, who knows what else is inside that “meat.” Besides the familiar and sometimes cliché plot, Dwayne Johnson is enough of a draw to make it passively watchable or at the very last have it in the background. The family dynamic and inspiring themes are one of the biggest positives of the film. Unforeseen tragic accidents happen in life. In Dwayne Johnson’s character, he turn a negative into a positive having success in his family and secular life. He is willing to confront his fears and fight for what he loves the most despite having the odds against him and the worst of circumstances. One quote that highlights this theme in the film is “you can’t be brave if you’re not scared.” His physical limitations depicts this running theme as he realistically walks and fight hobbling because of his amputee leg. Of course, it’s ironic there is a scene where he defies the law of gravity and jumps like Spiderman onto the building. But hey, this is Dwayne Johnson we are talking about here. Even though he is not known for his performances more so then his physical presence as an action star, this is one of his better ones. There is a scene in the last act with the character’s daughter that demonstrates his raw emotions as an actor. If your a Dwayne Johnson fan, a generic action genre fan, or enjoy the “Do It” inspiring themes, you will be as satisfied as eating your favorite bologna sandwich.

  • Sean OFebruary 15, 2020Reply

    Awesome. The Rock is awesome. Wife says it has 80s feel.

  • William LFebruary 23, 2020Reply

    Someone probably got paid a six-figure bonus for this movie, just let that sink in.

    You can see the so-called creative process in the boardroom in real time: “People like The Rock, right? People like Die Hard, right?” It’s lazy, uninventive, and no fun. Hard pass for a second watch. (1.5/5)

  • Matt GFebruary 24, 2020Reply

    Plot is pretty mundane and basic. Movie doesnt travel outside the usual modern day bad guy tropes- evil white guy.

  • Lik SFebruary 25, 2020Reply

    I expected more. Well, it’s still enjoyable.

  • AnonymousMarch 4, 2020Reply

    If you love cheesy, cliched 80’s action movies desperately trying to be the next die hard, with the take on technology that two clicks of a mouse can hack into the CIA, then you’ll love this movie.

  • Uzed OMarch 5, 2020Reply

    If there are any bases left uncovered in Die Hard, this movie didn’t find it.

  • Samuel LMarch 17, 2020Reply

    This is easily one of the worst recent films I’ve seen, and I’ve been watching a lot of films (new and old). Whilst the acting is just about acceptable, the plot is laughable, completely unrealistic, is nothing new, and predictable. To make matters worse, this film is a CGI fest and is full to the brim of mediocre computer generated visual effects – the top of the tower fight near the end was just awful. It’s not worth a watch and dissappointing to see ‘The Rock’ falling so low.

  • Alex MMarch 22, 2020Reply

    You know, its funny, I actually saw this movie before I saw Die Hard. When I finally watched Die Hard recently it hit me…how could they so brazenly rip it off, basically only swapping The Rock for Bruce Willis? Sure, Skyscraper does do some “original” things, but really, did this movie have to happen? I’m sure, like me, you’ll say: NO!

  • Esther CApril 14, 2020Reply

    Heart stopping moments! Was a bit derivative, but all in all not a very bad watch

  • Kerry WMay 11, 2020Reply

    Rating: 7/10. 70/100.

  • Joe BMay 14, 2020Reply

    I was expecting a mediocre movie but was surprised and found it very entertaining.

  • Connor FMay 28, 2020Reply

    With the plot over stuffed with coincidences, this Dwayne Johnson film will do nothing from stopping you from enjoying this adventure thrill climb to the top!

  • Steve DJune 3, 2020Reply

    It is a lot of fun and I appreciate the fact we have a disabled hero at the center. The cast is good but there is just way too much tech and way too much going on much of it needlessly complicating the plot.

  • Jonathan RJune 7, 2020Reply

    The story has heart and a good theme to it as the rock does what he does best…unfortunately for me it doesnt cover up the gaping holes in the plot…

  • Alexander20 JJune 13, 2020Reply

    Skyscarper is not a very good movie. I don’t understand what is going on most of the time. The things the Rock does in this movie given the circumstances is kind of silly. I don’t know why anyone would make a building that tall in the first place. I don’t understand what the bad guys are doing. It is just all kinda bad or ridiculous or silly. The only fun part about it was laughing at it with my family.

  • Hrant BJuly 13, 2020Reply

    Skyscraper is a rip off of one of my favorite movie Die Hard but this time The Rock stars as the hero. Johnson acts as a former FBI agent who had lost his leg during a previous hostage situation. Now he is the safety inspector of the new Nagatomi tower in Hong Kong living on the 90th floor with his wife played by Neve Campbell and two kids. The bad guys are a group of mercenaries that help build the building and got cheated out from the philanthropist Chic Han. The action sequences, editing and direction kept you at the edge of your seat but the storyline was very predictable. It was a fun movie that I probably won’t watch again.

  • Claudio BJuly 21, 2020Reply

    Suspenseful but a bit too long for what it is, popcorn movies like this should not stretch past the 90 minutes.

  • Gabriel TJuly 23, 2020Reply

    While the writing in this movie could’ve been better, the action and amazing visuals made this a fun and enjoyable film.

  • Stuart BAugust 3, 2020Reply

    This is what cinema spectable is all about and Skyscraper has it all, its a feast for the eyes with some fantastic set pieces and pyrotechnics, as well as some fantastic stunt work and great direction from Rawsone Marshall (who previously worked with Dwayne in the wonderful Central Intelligence)

    Skyscraper also stars Neve Campbell (Scream), Chin Han (The Dark Knight), Roland Møller (Land of Mine), Pablo Schreiber (Starz’s “American Gods,” 13 Hours) and Hannah Quinlivan (Moon River) and is a perfect popcorn film for the winter nights and days. I have seen Skyscraper twice now, once on its cinema release which was fantastic spectacle on a very large screen, and earlier today whilst watching the extras laden blu ray (which looks fantastic on my 4k 50 inch screen.

  • Mana KAugust 7, 2020Reply

    There are many loopholes in the whole movie.

  • Pavithra GAugust 8, 2020Reply

    Poor Action except for Dwayne Johnson. Poor storyline. Silly.

  • Hua TAugust 15, 2020Reply

    Keep your expectation down a bit and you’d be in for a fun flick. Predictable plot and all, yes, but entertaining to see The Rock’s charismatic and strong performance nonetheless. The skyscraper design is also pretty to look at, and that’s a plus.

  • Terrence KAugust 20, 2020Reply

    A well-made movie,this movie can certainly exceed expectations.

  • Ted WAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Horrible boring bland movie starring the rock. The rock can have really good movies but why did he pick to do this movie. I’ll forget about this movie in t minus 10 seconds. The only highlight is the rock.

  • Joshua HAugust 30, 2020Reply

    What did I think of Skyscraper? Check out my full review below:

  • Tarek ASeptember 11, 2020Reply

    Weak story, too much exaggeration during the fire, too unreal

  • Cassandra JSeptember 15, 2020Reply

    Die Hard without the yippiekaiyay

  • Breno GSeptember 29, 2020Reply

    Special Effects: 1,0/Sound Effects: 0,5/Acting: 0,5/Story: 1,0

  • Brian BSeptember 30, 2020Reply

    Really silly story, but good edge of your seat action! Dwayne Johnson is great in it, no doubt about that. Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half.

  • AnonymousOctober 1, 2020Reply

    Entertaining but loses pace in the finale

  • slick jOctober 4, 2020Reply

    The plot sucked. ALL of that melee for a USB drive with names?

  • Jamal SOctober 11, 2020Reply

    A one-legged Rock vs. a modern, technologically advanced Chinese skyscraper: An Epic Battle.

  • Kyle ENovember 6, 2020Reply

    A great action movie but it feels too similar with Die Hard

  • Richard SDecember 9, 2020Reply

    The makers of Skyscraper obviously had a movie night a few years back when they watched Die Hard, The Fugitive and The Towering Inferno back to back. A couple of years later they have hired Dwayne Johnson and they bring you The Towering Die Hard Fugitive Inferno, although I believe they changed it to Skyscraper at the last minute.
    In the first five minutes of the film, we see former FBI agent Will Sawyer’s day go from bad to worse as a hostage situation goes south very quickly leading to tragic circumstances. Years later, Will has built himself a career in the security industry, particularly focusing on skyscrapers. When he is called to China with this family to oversee the security set up of the world’s tallest building, he finds himself caught up in a terrorist plot to steal some valuable intel from the owner of the building, as well as being framed for setting the building alight to force it’s owner to give up the much sort after intel. With his family still trapped inside Will must find a way in to the burning building before time runs out.
    Skyscraper has a very memorable and quite a dark opening scene that sets up the lead character really well. After this point it’s Die Hard on steroids. Whereas you can almost believe Die Hard, here we have former FBI agent and WWF wrestling star making impossible jumps from cranes into buildings and also holding a footbridge together with his bare hands while his family runs to safety. It is ridiculous but it was also entertaining. The concept of the building itself used in the film was a little strange because that verged into sci-fi territory and felt like it should be set in a story that was perhaps happening in one hundred years time but even so, if you can bypass these minor distractions, it was an entertaining action thriller.

  • Tee MDecember 10, 2020Reply

    Ok, so it’s Die Hard lite. The plot was a little silly. “You have something I want so I’ll set your building on fire to get it.” Still it was exciting to watch. Even the cheesy reunion at the end was worthwhile.

  • Andres FDecember 13, 2020Reply

    Si buscas una película excepcional y diferente, con giros de trama inesperados no es la película que estas buscando, pero si te puedo decir que a pesar de ser predecible esta lograr conservar la atención de la audiencia, deleitándonos con impresionantes efectos visuales además de tener ciertos aspectos imaginativos los cuales harán que pases un buen rato, si vienes dispuesto a no esperar algo diferente e inteligente pero si muy entretenido.

  • Daniel TDecember 14, 2020Reply

    A movie where the hero suddenly has a mechanic broken leg and a piece of iron stuck on his arm. So he finds a box with a hammer, Wich he uses to fix the mech leg and a vodka Wich he drinks to pull the iron off his arm.

  • Carson RDecember 17, 2020Reply

    I’ve seen all of the reviews that compare this movie to “Die Hard”. Frankly, I don’t know what that movie is, so I have nothing to compare this movie to. That being said, WOW! I don’t know what Rotten Tomatoes’ guidelines are for reviews, so I’ll censor myself when I say I don’t know how many times I screamed “F___” during the more suspenseful scenes involving heights and scaling the side of the building and a construction crane. As someone who is afraid of heights, this movie freaked me out multiple times, and I loved that it did! My only issue was a small technical bit involving the face technology on the iPad that controlled the building, which is quickly overridden by the film’s antagonists, but there’s something I just can’t get past. When I close my iPad, it auto-locks and I need to reenter my password (or use Face ID, essentially, in this case). However, when the film’s female antagonist, Xia, acquires the tablet that would control the building, rather than take Dwayne Johnson’s character, Will Sawyer, to the offsite location and unlock the tablet there, she unlocks the tablet outside Will’s former-friend-turned-double-agent’s residence. She then prepares to kill Will, but she is interrupted by local police. When we next see the tablet, it is closed with the cover on, so, realistically, it should have locked itself again. A minor issue, in the grand scheme of things, but not one that I could easily overlook at the time. But overall, fantastic film. The suspense was nonstop, and the film gave me major anxiety, but in a good way!

  • Noel PDecember 20, 2020Reply

    Se queda corta en trama; sin embargo, las escenas de acción son muy emocionantes y entretenidas; la recomiendo.

  • Isaac RDecember 26, 2020Reply

    pues una película predecible con el protagonista con el poder del guión a su favor

  • Priscilla MDecember 29, 2020Reply

    Skyscraper (2018) is a great action movie, with a very creative and well-crafted story, and a great VFX;

    It is also very inspiring the protagonist’s intelligent decisions to save his family by putting himself at total risk of life. My grade is 10/10.

  • Martin SJanuary 9, 2021Reply

    One of the taglines in this film is “I turned it off then turned it back on again”. Take my advice, turn this film off and do not turn it back on again.
    Dwayne Johnson has made some awful films and this is one of the worst.
    The plot is so predictable and the script and acting are woeful.
    The concept that a brand new building would be constructed from combustible materials is beyond belief!

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