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Tag (2018)

Tag (2018)

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For one month every year, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running in a no-holds-barred game of tag they’ve been playing since the first grade. This year, the game coincides with the wedding of their only undefeated player, which should finally make him an easy target. But he knows they’re coming…and he’s ready.

IMDb Rating 6.7 2,031 votes


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(150) comments

  • Alexis BDecember 24, 2018Reply

    Is this the greatest movie ever made? No, it isn’t. But this movie wasn’t made to win an Oscar- it was made to make people laugh, at which it succeeds wonderfully.

  • John MDecember 24, 2018Reply

    Tag follows a group of lifelong friends who make great sacrifices to continue their childhood game. Sometimes, this requires strategic planning and traveling great distances to maintain the annual tradition. We are told one of the friends is deciding to stop playing the game and he has never been tagged. This sets the course of the film as the small group of friends seeks to track down this friend. This is largely based on a New York Times article about a group of friends playing out their annual tradition.
    There is a whimsy to this tale making us consider the games we played as a child. The fact adults for thirty years are playing this game adds to the fun. There is little plot outside of tracking down this friend but part of the charm is their journey to making sure he gets tagged before he retires for good. Jeremy Renner plays the man who is undefeated at the game of tag.

    Everyone including Jeremy Renner appears they are having fun playing their roles as they really sink their teeth into the absurdity of the film. The ways they corner each other and strategize continues to get progressively crazier. Renner sends up his own typical characters of the strong but silent types who could kick your ass in a number of ways. His comic timing surprised me given I am used to see him in serious roles but here he is on beat as the straight foil to the shenagins of his friends.

    Ed Helms anchors the movie with surprising emotional depth. You feel for his character and the struggles he goes through. He does not allow you get too bogged down in his plight but focus on the game as a distraction. The game serves different purposes for different people and here it helps him maintain his happiness. This is a sweet reminder of the reason we often continue activities from childhood into our adulthood. An escape gives us reprieve from the struggles of adulthood and find the moments to enjoy life.
    Those were my two favorite performances for what they bring to the film. Jake Johnson and Jon Hamm add eccentricity to the movie but are outclassed by the two performances previously mentioned. I enjoyed the dynamic of the group and you can see these performers becoming friends after production ended. There was a good mixture of characters and personalities where you are never really bored with the film.

    A little tighter editing could have made this film more enjoyable. Some jokes are too played out but there is not much expectation given the simple, straightforward premise. Sometimes, slow motion is used for comedic effect but it does not really hit the mark. Also, the premise can wear thin and there are times where it is difficult to see the payoff. I struggle to believe the lengths these friends would go to until I saw the end of the picture with real footage.

    The surprising part is how the film turns near the end to warm your heart and remind you its not just about the game. This is a connection these lifelong friends are seeking to keep. In their strange way, they are strengthening a bond by sustaining the tradition. Their lives are much more complicated by work, family, and distance but the childhood game is something they are always able to share.

    This picture is a sweet reminder of our childhoods and we are introduced to a picture of the real friends at the end of this film. Often, we can drift apart from people we cared about long ago but this shows you never really have to give up your childhood. A piece can always be carried with you as long as you are willing to keep the memory life. A bitter sweet ode to childhood largely follows a predictable path but you will not care much after you have so much fun watching these friends play this epic game.

  • AnonymousDecember 26, 2018Reply

    Hilarious and sooo much fun!!

  • AnonymousDecember 27, 2018Reply

    Great movie. Lots of fun.

  • Wayne MDecember 28, 2018Reply

    Tag is like a lot of mainstream comedies, very uneven and ultimately not very satisfying. It has a great cast and there are some funny moments but in the end it just doesn’t hang together. Maybe because the story of grown men playing a life long game of Tag just isn’t very interesting. At the end of the film I found out it is based on a true story. Sadly that didn’t really help.

  • Simon GDecember 28, 2018Reply

    Overall, this movie can definitely surprise you. Firstly, the actors all portrayed their characters amazingly, and they made these average people stand out and seem awesome. To begin, Ed Helms with his great job of playing Hoagie, portraying him with such sillines, but also being able to do the serious parts- the loyal person that values friendship over everything else. Then Jeremy Renner and his great portrayal of the cunning, dangerous, wickedly smart Jerry. He did a great job of sounding overly genius and slightly demonic at the same time, a feat hard to pull off. Secondly, this film is nonstop action and everyone can enjoy the on-point slapstick. From chases across apartment complexes to hospital hallways to an epic golf cart race to a good old style run through the woods. There is so much action and adventure, that if they filtered the language and use of drugs, this would be an awesome family film. Thirdly, the humor in this film is off the charts. Some of it is adult humor, but some is just downright falling of a staircase. But when everything is said and done, the movie knows exactly when to pause the laughs to take a serious moment. And it treats the serious moments very well.
    However, on the downside, this movie lacks major in plot and story. Most of the characters donâ(TM)t really have a clear arc, and there is barely any in the story itself. There is a romantic subplot, but it just felt rushed, unemotional, and useless. But, where it lacks in story, it makes up for in action, and most people might not notice the plot issues, they are just having a really good time watching, and laughing out loud. Overall, this fil was very good, very hilarious, very action packed, and very adult (language and drugs).

  • Damian SDecember 28, 2018Reply

    Un argumento patetico y mediocre hace de TAG la excusa perfecta para crear una comedia de contenido ligero y de poca relevancia que hace de Jeremy Renner su punto de tencion medianamente interesante.

  • AnonymousJanuary 1, 2019Reply

    Hilarious concept, but ruined by vulgar language.

  • Caleb EJanuary 5, 2019Reply

    A fun movie, but ultimately the story feels a little “light” I wish there would have been more depth to the overall plot, but the ensemble of characters worked really well together and delivered quite a few hilarious moments.

  • AnonymousJanuary 7, 2019Reply

    Great movie about friendship! Rwal AF!

  • Samitha BJanuary 17, 2019Reply

    This was a good laugh.

  • AnonymousJanuary 18, 2019Reply

    Quit watching halfway through there didnt seem to be a point

  • Robin EJanuary 19, 2019Reply

    Though the story itself might be cliche to some, but Tag brings sweet friendship to a whole new level.

  • Gimly MJanuary 22, 2019Reply

    I had a pretty great time with Tag. Maybe that’s because I went to a nice theatre (which I haven’t done in a while) and saw it with a couple of close friends on a very nice day, but I rather think that it’s primarily because of Jeremy Renner’s character. The way he’s written, acted, and shot, are all pretty much flawless. Off the strength of him alone, I could probably send you out to see Tag, but there is a Hell of a lot else to appreciate about it too.

  • Lilian LJanuary 22, 2019Reply

    2019-1-20 I like the story and the beauty of their friendship, but I’m sorry I felt bored after 30 minutes of watching this movie. The best part was they put some original clips in the very end of the movie. Very short, like only few seconds each clip, but really could make you smile ;D

  • Camille LJanuary 25, 2019Reply

    2018 fut une belle année pour la comédie américaine, Tag en est un nouvel exemple. En effet, le film réalisé par Jeff Tomsic se sort d’une idée totalement stupide en utilisant parfaitement ses cinq stars (Hannibal Buress, Jeremy Renner et Jon Hamm sont particulièrement en forme) et en ajoutant une petite dose de tendresse bienvenue dans cette histoire d’un jeu de chat à travers les Etats-Unis. Les setpieces sont plutôt bien fichues, le film, quoiqu’un peu répétitif, a un ration assez positif de blagues réussies / blagues ratées et se permet aussi quelques petites surprises inattendues. Tag est n’est pas la meilleure comédie de l’année mais c’est tout de même une réussite.

  • AnonymousJanuary 26, 2019Reply

    Nice concept but poor execution

  • Lemon DJanuary 28, 2019Reply

    TAG (2018)

    Based on a real story…and somehow that makes it more fun! While not a perfect film, it had enough movie-mojo to cheer me up this evening! 😀 Comedies that lift us up are always worth a watch…like TAG.

    By the way, YOU’RE IT!!!!! Bwahahahaaaaa!

    -January 2019

  • AnonymousJanuary 28, 2019Reply

    I don’t understand why this movie has such low reviews. This is a very sweet film. It’s also very funny and well thought out. I really liked it, and I think I’ll remember it for a long time.

  • Dave JJanuary 28, 2019Reply

    Loosely based on actual events starring the 5 friends of Hogan (Ed Elms), business executive, Bob (Jon Hamm), pot head Randy (Jake Johnson (XVI)), Sable (Hannibal Buress) and Jerry (Jeremy Renner) playing tag for the last 30 years of their lives, while inviting a writer, Rebecca (Annabelle Wallis) of the Wall Street Journal to tag along since she is looking for a story for her off ed. As viewers soon find out that their former friend and exercise and health fitness guru, Jerry had never tagged for the last 30 years they had started playing it. And that the group has just learned he is about to be married with their main goal on their mind is to tag him before his thirtieth year is up.

  • AnonymousJanuary 29, 2019Reply

    There will be a one man riot if this doesnï¿ 1/2 1/2(TM)t win an Oscar.

  • AnonymousJanuary 30, 2019Reply

    Great movie, I honestly don’t understand the bad ratings or reviews. Genuinely funny, good story, and cast

  • Clark AJanuary 30, 2019Reply

    This is not a plot driven movie. This is just a fun movie with a bunch of funny people doing funny ridiculous things. I cannot sing the praises of Isla and Hannibal enough. They had me in tears from laughing so much. Hawkeye does a great job as well along with Hamm and Helms. A great movie to watch with your buddies.

  • Melissa VFebruary 2, 2019Reply

    Best like:

    ï¿ 1/2How many drinks have you had?ï¿ 1/2Â?
    ï¿ 1/2How many legs does an octopus have?ï¿ 1/2Â?

    Awesome soundtrack, awesome cast, and the plot seems just silly…but thereï¿ 1/2(TM)s a point. Worth seeing.

  • Jakob SFebruary 4, 2019Reply

    I honestly didn’t pay much attention and I still found myself wondering, “Was this really necessary?” I think it’s amazing how many good actors they got for this. This was truly a waste of money.

  • AnonymousFebruary 5, 2019Reply

    This movie was a fun time at the movies. This movie takes a funny and different idea and pulls it off the cast is great and has some pretty funny moments and jokes. If you are looking for a fun movie and a good time this is the movie for you .

  • kat eFebruary 6, 2019Reply

    This movie was hilarious. Don’t mind the haters

  • Russell HFebruary 7, 2019Reply

    Very funny concept. The inappropriate situations make this very entertaining.

  • Lesa NFebruary 7, 2019Reply

    Laughed our a–es off

  • Jonathan DFebruary 9, 2019Reply

    This is a fun adult comedy. It’s not great, but it’s overall fun. It has some good laughs and the action scenes with Jeremy Renner are pretty good!

  • Adrian AFebruary 11, 2019Reply

    Idea behind this movie was interesting, but movie didn’t turn out that funny or interesting.

  • AnonymousFebruary 18, 2019Reply

    Great, fun , REALLY is a TRUE STORY!! Ok I didn’t know that until the very end & I didn’t believe the introduction saying it was based on. At 1st I didn’t think this was going to be worthwhile & it surprised me., its deeper meaning is the heart of the movie.

  • AnonymousFebruary 23, 2019Reply

    Totally AWESOME! Now why didn’t I think of this idea…lol. The moral of the story is loyalty and commitment to your friendship. Most people grow apart over the years, go there separate ways and forget about one another. I love the idea of this movie, which was based on a true story. I take my hat off to those men who remained loyal to one another despite TIME!

  • Brian LFebruary 23, 2019Reply

    I thought this movie was really funny, and donï¿ 1/2(TM)t know why others have panned it. Very funny cast, great chase scenes, and heartwarming.

  • Jesse OFebruary 24, 2019Reply

    If you want to read the review I wrote for this, go to I can no longer post long reviews on here and I’m not writing two separate reviews for the same movie.

  • AnonymousFebruary 24, 2019Reply

    Great movie would watch again!

  • Stan MFebruary 24, 2019Reply

    tag was a lot better than I thought… it was about friends and thats all you need really.. a credit .. lauren bradshaw wanted more character development ⦠are you crazy .. a group of guys playing adult tag.. really lady where does the story go then.. did you want them to orphans found each other ⦠its a funny dumb movie very funny movie.. this isn’t Nottingham or the note book maybe the movie my left foot is more your taste….

  • AnonymousFebruary 25, 2019Reply

    movie is a pretty disjointed, but has a fun sense of nostalgia about childhood games.

  • AnonymousFebruary 26, 2019Reply

    The movie was very funny and I’m enjoying it every time I see.

  • Yunan AMarch 1, 2019Reply

    Don’t waste your time

  • Michael MMarch 1, 2019Reply

    Simply put, this is the funniest movie I’ve seen all year, and one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. It’s a comedy shot like an action film, and it totally works for this absurd premise. I didn’t really want much from this movie going in, I just wanted some absurd antics of grown men playing tag, and I got that but I’m glad I got a little more. The plot didn’t go exactly the way I was expecting, and there actually is a nice message about maintaining your friendships into adulthood. At the end of the day though, the movie’s just really really funny. The sheer sense of anarchy and extreme energy is so much fun. I also have to give a shout out to a stand-out performance from Isla Fisher who is hilariously psychotic. Just a really fun movie.

  • Michael MMarch 1, 2019Reply

    Simply put, this is the funniest movie I’ve seen all year, and one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. It’s a comedy shot like an action film, and it totally works for this absurd premise. I didn’t really want much from this movie going in, I just wanted some absurd antics of grown men playing tag, and I got that but I’m glad I got a little more. The plot didn’t go exactly the way I was expecting, and there actually is a nice message about maintaining your friendships into adulthood. At the end of the day though, the movie’s just really really funny. The sheer sense of anarchy and extreme energy is so much fun. I also have to give a shout out to a stand-out performance from Isla Fisher who is hilariously psychotic. Just a really fun movie.

  • AnonymousMarch 10, 2019Reply

    Very underrated comedy!

  • AnonymousMarch 10, 2019Reply

    Actually, A really good true story BUT I don’t know why they have to make everything over the top nowadays. They make such a pure story incredibly cheesy.

  • AnonymousMarch 11, 2019Reply

    It was entertaining and if anything will be a lot of laughs

  • Ryan JMarch 19, 2019Reply

    ya i actually did like it

  • Ernesto BMarch 23, 2019Reply

    Thought the concept was great and the cast was great! Good laugh, not the best but good laugh.

  • AnonymousMarch 23, 2019Reply

    Really good plot and amazing comedy. The casts: Ed Helm, Jeremy Renner, Jake Jonson, Hannibal Buress and Jon Ham. Really brought out the movie in amazing ways and I truest hope there could be a ï¿ 1/2Tag 2ï¿ 1/2Â?.

  • Shane GMarch 23, 2019Reply

    To Be Honest This Was A Funny Movie For Me, It Was Really Funny And I Laughed Pretty Hard On A Few Occasions, But Some Parts Of The Movie Do Feel Kind Of Stale. On A Scale Of One To Ten I Would Give This A 6

  • Josh MMarch 24, 2019Reply

    Honestly so much fun for such a simple concept

  • Private UMarch 25, 2019Reply

    Genuinely funny with a few great key messages about the importance of mateship and staying young at heart… “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”

  • AnonymousMarch 29, 2019Reply

    This movie was a fun time at the movies. This movie takes a funny and different idea and pulls it off the cast is great and has some pretty funny moments and jokes. If you are looking for a fun movie and a good time this is the movie for you .

  • AnonymousApril 7, 2019Reply

    This movie is hilarious , must see comedy

  • Dann MApril 7, 2019Reply

    A fun goofball comedy, Tag delivers a lot of laughs. The film follows a group of friends who have been playing a game of tag for over 20-years as they get together for one last round before one of their players retires with an undefeated record. Starring Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, and Jeremy Renner, the film has a strong cast that has good chemistry together and works well with this type of broad comedy. Yet, as outlandish as the jokes gets, the film has a surprising amount of heart. Entertaining and lighthearted, Tag is a hilarious film with a positive and touching message about friendship.

  • Jeff AApril 8, 2019Reply

    I am a fan of Rob McKittrick’s other well known movie, Waiting and there are a lot of similarities here. In both films a childish game keeps the ensemble case bonded together. An Oscar contender this is not but this movie did manage to be about something while earning numerous belly laughs. That’s more than I can say about many other comedies I see.

  • Chris JApril 11, 2019Reply

    So this flew under the radar for me, I mean I heard of it but I didn’t think it was something I needed to run out and see. I haven’t legitimately laughed this hard in some time. It’s nice to see such a simple idea being executed so well (apparently one that’s based off a true story even).

    Although the ending left me a little crossed, the rest of the movie was fun and had enough different elements that made it a truly enjoyable experience.

    It wouldn’t crack my top films of the year list, but it gets bonus points for being one of the best comedies of the year.

  • AnonymousApril 13, 2019Reply

    It has some very funny moments. Nowhere near as funny as Game Night, but still good.

  • RJ KApril 13, 2019Reply

    funniest movie i’ve seen in a while! crazy to see it has low ratings.

  • AnonymousApril 14, 2019Reply

    This movie is absolutely hilarious and for what their working with they have done an amazing job would watch again

  • Private UApril 25, 2019Reply

    What the movie lacks in terms of plot, it makes up for in sheer fun and goofiness.

  • Ian GApril 26, 2019Reply

    Tag is a movie that reminds me of Daddy’s Home. It is a comedy featuring some honestly good actors but it is pretty meh. The concept is actually quite fun; the idea of having a game of tag for years into adulthood is cool. The movie however really truly is just a dumb humor kind of movie where our main characters go through some sort of wacky adventure in this case being a game of tag. Past a game of tag there really aren’t any theatrical ups to this movie. The movie itself relies solely on the funny writing along with the natural humorous nature of the cast in order to make the film compelling. While the cast is strong and the writing is okay, those two things alone cannot create a very high quality movie.

  • Patricia WApril 27, 2019Reply

    Although parts were cringe-worthy, it’s feel-good bits help overcompensate. In all, I enjoyed it.

  • Dew SApril 27, 2019Reply

    Fun, silly, and surprisingly heartfelt.

  • Tanya LApril 29, 2019Reply

    A big piece of shit. Worst comedy of the year. Hands down.

  • AnonymousMay 2, 2019Reply

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  • Michael PMay 3, 2019Reply

    It’s a fun movie and has some good heart to it. Jeremy Renner was good but it seems like the ending was there to explain why he seemed so distant but he then still felt distant after the reveal… Loved the story though and the chemistry with all the others was on point

  • Owen GMay 5, 2019Reply

    I waited for this movie to be over after the first 10 minutes. Many scenes seemed to drag on longer than needed.

  • bill cMay 12, 2019Reply

    Fun film with no pretensions at being anything other than a goofball comedy.

  • Jason MMay 14, 2019Reply

    I LOVED this movie!! The amount of raunchiness in the humor was not over the top. Had me laughing the whole time & the ending… wasn’t what I expected, but awesome ending!

  • Oscar AMay 21, 2019Reply

    For a comedy with a goofy premise Tag didn’t make me laugh nearly as much as it could’ve or should’ve. It’s sweet to a point but the sweetness can’t carry it through the whole film as the premise wears thin after about an hour. It’s more boring than anything and It didn’t deliver the fun it seems to promise with the story line. The real life footage at the end was actually one of the best parts of the film and when that’s the case, you’re doing something wrong.

  • Jake IMay 27, 2019Reply

    Worst movie I have watched since Broken Arrow.

  • AnonymousMay 29, 2019Reply

    Terrible. Not even good for a cross country airplane movie.

  • Hieu HMay 29, 2019Reply

    This movie is absolutely hilarious. The whole cast is great. The concept is funny.

  • Buggy HMay 29, 2019Reply

    Tag is a decent film. It had its funny moments.

  • josh mMay 29, 2019Reply

    This was a super fun funny movie and I really enjoyed it a lot. Great cast with a lot of funny moments that actually made me lol.

  • AnonymousJune 6, 2019Reply

    If this is based on actual events, I’ve lost hope in humanity. If you have nothing better to do, keep looking, not even worth killing time for.

  • AnonymousJune 9, 2019Reply

    A fun light hearted movie. Good acting in a goofy plot.

  • Connor KJune 14, 2019Reply

    Absolutely hilarious 🙂

  • David BJune 15, 2019Reply

    Ok, silly humour (that’s either your thing or it isn’t). Easy watch, enjoyable if not a bit silly in places.

  • AnonymousJune 19, 2019Reply

    Pretty funny and enjoyable movie. Very entertaining. Can definitely watch it again.

  • AnonymousJune 30, 2019Reply

    An awful, embarrassing, tasteless film.

  • Joachim BJune 30, 2019Reply

    I actually rather enjoyed it. While the concept was a little silly, and the movie obviously was quite campy. It hard both charm, and in my humble opinion, a fairly good portrayal of old friendships. I think it portrayed it rather well, and the ending was actually pretty great. Not the greatest movie i’ve seen, not the greatest comedy either, but definitely worth a watch.

  • Sinead MJuly 1, 2019Reply

    A humorous concept and an all star cast couldn’t save this film from its own pitiful school yard jokes and predictability. Although Tag certainly has some fun and heartwarming moments, it’s definitely not something I would watch again.

  • John BJuly 1, 2019Reply

    Enjoyable movie. Even more so the fact it was inspired by a real life group of mates. A novel way of having fun and keeping in touch with friends given the movie treatment.

  • Jack BJuly 2, 2019Reply

    funniest film I’ve seen all year…all the while in hospital! totally worth it

  • Jodi VJuly 3, 2019Reply

    My 13 year old kids really enjoyed it.

  • Adam RJuly 5, 2019Reply

    A dumb comedy, but more entertaining than I thought it would be. It had a ridiculous concept that made for a funny movie. It would have been better with less vulgarities though. (First and only viewing – 3/8/2019)

  • Ausharp WJuly 6, 2019Reply

    Absolutely Hilarious

  • Gbor DJuly 8, 2019Reply

    This movie was fun tot watch, had great humor, perfect writing and story development and great value of entertainment. Overall it is in my opinion an under appreciated movie.
    The acting was great with big fully professional cast. The directing was great, and all the scenes had a reflection of the character’s feelings, with amazingly shot scenes and good cinematography. The humor was sometimes dark, and never felt awkward or dragging. Great writing with a script that always had tension conflict and fun, and didn’t have any pacing issue also due to the fact that it created great immersion.
    At the core of the competitive spirit of the game lies a hearth warming message that was delivered in style paired with a great but sad conclusion.
    Overall it’s a very good movie which is also based on true events.

  • AnonymousJuly 8, 2019Reply

    This movie was great and funny I loved it I definitely recommend it this gets a B

  • Alberto MJuly 14, 2019Reply

    Such a great concept and fun movie about friendship

  • Kerry WJuly 16, 2019Reply

    7/10. 71/100

  • Amanda LJuly 22, 2019Reply

    Entertaining through its entirety. Hilarious cast with perfect execution

  • Mayank AJuly 31, 2019Reply

    It’s a fun movie from the start to the end, full of laughs, even a bit of comedic action. The movies got a charming cast who are full of energy and they have great comic timing. Although the plot is simple and silly it is entertaining. That it is inspired by a true story wherein real life there have been tags at births, funerals, and inceptions of kids.

  • JACK SAugust 1, 2019Reply

    it’s all right its above average

  • Huub BAugust 9, 2019Reply

    Laughed quite a bit, and thats the whole point of a comedy. So it was good.

  • Peter GAugust 11, 2019Reply

    It was so funny and I loved it

  • Adam YAugust 12, 2019Reply

    A really funny, over the top comedy that had me smirking or entertained throughout. Worth the watch for the casts’ chemistry alone

  • Martin DAugust 16, 2019Reply

    I personally loved the movie. it stayed interesting the entire time i am surprised by the amount of people who didn’t like it.

  • Stephanie VAugust 17, 2019Reply

    What a waste of talent. Mixed with a bunch of untalented people, and awful writing and direction.

  • Frances HAugust 18, 2019Reply

    I liked this comedy based on a real group of friends–it was unusual and showed how a group of friends kept close to each other by playing a childhood game, an admirable goal.

  • AnonymousAugust 19, 2019Reply

    Tag is a extremely funny and while dumb, it tells the true story of friends and the game they played as kid’s and adults, helms and Hamm are comedy gold in this and Renner proves he’s king of tag

  • Nicolas SAugust 28, 2019Reply

    A hilarious adventure that is sure to take you back and make you wish it went on forever.

  • Kylie KSeptember 7, 2019Reply

    Absolutely hilarious and definitely worth watching

  • Eda Buse ASeptember 10, 2019Reply

    I’d have enjoyed it more if Jeremy Renner wasn’t just playing Jeremy Renner in the movie.

  • Daniel SSeptember 19, 2019Reply

    This film has a lot of positives. The basic pitch for the film (group of friends play the same game of tag for 30 years) is interesting and engaging, the soundtrack is great, the tag scenes are shot like an action movie which is both ridiculous and cool, and the cast are (almost) all so nonchalantly charismatic that they force you to care. But there’s just something so annoyingly formulaic about the script that all of those good elements are all having to fight hard against it just to get any positivity. The plot moves along in a very obvious, mechanical way, with elements clearly added in simply to pad out the running time. I was very excited by the trailer, because it had an element of heart that seemed perfectly designed to bring some emotion to what was just a great, simple one line premise. But the actual film gos to the emotional well far too early, which means that what could have been a great blob of pathos at the end of the film becomes stretched wafer thin over the entire thing. I mentioned the cat were almost all great, and the almost is down to Ed Helms. Now I’m a big Ed Helms fan, make no mistake, but as the ostensible lead character here, he doesn’t quite hit the balance between the oddness of the story and a relatable ‘normal guy’ character that the script asks him to be. I just need my Ed Helms to be weirder, I think. But when Ed let me down, I was picked up Jake Johnson, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner and Hannibal Buress and all was well.

  • Jakob BSeptember 19, 2019Reply

    It was a very funny movie with an original story

  • AnonymousSeptember 24, 2019Reply

    Didn’t do it for me.

  • Anthony PSeptember 28, 2019Reply

    My wife and I watched this movie for the first time the night. If you don’t find this movie funny there’s something wrong with you. Must See.

  • Hrant BOctober 6, 2019Reply

    Tag stars Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, Jake Johnson and Jeremy Renner as friends from grade school who have been playing the game of Tag for over 30 years. The movie is based on true events who still play the game. The guys have been trying to tag each other but Jeremy Renner’s character has been reigning champ of never being tagged. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in such a long time. It was fun, with a great cast except for Hannibal Burgess, but overall it was a very good movie with a a good life learning message. We forget how to play as we get older. Although the premise of the movie was about being tagged, Renner didn’t get the idea of being tagged to bring each other together. Great movie, definitely add this to your list.

  • ben lOctober 17, 2019Reply

    pretty funny, but dragged out towards the end

  • Aaron TNovember 7, 2019Reply

    Possibly one of the most boring, unfunny, ridiculous film I have ever seen. Not once I have ever seen a scenery in this entire movie that is so funny!! Ed Helms is always this person who tries to be funny, but fails in every way! And don’t get me started on Isla Fisher!! Holy shit, she is the worst FUCKING actress of all time!! Every single movie she’s in, just stinks!! Not once she’s good in movies!!

  • Yuri BNovember 7, 2019Reply

    Holy s***, this was funny as all hell. Every single thing they did was so over the damn top. And Jeremy Renner had me in tears with the parkour. Would seriously recommend this, still can’t believe this was based on a true story.

  • Liam HNovember 21, 2019Reply

    Its not to say that there aren’t good things in this movie that keep you invested enough to stay to the end it’s just that the movie is distinctly average. Ed helms kind of keeps the whole thing together. The ending is nice which leaves you on a positive note. 1 week later you will struggle to remember a single joke or quotable line.

  • Ricky DDecember 21, 2019Reply

    Awesome movie. Made me feel hopeful.

  • AnonymousDecember 27, 2019Reply

    great movie funny as hell love the cast i thought it was awesome that the group of friends started their game right here in spokane washington that’s awesome huge thumbs up great flick a must see super funny and entertaining

  • Austen ADecember 31, 2019Reply

    It was super funny and I loved all of it except the end, I didn’t really like the end

  • Trent MDecember 31, 2019Reply

    Tag is an amazing comedy movie which takes a turn to end with drama and heartbreak.

  • Re BJanuary 5, 2020Reply

    esse é um filme divertido que eu ri muito
    lembra a minha infancia

  • Nick MJanuary 8, 2020Reply

    Led by an ensemble cast of comedic firepower, Tag is one of the most entertaining comedies I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m genuinely surprised to see how low it’s been reviewed. Each performer has their own hilarious moments, but the great chemistry of the cast leads for so many good moments where the cast bounces off each other. The twist at the end of the movie completely threw me off when I first saw it, but the reasoning Hoagie brought everyone together for the game of Tag in the movie gives the movie an unexpected emotional moment. Even though I love that scene towards the end of the movie the movie did right and doesn’t end on such a melancholic note. It’s also pretty cool to see footage of the group this movie’s based off of and just how many scenes in the movie are taken directly from their lives.

  • Zack DFebruary 7, 2020Reply

    This movie is too reliant on big funny moments and antics too be anything more than a few cheap laughs.

  • Hope WFebruary 13, 2020Reply

    It had some really funny moments. The vulgar jokes seem lazy.

  • Gavin HFebruary 20, 2020Reply

    No real action or comedy for an action comedy. The premise was interesting but not enough to capture a feature length film audience.

  • Uzed OMarch 7, 2020Reply

    It has its moments..a fair amount of it to keep you going to the end

  • Artyom JApril 8, 2020Reply

    Fun, chill kind movie with deep thoughts.

  • David BApril 12, 2020Reply

    Comedies are so hit or miss with me, it’s definitely my least favorite genre. Tag though, was as close to a perfect comedy for me. This film had so many laughs & comedic parts to it, I just couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish. All the guys in the film worked together & made an amazing & funny film. Definitely one to own!

  • Jared WApril 13, 2020Reply

    A funny undermined movie that can make you laugh. A bit cheesy at times but is mostly a good laugh and good movie in general.

  • Maggie WApril 19, 2020Reply

    Raunchy, entertaining and filled with some hilarious action sequences, Tag is a sweet retelling of a true story.

  • Elliott SApril 22, 2020Reply

    Funny start and a great premise, but really fizzles around the halfway mark

  • Pop culture CApril 24, 2020Reply

    It was very funny and didn’t have a single boring moment in it

  • Todd FMay 2, 2020Reply

    I tagged out long before the ending.

  • Marc CMay 17, 2020Reply

    This movie is really fun to watch once. It isn’t gut wrenching with laughs but the story is entertaining.

  • David LMay 23, 2020Reply

    The movie was good, great even and pretty funny. But all that build up for a cute But unsatisfying ending felt like a waste of time. I enjoyed the movie none the less but the ending could’ve been better, after all the ending is everything

  • Joe GJuly 31, 2020Reply

    An all star cast lead this silly, funny and thoroughly enjoyable comedy. Everyone puts in a great performance, with Isla Fisher being a standout for me. The premise is ridiculous but the fact that it is based on a true story makes it all the better. A great comedy I would happily watch again.

  • at CJuly 31, 2020Reply

    Good concept with a few laughs, but mostly misses the mark by being simultaneously Top over the top and too mild. Pick a lane guys

  • David CAugust 11, 2020Reply

    Alright. Many movies of its kind out there that do a lot better

  • Greg BAugust 12, 2020Reply

    Great movie. Tons of fun. The cast is perfect.

  • earso eAugust 28, 2020Reply

    A premise that doesn’t last long enough to entertain.

  • Ted WAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Great funny fun comedy starring ed helms, isla Fisher, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnston and jermey renner. This movie is a really good time and I’m surprised by how bad this movie did at the box office. I will definitely watch this movie again and the chemistry between all of them is phenomenal. I idea of this movie is dumb but funny.

  • Joshua HAugust 30, 2020Reply

    What did I think of Tag? Check out my full review below:

  • Alyssa BSeptember 13, 2020Reply

    I don’t understand why the reviews are so low ! This is one of my favourite movies. Hannibal Buress one liners are killer, and Jake Johnson’s stoner mentality makes the movie.

  • Lex DSeptember 15, 2020Reply

    The funniest comedy movie for me so far! I am hoping for a part 2! 5-star for the cast and the movie! <3

  • Inez BSeptember 25, 2020Reply

    Absolutely fantastic.

  • Bryan BNovember 28, 2020Reply

    Everyone has that one friend that takes things too seriously and too far. Combined with a multi way midlife crisis and you get an amusing film.

  • Alexander20 JDecember 7, 2020Reply

    I thought this movie was hilarious. I had so much fun watching this. It was even heartfelt at times. The chemistry between the actors was good and fun. The jokes were good and funny. A really fun and funny movie!

  • K LDecember 11, 2020Reply

    Quite enjoyable for what it is! Recommended if you want to watch something light hearted.

  • Samuel WDecember 14, 2020Reply

    Pretty funny with an alright cast. So-so.

  • Isaac HDecember 30, 2020Reply

    I watched it on a airplane and that’s where it is probably best. I enjoyed it there but it’s nothing amazing but maybe not deserving of the low score.

  • Kate BJanuary 8, 2021Reply

    The first half of this film seemed really funny with a reliable, good cast. Sadly somewhere along the line, miscarriages become a funny topic and word is banded around constantly when one of the cast fakes a miscarriage and thinks it’s funny. This is the most insensitive film dealing with one of the most horrendous things that can happen to a person and somehow laughing at it. Piss poor, lazy attempt at humour. And a disgrace that this high quality cast seemingly didn’t question the use of this plot point.

  • AnonymousJanuary 9, 2021Reply

    Not sure what I expected. But it’s really not good

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