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The Captive (2014)

The Captive (2014)

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5.9 801 votes


what going on?


Eight years after the disappearance of Cassandra, some disturbing incidents seem to indicate that she’s still alive. Police, parents and Cassandra herself, will try to unravel the mystery of her disappearance.

IMDb Rating 5.9 801 votes


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(30) comments

  • William LJuly 14, 2015Reply

    Probably the most realistic hostage movie ever made.

  • Thomas DJuly 14, 2015Reply

    Not great, honestly it was missing a lot of pieces…

  • Daniel FFebruary 14, 2016Reply

    Reynolds is a good actor, but that doesn’t even help this movie. The writer of this movie should quit his profession.

  • Adam YMarch 12, 2019Reply

    A different film for Ryan Renolds, it’s a fine film that is utterly depressing but a good watch

  • AnonymousApril 1, 2019Reply

    Very slow paced movie with a weird vibe. Because of this I expected it to end very weirdly but it actually ended pretty good with a satisfying ending. Not the fast paced thriller you think it will be but I have to say it turned out to not be so bad because of the satisfying ending.

  • Bengusu AJuly 2, 2019Reply

    Too slow. The story isn’t that original

  • Micah GAugust 28, 2019Reply

    I feel sorry for Ryan Reynolds. He should have passed on this one.
    Atom Egoyan has simply lost his skill. This film is a mess: appalling writing, poor performances from almost everyone, visually unappealing.
    Skip this and watch, ‘Prisoner’ (2013)

  • Huw RSeptember 30, 2019Reply

    The worst movie possibly of all time.

  • Daniel JNovember 3, 2019Reply

    A claustrophobic slow ride through a labyrinth of nagging bitchiness, dimwitted characters and obnoxiously heavy-handed orchestral cue cards that fail to elevate the curb appeal of a cheap dime novel story lousy with unnecessary time jumps intended to pad the run time only to deliver a well-intended conclusion that disappointingly ends with a shrug rather than a crescendo.

    On the other hand, strong performances by Renolds, Dawson and Enos.

  • Mike BNovember 10, 2019Reply

    Very strange and ridiculous plot. Contrived and silly. Don’t waste your time.

  • Matthew VNovember 24, 2019Reply

    Well put together overall but too long and too slow-paced. Director Atom Egoyan seems incapable of editing for time.

  • Nicolas SDecember 2, 2019Reply

    Beatifully filmed with a top-notch suspenseful storyline, a downright nerve wracking score, and an absolutely bone-chilling performance from Kevin Durand.

  • AnonymousDecember 3, 2019Reply

    Too many time jumps it was hard to keep track of when things were happening. Ryan Reynolds was probably the best part of this… not horrible though

  • John BJanuary 13, 2020Reply

    tragic story and scary to think this happens all over the world, but, this movie has little or no character development so it just drags on

  • Alexander MJanuary 17, 2020Reply

    The good: acting and cinamatography
    The bad: Direction was simply a mess

    The story is disjointed and confusing. If not for the great acting, this movie would not even make it out of the gate.

  • Patrick SJanuary 24, 2020Reply

    We thought it was great even though the subject matter is hard to stomache.

  • Brittany RFebruary 6, 2020Reply

    Would not recommend. The actors (especially RR) do a wonderful job. But the story is all over the place and gets nowhere for about an hour and a half. There are no peaks to the story, only hills. Chronologically the story hops all over and can be confusing. The ending is incomplete, rushed and wrapped in a pretty bow in 10 min or less.

  • AnonymousFebruary 16, 2020Reply

    There were a dew minutes where it looked like the story would’ve into a thrilling climax, but it fizzled away.

  • Danielle RApril 4, 2020Reply

    3.25 stars. This was good, but not great. It was very scattered, with the timeline all mixed up, which I know was intentional, but I’m not sure what it added to the movie. This was an intense drama, not an action film, and there were a bunch of characters and stories that weren’t resolved- like Dianne and her husband and the short-haired blond girl and the detective’s back story… a bunch of stuff they touched on but then didn’t explain. Also (SPOILER) the climax was not nearly intense enough. The reunion should have been a huge event- that’s what you’re waiting for for the entire movie and it’s a 5 second scene. Great acting. Great story. Not so great execution.

  • Davrian BApril 15, 2020Reply

    Trash. This movie was very dull and lacking a lot. There are some loopholes and the movie didn’t seem finished at all.

  • Alanna AApril 25, 2020Reply

    Could have been a great movie given the cast, but it fell short with all the time lapses, plot twists. Many missed opportunities when it comes to exploring the trauma of being “the captive” as well as clarifying the elaborate pedophile ring.

  • Peter HApril 25, 2020Reply

    This is one of the lamest movies I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Early on I wondered why I couldn’t tell a flashback from present day. And then I wondered why all the characters were behaving so unbelievably. And I’m still wondering how this movie ever got made. Spare yourself…

  • Randi RApril 28, 2020Reply

    Really good. Very suspenseful. It started off slow, but became very gripping. I like that the pieces told out of order forces the audience to connect the dots. Some details were never explained. like, people will be shown in a location but you’ll never know the name of the place or event or organization. that happens multiple times. Some interesting characters also have untold backstories that pique interest. The audience just has to live with not knowing information they want to know. It feels realistic as life doesn’t always present a clear timeline for past events, but it also feels frustratingly unfinished at the end. im also confused about some of the daughters ramblings. Overall, enjoyable, though

  • Cris KJune 27, 2020Reply

    Great watch, will probably watch again, but can’t recommend to everyone as it has a rather serious tone and triggers abound.

    I turned this in thinking it was going Tobe the worst Ryan Reynolds movie where he’s in a casket (Buried), but this is a masterful story of child abduction.

    Ryan Reynolds and Mirielle Enos show off a full range of emotions as concerned parents, and Rosario Dawson and Kevin Durand give is beautiful sociopath performances.

    The snowy setting gives it all a wonderful flavor to this story of loss and isolation.

    If you can handle the subject matter, then give this a watch.

  • Tony CAugust 19, 2020Reply

    This film has a lot more going for it, and a lot more to it, than the other ratings would suggest. It inextricably draws together the range of influences that naturally comprise the central subject and thereby exposes them. Watch it! -You’ll have to think about it.

  • Alohaboy SSeptember 27, 2020Reply

    It stretched long like the Canadian cross country highway, all posed almost idiots, then when the time was almost over, Mr. Atom decided to finish this dragging labor with a cesarian, along with a slimy Hollywood ending.

  • AnonymousOctober 15, 2020Reply

    Reynolds is great, the others are good, the cinematography is good, the storytelling is good sometimes but mostly not, and the plot is bad which is unfortunate given the horrible subject matter. Still though, it eked a couple of my tears to the surface.

  • Diane SOctober 17, 2020Reply

    This movie kept my attention right to the end. I liked it!

  • Paul SOctober 24, 2020Reply

    Way too many main characters that all look alike, way too complicated of a plot, and the acting is so bad that you could watch static for 2 hours and be better off.

  • Agnieszka KDecember 30, 2020Reply

    The non chronological order of events and jumping back between the 8 years for she’s to follow. There wasn’t much dept to the character or even the topic of exploitation.

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