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The Cobbler (2014)

The Cobbler (2014)

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Max Simkin repairs shoes in the same New York shop that has been in his family for generations. Disenchanted with the grind of daily life, Max stumbles upon a magical heirloom that allows him to step into the lives of his customers and see the world in a new way. Sometimes walking in another man’s shoes is the only way one can discover who they really are.

IMDb Rating 5.8 1,203 votes


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(150) comments

  • Riley MOctober 6, 2015Reply

    a good movie,interesting movie

  • Kyle HOctober 7, 2015Reply

    Underrated. But the score is what hurts this movie. Any time you’ve got upbeat oboe it’s a stick score fail. Overall just a terrible soundtrack. Method Man can act! I don’t even like Wu Tang. Serious props. Sandler elite acting, decent story. Just gotta see past this shit score.

  • Eric KOctober 12, 2015Reply

    Neat concept of a movie. Adam Sandler does well mixing serious/semi serious role (at the beginning) and a comedy role (middle) all in one. it got off to a slow start but when it got rolling it was good.

  • Raji KOctober 18, 2015Reply

    Adam Sandler is Max Simkin, as simple cobbler who runs his own shoe store in New York. He lives a normal life until he comes across the fact that a family heirloom is needed to help stitch some soles. He discovers this instrument allows him to become whoever shoes he fixes with the machine. Using this he becomes various other characters which include Dustin Hoffmann, his father, and a local hoodlum played by Method Man. He uses this to help save the neighborhood. The Cobbler is an interesting movie that had an interesting premise. Perhaps a different cast and angle would have had critics enjoying this more, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  • ji hOctober 22, 2015Reply

    Adam Sandler continues to excel at disappointing.

  • Ashley HOctober 24, 2015Reply

    It’s even worse than click. What happened to Adam Sandler?

  • Craig ROctober 26, 2015Reply

    It has it moments but for the most part its just not that good.

  • Jairo AOctober 30, 2015Reply

    The Cobbler is one of Adam Sandler’s best work recently. He’s not Happy Gilmore-ish but he was decent in this one. The story itself is interesting and the actors do a good enough job to still make it work. I liked the balance of fantasy and reality in this film. Is it better than Sandler’s earlier work? No, but I’d say it’s “good”. 6/10

  • Jim SOctober 31, 2015Reply

    Trying to write a review for an Adam Sandler movie is like trying to write an epitaph for a person you really didn’t like very much.

  • Alana SNovember 1, 2015Reply

    this is one of my favorite movies ever. It’s Awesome.

  • Jeff BNovember 3, 2015Reply

    Just the cast alone should earn this film three stars. Hoffman, Buscemi with standard fair, but it’s nice to see Sandler step out of his comedic comfort zone to take a chance. However, if you’re the demented type who only rates excessive action or gore above an original, intriguing story line, you’ll come away disappointed. Not many stories out there about an enchanted heirloom that turns a standard shoe mender into a guardian of the downtrodden of the Lower East Side. By trying on various customer’s shoes, the bored and disgruntled Max is transported by this device placing him in some interesting and thought provoking scenarios as he sees what kind of fun and intrigue he can put into his rather staid and still life. Of course the fun eventually turns into potential disaster, but this is where the story takes a turn as Max finds that there’s apparently a guardian angel or something working in his favor after an accidental murder. There’s even a very sweet scene when Max puts on his father’s shoes to take his mom on a date with her long-lost love. Again, if you’re just a heartless thug who only lusts after gore and action, this is not for you. The twist at the end, that Jimmy is actually Max’s dad, Dustin Hoffman, should catch most by surprise. Ultimately, Max discovers that even though being a cobbler is rather event-less, being a Simkin cobbler is something altogether extraordinary and potentially impactful beyond one’s imagination and dreams.

  • anthony mNovember 4, 2015Reply

    I didn’t mind it but still it was funny and made me think.

  • Jade RNovember 6, 2015Reply

    It was well done. Loved it!!! I like him.

  • John TNovember 7, 2015Reply

    Interesting. Adam Sandler, as not a funny-man but a serious actor, is depressed and not doing anything with his life. He finds that he can re-sole shoes and when wearing them he looks exactly like them. Cool idea.

  • Leslie RNovember 8, 2015Reply

    Not too typical of Adam Sandler.

  • Aaron CNovember 9, 2015Reply

    family funny business passed on from one generation to the next. to wear someone else’s shoes is a bad thing, which this dark comedy tries to glossy-wax over, and ultimately the whole premise fizzles

  • Matt BNovember 9, 2015Reply

    Truly atrocious. The Cobbler has a goofy premise with zero story. Although Adam Sandler isn’t playing one of his obnoxious characters, his character has absolutely no arc. Tom McCarthy, the man who directed the tremendous The Visitor, actually directed this? How is that possible?

  • Chloe CNovember 9, 2015Reply

    Really Not my cup of tea, unfortunately. The ide of identity robbery and killing others do not appeal to me.

  • Jim BNovember 10, 2015Reply

    critics dont like to see ordinary people do somewhat ordinary things when presented with extraordinary circumstances. i guess this reinforces the fact that if critics like it, it’s not worth seeing.

  • Jason TNovember 12, 2015Reply

    The story is cute and nice to see Sandler restrained and no toilet humor. Movie has a lot of potential but the final product lacks laughs and an edge. I liked it but it could have been better.

  • Bobby MNovember 14, 2015Reply

    I’m constantly astounded how Adam Sandler movies always get such low ratings. I loved this movie! It’s a really charming piece of work. It has a great tone and pace to it, very mannerly and sweet and almost Coen-esque at times; the way the fantasy elements were rooted in something meaningful, and the way the plot would weave itself into intricate, playful patterns that would come together in the end. It was a delight to watch. One of my favourite films I’ve seen this year. Don’t listen to the critics, check it out for yourself!

  • Angelo SNovember 17, 2015Reply

    Sandler’s been so frequently terrible that this movie really surprised me. Though often frustrating, it’s also sort of enjoyable. Would’ve got 3 stars if it weren’t for the terrible romance angle.

  • Panayiota KNovember 19, 2015Reply

    Interesting idea, boring movie

  • Nick CNovember 20, 2015Reply

    What a mess The Cobbler was! Luckily, Tom McCarthy has Spotlight coming up.

  • Turtleboy GNovember 20, 2015Reply

    My god this movie was awful. It was setting up to be pretty decent, but was completely awful. There were way too many conflicts to count, and the ending was beyond stupid. Some of the major conflicts were just set aside a bunch of times and there were characters that were just forgotten about. This was a good idea that was made into a god awful movie. Honestly, if a better director and a different cast made this, this movie could’ve actually worked.

  • Loman BNovember 27, 2015Reply

    I read the poor reviews and watched with low expectations. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and immediately understood the underlying premise of “Walking a mile in someone’s shoes…” I get it. Watch the movie for yourself and you might be pleasantly surprised. Great performance Adam and Steve.

  • Sally BNovember 28, 2015Reply

    This is a great movie! We rented and watched as a family, whole family loved it!!!

  • John MNovember 30, 2015Reply

    I thought it was a clever tale different than most films today, which are filled with foul language, unbelievable crassnes, cynicism and gratuitous violence.

  • Shannon cNovember 30, 2015Reply

    did not care to whole lot for It

  • Kristina KDecember 4, 2015Reply

    It’s no “Click”. but it’s not like any last few Adam Sandler movies either. Cute.

  • Ian WDecember 4, 2015Reply

    The Cobbler has a great plot and some good moments, but is pretty much a typical Adam Sandler Movie.
    47% out of 100% (Rotten)

  • Cassandra RDecember 7, 2015Reply

    I always enjoy Adam Sandler movies.

  • willy wDecember 17, 2015Reply

    terrible. wtf kind of a movie. it’s uneven, sometimes dark, sometimes sweet, and definitely not worth recommending. watched with sick wife. it’s okay for that I guess.

  • Anthony TDecember 20, 2015Reply

    For a movie that solely identifies itself as a comedy, this film isn’t really that funny, however, overall it is kind of enjoyable.

  • Michael WDecember 20, 2015Reply

    I deliberately watched this movie because I heard how awful it was supposed to be but I actually found it to be a good movie. If you don’t pretend that it will be a comedy, then you will not be disappointed when you find out that despite having Adam Sandler in it, it is not a comedy. There was a part where the Cobbler accidentally knocks over a can of soda and it looks extremely intentional. Also, it is implausible that in this day and age a simple cobbler could afford the property tax on the storefront as well as a house (over an hour away with 3 transfers). This is no Citizen Kane, but it is kept my attention and was enjoyable.

  • Olivia SDecember 24, 2015Reply

    Pretty good mood a lot for rainy afternoon! Funny movie!!

  • Ramona SDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Charming first half, random and frantic second half. Watch if you’re curious

  • John HDecember 26, 2015Reply

    Whenever I have to stop watching a movie half way through and then forget to finish it means its not memorable enough. Had potential though

  • Anthony WDecember 27, 2015Reply

    IDK why such bad ratings. Not a bad movie. Worth a watch. I think people are still expecting the Adam Sandler from in his 20’s.

  • Pedro SJanuary 1, 2016Reply

    half star is actually too much for this movie.

  • Daniel OJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    A movie with a very interesting and unique premise. The full potential of this movie definitely was not realized, but it was nonetheless fun, entertaining and felt very genuine. Adam Sandler did a great job, showing he could do more than just basic comedy.

    I think the low ratings are very likely a result of herd mentality and many Adam Sandler haters, whoa re just going to hate.

  • Ethan PJanuary 3, 2016Reply

    The cobbler has some good acting I guess. This movie is another Adam sander movie. Bad comedy, but has some great performances. I guess you can say it’s a step up from previous sandier movies. Rate 5.5/10

  • Ilya AJanuary 4, 2016Reply

    Very different plot story, it was enjoyable to watch

  • Gaspar OJanuary 6, 2016Reply

    Ehh, it’s not a four star film, but I love anything Adam Sandler touches. It was fun though, and curious, and pleasing and some other adjectives as well.

  • Brian AJanuary 7, 2016Reply

    While I want to give this movie another Adam Sandler movie flop, I would say instead that this was a lay down and sigh movie. The acting was ok and the story was amusing to start with. But this movie just goes in directions that I found it hard to follow and were what I would expect out of Adam Sandler, dumb male bravado. If you have seen all the other movies in your “my list” on Netflix see it, otherwise view the others before this.

  • Tovia WJanuary 11, 2016Reply

    What exactly was wrong with this film? I found it very likable, and overall interesting. The only thing i’m able to admit, Sandler does seem depressed through out the whole film and he was overall not that great a casting choice.But everything else…Yeah, i like this movie ((actually one of my all-time favourites, take me to jail))

  • Melissa AJanuary 16, 2016Reply

    Entertaining and had some funny parts, but seemed far-fetched for the most part.

  • Caroline JJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    The Cobbler. A novel and different idea for a movie and to be honest it is nice to see Adam Sandler in a different non comedy role. Max (simkin) is a small low time back street cobbler in the streets of New York and works in the same shop which his father has passed down to him as a family business. One day when his cobbling machine breaks he stumbles into the basement and uses an old heirloom machine to repair a pair of shoes. Upon doing this and whilst waiting one evening for a customer to return for their shoes he tries a pair on, to his surprise and amazement he turns into another person, the owner of the shoes.
    Max walks along in a variety of people’s shoes who have been left behind in the cobbling shop, however he soon becomes involved in something more sinister.
    Partly heart warming and I do love to see anything New York related but just not enough to make you want to watch time and again.

  • Andy BJanuary 17, 2016Reply

    I found this funnier than most. TIFF 2014

  • Leon BJanuary 18, 2016Reply

    This movie had a great concept but the execution was poor. Adam Sandler wasn’t the perfect choice for the lead because he seemed extremely moody through the whole movie, even though he had a unique super power. The storyline was also a bit messy and the ending should have come in the middle of the film, to make it more interesting but I think that the director had a sequel in mind. Anyway, Adam Sandler plays Max Simkin, who inherits his father’s cobbler shop, which he doesn’t particularly enjoy running, and his good friend Jimmy (Steve Buscemi), runs the barber shop next door. He gets a visit from a community worker, Carmen (Melonie Diaz) whose trying to prevent developers from tearing down the neighbourhood to build huge complex buildings but Max is more interested in getting a big sum for his shop. Max lives with his mother, who desperately wants her son to meet a woman. The neighbourhood thug, Leon Ludlow (Method Man) goes to his shop to get the sole of his shoes changed. Leon demands that the shoes are finished later on that day, so Max tries his best to get them done on time but his stitching machine breaks down. He then goes in his basement to use the machine that was left by his ancestors, which works perfectly and out of curiosity, he tries on Leon’s shoes because he is the same size, 10 1/2. He then realises that he has actually changed into Leon, so he tries more shoes and he’s amazed that he can change into the people who own them. With his new found ability, he goes to Chinatown as a Chinese man and enjoys the day and then he changes into an suave Englishman, Emilliano (Dan Stevens) and picks up a girl in a bar. The woman isn’t impressed that he is living with his mother, so he goes to Emilliano’s house and his girlfriend, Taryn (Kim Cloutier) invites him in the shower with her but he realises that he would have to take off his shoes, which will show his true identity, so he leaves the house, abruptly. He then gets his hands on his dads old shoes, so he has a meal with his mum, as his father Abraham (Dustin Hoffman) but she sadly dies in the morning. After the funeral, Max returns to work and he gets a visit from Leon, who demands his shoes to be ready for later. Max then follows Leon, whilst changing into different shoes so his cover isn’t blown, and when he gets to his apartment, he changes into Leon’s shoes and he finds out that Leon has been abusing his girlfriend. To teach him a lesson, Max goes to steal Leon’s expensive watched but he finds a case of artillery along with a taser gun. When the real Leon returns to his apartment, he’s amazed to find Max, who looks like him and he starts to choke him but Max uses the taser gun on him. On his departure, Max/Leon bumps into his henchmen and they take him to an area were they are holding a man hostage, who has stolen from him. Max/Leon, let’s the thug go and he is taken to see a crime boss, Elaine (Ellen Barkin) who gives him a large amount of money to buy out a man from his building. Max then goes back to Leon’s house as a cross dressing woman and Leon attacks him again until Max removes his shoe to reveal his true identity. Leon pursues in trying to kill Max but he uses one of the stilettos to strike him in his neck and kill him. The following day, Max turns himself into the police and when he takes them to the crime scene, he is shocked to see that there is no body and the no blood. When Max returns to the shop, Jimmy confronts him about his weird behaviour and he tells him that his father had to disappear to protect the family. Max then tells Carmen about Elaine, who tried to buy out one of the tenants in an apartment building, so she sets her up by secretly filming her while she is threatening the tenant, which leads to her arrest. Carmen then invites him out to dinner and he returns Leon expensive watches to his girlfriend. Max/Leon is then captured by the thugs that his henchmen beat up earlier but the car ends up in a car crash and Max wakes up in front of Jimmy, who actually turns out to be his dad in disguise. Jimmy/Abraham, then shows him his collection of shoes and then they ride of in his limo, explaining the history of the machine. Quite a detailed storyline with many different elements but it seemed far fetched and a bit over the top at times. You don’t know what is going to happen from one scene to the next and the ending brought a good twist to the whole plot but the critics hated it and the box office takings were appalling. I personally didn’t think that it was that bad but the script could have done with a rewrite. Average!

    This movie was directed by Tom McCarthy, 49, who brought you the Station Agent, The Visitor, Win Win and Spotlight, which is due to come out this year. He’s starred in over 30 movies, which include Conspiracy Theory, Meet the Parents I & II, Syriana, Good Night, and Good Luck, the Lovely Bones and Fair Game. I did find the movie quite entertaining but the storyline got a bit silly after a while. I was quite impressed with Method Man’s acting and Dustin Hoffman and Steve Buscemi were great but Sandler should have played the role with more wit.

    Budget: $10million
    Worldwide Gross: $24,000

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their fantasy/drama/comedies starring Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman, Method Man, Ellen Barkin, and Melonie Diaz. 4/10

  • Lisa KJanuary 21, 2016Reply

    I really liked this movie. It was surprising, funny, and heart warming good vs evil.

  • Lanny CJanuary 23, 2016Reply

    Absolute one of my favorite films. Very funny keep up the good work!

  • Andrei PJanuary 24, 2016Reply

    I really enjoyed the idea. At some point it got a little boring, but then was that scene in the end with his father…damn!

  • Shawn SJanuary 28, 2016Reply

    While this film is as flawed and formulaic as most of Adam Sandler’s recent films, it still offers a few heart-warming moments and is surprisingly fun.

  • Claire MFebruary 1, 2016Reply

    Love the concept of this movie and I think Adam did a great job and did this role perfectly. Definitely would watch again

  • Brian FFebruary 5, 2016Reply

    I don’t get the low rating for The Cobbler. I almost didn’t watch it because of that. It’s definitely not an award winner (not even for a Razzie, by the way), but it has a great concept, and there are both genuinely funny and heartwarming moments. I’m glad I ignored the poor reviews, because I was most certainly entertained by this film.

  • Thomas TFebruary 6, 2016Reply

    Adam Sandler’s only good performance in his entire career is wasted in the convoluted mess called The Cobbler.

  • Cheryl LFebruary 7, 2016Reply

    Disappointing. I didn’t watch the trailer but wanted to see this as Adam Sandler is the main character. Unfortunately though, the storyline was poor & not as funny as it should of been.

  • John GFebruary 7, 2016Reply

    Really good adam sandler movie in comparison to the others he has put out recently . the ending is amazballs and i would reccomend to friends and family

  • Cade AFebruary 8, 2016Reply

    it was very serious for adam Sandler movie

  • andrew cFebruary 8, 2016Reply

    Typical odd movie from Adam Sandler. Still a decent movie I recommend people to watch.

  • Nomnom MFebruary 12, 2016Reply

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  • Christian SFebruary 14, 2016Reply

    bon film un peu fantastique.

  • Quinn SFebruary 19, 2016Reply

    I liked it that’s all

  • Greg GFebruary 20, 2016Reply

    Very cleaver and interesting movie

  • Matt GFebruary 22, 2016Reply

    Personal pet peeve: when a character has a sock shoved in their mouth to keep them from talking, and they act as if they can’t just spit the sock out.

    Another personal pet peeve: this movie. A lowest-common-denominator mess of insanity, that starts out odd and ends just plain stupid.

  • James BFebruary 27, 2016Reply

    sandlers stuff nowadays is hit or miss but I thought this one was good

  • Chuck WFebruary 28, 2016Reply

    This movie was just really weird. It wasn’t funny so I don’t know why it’s classified as a comedy. If I had to, I would call it a… I don’t even know. Weird? If you want to think of that as a category. Anyway don’t waste your time seeing this movie. Worse than the normal Sandler movie.

  • John NMarch 7, 2016Reply

    It’s stupid and weird

  • Lynn BMarch 7, 2016Reply

    Not really the comedy I was led to believe it was.

  • Beverlie BMarch 12, 2016Reply

    Just stumbled upon and watched this wonderful parable – way better than the earlier ratings!

  • Willie WMarch 13, 2016Reply

    Boring blue collar shoe Jew activism.

  • Joules LMarch 19, 2016Reply

    quite funny but then I was stuck on a 12 hour flight at the time.

  • Alex BMarch 19, 2016Reply

    Too slow of an intro and wasn’t that interesting

  • Dan FApril 2, 2016Reply

    I’d have given it two stars, except the final scene offers absolutely no resolution, explanation or justification of actions (apparently his father is actually just a selfish git living it up elsewhere upon abandoning his wife) and undermines the already tenuous mythology established throughout the film (he wears the shoes of a dead man, appears as a corpse, so what good are hundreds of pairs of shoes handed down over generations when they’ll likely be the shoes of dead people?). Just terrible.

  • Alex RApril 6, 2016Reply

    I can’t figure out why this movie got such harsh reviews. It was entertaining from start to finish and I would have quite happily watched more. Sandler is his usual self but the story line took us to places that were unexpected, and a little strange in places. Good movie.

  • Carol MApril 9, 2016Reply

    Every once in a while, one needs to stick a hand on the hot stove again. Fortunately, one does not need to keep it there. Adam Sandler has managed once more to remove the brain from comedy and the heart from sentimentality and hand us another piece of work that would be dead but for life support. His lineup of stinkers should be mortifying enough to kill just about anything.

  • Barry TApril 10, 2016Reply

    Not as bad as the critics said. But there was a germ of a good idea here wasted and when not wasted badly handled. A lot of racial sterotyping etc. When Adam Sandlers characters works out he can change into the person whose shoes he is fixing they don’t know what to do. He steals things? Gets involved with bad types etc

  • Kent HApril 14, 2016Reply

    This is not your typical Sandler movie. It was a thoughtful movie about walking in someone else’s shoes

  • Matthew BApril 14, 2016Reply

    I have no idea how Thomas McCarthy did it, but it’s quite unbelievable. One minute he’s an Oscar front runner, and then all of a sudden, a favorite at the Golden Raspberry Awards in one year. I’m not sure if I should be giving McCarthy round of applause for doing the impossible or ask McCarthy what he was thinking.

    Maybe both.

  • Paul DApril 24, 2016Reply

    Once again I am going to have to go against the grain and disagree with the critics. I thought that this was pretty good. I know it is cool to hate Adam Sandler these days, but this is a bit different from what we normally get from him. It is not a masterpiece, but I found it fun enough to not be a waste of time either.

  • Kevin DMay 17, 2016Reply

    A Heartfelt Drama

    The Cobbler is a modern day fantasy about a middle aged shoe repairman, who stumbles into a world of magic, that changes his life forever. It is certainly a great mix of drama and comedy, and designed to pull at your heartstrings from Oscar winning Writer / Director (and actor) Tom McCarthy.

    Adam Sandler portrays Max Simkin, a simple man with a simple job that he inherited from his father. He runs his father’s shop and lives his life taking care of his ailing mother, and wondering why his father disappeared so many years ago. He keeps to himself, is good at what he does, and is an unassuming man who doesn’t worry much about the outside world. One day in his shop, working on a rather aggressive customer’s high end leather bound wingtips, his machinery breaks down and he has to dig out his father’s old sewing machine for shoe-making. It’s an old manually operated contraption used for stripping and attaching the sole of your shoe. After completing his task, while he is waiting for his customer’s return, he tests them out himself, and finds a shocking and magical discovery. This leads Max on an adventure of discovery, not only through the lives of his customers, but of his own life as well.

    The film itself is very well acted, with several notable names throughout. Steve Buscemi joins Sandler on screen for several scenes, and as always, the two play well off each other. The intimidating Cliff ‘Method Man’ Smith (of Wu Tang Clan infamy) is fantastic as the drug dealing, neighbourhood gangster that sets some major events in Max’s life off to begin with. Every character has a real purpose in this film, as you find out that each of their lives drive the plot through the events of this film, but it is a very well acted script and each actor lends their talent well to their roles

    The movie revolves around several dramatic themes, abandonment, inadequacy, and maturity, yet maintains a light-hearted airiness about it despite some rather dark moments. It certainly is a fantasy, but never goes overboard with it, and you can easily imagine what it must feel like to walk around in another man’s shoes, and what it must take to live their life, with a few jokes tossed in for good measure. You can whittle out what’s going to happen before hand, for the most part, but the film does very well to keep the fantasy going. The only time I thought it lost the point of the movie was near the last 15 minutes or so, when it takes a left turn and leads to a kind of ‘superhero’ cliff hanger which was totally unlike the feel of anything else in this movie. But it’s a sweet little film, with some very interesting side stories into the lives of New Yorkers, whom make it such an interesting city to live in. The Cobbler is certainly has a lot of heart.


  • Brandon WJune 1, 2016Reply

    The Cobbler is directed and written by Tom McCarthy, and it stars Adam Sandler in a magic dramedy about a cobbler who is tired of his boring life that is more or less the same, when his machine was broken, he found an old machine, and start repairing the shoes with it. When he decides to try them on, he turns into another person that owns the shoes. Out of all the Adam Sandler films, this was the one that I was most worried about as it has a talented director and writer like Tom McCarthy, it has worst reviews than almost all of the Happy Madison Productions with Adam Sandler in it, and it was a huge box office bomb. The good news about it is that in my opinion, The Cobbler is better than almost half of the films that has Adam Sandler in it, the bad news, however, is that it’s not nearly as good as any of the director’s films, it’s definitely his worst film so far, and that it’s frustratingly ok. The acting is good, and there are some scenes in there that I thought were well done and were up there with the director’s other films. The characters are decent at best, and Method Man gets some of the laughs in this film. The problems that I have with the film are that the plot is all over the place as it has no idea about what it wants to be. Some of the humor fall flat, but then again, the movie was trying to be more serious than be funny. It’s not as interesting as the director’s other films, and there are a lot of questions that weren’t addressed, which also doesn’t make sense. With a premise like this, The Cobbler could’ve worked given with a nice story, memorable characters, and a well written script, but the film only gives some of it and it was disappointing at best.

  • Isaac LJune 12, 2016Reply

    Not bad. It basically reminds me of the Kingsmen (another movie that came out around the same time). General idea was still fairly unique as to my knowledge. Fairly well executed.

  • William PJune 21, 2016Reply

    It was ok. Could have done been different in my mind.

  • Cedric LJuly 3, 2016Reply

    Stupid, despicable and unfunny.

  • Aimee RJuly 23, 2016Reply

    Not Saddler’s best but good enough for a laugh and had good serious moment balance.

  • Knox MJuly 23, 2016Reply

    While it might be Adam Sandler’s second best film, that isn’t saying very much. The Cobbler is a comedy with incredibly in-your-face humor.

  • Greg NJuly 26, 2016Reply

    the movie is one of the best movies i have ever seen it truly shocks me how low of a rating this movie has

  • Ashley BAugust 2, 2016Reply

    I enjoyed this movie. I thought it was done pretty good. I liked the storyline and the way this movie played out and Adam Sandler played his part very well.

  • James EAugust 6, 2016Reply

    It was very good it was serious it shows how sandlers a great actor

  • Howard EAugust 15, 2016Reply

    One of life’s modern day mysteries is how Adam Sandler keeps getting money to make films. I don’t think he’s funny and I know I’m not alone in that assessment. For the second year in a row, Sandler has topped Forbes’ list of the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood (December 23, 2014). Nevertheless, Hollywood keeps making films with him and here’s why: In the Numbers Bankability Index(TM) for April 2015, Sandler came in 8th, ahead of – and you may not believe this – Leonardo DiCaprio (9th), Robert Downey, Jr. (12th), Bradley Cooper (14th) and Angelina Jolie (19th). I’m scratching my head because I just don’t get it.

    Sandler’s latest outing, THE COBBLER, certainly won’t help his bankability. In the film, he plays Max Simkin, a single, late 40-something, Jewish teddy bear of a guy who is also a fourth generation shoe repairman with a shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. One day, when his stitching machine breaks down, he goes down to his shop’s basement and uses his great-grandfather’s treadle-operated stitcher to repair the shoes of Leon Ludlow (Method Man), a local thug. Once re-soled, he notices that the shoes are the same size that he wears – 10-1/2 – so he slips them on his feet. To his surprise, Max is immediately transformed into Leon. The machine works some old world Yiddishe mojo.

    When people say you shouldn’t criticize someone until you walk a mile in their shoes, I honestly believe that you’re not supposed to put on their shoes. Forget for a moment that Max became Leon when he put on Leon’s shoes. What he did was just icky, not to mention being completely unprofessional. It makes me want to disinfect my shoes the next time I bring them home from the repair shop. Max, though, is intrigued by the possibility of being anyone he wants – provided he has their shoes and they wear size 10-1/2. He quickly gets to work re-soling all the requisite shoes and boots in his shop using his great-grandfather’s machine. With just a quick change of footwear, Max becomes an aged hippie, a skinhead, a dead man, a rich white guy and an Hispanic transvestite.

    The film goes from icky to creepy when he tells his ailing mother (Lynn Cohen) that his long-absent father (Dustin Hoffman) is coming home for dinner. We’re supposed to think that it’s beautiful that he’s giving his mother her long-held wish but what if she wanted to renew her marital relations with the man? They may be old but they’re not dead! Even so, what if she wanted her husband to plant a nice long kiss on her lips to make up for all those years of being away? This borders on Oedipus Rex creepy! And, although Max can look like the person whose shoes he is wearing, he is not endowed with anything more than their physical attributes. What if his mother had said, “Remember that time back in 1963 when …?” What would Max say? He may be walking a mile in someone else’s shoes but there’s no understanding of who that person is.

    The creep factor is upped further when he puts on the shoes of his very handsome neighbour, known only in the film’s credits as “Dance-club disc jockey”. (Poor Dan Stevens, who plays the neighbour. He must be kicking himself for leaving DOWNTON ABBEY after Season 3.) Max enters DCDJ’s flat, which he shares with his very pretty model girlfriend, and watches as the girlfriend takes a shower. She invites him in, which seems to be every teenage boy’s dream, but then realises that if he takes off the shoes, his jig is up. This is supposed to be funny? Remember, Max is pushing 50. Creepy.

    Max finally realises that he can put his new magical power to good use. Posing as Leon, he learns that a rich, New York property developer (Ellen Barkin) will stop at nothing to get an old man out of his flat. Armed with a duffel bag full of size 10-1/2 shoes (yes, that is the average size that American men wear but it doesn’t mean that everyone wears that size), he concocts an elaborate scheme to protect the old man, save the neighbourhood, get the developer arrested for intimidation and conspiracy to commit murder… and maybe find love with a woman who looks to be about half his age.

    Even fans of Adam Sandler will be hard-pressed to find anything good to say about THE COBBLER. This is just an awful film.

  • Jessica SAugust 17, 2016Reply

    Good performances from all the cast. Wasn’t keen on the ending but a good story that captured your imagination.

  • Katey WAugust 22, 2016Reply

    People don’t like when comedians play serious roles. I, however liked it a lot.

  • Bernard GSeptember 27, 2016Reply

    really good movie, keeps you interested until the end.

  • Shane SSeptember 27, 2016Reply

    I quite enjoyed it. There were more laughs in this for me than numerous recent “comedies” like Ghostbusters 2 or Neighbors 2. This movie was an unpredictable romp; it’s so rare to get that in a movie these days. One flaw for me was that the tombstone (the thing the hero was after although not explicitly stated) didn’t materialise. Another flaw was the inconsistency in character regarding their conscience and values. One minute Max is a thief, next minute he’s grown a conscience and turning himself in. The inner conflict/struggle was never shown, it just happens and that doesn’t make for great cinema. Then Max goes back to extorting $100k out of the nemesis. Before he wanted to return $50k now he’s extorting $100k… there’s a big character inconsistency there.

    I wonder if helping the old man move on to reconnect with his daughter may have actually been a better way to go. And at the same time helping the love interest let go of the past and just accept that some things change. This could be a mirror for Max who finally lets go of his past and starts fresh. And really isn’t this the central theme of the film? Identity and who you choose to be?

    Having Jimmy as the father next door just doesn’t work. The father comes out like a putz. Who is this fraud to dole out advice? But also the reason why he had to hide was never revealed its just assumed the audience will accept it. This is not good writing for todays audiences which expect more. This isn’t 1953, we are much more cynical these days… give us a good enough reason to forgive the father or else we’ll just end up despizing him.

    I like Sandler in this film. But for me Method Man was the stand out. He really had me believing he was Max and that’s not easy to pull off. And as if Max is going to tazer himself… really??? There are plenty of flaws here but overall I actually enjoyed the ride and the laughs. Many of the comedies today are so lame… while flawed this movie has some genuinely funny moments and deserves a much higher score than it has received.

  • Jason SSeptember 30, 2016Reply

    Ok, this is not a good flick, but it could’ve been. Interesting idea that turned into racist jokes and a poorly constructed plot.

  • James BOctober 4, 2016Reply

    Its Sandler so don’t take too seriously. Just watch and enjoy.

  • Amy NNovember 12, 2016Reply

    My whole family really enjoyed this movie. I am really surprised at the low rating! Maybe it’s because this is not one of Adam Sandler’s normal silly comedies, which we usually like, and people go in expecting something different so are disappointed. I highly recommend giving this one a chance.

  • Bruno VNovember 18, 2016Reply

    Don’t read the “real” criticasters opinion ….One of Sandler’s better ones lately .

  • Jacob DNovember 19, 2016Reply

    Saying this is Adam Sandler’s second worst movie is saying a lot.

  • Gabriel CNovember 19, 2016Reply

    While not as raunchy or juvenile as the average Sandler flick, The Cobbler is still lacking in humor and plot.

  • Josías GNovember 29, 2016Reply

    Si digo que tardé un mes para verla es muy poco y al final nada valió la pena

  • Julian HJanuary 14, 2017Reply

    Another great movie from Adam Sandler. Possibly one of my favorite movie actors of all time, behind Arnold. The Cobbler is a good family comedy movie. I totally recommend it!

  • Paul NJanuary 30, 2017Reply

    9 Percent??? hahaha. This movie is 70 percent, easy!. Not one dull moment at all, what does the expendables get? 41, 41 percent for absolute crap!. People have garbage taste.

  • Michael SFebruary 8, 2017Reply

    This oddity barely got a theatrical release and was just destroyed by the critics. It’s certainly not a good movie by any stretch, but it’s far from unwatchable. The last 10 minutes of the movie are just plain nuts, and I’m not sure this is necessarily a bad thing. Credit Adam Sandler for branching out and not doing another stupid comedy. Note: It was directed by Oscar winner Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor, Spotlight).

  • ?????? ????????? ?February 17, 2017Reply

    There was nothing wrong with this movie, and it strayed from the typical toilet humor of most of sandlers movies, it actually had a pretty good story with characters you could relate with. All the haters are probably just too classy in their own minds to enjoy anything made by sandler. Sure, he has had some really bad movies, but this isn’t one of them.

  • Petros TFebruary 27, 2017Reply

    “The Cobbler” is a further departure from the style that Tom McCarthy established with his first two films – which is probably apparent by the fact that Adam Sandler stars in it. In truth, he is not too bad, although the supporting cast – namely Steve Buscemi, Dustin Hoffman and Ellen Barkin – totally steals the limelight. And what about the story? Well the “action” part of it might be a little haphazard but is pretty inventive and certainly enjoyable. The allegory au contraire is skin deep.

  • Luke DMarch 8, 2017Reply

    I love Adam Sandler and this film is kind of interesting and fun in parts but literally I think it lasted for about 12 hours…….on and on and on and on and …………

  • Vic BMarch 9, 2017Reply

    I was very impressed with this movie

  • Bill TMarch 19, 2017Reply

    I was a bit apprehensive seeing this.. as one should be seeing an Adam Sandler movie.But there’s a big heard, charming jokes and some nice understated performances here. It does dip into wackiness from time to time, but then again, it dips into other things. An unexpected fun watch!

  • Branden PApril 24, 2017Reply

    Great movie, even if though it could have been a lot better

  • Letitia LMay 29, 2017Reply

    Great premise, but shallow. Might have been quite enjoyable if it hadn’t been so racist and insensitive to transgender people.

  • Kyle MJuly 8, 2017Reply

    The least of Sandler’s few dramas drew a clear split in dramedy with the predicted ridicule that gets redeemed in an okay fashion for the purpose of the concept that’s also fine by how it was acceptably approached. It’s enjoyable and much better than most of Sandler’s films. (B)

    (Full review TBD)

  • Leonardo - Malacay - SJuly 19, 2017Reply

    Una mas de Adam Sandler la historia es curiosa y no mucho más

  • AnonymousAugust 9, 2017Reply

    This was a real good movie with an awesome actor staring Adam Sandler.mfmfmfnkno

  • Philip HOctober 28, 2017Reply

    Really liked this movie. Adam was great and it had a great story line. Funny too and quirky

  • Dan LDecember 21, 2017Reply

    I don’t think The Cobbler is as bad as the critics says it is, but unfortunately, The Cobbler is a mess that squanders the potential of its concept.

    The Cobbler does start off well, with Adam Sandler giving a decent performance and the subplot with his mother was quite moving. It’s a bit too sentimental and a little underdeveloped, but it’s a nice change of pace to see an Adam Sandler comedy that isn’t typically crass or juvenile. Method Man was also great in the film. Though his character is extremely unlikeable, seeing Method Man act like Adam Sandler was quite entertaining. The movie has a bit of fun with the premise in the first half, and it’s always nice to see Adam Sandler in a more dramatic role (which he doesn’t do very often), but The Cobbler doesn’t really do anything compelling, and it pretty much falls apart in the second half.

    The premise (though gimmicky) was quite intriguing. Adam Sandler plays a shoe cobbler named Max, who can literally put himself in someone else’s shoes, by taking on the form of the owner of the shoes he’s wearing after making adjustments with his magic stitching machine. He makes his life more interesting by disguising himself as a Chinese man, as two different people to get a free meal, a handsome British man to pick up girls, and as his estranged father to make his mother happy.

    The second half takes a different direction while trying retaining the emotional undertone of the first half of the film. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work because by the second half, the movie has no idea what kind of film it wants to be. Max tries to get revenge on Leon Ludlow (Method Man) for being a bully by attempting to steal his watch collection as Leon Ludlow, and then he gets himself tangled with gangsters and a murderous slumlord without much of a reason to get involved, which is very out of character for Max.

    The movie also has a character who’s trying to stop gentrification, but reduces her to a love interest for Sandler. The movie clearly wanted to say something about gentrification before deciding to switch the focus on Sandler using his powers for his own selfish gains, but the premise wears thin by the second half of the film.

    By the end of the film, you’re left with a movie full of half-baked ideas. The Cobbler isn’t Adam Sandler’s worst film, but it is a misfire for writer/director Tom McCarthy. The Cobbler proves to be too high-concept for McCarthy, despite his indie acclaim. I considered giving this movie 2 and a half stars, but the ending was so terrible that I had to lower my score.

  • William MJanuary 12, 2018Reply

    A little hokey but overall it was a feel good movie. Nice movie to watch with the kids. It won’t go down as the best Adam Sandler movie but it was entertaining.

  • film gMarch 5, 2018Reply

    A very underrated comedy.

  • AnonymousApril 5, 2018Reply

    I have been a long time fan of Adam Sandler and his movies, but his more recent movies have been increasingly vulgar and not that funny. However, I loved this movie and cannot understand why so many hated it. I thought this movie was sentimental, magical and surreal. It reminded me of the short stories or even novels written by Isaac Bashevis Singer, my favourite author of all time. I have watched it a half dozen times and will rewatch it again and again!

  • Miguel QMay 13, 2018Reply

    Most underrated film. Amazing acting and plot! Would watch again!

  • Anthony KMay 14, 2018Reply

    Here’s the thing with this movie. It starts nowhere, and it goes nowhere. And in between things certainly happen but they absolutely do not connect. Think the thing with the model and her bisexual boyfriend is going somewhere? Nope. Think the stakes of the movie matter *at all* to our main character, aside from generally being nice-ish to a completely contrived woman who’s vaguely decent to him? Nope. Think Adam Sandler’s character will try, AT ALL, to legitimately act? Nope, most the time he doesnt even have to be there. Also, why does he look like such garbage. I know Adam Sandler loves to look like shit, but do we always have to look at him looking like it? I hate this movie.

  • Dustin SAugust 9, 2018Reply

    The cobbler is a pure cinematic masterpiece

  • Gomi ASeptember 30, 2018Reply

    Funny thing. All the hate and shit … I ged it. Adam Sandler is highly overpaid actor but hey …. this film was not all that bad.

  • Andrew JNovember 12, 2018Reply

    I could have done without the flashback at the beginning, but it was otherwise enjoyable.

  • Marvel FDecember 15, 2018Reply

    i enjoyed the film it is really watchable over and over

  • Bernadette SJanuary 9, 2019Reply

    The Cobbler was a delightful movie. I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions. It was well acted, not your typical Adam Sandler film, even though I enjoy them very much, It is nice to see him take on parts like this.
    Ellen Barkin is always amazing , Method Man did a fantastic job and Dustin Hoffman, really? Need I say more?
    I think this movie deserves more hype than in received. I will watch it again.

  • Lei HJanuary 18, 2019Reply

    After 20 minutes, it becomes great.
    He eats pickles

  • AnonymousFebruary 28, 2019Reply

    Shocked by the low ratings, I enjoyed Adam Sandler’s more nuanced performance which reminded me of Punch Drunk Love. Some well timed humour and plenty of plot twists. Perhaps just the right movie at the wrong time.

  • AnonymousApril 18, 2019Reply

    I don’t think The Cobbler is as bad as the critics says it is, but unfortunately, The Cobbler is a mess that squanders the potential of its concept.

    The Cobbler does start off well, with Adam Sandler giving a decent performance and the subplot with his mother was quite moving. It’s a bit too sentimental and a little underdeveloped, but it’s a nice change of pace to see an Adam Sandler comedy that isn’t typically crass or juvenile. Method Man was also great in the film. Though his character is extremely unlikeable, seeing Method Man act like Adam Sandler was quite entertaining. The movie has a bit of fun with the premise in the first half, and it’s always nice to see Adam Sandler in a more dramatic role (which he doesn’t do very often), but The Cobbler doesn’t really do anything compelling, and it pretty much falls apart in the second half.

    The premise (though gimmicky) was quite intriguing. Adam Sandler plays a shoe cobbler named Max, who can literally put himself in someone else’s shoes, by taking on the form of the owner of the shoes he’s wearing after making adjustments with his magic stitching machine. He makes his life more interesting by disguising himself as a Chinese man, as two different people to get a free meal, a handsome British man to pick up girls, and as his estranged father to make his mother happy.

    The second half takes a different direction while trying retaining the emotional undertone of the first half of the film. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work because by the second half, the movie has no idea what kind of film it wants to be. Max tries to get revenge on Leon Ludlow (Method Man) for being a bully by attempting to steal his watch collection as Leon Ludlow, and then he gets himself tangled with gangsters and a murderous slumlord without much of a reason to get involved, which is very out of character for Max.

    The movie also has a character who’s trying to stop gentrification, but reduces her to a love interest for Sandler. The movie clearly wanted to say something about gentrification before deciding to switch the focus on Sandler using his powers for his own selfish gains, but the premise wears thin by the second half of the film.

    By the end of the film, you’re left with a movie full of half-baked ideas. The Cobbler isn’t Adam Sandler’s worst film, but it is a misfire for writer/director Tom McCarthy. The Cobbler proves to be too high-concept for McCarthy, despite his indie acclaim. I considered giving this movie 2 and a half stars, but the ending was so terrible that I had to lower my score.

  • Will AApril 19, 2019Reply

    This movie is not the most amazing movie, but provides a strong story that keeps you going throughout.

  • John BJune 23, 2019Reply

    despite the poor ratings, I enjoyed this one and the story that it told

  • David BJune 29, 2019Reply

    It’s the classic tragedy of a man who can’t non-consensually sleep with another man’s wife in the shower because he can’t take his magic shoes off.

  • Patrick CJuly 9, 2019Reply

    Not understanding why this rating is at 9%. It’s a great flick. Watched it multiple times.

  • Stefan JJuly 18, 2019Reply

    My friend and I loved the film and the mind fuckery it gave us, not sure why all the bad ratings, we genuinely loved the movie and we were hoping a sequel would come out, we were sad to see that it got such a bad rating on here and what people said about the movie.

  • Garin MAugust 7, 2019Reply

    zero stars
    Adam Sandler should’ve stuck to his usual style of movies. But here he decides to star in a boring, stupid, and poorly acted misfire. It’s a complete misfire. It’s like the soldiers were drunk when they fired.

  • Magat AAugust 19, 2019Reply

    Great movie with some Yiddish flavour

  • AnonymousSeptember 3, 2019Reply

    Love this movie really sad it got such a negative rating tho I would’ve really enjoyed a sequel👍

  • Christopher MSeptember 11, 2019Reply

    This movie is great all these other critics don’t know what the f*ck there talking about

  • Zach MOctober 22, 2019Reply

    One of the worst films I’ve ever watched and this time Adam Sandler has proved he makes horrible movies

  • Mark DJanuary 7, 2020Reply

    I liked it. Which is more than I can say for many movies in the past 10 years. Sandler rarely makes a bad movie; not winning awards and breaking records but always enjoy them.

  • Gene MJanuary 13, 2020Reply

    The ending really ruined a movie that had a lot of potential in my opinion and I loved this movie up until the ending, Sandler plays a great role and if it weren’t for the ending this movie could have been amazing but I still enjoyed it up until then.

  • Armand CJanuary 16, 2020Reply

    it good movie. Adam the Sandle did fun job.

  • AnonymousMarch 8, 2020Reply

    I don’t have any idea why this movie is rated so low; it has a great cast and it is a really cute story. What is not to like about it?

  • Fong KMarch 16, 2020Reply

    Tom McCarthy’s urban adult fairy tale about the titular kindred shoe mender walking in the shoes of others (literally) prances firstly with entrancing witticism of a body-switching comedy, then totters on absurdist slapstick territory and trips over slipshod story development.

  • Imogen DApril 8, 2020Reply

    I love this movie. Best Adam Sandler movie ever!

  • Lucca BAugust 15, 2020Reply

    A slight improvement on Adam Sandler’s previous comedic works, but its mix of comedy, drama, sentimentalism, magical realism and fantasy isn’t executed well, its plot and tone are convoluted and messy, its script isn’t compelling, and overall it’s a great dissapointment from Sandler and director Tom McCarthy, who would later direct the Academy award-winning Spotlight.

  • Matt RNovember 17, 2020Reply

    Yet again (as in the case of Pixels), they allowed a great plot to be driven by an idiot. Why.

  • Tanner SDecember 15, 2020Reply

    The concept of the film itself is a little lame but with decent performances and an overall okay script makes for an enjoyable watch.

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