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The Way of the Dragon (1972)

The Way of the Dragon (1972)

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Tang Lung arrives in Rome to help his cousins in the restaurant business. They are being pressured to sell their property to the syndicate, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. When Tang arrives he poses a new threat to the syndicate, and they are unable to defeat him. The syndicate boss hires the best Japanese and European martial artists to fight Tang, but he easily finishes them off.

IMDb Rating 7.5 676 votes


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(150) comments

  • Troy FDecember 17, 2010Reply

    I don’t care how many people claim Enter The Dragon to be Bruce Lee’s masterpiece, I believe this is his absolute best, with The Chinese Connection coming in an oh-so-damn-close second. Way Of The Dragon’s fight choreography is magnificent, maybe not as crazy as Chinese Connection was, but it still packs a real punch! The film does feature yet again a basic plot, but the film also gets a corny vibe with it’s silly sound effects and silly interactions between the characters. What really seals the deal with this film is Norris vs. Bruce Lee, and I’ll tell ya the fight is fucking iconic! It’s a martial arts classic indeed.

  • Indi VDecember 18, 2010Reply

    Let’s start with the good. The fight scenes are all amazingly done and staged so well. The climactic final fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris is as epic as you could hope even though Lee dominates the fight. At times the film is goofy, but it’s goofy in a good way. Now for the bad. The Godawful dubbing. If this had been in Chinese and subtitled, it would have been an awesome film. The dubbing really takes the film down a bit, but it’s fun to watch.

  • Ryan QDecember 26, 2010Reply

    Bruce – effing -Lee! Why on earth did Chuck Norris decide to grow a beard? (not a riddle)

  • Jack BDecember 29, 2010Reply

    Bruce Lee is fantastic in Way Of The Dragon (that’s the title!), a lively mix of humor and kung fu action. It is genuinely funny, and some parts of the dubbing actually had me laughing out loud. The martial arts segments are amazing. Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Tony Jaa… They are all remarkable in their own styles but NO ONE can compare to Bruce Lee. Thumbs up!

  • Andy WJanuary 3, 2011Reply

    Another unmissable Bruce Lee movie.

  • Keith MJanuary 6, 2011Reply

    as a piece of cinema this film is bad. a weak story with some terrible acting and a lot of stupid moments. the action isn’t that well done until the final fight with chuck norris. this film was hard to get through.

  • Diego EJanuary 10, 2011Reply

    One of the best martial arts film ever made.

  • Chantal RJanuary 14, 2011Reply

    really bad dubbing, but Lee has a good sense of humor. I like watching the fight scenes. And Lee beating up on the Americans. It’s campy and totally 70s, but a good romp nonetheless.

  • Christian MJanuary 18, 2011Reply

    His third movie is another hit and has the famous Bruce Lee fight vs. Chuck Norris in the Roman coliseum which is a must see.

  • Lydia GJanuary 23, 2011Reply

    Diggade känslan i den, som musiken och b-filmningen bidrog till. Det är sorgligt att han är död.

  • Dave JJanuary 27, 2011Reply

    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    (1973) Return of the Dragon


    The plot this time involves a restaurant owner and insurance with Bruce Lee caught in the middle! What set this film aside as opposed to other Bruce Lee films is that, this was the first film which Bruce actually seems like he is actually fighting without the annoying screams this time and against an actual martial art opponent kickboxer champion and martial artist a very young Chuck Norris which I have to say performed one of the best martial art fights I had ever saw! This fight includes actual chest hair pulling and real hitting, that although improvised looks real enough since Chuck had never had any acting experience to begin with, but sure as hell can fight putting his name on the map so to speak! This fight alone makes this film to be one of the best Bruce had ever done and has also set another major milestone to other Hong Kong action films that came after this one especially during the 80’s and 90’s such as bringing actual martial artists to Hong Kong with little acting skills! To name a few with little acting skills but are known for their fighting, Cynthia Rothrock, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Sean “Sugarfoot” Cunningham, Karen Shepard and Keith Vitali and many more!

    3.5 out of 4

  • visitorQ SJanuary 30, 2011Reply

    Bruce Lee at his best!

  • Alexander RFebruary 4, 2011Reply

    One the better Bruce Lee movies.

  • Gavin SFebruary 24, 2011Reply

    Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in Rome’s Colosseum, the greatest idea for a martial arts scene ever. I didn’t like how they cut the scenes for the fight though, what should have been the ultimate martial arts scene turned to be disjointed, with the action sequences being short and having alot of time where the combatants were catching their breath. It was interesting to see that Bruce Lee was actually bigger than Chuck Norris. The storyline was pretty difficult to follow, and the dubbing detracted from the movie.

  • Marco AFebruary 28, 2011Reply

    Bruce [email protected]#% Lee !!!! His fight in the Colosseum with Chuck Fu$%^ Norris defined what a martial art fight scene is. Period !!!

  • Charlie SMarch 1, 2011Reply


  • Mario DMarch 5, 2011Reply


  • Zack BMarch 6, 2011Reply

    Third and final completed film Lee did for Hong Kong. Film was also directed and written by Bruce, which resulted in the funniest and most character driven entry yet. Not the most popular of his films, but is probably my favorite just because of how simple and effective the plot was.

    Not as full of action as say “Fist of Fury” but has Bruce’s best fight: against Chuch Norris in the Roman Colleseum!

  • Matti KMarch 8, 2011Reply

    Roomassa sijaitseva kiinalaisravintola on joutunut mafian hampaisiin, mutta onneksi pel√ɬ§tyn kung-fun taitava maalaispoika Tang Lung saapuu sukulaistensa avuksi Hong Kongista asti. Gangsterit saavat nekkuunsa aina Chuck Norrisin esitt√ɬ§m√ɬ§√ɬ§ Coltia my√ɬ∂ten (lopputaistelun pitopaikaksi valikoituu Colosseum!) ja oikeus voittaa. Luonnollisesti kuvioissa on mukana my√ɬ∂s kaunis kiinalaistytt√ɬ∂, mutta romanttinen juoni j√ɬ§√ɬ§ v√ɬ§h√ɬ§n toispuoleiseksi, koska “minne Tang Lung kulkeekin t√ɬ§ss√ɬ§ aseiden ja veitsien maailmassa, h√ɬ§n kulkee aina yksin”.

    Bruce Leen ohjaama, k√ɬ§sikirjoittama ja t√ɬ§hditt√ɬ§m√ɬ§ “Lohik√ɬ§√ɬ§rme” (1972) ei juhli √ɬ§lykk√ɬ§√ɬ§ll√ɬ§ juonella tai uskottavilla juonenk√ɬ§√ɬ§nteill√ɬ§, onpahan vaan ihan viihdytt√ɬ§v√ɬ§ toimintapaketti kultaiselta 1970-luvulta. Viihdytt√ɬ§vyydest√ɬ§ melkoinen osa tosin perustuu tahattomaan huumoriin, mutta hei, arvoja ne ovat camp-arvotkin!

  • Sarfaraz AMarch 14, 2011Reply

    This is one of finest films of Bruce Lee, with great story and wonderful performance from Lee. Enjoyed and loved the ending scene between Lee & Chuck Norris, it was grand and Lee himself paid tribute to his skills by wrapping his face!

  • Romano CApril 7, 2011Reply

    Remove the dubbing/poor plot choices/low budget and what you have is one the most iconic showdown movies since Yojimbo/spaghetti Westerns.

    Bruce personally handles the choreography in his films like a work of art. This is also the film where Chuck Norris learned his signature roundhouse kick…after Bruce knocked him out with it.

    Undoubtedly, he would have dominated martial arts films if he wasn’t poisoned.

  • Jacob OApril 17, 2011Reply

    Bruce Lee’s self-directed third film is full of the usual stuff we have come to love him for – the complexly choreographed action sequences and madcap humour. Yet Meng long guo jiang (The Way of the Dragon) has one vital addition which makes it all the more memorable; the pivotal fight scene between Lee and Chuck Norris in Rome’s famous Colosseum, which is surely one of the most exciting cinematic sequences ever committed to celluloid – two giants of martial arts, finally facing each other in an anachronistic relic of history. Elsewhere, there’s a delicious use of nunchucks from the master himself which makes up for the bad start and one of the campest villains of all time (named Ho).

  • Ashton SApril 24, 2011Reply

    Great fight betwwen Bruce and Chuck!

  • Roro CApril 24, 2011Reply

    Great action with smart humor! It is not a simple story, Bruce expressed his opinion towords Kung Fu and competition also.

  • Chris HApril 28, 2011Reply

    A cheesy and fun martial arts film that shows off Bruce Lee’s impressive ability and ends with a showdown against Chuck Norris!

  • Ian SJune 7, 2011Reply

    Cracking Kung Fu film

  • Keegan MJune 19, 2011Reply

    Terribly dubbed, fairly well acted, fun to watch.

  • Ezquey11 EJuly 4, 2011Reply

    I like this one for this is the first director movie for its movie though its a typical savior save the princess its antics and fights scene is great

  • Jordan DJuly 29, 2011Reply

    Did this movie have a plot? Ah, who cares. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. Yes.

  • Tasos LAugust 5, 2011Reply

    One of the best martial arts film ever made! The fight in Colosseum with Chuck Norris in the last 15 minutes is surely among the 3 classiest kung fu fights ever made!!

  • Mats VSeptember 19, 2011Reply

    You know that epic fight scene where Bruce Lee beats Chuck Norris? It’s from this movie. You know how they had so use slow-motion because Lee’s feet moved so fast? It’s also from this movie. Although the story and dialogue is still on the level of a 5th-grader.

  • Michael Julius PNovember 6, 2011Reply

    A taste of Jackie Chan humor in a Bruce Lee movie, not too bad… Also the whole Chuck Norris fight in the roman Colosseum (with kittens), it’s worth seeing.

  • Morten √ÖDecember 7, 2011Reply

    Bruce Lee was a legend and an inspiration for many martial artist, and the fighting scenes really show how skilled he was. But like many martial arts movies, “Way of the dragon” doesn’t have much beside the fighting scenes

  • Jerry SDecember 21, 2011Reply

    This is the best (so far) movie what I’ve seen from Bruce Lee. Legendary battle between East and West, still East and West respect each other. Story ain’t so interesting, it is so predictable and idiotic that you could tell that story million times with different situations. Fighting scenes are marvelous, but that ridiculous dubbing is screaming inside my ear.

  • Caesar MDecember 22, 2011Reply

    Bruce Lee plus comedy equal gold in Return of the Dragon. While it’s a unusual movie compared to other of Bruce Lee classic, it’a still a entertaining to watch.

    Bruce Lee both wrote and directed Return of the Dragon, by watching the movie you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s Bruce Lee first and only time directing a movie. Like his Martial Arts, he does it with grace and flows easily to watch.

    Main plot is Bruce Lee plays a man who visits his relatives at their restaurant in Italy and has to help them defend against brutal gangsters harassing them. It has a good blend of drama and humor, though I think it lack in Martial Art when compared to Enter the Dragon or Fists of Fury.

    It’s still to this day that Bruce Lee died unprecedentedly, he had a bright future many more bright ideas. This movie reminds us of what could have been a legendary career of Martial Art cinema Icon.

  • Ryan SDecember 27, 2011Reply

    oh my god where do i start with this movie, its amazing , my fave bit has to be behind the restaurant and hes beating up the gangsters with the numchucks, and not only that the fighting in it lol, bruce lee is the best ever and his fight with chuck norris was awesome too

  • Julien GDecember 31, 2011Reply

    L’intensit√© des combats grandit tout au long du film jusqu’√† atteindre son apog√©e dans le Colis√©e avec le combat final entre Bruce Lee et Chuck Norris. Grandiose.

  • Jeshwanth PJanuary 2, 2012Reply

    I rated this movie only because of Bruce Lee style and stunts.. I never know that Bruce Lee also does humour as I always pictured him as serious person.. great movie with pretty good twist at the end. You need to watch great climax which is encounter of Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris, As this is only movie directed by Bruce Lee, I recommend everyone a watch!

  • Bridgette FJanuary 8, 2012Reply

    no one compares to this martial artist.i love him.

  • steve pJanuary 12, 2012Reply

    Classic… with some great characters.

  • Darryll HJanuary 27, 2012Reply

    for the martial arts scenes alone

  • Armando SFebruary 7, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee IS the ICON!!!!! No one can do it BETTER!!!! Hahahaha

  • Joshua LFebruary 8, 2012Reply

    My favourite Bruce Lee film

  • David SMarch 2, 2012Reply

    He is the godfather of martial arts.

  • Alex AMarch 6, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee is solid as the writer, director, and lead star of this Martial Arts classic. Return of the Dragon was definitely Bruce Lee’s most comedic film as well, carrying more comic relief than any of his other outings. As always, the fight choreography is beautiful thanks to the late Bruce Lee’s natural talent in this department. If there’s any gripes it would be that some of the characters seemed like they were straight out of a comic book, even for this more comedic action film. Either way: Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum, enough said.

  • Eric HMarch 13, 2012Reply

    Way of the Dragon is noteworthy piece of martial art cinema and because of Bruce Lee, it is even more noteworthy historically as this was his last film made in Hong Kong, since he never finished Game of Death and Enter the Dragon was not filmed entirely in Hong Kong and it was more intended for overseas audience by production company Warner. I think Bruce Lee’s masterpiece is Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon is approximately on same level with The Big Boss, which I still think prefer little more than Way.

  • Joe DMarch 16, 2012Reply

    worth it to see chuck get his butt whipped….lol

  • Brian SMarch 27, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee may be a decent actor and one hell of an ass-kicker, but his talents as a writer/director are substantially less. more than anything else, this movie is boring. incredibly weak story, flat and uninteresting characters, and sadly more pointless talking than actual martial arts. you’d think the movie with the landmark show-down of Lee vs. Norris would have a little more going for it, but even that battle is pretty uninspiring. overall, neither particularly funny nor awesome….just bland and very dated.

  • Janetta BApril 9, 2012Reply

    My Favorite Bruce Lee Flick……….

  • Aric HApril 21, 2012Reply

    It has – Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee with a staff
    Bruce Lee with TWO nunchucks
    And Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

    That’s all you need to know.

  • Julien GMay 4, 2012Reply

    L’intensit√© des combats grandit tout au long du film jusqu’√† atteindre son apog√©e dans le Colis√©e avec le combat final entre Bruce Lee et Chuck Norris. Grandiose.

  • Tom RMay 7, 2012Reply

    A very good Bruce Lee film, the battle against Chuck Norris was epic (:

  • Raymond JMay 12, 2012Reply


  • Sujan SMay 14, 2012Reply

    Boring and monotonous; ‘enter the dragon’ is much better this i suppose.

  • Oliver TMay 14, 2012Reply

    My favorite Bruce Lee film ever!!!!

  • Monjit BMay 29, 2012Reply

    Wonderful action between Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris at the end!!!

  • Jesse DJune 2, 2012Reply

    Because of the awful dubbing, I couldn’t bear to watch this beyond the first half hour. If there is an original audio version available I’d give it another try.

  • Asad SJune 7, 2012Reply

    Great Martial Arts Movie

  • Hanson MJune 11, 2012Reply

    Really good movie, best Bruce Lee movie

  • John SJune 21, 2012Reply

    It’s not a perfect script, but its sheer audacity in its ballsiness (Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris… enough said) is overwhelming. Bruce Lee is stunningly awesome as always.

    The film’s humor will either come off as charming or silly to others, but either way it is somewhat entertaining. Some moviegoers might find the film a bit too slow and focused on story like The Big Boss, but when the action comes along, boy does it come along. Fight scenes are electric as always, and the infamous battle with Chuck Norris is quite the spectacle. It’s more than enough reason to see the film.

    There are still lots of imperfections throughout the film such as bad acting and an overall weak story, but Bruce’s impeccable skill and badassedness makes any film worth watching.

  • Dale TJune 24, 2012Reply

    Awesome Martial artist Lee & Norris trade blows….still say some of their blows made contact….

  • Tony PJuly 1, 2012Reply

    The Martial arts action was well done, the story was decent, but the dubbing wasn’t that great. Overall a pretty enjoyable film.

  • Nicolaj JJuly 6, 2012Reply

    The directing is campy, and the script has far too many dull moments and weak humor. Yet it’s worth watching for the fights, and the infamous duel against Chuck Norris.

  • James-Masaki RJuly 7, 2012Reply

    Weak comedy, weak plot, but do those things really matter in a Bruce Lee movie? I guess not. The fights and the charisma of Bruce are the important factors and he doesn’t let people down. Include hairy-ass Chuck Norris as the final rival, and you have a very memorable ending fight. It’s not as good as “Fists o Fury” or “The Big Boss”, but for some reason was Bruce’s favorite movie.

  • Cameron DJuly 22, 2012Reply

    An action packed movie about God in Human form, ‘Return of the Dragon’ roars as not just an entertaining movie, but as a really good martial arts film.

  • Muffin MAugust 2, 2012Reply

    I own this on DVD in a five movie set along with:
    * The Big Boss (1970)
    * Fist Of Fury (1971)
    * Game Of Death (1978)
    * Game Of Death II (1981)

  • Debra BAugust 2, 2012Reply

    I am a Bruce Lee fan so hard for me not to give his movies a good rating.

  • Joshua WAugust 8, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. Even today the world’s not ready for the epic-ness of this film.

  • dsfsdfdsf sAugust 15, 2012Reply

    The stark angst of the first two Bruce Lee films gets traded in for the sort of light comedy slant where a sprightly theme song plays after every gag. Painful stuff.

  • Thomas LAugust 22, 2012Reply

    Most badass and best martial arts movie.

  • Aaron MAugust 28, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris Enough Said

  • Andy OSeptember 28, 2012Reply

    One of my fave Bruce Lee films, also notable for its humour and Chuck Norris as a bad guy…

  • Anthony POctober 15, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris…


  • Tasos LNovember 3, 2012Reply

    One of the best martial arts film ever made! The fight in Colosseum with Chuck Norris in the last 15 minutes is surely among the 3 classiest kung fu fights ever made!!

  • Sebastian GNovember 19, 2012Reply

    one on the best movie for me !

  • Alden WNovember 22, 2012Reply

    Mi respeto por esta peli es respeto por el g√©nero: incluye peleas a puras √Īapis, alguna con nunchakus, y el amigo Bruce le pone cierta espectacularidad. No encontr√© nada particularmente genial. Pero se hace llevadera entre algunos gags, lindos decorados y una trama m√≠nimamente entretenida. Y nunca trata de ser m√°s de lo que es: una raza pura de acci√≥n.

  • Adam LNovember 25, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee’s sole directorial offering was equally notable for being the first Chinese martial arts film shot on location in Europe preceding Sammo Hung’s “Wheels on Meals” (1984) by more than a decade.

    Cantonese bumpkin Bruce Lee finds himself a stranger in a strange land when he arrives in Rome to protect the family restaurant from a local syndicate.

    Lee, as an actor, plays the fish-out-of-water gag with a gamut of facial expressions that never betray his true capabilities and are accompanied by Joseph Koo’s innocent, inquisitive, appropriately juvenile score. The film really is a farce with Lee poking fun at his own personal experiences following his migration to America which would ultimately shape all three of his Chinese pictures.

    As a martial artist Bruce Lee never looked more calculated or precise — period — “The Way of the Dragon” earning the late auteur his largest domestic gross.

  • Michael HNovember 26, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum…and Chuck Norris’s chest hair is an early casualty.

  • peter hDecember 12, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee’s WAY OF THE DRAGON/ RETURN OF THE DRAGON[1972]: Arguably one of the most famous pop-culture icons of the past 50 years, the name & the legend of Bruce Lee is firmly cemented in pop culture. And of course his films also are just legendary. Made forty years ago Bruce Lee not only starred in the film WAY OF THE DRAGON, but the film marked his debut as a director, producer and screenwriter. Featuring such jaw dropping displays of Martial Arts such as the only surviving footage of Lee’s Double Nunchaku technique, and a truly epic fight between Lee and Mr Chuck Norris in Rome’s Coliseum; isn’t any wonder why this film is so legendary?

    THOUGHTS: The plot of the film is very straight forward; a Kung Fu expert called Tang Lung (Lee) departs from Hong Kong to Rome where a family friend’s restaurant is becoming subject to Mafia threats. In good action/ Martial Arts movie law Tang Lung soon becomes a thorn in the Mob’s sight after using his Kung Fu to defend the restaurant. The rest of the story you have probably all seen before but hey it’s just awesome to see unfold with Bruce Lee as the hero of the story.

    Aside from the basic but brilliant plotline and well seeing Lee demonstrate just why he has become synonymous with Martial Arts Films. The film interjects humour into the story by using a fish out of water scenario (a rural Hong Kong man trying to adjust to Rome), and the language barrier (which is play so subtlety for laughs when Tung Lung corners the Local Don, remembers he cannot speak Italian/English to warn the Don not to continue with terrorising the restaurant otherwise he will have to deal with him, so the only way to stress this point is use body language than anyone can understand). With solid performances, solid direction, great use of humour, & of course the stunning display of various martial art techniques. WAY OF THE DRAGON is just too good not to give an 80% from me.

  • Ken SDecember 17, 2012Reply

    Bruce Lee travels to rome to help a Chinese restaurant fight off the Mafia from taking it over, and after he takes on and defeats everyone the Mafia has…they are left with no choice but to call on the big guns…Chuck Norris. The movie starts off slow but once it gets going it really works well. Lee made his directorial debut here, a duty which he took on as well as writing, producing, and starring. I love seeing Lee kick Norris’ ass, and the final fight between the two in the Coliseum is awesome. Weak start, but an overall enjoyable action film from the Kung Fu master, Bruce Lee.

  • Ghost MDecember 23, 2012Reply

    the way of the dragons TANG LUNG My FAVOURITE BRUCE LEE CHARACTER it is also the most human bruce lee characters. the way of the dragon also contains the some of the greatest masterful bruce lee fight scenes. The End fight with Chuck norris is a showdown matched only by the one with HAKIM in GAME OF DEATH.

  • Calvin LJanuary 21, 2013Reply

    Very nice fight scenes and the plot starts to get sophisticated for a Bruce Lee film now

  • Alex RFebruary 3, 2013Reply

    Wataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and I looked online and it said this movie came out before enter the dragon. so which movie was first.

  • Chuck NFebruary 20, 2013Reply

    This is a truly iconic and awesome movie, mainly because of the epic fight between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.

  • Sumanjit RFebruary 22, 2013Reply

    The action was great, the acting sucks, the story average.

  • Jake CApril 20, 2013Reply

    Bruce starred, wrote and directed this one so he had the most control over this movie.

    The humor is bizarre but still delightful to watch and the direction is good. This has one of my favorite Bruce Lee fights (Not counting the Chuck Norris one) where he is outside of a restraunt. The famous Norris and Lee fight is in this one and its as awesome as people say it is.

    Although, a random twist at the end is very out of place and takes away from the rather lighthearted tone that the rest of the movie had, but that’s not really a major issue. Too bad Lee never directed again because he would have went places. Fantastic movie and only topped by Enter the Dragon.

  • Jayakrishnan RMay 1, 2013Reply

    This film is apparently more darker than most Bruce Lee films. When it comes to this film and Enter the dragon, I always prefer this though I like them both.

  • Pedro JMay 20, 2013Reply

    No words for this masterpiece. Full entertainment, a mother of a blowout

  • Edgar CJune 7, 2013Reply

    Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum 70s style is enough for me to declare this a potential manly celluloid device to cause the Universe to implode out of epicness.


  • Ian CJune 21, 2013Reply

    Early on it is quiet cheesey and annoying and one has to ponder why there is no Italians in the flick but once it settles down it is the balls. The showdown in the Colosseum is immense as Lee has it out with a clean shaven Chuck Norris.

  • Cael MJuly 7, 2013Reply

    The Way of the Dragon, or The Return of the Dragon, is a martial arts film starring the legendary Bruce Lee once again, and is surprisingly directed and written by him as well. I actually didn’t know that he directed and wrote this movie until the end credits, and it’s a very good first attempt. After proving to be a huge star, it’s clear that he learned from his previous two films, Fists of Fury (The Big Boss) and Fist of Fury (The Chinese Connection), and it’s quite hard to actually notice that he directed this movie at all. It wasn’t until Enter the Dragon that Bruce would be a well-known Hollywood actor, but his first and only attempt at directing his own martial arts movie in Hong Kong proved to be a great success, and I really enjoyed this movie. With awesome martial arts fights and some humor (although I’m not exactly sure if some of the humor was intentional or not), it’s no wonder why Bruce was able to show off his physical abilities so well.

    The Way of the Dragon concerns Bruce Lee’s character, Tang Lung, travelling to Rome from Hong Kong to help protect some friends and relatives from the local mafia terrorizing their restaurant. At first, they underestimate Tang’s martial arts skills and his power, but as time goes on, they realize that he’s the one that will protect the fate of their business. It’s a fairly simple and straight-forward story, but it’s executed very well. The story is never taken too seriously, and it’s a very enjoyable, fairly lighthearted experience, with quite a bit of humor. Bruce Lee’s slapstick style in this movie is similar to the slapstick style of some of Jackie Chan’s movies, although I couldn’t tell if some of the humor in the movie was intentional or unintentional, with oddly hilarious comic-relief mob members and some silly dialogue, as well as lots, and lots of camp throughout. Either way, I liked what I was seeing. Although in Bruce’s previous movies, he was a mostly serious character with philosophical motives and an overall darker tone, this movie seemed to show the slightly different side of him, with a more lighthearted story and character. I really liked the setting here, and it was a different setting then most martial arts movies, although his low budget limitations didn’t seem to quite express his vision of what he wanted portrayed here. Although Bruce as a director is a very good directorial debut and it’s hard to tell that he actually directed it (which is quite an achievement for a first-time job), at a few times it’s not very hard to notice that he had some inexperience behind the camera, but it’s still very safe to say that he did a great job.

    The action sequences don’t really start until about twenty minutes in, but when they do, they are very impressive and are just as good as what you would expect from Bruce. However, before the action kicks in, you get a lot of setting up of the situation that unfolds for his character, and it’s still very interesting and well-made, helping this movie (and his other movies) rise beyond your typical movie, boasting a lot more depth than your average. Moving on to the action, it really is spectacular. Expect Bruce Lee to whip out his nunchucks once again, although I personally think his use of them during Fist of Fury was better. It flows very well and it’s very fun and easily enjoyable, as well as being extremely well-choreographed, and considering some fights occupy quite a lot of time, it’s non-stop enjoyment. However, the best fight in the movie is almost undeniably the classic final fight scene with Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. It’s an awesome fight, probably one of my favorite fight scenes ever. On a side note, I also noticed that whenever Chuck Norris appeared, Ennio Morricone’s score from Once Upon a Time in the West played, which was an interesting yet very weird addition to the movie that I didn’t expect. I guess Bruce is a fan of Leone, as well. The side cast is fine as well, but my favorite is Ping-Ao Wei who plays one of the mob boss’s assistants, and he is adds a lot of humor, and he’s pretty crazy as well. He also appeared in Fist of Fury, and I loved his role in both movies. This movie truly is epic and very enjoyable, especially the final fight, and is an awesome ride from start to finish.

    The Way of the Dragon is one of the best martial arts movies available (as are all of Bruce’s movies), and it’s a spectacular watch. Though often filled with odd yet hilarious camp, and some intentionally hilarious slapstick as well, The Way of the Dragon is a straightforward, yet very enjoyable movie with incredibly well-choreographed action sequences and more depth than your typical action movie. Being Bruce’s directorial debut, you can feel his inexperience behind the camera at times, but to this day, it still remains an impressive debut. It’s a shame that this is his only directed movie, but what’s even more of a shame is Bruce’s unfortunate death. You can only imagine as to how far Bruce would’ve gone in his career, but even then, his legacy remains. Though flawed, Way of the Dragon is still one incredible ride.

  • Austin CAugust 7, 2013Reply

    This is how you do an action flick. This was at a time when Bruce Lee was rising in popularity and the kung fu genre was starting to get traction. And what a way to get into the genre by watching the master himself Bruce Lee.

  • TheMumblelover .August 11, 2013Reply

    What a joyous film!!!!!!!!!!!! the Chuck Norris fight has never been bettered two warriors pitting their skills together. Awesome

  • Rafael LSeptember 28, 2013Reply

    The final is the most epic fight in the history

  • Donald WNovember 14, 2013Reply


    action movie

  • Aleksandar CNovember 28, 2013Reply

    Bruce Lee is a LEGEND.

  • Ramses CDecember 4, 2013Reply

    Unica pelicula escrita y dirigida por Bruce Lee, donde este demuestra no solo su excelente condicion como atleta,sino tambien su buen sentido de direccion y sobre todo su sentido del humor. Muy buena

  • Nik MJanuary 4, 2014Reply

    Featuring one of Bruce Lee’s more memorable on-screen fights, Way of the Dragon stumbles onto subtle storylines and a surprising twist leading to a great final act despite its very distant and weak introduction and hidden commentary on cultural difference.

  • Kullen SJanuary 16, 2014Reply

    Likely my favorite Bruce Lee film, I always watch it when I catch it on TV. Great plot, characters, action, humor and music.

  • Scott MFebruary 18, 2014Reply

    Made in a more innocent time, Its a non-stop performance by Bruce Lee and company. The laughably bad overdubbing is forgivable because of the sheer fun of the movie. A great Kung-fu movie from way back.

  • Freddy Krueger HMay 18, 2014Reply

    It’s Bruce Lee, what more could you ask?

  • Daniel VMay 22, 2014Reply

    Easily the best of all of Bruce’s movie and one of, if not the greatest martial arts movie of all time. I absolutely love this movie to death. That final scene with Bruce, Chuck and the kitten is pure magic, Martial Artgasam if you will. And this shows off something the previous films haven’t, Bruce’s wonderful sense of humor and comic timing. Also, it’s notable because he directed it, so this was all Bruce Lee. Unfortunately it was the only one he directed in total, he wasn’t able to finish GAME OF DEATH. Every moment of this showcases the Superstar Bruce Lee was about to become and if this was the only thing that ever survived of his film legacy, He would still be the Icon he currently is.

  • Nicky NMay 24, 2014Reply

    A Outstanding Martial Arts Movie By The Legendary Bruce Lee.B+

  • Carlos BJuly 16, 2014Reply

    por fin veo a Chuck Noris morir en una película.

  • Joel AJuly 25, 2014Reply

    Bruce Lee was one hell of a Kung Fu Master but he was an ordinary actor & less than ordinary director.

    Other than the opportunity to see the master in plight this film is horrendously bad. Bad Dubbing, acting & ludicrous screenplay.

    The final battle with Chuck Norris is by far the highlight of the film. I read also it was the last film to be made 100% on location at the coliseum in Rome.

  • Jake TJuly 25, 2014Reply

    Definitely one of the best martial arts movies ever. Plus, Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. That is pretty epic in and of itself.

  • jasper jAugust 11, 2014Reply

    Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris… Just about perfect. 4 stars for that sequence sets alone.
    If I am honest the rest (oh dear!) you can keep and Are instantly forgettable.

  • Spencer SOctober 8, 2014Reply

    This is probably Bruce Lee’s best known, and most beloved film, which he directed, starred in, and dubbed. While the plot isn’t especially new, and the humor is so amazingly corny, the action more than makes up for it. The film is set in Rome, which warrants many great sights, and an interesting setting. Lee’s character helps saves a tiny restaurant from the clutches of the mafia, and they retaliate against him by calling Chuck Norris from America to come fight him. The fight between Lee and Norris has got to be one of the best onscreen, in film history. Each choreographs very interesting moves, there’s a savagery to their vendetta, and it underlines the clear skill of both fighters. If there’s any Bruce Lee film that you need to see, it’s this very fast paced, and very badly dubbed adventure.

  • Daniel SNovember 26, 2014Reply

    This is the only film that Lee directed, wrote, and starred in, and it’s a true masterpiece. The film subtly deals with topics such as racism, loneliness, and duty in a beautiful manner without cheapening its overall tone. Every aspect, from the gorgeous cinematography to the perfectly delivered comedy, is injected with Lee’s personality. Undoubtedly his magnum opus.

  • Al HDecember 16, 2014Reply

    Bruce Lee + Chuck Norris = full action

  • Jerry FDecember 17, 2014Reply

    When this film opened in my local Cinema, in Bournemouth UK, I was in the queue of about 2,000 people waiting to get in. I bet the Odeon Cinemas would love to see those days back ! I did get in. And I saw another Bruce Lee Classic. A fantastic Film. It now seems ‘lost’ and never shown in the UK ‘nanny state’..?

  • Carlos IJanuary 12, 2015Reply

    Bruce Lee directs in this one, and you can see his sense of humor with all the little goofy beats. kick ass movie. proof to anyone that tries to say that bo staffs and nunchucks aren’t some of the most bad ass weapons. lol

  • Daniel MFebruary 4, 2015Reply

    I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It showed a great side of Bruce lee and I enjoyed how charismatic he was, it brought a pleasant pace to the story. It was a silly and goofy film, but it’s expected for a martial arts movie made in the 70’s. I was shocked to see Chuck Norris at the end making it an epic final battle scene. 5/5

  • Kevin SFebruary 25, 2015Reply

    SUMMARY: A guy goes and help his family members restaurant from a group of bullies and thugs who want to take over it. REVIEW: This was my very first Bruce Lee movie and I was very impressed. With a perfect combination of action and suprisingly some clever and witty humor this movie for me was a sucess. Lee’s martial arts moves really made this movie pure joy to watch. And the showdown between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee at the end was phenomenal. It was one of the most amazing fight sequences and probably was in it’s time. I was amazed how entertained I was by this movie. I will definitely have to look into more Bruce Lee movies if they are as good as this.

  • Johnny HJune 25, 2015Reply

    Great movie. Slow start, but excellent fight scenes. What is more bad ass than Bruce Lee v.s. Chuck Norris hand-to-hand in the Roman Colosseum.

  • Missy MAugust 27, 2015Reply

    Wow Bruce Lee, super hot, super fast. Amazing. I love when Bruce Lee grabs a fist full of ginger chest hair in the final fight scene against Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum. Cheesy and weird humor, and dubbed… and great fighting.

  • Naomi GOctober 17, 2015Reply

    I noticed that kung fu developed quite a bit since the early Charlie Chan movies. I don’t think it was because of Hollywood being ignorant of Kung Fu, but that it was Hollywood that created Kung Fu. After doing more research into the matter, I found my thesis had become fortified. In Return of the Dragon, Lee has toned down a theatrical fighting style that can be very frenzied at times. All of his kicking and punching in earlier films would startle just about anyone, and usually does, but it seems to be mostly for the show of it rather than an effective way to beat someone up.
    In the humorless Return of the Dragon, he portrays the lone defender of a family business besieged by a “syndicate” – I’m not sure the word syndicate has ever been used in a court of law but Hollywood is convinced they exist.
    Repeatedly frustrated, the syndicate resorts to sending in their hired gun, Chuck Norris. Since the movie is a Bruce Lee movie, you can guess how that resolves. I would suppose everyone else in the syndicate is hired gun, but what distinguishes Norris is that he is imported.
    One of the better Bruce Lee films, but also in the vanguard of films that helped conceive phrases such as: “like a kung fu movie without the violence” or “the acting is so bad I thought I was watching a kung fu movie.’ etc.

  • JH KNovember 28, 2015Reply

    Casi todo en esta pel√≠cula es realmente flojo: gui√≥n, di√°logo y actuaci√≥n rozan lo insoportable, t√©cnicamente es justa… pero cualquier precio es bajo para poder ver a Bruce Lee luchar en pantalla, y en esta el drag√≥n es totalmente √©pico.

  • Patrick NDecember 26, 2015Reply

    A very deep story written by Lee that makes this one of my favorite films.

  • Carroll HFebruary 4, 2016Reply

    The best of the Hong Kong spaghetti kung fu movies, and of course Bruce Lee is at his best … even with his quirky smile … if he had lived, he would be right up there with Clint Eastwood and his spaghetti westerns. Truly part of the great spaghetti movie culture …

  • Dan MFebruary 16, 2016Reply

    This one started out very strange, like a bizarre foreign comedy(funny, random dialogue, Lee’s character having an odd reaction to a hot Italian babe who basically throws herself at him, one of the henchman looking like a carbon copy of Wolfman Jack) but when it comes down to it, the main draw was seeing Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris in an epic showdown that did not disappoint. It’s no Enter the Dragon, but it’s satisfying enough.

  • Dustin DApril 15, 2016Reply

    Campy and a lot of fun, Way of the Dragon defined the Hong Kong martial arts genre.

  • Tanner BApril 25, 2016Reply

    Return of the Dragon (1974) ?? 1/2
    Third Lee film about his trip to Italy and his decision to help his relatives defend against gangsters causing them harm. Pretty good Kung Fu film, mostly remembered for its final fight with Chuck Norris in Colosseum. Followed by ENTER THE DRAGON.

  • Jamey DMay 29, 2016Reply

    Well, I didn’t quite get the comedic ordering of the soup at the airport restaurant, and I thought this film was slow and plodding until Lee finally busts his moves. Then it gets going. I thought the signature Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris fight was good. I’m not sure if it’s the best I’ve seen, but it was nice.

    My favorite fight is the one in the alley behind the restaurant.

    Not too bad, but I’m not sure I’m going to miss it.

  • Allan CMay 30, 2016Reply

    Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris! The only film where Lee starred, directed, wrote, and had total control of his picture and I think an agreement could be made that this is his best film (it’s his wife’s favorite film of Lee’s). Lee plays a man who visits his relatives in Italy and finds himself helping them defeat their restaurant from a gang of mafia types looking for extortion money. The film features some terrific fight sequences, but the film has a classic on-screen fight sequence between Bruce and a before-he-was-famous Chuck Norris. I think my only complaint about this film is the no-so-funny comic moments, which were common to martial arts pictures of this time. “Enter the Dragon” is clearly the best produced picture to star Lee, but “The Way of the Dragon” is probably the best film to feature the athleticism and skills of Lee, which is why I think this is Lee’s best picture.

  • Konrad AJune 11, 2016Reply

    Bruce Lee is a good fighter and self-defense. This Is a chance for people Soucie Marshal arts. But I was not a fan of this movie it’s too complicated and I just didn’t think it was for me so I’m not a fan of this movie

  • Luis M. SAugust 7, 2016Reply

    Solo por ver a Bruce Lee apalizar a Chuck Norris vale la pena

  • Andrey BAugust 21, 2016Reply

    You can’t get enough of Bruce Lee. Legendary figure.

  • Scott PDecember 13, 2016Reply

    The only things better than Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris and all those restaurant brawls are the stunningly beautiful lead actress and counting how many times Lee goes to the bathroom.

  • Henry PJanuary 21, 2017Reply

    A long time ago, before CGI spectacle took over movie screens across America, there were simple, fun martial arts movies where real people fought each other with real skills. That is one of the traits of Way of the Dragon that holds up today. We begin with Tang Lung (Bruce Lee) arriving in Rome, Italy to help Chen Ching-hua (Nora Miao) fight off some mobsters who want to claim her recently deceased father’s restaurant. What follows is a martial arts film that is modest in terms of action compared to today’s spectacles, but Bruce Lee’s martial arts skills still hold up. The only thing I would say feels dated is when someone is smoking in a restaraunt, but otherwise, this is almost as good now as it was in 1972. To today’s audiences, it comes off as a little cheesy. I call it that because of the way some of the mobsters act, and the fight scenes that are simply not as cinematic as Marvel’s Daredevil (a TV show). But that’s what is nice about Way of the Dragon: it is simple and fun. Early on, there are a few things Tang does that go nowhere, but otherwise, my only problem is with the cheesy vibes I got from some of the mobsters and fight scenes. Joseph Koo’s soundtrack that services the story still also adds to the cheesiness, but does its job all the same. What still holds up as a solid fight scene is the climactic fight between Tang Lung and America’s best martial artist (in the film and real life) Colt (Chuck Norris). Overall, Way of the Dragon has aged into a fun martial arts romp that still has the simplest great fight scene between two highly skilled people, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, who never fought off camera because the universe would have imploded if they did. It holds up, but still comes off as cheesy here and there.

  • Gabriel RMarch 30, 2017Reply

    Remember the movie in which Bruce Lee kicks Chuck Norris’s ass this is it. The only day Chuck Norris cried was the day Bruce Lee died.

  • delysid dApril 26, 2017Reply

    My favourite Bruce lee picture

  • Ninon MJune 23, 2017Reply

    If some elements of ‘The Way of the Dragon’ are typical from the 70’s and seem a trifle dated, Bruce Lee truly lights up the screen and shows his directing abilities. Furthermore, the epic and symbolic duel between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the Roman Coliseum isn’t dated – it’s a multicultural and immortal spectacle for all action lovers, and even for all.

  • Sam MAugust 2, 2017Reply

    This Lee film has aged maybe better than all his other films. The story has much better structure and the imagery is good.

  • Michael KAugust 21, 2017Reply

    Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris! What else can I say…

  • Andrew POctober 19, 2017Reply

    I’m withholding 1/2 a star because there are parts of the movie that are badly out of focus.

  • AnonymousMay 9, 2018Reply

    Such along time ago that I watched it I don’t really remember it that well but I remember finding some parts cool it was a bit complicated maybe if I watched it now I would get idea of it

  • Jay BMay 19, 2018Reply

    My favorite of Bruce Lee’s films because it was one in which he was both the Writer, Director, and, of course, Fight Choreographer. The most personal of his work.

  • AnonymousMay 26, 2018Reply

    So You know I am here so I don’t remember too much about this movie

  • Will%20 TSeptember 16, 2018Reply

    Greatest bruce lee movie made. Better than enter the dragon.

    It’s funny. Great action fights. Bruce was great here.

  • AnonymousJanuary 10, 2019Reply

    Bruce lee is awesome

  • Demetrice WJune 24, 2019Reply

    One of my favorite movies. I love watching Bruce Lee’s movies. To me this one was the BEST. ūüŹÜ

  • Sharang SOctober 26, 2019Reply

    Bruce Lee the man! So graceful action scenes in the movies.. The last fight scene is iconic ! A great martial art’s film!

  • Michael WMarch 26, 2020Reply

    This martial arts movie was great. Bruce Lee and the rest of the cast did a rgeat job in this movie. The plot to the movie was great and the fight scenes were awesome. Every time I watch a Bruce Lee movie, I’m amazed at what Bruce Lee does and how he takes down an enemy. This classic martial arts movie is a must see. You will enjoy it.

  • Isaac MApril 21, 2020Reply

    This is perhaps the best movie that Bruce Lee has ever made. Not only does he appear in this movie, but he also directed this movie. The best part of this movie is Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. I will not spoil the surprise. Overall, get your popcorn and sit at your favorite couch because The Way of the Dragon will excite you this much.

  • Matthew DJuly 22, 2020Reply

    Bruce Lee shines as a mega star!

    Bruce Lee’s martial arts action, crime-comedy The Way of the Dragon (1972) is a perfect example of making a well made film as well as an entertaining movie. Bruce Lee tried directing for the first time and does great job balancing kung fu fights with endearing character drama and comedy bits. His directorial style is very genuine and realistic with some neat ideas for filming fights and people touring Rome. Hsin Chien’s art direction makes Rome in the 1970’s a blur of color and culture. Bruce Lee’s fight choreography is smooth and very clean with every punch and kick feeling like it hurts.

    Bruce Lee is both funny as the newcomer Tang Lung visiting Rome and inspiring as the hero The Dragon defending his friends’ restaurant against thugs. His kung fu, pole attacks, nunchuck swings, heavy punches, and lightning fast kicks are amazing still. Lee puts all of his physical skills and muscular fitness on display for audiences to enjoy all these years later. Bruce Lee was the best fighter ever clearly. His final fight with Chuck Norris’ Colt is legendary and a commanding depiction of how powerful Chinese kung fu could really be in the hands of a master like Bruce Lee.

    I must mention Nora Miao is endearing as the troubled Chinese restaurateur Chen Ching Hua. She’s so effortlessly gorgeous and looks striking in her 1970’s natural hair cut, black and orange outfits, and perfect make-up. I really enjoyed Nora’s performance as she is so funny when she’s unimpressed with Bruce Lee in the beginning and interesting as the strong lady defending her father’s old eatery. It’s very cool that Bruce Lee gave her a starring lead role for The Way of the Dragon. She’s excellent in this one.

    Wei Ping-ao is hilarious as the outrageously gay interpretor Ho. He always makes me laugh with his exaggerated performance here. All his pink suits and ascots are very funny to see too. Huang Chung-Hsin is great as the trustworthy Uncle Wang that invites Bruce Lee to Rome. Robert Wall’s Fred and Hwang In-Shik’s Japanese Fighter are cool villains alongside the cruel crime Boss played by Jon T. Benn. I should mention there’s even nudity from model Malisa Longo as an Italian Beauty that picks up Bruce Lee in a hilarious little sequence early on in The Way of the Dragon.

    Yao Chung Chang’s editing is very apt because everything is cut quickly, while conversations are given time to develop characters naturally. The Way of the Dragon has a relatively quick pace for a brief 100 minute run-time. Tadashi Nishimoto’s cinematography is striking with wide shots all over Rome at intriguing angles and cool perspectives. His close-up shots are very nice and effective at letting the audience know a character’s feelings or mind better with their face focused throughout the shot.

    Joseph Koo’s score is exciting and engaging to rev you up for all the hand to hand combat. The dreamy romantic theme is very atmospheric and goes well for all the scenes in the apartment complex.

    Bruce Lee’s writing is very interesting as he incorporates disciplined philosophy into his character’s dialogue as a way of life. Hence, the title The Way of the Dragon. Lee’s jokes are funny, his crime narrative simplistic, yet effective enough to make you root for the restaurant team’s situation. He also writes about foreigners adapting to a new country without speaking the language and foreigners taking over Asian property, the restaurant, as well as their fighting style, kung fu.

    In all, The Way of the Dragon is a well made picture with dazzling martial arts fights and memorable characters. Bruce Lee knew what he was doing directing The Way of the Dragon.

  • William LAugust 12, 2020Reply

    With its consistently humorous tone, Return of the Dragon keeps Bruce Lee’s status as a badass in solid standing but thoroughly embraces the ridiculous nature of it all – pulling nunchucks from nowhere, Italian henchmen screaming “Mamma Mia!”, Lee making faces at children in airports, and the host of first-generation immigrants from Hong Kong: ‘Tony, Jimmy, Thomas, and Robert’. The poor quality of the dub is among the most prevalent features of early martial arts cinema, but actually feeds into the lighthearted tone. I love how unsure the entire cast portraying the thugs seem to be in every scene – their body language suggests that they all sort of just walked onto set by accident. In his most prevalent directorial role, Lee demonstrates a sincere knowledge of the qualities that made the kung-fu genre a global phenomenon; the final showdown between Lee and Norris is unironically great, and brings to mind distinct parallels to Sergio Leone Westerns. (4/5)

  • Torin FAugust 20, 2020Reply

    The Bruce Lee films have not aged well. There are actually very few martial arts scenes for the runtime. This film at least benefits from the epic/melodramatic face-off between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Find a good Bruce Lee fights compilation and skip the feature films.

  • Johnathon WAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Martial arts classic that showed Bruce Lee’s talent in front of and behind the camera, as Lee delivers a fun action comedy that truly showed his range. Lee gives one of his best performances at Tang Lung, the fish out of water martial artist lost in Rome, Italy (he can’t even speak the language) but thankfully is such a skilled fighter he can punch his way out of most situations. Behind the camera, Lee writes & directs a hilarious film, and isn’t afraid to show Tang making stupid mistakes, from picking up a hooker to ordering too much at a restaurant. The fight scenes are classic with the highlight of course being his epic battle against Chuck Norris in the Roman Coliseum, that still remains one of the best fights ever filmed. All in all, easily one of Bruce Lee’s best, and as a result, one of the best martial arts movie ever made.

  • Leandro SDecember 22, 2020Reply

    as much as some action sequences and Bruce Lee’s charisma are good, not much to talk about the script, some characters are bizarre and have a weird humor, but I understand who likes it, it is a classic of martial arts films.

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